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1. Eye See Cooling Mask Puffy

Eye See Cooling Mask Puffy

Help those eyes. Look better. The Cooling Eye Mask is what you need to help those puffy eyes and get some relief from migraines. Cool and comfortable, their Eye gel mask / ice mask is made of gel and stays cold for optimal cooling mask relief for extended periods of time. Sinus pain is gone. The cold compress helps relieve stress. Try the eye ice pack while you are resting. Also can be used after surgery. The cooling eye mask is safe to use while sleeping. It is easy to wash the Eye See cooling face mask. When using a cold eye compress, you can get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles around your eyes. As a warm eye gel mask, it can help you sleep better, as it can relieve redness, swelling, and help you sleep peacefully.

Brand: Eye See

👤I have to have injections into my eyes every 5 weeks. This product makes the process simpler. I recommend it because it helps relieve swelling after the shots. There is a My daughter asked for the first one to help relieve her headaches, so I bought the second one. I don't think everyone is having eye injections, but most of them have had headaches. It was great to have on hand.

👤The mask has small beads in it that can be molded into something. I ordered it to help reduce the urge to rub my eyes during allergy season. It's perfect. I've tried cold washcloths, but they don't stay cold long, and need a couple and they don't stay frozen very long. This mask works. At least for me. Don't put it on your eyelid. Resting on the forehead is best. I take a rest and go back in the freezer. It has been helpful during the hot summer.

👤I love this eye mask. I like the fuzzy side of the inside. I turn it inside so that I can put the plastic side on my eyes. I can wear the eye Ask for about 20 minutes before it gets cold. I have no complaints about the band.

👤I put the product in the fridge. It did not stay warm very long.

👤I felt like it was just what I needed after reading the reviews. These block out light well, but they don't hold heat or cold. It's sad.

👤It stays cold for a while. I work nights when I come home in the morning and it is already cold so I see blurry after I take it off. It can last a couple of hours.

👤I have bad flare ups around my eyes due to my bad eczema. I can use all the steroid cream I want, but it will only help to a certain extent. When one of the masks is melting, I change them out. They take down swelling and inflammation.

👤This is a good product, but I haven't updated photos yet. I bought this product to see if it works after a few trials, and I can say that it works very well. You will have to use a period of 1 weeks for the change to happen.

2. Pataday Daily Relief Extra Strength

Pataday Daily Relief Extra Strength

Eye allergy itch relief works as an antihistamine to relieve itching. Provides fast symptom relief by limiting the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. One drop is easy to use. Relief can be up to 24 hours. Extra Strength relief has a doctor-prescribed eye allergy itch relief ingredient.

Brand: Pataday

👤I don't know what it is. I would like to. I would have realized the bottles were sample sizes. 2 doses per eye per bottle.

👤The regular pataday works well for me. I thought I would try it. It was a mistake. I had to use clear vision in advance of any task that required clear vision because my vision was blurry. I thought I would try it a few times to see if it worked. Blurry every time. I sent these back to the seller. They only gave me a full refund for 2 bottles of this stuff. I did not send the original box. I didn't know I was paying for a box. Money was lost on this. The bottle was still sealed.

👤I am a Canadian who is in the USA and was ecstatic to find out that you can get a 2 pack for the price on Amazon. In Canada, one bottle of this stuff is about 70 dollars. I have severe allergies and my eyes get very itchy in February and May. This is the only eye drop that works on them. When it gets bad, I start a prep regimen in January. Highly recommended!

👤For the last 8 years, I've used Pataday. Normally, I buy it from the drug store, but this was the first time I ordered it from Amazon. It was very sticky in and around my eyes when I first used it. The second day I used it, I decided to shake the bottle and see if that would help with the stickiness. The second time I used it, my vision was blurry and my eyes were tired. I don't have the option to return or get my money back for the Pataday I received from Amazon. I've ordered from Amazon before and they've never given me a chance to exchange or get a refund.

👤Only 1 drop in each eye was enough to start working. The itching and rubbing of the eyes are gone. I didn't want to rub my eyes after the surgery because it could damage the implanted lens, so I sought relief from the itching and rubbing.

👤I have used this for years as a prescription only product and the Amazon version is a great price and works the same as the old one if you buy it without insurance. It is much less expensive than in local stores. Are you ready for it, if your eyes itch, or just uncomfortable from allergy? Grab it!

👤I live in the mid Atlantic region and it's bad in April and June. Despite having an air purifier, I still wash my hands, change my linens, and wash my clothes. I still have trouble with watery eyes, itchy eyes, blurry vision, etc. My eyes can be closed when I wake up because it's so full of pollen. My allergies are so bad. I have to take an eyedrop, allergy pill, and spray every day. This is the eye drop that I want! It's the best! The eye dropper is small and there is plenty of drops in each eye. It's over the counter now, so happy! I only saw the dual pack option at Amazon. I haven't seen that in a store. I was so happy to check it out.

3. Primary Health Olopatadine Hydrochloride Opthalmic

Primary Health Olopatadine Hydrochloride Opthalmic

Antihistamine and redness. It's easy to use: Twice daily. Primary Health Olopatadine Hydrochloride Opthalmic Solution provides allergy relief due to pet dander, grass, pollen, and ragweed in addition to year-round indoor and outdoor allergies. It works in minutes after the first dose. The same active ingredient is found in the #1 doctor-prescribed eye allergy itch relief opthalmic solution.

Brand: Primary Health

👤I haven't found it if it's cheaper elsewhere. It is more effective for my eye allergies than any other eye allergy relief. Without it, driving can be difficult because of blurred vision, tears, and eye irritation.

👤It works great, and less expensive than the name brand, which costs over $200 per ounce. The price of these type drops should be more reasonable in the future.

👤Great eye drop for red eyes. Works for both humans and dogs.

👤It burns in seconds.

👤I had to go miles to purchase it, but it did the job.

👤This drop works if you suffer from allergies. My insurance used to cover the co-pay, so it was not horrible. The maker came out with a new product. The co-pay for a tiny bottle of Pataday was out of reach because my insurance carrier didn't put it on the preferred formulary. It is hard to find a pharmacy that sells Patanol. Instructions for a generic mirror are provided. The price is much lower. I'm not sure if the potency is the same as Pataday or the weaker Patanol. This drop worked well for me. The flower-blooming itch was quieted quickly. I am disappointed that there is not more information about where this is made, since it goes into the eyes and isn't just something that goes on your skin. I would be happy to make a permanent switch if the manufacturer made more information available.

👤I used to get Patanol when it was a prescription, but it cost my health insurance hundreds of dollars so they didn't want to cover it, and refused until I got an exemption. I don't like having the doctor tell me which drugs I can and can't use. I'm happy that this is available over the counter, and cheaper than my copay was. It used to cost me around 40 dollars. I was told by my allergist that it was okay to use contacts if they were disposable, but the pharmacy said I was not allowed. The contacts prevent the med from working well because the lens material gets stuck to it. It takes 6 hours for the hydrogen peroxide-based contact solution to be destroyed, but it's one way to destroy the allergens that are stuck on contacts. The only type of drop that any healthcare provider has said I can use with contacts is the drops. After the drops have been in my eyes for a while, my eyes feel a little dry. My glasses get foggy. I deal with it. It's better than the itching. I was told by my allergist to rinse my eyes before using the Patanol. If the lid is all the way on, the drops can be carried in a backpack or handbag. The lid is a little weird and seems like it's screwed on all the time, so you have to double-check. Good product and good price.

👤I suffer from horrible eye allergy symptoms in the spring. Itchy, red, tearing eyes can make a day miserable. I try to stay indoors, minimize exposure to pollen, and use allergy remedies as needed. I have found that Olopatadine works the best for me when it comes to allergies. It helps to control my eye symptoms. The generic Primary Health Olopatadine Hydrochloride Opthalmic Solution is a great solution. It works the same. I get relief throughout the day when there is no burning. If you're having trouble with eye allergies, give this a try.

4. Alcon Pataday Daily Relief 0 085

Alcon Pataday Daily Relief 0 085

An eye irritation remedy that works is an eye irritant. Fast Symmetry Relief is a method of treating allergic reactions by limiting the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. One drop is easy to use. Relief can be up to 16 hours. There is a doctor-prescribed eye itch relief ingredient.

Brand: Pataday

👤It's too much for something that doesn't work. I was hopeful.

👤I can go outside again. My children will be happy. I don't have to wake up and pry my eyelid apart by soaking warm washcloths. No more rubbing my eyes until I see something.

👤When it was only sold by prescription, I was prescribed it by my doctor. I liked it. It made a huge difference in how my eyes and the rest of my body felt. It was very expensive. I was very happy when I saw that I could buy it for half the price with a prescription. I have used it for a week and it doesn't work. Not the same product. A waste of money.

👤This product is very expensive and is worthless.

👤I thought I had made a mistake when I first opened it and purchased a single use eye drop. It's about the size of a thumb nail. Very small. It says it has 30 days supply, but you better not make any mistakes. I hope that was for both eyes. I don't think 60 drops could be in that bottle. This is a great medication for allergy eyes. I think I could only get it from my eye doctor, but now it's over the counter.

👤I saw this product advertised on television a few weeks ago and decided to try it since I have very irritated eyes from allergies. I have had good luck with Alcon products. I was shocked when I opened the box to find a bottle inside. I thought this would be the same size as their other drops. Not true! There is a The Systane from Alcon is 1.3 ounces. One drop has not yet soothed my eyes for a full day. Never again.

👤After using it for the first time, I think it worked well and fast, I could no longer see the itch in my eyes. There is a Next time I buy a bottle, I will buy a 5ml bottle.

👤The USPS found the package and delivered it to us. The product is great and will make you feel better from allergies. The seller is fine and the product is great.

5. Alcon Pataday Twice Daily Relief

Alcon Pataday Twice Daily Relief

An eye irritation remedy that works is an eye irritant. The Fast Symmetric Relief is provided. Limit the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. One drop is easy to use. Relief can last up to 8 hours. There is a doctor-prescribed eye itch relief ingredient.

Brand: Pataday

👤You have to mortgage your home to pay for it. It cost more than its weight.

👤Zaditor stopped working for me. I have eye allergies. My eye allergies are relieved by Pataday. I don't have eye stinging when I use this, but the drops can make my vision blurry for a few seconds. If it works, it is worth it for me. I like the twice daily version because at the end of the day my eyes are tired and I don't have to worry about them.

👤My son has seasonal allergies. Nothing seemed to help his eyes until Pataday. He used to get it from his doctor. It is now over the counter and I am happy about it. It's much easier to get now.

👤I have chronic dry eyes and tried this product. It was expensive and didn't provide the relief I needed. I've returned to my usual eye drops.

👤I can only speak for myself, but this product didn't help my allergy situation, it only made it worse. It didn't prevent my usual allergic reaction when I used it an hour before going outside. I waited until the reaction started and then used the drops, but they didn't do anything, and the reaction was worse than before they were put in. I had been using Zaditor and was hoping that this different active ingredient would help. It doesn't. My opthalmologist told me that the only other eye drops that contain a redness reliever should not be used regularly, and that I have not tried the other ones. It's bad that nobody makes an OTC eye drop with only the antihistamine and the redness blocker.

👤I have eyes that are not normal. I have cats and the hair is long. The itching and discomfort is gone with one drop in each eye. Very happy.

👤I used to get these with a prescription, but saw they were available with an appointment. I used them the day they arrived. My allergies were bothering me and these worked great.

👤When Pataday was over the counter, I was so happy. If you have eye allergies and never tried Pataday, then this is your chance. There is nothing that works like Pataday to relieve eye allergies. I have two dogs and a cat, and sometimes my eyes become swollen. I washed my eyes and used Pataday. I buy the once a day one more than this one, but it's still awesome.

6. Similasan Aging Relief Drops Count

Similasan Aging Relief Drops Count

Aging eye symptoms like blurred vision, eye strain, and tearing can be alleviated with Similasan Aging Eye Relief drops. Use as often as necessary. The eye drops stimulated the body's natural defenses instead of masking symptoms like blurry vision, strained eyes, dry eyes, and watering eyes. Natural active ingredients are used in eye drops. Eye drops do not contain chemicals that cause rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 40 years, Similasan has been used by families. The leading brand of remedies with natural active ingredients is called Similasan. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from aging eye symptoms can be provided by their eye drops.

Brand: Similasan

👤I have been going blind for a while. I used the pink eye, aging eye, allergy and all purpose drops. After a few days my eyes and sinuses felt like a cold, but my vision got better and the irritation and dryness were gone! It was like rolling back the clock 15 years. Really impressed.

👤I preferred the Simalsan Allergy Eye drops over the Aging Eye Relief drops. I am a senior citizen who reads a lot, spends a lot of time on the computer and lives in the high desert where there is tons of tree pollen. The Aging Eye Relief drops have a long lasting effect and are very soothing. They work well for relief during tree pollen season. Samalsan brand is effective in general, but these eye drops are excellent.

👤I need eye relief for my eyes. After going to sleep and waking up, my eyes are no longer dry or itchy. The delivery system is easy to use. I use drops in my eyes before I go to bed. I will be rearranging.

👤I bought this for my senior Lhasa Apso. I recall that this formula was formerly labeled for cataracts, as he is starting to get one in one eye. His eyes are not as bloodshot and it could be my hope, but his cataract is diminishing. God knows I hope so. It is safe for animals to use it. Highly recommended. The first bottle I bought was superior to any other drops I've tried.

👤These eye drops are great for my eyes. It was a bit awkward to use their dropper, but I quickly got the hang of it and my eyes are much better even after hours at the computer or being out in the weather where dust and pollen used to make them quite itchy. I use drops in my eyes when I get up in the morning and again at night. I use my eyes during the day if they're dry or tired, but it's not often. My eyes are not as dry as they used to be.

👤The blur is gone after 2 drops in each eye. I will use them.

👤I decided to try this product since it claims to be safe and has no side effects. After applying two drops per eye, I felt a sensation of pressure in both eyes. The L is still feeling a sensation of pain and pressure two hours after R was okay. I have headaches on the L side of my head. The product has been submitted for return. The time is now 12:00 PM. The headaches are gone by noon the next day. There is only slight sensitivity to touch in the L eye. Returned for a refund.

👤After applying the drops into my eyes, I felt zig zag lines in my eyes. At first, I thought my iPad screen cracked, but I realized it was my eyes that were having the issues. I stopped the drops. Scary experience. Be aware!

👤I ordered a second one before I ran out. Did everything they said they would do. Dry eyes, blurry vision, and general uneasiness. The droplet was so easy to use that it didn't need a lot of squeezing for the drops to come out. I think they are worth it even though they are a little bit more expensive than other drops. I was a little disappointed that the second bottle was more expensive than the first. I want to keep using these drops and I hope the third bottle won't be more expensive.

7. Boiron Rhinallergy Homeopathic Medicine Allergy

Boiron Rhinallergy Homeopathic Medicine Allergy

RhinAllergy Tablets temporarily relieve symptoms of upper respiratory allergies, such as itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and itchy throat and nose. No known drug interactions. For people of all ages, age 2 and up. There are 60 tablets in the box. RhinAllergy Kids tablets and RhinAllergy Kids pellets are also available.

Brand: Boiron

👤This works. I have an allergy. I have asthma. I have taken allergy medicines for a long time. None of that took away my allergies. I use my albuterol inhaler every day. Until now. It has been about a month since I had to use my inhaler and it is definitely allergy season in the northeast. I am shocked by the outcome.

👤I read about these little wonders in a book and bought them to have on hand for our annual spring hay frenzy. One morning after my husband did his outdoor routine, his eyes were running with tears, and he was getting teary-eyed. He was begging for drugs. I got this product out and he didn't like it. I asked him what he had to lose. We will pursue other remedies if these don't solve your problem in an hour. An engineer set his timer to take them in a certain order. He was able to breathe better after the first dose. He was fine after the second dose and went back outside. He didn't really need to take anything when he did the next dose, but better follow directions. He followed the schedule. He used up half of the tablets over a two week period. He asked us to send a box to our son in Colorado, who also suffers from seasonal allergies, so we could always have some on hand.

👤There is a little history for context. I bought this for my husband because he is the one in our family who is looking for natural remedies. He has had problems with the nose for over 50 years. He had a few years ago a surgery that did not last. It started with sneezing around Oct last year. It seemed worse than previous years. Covid was at the forefront of our concerns, but my husband felt confident that it was just his sinuses. He spent Oct, Nov, Dec, and first of February absolutely miserable. I did not find any products that did anything for him. He was not able to use his C-PAP machine at night because of all the sneezing and nasal drips. He slept very little. We all know that lack of sleep affects us. I think you can get the picture even if there is more to say. I found this product in my search. I apologize if I spelled it wrong. I don't have a box in front of me. The positive reviews were enough to convince me, but I still had to check out the validity of those, so I bought 2 boxes on the spot. I didn't want him to run out if they worked as well as they said they would. He was skeptical after reading how the dosage was set up, but I think he would have tried anything, even though he had not slept in almost 5 months and had constant sneezing. I can tell you that this stuff is amazing. He took the first two pills, then took another in 15 minute intervals for a certain period. I don't recall how many you can take in a day. He slept for the first time that night, and his symptoms went down the next day. I think he took about 30 pills over the course of a few days. Within a week, his symptoms were gone. Less than a week. He said he had no other problems. He has not had to take anymore since a couple of weeks ago. No sneezing, no nose, no watery eyes! Without the C-PAP, he is sleeping through the night. I can't tell you how grateful I am. I know my husband is also a fan of this pill. Don't let the negative reviews stop you. Everyone knows that something works for one person, but it doesn't mean it will work for everyone. I feel bad for those who didn't benefit. I don't know if you are one of them. I can only say that they worked well for my husband. I will not allow him to be without these. I bought them for our 44 year old daughter. She had a father who had issues with the nose. We're not giving up on them because she hasn't received hers yet. To continue!

8. Alaway Allergy Preservative Antihistamine Single Dose

Alaway Allergy Preservative Antihistamine Single Dose

Help relieve eye allergy symptoms caused by ragweed, grass, animal hair, and pollen with these eye drops. Eye itch relief can be provided in minutes with Alaway antihistamine eye drops. The formula works at the source of eye allergy symptoms so it works faster than most allergy pills. Are you affected by eye allergies? If you have eye allergy symptoms, you know how uncomfortable itching, watering eyes caused by ragweed, grass, animal hair and dander can be. Since John Bausch opened an optical goods store in the 19th century, the company has focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. There is a 10-day supply of 20 single-dose vials. Adults and children are 3 years of age and older.

Brand: Alaway

👤This is one of the better allergy eye drops. You can usually get 2 days use from a vial if you want to replace the cap after it has been snapped off. Alaway doesn't offer that option. There is no way to keep the dropper sterile. This product is expensive. I can't deal with throwing away a perfectly good product after using 2 drops. I'll use a less effective product that doesn't make me throw away my money.

👤I like the drops. I instill them and they seem to be effective for eye itching. I don't think they have an effect on allergy symptoms. I'm not sure if they're supposed to. I use artificial tears, specifically Bion Tears. The same type of vial as Alaway, but with a top that acts like a cap, allows reuse as long as I'm careful aboutContamination. Which I am. I wanted to address the issue of re-use for Alaway in the review. I save some of the caps when I finish a Bion or refresh because they fit perfectly on the Alaway vials, which allows me to get most often three days from each vial. The product is more cost effective because of that. I don't think anyone else should do it this way. Anyone who does needs to be obsessive about hand washing and keeping the tip out of the eye. It works well for me. I want to mention that I use a hack to make Alaway affordable. Thank you and. . Be safe!

👤The first non-prescription allergy drop is approved by the FDA, but it's too difficult for people to use. B&L unnecessarily doubles the packaging with each 20 count box divided up inside into 4 seamed plastic envelopes of 5 vial each, unlike other companies that only produce single drops. The packaging cannot be torn open without scissors or knives. If you want to use them in your bedroom, you have to either run to get a pair of scissors or leave the sharp instruments out on the nightstand. It's not safe if you have children. The company requires you to twist off a small knob at the end of each individual vial in order to get it. It's easy to drop this small tab with the other when you put the drops in your eyes. If they hit the floor, my dog goes after them and I fear he will swallow one. Is there a cap with a thread attached to prevent this? I had to go back to my old eye drops with Preservatives because of the safety hazard and the hassle of using the Alaway single use vials.

👤I wear contacts and they help with allergies. I use at night after contacts come out. Relief!

👤I was introduced to this product by eye ER opthamologists. I am grateful that there is an antihistimate eye drop, but it is not strong enough for my severe eye allergies. Excellent product for people with eye allergies. I need compounded preservative free prednisone and allergy shots for my allergies.

9. GoodSense Allergy Relief Loratadine Tablets

GoodSense Allergy Relief Loratadine Tablets

There is an active ingREDIENT. The active ingredient in Claritin is loratadine, an antihistamine. There is a 26 HOUR ALLERGY RELIEF. Goodsense loratadine tablets 10mg work for a full 24 hours to relieve your allergy symptoms. This trusted allergy medicine comes in full prescription strength, so you can get strong symptom relief without the sleepiness. AntihistaMINE is a drug. Symptoms of hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies can be alleviated with this blocker. This allergy medicine will help your allergy symptoms without making you feel sleepy.

Brand: Good Sense

👤This product is not animal product free for anyone who is a vegan or vegetarian. I am sure it works just fine, was a great price, but on a panel separate from the main ingredients and only after I purchased did I notice it has a pregelatinated ingredient. I asked to return it for a refund and was told to complete an auto form labeled "switcher, fraud prevention" I am waiting to hear if I can return the package that I received two days ago. I will update this review when I hear back. I heard back later in the day. Everything was resolved in a matter of hours, and they were more than happy to give me my money back. Customer service received a A.

👤I thought the product was too good to be true when I first saw it on Amazon. No way! I have been using the Goodsense loratadine tablets for several weeks and they are working well. I am very pleased with these little girls. It is time for someone to come out with an allergy alleviating product that does not cost an arm or a leg and only last a week or two. There are many times in the year when my sinuses can use easement because of my allergies. I have a dog that sheds profusely and coats my apartment with a layer of fur that I have to vacuum daily and though this cleans up the fur, it also stirs up many allergens thattrigger my sinuses which can lead to the good ol pressure headaches and puffy red face with watery eyes I can easily plan ahead when doing household chores and just pop one of these loratadine tablets about 30 minutes before I start. I can afford a quantity of one where I can take it if I need it, thanks to Good Sense. Your name fits your brand well.

👤I found a substitute for Claritin 10mg that works. I've been to the drugstores and they didn't make me forget I have allergies. You don't get to know the diagnoses of my allergies because I have a lot of them. Unless you've been through the allergy tests, allergy meds, allergy shots, you're out of luck. Unless you've been there, do that. I'm going to buy another bottle since every time I find something perfect, it disappears from the face of the earth.

👤I can't believe how much they work. I have been taking Claritin and other off brand tablets for years and have always worked well. I found these cheaper ones here. The pills are for $12. Yes, please! My allergies got worse when I started taking these. It was worse than before. I sneeze a million times a day. My throat is very sore. My face is very itchy. My eyes itch constantly. I stopped taking them and went back to taking the other pills that were off brand. I was shocked. I wish I could get my money back.

👤Good times! It has been around for a long time and is on the WHO's list of essentials. It is one of the safest medicines. It is now a generic and the generics cost between $0.01 and $0.08USD per dose; I prefer to take it alone as I do not tolerate the D or decongestant very well. Prilosec is an anti-histamine and can be bought in the -D formula if you want a decongestant. This is the med cabinet for your family and friends. It is a non-drowsy formula and can be used to combat many allergens. If you want a drug that won't make you sleepy, there are other options, such as Zyzal. One who is prone to allergies, seasonal or environmental can use loratadine.

10. Alcon Pataday Daily Relief 0 085

Alcon Pataday Daily Relief 0 085

An eye irritation remedy that works is an eye irritant. Fast Symmetry Relief is a method of treating allergic reactions by limiting the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. One drop is easy to use. Relief can be up to 16 hours. There is a doctor-prescribed eye itch relief ingredient.

Brand: Alcon

👤Everyone is complaining about the bottle size. I have taken this off and on for years. The small bottle cost me $55. This is a steal. It is gold in liquid form. It's good for both itchy eyes and swollen eyes from allergies.

👤I only received the twin pack of eye drops on the bottle. Please tell me what to do.

👤It took me minutes to calm my eyes.

👤I had surgery on my eye a long time ago. I have scar tissue on this eye. I have many allergies that affect my eyes. I have had prescription drops, over the counter drops, and expensive natural tears. Nothing worked. I got a recommendation from Amazon. These are terrific! They are miracle drops. I gave a bottle to my daughter-in-law who suffers from dry, itchy allergy eyes and she said they were sent from heaven. If you have eye issues, please do not suffer anymore. Get some Pataday drops to calm your eyes. My opthalmic surgeon asked me to have eye drops on hand because I am getting cataracts this week. He replied that he was going to recommend it, and I said "I have Pataday drops". Physician and patient preferred. Get yourself some. It's not expensive when you have relief of dry eyes and allergies. These are the gold standards.

👤I love the drops. They were prescribed by my eye doctor to prevent allergic reactions when I pet dogs. I am free to be around all the furry friends I want without red puffy eyes if I take 1 drop in each eye once a day.

👤These eyedrops are great on a daily basis. All the dry eye symptoms are taken away by them. The bottle is too small for me. It's a small bottle. It is hard for me to squeeze the drops out of my arthritis. I have to depend on people who visit me to do the drops. This product is better than what I used to use. If the delivery system was easier to use, I would give it 10 stars.

👤After winning the allergy lottery, I've been using Pataday Rx for about 10 years. It's my main allergy medication along with Allegra and fluticasone. It's only once a day, and you have to wait 15 minutes before putting contacts in, but for me it makes my eyes feel better. The other 2 medications help my eyes as well. 1 bottle is roughly 1 months' worth of drops for both eyes, give or take. When this was an Rx, I paid $150 per bottle, and 2020 is the first allergy season where it's OTC, so let me tell you how much this stuff was when it was $30 for 2 bottles. This was 10 times more expensive under Rx. In a typical season, I would go through a few bottles. I don't have to worry about calling the doctor if I pay $30 instead of $300. I asked my doctor if there was a generic, assuming it would be cheaper. He told me there was, but it was twice daily.

11. Clear Eyes Cooling Relieves Irritations

Clear Eyes Cooling Relieves Irritations

A special eye solution that instantly cools and heals dry eyes is contained. Relief from burning, itching, and irritated eyes. The brand is the #1 selling eye drops. It provides up to 12 hours of comfort. Clear Eyes Cooling Comfort Eye Drops are included. There is a product in the U.S. that can be used with a health savings account.

Brand: Clear Eyes

👤Holy shit. This stuff is powerful. I didn't analyze what "cooling" meant. This stuff took me by surprise when I saw it in the first drop, where polar bears frolic in the wintry sea. Imagine'minty fresh' for your eyes. It was difficult to open my eyeholes for a short time, but after learning what to expect, I was very impressed with this product. If you want long-term relief from eyeball pain, buy this. Drop your eyeballs in some ice water for up to a minute before you can get them back.

👤At first. At first it was not cool. I was scared. It burned differently than visine. After 30 seconds it faded. I thought I was allergic. The guy used it. Same thing. I use sustain ultra and it works well. I wanted to help with redness as well. The first part works if you pass it. In my case it burned for 30 seconds. The advertising says it's cooling. For me. Not a single thing about it cooling. Does work. This helps you to be prepared for the burn, not the cooling sensation, as the bottle says. In my case. Light colored eyes, dry eyes. So. Hope this helps. It is ok. It doesn't bother my eyes and it's just for hydration, but this kind of felt a little dry after the burn stopped. I would use redness more than dry eye. In my case. If I can use it more, I will update review.

👤I have used this product for more than two years, having switched over from other "12-hour" variety drops to reduce redness in my eyes. The cooling effect is caused by one simple ingredient. It's a liquid. It is a mystery why it has never been used by other manufacturers. However, this warning. It will be a shock if you are using "menthol" eye drops for the first time. Some users say the sensation is so intense they can't take it. It does feel like your eyes are getting a very cold wash, rinsing any "gunk" accumulated during sleep. This product has the added effect of making your eyes feel cooler and less red, which makes it a better choice than the competing 12-hour eye drops. The sensation lasts for no more than 10 seconds, and it's a nice shock to wake up with. After the second day, I got used to the "cooling" effect of these drops and was pleased that the main ingredient is almost homeopath - instead of another chemical to boost the already included vasoconstrictor composition of most redness removing drops. After about a week, I knew these eye drops would replace all my previous brands and types. I have at least two boxes in my home, one for immediate morning relief and the other for the communal medicine cabinet. The sensation of adding coolness to my eyes is immediate, though temporary, because other drops don't feel as powerful. Give them a try for a few days before they say no.

👤The stuff burns for a short time. You won't be able to see anything for a while. You're blind until the stinging stops. This product will eventually provide a cooling comfort after that experience. It may sting for a short time, but it's nothing compared to the feeling of being shoved in your eyeball. If my eyes aren't red, and I just need something to wet them, I prefer, because it doesn't have any pain for me. I hope this will help someone find what they need.


What is the best product for eye allergy relief?

Eye allergy relief products from Eye See. In this article about eye allergy relief you can see why people choose the product. Pataday and Primary Health are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye allergy relief.

What are the best brands for eye allergy relief?

Eye See, Pataday and Primary Health are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye allergy relief. Find the detail in this article. Similasan, Boiron and Alaway are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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