Best Eye Allergy Drops for Dogs

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1. Zaditor Antihistamine Eye Drops 5 ML

Zaditor Antihistamine Eye Drops 5 ML

Eye itch relief is fast-acting. The first over-the-counter eye drops can be used for up to 12 hours. The original formula does not use a vasoconstrictor. Doesn't use a vasoconstrictor. It is safe for children aged 3 years and older.

Brand: Zaditor

👤I don't think this is a real product. This product worked great for my eye allergies. Nothing happened after I ordered this bottle. It was almost like I was putting something in my eyes. I went to Walgreens and bought the same bottle. Don't buy!

👤No one could diagnose the eye problem. I had to buy a pair of glasses for 150 dollars to be told to use this product instead of visine. I don't use the glasses. I can see chrystal clear for hours with one drop in each eye. Like having eyes in 4K. I am not joking. I didn't realize what I couldn't see until my eyesight came back. A miracle.

👤I rarely have time to leave reviews on Amazon. I made time for this product. I suffer from incredibly dry eyes due to allergies, genetics and auto-immune issues. I'm the perfect storm for dry eyes. The bleariness makes it impossible for me to watch tv or use the computer. I was put on Restasis by my eye doctor. I was on it for four years. It helped a bit. After reading the reviews, I decided to give Zaditor a try. Wow! Immediate improvement! I've been using it for a few weeks now and it has improved my vision. Everything is clear again. I am very thankful that I found this product.

👤I started using it a long time ago when it was only available by prescription. I have terrible allergies to evergreen pollen in the late winter and early spring, and it affects my eyes more than anything. I've tried all the other allergy eyedrops and they have limited results. This stuff works for me. I think it keeps me more comfortable and relieves most of the irritation. Will use this as long as it works.

👤Just received and used it. Immediate relief. Thirty years of suffering and finally found an over the counter product that works and is cheap. Symptoms include watery eyes and gunch.

👤15 years ago, I was prescribed Zaditor by my allergist. I looked like I had been beaten when my eyes became puffy and irritated from my seasonal allergies. I had to miss work because I couldn't see anything, so I would lie down on my eyes with a cold towel. Zaditor is a mast cell stabilizer that helps stabilizing the cells from reacting, so they don't just block allergens. These drops work. I'm not a doctor but my doc said it was safe since it depends on how your body works. I've tried both of them and they were fine. Visine-A has a recoil effect that makes the allergy worse after using it. Zaditor is my go-to because it works quickly and easily.

👤I have mostly indoor allergies and suffer from dry, itchy, watery, and sandy eyes. I have always used Refresh single use eye lubricants which work great for dry eye and watering, but do nothing for the other symptoms. My eyes don't get affected by my daily allergy pill. My eye doctor recommended Zaditor about 2 months ago. It was a miracle product for me and other family members. I bought my first bottle from the store and the next from Amazon. Both are effective.

2. Visine Astringent Redness Reliever Drops

Visine Astringent Redness Reliever Drops

A bottle of Visine A.C. is roughly half an ounce. Itchy Eye Relief Astringent Eye Drops with zinc sulfate and tetrahydrozoline HCl are used to provide temporary relief from itchy, red, watery eyes. The red eye relief drops are specially formulated with zinc sulfate, an antiseptic that works to help relieve multiple symptoms of irritated eyes. Visine Red Eye Comfort uses the same active ingredient as they are formulated with. These eye drops are available in a convenient and compact size and can fit in a purse, pocket, backpack or desk for effective symptom relief. Visine has 60 years of science and expertise. Visine A.C. is an effective multi-symptom eye relief. Itchy eyes can be treated with eye drops.

Brand: Visine

👤The price is affordable. Not burning the eyes. It works fast. This product is not as long lasting as the other one. I have to re- apply a lot. I have an allergy to plants. My eyes get watery or itchy when I am on a sunny day. I need some eye drops because allergy medicine doesn't work for eye itch. The eye drop works fast and lasts sometimes. Visine -A Eye Allergy Relief, Antihistamine & Redness Reliever Eye Drops is more effective and last longer. The Visine A.C Astringent Redness Reliever Eye Drops is very affordable. I like this and will keep buying it.

👤I bought Visine because of allergies. It cleared the blurriness completely but my lashes burned for a while. I didn't like it. I think it's safe, but I will only use when I need to. Going back to dry eyedrops.

👤Visine should have the AC designation according to my eye doctor. I haven't found them somewhere else.

👤Great eye drops for money. It makes my eyes feel better after the allergies.

👤This product from Visinebutbits is hard to find. This is a daily routine for us, living in the desert Southwest.

👤When I put them in, they burn my eyes. It hurts to put these in, but I thought maybe it was the first time. I should have returned and been replaced.

3. Clear Eyes Redness Relief Drops

Clear Eyes Redness Relief Drops

Relief eye drops relieve redness from minor irritations and protect against further irritations. Relieves redness. It helps with irritation, burning, and dry eyes. The number one brand of eye drops. Pack of 3 provides up to 12 hours of comfort.

Brand: Clear Eyes

👤When my friend asked for Clear Eyes, the blue smoke still lingered in my apartment. I gave him Visine, but he refused to use it until he got home. That was 25 years ago, and it was wonderful. After the first drops, there was no redness in my eyes, and no bleary film. I have been loyal since. This iteration of Clear Eyes is a representation of the old school line of products: Just elite redness relief and lubrication in their smallest, most pocket-and-purse-friendly container. How can these eye drops be better than others? You can trust your bright white eyes that they just are. One of the most elite products in any category, and a terrific value at this low price point. Was this review useful to you? Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤I liked the price of the "Clear Eyes", and the box states that it gives "Up to 12 Hours of soothing comfort", so I bought it. I tried it out right away. The bottle was easy to get out of. Even though I dried my eyes, my eyes still felt good, even though they were a bit foggy for a few moments. The comfort lasted for 12 hours. It lasted about 3 hours. The amount of time it took for the comfort to be consistent was not known. I will use the 3 bottles that were offered, and decide during the last bottle whether or not it is worth buying again.

👤I bought this set of eye drops through Amazon. It is a great steal. A box of eye drops costs around $6. On Amazon it's $8. Wow! These eyedrops are the full size ones.

👤I have to write a bad review. I had Lasic eye surgery and the side effect was dry red eyes. It made my eyes clear and it was amazing. I noticed my eyes were bloodshot a few hours later. It looked like my eyes were bleeding. I didn't have eyedrops with me when I went out of town. I used the Walmart brand red eye remedy. I thought I would die without these eyedrops, but then I used his other eyedrops and my eyes were not red at all. I realized that these eyedrops promote red eyes almost as a way to get you to keep using the product after I had redeye. Have you heard the same concept with Carmax? I write bad reviews but I have 10 eyedrops sitting in a drawer that I won't even touch because they make my eyes so bloodshot and it looks like I'm sick. I don't want to be near this product again. Next time, beware, these products can make your body dependent on them.

👤I have purchased individual eyedrops that you take one tube out of the time and toss it when you are done. I decided to get three packs of these because they are less expensive than the one per use type of thing, and they work wonderfully.

👤They are cheap eye drops. I've used these before and they help when your eyes are bad. They're not great for lubrication. I used Systane for a while, and while it is much more expensive, it is also a little bit more annoying if your eyes are not red. If you just need a lubricant, there is a numbing agent that you don't need to pack in your eye. Search elsewhere.

4. KARRYUNI Cataracts Formula Promotes Ointment

KARRYUNI Cataracts Formula Promotes Ointment

The result will be better if the product is used more often for eye cataracts and for continuous care. KARRYUNI Special Formula People and Pet Eye Drops Cataract. Pet Eye Health Ointment Drops are a safe and gentle pet treat. VeTERINARIAN RECOMMEND FORMULA: Promotes eye clarity in pets. Twice as strong as most similar products. Eye Drop for dog and cat. Eyedrops for dogs and cats with Cataracts use only natural ingredients to soothe and relieve dry eyes. Pet care eye drops. Symptoms from cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and nuclear sclerosis can be alleviated with this safe remedy. It has been proven to be safe and effective for lubrication and cleaning of pet eyes. Assists in maintaining its clarity by reducing the amount of transparency in the lens. It is formulated by veterinarians and scientists to help protect and improve vision. The drops come in a squeeze-tube dose dispensers. Clean eyes before using, apply drops to the eye twice a day. The best result for continuous care and use more is 3-6 weeks more for eye cataracts in pet and All. The product can be kept at a normal room temperature. The product should be stored in the refrigerator, but not frozen, to get the best shelf life. Keep away from the sun.

Brand: Hulx

👤This cleared my dogs eyes in a few days. I have a dog with goopy eyes. They are clear after a few days of use.

👤The Blue-nose has both allergies and cataracts. I would have done anything to prevent eye problems if I had been able to hear him. I have no expectation of efficacy and we were able to reduce the film from the eye within two days. Within a day of finishing the two bottles, he got all gunky again. He requested that I keep it coming and reorder it.

👤My dog has cloudy eyes and so far so good. I have been using the drops in her eyes for a week now and can see a difference in her clarity. I hope it works for my baby.

👤My Pug pup was born with a small blemish on his eyelid. It was getting worse week after week and he was starting to develop a blueish film on one of his students. I decided to give this remedy a try before I spent hundreds of dollars on him going to the vet. I used it for 2 weeks, maybe one dose every day. The bluish film disappeared from his eye almost a month and a half ago, and now it is almost completely gone. I am not sure if this is a cure for my pups eye problem, but I am certain that the treatment helped. Maybe my pups age development and good health are playing a role, perhaps the medication gave it an extra boost, I'm no vet. I wouldn't know. I know that the eye drops worked for us, it will probably work for you.

👤Around 2 inches in diameter. My dog's eyes did not improve and it seemed to get worse. I used a liquid called "nutri-vet eye rinse liquid" which seemed to help my dog's sight. Bigger bottle. I tried different things for him.

👤I have been using this product on my Boxer for about two weeks. The film over his eyes hasn't cleared up any, but I think it has prevented them from clouding up.

👤My dog was sick after a few days because of not work. He started walking again when I stopped.

👤My dog's eyes were covered in brown dirty stubs, it's hard to move it away.

5. Vets Best Cleansing Deodorizes Disposable

Vets Best Cleansing Deodorizes Disposable

The vet's best ear relief finger wipes gently and effectively remove dirt and build-up. Regular use of their wipes will help to remove build-up and discharge that can cause odor. Their wipes are made with all-natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel, which are free from Parabens. For regular use, wipes should be free of visible wax or build-up after use. Use 1-2 times a week to maintain clean ears. Simply rub the accessible portion of your dog's ears with their pre-moistened wipe and dispose after use.

Brand: Vet's Best

👤I like this brand for other products so I wanted to try their ear wipes. They don't fit on your finger. Unless you have small hands. My dog ran away when I couldn't get it on my finger. There is a They are not helpful in the cleaning process because they are dry. I gave it 2 because I've really liked other products from them and won't buy them again.

👤When my dog's ears bother her, she rubs her head on the couch, on the bed, and on pillows. I thought we should try them out. They are easy to use. Rub inside your dog's ear with one of your fingers. When we clean her ears with a soft and liquid-filled condom, she goes back to being a normal and happy dog. This is a good solution to our dog's earache. This was a good value for my money.

👤I wish I had known about them sooner. These are soft and gentle enough to be used multiple times a week. I have 2 puggles and they get dirty if not cleaned regularly. I used to wrap a damp cotton round around my finger to clean their ears, but these make it much simpler. The wipes fit perfectly over my finger. I will buy these for my boys. What a great invention!

👤My dog hates having his ears cleaned, but these are a game-changer. He doesn't mind that I clean his ear. If you have a dog that hates getting their ears cleaned, they are worth the purchase.

👤My 10-week old Basset hound has a huge problem with how to keep it clean. He has to keep his ear canal free of wax and debris every week. I recommend this product on all the basset hound group pages because I can use it to clean out his ears and make him happy. So easy!

👤My dogs don't like having their ears cleaned, but will wait for me to do it. I can feel the shape of their ears with these fit on my fingers. This also cleans well. This product is the best way to clean dogs ears, and it works. Highly recommended.

👤I trust Vets best for a lot of our pets care needs. All natural and at a reasonable price are great products.

👤I like to clean my ear wipes. I was not sure how I would like it. It works well and is easy to use.

👤I love ear wipes. They are easy to put on and stay put while I clean my dogs ears. My dog doesn't like his ears being cleaned, but he sits still and lets me do it with the wipes. He tends to have sensitive skin and has not had a reaction to the product. The container clicks shut so that the wipes don't dry out between uses. I will be buying more.

👤We clean my dog's ears with these finger pads when the weather is warm. I think she likes them because they are cool and moist.

6. 0ANIV Animals Apawthecary Seasonal Allergy

0ANIV Animals Apawthecary Seasonal Allergy

There are extracts of Licorice root, Burdock root, and Eyebright herb. Made in the USA, they are certified organic. It supports seasonal and other allergies. TheALLERGY RELIEF in a Sweet Tasting Herbal Formula is for dogs and cats. Helping maintain normal hereditary levels. There are directions. Add food or water to your pet twice a day.

Brand: Animal Essentials

👤If you keep using it. You may not see results for a few weeks, but you should stick to it. If it is going to work for your dog, you need to know that not all things help all dogs. I have a four year old dog who gets seasonal allergies every spring and fall. Her skin gets dark pink, she bites, chews and licks, and we deal with hot spots as well. We've tried a lot of things, but nothing has had a noticeable effect. Nothing! We are doing allergy testing and will try the oral allergy treatments. I decided to give it a try. If you are desperate for something that helps, try one more thing. I am amazed that we are 1/3 of the way through the bottle. My dogs are still itching and scratching but it is less than before. She is so much happier now that she doesn't spend her days scratching and chewing at herself. I feel like she doesn't scratch anymore than my other dogs. I am happy to see that she is more comfortable. During allergy season, be sure to use a good, soothing shampoo every couple of weeks, as bathing is so important. We are still going ahead with allergy treatments, but will use this to keep her comfortable while we do.

👤My cat has developed an allergy over the last few months. I have no idea. Nothing has changed. Same food and litter. He hates going to the vet and it is difficult to get him into the carrier. I was looking for an alternative after the allergy shot did not work. The reviews here are mixed, but the reviews on Chewy were better. I decided to buy something. I put a dropper full in the water bowl and monitored him all night. There was no itching or licking. I didn't think it would work that quickly. After a few weeks, I will upgrade my review.

👤My cat was sneezing, snoring, and breathing funny at times. I gave a couple products a try after the vet said it was seasonal allergies. She hated the taste of the first product, so I found this. It's much easier to give her this. My puppy had a strong odor and constant bathes dried his skin, making him itch. I researched and found that he had seasonal allergies and that he had a strong musty odor. I already had it for the cat, so I thought I would try it on him. It worked, what do you know? My dog doesn't smell bad anymore, he doesn't itch anymore, and he doesn't bathe anymore. I will keep buying it.

👤I love how fast these products work on my cats. Like a natural option. My cat was cured of his nose and sneezing within two days.

👤I bought this product because my cats have respiratory problems due to allergies, and they sneeze often. They didn't mind the taste. The product did not make a difference in any of them. Very disappointed!

7. GenTeal Lubricant Eye Severe 0 34 Ounces

GenTeal Lubricant Eye Severe 0 34 Ounces

It provides long- lasting relief of dry eye symptoms. A gel's strength and convenience are similar to that of a drop. The lower eyelid makes a pocket for 1-2 drops of the gel. Remove your index finger from the eyelid. Nighttime protection helps relieve dry eye irritation. The unique ingredient combination shields eyes from further irritation. It protects against irritation.

Brand: Genteal

👤You owe it to yourself. I was using regular drops all day. They did nothing. I didn't know this type of drops were available. I was looking for another brand of eye drops. Then came upon this and thought, "Why not?" Haley, these eye drops, Haley, wow. I rushed to get them because I was dying to try them. The price was nearly double what you could get on Amazon. I put some in at night. I just went to bed. I woke up with normal eyes. The best part is here. It lasted me all day. I didn't need to put in any more eye drops. I was going to cut out one of my eyes because it hurt so bad. I didn't remember what it felt like to have normal eyes. I ordered three more tubes here.

👤I wake up in the middle of the night because of a messed up eye that gets really dry and sore. I have to wake up and put tears in multiple times each night. I was able to sleep through the night thanks to this. It works well during the day. It can make your vision cloudy if you put a lot in. That eye doesn't see well for me. It didn't bother me at all. If you put too much in, it feels like you put something in your eye for a while, but if you have really dry eyes, this helps more than anything else I have tried.

👤I keep my Lhasa Apso's eyes clean by using these. Laddie is an inside-outside guy who likes to roll in the leaves and wander around under the bushes in my garden. He comes back in the house with a leaf monster. I put drops in his eyes every morning. It was painless and easy. The drops are easy to use and easy to apply, so this works better than eye drops. The tube is small but it goes a long way.

👤I've tried a lot of products for my dry eye syndrome. This is the only product I've used that keeps the weather nice. I have to reapply too frequently with drops. I only need to use this gel once in a 24 hour period because it works better than drops. That's a big plus for me. I prefer to use it at night because I don't have to wait for the gel to go away and for my vision to clear up. I don't wake up with sand in my eyes or distorted vision because of the extreme dry weather. I don't need to apply the gel until after I sleep, because my eyes are comfortable all day. I think it's a matter of preference. I've recommended it to people who use it for daytime. I might use more than my friends because of extreme dry weather. I try not to run out of it.

👤I don't want any of the liquids that say "extended relief" for me. They work for about 20 minutes and leave a bunch of dried junk in my eyes. A generous amount of this stuff before bed allows me 4 un interrupted hours of sleep which is 2.5 hours longer than liquid I have tried. It's not so hard to lose your sight temporarily, but it's not so hard to stay and act. It doesn't seem to glue my eyes shut when it has dried. I would like another hour of action, but who wouldn't?

8. Boiron Optique Irritation Relief Drops

Boiron Optique Irritation Relief Drops

Minor eye irritation can be alleviated temporarily by fatigue or airborne irritants. Relieves redness, dry, itchy, burning or tired eyes. Preservative-free. Everyone ages 2 and up. There is also a box of 10 sterile, single-use liquid oral doses.

Brand: Boiron

👤This product has given me relief after six years of suffering, and I wish I could recap it after each use. I had a surgery to correct my vision. I've used every eye drop the doctors prescribed. I had my eye drainages plugged but I still suffered. Excedrine and other OTC pain killers helped. I felt relief after the first drop, a feeling I haven't had in a long time. It lasted more than 8 hours. You gave me a product that my doctors couldn't give me, and at an affordable price. Thank you!

👤My husband has had injections in his eye to treat Macular Degeneration. His eyes burn for hours after the injection. He tried to wash his hands. Couldn't get relief. I ordered the Boiron Optique 1, 30 Doses after reading the positive comments. He used the Homeopathic Medicine with great success yesterday. This product is a blessing for pain relief since the injections will be on-going.

👤I had some serious allergy eyes. It was around the beginning of the Covid time and I was a little freaked out since I have never had eyes like that before. I'm not sure if my Covid test was one of those that were faulty. It was weird because my eyes were the only symptom I had. I preferred the one that I bought. I really liked the idea that it is natural. It didn't sound like a good idea to put some science lab chemicals in your eyes, no matter what. I didn't feel like I was dependent on eye drops after I was done with my symptoms, but I wanted to put the drops in. I like that I have more than one vials left over for the next time I get something.

👤I have sjogren's syndrome and have used Boiron tears for a long time. I used to use around 20 drops of a different brand of tears before this one. I can get away with 10 of these a day. I would be grateful if they had it so I could put the cap on again. You can, but they don't tell you to do that with the others. I'm grateful that I read on an herbal site that borage seed oil can be used for sjogren's/eye dryness. I dropped to five of the maximum drops. I only use them if my eyes are affected by the sun.

👤This simple solution is a relief after all the research and the most natural OTC eye rinse drops. I don't buy for that kind ofPreservative needed for sterile individual serving of pure simple saline, with some infinitesimally tiny amounts of Homeopathic ingredients too micro for a lab to measure. The savings is significant. Boiron has been a quality name for a long time. I would suffer dry eyes without this.

👤My eyes are bad. Between attracting every cat hair, effected by face creams, or cosmetics, scents, synthetic air fresheners at work, being fatigued and tired, they are an itchy, watery, dry cornered, red and irritated mess. I love this brand and figured I would give it a try. For a week or more, I used my usual Visine and eye drops. "My eyes are full of cat hair." I always felt like something was floating in my eyes. I tried rinsing them with water. No. There is just more irritation. I am happy to report that I have found some relief after ordering these. Do they feel good? No. It's that crazy time of year when allergies rear their ugly heads and cause problems. I use the dropper on both eyes to wash out my eyes. I have not thought of the cost yet because it has been so uncomfortable that the alternative was scratching my own eyes. It's worth the money because my eyes are not as bad as they have been. I like my Systane drops because they feel a bit thicker and carry out debris better than other drops. The product is likely to be on-hand for a long time. Changes of the season affect me at least 2 times a year. Wishing you the best in your situation. Thank you Amazon. There is a Boiron, thank you for another great product.

9. Angels Eyes Gentle Presoaked Textured

Angels Eyes Gentle Presoaked Textured

Features: wipes are used to remove dried mucus. Use it daily to keep your dog or cat's eyes clean. Benefits: It reduces eye irritation and itching in your pet. Puppies or kittens can be given over 6 weeks. It's easy to use.

Brand: Angel's Eyes

👤I have gotten rid of the stains on my dog. The trick is to clean the eye. Don't skip. Just do it. I use a fine comb to remove the discharge from her face after I wipe the eye area. The difference is amazing. It takes about 3 minutes a day to get her tear stains gone.

👤This isn't a miracle cure. It is a very good product for cleaning up around the stain guys and illuminating some of the stain. It is hard to see how dirty and messy the dog is when they have stains. This is great for getting rid of eye boogers and making sure there is no other problem. My Maltese does not mind at all. He was relieved to get his eyes cleaned. His staining is recent. Since we moved out to Idaho there has been smoke in the air and it has caused staining. I think this dating is due to air-quality and nothing else, since that is the only thing that changed in his life.

👤Didn't do the job well. The pink staining still happened despite the pads being moist. Boric acid was in the contact lens cleaning solution. It works better.

👤It worked well for my dog. Within a month, her tear stains were gone, because the product is very easy to use. I use it every now and then, but I am very happy with the product.

👤These are not bad. I let my dog chew on a small treat in my hand as I wipe her eyes, she doesn't mind them, I usually let her chew on a small treat in my hand as I wipe her eyes. They don't irritate her, but they aren't very effective. I don't think they are enough to clean her eyes. If you try to wipe down, they will make the coloring spread. I use 1 per eye every day, but I will probably use my fingers again because that actually removed the stuff. You will have to use the product continuously if you want to prevent your dog from producing tears.

👤I was worried that they would be dried out, but they have a lot of solution in them. I use one for each of my dog's eyes, because they are soaked in a solution. They don't have a scent, but they are useful in getting the crust and gunk off my dog's fur. They don't remove stains. They don't remove the odors from the dog's eye. They clean it up very well. I've used makeup rounds and other tear cleaning products, but they didn't clean as well as this product. My dog doesn't mind these because they don't bother her eyes, but your experience may be different. We opened the jar and found them moist, but have been using them for 2 weeks now.

👤I broke the container seal when I opened the container for the first time. The product is supposed to have 100 wipes for tear stains, but it has no. There is no wipes in this bottle of liquid. I will be returning the product because I am confused.

10. Pataday Daily Relief Extra Strength

Pataday Daily Relief Extra Strength

Eye allergy itch relief works as an antihistamine to relieve itching. Provides fast symptom relief by limiting the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. One drop is easy to use. Relief can be up to 24 hours. Extra Strength relief has a doctor-prescribed eye allergy itch relief ingredient.

Brand: Pataday

👤I don't know what it is. I would like to. I would have realized the bottles were sample sizes. 2 doses per eye per bottle.

👤The regular pataday works well for me. I thought I would try it. It was a mistake. I had to use clear vision in advance of any task that required clear vision because my vision was blurry. I thought I would try it a few times to see if it worked. Blurry every time. I sent these back to the seller. They only gave me a full refund for 2 bottles of this stuff. I did not send the original box. I didn't know I was paying for a box. Money was lost on this. The bottle was still sealed.

👤I am a Canadian who is in the USA and was ecstatic to find out that you can get a 2 pack for the price on Amazon. In Canada, one bottle of this stuff is about 70 dollars. I have severe allergies and my eyes get very itchy in February and May. This is the only eye drop that works on them. When it gets bad, I start a prep regimen in January. Highly recommended!

👤For the last 8 years, I've used Pataday. Normally, I buy it from the drug store, but this was the first time I ordered it from Amazon. It was very sticky in and around my eyes when I first used it. The second day I used it, I decided to shake the bottle and see if that would help with the stickiness. The second time I used it, my vision was blurry and my eyes were tired. I don't have the option to return or get my money back for the Pataday I received from Amazon. I've ordered from Amazon before and they've never given me a chance to exchange or get a refund.

👤Only 1 drop in each eye was enough to start working. The itching and rubbing of the eyes are gone. I didn't want to rub my eyes after the surgery because it could damage the implanted lens, so I sought relief from the itching and rubbing.

👤I have used this for years as a prescription only product and the Amazon version is a great price and works the same as the old one if you buy it without insurance. It is much less expensive than in local stores. Are you ready for it, if your eyes itch, or just uncomfortable from allergy? Grab it!

👤I live in the mid Atlantic region and it's bad in April and June. Despite having an air purifier, I still wash my hands, change my linens, and wash my clothes. I still have trouble with watery eyes, itchy eyes, blurry vision, etc. My eyes can be closed when I wake up because it's so full of pollen. My allergies are so bad. I have to take an eyedrop, allergy pill, and spray every day. This is the eye drop that I want! It's the best! The eye dropper is small and there is plenty of drops in each eye. It's over the counter now, so happy! I only saw the dual pack option at Amazon. I haven't seen that in a store. I was so happy to check it out.

11. Vetericyn Pain Free Solution Abrasions Irritations

Vetericyn Pain Free Solution Abrasions Irritations

All animals have an eye wash. Provide safe, effective relief to your pet's eye irritations and wounds with this eye wash. It can be used to remove debris. All animals are approved for use. The solution is pain-free. If you have eyes that are flushed, use a saturated dressing 3-4 times per day until the condition is no longer visible. It's safe to use around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes. It helps prevent tear stains. RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS. If your animal care provider recommends something, you can save yourself the trip to the vet. Care for your animals where they are happy and comfortable, from your home to the farm or ranch. Health care products that are innovative and reliable. The most safe, effective and innovative animal health and wellbeing products are what Vetericyn is committed to developing. Each one is produced with scientific research and a standard of excellence. There are standards. You can trust. All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA. The family-owned company has been in Rialto, CA since 2009.

Brand: Vetericyn

👤I ordered it because it got good reviews. The bottle I received says it's Hot Spot Antimicrobial gel. There is a white label with a bar code on the blue bottle and it states that EyeWash is in it. I could have been blinded by the Hot Spot Antimicrobial Gel. A white label with a bar code was placed on the bottle to say that the contents are eye wash, but the bottle says it's the hot spot gel. Before applying something to an animal's eyes, be careful to look at the bottle. Had I not looked at the label, I don't know what damage this hot spot gel might have done to my dog's eyes. This is not acceptable.

👤I just bought eye wash and the gel for my two little white dogs and it is the best product I have ever bought for them. I've bought many brands and products for their eyes, but nothing worked. I bought this one because of the reviews. I love it! My dogs do not mind it, and you can see how their eyes open up more from relief. I apply the gel to their drainage and it works. My husband said that my eyes looked great today because of no drainage and opened up wider. It's thanks to Amazon that we all try products that are good and not just by what the pet store employee tells us to buy or thinks is good. I will recommend it to others.

👤English Bulldog has been having trouble with his eyes for a long time. They were getting filled with this discharge because of their age and dry eyes. The vet has prescribed many drops, but nothing has helped the situation. I have been using this product on our dog for the past two days and I have to say that I am impressed by the result and he is definitely happier. I can tell that he can really see now that his eyes are clear for two days. Not to mention how much dry stuff got removed from his eyes. The best solution for your pet's everyday eyes care was considered by me, because so far this product is amazing.

👤This stuff works. My kitten had an eye problem. In the morning, it's always weepy. We tried a prescription eye drop, but it didn't work. When we were desperate for relief, we tried this and it worked. I am so grateful for finding this.

👤I used this on my dog for three days and the improvement was huge. She woke a week ago with her eyes closed. She always has some stuff. The vet thinks it's allergies. I tried this product hoping for a natural solution and it's working, I'm not even seeing the smell in her eyes. Very impressive.

👤I bought this for my dog. She has horrible allergies. She gets a wound next to her nose because of her watery eyes. I've been washing her eyes with Vetericyn plus for two weeks now and it's starting to clear up. I'll post a picture so far that you can see the difference, and then I'll post another one later on. The picture is after two weeks. It looks better now than it did two weeks ago.


What is the best product for eye allergy drops for dogs?

Eye allergy drops for dogs products from Zaditor. In this article about eye allergy drops for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Visine and Clear Eyes are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye allergy drops for dogs.

What are the best brands for eye allergy drops for dogs?

Zaditor, Visine and Clear Eyes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye allergy drops for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Hulx, Vet's Best and Animal Essentials are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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