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1. Anteer Stickers Customizable Eyeblack Football

Anteer Stickers Customizable Eyeblack Football

We offer a 30 day free exchange and returns. 60-Pairs of eye black stickers are included in the value package, enough to meet your sports-themed event decoration needs and replacements. It's best to have one size for both youth and adults. You can write your name, jersey number, mascot, or personal message on these eye black stickers with liquid chalk. These eyeblack stickers are easy to use, just peel and stick them on your face or under your eyes. It's better to clean the skin first, avoiding water and oil. Sports stickers are popular in sports occasions for boys, kids and youth, such as football, baseball, softball, lacrosse and so on, write down your team slogan to express your passion and encourage team spirit. Their eye black stickers can be used for sports themed parties, birthday parties, Halloween, school sports games and team gatherings, and they can bring positive energy.

Brand: Anteer

👤We got these for my son's party. They worked well. They fit all of the kids faces perfectly and were the right size for them. I don't think they would stay on or work for athletics because they were all falling off by the end of the party with no sweat or crazy physical activity.

👤The kids like them. I love them too. The kids pick at them. It is worth it. I forget to bring them when the team asks for them.

👤My daughter was a football player and she said that the costumes fell off very quickly, like 20 minutes from perspiration. About an hour after she had red marks on her cheeks. This definitely has something in it. Don't take a chance.

👤My husband is a football coach. They look great and hold up. They don't have the strength to deal with a lot of sweat.

👤This is a non-breathable sticker. Would not use it for athletics. Returned the product. Kids sport themed parties are a great deal. It's perfect for kids as well.

👤It's great for little league and there's no mess.

👤I bought this for my son. He used it once. I believe that having stickers on your face while playing sports is uncomfortable.

2. Orange Football Baseball Softball Strips

Orange Football Baseball Softball Strips

NCAA, MLB, and other Solid Color Glitter designs are available. The product is worn by pros. There are 2 pairs of peel-n-stick included. There are custom design services available. It's great for fans and athletes.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤The super bowl needs these.

👤Kids can apply it themselves if they stay on all day. It's easier to remove than eye black.

👤I bought six of them. The orange is bright. I received 5 orange and one pack of resd, instead of all orange.

3. CSI Cannon Sports Stickers Yellow

CSI Cannon Sports Stickers Yellow

The Cannon Sports under eye stickers will help to reduce the glare of sunlight. After your sporting event is over, simply apply their stickers under the eye and remove them. The curved shape of their black under eye stickers helps with placement and firmness. The formula is sweat proof and won't smudge. The formula is made in the USA and is safe.

Brand: Cannon Sports

👤If you plan to use them in a game, they are terrible. Only use for a costume. The kids on the soccer team were barely breaking a sweat when these fell off. They couldn't get them to stay on long enough to warm up. Don't buy these for sports. Click yes if you found my review helpful. Thank you.

👤I put the stickers under my eyes because they aren't wide enough. Went to the Dodgers game. The Dodgers lost that night, but I don't think it's because of these stickers. I took them off after the game and ended up with red marks on my face for two days.

👤They fell off as soon as they were put on.

👤We bought these for our grandson to wear and he loved them. They stayed on their feet. He felt like his favorite player.

👤These were needed in green. They looked great.

👤They didn't stay on my son's face for more than 10 minutes.

👤I bought these because they match our team colors. They were almost like a paper quality. The girls came off as soon as they smiled or sweat.

👤The edges pulled up easily because they were too firm.

4. Artistry Closet Patriotic Merica America

Artistry Closet Patriotic Merica America

Thetwist-up design is so easy to apply and blend out for a quick and easy daytime look, it's called Save Your Makeup Time. The colors are perfect for freedom. Use soap and water to wash them. It is easy to use a stick. Face Paint can be used to make a costume.

Brand: Artistry Closet

👤I bought this as a moral booster for my son's baseball team since they are all red, white, and blue. The boys hit me up for "War Paint" every time they played. It lasts forever after about 1-2 games, depending on how much they sweat or rub their faces, but it's awesome! It smells like a crayon but is easy to get off with soap and water. I bought this last fall. I have more than half a sick person. It goes a long way. I will buy this again.

👤The style is like a solid deodorant and when I took the lid off it broke. I was able to remove it and make it usable. The kids project was for the 4th of July. It is okay.

👤After a while, all the colors blend and dosen come out as 3 clear stripes. I added a lot to my football fan outfit and it's small, light and portable, but it did get me some bad skin after wearing it all day. It's definitely something to keep in mind.

👤My children and I play baseball and softball. They looked great on the field. It won't melt if it's put up somewhere where it won't melt.

👤I had to change the make up to make it red white blue.

👤The kids love it at our campground.

👤It works well but comes off easy.

👤I should say eye black or eye red, white, and blue.

5. Purple Football Baseball Softball Strips

Purple Football Baseball Softball Strips

Solid color glitter designs are available. The product is worn by pros. There are 2 pairs of peel-n-stick included. There are custom design services available. It's great for fans and athletes.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤These are great. I wore them for over 6 hours and they did not peel or budge. It was difficult to take off because they were stuck on my face. Being quick was the best way to take them off. It hurt a bit. It was worth it because I didn't care about them falling off or peeling.

👤They wouldn't stay on my face. The color was gorgeous. I wish they would have stayed on my cheeks.

👤My girls like them. Couldn't wait to use them.

👤We stayed on our face all day and night.

6. Stickers Breathable Baseball Football Softball

Stickers Breathable Baseball Football Softball

Eye black stickers. The package contains 72 pairs of eye strips and 1 piece white pencil, enough to meet your decoration needs and replacements. The football eye strips are good for sports because they help reduce glare from the sun and allow you to focus on the game at ease. These eye strips are made of quality and non-toxic material, which is safe and reliable for both kids and adults. The eye stickers are very easy to apply, just peel and stick them on your face or under the eyes, and it is easy to remove. The eye stickers can be useful for sports occasions, such as football, baseball, softball, lacrosse and so on, and can be practical gifts to share with your friends or family members who are sports lovers.

Brand: Sumind

👤These were terrible. My daughter's soccer game was about to start when they came off. A lot of face oils will make these come off. I would give 0 stars if I could.

👤These were just stickers. They said that they were a material that could be used for breathing, but to find out they were just stickers was disappointing.

👤Cute idea, but doesn't stick on the faces. My daughter is not particularly active or sweaty and they lasted less than 5 minutes.

👤It does not appear to be made for human skin or sweat. They didn't stay on during warm-ups. Every photo of an athlete wearing them appears to have been altered.

👤These are cute. They were being used for dress up. They are not as big as the ones you buy in a sporting goods store. They are small.

👤It's great for football games. The sticker looks great. I stayed on the whole day even though I was running in the sun all day. Also good value.

👤I recommend real eye black for players because they were okay, but would problem be great for fans. These look like stickers. It's great for parties.

👤Falls off with a small amount of sweat. Ended up half way down my son's face.

7. EyeBlack Football Baseball Softball Strips

EyeBlack Football Baseball Softball Strips

The formula is made in the USA and is safe. The product is worn by pros. There are 2 pairs of peel-n-stick included. There are custom design services available. It's great for fans and athletes.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤My daughters soccer team loved them. They had a blast wearing them. We got a lot of colors.

👤This was easy to apply and remove for my 11 year old. It could have lasted longer had we kept it on after the games were over. We were able to modify the team colors. The entire team will be getting more. Thumbs up!

👤This came off when my son started sweating.

👤The package only contained 2 sets. I didn't read very closely.

👤Only one pair is usable.

👤It was easy to take off. It was perfect.

8. KBETHOS Distressed Baseball Adjustable Headwear

KBETHOS Distressed Baseball Adjustable Headwear

The hat is made of cotton. It is lightweight, durable, and smooth. It's a great fit for most head sizes. The Dad Hat is unconstructed. There are various colors to choose from. One size fits most and is comfortable. To fit a baseball cap to your head, use the metal closure, which is convenient and secure. It's perfect for both men and women. An eviction is taking place. The visor is pre-curved. There are 6 panel structures. There are 6 embroidered eyelets. The baseball cap is elevated. Premium cotton, a hint of stretch, and a soft feel bring both luxury and comfort to your day. Under the summer sun, stay safe. If you don't have adequate sun protection, you are at risk of health and safety. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keep your hair out of your face and eyes by wearing a baseball cap. It is made of high quality cotton and is perfect for active lifestyles.

Brand: Kbethos

👤I like to wear hats when I don't feel like doing my hair. I like that it has a clip so my hair doesn't stick to it like the Velcro hats, and that it doesn't have the Velcro in the back.

👤I wanted a hat that was already broken in to wear on bad hair days when I'm running around after my toddler, and I couldn't be happier. I took a picture of the bill out of the box to show that it is bent well and has good fading. The black bill underneath the gray is exposed by the wear along the rim of the bill, but it isn't much of a difference with this shade. I have ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon, but rarely leave a review because I'm not excited about a product. Very happy mom over here!

👤Oh my gosh! The dark gray is what I have. The hat fit my head perfectly. No adjusting. The quality is great and the hat is versatile. The fit is on the pointe. The brim is nicely rounded. I am a female with a height of 5'7". I wear this hat 3 times a week. I need a good hair cut when I play taxi for my kids or when I need a good hair cut.

👤I needed a distressed look for this photo shoot and it was what I got. The hat is comfortable and relaxed. It's easy to adjust to the perfect fit. Excellent price point and quality! Excellent condition upon arrival and fast shipping! If you found my review helpful, I would appreciate you clicking yes.

👤Exactly as pictured, cute and adjusts in the back. I need something to wear for the mornings, I don't do my hair while running. A very flexible look. Can't wait to wear this. Update on 4/3. I have three! That is how much I love these hats. Only stick to this brand. There is a I wondered why it was so flimsy when I mistakenly ordered a look alike. There was no label when I checked the inside.

👤I bought the black camo several months ago and I still live in it. I returned the light denim because it doesn't fit the same way as the others, and I swapped it for the dark grey one because it fits better.

👤I got this hat on a whim in two colors and I am very happy I did. I was worried because other reviewers said it fit well. I don't have a small head, but it fits right out of the packaging. The quality of the hat is top notch and the distressing doesn't look bad. I love the fit of the hat and it was not too shallow for me, like the ones I find too shallow. Since there are so many colors to pick from, I don't think I'll buy any other brand hats after these. I now own 10 of these hats. I find needs for more colors. You will not regret it if you buy it.

9. EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

Face Paint can be used to make a costume. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. Peel and stick pairs are included. Solid color glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤These worked well. I had them on for a long time after the game. I looked pretty as well.

👤Looked happy. It was worth the price. If the need arose, I would buy again.

👤It was fun! Stood all day. Go Saints!

10. Rawlings EB Eye Black

Rawlings EB Eye Black

Solid color glitter designs are available. Removes easily with soap and water. Comes in a tube.

Brand: Rawlings

👤The eye is black and cheap. It's easy to take off and it looks good. Just apply twice to get it dark.

👤I wanted the one in the picture, and it sweats off pretty easily. Do not recommend this, there are better ones.

11. Stickers Baseball Football Lacrosse Softball

Stickers Baseball Football Lacrosse Softball

Their other items are in the "MLB" collection. Good sports partner: providing you with enough eye stickers which are useful sports game partners, helping you to reduce glare from the sun and allowing you to focus on the match; You can use the white pencil to write something you want or do it yourself with the stickers. The amount of softball eye strips is enough for you to use and replace, and the white pencil is erasable, so you can use the patterns or words you like to support the game. The eye strips and the white pencil are made of quality material and can serve you and your family and friends for a long time. It's portable and can be used under the eyes or on the face, it's very convenient to use and can be removed, please keep the surface clean so that the eye stickers can work well. You can use these eye strips in many sports occasions, such as the game of football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, etc., and you can also share them with your friends, family members and so on, nice gifts for you and them.

Brand: Sumind


What is the best product for baseball eye black stick yellow?

Baseball eye black stick yellow products from Anteer. In this article about baseball eye black stick yellow you can see why people choose the product. Eyeblack and Cannon Sports are also good brands to look for when you are finding baseball eye black stick yellow.

What are the best brands for baseball eye black stick yellow?

Anteer, Eyeblack and Cannon Sports are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baseball eye black stick yellow. Find the detail in this article. Artistry Closet, Eyeblack and Sumind are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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