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1. NORTIV Military Tactical Leather Motorcycle

NORTIV Military Tactical Leather Motorcycle

Ankle-high protection wraps support the ankle. The hook-loop strap is easy to take on/off. Breathable fabric keeps your feet dry. Full protection is provided by high abrasion-resistant leather. The combination structure ensures long-term protection and maximum comfort. The shock-absorbent cushion in-sole offers supportive all-day comfort. The rubber out-sole is flexible and resistant to wear. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor sports, like camping, climbing, cycling, fishing, jungle, running, and so on. Their warranty is worry-free and they have friendly customer service.


👤I wear boots for work everyday so I have gone through a number of pairs. There are different brands in a price range of between $40 and $160. I was not expecting much from these boots, but they exceeded my expectations. It usually takes a few days to break in a new pair of boots, but these were comfortable from the first time I put them on. I think I have found my boots. Very pleased!

👤I was going to give these 5 stars, everything about them was great. On day 3, the left boot popped in the middle of the shoe as I walked. It sounds like the sole support failed. It's a pity. I thought they were going to be good. The other shoe is doing it as well. They had a lot of potential. To start at one start.

👤I bought these for the tan with zip to get something through the spring and into the summer, I usually get less than 1yr on my footwear. These fit well and have ankle support. My ankle was saved from rolling several times. I walk on grass, pavement, sidewalks, and pavers. I didn't expect them to be water proof. The laces hold the foot and ankle securely. I wear a size 11. I wanted to put my orthotic in. I usually transfer my inserts from boot to boot. At this price. Really? I used to pay $150 for 1yr boots. The uppers do not carry mud, but they do carry dirt and mud. They are less than $50. The sole handle about everything I have stepped on so far is fairly light weight. I am waiting to see how it fairs. I read some reviews where the vinyl tore. I wouldn't have bought one without it. I can see it working, but not to zip on, because of the stress of bringing the upper together. Get some Danners for $50 and shut up. I bought them for my workers. I will post more if something sticks out. I bought a number of pairs of the C4s. They were light. I could have run a couple of them. They cost me more than $90-130. The nails would go through.

👤I bought these boots to walk around the snowy streets of upstate New York. So far, so good. I like the price and they look good. They will get wet after a while because they are not waterproof. Silicone spray becomes waterproof enough for what I need it for. I have been buying tactical boots for years. When I ordered them again, they were back-ordered and I couldn't wait so I bought them. They cost less and look the same. I can't see a difference. They repel water a bit better.

👤The boots were uncomfortable at first, but I added an extra insole. They are the best boots I have ever purchased. Excellent ankle support. They don't tire me out when I use them on concrete. Will be buying a new pair. The side zip up is very good. It's great that color is great.

2. FREE SOLDIER Tactical Lightweight Breathable

FREE SOLDIER Tactical Lightweight Breathable

Durability and protection - that's what it's called. The mens hiking boots upper is made of 1000D Cordura fabric which is scratch- resistant. Excellent cushioning can be provided by the lightweight and flexible EVA midsole. Men's non-slip work boots have a great grip and are all terrain. Full protection, anti-collision and ankle support are provided by the strengthened toe cap and heel. There is a suit for tactical, military, combat, hunting, motorcycle, and airsoft boots. The waterproof coating on the outer surface keeps water out of the boots. Feet can be kept dry with the waterproof cloth lining. The tongue of the tactical boots is stretched. Men's waterproof hiking boots have durable lace and quick fastening. If you prefer warm or waterproof, please choose Thick fabric. Thin fabric is more flexible and breathable. This waterproof boots are made with a US size. Please confirm your feet length with their size chart if you are not sure about the size you want. The waterproof boots for men weigh about 1.54 lbs. When wearing hiking shoes, tactical shoes, waterproof shoes, you won't feel fatigued. Tactical design with urban casual fashion style is practical to outdoor and daily use. This work shoes have a waterproof lining that keeps your feet dry. The heels are easy to put feet into, the shaft is 6 inches high. The military boots are great for hiking, work, tactical, army, hunting, motorcycle and outdoor activities that require long lasting wear. The perfect indoor and outdoor beanies for men are designed for the Spring and Autumn. Ultralight style of combat boots can be worn as hiking boots, winter work boots, interceptor boots, security boots, airsoft boots, duty boots, mountaineering boots, etc. There are gifts for him. If you have any concerns, please contact them.

Brand: Free Soldier

👤I tried to take photos from different angles. I wore a nice pair of shoes, but I will live. The little crevices on the sole look cool. All of them were very happy with my purchase.

👤The boots are very comfortable. I average 15,000 steps a day as a Greenskeeper. I work in Oklahoma, and need a variety of items, from lightweight to water resistant. I found them. Even when carrying a load, the ground is great. The fit is very comfortable and supportive. Thank you Free Soldier!

👤I was skeptical of this product but they looked good and were cheap. I decided to give them a try. Wow! These are real boots and not cheap imitations. There are pros and cons. On the range all day in sand and desert, the tounge is high and laces up like a real combat boot. The lightest combat boot ever! Looks like it. It wears a $200 boot. The footbeed is soft foam. I replaced it with a quality foot. It is sole. The material is light and soft. You would not want to step on a nail. Break in time. The boots had a break in time. I had a problem with my heels the first time I wore them, but the new footbeds and adjustment on the laces fixed it. The boot is a great price.

👤This is a follow up to my original review. I bought better quality socks and redid boot laces. I no longer feel that area rubbing. When I first started wearing these boots, I had an issue with my Achilles and it was being treated with ice and stretching. I think the issue is not related to the boots. I think these boots need a short break as they seem to have stretched to a better fit. I should have ordered size 10. These boots are light and airy. In the Florida summer heat, patrolling is especially important. A short break is needed. They are very comfortable now. I was happy to stay with them. The company contacted me about the issues I addressed in my original review. They back up their product. There were no signs of boots breaking down for one month. I'm curious about the longevity. The toe and sole of the boots were separated at about 7 months after 888-270-6611 It is a win if I get at least 6 months out of these. I didn't have a side zip up, so I gave 4 stars instead of 5. These are a great deal at less than half the price of the other brands.

👤I hate shopping for footwear, which is why I have been buying identical pairs of Skechers Slip-On Calculus Loafers from Amazon for the past six or so years to wear as yard shoes. I buy what has fit before. I needed a boot that wouldn't allow me to fight. I have a few pairs of Dr. Martens' heavy duty shoes that were tough, but they come off too easy. I didn't like the price or reviews of the current Dr. Marten boots, so I decided to try the new ones out. Came today. I'm a narrow ten and a half/eleven and eleven seems to fit well on the kitchen floor. They seem comfortable for a brand new one. Durability is a story for another edit. I have one huge beef that may be a problem for some buyers, especially those with wider feet, as these boots are close fitting, ankle length, and hard to grasp if you are getting on in years, adding a few pounds, or have trouble bending over. It would have been simpler to return them, but I like the boots and fit once they are on. I didn't like the death struggle it took to get them on. The ankle backs might crush down before the tops loosen up, which will make things worse. I will just get ready for work a few minutes earlier. All Five Star is already edited after a day's wear. The boots feel like moccasins. It is very comfortable. No break-in for me. I was able to solve the issue of being hard to pull on by unlacing the first eyelet. They are as easy to do as a pair of boondockers. This gives lacing to tie. Adding pull-on straps and providing longer laces would be the ideal solution. These boots saved me a lot of hassle, I don't like buying footwear. The material is thick enough for daily use, but the toe is still a normal boot toe. They feel like moccasins. The boots have held up well under casual work wear, no crushing down in back or rapid sole abrasion. They are not suitable for wet environments as they soak up water quickly. I found it hard to walk through the rain puddles in our patio bar. I lace them up with a couple of eyelets and they slip on fine. If you need tactical style footwear but want to avoid weight and clunkiness, these boots are a good choice. They are large enough for both cushion cotton socks and a reasonable thickness cushion insole insert. Steel toe boots are not looked upon well in the legal system, so I did not want them as a nightclub bouncer. I wanted lightweight footwear that was not seen as a weapon. These boots are for Free Soldier.

3. LACES Premium Elastic Laces Black Black

LACES Premium Elastic Laces Black Black

No-tie Lacing System: Turn any pair of tennis shoes into slip on sneakers. Lock laces have over 7 million pairs sold worldwide. Lock laces conform to your feet for better comfort and support as opposed to traditional round boot laces. Lock Laces Black boot laces reduce pressure points throughout your foot, which will make you feel better when you are outdoors. Installation is easy to use. Lock Laces Black Boot Laces 7-strand fibers are.25 cm in diameter, 72 inches in length and can stretch up to108 inches. Their design allows them to fit boots that have 48 or 54 inch laces. The laces should be installed while the foot is in the boot or shoe to allow for a more secure fit. Work on boots and shoes with hooks. Black boot laces are perfect for everyone, whether you're looking for waterproof replacement laces for your work boots or no tie boot laces for trail hiking boots. Lock Laces black boot laces are guaranteed for the life of a single pair of boots or shoes. They know that once you try Lock Laces, you'll never wear your old laces again.

Brand: Lock Laces

👤I had high hopes for this product. The elasticity of the laces won't allow you to snug it down enough to wear duty boots. If you were to wear it all day on duty, you would end up with blisters on your feet. Do not follow the instructions. It said to cut the laces from the lock. I cut it at 6-inches, because I gave myself an extra inch. I was unable to get the boot off until I cut the laces. The camo version of my desert boots looks so stupid that I might cut it off and go back to the original laces. I wasn't going to buy another tan kit. What a waste of money. I can't recommend this item.

👤I got mine a few days ago. I have not tried any other type of tie laces. These are great. I got two pairs. I wanted to try on my most worn shoes. You have to get your laces off first. I saved the old ones. In case I need them later. It's never known. I did a different thing when I put the laces on the shoes. They say to put your foot in a shoe. I found it easier to lace up the shoe with the squeeze lock loose, put my foot in, then adjust the laces from the bottom to remove the slack, then tighten the squeeze lock. I put on the end clip without cutting off extra. I made sure I wouldn't trip on the extra. I made adjustments if needed in one room and down and up the stairs after walking around a little. I cut off the extra cord from the squeeze lock and put the end clip on the other pair. I tucked the extra cord under the laces on the other pair of shoes because I wanted to walk around in them while I was at work. I ran the extra cord from the top squeeze lock back down to the end under the laces. Looks good. I wore my tan pair when I went shopping. I was able to slip my foot into the shoe. They fit nicely. When I got home, I didn't like wearing my shoes in the house, except at the entry area. I was able to slip both shoes off while standing up and still holding a full bag of groceries without spilling any, because I was inside the house. I realized I was the most comfortable when walking around the store, I don't think those shoes fit my foot better. The top of the shoe seems to hold to your foot more evenly than before, because of the laces crossing it. I wore brown shoes. I had those laces a little tighter and had to slip one of the top loops off to get my foot in the shoe, but it was easy to loop back on the top clip. I walked all day and didn't feel any pain. I forgot about the laces. Had no pain. I slip my shoes off without touching the laces when I get home. I left the extra laces as I wanted to be able to test them out for several days to make sure I got the best fit. I don't think I need to make any changes. 7 strands of stretchy cord are inside the black outer case. I think that if one of the strands has a defect, a weak spot or gets a break, the others will hold on. The two color pack was given to me. The laces look good on the shoes. My tan shoes had camo laces that matched my tan shoes. I put black on my brown work shoes. Both look nice. See my pictures. I like the color choices. My old laces would need to be adjusted, untying and re-tying a few times a month. They'll be perfect from now on. I won't have to retie my shoes again. Woohoo!

4. LACES Elastic Shoelace Fastening System

LACES Elastic Shoelace Fastening System

No-tie Lacing System: Turn any pair of tennis shoes into slip on sneakers. Lock laces have over 7 million pairs sold worldwide. Their elastic laces conform to your foot for a custom fit. You can perform your best if you have added compression. The lock laces are made from six strands of fibers and can stretch up to 72 inches. Lock Laces are a great gift for seniors with arthritis or other disabilities, as well as children with special needs, and casual users. One size fits all, quick to install, and easy to use. Each pair can be used to lacing up one pair of shoes. Installation instructions and videos are provided. Lock laces are guaranteed to last the life of one pair of tennis shoes. You will never go back to traditional shoelaces once you try them in your shoes.

Brand: Lock Laces

👤I used lock laces for the second time and thought I would share what works best for my kids. The first time I put the laces in my son's shoes, I tightened them up and cut them too short, which made it hard for him to open them. I had to help him jam his foot into his shoes. Mom doesn't succeed. What works best for us? Put the laces in the shoes for your child. They would wear the laces up like they would wear their clothes. Cut the laces as long as you can. This will allow your child to open the shoes and put them on. 4. Attach the clip at the end of the laces after you take the shoes off your child. When attaching the clip at the end of the laces, make sure you insert the laces through the bend in the clip. The product photos show this but it's not clear on the packaging. Leaving the laces NationMaster The laces are very easy to adjust and my 6 year old says they make him run fast. You can reuse them. You can open the clip with a flat blade screwdriver or knife and use it with other sneakers.

👤Bring the laces back up the other side if necessary by threading them down between the tongue and laces. I had an incident where I put lock laces on a pair of shoes too quickly, had to return for a different model, and I was frugal. I went through the painful process of lacing the lock laces without the plastic ends. The shoes had a bad tread. I went through the process again a month later. After 400 miles in 4 months, it was time to upgrade my shoes and laces. I thought to myself, "Why bother cutting them, just thread the extra laces down between the tongue and laces, bring them back up the other side if necessary." You don't want to be buying $8 laces every pair of shoes, so you should go through more pairs of shoes each year. When your laces are retired and you want to return them to your shoes, remember to save them somewhere.

👤I made my son's pants tighter around the waist and it works great. I wanted something that was elastic, but the pants had already looped wholes with draw strings. These are perfect!

👤My life as an amputee is greatly enriched by Lock Laces. It's a hassle to tie your shoes when you have a leg amputation, but it's even more difficult when you have a limb that isn't made of wood. I never have to tie my shoes again because of these laces. I follow the instructions on how to put them in my shoes. I don't need to worry about finding a place to sit because I'm free. Lock laces have made my life more comfortable. They care about their customers and have an outstanding product. I had an error in my order, I sent them an email, and they shipped me out a new set, I even got a post card that apologized. These guys are awesome and companies need to learn from them. If you need to get these laces out there for the disabled crowd, I'm your guy. Thanks to the lock laces!

5. Dr Scholls Relief Orthotics Support

Dr Scholls Relief Orthotics Support

Designed for men over 200 pounds who suffer from lower back pain and foot and leg fatigue. The Arch guard and shock guard technology distributes weight and reduces impact. Relieves lower back pain and foot and leg fatigue from being on your feet. It works with casual shoes, sneakers and work boots. To fit in a shoe, trim. At the first signs of wear, replace orthotics every six months. If necessary, trim the outline on the underside of the orthotic to match your shoe size. The second step is to put the shoes with the fabric side up.

Brand: Dr. Scholl's

👤I'm 6 feet tall. I was not sure if these would hold up. Put on my shoes at 2am, take them off at 7pm five days a week. My feet hurt daily. My feet have not hurt since I wore these pads. Will buy a few more. I have been using the same pad for all of my shoes. Don't expect pads to last long.

👤I work as a nurse and suffer from lower back pain and leg pain during and after work. I've tried a lot of expensive shoes to get the arch and heel in my foot to support me. I have never seen anything like the support that these insoles gave me. After my first shift of wearing them, I had an ounce of pain and fatigue. I work 12 1/2 hour shifts. I read on the package that they have a satisfaction guarantee, and I will definitely buy again. My height is 5 feet 9 inches and I have an athletic build. I wear a shoe size 10 1/2 and my arch is about 1/2” from the ball and heel of my foot. There is an update, April 2019. The comfort of any shoe that I have used them with has been vastly improved by these insoles. I always recommend them. I can't see myself without these in my shoes. A good one.

👤These help with fatigue and back pain. I walk a lot for work. These are great for the price. They creak when I walk in them. It sounds like an old door opening. It makes me feel like a cartoon character. I'll deal with it in exchange for taking away back pain.

👤They want everyone to have a high prominent arch. If you're unfortunate enough to be flat-footed, these will try to create one for you at the cost of your own comfort. It feels like someone put a piece of steel cross-wise of my feet, thanks to a stiffener that's added to "support" the arch I don't have, after I spent ten minutes on my feet. If you can step on a small foreign car with a toe on the other side and the roof not touching your arch, you'll love these. If you have flat feet or fallen arches, you can either take off shoes and socks and stomp on Lego builds to bury them, or you can nail a couple of planks on the bottom of your foot with 16d nails. I give 5 stars for support because they'd be awesome if I had a high arch. I ranked everything else worse because they made my feet hurt worse than the cheapest foam on the market. It's disappointing to pay $13 for a pair of Dr. Scholl's when I can get a 3-pack of cheap foam for $12. If you have flat feet, avoid these, go for the cheapest yellow foam insoles that Amazon sells in a three-pack. You won't be uncomfortable because you bought the "HEAVY DUTY SUPPORT" insoles.

👤I've owned these insoles before and never had any of the problems listed here. They have a lot of support for me. The big guy is 6 feet 300 lbs and has been used for at least a year.

6. Wolverine Overpass Composite Waterproof Summer

Wolverine Overpass Composite Waterproof Summer

100% Leather and Textile. The shaft is from the arch. Flexing and bending are what the construction does to move with you. Premium waterproof leather has a resistant toe. All-day comfort is achieved with theremovable Ortholite footbed.

Brand: Wolverine

👤These boots are nice, my first impression wasWOW. My second thought was... I hope they last. They lasted just over a year. I weighed 300 pounds and these boots took all my weight and punishment. The fit was great and the comfort was great. I would order them again if I could only get a year out of them. They are a great boot and take a beating. If you do construction near water, I suggest a good waterproof every 3-6 months. I wanted to play it safe even though they are waterproof. They keep the foot odor free and keep the water out of the foot. I am a professional pool engineer and stand anywhere between 10-16 hours daily, and towards the end of the boots life, I started to notice joint pain in my legs from the failing soles. I rated them a full five stars because of their title.

👤The shoes are comfortable. These boots handle it all very well, with a lot of kneeling and standing up, walking on rough terrain, and enduring rains and mud and washings, and they can put a shoe through its paces. They look good after being beaten. Great purchase. The old boots are next to a new pair of boots I bought to replace them.

👤I received the boots in a normal shoe box, but I was expecting a pair of boots that someone else had tried on before. The sole is dirty and there is a piece of something stuck in the tread. I found what looked like pet hair when I looked inside the insole. The person wore a white cat or short haired dog. The boots look good and fit well, but I'm not happy with what I got. I'm pressed on time and I'm unsure if to exchange them or return them.

👤These boots are the best I have had. Water proof for 6 months. After walking through brine. Amazingly comfortable. It was light, warm and fantastic.

👤The model is nice, but after a few months it falls apart. The water comes in and the soles come off. There is a lot of pain as well. I bought this brand before and was happy with it. I decided to buy again.

👤I am in a construction field and am on my feet all day long. This is the most comfortable boot I have ever had, after trying many different brands and styles. Not only that. I put them through daily abuse and they are holding up. My old steel toes will never come back because of the lighter nature of the composite. Purchase my new favorite brand.

👤A great looking boot. They still look new after having them for a couple months. Not the most significant sign of decline. I got my size 13's and was worried about them not fitting. They fit well. Yes, they are waterproof. I have had them submerged up to my ankle and feet dry.

👤So far, ok. Been wearing them all week. They were comfortable in the box. There is a lot of room in the toe box. I thought the room was small but it is. The grip is covered in oil. They don't breathe. What a thing. I haven't tested the water proofness yet. I bet they won't because they really don't breathe. I should take off another start. I will not. Yet. I might review again after a few weeks.

7. Moneysworth Best Polar Warmth Insole

Moneysworth Best Polar Warmth Insole

It prevents tired feet. The felt traps heat and protects the foot from the elements. The aluminum and felt are woven together. Keeps your feet warm.

Brand: Moneysworth & Best

👤To get the most out of these premium quality and extremely warm insoles, make sure to order 2 sizes up and trim as needed. If you want your boot to be an eighth inch large, you have to trace your old insoles on the grey side and cut them out so that they are an eighth inch large all around. The Kamik Warrior2 and Kamik Blackjack2 winter boots were made with Size 13 insoles and I just needed to trim the sides about a quarter in. If you have a lot of body weight on them, you should make sure you have a little head room for your toes as they are most likely larger than standard insoles. The grey side of the picture is actually a layer of thinsulate and the white side goes up. They come in a set of two and I love them. It's a good thing.

👤I was looking at buying a pair of boots for those not quite "Sorel boot" snow storms. Finally came across these and thought that saving a hundred dollars or more was worth the cost. I was glad that I did. I had a pair of hiking boots. The reflective felt inner soles really help keep my feet warm. It was tested with six inches of snow, icy conditions and 15 degrees out.

👤My toes are very cold. I've tried warm/thick socks and have used a foot heating pad. This is the best solution so far. They don't produce heat from nothing, but they help a lot. I've been wearing my shoes, boots, and slippers since I got them. It was a good match for 13s. I put on another layer to block cold for boots and slippers. I had to pull out the regular insoles in my shoes. I ordered a second pair because I want to stop pulling them out of my boots and slippers when I switch between them. It takes time to warm up when your feet are cold. If you put on warm toes, you don't get cold much. If you need to warm up, move around a bit. It's nice to finally feel warm in the winter. Not rushing as much to get back in was nice.

👤The cheap rubber insoles on the old snowboard boots had become useless. I set out to find a solution because I'm pretty miserable in the snow when my toes start freezing solid. I stumbled on these as a possible solution, and I can say I am completely satisfied and impressed. When I was on the slopes, my feet never got cold because the boot was already cold. My feet were warm the whole day after a minute or two of calf raises. Having my boot strapped to a frozen board for 8 hours means a good insulation layer is a must.

👤I work outside. I spend most of the winter hiking steep, slippery, rocky, wet terrain. I have worked as a carpenter on concrete floors in the cold. These are game-changing insoles. I've tried to convince my crew members that they need to purchase winter gear as the crew will be more positive during the winter. Sometimes small things like this can make a big difference. If you cut them to fit, you may need to remove the factory insole from your boot.

8. Skechers Mens Pilot Utility Black

Skechers Mens Pilot Utility Black

The sole is thick. The boot has a six-eye lacing system and is ankle-high. A lightly padded footbed. There is a metal logo plate at the shaft. The heel height is 1.25 inches.

Brand: Skechers

👤I destroyed the package when I received it. There is a pair of boots in the bag. That's going to work. The boots fit. Squeak. Hmm. Not real leather. The Amazon website says it's 100% leather. Nope. Leather is not real. Looks like a cheap pair of boots. I don't have anymore Skechers for me. Done with that company. I've returned too many boots from Skechers to Amazon because they look cheap and uncomfortable, and I can't figure out why they're still in business. They make great shoes.

👤When I did less walking, this was my boot of choice, but I had been wearing the wrong size and had been suffering with a bad fit for a long time. I got hooked up on expensive hiking boots that didn't last long, and I felt like I was overpaying for shoes that didn't last. With my knowledge of proper fitting, I thought I should try this boot out again and see if I could get something that would last. My experiment was very painful. There's a horizontal seam above the heel cup that's not the same on both boots, it's more severe on my right ankle, probably due to some personal asymmetry on my part or some difference in, and there's a fourth big problem with this boot. If your foot is just a hair wide at any point, the shoe is very unforgiving, pinching hard at the point where you are wide, because there's an extremely stiff, sharp ridge around the boot where the sole connects. To compensate for the small width in the ball of my foot, I ordered a wide size from Zappos, which resulted in me shoes with very wide heels, so that there was no good way to get them. If you have narrow feet, this won't be a problem, but if you run a little wide, this boot is hard to use. Sketcher's size seems to be all over the board. I wore a 13 in the Sketcher's hiking boot, but I still had a lot of extra length in the toe. The leather upper wants to flex down hard on your toes with every step, pinching leading to sore toes and blisters after a moderate walk. Some of the damage may be related to my inability to get a size that fits right, and some may be related to the fact that lots of shoes have a one piece leather upper face. I really wanted to like this boot because of its look and price point. My feet have been sore and blisters since a week of trying out different sizes.

👤They fit poorly. They gave me the largest blisters ever. I bought boxes of bandaids and bought a heel insert to raise my foot up above the seam that was rubbing me raw. It's embarrassing when they squeak when you walk. They have begun to blow out in the rear. I check here to see if there is a warranty and if there is any other people who have bad reviews. The blisters, the cheap sound, and the rear blowing out! 60 days is not good. I have been wearing my timberland boots for 10 years. Hated how uncomfortable they were but at least they lasted.

9. DELELE Durable Climbing Shoelaces Shoestrings 118

DELELE Durable Climbing Shoelaces Shoestrings 118

2 Pair(4 Laces)Round You will get 2 pairs of shoelaces in the same style if you order climbing shoelaces per order. The shoelaces were assured and cut by me, they have 2 to 3 cm differences. There are many kinds of shoelaces and many colors to choose from. The Wave Concave Convex Shape Design of the Non-slip Round Shoe is Fashionable and Anti-skid, but it is not easy to Loose in Running and All Kinds of Strenuous Sports. Light Effect of Displays of Different Computers are the reason for some slight color differences.

Brand: Delele

👤It's hard to praise a set of simple shoelaces, but they are great. I replaced the stock laces on my hiking shoes, but they tend to untie themselves unpredictably. The wavy cross-section of these laces is much better at gripping. Excellent upgrade.

👤Replacement laces for my shoes. Very happy. The laces were tested by the sun, dirt, sand, saltwater, fresh water, my dog, rain, mud, sharp tools, and my dog. They still look great after two months. The laces were hard to use for two months. They are tied up well. If there was a difficult environment like green briars or heavy brush, double knots were never needed. Four laces are enough to put fresh laces on four shoes. I hope this helps you.

👤Great laces! I've been looking for heavy duty laces to replace the better quality laces that come in my Merrell shoes and boots. I've spent a lot of money on laces here on Amazon. That is until I found these. It's hard to explain, but they feel good. They're strong, stay tied, and seem to last for a while. You get two pairs for what some brands cost. The more popular brands began to break down immediately on me. I've been using these for a couple of months and they still look new. If you're looking for hiking shoe laces, I'd give these a try.

👤The shoelaces are made with twisted fibers. The cloth jacket was shredded at the points where the lace goes through the shoe. The torn jacket makes it difficult to tighten the laces because they are hard to pull through the eyelet. I used these laces in my running shoes. The laces on my running shoes did not last long.

👤These were perfect for showing off my hiking boots. My laces did not last as long as my boots. Regular replacement laces have been purchased by me. They were very slippery and I had to re-tie my laces. I put my boots on, tie my new laces, and then I have to take my boots off. It was a simple expectation for laces.

👤This was a great replacement for the laces on my boots. They seem to be holding up well. I decided to go for the shorter length as I always feel that the laces are too long with their boots. There are no loops in these laces and they are about perfect.

👤The 47" brown pair were replacements for low-top hiking boots. Vasques had 5-holed low-tops. It fit perfectly. They dragged the ground because they didn't have enough lace length to tie the shoe. It seems to be a great quality. I was worried about the quality but would definitely order them again. I like the wave shape. I had to retie my laces two or three times a day. I haven't had to retie them during the day because of the wave design. I wear these shoes almost daily during the winter so if they don't hold up, I'll update my review. They are holding up well if there is no update.

10. Dr Martens Unisex 8 Tie Medium

Dr Martens Unisex 8 Tie Medium

Synthetic and leather. The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is around 13 The original 1460 design has a scripted heel-loop and 8 eyes. The air-cushioned sole is re-designed with an enhanced grip for next-level slip resistance and their unique outsole lug formation.

Brand: Dr. Martens

👤I like looking at the website and thinking this must be a different model. It might be a little different. No sweat. Couldn't find a single pair from the website. The tag is supposed to have a spacing between the shoe and the word. The soles are completely different and the box is not the same as the website. Some of the reviews say they only last a few months.

👤I am a chef. I needed some shoes to cut my feet for 15 hours at a time. I bought my mine in September. They took a bit of breaking in, but fit great once they were worn in. The quality was good for a while. The sole of my left boot is split under the ball of my foot. I was expecting a lot more longevity from them, for the money that was spent on them. I don't know if I would buy another pair of boots, as I'm worried about being out so much on two pairs of boots that should have lasted a lot longer. The original boots were replaced by Dr. Martens and the replacements hold up well under stress. I wish they'd done something different, like not line the boot with so much padding. It makes them seem hotter than they should be. If the original boots I ordered held up this well, it would have been 4 stars right away, instead of the initial two star review.

👤I wore a size 10 in womens, but I had to send them back and get a size 11 because everyone says doctors run big. My feet are a bit long. If you have large feet, the seam where the lip meets the shoe will bruise your foot, but after a week or two, they will feel great. They're my most comfortable shoes now that they're oiled frequently. I put cans of soup in the shoes to stretch them for 3 nights in a row so they wouldn't dig into the top of my foot. I have had these for a few months now and I oil them weekly since I live in a rainy area. If you walk through a puddle or have too much water on your shoe, the stitching around the sole will get wet. If you oil them, avoid water. One of the shoes broke on the side. They lasted a year.

👤I ordered the size 8 because so many reviewers said to "order down", and I can wear any size from a size 8 to a size 9. The women's style of the 1460 Re-Invented style has a narrower footbed than the men's style. I should have looked up this information sooner, because it would have let me know if I wanted to go with a size 9. If you have wide feet, then you should order a size up, because these were too narrow for me. It's best to just go with the unisex style, because the purple shade of 1460s is not available in that model. I sent them back because I knew they wouldn't work because I wear a 40 EU size. I would like to see EU sizes provided, because the system seems to be standard across the men and women's sizes. A 40 is so easy. The 1460 W has a narrower footbed than the 1460 W, which is not good for women with wide feet. The tongue was connected with the side to the 3rd hole up, which I think would allow for adequate water resistance. If you have a larger foot, the toe bed may not be comfortable, but there is pressure from the leather on the toes, toe line, and top of foot. There are pros and cons. A shade of purple that is not a "in your face" color, but is enough to stand out from the crowd. * This is both a pro and a con, it requires "break in" time. The ankle bone is above the EU size 39/6 UK women. * Well made: it was not a "knock off." The leather was stamped inside and the stitching was evenly spread. The box was well packaged with the manufacture date stamped on the interior and information on the outside. This would be a pro if you have wide feet, but a standard women's footbed is not good for those with narrow feet. Break in time is required for leather to be very stiff. It was slightly awkward, but it may have been due to it not being wide enough. The areas for the toes are not what I was expecting, and those who need more toe room may find this to be the case. If you have wide feet in women's shoes, or are a half size, I would recommend getting the 1460 W as it makes a difference. If you want to try on boots at a brick and mortar store, keep an eye out for sales. I have never owned a Doc Martens before, and I am waiting for my refund to try a different style, so I will be happy if I can find the right fit. I haven't spoken to anyone who didn't love their Doc Martens.

11. Dr Scholls Comfort Massaging Insoles

Dr Scholls Comfort Massaging Insoles

It is designed for people with foot and leg fatigue. Massaging Gel Technology makes them double the comfort in your shoes, so you can feel better all day. Lowers muscle fatigue in feet and legs. It works with casual shoes, sneakers and work boots. To fit.

Brand: Dr. Scholl's

👤The product would be delivering what it promised if the label said " will slide around in your boot until its bunched up in your toe while your heel steps uncomfortably on the edge of the insole." Instead, I was given very explicit and direct instructions on trimming and placement in my boot after removing the old one, and I'm treated to an even more painful experience than that which I sought to correct by buying these. If I could get a refund for these used pieces of silicone, cloth, and pain, it would be worth shipping it back to them so they could open the box and take a whiff of my frustration. I'm not happy with this experience. These are garbage.

👤I bought these because I wanted them to help my feet. I understand that working long shifts will be tiring, but these insoles made my feet hurt even worse. The blue material under the heal rubbed my heal almost raw and made it feel like I had blisters. My feet are killing me more than without them because the shape, heal and shape didn't fit to my foot.

👤I thought they were small clouds for my feet when I first put them in my boots. Absolutely amazing. My boots are too big. They felt like they fit perfectly. They are my biggest frustration. I have never had a problem with smelly feet, but these insoles are bad. It is awful. When I take them out, my boots don't stink. It is odd to me and I haven't found anyone else complaining about it. They don't stay in place. You have to adjust when they move around. They are near the toe. I am still looking for the perfect insole, but these aren't bad. The smell was awful. That makes them bad.

👤They were bought for walking around on vacation. I walked for about 11 miles a day for 10 days and they worked very well. I wouldn't have been able to walk as much without the extra cushion on my feet. One thing to keep in mind is that these make your shoes fit a lot more snug and they may not work with some shoes. They only worked with my boots and socks.

👤I work a full-time job that requires me to be on my feet for long periods of time, so the support of my shoes is important to me. I have made the mistake of wearing cute but unsupportive shoes when I work a particularly active shift which leaves me with a tight lower back at the end of the day and a heating pad on the couch. I have a lot of shoes on my rack that are unsupportive, which has limited my choices of what to wear to work. I bought these inserts on a prayer and they helped. I can now wear almost every pair of shoes on my rack for the entire day without feeling any pain in my feet or back. These things are wonderful. They are very easy to use, since there are guides on the bottoms for roughly where to cut and adjust, so you don't have to worry about messing it up. I'm glad I have them now because I haven't looked into them before. I will get another pair when I wear these. Excellent product!


What is the best product for boot zipper inserts 6 eye?

Boot zipper inserts 6 eye products from . In this article about boot zipper inserts 6 eye you can see why people choose the product. Free Soldier and Lock Laces are also good brands to look for when you are finding boot zipper inserts 6 eye.

What are the best brands for boot zipper inserts 6 eye?

, Free Soldier and Lock Laces are some of the best brands that chosen by people for boot zipper inserts 6 eye. Find the detail in this article. Dr. Scholl's, Wolverine and Moneysworth & Best are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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