Best Eye Allergy Drops for Adults

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1. Clear Eyes Maximum Itchy Relief

Clear Eyes Maximum Itchy Relief

Clear Eyes Maximum Itchy Eye Relief Eye Drops are used for relief of itching and irritated eyes. It has a maximum strength to help relieve symptoms. The brand is the #1 selling eye drops. It provides up to 12 hours of comfort. Relieves redness, itching, burning and watery eyes. It helps to protect against irritations. Clear Eyes Maximum Itchy Eye Relief Eye Drops are included. There is a product in the U.S. that can be used with a health savings account.

Brand: Clear Eyes

👤I had red eyes. I blamed the neighbors and their farm. I realized after using these drops that it wasn't their fault. My eyes are clear and no longer itch. I apologized to the neighbors and realized they were fence posts.

👤It gave me headaches that lasted for hours. I tried it a number of times. I threw it out because it wasn't eligible for return. If you are just trying it out, I recommend buying a small quantity.

👤I had been using Clear Eyes Triple Action and was happy with how it worked, so I assumed Clear Eyes Maximum Strength had to be better. They burned my eyes. I recently had surgery and am not willing to take any chances. I'm sticking with Triple Action.

👤The first time I used these drops, I had no problems. The first time I put drops in each eye. They were burning very badly. It took a while for the burning sensation to go away. The burning sensation you get from the red eye relief drops is not the same as this one. Maybe I put too much drops in my eye. I tried it again the next day. My eyes were burning. I use a different brand of eye drops and don't have any problems. I was hoping these drops would work out since they are considerably cheaper than the other brand I use.

👤I was very pleased with the results after applying this item. I will continue to use it despite the fact that my eyes were not as itchy after application. The pack of 3 bottles was a good price.

👤My eyes were swollen due to allergies and this stuff worked wonders. The product has been great, but I wish the bottles were bigger.

👤The eye relief makes my eyes itch. Had to throw this formula. I'm sticking with the Clear Eyes Advanced formula, which only has Glycerin as an active ingredient.

👤They made my eyes burn even more and that's cheap. It made my eyes worse because of my allergies. I let a friend try it.

2. Pataday Daily Relief Extra Strength

Pataday Daily Relief Extra Strength

Eye allergy itch relief works as an antihistamine to relieve itching. Provides fast symptom relief by limiting the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. One drop is easy to use. Relief can be up to 24 hours. Extra Strength relief has a doctor-prescribed eye allergy itch relief ingredient.

Brand: Pataday

👤I don't know what it is. I would like to. I would have realized the bottles were sample sizes. 2 doses per eye per bottle.

👤The regular pataday works well for me. I thought I would try it. It was a mistake. I had to use clear vision in advance of any task that required clear vision because my vision was blurry. I thought I would try it a few times to see if it worked. Blurry every time. I sent these back to the seller. They only gave me a full refund for 2 bottles of this stuff. I did not send the original box. I didn't know I was paying for a box. Money was lost on this. The bottle was still sealed.

👤I am a Canadian who is in the USA and was ecstatic to find out that you can get a 2 pack for the price on Amazon. In Canada, one bottle of this stuff is about 70 dollars. I have severe allergies and my eyes get very itchy in February and May. This is the only eye drop that works on them. When it gets bad, I start a prep regimen in January. Highly recommended!

👤For the last 8 years, I've used Pataday. Normally, I buy it from the drug store, but this was the first time I ordered it from Amazon. It was very sticky in and around my eyes when I first used it. The second day I used it, I decided to shake the bottle and see if that would help with the stickiness. The second time I used it, my vision was blurry and my eyes were tired. I don't have the option to return or get my money back for the Pataday I received from Amazon. I've ordered from Amazon before and they've never given me a chance to exchange or get a refund.

👤Only 1 drop in each eye was enough to start working. The itching and rubbing of the eyes are gone. I didn't want to rub my eyes after the surgery because it could damage the implanted lens, so I sought relief from the itching and rubbing.

👤I have used this for years as a prescription only product and the Amazon version is a great price and works the same as the old one if you buy it without insurance. It is much less expensive than in local stores. Are you ready for it, if your eyes itch, or just uncomfortable from allergy? Grab it!

👤I live in the mid Atlantic region and it's bad in April and June. Despite having an air purifier, I still wash my hands, change my linens, and wash my clothes. I still have trouble with watery eyes, itchy eyes, blurry vision, etc. My eyes can be closed when I wake up because it's so full of pollen. My allergies are so bad. I have to take an eyedrop, allergy pill, and spray every day. This is the eye drop that I want! It's the best! The eye dropper is small and there is plenty of drops in each eye. It's over the counter now, so happy! I only saw the dual pack option at Amazon. I haven't seen that in a store. I was so happy to check it out.

3. Similasan Relief Drops 33 Ounce Bottle

Similasan Relief Drops 33 Ounce Bottle

Relief from pink eye symptoms can be provided with the use of Similasan Pink Eye Relief drops. Use as often as necessary. Pink eye symptoms such as red eyes, burning eyes, watery eyes, irritated eyes, and gritty eyes can be masked with the use of Similasan Pink Eye Relief eye drops. Natural active ingredients like eyebright are used in the making of simolasan eye drops. Eye drops do not contain chemicals that cause rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 40 years, Similasan has been used by families. The leading brand of remedies with natural active ingredients is called Similasan. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from pink eye symptoms is provided by their eye drops.

Brand: Similasan

👤They seemed to work for a couple hours, but then my symptoms went crazy overnight. Do not buy if you think you have a disease. This product made my irritation worse, it made my eye red, and now my eye is discharging mucus instead of clear, watery discharge. I wake up several times a night because my eye burns or is full of junk. I am going to have to see a doctor this morning because of this stuff, which is making my condition worse. They changed the name without actually being formulated for Pink Eye/conjunctivitis. It's a pity.

👤I have been fighting a case of pink eye for 2 weeks. I bought some suggested allergy eyedrops that helped with the redness and appearance, because antibiotics don't work because it's viral. I became very frustrated by my symptoms because they felt like their efficacy was fading. The more expensive option was bought. The eyedrops cured my symptoms in less than 24 hours. After 2 weeks of pain. I would have saved myself money and pain if I'd bought these first.

👤PHENOMENAL. I got a pink eye after a horrible respiratory illness. My doctor told me to wait it out after I woke up with red eyes. I bought this product at my local Walgreens late in the day after finding it through a search. After not using these for a full day, the infection is starting to clear out. I attached the red color of it yesterday and how clear it is this morning.

👤I've never used a better eye drop. I get pink eye frequently, related to my cat and cleaning the litter box, despite washing fanatically afterwards, I think it's the dust that irritates my eyes. The pink eye symptoms are gone after a few days. The bottle has changed from "Pink Eye Relief" to "Irritated Eyes" and then back to "Pink Eye Relief". Whenever I need drops, I use it. My eyes are sensitive and other OTC drops sting, so when I need a few drops, whether it be pink eye relief, tired eyes, allergy eyes, or just irritated, Similasan is my go to drop, period.

👤I don't use anything else for eye irritations. This works with any prescription medication. It takes care of the problem quickly and you will notice a change.

👤Excellent. If you have a pink eye, it's great. Will help you see your symptoms.

👤I have terrible allergies my whole life. I'm used to dealing with my nose at this point in my life, but over the past few weeks my eyes have gotten worse. Stye Eye drops help me keep the styes in my eyes under control. After using the Stye Eye drops for a couple of days, it was getting worse and more irritated. If you've had pink eye before, my eyelashes started crusting a little. Terrible. I searched for something to avoid going to the doctors, but after reading a review that helped in 8 hours, I made my wife run out to get a bottle. It is truly magic. Yeah, it's a mixture of things. It worked. Over the last few days it has gotten better, and it took the most severe symptoms down overnight. It's not an instant fix, and I did keep applying hot water to my eyes, but my eyes have improved greatly. It continues to feel better after various styes popped. If these don't help after a day or two, you should get a prescription strength antibiotic.

4. Similasan Allergy Relief Drops 0 33

Similasan Allergy Relief Drops 0 33

The package weight is 0.017 kilograms. The unit count is 0.33.

Brand: Similasan

👤I have terrible allergies and they affect my eyes. This works and is natural, and unlike others doesn't burn or sting. It's free and you can use as often as you need.

👤I would be rubbing my eyes in pain. During allergy season, I add another drop in the morning in the inside corner of each eye. It helps me stop the irritation that comes with hay fever or something similar. Highly recommended.

👤The itch and swelling are gone in minutes. My opthamologist told me to repeat as often as necessary until the itch/burn is over. It works well on the skin too.

👤This product is great during allergy season. This immediately takes care of my eyes.

👤This product works great for allergy eyes. I suffer the most there. Great stuff.

👤The wife loves it for her allegies. When she uses this, her eyes stop burning. Does what it says. We bought a few.

👤It is good for contact lens wearers.

5. Clear Eyes Lubricants Moisturizes Irritation

Clear Eyes Lubricants Moisturizes Irritation

Health personal care is a product type. The item package has a dimensions of 1.5. " L X 2.5 " W X 4.0 " H The package weight is 0.2 lbs. The country of origin is the United States. Irritated eyes calms them and reduces redness. It helps to protect against further irritation. The item package has a quantity of one. It provides 12 hours of comfort. Fsa- Hsa-Eligible Product in the U.S.

Brand: Clear Eyes

👤My friend asked for Clear Eyes as he left my college apartment. I offered Visine, but he said he would wait until he was home to use Clear Eyes. That was 25 years ago. After my first drops, there was no red in the whites of my eyes and no bleary glaze. I looked rejuvenated and have been loyal ever since. Clear Eyes Triple Action is the weapon of choice for the dry, allergy-laden climate I'm in, with two lubricating moisturizers to calm irritated eyes, and Clear Eyes' still-best-in-class redness relief. How can these eye drops be better than others? Don't get carried away, they just will affirm it. This is a great value and one of the elite products in the Amazon ecoosphere. Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤I use the standard clear eyes "Redness Relief", which clears blood shot eyes. The complete 7 symptom pack is not for me. If your eyes are sensitive, you should avoid clear eyes. I made a mistake by judging the value of the 3 pack on price and inflated wording. Beware! The wording doesn't match the description for me.

👤The product contains alcohol. I wondered why my eyes were more dry after a few uses. I looked up the first ingredient on the list, polyvinyl alcohol, and was curious as to what the ingredients were. Poly is a synthetic material. It has an idealized formula. It is used in a variety of industries, including papermaking, textile warp sizing, and as a stabilizer in PVAc adhesive. It is odorless. It can be supplied as beads or solutions in water. I don't remember what my doctor told me to do. I will have to go to the store.

👤Take off. The three pack was ordered in February 2020 for almost sixteen bucks. The last date is April 2020. How will I use three packs of eye drops in three months?

👤I have severe dry eye issues and use Thera Tears, but I think this is better. Why? It doesn't hurt my eyes at all. I recommend buying ausb heating eye pad for under 14 dollars. I recommend buying a beaded cooling eye for under $10. Purchase a cleanser for the eyes. Don't buy a specialized pill. You can buy a bottle of Omega 3 and a bottle of Lucetin. Take a pill in the morning. Take a moist cloth and wash your eyes. Put a heated eye pad on for 20 minutes. After grabbing the cooling eye pad, fand wear for 5 minutes. If you repeat steps at night. The morning practice is not allowed in your lifestyle. GUARANTEED results!

👤I live with dry eyes. I got my eye drops today. I didn't feel anything as I put the drops in. Great product. I will reassign these again. Thanks for clear eyes...

👤My doctor suggested I use different eye drops at different times of the day because of my issues. I keep drops next to my bed to use when I wake up, which is a type of OTC product called "natural tears for dry eyes". I tried this because the brand I've been using was discontinued. The burning was overwhelming and I made a big mistake. I had to wash my eyes. The "natural tears" part of the product description was more important than the "dry eyes" part. If you have a condition that causes the tear film to thin, these drops may be painful.

6. Basic Care Fluticasone Propionate Glucocorticoid

Basic Care Fluticasone Propionate Glucocorticoid

There is an active ingREDIENT. The active ingredient in Amazon Basic Care is Fluticasone Propionate, 50 mcg, which is similar to the active ingredient in Flonase Allergy Relief. There is a 24-hour asthma relief. All day allergy medicine can temporarily relieve symptoms of hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies. The prescription strength of this allergy spray is 50 mcg fluticasone propionate per spray, so it can be used once per day for 24 hours of relief. Non-Drowsy allergy relief is available. There areTREATS INDOOR/OUTDOOR. An allergy is a sensitivity to a substance that is normally harmless; flowers, trees, a family pet, or dust are examples of things that can cause an allergy.

Brand: Amazon Basic Care

👤This isn't about the brand, but a warning about the medication used in it. I wish I would have been warned before taking Fluticasone Propinate. I ordered this to try to get rid of seasonal allergies. I used it for 4 days and it opened my airway completely. I didn't think much of it as I've never had a reaction to being over the counter. I lost it on day 4 after my dose. My first panic attack. I can't breathe and I'm terrified. After I was calmed down, I had a horrible migraine, neck tension, and shaking. I thought of the spray when I was asked if anything had changed. You can find reviews of people who experienced the same thing by typing in their name. It was terrifying. I stopped taking immediately, but the effects took about 4 days to go away. If you have ever had a negative reaction to a steroid, be careful with this drug. Even though it is not mentioned on the label, many people experience this after taking it. I'm very jealous for those who don't get it, it really works for allergy symptoms.

👤The Basic Care brand is cheaper than Flonase and I bought it because I trust it. I've been using it for three months now and it's still working great. Don't inhale while using the spray. Many people do this and it ends up in the back of your throat. Just spray and breathe normally.

👤Buying a three-pack of generic Flonase for only slightly more money than a single bottle of the name-brand stuff has its advantages, and it's definitely the cheaper option. I started using Flonase as a prescription allergy medicine when it first came out, and it's a great help to my allergies. I'm happy to see it's available OTC. I'm happy to see it at a low price. Generics are usually the same as name-brand medicines. The generic ones use the same spray mechanism as the original one, but they use a slightly different one. They both squirt the same amount of spray per shot, so functionally they're not really any different.

👤Amazon keeps taking things off the shop. The Claritin brand of fluticasone propionate went away, so I switched to this. I don't have any issues with generics. Usually. At the same time as the switch, I came down with a cold, but it didn't seem to be getting better. I can't breathe when I'm laying down because the floor is still littered with kleenex. I went out and bought some Flonase from Safeway because I know it works. It was less than an hour. I'm already feeling less congested than I've been all week. I'm seeing a huge difference in performance when using generic drugs compared to brand-name ones. I'm not sure about this product. Avoid!

👤The generic "Flonase" helps my nose. I snore terribly and suffer from permanent stuffiness. The product reduces the swelling of my nose and allows me to breathe easily. The branded version of this came out in 1990. I worry if being on long-term steroids affects my health, but I use it at night and sleep better because of it. I was taking Pseudoephedrine every day. The effect was the same, but I ended up with impacted sinuses that required multiple antibiotics and had to be flushed out. The tube in my last bottle didn't go all the way to the bottom, which makes it difficult to use the rest. If you want to use it, just put your head upright, gently hold one nostril closed, and press the plunger to get up around your lungs.

7. Visine Comfort Multi Symptom Relief Lubricant

Visine Comfort Multi Symptom Relief Lubricant

One bottle of Visine Red Eye Total Comfort Multi-Symptom Eye Drops and one bottle of Visine Dry Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Drops are included in the multi-pack. Relief from red, burning, watery, itchy, dry, irritated eyes is provided by Red Eye Total Comfort Multi-Symptom all-in-one astringent, lubricant and relief drops. Dry Eye Relief hydrating eye drops have a formula that is designed to work like real tears to provide soothing relief of dry, grimy and irritated eyes while helping relieve dry eye symptoms such as burning and irritation. The Red Eye Total Comfort Multi-Symptom Drops have the active ingredient polyethylene glycol 400, which helps protect against further eye irritation. Visine, a brand backed by 60 years of expertise, comes in a travel-sized bottle that is easy to carry around and can be used for on-the-go relief of dry or red eyes.

Brand: Visine

👤I use these when I don't want people to know I'm high.

👤When I come home after a long walk, my girlfriend doesn't yell at me.

👤After a long day at work, I usually take a seat on my couch and eat a nice plate of food. When I am relaxing, my eyes get red. I don't want to walk around with red eyes, so I just drop some bad boys in my eyes, and my eyes are not red anymore. I would recommend it.

👤I would recommend these eye drops for a number of reasons. One is for computer and phone screen people, when you have to stare at a screen all day long and your eyes dry out. lubricating option will help with dry eyes and make rubbing your eyes less painful. I would recommend the Total Comfort option for those who travel or work around Air Conditioning and screens all the time, as it will help with the redness and soreness of the eyes. If you wake up with dry eyes... I would recommend the drops.

👤This is the only eye drop that works without a lot of fuss. I remember swimming in the bottom of my mom's purse 30 years ago. Still here, still working, and still affordable.

👤It helped me with my dry eye. I need to take more screen breaks because I am working from home. This helps keep my eyes hydrated.

👤I have used visine for a long time and it seems to be more watery than before. A lot of product is wasted that way.

👤I was amazed at the number of reviews. I tried this Visine, Red Eye Comfort, but it didn't work. If it doesn't work for you, try any double packs. You have only wasted money on one.

👤trs efficace Pour ceux o celles qui fumes.

👤C'est un produit ultra efficace, vous avons leur bonne nuit de sommeil. J'ai teste le marché sur le collyres proposée. J'utilise pour ma part depuis plus de 20 ans, d'ordinaires, et je n'hésite pas. L'essayer c'est l'adopter. vous en pensez J'ai suffused tout de mme ce n'est pas un produit, je dirais qu'une fois le matin.

👤THe satisFAite de mon achat. sultats ds la premire utilization. Le yeux rouges estompe radicalement. Je recommande.

👤Cet article est pas efficace pour le allergies.

8. Basic Care Allergy Cetirizine Tablets

Basic Care Allergy Cetirizine Tablets

There is an active ingREDIENT. The active ingredient in Amazon Basic Care All Day Allergy is cetirizine, an approved antihistamine for the treatment of both indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms. Relief of symptoms due to upper respiratory allergies can be provided with a 24 hour remedy. It's Temporarily relieves common indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms. Amazon Basic Care All Day Allergy, Cetirizine Hydrochloride Tablets, 10MG are original prescription strength and are free of wheat, so they are a great option for allergy sufferers. Understanding allERGIES is important. An allergy is a sensitivity to a substance that is normally harmless and can be caused by things like flowers, trees, a family pet, or dust.

Brand: Amazon Basic Care

👤Cetirizine has been available over the counter. Without a daily antihistamine my sinuses are an unmitigated disaster. Cetirizine is my go-to since it's more cost-effective than other second- generation antihistamines. I get better results with cetirizine than with loratadine. I have been a pharmacy technician for 20 years. I work full-time and know drugs. Cetirizine is a second-generation antihistamine. There's very little chance of causing cognitive side effects because it has diminished the potential to cross the blood-brain barrier. I bought this stuff from Amazon because it's cheaper than buying it from the pharmacy that I work at, even with a 20% employee discount.

👤The brand-name "Zyrtec" is distributed by the same company and it is a much lower cost. On 12-28-18, I found 10 of the drug. Walmart has 70 count pkg for sale. This is 300 count for $13.14. Check my photo of the ingredients to see if they are the same.

👤Don't take this trinket. It doesn't work so it's a waste of money. Better to spend more on brands that work. I have taken the drug for a long time. I buy the Walmart version sometimes. I tried this because I am trying to save money and not go places during the Pandemic. It did nothing for me when I used to do it for 3 weeks a day. I have seasonal and dust allergies, as well as pet allergies, and I am anaphylactic to dairy and beef. I take Zyrtec because it takes away some of the stress from my allergies. Taking this did nothing. I have switched to other brands because I am still recovering. I had a bad nose and my eyes hurt. I had bad headaches all the time. I had trouble breathing when my roommates cooked with dairy. My symptoms are starting to get better after I stopped taking this and started taking name brand products.

👤I wasn't sure about the quality of the medication. The original formula can't be used by manufacturers. I try to buy name brand drugs when I can but the need to save myself a trip to the store during the busy holiday season was too much. I ordered this because I was unsure if it would work. It does! I was without it for a few days. Within two days of taking this med, I was back to my old self.

👤These and the Good Sense Allergy Relief loratadine tablets are taken at night. I spent over $800 on an allergy test panel to get the doctor to tell me to take multiple allergy medicines. If you want to see how you do, try this combo, P.S. xyzal is expensive and hard on your kidneys and liver.

👤Both myself and my wife have taken the product and it has done nothing to alleviate our allergy symptoms. I think it is not what it claims to be.

👤I am in shock at how well my allergies responded to these pills. After taking the first pill with some food and a glass of water, they are gone, after living with them for years. I know that people respond differently to certain medicines, but these dopples work! They don't seem to have a lot offiller or at least a decent amount of cetirizine HCl to work with. I'm thankful every time I read crazy reviews about how this pill could be a "placebo" and give me a break. You should learn the reactions to medicines before you make a decision about a product. Thank you Amazon and BasicCare for providing the cure at an affordable price. I got a year and a half worth for less than the price of the brand.

9. Similasan Single Use Droppers Preservative Temporary

Similasan Single Use Droppers Preservative Temporary

There are 20 ounces of this. Droppers for Similasan Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops. Natural active ingredients like eyebright, not harsh chemicals, are used by Similasan to help your body's natural defenses instead of masking dry eye symptoms. Dry eye symptoms like red eyes, itching eyes, burning eyes, stinging eyes, irritated eyes and watering eyes can be alleviated with Similasan Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops. Dry Eye Relief can be used as often as needed. Natural active ingredients like eyebright are used in the making of the eye drops. Unlike other dry eye drops, the Similasan eye drops do not contain a chemical that can cause a rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 35 years, Similasan has been used by families. A leading Swiss brand of remedies uses natural active ingredients to keep families healthy throughout the year. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from dry eye symptoms is provided by their eye drops. Visine eye drops, Systane Balance eye drops, and blink eye drops are similar.

Brand: Similasan

👤I've been using Similasan for a long time to combat dry eyes. The drops were the best on the market. I've tried a lot of the others, but have developed allergies to each one as time went on. People who protest that it doesn't work are uneducated about the subject. It's unfortunate, because the same principles apply to allergy shots. I'm grateful to the company and the drops for the multiple allergy problems I have. They used to sell single use plastic droppers. I'm not sure if those are still on the market. I don't know if it was the plastic itself, but they didn't work as well as they could have, and it irritated my eyes. The little glass bottles are small, the tops are easy to remove, and the twist off is actually a pull off. I have been using this for more than four years.

👤These are what I was looking for. Don't touch the tip to your eye! People say the rough tip scratched bottles because they are not supposed to touch it to their eye. There are two more The air bubble needs to be up and liquid needs to be down for it to come out. The tip may have to be moved to get the air bubble up. There were no issues with mine having an expired date more than a year out.

👤I have been trying different types of eye drops to treat my dry eye, but I don't want any with Preservatives, as studies show they damage the cornea in the long run. These are the best out there because they don't only make your eye look better, but they also make you less dependent on them. I have used them less and my eyes have returned to normal. Highly recommended.

👤I read the description of the product before buying it. The back of the box said that it had a form of mercury which is very harmful. It is being returned. The box was damaged during delivery but the product was undamaged. It should arrive undamaged.

👤I buy these again and again. I like droppers. I can put some in my purse, in my car, and at my sink. Don't let the liquid fool you, there's quite a bit in the dropper. One dropper can help both eyes. I love that it's free from harmful chemicals. I used to buy Visine and it burned my eyes. Not with Similasan!

👤It did a good job. Did I misspell it? I thought my eyes were red because of a bad eye doctor and I was taking care of the liver, but the ophthalmologist told me I could have lost my vision. I felt relief when I used this product. I felt that it was doing a deep work in my eyes, but I had to use every few minutes. I'm using another eyedropper. It lasts for a few hours, so it is easier. The combination of using both is better.

👤I am a professional makeup artist. They are perfect because they are sanitary. They work well for redness and dry eyes. Will purchase again.

10. Similasan Allergy Relief Temporary Burning

Similasan Allergy Relief Temporary Burning

Allergy Eye Relief drops provide temporary relief from symptoms of eye allergies like redness, itching, burning, stinging, and irritation. Use as often as necessary. The eye drops stimulated the body's natural defenses instead of masking allergy symptoms like red eyes, itchy eyes, burning eyes, stinging eyes, irritated eyes, watering eyes. Natural active ingredients like eyebright are used in the making of simolasan eye drops. Eye drops do not contain chemicals that cause rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 40 years, Similasan has been used by families. The leading brand of remedies with natural active ingredients is called Similasan. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from allergy eye symptoms is provided by their eye drops.

Brand: Similasan

👤It was used for several years before realizing the primary ingredient is crushed honey bees. If honey bees are not under enough threat from pesticides. I assumed that it was vegan. Homeopaths had respect for life. I am ashamed that this came from my ancestors. I have thrown out all of the products from Similasan, and now I know that the flu is caused by the brain and liver of ducks.

👤My dog is on medication after eye surgery. These help her with her itchy skin. She had double cherry when she was rescued and the POS owner wanted her euthanized because he didn't want to pay for surgery. She has a better life now. These drops are a lifesaver.

👤I love this brand because it is homeopathic. I have horrible eye allergies and I don't like the prescription stuff because you can taste it in your nose. I have to use over the counter stuff multiple times a day because it burns my eyes. I can use this stuff multiple times and it doesn't irritate me, but it does take a bit longer to work. I don't want artificial stuff in my eyes.

👤This worked great for me, and I like that it is a glass bottle with a plastic tip. It took 20 minutes to get rid of the itching. I figured out the underlying issue to my itchy eye/skin attacks and no longer need it. All the foods are very healthy and paleo. I was eating a lot of food. I haven't had itchy eyes since I changed my diet. Unless you go to a doctor of natural medicine you will have to figure it out on your own, as it isn't recognized by traditional doctors.

👤If you have eye problems, always use Similasan. I have allergies and wear contacts so I deal with gunk in my eyes. A small bottle of prescription drugs can cost up to $100 and last a week with daily use. This has worked just as well and a tenth of the price. I don't have to see a doctor because it is easy to find. I recommend all of their products. I have been a customer for a long time.

👤Did nothing. The symptoms will get worse before they get better. They did. It was much worse. Five days of constant use and I still have horrible burning and itching. I don't see how you could believe in it if you didn't see any relief. Look for reliable scientific sources. The placebo effect is what makes homeopaths work. "Symptoms will get worse before getting better", not because you are treating the issue with their "medicine water", but because your body is fighting the problem, you feel awful while you are sick, and if your immune system fights it off, it eventually gets better." Not because it helped.

👤I hope they don't stop carrying these. I have severe dry eye and allergy problems with my eyes, I have had tear duct plugs put in and then taken out, I have many other issues with them. I have had every kind of prescription eye drop you can think of and nothing would help, but these soothe my eyes for long periods of time and they are the only thing that works for me. I have never found this kind of relief before and they cost less than every good drop you can get, and these are the best. If you have had a lot of trouble like me, you need to try this. I am not sure if all natural products and products in these do the trick. I didn't think they would. I got them on clearance in another store. Please keep these in stock because I had to get more Amazon.

11. GoodSense Allergy Cetirizine Tablets Antihistamine

GoodSense Allergy Cetirizine Tablets Antihistamine

The active ingredient in GOODSENSE All Day Allergy Relief is cetirizine, which is an antihistamine. Allergy pills are original prescription strength and provide all day relief of allergy symptoms. Cetirizine is an antihistamine and is contained in each liquid gel. InDOOR and OUTDOOR ALLERGY RELIEF: Temporarily relieves the symptoms of hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies: sneezing, itching of the nose or throat, and watery eyes. Allergy medicine provides 24 hours of relief from allergy symptoms. Exposure to the same allergen twice can cause the same immune system chemicals to be released. Cetirizine is an antihistamine which can help with allergy symptoms.

Brand: Good Sense

👤This is the same product you would get at most retail chains. Major chains don't make their own pills due to the complexity of manufacturing. They all buy pills from another company and attach their own label. These are Perrigo's pills, which are also what you'd find at Walgreens, Walmart, etc. Perrigo's quality is a testament to it. They are an excellent substitute for branded drugs. Goodsense is selling these with less markup than the retail brands because they are not trying to cover the expenses of running a retail operation. You can get a good supply of cetirizine pills at an excellent price. Cetirizine can cause drowsiness for 15% of people who take it. Some reviewers complain of drowsiness, but others don't. This is a good option for me because I don't think certizine makes me sleepy. If you have trouble with drowsiness, fexofenadine has the same effectiveness as cetirizine, but costs more. Cetirizine is cheaper than loratadine, but it is not as effective, at least in my experience. Along with or instead of an antihistamine, triamcinolone (Nasacort) and fluticasone (Flonase) are also good options to consider. This product is for people who want to take cetirizine regularly.

👤Did you have allergies? We do. We have two asthmatic children and a highly allergenic dad. Add one cat and one crazy, obsessed mom, frantic to stop the wheezing, sneezing, and skin outbreaks on a daily basis. We used to purchase Claritin and Zyrtec from the local pharmacy. We were broke for a long time. Along comes Good Sense with the good sense to produce a comparable, high-quality product for a measly $0.06 per pill via subscribe and save. I've been buying this product for almost 3 years now, so this review is definitely tried and true. The kids get relief from this product without side effects, and it's a product we use year round. The pill is easy to swallow by children. The bottle opening is baby proof but older kid approves. We alternate between Good Sense Loratidine and this to make sure our bodies aren't getting used to it. It's crazy to try anything else. You will not find this quality and good value with other brands. Good Sense, don't change a thing.

👤I ordered this product after reading the reviews. It didn't do anything. Went back to the local pharmacy and bought more generic. There is a I am not sure if a small supply of counterfeit was mixed with the regular supply, but I do not doubt the many positive reviews. I understand that counterfeit can be mixed or substituted. I received a failure.

👤I waited a week to write this review so I could be sure it was accurate. I have chronic hives. I mean it when I say suffer. I take one of these and I'm not bothered by bees. This is a great price for a product that works the same as its competitors. I would recommend it.

👤This product doesn't work for me, but it is not similar to Zyrtec-D. I tried it one time and it didn't work. I took another tablet and it was the same as before. I did the same thing for a total of 3 tablets. Nothing. pseudoephedrine hydrochlorid bad or good is an ingredient in Zyrtec and is used with the cetricine. All Day Allergy doesn't contain pseudoephedrine, meaning they don't work at all the same. Is it better to not consume any chemicals at all?


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