Best Big Eye Beading Needles

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1. Beadalon 700F 102 Collapsible Needles 2 5 Inch

Beadalon 700F 102 Collapsible Needles 2 5 Inch

The pack of big eye beading needles is a must-have for lovers. Big eye is strong enough to accommodate most thread types and bead sizes. Any style of beading can be done with the needle. You won't need to spend a lot of time trying to thread string through small needle eyes with these beading needles. Eye Needles are small and easy to use. Extra-spring wire has a special eye that collapses when it is pulled through the bead. It is manufactured in India. It's nice for stringing beads that have small holes. The extra-spring wire is resistant. The eye is designed to collapse instantly when it is pulled through the bead. The large eye is easy to thread.

Brand: Beadalon

👤You need this if you know how frustrating it is to buy beads with small holes in them and waste time getting the thread inside. The needles are strong enough to get through the wooden beads. You can pinch your thread in place with the help of the needle.

👤The large eye makes threading easy on these old eyes. There are hundreds of sequined seed beads on the skirt of a Christmas tree. It is hard to get through the felt with the flimsy needle shaft. It is easy to thread, but not strong. If you were stringing beads, it should be fine, but it is not good to push in and out of fabric.

👤The package arrived in a timely manner and the transit packaging was intact, but when I opened it, the needles were bent to almost 90 degrees. Not a perfect picture. I will be able to use the needles for their intended purposes if I can figure out how to make them straight.

👤I rarely write reviews on Amazon, but I am going to make an exception for these needles. They are awesome. I have a lot of seed beads that I can't get a needle of any size through, these needles go through them with ease. I like the flexibility of the needle because I can put a curve in the end that allows me to pick up the bead. The needles are delicate. I have never had a needle that easy to thread. I recommend these to anyone who is older.

👤I like the flexibility of these needles, but they don't last very long for me. It could be me. I use needles for small bead projects. As expected, they bend out of shape as I move between the beads. I can't re-straighten them with my fingers or my nylon smoothing tool, so I have to throw them away. I have other brands of large eye needs that I can re-straighten to fit my needs before I have to throw them away.

👤I've been looking for these collapsable-eye needles for a long time and was very happy to find them on Amazon. When I asked about these, the hobby stores didn't know what I was talking about. They work better than I thought they would. I can draw two strands of thread through a small hole in a bead without shredding the thread. I recommend this for anyone who is wondering if they would work for such a purpose.

👤First time buying something. I fell in love. At first I was not sure what I wanted. These needles are strong. I started with the first one. I lost them when I put it down, but I can paint the top of the needle eye. No big deal.

👤I'm very, very tired of being asked to rate products that aren't meant to be seen through. I don't expect to buy a metal needle that is "sheer" unless I look through the loop of the needle. The needles work well for beginner-level beading projects I'm currently doing, other than the ongoing gripe with the rating system.

2. Beading Needles Stainless Needles Big Needles

Beading Needles Stainless Needles Big Needles

The seed beads needles are a must-have for handicraft lovers. You can use these needles for arts, crafts, sewing, jewelry making, etc. The big eye beading needle is suitable for different string beads needs. You will get a clear plastic tube with 35 beading needles, which is easy to store and use. The big eye beading needles are made of good quality metal and can be durable. They can be used for a long time. You can use these needles for arts, crafts, sewing, jewelry making and etc. After-sale service. If you have questions about the product, please contact them at any time, they will give you a solution. Their main concern is your satisfaction.

Brand: Olgaa

👤They work well for their purpose. I could have kept using wire, but it would have taken me a long time to get used to it, and it would have been difficult to make beautiful things with it, but I found a tube of wire that was well packaged and sealed well, and it made creating beautiful things a lot The small ones are my most used and they are very sharp, so be careful handling them or picking them up. Definitely recommend.

👤I threw out the item I ordered because I couldn't figure out how to open the needle eye. I was able to use it even bent even though it was ruined trying to figure it out. It was much easier to put a bead on a string.

👤These are brilliant! I wish I had bought more a year ago. Some seed beads are too small to fit over the elastic, but I can work with that. Very, very happy!

👤33 and not 35 were received. I am not upset about it because it is not that serious. Great needles. They work well for me.

👤La calidad y la rapidez, por dios, haber venido en la punta del avin.

👤The needles are not strong. They are very easy to bend. I'm going to have to buy something else that is easy to bend. I don't know what these are good for. Don't buy you are throwing away money.

👤It's a great tool for my beading projects. I am happy with my purchase. There are different sizes from short to long. A stretch cord is used to make beading.

👤It's hard to find in the craft stores. I get the variety that I need with this purchase. Thanks for the solution to my problem. It's a good thing.

👤Agujas con una gran variedad de tamaos fue rpida.

3. Zxiixz Beading Needles Collapsible Jewelry

Zxiixz Beading Needles Collapsible Jewelry

The large eye is easy to thread. The package includes a set of flexible beading needles, which can be used for different string bead needs. Seed beads needles are made of high quality metal material, not easy to rust or deform, durable with high elasticity, can be used for a long time. Their collapsible beading needles are lightweight and easy to carry. The beading needles are good for threading seed beads. You can use these needles for many things. It's suitable for all kinds of jewelry making. This is a perfect present for a family or friend who is a fan of the do-it-yourself genre.

Brand: Zxiixz

👤I was very disappointed with the needles. These needles are cheap in every way, and that's because they're good. The eye is hard to open. The thread is cut through the bottom of the eye when stringing the beads because of the light friction. I'm going back to using beadalon needles.

👤The finger protectors are really like the Decent for the price. There were two sizes in the needles. I found that my thread was torn where it came in contact with the end of the needle. I use a 3 ft long thread. I have to move the thread several times. I went back to my regular sewing needle. A decent product.

👤Love these after trying for years to thread the small hole needles. I like how the beads don't get stuck on the needle, unlike others I've used.

👤They were easy to use. I think they are thin to grip but can fit through the holes of the beads.

👤These needles are too long for me.

👤Just as described. The needles are too long for me.

👤These needles are garbage. They give you so many because the are are not built to last long. The first 4 of them were broken. I would not recommend buying these type of needles.

👤It is easily breakable. Within a day of beading, I went through 5. They are ripped apart by the stretch cord.

4. Beading Straight Bracelet Necklace Threading

Beading Straight Bracelet Necklace Threading

You can take and carry 25 pieces of beading needles in a plastic needle box, enough for a replacement and you or your family can use them. 33 PCS is an excellent value. The set includes 10 PCS big eye beading needles, 20 PCS long straight beading needles, 1 PCS needle threader, and 1 PCS needle bottle. There are different sizes of big eye beading needle. Long straight needles are available in three sizes: 4.7 inches, 3.15 inches and 1.89 inches. The big eye beading needles are made of good quality metal and can be used for a long time. They can be used for a long time. The sewing needles set can meet your needs in different ways. You can use these needles for many things. Please keep the needle out of the reach of children.

Brand: Bagerla

👤I only received 4 long thin needles, not what was specified in the original description.

👤It's pure crap. I should have looked at them more closely. I'm not sure how they can be used for bead making. If you look at the picture, you will see a piece of braided line laying across the needles. I can't get my line to go through because the eyes are small on all of them. Everything is cheap and flimsy. Don't waste your money.

👤The needles are very fragile and hard to thread.

👤These needles are perfect for different size beads and I do a lot of Native American beadwork.

👤Terrible. These are flimsy and they broke one after the other, even though I was not being hard on them. I gave up after 4 breaks. Some of them don't have any. I had to use regular craft needles to finish my project. They are going back.

👤Jewelry making. The package was supposed to have 30 pieces, but there were only 26. The sale was mis led.

👤The big eyed holes break when you are trying to use them. At one point, one snapped and flew towards me.

5. Beading Needles Size Needle Storage

Beading Needles Size Needle Storage

Anyone can thread these needles. BEADING NEEDLES MATERIAL. The needles are made of steel and can be applied repeatedly. There are 25 pieces in a bottle. It's convenient for storage when not in use. The craft hand needle set has beading needles in 12 sizes. 1.57 inches in length and 0.14 inches in diameter You can use these needles for a wide range of things. You can take and carry 25 pieces of beading needles in a plastic needle box, enough for a replacement and you or your family can use them.

Brand: Zp Crafts

👤These are sewing needles. The eye is too large to fit through small beads, and they are short. The description needs to be changed so that they are in the correct category.

👤I bought these because they claimed to be "beading needles". You don't realize how short they are until you see them. They look like regular sewing needles. They are brittle and break easily. I had hoped that I would be able to work for bead looming.

👤I have issues finding needles that have a big enough eye hole to thread without much fuss, but isn't flattened/too wide, so they don't fit through the small 11/0 seed beads I use, and the patterns I use, work better with.

👤There is no way to tell what size the needles are. The needles are supposed to be 12 but they only go through a bead of 12. Sending them back is not worth it.

👤I don't think they are a size 12. I've tried to make earrings with size 11 or 12 seed beads, but they break in half when the needle gets stuck and I have to use a brick stitch. That means throwing the whole thing away. The whole pack is what I've tried from the tube. It's not worth it if they break your beads because you can get many for the price, but if they are the right size it's worth it.

👤The stem is solid enough to not bend with your finger. It is not a size that works with all bead sizes because the eye is too wide, and it is not long enough to loop through a wide row of beads. It might work for 3mm, but the size I have now is less than 2mm.

👤The needles are half the length shown in the pictures. They are regular sewing needles.

👤$5 for 25 needles is a good value. Please read the description. They are not a typical bead needle. Even though the description says they're 1.6, they're actually 1.5. They're only good for getting into small areas where the longer needles won't reach.

6. Beading Needles Threader Strawberry Inserting

Beading Needles Threader Strawberry Inserting

The large eye is easy to thread. The package includes 20 pieces 80mm/3.15 inch long beading needles, 20 pieces 55mm/2.16 inch long straight bead thread needles, and 2 pieces strawberry shape Sewing Needles holder Pin Cushion. Extra thin fine long needles beading are made of iron with a surface that is ultra thin, not easy to get rusty, durable, can be applied repeatedly for many times. The diameter of the needles is 0.6mm, which is suitable to thread with a diameter of 0.6mm or less. Two different length beading needles can be used for different purposes. Needle threading and stringing is much easier with the help of the Pin Cushion and the Hand Craft Beading Needles Set. It keeps your pins and needles safe. The application is widely used. Needles for arts, crafts, sewing and jewelry making, thin enough for threading beads of various sizes, enough quantity needles in the package for your replacement, are included in the package.

Brand: Gooday

👤I paid $8.00 for these needles, which I used to do simple beading. I was excited to start my first project but I was worried about the supplies and needles. After I got my loom set up, I went to thread my first needle with one of the threaders that came with these needles. The needle head would break off if you forced it and several of these needle threaders wouldn't go through the eye of the needle. These were thrown into the trash. If the threader made it through the eye of the needle, it wouldn't go back through once I put my string in it. A little force would break the needle. These were thrown in the trash. To make a long story short. I only made 3 passes through the 9 seed beads after the thread was threaded because the needle broke. These were thrown into the trash. If I could make more than 3 passes through my 9 beads before the needle broke, I would be even luckier. These would be thrown in the trash. I have 18 needles left. Pull this product and start over.

👤I thought strawberries were small. Needles are good for beads. I like these. Longer they are stronger. I am a master at bending needles and they hold up until the eye starts to use up. Love them.

👤I am new to beading and thought this was a great deal. It's like they say, you get what you pay for. I couldn't thread 2mm. I used a threader to snap the eye. Most of the reviews said it worked with seed beads. There were many that said they were bad. I don't have time for that, it has been returned.

👤The package has two lengths of needles, threaders and two cute pin cushions. The eyes of the needles are so small, they are almost useless, but if you have patience, some of them work better than others. It's still a good value.

👤These needles are great for beading. It's helpful to make narrow or wider seed bead bracelets with the sizes included. The needle threaders work well as the small eye can be difficult to thread.

👤The threaders work great and don't fall apart after one use, unlike the all-metal ones, which do. There are two sizes of needles in the set. The larger ones are too large for me to work comfortably with, but they're nice to have on hand. The slightly shorter ones work well. The large strawberries are great for holding the needles. It would be difficult to keep track of these thin needles.

👤I was really excited to buy this piece. This is too thick for my wire. This will be perfect if you bead with the red. For beating fabric. This was too thin for wire feeding and the head was too narrow. I got some threaders and needle holders.

👤These did what I wanted them to do. It is becoming more and more difficult to thread a needle as I get older. This works the trick.

7. Beadalon Collapsible Needles 2 5 Inch Medium

Beadalon Collapsible Needles 2 5 Inch Medium

You can use these needles for a wide range of things. It's nice for stringing beads that have small holes. The extra-spring wire is resistant. The eye is designed to collapse instantly when it is pulled through the bead. The large eye is easy to thread.

Brand: Artistic Wire

👤They are great for bead weaving. If you work with 15/0 seed beads, I recommend using the fine size of this needle, but I haven't run into any issues with projects using 11/0.

👤I haven't been able to find them for a long time. I used to make jewelry for an art studio. I'm glad I found them again. They make it easy to bead. They are thin and flexible and can fit through almost any bead hole. They are very easy to thread. It's difficult to get the bend out if you bend them completely in half. I didn't rate them on their ability to last because of how rough they are.

👤It's easy to pick up 11/0 beads with one hand. The eyes have held up to my rough use, and I tug on my fireline quite a bit. It's easy to thread with those large eyes. The shaft of the needle has some texture. I can tell when I'm inside a bead and when I've missed my mark. I need good light and reading glasses to find the needles if I drop them.

👤I have ordered these a dozen times and they always deliver. I use them so much that they break, but they last a long time considering what I use them for.

👤I am not a professional jewelry maker. When my spouse gave me a broken tiger's eye bracelet, I decided to repair it myself and bought some beading needles. I was glad I bought a multipack because the first needle threading I took out broke. I was able to repair my bracelet from the second one. I won't need to use them again.

👤These are not very strong. I only use them once per project because they bend too much and are hard to get through the beads when they are not straight. I now use standard beading needles.

👤I can see the eye of the needle. The needle will clear the bead. They are flexible so they don't really happen. I have only been using them for a few days, but I don't think they will break easily. I would recommend anyone who is having trouble stringing beads to do so.

👤The time it took me to make this bracelet and necklace was shortened by this needle. The fact that I could double the elastic cord means that my jewelry is strong. I will purchase more. The money was worth a lot. It is very sturdy and easy to use.

👤They help with small beads. Very happy!

8. Chuangdi Stainless Collapsible Embroidery Assorted

Chuangdi Stainless Collapsible Embroidery Assorted

It's good for threading seed beads and fit for multiple size threads. Each size 2 pieces is included in the package. The big eye sewing needles are easy to thread and are flexible enough to accommodate most thread types and bead sizes. The collapsible eye needles are made from good quality metal. You can use the needle and cord to make some crafting projects, or you can use them to make some jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. The needles are lightweight for use and carry, fine thickness can provide you with a lot of wear and tear.

Brand: Chuangdi

👤Only the six needles were functional. Only two of the six can be threaded. I ordered a new one and it was the same thing. Don't waste money or time. The upside is that the two functional needles are strong and can hold an amazing amount of beads at one time and it makes making waste beads faster than before.

👤They are thin, which is good, but I thought they were too flimsy. Some of the ones I received had the loop twisted and others were broken from it. I tried to fix one that had a twisted loop and broke, so I left it alone and just worked with it. It's not that big of an issue, but it bothered me. It works and gets the job done. Didn't think they'd be that fragile.

👤There are 5 needle eyes that are warped or bent. Attached is a photo.

👤It was exactly what I needed.

👤They could be stronger.

👤A beeding needle is needed for a 3d seed bead hummingbird. It was wonderful. It was much easier to complete the project.

👤The initial set I bought had small holes. The wire loop at the top is a bit easier, but the needles are too thick for 1 - 3mm bore beads, not the overall size of the bead. I hope they will be useful if I need to thread larger bore beads. The loop is connected to the shaft of the needle so it creates an area thicker than the rest of the needle so you can get a bead onto the needle. When I first started beading, I made the mistake of mentioning the hole in the bead, not the bead size, so I guess you will want a 4mm bore needle onto a 1-2mm thread.

👤I use these needles all the time. I was able to take a few pictures but one went up the hoover, which almost meant the end of the project. I ordered more. There is nothing wrong with the needles. They all fell on the floor when I opened the packet because there were no stoppers in the tubes. It is not easy to find them on pale floor boards. There is a The needles are great, but the packaging is not.

👤The needles are made from twisted metal, so they are thick, and the head doesn't collapse, so they aren't suitable. It would hold a polo mint.

👤I should have bought these years ago as it is so easy to thread them now and it takes me less than a second to do it.

👤I bought these needles to see small beads on a wall hanging, but they don't work.

9. Beading Needles Embroidery Stainless Jewelry

Beading Needles Embroidery Stainless Jewelry

The package includes clear needle bottles that are easy to store and use. The color of the bottle is random. There are 6 different sizes for your choice, including 4.5 cm, 5.5 cm, 7.5 cm, 10 cm, 11.5 cm, and 12.5 cm. The curved beading needles are very thin, so they can easily pass through the holes in various beads. The beading needle is made of good quality STAINLESS. Their big eye needles can be applied for most styles of beading and thread size, you can choose the most suitable size to use for your beads, which will make your beads work easily and quickly.

Brand: Willbond

👤The needles are perfect for people with poor eyesight. I would recommend these needles.

👤The needles were a good buy. They worked well, but the project I'm using them on is a bit harsh on needles. I'm going through leather as I'm on my way. I would buy these again. These were easy to thread and use.

👤I didn't know they existed until Amazon showed them. They are very thin. They can accommodate thick or thin thread. I used them for beads and they worked well for me. I used them to wind elastic string between the tarp and my dog cage when I had to add tether. The elastic ties were pulled through the tarp by the needle. A regular needle wouldn't have worked and I wouldn't want to buy something else for a one time use. It's a pretty versatile tool.

👤The eye of the needle is wide, but it keeps the thread in a very tight place. It won't pull out unless I open the eyes of the needle with my nails. It's nice that there are different lengths in this one. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤The big eye and the use of steel make a difference.

👤These needles are a must have for any crafter. I use them to make wigs. They are easy to use. The price makes it easy to buy more and they don't hold up for long, but it's not a problem.

👤I have had most of the needles separate. I am not using them to pull through tight holes, but any amount of tension and these separate right away. The quality was very disappointing.

👤I thought I was a misfit. Do it be open or separated? It would be nice if it had already been done for you. They are good to use. It is thin. I feel like I will break it.

👤These needles are wonderful. I use them for cross beading. My husband used them for rigging. They are strong and easy to thread with any size thread and they are flexible.

👤Some of these were too long. The most practical medium is the one I use day to day. You can get a lot of needles, but they vary in size. When buying, the co sides with that.

10. LEITIME Needles Tapestry Embroidery Knitting

LEITIME Needles Tapestry Embroidery Knitting

The needles are lightweight for use and carry, fine thickness can provide you with a lot of wear and tear. The package includes 12 pieces of big eye beading needles, 17 pieces of long straight bead needles, 2 pieces of needle bottles, 2 pieces of needle threaders in random color, and a piece of thimble. Can you meet all of your threading needs? There are 6 sizes of bead needles, 2 pieces of each size. There are four sizes of long straight bead needles. The big eye collapsible beading needles made of high-quality metal, lightweight and thin enough for threading beads of various sizes, not easy to get rusty or deform, can be applied repeatedly many times. The beading needles are easy to use, so you won't have to spend time trying to thread string through small needle eyes. The big eye is strong and can accommodate most thread and bead sizes. The seed beads needles are a must-have for handicraft lovers. You can use these needles for arts, crafts, sewing, jewelry making, etc.

Brand: Jupean

👤Many of the needles are unfinished, and have no needle holes. Some have sharp ones. The bigger ones are fine.

👤The package was sealed tightly and came in a grey bubbled plastic baggie. The product was packaged with other items but in its own baggie. The items were taken out of the clear baggie with one ring thimble and 2 needle threaders green. The Big Eye is 2x 4.5 cm 2x 5.59 cm 2x 7.37 cm 2x 10.16 cm 2x 11.43 cm 2x 12.7 cm Straight is 2x (0.7 x 120mm) 5x. I used these needles for my jewelry. I will buy this product again in the future because I am highly recommended for it.

👤I wanted to make a set of 8 waist beads. I bought some beads. I'm a crafter. I had needles and threads with big eyes. I broke 6 needles and all of my finger nails. I was angry. I went on line and fought these. I am not an expert beader, so I was just trying stuff. The needles saved my fingers. I've completed 5 and 1/2 plus size waistbeads. It's a bit bent in some places but is holding up. I'm not sure if the reviews said their needles broke. I'm not very good with mine. Pulling and tugging. It hasn't ripped my thread. I can see how it could be done. It's very sharp where the thread is. I've been using cotton floss and cheapo seed beads.

👤I like to use the tips of the beading needles to push the bead into the fabric, but I also like to use the needles to cut the fabric if one edge is not square.

👤Some of these are very soft.

👤This is a life saver if you're making bracelets or necklaces. You save a lot of time. It's easy to puncture your finger using them, so you have to be extra careful when using them. If you were sewing a needle, you would handle it the same way.

👤All of the items were accounted for in the description. Looks to be sturdy. I haven't used my new gagetts yet, but I'm looking forward to using them which will make my jewelry beading much easier. Money was spent on a durabile product.

👤When working with beads, they last me about a month or two. When it's too thick, I put them in my mouth to pull. I'm happy with my purchase.

11. Big Eye Needles Beading Set

Big Eye Needles Beading Set

The application is widely used. Needles for arts, crafts, sewing and jewelry making, thin enough for threading beads of various sizes, enough quantity needles in the package for your replacement, are included in the package. Anyone can thread these needles.

Brand: The Beadsmith

👤Don't laugh. It took me a while to get used to these two or three years ago. I couldn't figure out where the big eye was on the needle. After fiddling with it for a few minutes, I realized the needle is the big eye. The string is threading through the needles. If you are having trouble, just use your finger and lightly run the needle. You can thread a regular needle through the string beading that separates from it. I will never use another needle for my projects. A few of the big eyed needles that I bought from Hobby Lobby last year have bent from being mishandled and are much stronger than the other brand. I use a needle tube from the sewing department at Hobby Lobby for my beading needles. They fit in the tubes. I use my beading needles a lot. As long as you store them correctly, they will last you a long time. I would recommend this brand to anyone.

👤I started a cross stitch project that needed beads. The end of the needle was too large. I used a tiny sewing needle. What are sewing needles used for? There is a small hole for the thread to go in. I searched for a big eye beading needle and found it here. The big eye needles are wonderful. The eye is the only part of the needle that needs to be looked at. Doesn't matter how many strands of floss you have. The tiny holed seed beads work well with the needles. I have been using a single needle. I bend it back straight again and add new floss because it is still working great even though it is long. My project is almost done and it would never be this close without these needles. There is a I also bought more.

👤These are great. It's difficult to get a good grip on them if you have to pull through a bead, but most beads are very thin and easy to pull through. It's quicker than stringing beads onto floss and pulling them onto thread. I used to have needles that were too big to fit through the beads or too small to string the thread through. These are not a problem in either case. Even if they break, I'll consider it a well-spent dollar, as long as I don't get needle pieces stuck in my finger or lose my bed. None of that has happened so far.

👤I like these needles, but one was bent, and I was not given the option of returning them, which seems unfair since I pay a premium for prime membership.

👤I hate threading a needle because of poor vision. These are much easier to use than a regular needle. I slip a finger between the two halves. I've noticed a few things over time. They are sharp enough to break skin. There is a * If the thread is tucked into the spot where the two halves meet, it will be damaged. Every few minutes, I move the thread around. * If you pull on the thread hard enough, you can break the needles apart. It takes a lot of effort. * They fit through my grandmother's pearls. * They are flexible. If I turn the needles around now and then, I can get a longer life out of them. I use the other side of the needle to move the thread up and down. The needle is worn out more evenly. Other needles can be cheaper, and I use them occasionally. These are my favorites.


What is the best product for big eye beading needles?

Big eye beading needles products from Beadalon. In this article about big eye beading needles you can see why people choose the product. Olgaa and Zxiixz are also good brands to look for when you are finding big eye beading needles.

What are the best brands for big eye beading needles?

Beadalon, Olgaa and Zxiixz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for big eye beading needles. Find the detail in this article. Bagerla, Zp Crafts and Gooday are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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