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1. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Hydrating

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Hydrating

Water Rose Micellar Cleansing Water has 99 percent natural origin ingredients that cleanse, remove makeup and heal skin. The vegan Water Rose Micellar Cleansing Water is made with rose water and glycerin. Water Rose Micellar removes dirt, oil, and makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving skin clean, refreshed and hydrated. Micellar cleansing water with rose water and glycerin is suitable for all skin types. As a leading global beauty brand, they aspire to create a positive impact by paving the way towards more sustainable beauty. The Leaping Bunny Program was approved by Cruelty Free International.

Brand: Garnier Skincare

👤I bought it for a family member. I don't drink rose water myself. She doesn't review on Amazon, but she told me she loves the product. She said that it removed her makeup without a problem. She found it refreshing and very hydrating, with a lovely scent. She plans on using it when she comes home from work in the early evening to clean her face and remove makeup before she does her nightly beauty routine. She says it's a step higher than regular micellar water. I could see that it could be used to soak cotton, without the need to remove the cap, because it was in a lovely rose pink bottle. That would be a plus for me. My relative tells me that she plans on using this product every evening, and that it's the best micellar water she's ever used. It's very affordable. Five stars!

👤The original had a hot pink cap. It left me feeling dry, but it didn't break me out. This one is lovely. It's very soft, soothing, nice scent and it takes make up off the same as the original. It just takes a moment. I don't like removing the blue cap because it makes me feel gross and oily, no matter how much I shook the bottle. This one is gentle and effective and I love it. I have dehydrated skin. This will be part of my routine.

👤It does what it promises, gently cleans without harsh rubbing or harsh surfactants while hydrating the skin. You need to rinse it off. The waterproof ones are the best. I finished my second bottle and will be buying again. There are many advantages and very few drawbacks. Removes any excess sebum on the skin's surface, well, It doesn't completely remove thick ointments such as vaseline, aquaphor, and cerave. It does seem to replace some of the hydration you lose from cleansing off your sweat, but it is not as hydrating as the other micellar waters. It is mild unlike harsh makeup wipes that tug at your skin. All I have to do is soak the cotton pad in solution and wipe it on the face and neck. After rinsing with cool water, I can either use a face wash or a microfiber makeup removal cloth. I wipe my face with the toer pads after I finish cleaning. I am certain that this is cleaning effectively because the pad is always free of residuals. The Rose water version will probably only be a few stars for people who like to wear heavy makeup, waterproof makeup or mineral sunscreens. One of the micellar water from Bioderma is waterproof. My skin type is combination lips and chin. Next to the nose is the Dry T-Zone. The face is oily. Normal/balanced. I needed a makeup removal that was compatible with my entire face and this is what I got. I use this on my face and neck and it works just as well on both areas, it cleans my oily areas without stripping the balanced areas, and it keeps my dry areas hydrated. My face is not oily. My neck is normal-sensitive. I wanted to test the acidity of this product before I said it wouldn't sensitize your skin because many people experience irritation or barrier damage from regularly using cleanser and toners. The skin's pH is no higher than 5. The picture shows a Micellar Rose Water with a pH between 4.5 and 5.0. You don't have to worry about changing your skin's acidity level. I have tried the All-in-1 waterproof version and it is the best if you want a deep clean very quickly. I think it leaves a bit more product residual, doesn't nourish the skin, and isn't hydrating; so it's not the best choice for everyone. The Clear Bottle, Green Cap version of the All-in-1 Mattifying is not something I would recommend. It reduces shine, oil andbacteria temporarily, but it's not a good idea to use tons of denatured alcohol on your face daily because it won't help your skin barrier. If you have oily skin, you should probably buy one of the other micellar waters and use it as your first cleanser, then use a foaming cleanser or a salicylic acid cleanser. The Translucent Yellow Bottle, Yellow Cap is okay. If you leave micellar water on your face for more than a couple minutes, you should not wash it off or lighten it. The Clear Bottle, Pink Cap version is the most similar to the one I have seen. I would recommend it to people with sensitive skin. The Rose water version of the product has a lot of ingredients that are good for you. Propanediol is good for dehydrated skin conditions. It increases the effectiveness of things. It is also an amazing humectant. It's great for both dry and blemished skin because of the anti-Inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and skin conditioning benefits of rosario damascena flower water. Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside is a good cleanser for keeping your skin clean, but it is very mild compared to others, making it good for sensitized skin. Salicylic acid slows the growth of thebacteria. The water line up needed this product.

2. Almay Makeup Remover Hypoallergenic Fragrance

Almay Makeup Remover Hypoallergenic Fragrance

These pads are made of soft material and never leave a trace of makeup. Their makeup-remover pads are made with a botanical blend of green tea, cucumber, and aloe, and they are gentle on the skin. Your sensitive eye area will love them. The classic makeup-remover pads are very effective at removing makeup. Blackheads cause skin care concern. As always, dermatologist tested and free of all harmful chemicals. Sulfates, Parabens, or Phthalates were not used in this item. There are two sizes: 80 pads or 120 pads.

Brand: Almay

👤These things are amazing. I have been wearing prominent eyeliner for most of my makeup wearing career and I have accepted that it would always be a pain to remove. I've tried a lot of different eye makeup removal products that people think are great, but nothing really made the process easy. I found these pads and they are a game-changer. I used them for the first time last night and I was amazed at the amount of makeup that came off with the first few touches. Nothing was smeared. I am still confused this morning. If this cannot pull off a repeat performance tonight, I will update my review, but for now this will be my go-to product. It wasn't as good as removing my lipstick, but I couldn't care less about that and this is branded as eye makeup removal. I was surprised that other reviewers said this stung their eyes. I was surprised that this product didn't bother me at all. I found the product to be very gentle, but it is different for everyone.

👤I used to love them. They changed the formula and made them useless. I bought one that had just dried out and another that was bought from somewhere else but it was useless. I washed it off with soap and water in the shower, but it couldn't remove the makeup under my eye. I was trying to get it off because there was hardly any water on the pad. It is possible that I got bad batches but two bad batches from different vendors would be a dealbreaker for me.

👤I have used the Eye Makeup Pads for a long time. Love them. These seem to be fake or cheapened up greatly. I used one pad for each eye. The packaging could have been changed. Not happy with these. I will make sure to buy them in my local store because I feel they are not the same as I have used before. The thickness of the pads has been changed. There is a method for this.

👤I've been using the non oily eye makeup removal pads for a long time. They are gentle on my eyes, but they get the job done. I've tried other brands and they are too greasy. They give me blurry vision. They are too oily to use to correct a makeup mistake. At the end of the day, I can use Almay to remove my eye makeup or clean up after a wild mascara wand. There was no oil. There was no grease. No starting all over again! I wear waterproof mascara. I use one pad most of the time. I use the other side for my other eye when I flip it over. I'm not sure why some users are not happy with the small size. Occasionally I use one wipe per eye, but usually one will do the job.

👤I needed an eye makeup removal that wasn't harmful to my eyes. In the past year, I've developed a new allergy to eye makeup and makeup removal in particular. Things I used to do cause my eyes to swell up. I stopped wearing makeup when it got so bad. I want to be able to wear makeup again, and I am trying out various makeups to see which one I like best, but I discovered my previous makeup wipes/cleansers also irritated my eyes. This also includes Neutrogena wipes. Enter Almay. I thought I could try it out for the add-on price. I am amazed! It took a single wipe to remove most of the eye makeup. I have never melted it off that fast. There were no allergic tingles either. I took off a star because the pads are paper thin. I used one side for each eye, but this tiny pad gets bigger and bigger by the time you get to the second eye. Even if you had to use one pad per eye, the remover properties are still worth it. I was angry no more.

3. Simple Make Up Remover Count Pack

Simple Make Up Remover Count Pack

Vitamins B5 and E are vital.

Brand: Simple

👤If a product claims to remove waterproof mascara, big on the package, they will do it even if it is not as good as you hope for. The pads did not do anything. When I tried to use them for removing my mascara, they stayed white. I used my old make up removal. There was a lot of black coming off. They are definitely not working. They are very dry and do not do what they are supposed to.

👤These eye make removal pads don't dry out the skin around my eyes like other eye make removal pads do.

👤Finally found something. That removes eye makeup without making my eyes look tired. I have been buying them for a year. The small pack is great for travel.

👤I have used this product for a while. I have very sensitive skin and have had great results with this product. It thoroughly removes eye makeup.

👤These are gentle for sensitive skin. The price is great and they work great. Next time I need more, I will order it.

👤I use these to take off my makeup. I am sensitive to every wipe.

👤Simple, effective, really takes off my eye makeup. The best I have used.

👤It was very small, very dry and didn't work. I wish I hadn't bought these. I feel bad for them.

4. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

The water can be used as a facial cleanser in the morning and as a makeup remover at night. The micellar water from Garnier is gentle enough for everyday use. The micellar cleansing water is gentle and effective, it removes dirt, makeup, and excess oil in just a few strokes, no rinsing, no harsh rubbing, and a face washed clean. You've seen micellar waters on the Best Drugstore Makeup Remover lists, which is the best for your skin type. Find the face wash, makeup remover, or mask for you if you have dry or oily skin, because Garnier SkinActive has gentle formulas and naturally derived ingredients to leave your skin looking fresh and healthy, no matter your skin type. As a leading global beauty brand, they aspire to create a positive impact by paving the way towards more sustainable beauty. The Leaping Bunny Program was approved by Cruelty Free International.

Brand: Garnier

👤Don't buy. I have to shop from the store. This is not a real product. I didn't pay attention to the bottle's detail, but I knew it wasn't the real product from the smell. The second thing I noticed was when I use the original Garnier Skin Active Micellar water, my skin feels tingly and I did not get that effect from the Amazon water. The consistency of the product is more soapy than the original, the text on the logo is different, and the bottle is bigger. Go to the store and buy it.

👤Is this a good cleansing water? Yes. I will not buy again as I discovered that Garnier tests on animals, and just bought a cheaper mouse from Boots.

👤There was no seal on the product. The product I bought in stores has a safety seal. I am not comfortable using it. I don't know if it has been tampered with or if it is just a fake. It is useless without a factory seal. I will not be using it.

👤MOLD is the home of the Stench. When I first used it, I thought it was me, but my husband asked if he liked it, and I didn't say a word. The. Title was clear and there were no contaminants. I washed it off, used my Clarisonic and sat in the sun, but it took all three things to get rid of the smell. I heard and read wonderful things about this. Never again.

👤Gave me the worst break in my life. I woke up the next morning with little white bumps on my face and on some areas of my neck, after using the Micellar Cleansing Water to wash my face. It was a terrible product that was advertised as being non-comedogenic and safe to use. The bottles say no need to rinse. I don't know who this product was tested on, but not anyone with sensitive skin or prone to breakouts! They would know that this product is not for everyone as we are led to believe by the product's labeling. It's complete waste of money. I don't think it's a good idea. I was excited about using the product and had high hopes for it, so I wish I had given it a better review. I thought I found a great alternative to the usual facial cleansing products. I am sharing my experience with this product in order to hopefully save others from the same disaster that I did. I ended up with the worst break of my life and it took about 2 1/2 weeks to calm down. I still have a few areas that I am trying to get rid of after using the product just once. If you decide to try this product, be careful. Be careful!

👤If I am only wearing a cream, it's good to remove my makeup. When I wear a full face of makeup, set and not set, it barely removes the top layer. It is good at removing light products such as sunscreens, but it is not used for makeup. I use my bottle to rehydrate dry makeup wipes.

5. Burts Bees Makeup Remover Count

Burts Bees Makeup Remover Count

There are massage pads. The eye makeup removal pads are made with a fruit called kiwi extract and are free of irritation. The effective cleaner. The makeup removal pads from Burt's Bees reach all corners of the eye. The makeup removal that has been clinically tested is 99.5% natural. There areTLE WIPES. These makeup removing pads are gentle enough for daily use and don't leave an oily stain. Remove eye makeup at home or on the go with a single step cleanser.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I wish these worked, but they are not. I travel a lot and would rather not travel with liquid, so I bought a pack of these. These do not remove my eye makeup. I used one, and then had to use the drips remaining in my Neutrogena after, and that was more than the Burt Bees pads. The money was wasted.

👤I always go back to these even though I have more expensive eye makeup removers. I love them! They are easy to use and do not bother me.

👤There are black dots on the bottom wipes of two of the three containers that the product came in sealed. I don't want to use them on my eye lids because they could be contaminated withbacteria. Buy from a store that has the product you are buying.

👤It did not remove water proof mascara.

👤Not tested on animals, gently remove makeup from the eyes.

👤The pads take off eye makeup. One eye will not get mascara off. The value is not there because I have to use at least 3 for both eyes.

👤There is a nice size pad. One pad removes makeup from both eyes. I have never used a better remover. The area around my eyes is soft.

👤It was very easy to use. I usually use one side of my eye makeup. They last me twice as long. Work well.

6. Andrea Make Up Correctors Swabs Count

Andrea Make Up Correctors Swabs Count

The package is 12.953 cm long and 7.874 cm wide. The model number is SG_B00NFUGW4K_US. The package weight is 0.158 kilogram. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Andrea

👤There is a change to be made. I have to keep up with what's happening. I ordered another set after I opened the 2nd package of my first order. Both sets are useless this time. No shape to them. Can't use them. It's complete waste of money. I would have liked to have gotten the first bottle. If I am doing eyeliner, these are a must have.

👤They work well at removing mascara when you mess it up. I bought these a year or two ago and they used to have a very nice sharp point at the tip which allowed you to get very tiny areas covered without messing with anything else. The ones I just bought are similar to a Q-tip. It is harder to reach those tight spaces without messing up something else. I miss the sharp tip.

👤I am concerned that many of the reviews are fake because I have read them more closely. I ordered these because the Shreya ones were no longer available. I have concluded that these are not effective as an eye makeup removal, they are not absorbent, and they move the eyeliner around on your skin rather than make it disappear. If you only have a small amount of eye makeup, this will suffice for your needs.

👤The tips work well to remove mascara. Sometimes there's too much liquid under your eyelashes and other times it needs more, because the size of the cotton swab and the container of liquid varies. The size of the cotton varies between containers.

👤I was glad I opened them before I wrapped them because they were not sealed and I didn't want them to get lost. I'm not sure if they're safe to use around the eyes or if someone tampered with them. I don't think this is a good idea.

👤When I put on eye makeup, there is always something that makes me cringe, and I thought of sending an email to those that make the make-up wipes to do the same, but alas, they were on Amazon. It's great that there are two packages for that price. Amazon, do not stop ordering these, they will always keep ordering them. Please try.

👤The best make up removal sticks are these. They are great to fix make up mistakes. You can put the container in your purse. Too bad they were stopped.

👤I use this product every day to correct my eyebrow makeup. I wish they would make them that way again because it made it easier to fine- tune the line. They do a good job for what I need.

7. Neutrogena Cleansing Towelette Waterproof Individually

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelette Waterproof Individually

20 count of individually wrapped Neutrogena Makeup Face Wipe Singles. Individually wrapped facial cleansing towelettes are protected, so you always have a fresh wipe for complete cleansing and makeup removal. Makeup removal facial cleansing towelettes work to remove makeup from the skin while also removing pollution, sweat and sunscreen, for superior cleansing and makeup removing power at your fingertips. There are wet wipes that are gentle on the eyes. Up to 99% of makeup can be removed with the effective formula. Their promise is to clean the planet. These facial cleansing wipes are made with 100% plant-based fibers and biodegrade in 35 days in home compost. There's no need to rinse with single-use wipes because they thoroughly cleanse the skin. They're great to use in a daily beauty routine for a refreshing self-care experience.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤The perfect size for my friend's Nash Bash bags. They loved them! These came in handy to remove makeup after nights out. Great product! The small size is adorable.

👤The first step of a cleanse. With minimal rubbing, you can easily remove makeup. It doesn't leave an oily film like most others I've tried. I've seen people complain about wasteful packaging and per-unit price, but it depends on their use case. I only wear makeup once a week, and the wipe multi-packs dry out before I can even use half of them, so this is a much better option for me. They're great for travel. I am so happy I found these.

👤The product is great in general, but brilliant for traveling. They are wrapped in a small package and unfold to 10” x 10” I have sensitive eyes and these don't hurt or irritate them at all, and they don't leave a greasy film in my eyes at all. One towelette is enough to remove all my make-up as they are thick and strong. I have had no sensitivity issues with my face or my skin. A good grade for home and travel use.

👤I discovered this product after my dermatologist used it to remove my makeup. I bought it immediately because I loved it so much. He did not use individual wipes. Individual wrapped wipes don't dry out. I was not happy to find the wipes had scent. It is a nice scent but it is not a skin irritatant. I like how it easily removes makeup. Makeup can get stuck in the washing machine.

👤The cloth inside is large, I love these, they are so small. It's perfect for traveling or in your purse.

👤It's perfect for travel and home use. I like the scent. It doesn't bother my skin. They are packaged perfectly for travel and remove my makeup in a single step. I travel for work and these are the best option because they fit easily in a makeup bag or purse and never dry out. I use them for travel and home only.

👤I used to take one of these makeup wipes in a plastic bag, but it was an improvement to have the individual ones nicely wrapped. They are wet with the right amount of ingredients. I was worried that they might be on the dry side. They are not. These are new additions to my kit. It's nice to have on hand when out on a date or away from home.

👤This product is very good. I only use them for removing makeup. I tried to buy a less expensive product and ended up with a pink eye in both eyes. I was not going to risk it again. The travel size was nice as I was going to visit a friend out of state and these were much easier to travel with. I wouldn't use these often as they create more waste, but it was better to travel with a full size container.

8. Andrea Ultra Makeup Remover 65 Count

Andrea Ultra Makeup Remover 65 Count

Removes waterproof eye makeup. There is a mixture ofAloe Vera and Botanical Extracts.

Brand: Andrea

👤I liked the value. The pads are very thin and flimsy. The make-up removal process uses several pads in one use because they ball up before hitting the target area. After washing your face, it leaves an oily film on your eyes.

👤I used to buy them at the drug store. I found the waterproof ones at my local beauty supply after they stopped carrying them. I panicked because they stopped carrying them. I found them on Amazon. I wear waterproof mascara and these work great. I've tried a lot of other products, and I love them all, especially for the price. If you have issues with the pads being dry, you can take all the pads out of the jar and flip them upside down. If the pads in the jar are very dry, your product may come out at some point. I don't think there is a solution for that. I checked the jars that were received and they were all fine. The order will last me about 6 months.

👤Some people have said that these are oily. They are the only ones who can remove makeup. If you follow them with a non-oily makeup removal cloth or alcohol wipe, you can easily remove waterproof mascara. These are for eye makeup, not for your whole face, so you'd likely be using a wash or other removal anyway.

👤It's so greasy. I need the non-oily version of Eye Q's. This one is terrible. It leaves my eye area oily and makes me look frightening, because it removes eye makeup for the most part, but leaves your eye area all oily. The non-oily version is awesome.

👤I have been using make up. My freshman in college daughter loves them and I introduced them to them 30 years ago. The blue brand of make up removers is not oily and they are better than the dept store brand.

👤They are too small to maneuver. It takes 2 people to complete the job. Too oily as well.

👤I bought them because of that. They have lived up to her recommendation. Christie, the ageless beauty, thank you!

👤He usado a 7 aos. No hay producto.

👤Delivery was quick and the eye makeup removal was great.

9. SpaLife Korean Soothing Spa Cooling

SpaLife Korean Soothing Spa Cooling

The eye treatment is done at home. You can get an eye treatment at home. These pads have anti-aging and brightening benefits and make you feel refreshed. There is an apple supply. You should be pampered for months to come. You get 48 eye pads and 24 eye treatments. After each use, the pads should be thrown away. There are natural ingredients. These pads are made with real cucumbers, fruits and other natural ingredients. The cooling sensation helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes, it also alleviates irritation and leaves you with a fresh, young look. It is recommended that you wash your Cucumber. Cucumber is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has the ability to even out the complexion and rehydrate the skin to keep it at bay. It is easy to use. Before use, clean face and remove makeup. Relax for 15 minutes by placing a pad over each eye area. The product can be kept in the fridge for maximum refreshment.

Brand: Spalife

👤I use these on my facial clients to protect them from steam and masks. They are easy to use. Cooking and depuffing! Will be rearranging.

👤These eye pads are great to soothe tired eyes when you feel a headaches coming on. I believe the beauty of these pads is that they fully cover your eyes, which is why a lot of people suggest cutting them in half. It's a good idea to close your eyes for a moment, feel the coolness on your tired eyes and relax a bit. It is difficult to get these out of the pack without touching them too much. I would suggest buying the pads in the jar and then refilling the jar with the pads in the packs. It makes it easier to find them. The product is wonderful.

👤There was no problem with the product. The product is well packaged and I can see that they are wet. Someone said that they had a problem with them being dry. You can't read how many eye pads are in the photo. I used basic math to conclude that there were 8 eye pads in each package and that I would receive a total of 30 packages. They come in 12 eye pads. Instead of 6 packages per set, I received 20 packages instead of 30. This leaves me short. The package size should be reflected in the description.

👤It said 48 pieces. They would be packed like a show. We need them to be packed for everyone.

👤The product has 12 eye pads. I was expecting more from Mines but they only have 4 packets and they are 12 thin eye pads that are very refreshing to wear.

👤I put them in the fridge to cool them down, and took another reviewer's advice to cut them in half. You can still do other things if you put them under your eyes. It's perfect for multi-taskers. The solution they are in feels a little too goopy for my tastes, but that's not a dealbreaker. You can either rub the solution into your skin or wipe it off after you take them off. It doesn't dry quickly.

👤When I saw these cucumbers, I was overjoyed and just had to give them to my daughter for her birthday. We always have "cucumbers" for spa night because she loves them.

👤I keep them in the fridge because they smell great and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

10. Organyc 100 Organic Cotton Rounds

Organyc 100 Organic Cotton Rounds

100 percent organic cotton is ideal for personal care. The cotton rounds and packaging are made from renewable and sustainable materials. All packaging and materials are not harmful to the environment. You would expect high quality rounds from german engineering. Cotton rounds are useful for a lot of things.

Brand: Organyc

👤I had no issues with this product. The packaging was different from the picture of the page, but not a big deal for me. Unless you use them a day after shaving, they are lint-free and very affordable. It could have been a 5-star product. I have two big questions. The first photo shows black stains on the pad. At first I thought they were mold. Some people were talking about black specifications on the pads of the product review. If they are normal for real cotton, why do I only have one pad with black stains from a pack? I have been rubbing mold on my face for a couple of weeks if they are mold, so I hope you can give me a reasonable answer. The quilted pattern is the second question. There is no full pattern on the side of my pads like the ones shown in reviews. Sometimes it's hard to find a half pattern in my pads, and other times it's a quarter pattern. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for. They don't lose cotton like the others I've used. They are very soft. They don't look dirty. They have a lot of layers, so if you want to separate them, don't. The top and bottom layers are woven, but the middle is cotton. It's super durable. Doesn't fall apart when wet. I will be ordering again.

👤I have sensitive skin and eyes. My eyes would get red for several hours when I took off my eye make up. I ended up in my eye doctors office after several hours of work. We went through my routine, I'm a problem-solver by nature. I had begun this process. My make-up was the same. When I'm not traveling for work, I use a set of white cotton organic washcloths that are only for me - the organic wasn't on purpose, the white was so I could get the make-up out. I used non organic cotton pads while traveling. My eye doctor told me that cotton is sprayed with pesticides and more chemicals are used to make cotton pads. He gave me a steroid to help clear up the irritation, and suggested that I travel with my washcloths since it never got to dry. I found these on Amazon while looking for something for my college kid. I have been using them without any problems for the past 2 years. I highly recommend!

👤Absolutely love this product. I use them for everything from makeup removal to cleaning. They are soft and plush and are organic cotton. The rounds are the perfect thickness and have worked amazingly so far. I will be stocking up when I run out.

👤The cotton rounds were decent. The 100ct option was selected when ordering, but still said 70 count in the description. The 100 count option is incorrect.

👤I tried to like these cotton rounds, but they are costing me a lot of money in wasted products. I would end up saving money if I spent more money on cotton that was thinner and less absorbent. I gave an extra star because they are soft, but they are not worth it. I have had them for awhile now and all of my products have only lasted half the time. You can buy a different brand.

11. Almay Eye Makeup Remover Count

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Count

It's great for a travel bag or gym bag. Makeup can get left behind if Pads are not used. A blend of green tea, cucumber and aloe leaves sweeps away makeup without irritation.

Brand: Almay

👤I like the small size for travel. I did not want to carry a bottle of makeup remover. I was looking for something that was convenient. The pads are very small. It might be two stuck together when you grab one. The jar is less than half full because of the thinness of the pads, which makes it seem like it is mostly filled up to the top. The pads were so thin that they were see-through. It is less than what you would expect from a makeup removal pad. The pad is about 1.5 inches in diameter. One pad is good for me because I don't wear a lot of eye makeup. If you wear moderate to heavy makeup, you will need to use more than one pad. If you wear more makeup, a makeup wipe will be better. Some reviews mentioned stinging. I didn't have that problem. You don't have to worry about the jar leaking in your suitcase because it's sealed tight. The makeup removal fluid is average. There was no excess makeup removal in the jar. I hope my review helps.

👤Don't waste your money on makeup removal products that aren't worth it. They don't help get anything off your face, it's just like putting sand paper on your face, it's cheap, but the container that they come in is probably the whole cost. I am curious to know what it is that makes your face smell bad even though you don't do anything, because they don't do anything. It is hard to see how many of the pads are actually in them.

👤I am looking for a good eye make up removal, but this isn't it. I thought it would be gentle on the eyes, but it burns my eyes when I use it. I have tried the oily pads before, but I don't like the oil. Maybe I am only using soap and water for eye make up.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She loves the product. She loves them. Will buy again.

👤These are okay. You keep forgetting to buy more when you run out of makeup removal. These will be there for you. Would I use them every day? No. For sure no. Will they dry out your skin? Will it get the makeup off?

👤Very disappointed. The safety seal under the lid had been removed and the pads inside had dried out. The container is not broken. I can refill it from my larger container. It was very disappointing to receive a product that looked like it had been used.

👤The cleaning pads were cheap. The cleaning pads are small and difficult to pull apart, so it's a good idea. I can see why they were on clearance. It was too bad for a name brand product. This should have been a free gift product.

👤I love it because it takes off everything around your eyes, not just the shadow.


What is the best product for andrea eye q[sq]s eye makeup remover pads oil-free 65 pads?

Andrea eye q[sq]s eye makeup remover pads oil-free 65 pads products from Garnier Skincare. In this article about andrea eye q[sq]s eye makeup remover pads oil-free 65 pads you can see why people choose the product. Almay and Simple are also good brands to look for when you are finding andrea eye q[sq]s eye makeup remover pads oil-free 65 pads.

What are the best brands for andrea eye q[sq]s eye makeup remover pads oil-free 65 pads?

Garnier Skincare, Almay and Simple are some of the best brands that chosen by people for andrea eye q[sq]s eye makeup remover pads oil-free 65 pads. Find the detail in this article. Garnier, Burt's Bees and Andrea are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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