Best Eye and Ear Protection for Shooting Range Combo

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1. Walkers Razor Slim Passive Earmuff

Walkers Razor Slim Passive Earmuff

Light weight, slim design with ear cups. NRR 27 protects against noise. It is easy to fold up for transport and storage. The headband has a metal wire frame.

Brand: Walker's

👤You will have to be precise in what you say. These are great if you want a basic ear pro. They fit flush and don't leak sound from the eye pro. These aren't comfortable if you want a comfortable pair. They squeeze your grape on a level that indicates hatred or revenge. The band is very strong. It's hard to find a comfortable fit because it keeps out the sound. The sound protection is the best thing about these. It's what they are for. I have Howard Leights, but those don't fit as well. They don't crush my skull with a supernatural animosity but they don't fit flush and leak a lot of sound. I have a small skull. I have a narrow skull, so I don't like wearing eyewear and headwear. I don't extend the earpro at all. These are crushing. I would buy them again. They aren't going to be those people that you claim you forgot, but they do exactly what they are supposed to do. I got them for the cost and have found that earpro is less effective. I'm happy to have purchased it.

👤If you are like me and you are a beginning shooter, these walkers are the best thing you can buy. They are the best. My ears are small because I am a small woman, and they block out the loud sounds of a handgun and shotgun. I wear them with the small ear pieces that are given to you at the range. This was the best price I could find. I almost got discouraged by the bad reviews and almost spent $100+ on a pair with a bunch of different features, but seriously you can't always go by reviews. You just have to buy a product to see if it is for you. These are simple and effective, which is exactly what I needed.

👤There is a story about how during the space race, Nasa spent a lot of money on a pen that would work in space. The Russians are using a pencil. I wanted to avoid paying for noise cancelling headphones. Most of them are good, but not amazing. My solution was to use earmuffs and in- ear buds. I can get work done in coffee shops and distraction-free environments without looking like I'm going duck hunting. No regrets with this purchase.

👤I've had them for a while. I use them for work in an automotive repair shop. As many of you have heard, as many of you have been to. There are many noises. From air tools to hammers, everything has a hammer. That noise isn't anything compared to the mechanic. I've seen reviews on hearing protection that were bad because they still hear noises. These aren't eliminating all noises. The noises are being lowered to a lower level. Which is what they do. The noises around me are more muffle than they would be without them. It's easier to deal with loud noises. Not getting a throbbing head from those noises. The hearing protection has cushion ear pads. There is no cushion for the top of your head. It might not be something for those with hair. The plastic connecting point between the ear muffs and headband is where metal rods are to adjust them. I am concerned about them holding up. The quality of them will not break soon. They are snug against you, like they should be. You will sweat a lot when you use them for a long time. The climate you're in will affect how much you get. They work as they should, and haven't fallen apart in 3 months. I don't have a way to know how much it reduces the noise level. It sounds a lot less than it would without it being brought down. The slim profile makes it easy to store it in my tool box. I'm happy with them, they're cheap.

2. GLORYFIRE Electronic Shooting Amplification Electric

GLORYFIRE Electronic Shooting Amplification Electric

With a compact design, Caldwell folding muffs are easy to fit in your range bag. Hunting and shooting range gear hearing protection helmets. When the sound is over 82 decibels, built-in omni-directional microphones increase environmental voices, providing enhanced communication for hunting, shooting, and other activities. The noise reduction rating is 25. It was designed in the USA and different from other electronic shooting earmuffs. The earmuffs will shut off all the sound when the sound reaches 82 decibels. At the same time. You get a sound similar to a human voice or animal sound. GLORYFIRE shooting earmuffs use technology to reduce noise. The noise will be compressed to less than 80 decibels. Sound amplification 6 times. Different with other brands of earmuffs. It can help you to hear the sound of animals. AUX input and 3.5mm connection cord are included. The power/volume knob is integrated. The highest quality chip is used to keep the sound good. The Headband is soft padded and high quality. You can still enjoy your music while hunting with their shooting earmuffs. The after-sale service is available. They'll be glad to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Gloryfire

👤I took them out of the box and they were not impressed. The headband is made with wires and metal that connect it to the ear muffs. It was difficult to adjust. I felt like my ears were made for a child. The "volume" knob on the ear muff doesn't block the noise well. An auxillary cord is very cheap and is used for audio. It doesn't fit into earmuffs or musical devices. There was a lot of static noise if the cord was not moved at all. Not worth the cost. Returned mine for better quality. The box says Made in China, but they may claim to be designed in the USA. Lesson learned! Do not recommend.

👤It was kind of uncomfortable. Outside noise is really deadins.

👤Loud noises are quickly responded to by real comfortable and noise canceling. Keeping the cap attached is better than the battery cap.

👤I have spent a lot of money on junk. They were bought a few months ago. Only one ear worked for 2 months. The microphone is not functioning. When I sent them an email, I found they were closed down. I think shoddy workmenship in producing country is the standard. There is a warning to all...

👤I had not returned my last pair and was excited to get these. After about an hour of continuous use, they became an irritation. If you just want to see if your rifle is still on target, they are fine.

👤The 'get home' bag was cheap so I went for it. I have several pairs of HowardLeight's and they are great. I took these out of the box, put in new batteries, and immediately changed the ear pads to gels, so I don't really know how comfortable the stock pads are, and began the match. It was around 60 out. They began to emit static with each shot. The left ear cut out intermittently for about an hour. The batteries were changed again. The sound was clear, a little tinny, and one annoying feature is that after each shot, the sound stopped amplification for about half a second. It's not a big deal, but it's an annoyance. The static and intermittent cutting out of the left ear started again after another hour. Nothing fixed it when the wires were moved. The batteries were reading new after I checked the voltage. They did it again after about two hours with fresh batteries, but with other reviews I read good things, this could be a ruse. I can't return them because they have scratched up the side. If you pay the extra $30 that HowardLeight wants, you will get something that you can trust to work when you need it, and you will have longevity with it. Brothers and sisters should not be cheap.

👤This works great because most people are weary of buying cheaper stuff. I am always happy with the range. I have used 100 dollar and up ones and they work just as well. The purchase was worth it. Won't be disappointed.

3. Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Black

Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Black

The cups are razor-thin. Two omni microphones. The sound activated protection over 89DB is at 0.02 reaction time.

Brand: Walker's

👤I wasn't impressed by the muffs at first. I feel like they didn't do enough to limit sound at the shooting range, but I have done a couple of things to make them a better product. I keep the dial on the right side of my head. I initially wore them with the volume adjustment on my left. I don't know why this matters, they seem to be the same on each side. It shouldn't matter how they are dressed. I get a better seal when they are worn with the volume adjustment on the right. 2. When shooting a rifle, I started wearing foam ear plugs. I was annoyed at first, but I was more comfortable and gun fire was much quieter. The ability to talk and converse with someone else, which otherwise is impossible, is still provided by these. Especially at indoor ranges. My wife and I can both have a pair when we go to the range together. Being able to talk without having to get close to each other and scream is nice. Every 30 seconds. They seem to be of good quality. I have not been blown out of the water. I don't have any concerns either. The first pair is a little over a year old, but they have not yet shown signs of wear and tear. I would recommend them to others. They are definitely worth getting at their current price point, but I still need to wear foam ear plugs underneath them, so I am going to knock one star off. They have exceeded my expectations. A few stars. Both pairs are doing well. I have not had any issues. I swapped out the ear cups for Walker's "Gel Cups" and have been impressed. The gel cups seem to help form a better seal around your ear if you wear them for more than a couple hours. I would recommend it. The gel cups enhance the product. I put some time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal or business use so that I can help other people decide on an item. If you found my review helpful, you should hit the "helpful" button below.

👤I already had a pair of ear muffs and they are very comfortable and work great at the range. They get 5 stars. The negative review was caused by some false advertising from Amazon. I wanted these muffs because they were being sold with 50 N95 respirators for the same price. I ordered the muffs because I wanted to get some hard to find PPE for my local hospital, and I thought how badly needed more of these N95s were. If it meant protecting myself and my co-workers, I was happy to pay the price. The muffs came but no masks. I'm hoping that Amazon will acknowledge the fact that this happened and address the problem. It's shameful to take advantage of customers during a time of crisis, and I'm not happy with Amazon.

👤People are being tricked into buying a product that they are not getting the masks they were promised. The product is good.

4. Walkers Game Ear GWP RSEMPAT FDE Electronic

Walkers Game Ear GWP RSEMPAT FDE Electronic

Hearing protection and hunting range gear. The materials are of the highest quality. Another great product from Walker.

Brand: Walker's

👤I loved these muffs from the moment I got them. I was able to carry a conversation with those I was working with, even though I was suffering from tinnitus. They aren't suited for running saws and such, at least not with the amplifier on. They're not much protective for shooting anything louder than a.22. They were great for pneumatic nailers and hammering activities, which lasted for a while. I ordered more to keep at different places because I liked them so much that I wanted a set that was always useful. When the amplifier from the first set died after about 7 months of light to barely moderate use, I used 33 db muffs, which are more protective, and only use them for an hour or two per week. I wanted to give Walker a chance to fix the situation because I loved the product so much. I'll have to look for another product to meet my needs, as Walker has proven their brand to be unreliable and untrustworthy, as my attempts to contact them through their support system went without even a reply.

👤The new Walker's Razor Slim muffs worked great when I tried them at the shooting range. Walker's won hands down when I tested them against another brand of electronic muffs. When I use them to shoot a trap or rifle, they fit well. I've tried hitting the gun stock and pulling the protection off my ear. The volume control allows me to adjust it to my liking. I find that they allow me to hear better when they are on my ears than when they aren't. I could hear birds in the vicinity and a truck up a hill on the road, but Walker's Razor killed the gun shots of my friend next to me. When we go to the range, I ordered another set of Walker's for my family and friends because I highly recommend them.

👤Went shooting Saturday after arriving Friday. They were on for 4 hours. After 30 minutes, they began to hurt. It was tight. The plastic base inside the cups is touching my ears. I have prescription sunglasses that are tight. The padding doesn't have much inside so it collapses easily. The Walker gel pads are upgraded. Thursday is when mine will arrive. I'll take the test then. They do work. People are talking and others are shooting. Awesome. It was used outdoors with 12guage. Everything was muffled. I turned up the volume and heard my son talking. When you buy the upgraded Walker Gel pads, buy them now.

👤The listing states that the earphones turn off automatically, but it looks like they don't. They were dead when I came back to the range. Great for a gun range. I like being able to change the volume. It was interesting to have my first pair of electronic muffs. When I first got the package, I couldn't hear my TV, but once I turned on the microphones, I heard it. The noise cancellation was perfect when I went to the gun range. I could still hear my friends. It helps tone down the fun shots.

5. Howard Leight Honeywell Amplification Electronic

Howard Leight Honeywell Amplification Electronic

It helps restore the skin's natural balance of hydration. The built-in microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82 decibels. The noise reduction rating is 22 when amplification is shut off when ambient sound reaches 82 decibels. Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance, a folding design for convenient storage, and a classic green color. AUX input and 3.5mm connection cord are included. The power/volume knob is integrated. The automatic shut-off feature increases the battery life by approximately 350 hours. The automatic shut-off feature increases the battery life by approximately 350 hours.

Brand: Howard Leight

👤I am reviewing three range headphones, side-by-side, to help you make an informed decision. I am not advocating for you to buy one over the other. I paid for each of the three products myself, so I am not sponsored to do this. Walkers with deep cups with thick pads are comfortable after 20 minutes. There is a high level of resistance when opening, putting on, and adjusting. #2. The headband pulls down on your head for the first few minutes. The cups will slide down if you have more room. You get used to it quickly. Within a few minutes, you stop looking at it. It is easy to adjust. Thin pads are difficult to get to sit right over your ear and eye pro. Either they lift off the bottom of your ear, or you have to make the band so high it doesn't rest on your head. It doesn't hurt the top of your head when you put them on. The felt in the earmuff is what explains why they havehygiene kits to replace them. It's easy to open and adjust. When volume is off, they have a great decibel reduction. They cut to a safe level when sound is on. Walkers have a good decibel reduction when volume is off. They cut to a safe level when sound is on. When volume is off, Gloryfire has great decibel reduction, but when sound is on, they are not that good, and I can hear the start of a blast before it kicks in. Howard Leights said that he had good fidelity of sound. The audio is very good, but there is some lag when you turn them on or adjust the volume. If you are in the wild, the felt that covers the microphones could get stuck, and will collect dust. The sound fidelity is good, but after a few months, the left headphones stopped working. The earphone cup has a metal mesh that sits flush with the plane of the microphone. The sound volume is not good. In a quiet room with the other two, you can hear an analogue clock in the next room, but it barely makes out voices. The right ear was quieter than the left out of the box. I can hear static at higher volumes. The sound is not loud enough for listening to tunes on a range, but it is quiet when playing music with both the media player and earphones. The volume knob is easy to find when wearing a walker. It is very responsive and up means louder. The input port is convenient. The input port has a rubber plug that falls out and it is very difficult to get back into the hole. #2. The volume knob is in an intuitive place but does not protrude, so there is a little fumbling at first until you get used to where it is. Adjustments are responsive. The input port is located on the edge and is easy to find, and it has a collar which makes it easy to plug into without taking them off. The volume knob is not intuitive because it requires left-right turning. The knob is located at the edge of the phone. There is a lag when adjusting the sound. The input port is located on the edge and is easy to find when wearing. It's annoying when a phone is plugged in. Collapses easily into a nice, tight form. #2. Gloryfire is a bit bulkier than HowardLeights. One or both cups don't slide in when you collapse, so you have to fiddle with it to get it collapsed. When not in use, the pads make contact at the top and compress unevenly. The design and application of the Walkers is sleek and straight. Very modern. The wires protrude from the battery cover so you don't have to worry about it. I think Gloryfire and HowardLeights are ugly. The wires protrude from a corner of the phone and get in the way of the battery cover. Gloryfire states in big, bold letters "US Brand Quality" but they are manufactured in China, just designed in the US. It seems like it was misleading. I am returning the Gloryfires because the sound in the left ear is quiet, my Walkers have stopped working after a few months, and the Impacts haven't had time to gauge.

6. Walkers Range Shooting Folding Muff

Walkers Range Shooting Folding Muff

The loop and hook are closed. Light weight and compact folding design. The headband has soft Ear Pads. Extra protection is what the NRR is for.

Brand: Walker's

👤It was perfect. I bought three pairs of these and one of the ClearArmor 141001 Safety Ear Muffs 34dB after reading the reviews and thought I needed the bigger and more flexible ones for me. It was a big mistake. The ear muffs are the same as the armor. They came out of the same press. They are not sure why others say that. My head is large and protects me very well. Don't buy a more expensive pair, only the name on the other side is different.

👤There are two camps when it comes to ear protection. Those that want something that's easy to use and comfortable, light, and low profile, and those that want maximum hearing protection. If possible, I fall into the latter category. I want maximum protection when I'm shooting at an indoor range so I'll use these with plugs in. These are perfect for indoor range use. I have a set of Howard Leight impact sport muffs that are very popular and do a better job of protecting your hearing. I have a small head and my ears are high, so I have a hard time finding a muff that fits me well, but these fit with room to spare. These are great for anyone with a small head. It is likely that they are not sealed around your glasses if you are more comfortable. I found that the seal was mostly compromised with glasses on, and I could hear the difference with and without glasses. I couldn't tell the difference between glasses and no glasses. They put more pressure on your head and can lead to a headaches. If you have to wear them for 8 hours a day, it might get to you, but for an hour or two at an indoor range, they are fine. I can't wear any muffs because of my small head, and I can't shoot a rifle/shotgun because none of them will allow me to get a cheek weld. Lower profile muffs might be desirable for people who don't have an issue with stock muffs. If you are wearing them for 8 hour range sessions where comfort is a big issue, you may need electronic muffs that allow you to hear range commands. I've used all of the popular brands, but none of them will protect your hearing as well as these, the db rating doesn't lie, the electronic muffs are nice, I've used all of the popular brands, but none of them will protect your hearing as well You can add about 5db to the sound level if you add the two ratings. The 30db pro ears are nice, but they don't cut the sound as well as these, and they are just as big. It is nice to be able to use plugs in them to turn the volume up and still hear range commands, as they are more comfortable for long range sessions. The electronic muffs are great for competition because you can hear what's happening but still have ear protection on. If you value your hearing, you should double plug some of the electronic muffs that are in the 18-22db range. The 25db rated muff has plugs under it. These alone do a better job of protecting your hearing.



Tradesmart is a US company. Earmuffs, safety glasses, and a microfiber pouch are included in the complete combination pack. Ear Plugs combo kit provides comprehensive hearing and eye protection for shooting at firearms range, construction, etc. Tradesmart over- ear shooting protection uses a state-of-the-art noise reduction system that blocks low, mid and high range frequencies. Their glasses are designed to fit with the earmuffs. Clear vision is ensured by the anti-fog coating. German Quality Ear Plugs feature high-quality German Composition that are soft yet expand to fully block incoming noise. Your ears are protected. Earmuffs, Earplugs, and glasses fit older kids and adults. All products are compliant with AS/NZS. 20% of profits go to programs that help underprivileged kids.

Brand: Tradesmart Built Trade Tough

👤The ear muffs are amazing. I wore them at the shooting range and they were able to communicate with one another. The guys were shooting 50 caliber semi automatic rifles and they were shaking the ground and these muffs worked perfectly. They work but are not electronic. I have hearing aids in both ears. I didn't use the ear plugs because of my hearing aids. Even with all my devices, they were comfortable. I have a small head and they are snug. People with large heads might not be comfortable with them.

👤This product is beyond my expectations. I own a revolver. It is considered a special. It is loud, but I need the safety of ear muffs. I can hear someone talking to me, but I can't hear my gun fire.

👤Real quality exceeded my expectations. The case is very nice. Quality and comfortable, but snug, Ear Head phones are ideal for active people. Ear plugs work. The instructions for the glasses are very brief. Do not use Windex for cleaning glasses and only enclosed cloth according to instructions. I followed directions and it worked for me. The kit looks sharp and that is an added bonus. Very happy. A+.

👤I needed to use the shooting range. I read reviews on many brands. I chose this pair for all of the above. I have not been disappointed. I can use these to cancel large calibur noise and still hear muffled conversations.

👤The foam ear plugs are too large. I don't like shooting related things being man sized. I like the tinted range glasses because I like shooting outdoors. I bought these because the outdoor ranges in AZ allow all gun types. I used these with foam plugs and external protection and I could still hear my instructor. My hearing is protected. The case is very small and I really like it. The little pop of yellow is what I love. I recommend this product, but keep an eye out for range officers, flags, and lighting because you won't hear anyone from a distance.

👤I bought a set of "TRADESMART shooting Ear Muffs, Protective Case, Gun Safety Glasses, and Earplugs" for myself and a set for my wife. The value and performance was very good. The safety glasses don't fit well over our regular glasses so keep that in mind. I will buy bigger glasses to fit over our prescription glasses. The case was great for keeping it all together.

👤The shooting range has clear safety glasses. The target will be blurry. Very disappointing. The ear muffs seem to work. I haven't tried the dark safety glasses. I don't think the quality would be better than the clear ones. There is an update... The seller apologized and sent new glasses. I appreciate their promptness. The first pair was not as clear as the second pair. The rating was changed to 5 stars. Thank you again for the great service!

👤There are pros and cons to having glasses, ear plugs, and a case that fit into other "generic" safety eye wear. There is a way to attach your case to a bag. The case has a handle that is enclosed. Not a dealbreaker.

8. ACTFIRE Protection Electronic Amplification Reduction

ACTFIRE Protection Electronic Amplification Reduction

If you aren't completely satisfied with their products, you can contact them. This ear protection is designed to protect the ear. After studying the current problems of earmuffs on the market in the US, they improved their product. The sound that is heard through the internal amplifier is very stereo, realistic and clear, and can be identified. They hope they can offer all the shooting amateur perfect tactical equipment and give all the tactical enthusiasts a more perfect experience. Paint with Japan imported painting can prevent damage to the surface, no fade after long time exposure under the irradiation of UV. The design of the volume control button is more difficult than horizontal. Can adjust the amplification effect according to your needs. Muffs are fully sealed and have better noise reduction. The high-end earmuffs are the only ones that can do this. When shooting or at a noise environment, use electronic compression noise reduction to lower noise exposure. Help you hear sound while protecting your hearing. Their noise cancelling earmuffs can amplify the normal sound while maintaining the same noise cancelling function. It is difficult to amplify without distortion. They use expensive earphone cable. The sound quality may not be as good as the premium music earmuffs, but their earmuffs are much better than other electronic shooting earmuffs. The only one that retains all these advantages is the ELITE hearing protection. If you're new to buying ear protection for shooting, you can buy it with others and try it out. If you already own other US electronic shooting earmuffs, they recommend you try ours. You would find that theirs are very different from others. They'll be glad to help you if you have any problems.

Brand: Act Fire

👤I had a pair of these that were issued to me, but they weren't working. I knew I could get these within two days because we had range. The biggest surprise was when I turned them on. The noise was cut out more by these than my issued pair. These only take a AA battery, and not a fancy rechargeable battery. One button does everything. Turn it on and turn it off. There was no confusion about what I needed to do. I was able to hear if I got a text or phone call while I was at the range because I plugged my phone into it. I had one of my colleagues put them on because I wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy. If you don't have a pair of electric headphones, you really need to think about these. The American flag is an added bonus. These fold very compactly.

👤When they arrived, I was very excited. I had been telling my friend about them. The static was too much for us. Couldn't hear anyone talk, but it was great hearing protection. There is an update. I gave the head phones back. They were a bit better, but still static when I turned up the volume. The company offered to reimburse me if I deleted my review. I was told that the manufacturer has changed since I bought it. I found this action to be a bit shady, after a few days of receiving a few emails from the company, I was offered a number of refunds to remove my review. I requested that they send me a new pair of shoes. I could revise my review honestly. It's hard to get a new pair of shoes. I told them that it's not always about the money, and that I shared a fair and honest review. I couldn't remove my review without proof that they had a better product.

👤I received my ActFire headphones. They performed better than I anticipated. I think it will be good. The slim and foldable design makes them easy to carry around. They are light so my head movement is not as difficult as wearing nothing. Less weight means less neck fatigue, more neck mobility, and more ability to focus on sending a volley of Desert Eagle rounds down range or curling up with the latest issue of Modern Ferret while my family calmly discusses politics in the next room. I immediately set out to field test my new hearing protection and a friend dragged me to a kids playground at high tide, which is one of the most disgusting places on the planet. I like the fact that I can dial up the sound and hear what's going on around me even better than my natural hearing. I can dial out virtually all of the noise of the children by slowly turning the dial. Their laughter, screams, breathless staccato conversations, and explosive teary and skinned knee fueled outbursts were literally smothered under a heavy blanket of electronically inducing silence. I had to listen hard to hear them. Whenever they went. Hmm...calm. The high dB cancellation was excellent. Loud bells, cars and trucks backfiring, clacking to pieces of wood together, loud claps were all suppressed by sharp sound, even though I did not make it to a gun range yet. I could still hear them, but they were much less intense. I wear noise cancelling headphones to avoid excess and random atmospheric noise that is both harmful and distracts. I can't sleep in them. Actfire's design makes sleep comfortable. Take that guy at 5:00am. Construction is designed for rugged applications. The fit is snug at first. I got used to it. You won't have to worry about these slipping off during entry or in the middle of a drill. While wearing tactical gloves and in wet conditions, a knob that is proportionally large is easy to use. Well thought out. I am happy with my purchase. I am looking forward to many less noisy adventures. Thank you!

9. Caldwell Max Shadows FDE NRR

Caldwell Max Shadows FDE NRR

Fde is a stereo sound system that protects your hearing with a noise reduction rating. You can find a custom fit for your ear with 6 sizes of foam tips. EASE OF USE: Caldwell Shadows continuously suppress sound to a safe level. You can connect to your mobile device with a wireless connection. The illuminated on/off indicator shows when the E-MAX Shadows will shut off. CONVENIENT: The included case has a storage compartment and a charging compartment.

Brand: Caldwell

👤For the price, they are excellent. They're a decent set of ear buds with amplification. They are good hearing protection against gunshots. I only tested them with pistols, but the level of sound felt the same as with my Howard Leight Bolts with gel earcups. I switched back and forth between sound suppression and sound suppression alone. I would say that a pistol line or even an outdoor rifle in a non-magnified caliber would be fine. I wouldn't choose these for indoors. I double up indoors. The amplification is better than regular hearing, but not as good as Howard Leights. I think you get about 1.25- 1.5x normal hearing with something like the HL's. You can either dial up or down the amplification level. They're decent as ear buds. You'll be disappointed if you're an audio engineer. If you just want to listen to a show, take a phone call, or listen to music, they are fine. Get something else for serious listening. Controls are easy to use. Both ear pieces can be controlled. There are no buttons in this picture. Touch, tap, hold, or slide to engage features. It's easy and you won't do it accidentally. It was easy to pair the phone. The call volume was good. The party on the other side heard me. It's on par with other ear buds. If you use the ambient sound feature, the volume of your audio is going to plummet. You can turn it back up, but not at the same level. They had a bit of pop in the wind but it was not bad. I stuck my head out the window at 15mph. This was eliminated by turning ambient off. If you are using amplification, you won't last a whole day. It could be a half day. You will be good for most matches. You can charge them in the case 4-5 times. The case has a microusb port. I'm not sure what the charge time is, but it's less than two hours. I charged them from dead to full. I am not sure when they finished. You can get a whole day with careful use of ambient and a lunch charge. The case is not very strong. It comes with another case. Maybe that doesn't matter. The big case can hold spare eartips. The buds are held in place with the lid closed and magnetic charging. They shouldn't have to worry about getting a charge because you don't have to. It comes with foam tips and silicone. I have small ear canals on the right and left side. You should be able to get the full range of after market ear tips. If you want something small, convenient, with active suppression for matches and range sessions, these are fine. If you want ear buds for music and podcasts, but also a little extra hearing boost and protection from loud noises, these are fine. If you're going to be spending a lot of time on the range, you might not be there yet. I think these are a great deal, and I would recommend them to casual shooters if they were the same price.

10. ACTFIRE Protection Electronic Reduction Amplification

ACTFIRE Protection Electronic Reduction Amplification

The headband has a metal wire frame. The goal is to design ear protection. They improved their product after studying the current problems of earmuffs in the US. They use a new internal chip in these earmuffs. The sound that is heard through the internal amplifier is very stereo, clear and realistic, and can also be seen. They hope to provide the perfect tactical equipment for all shooting amateur and bring a more perfect experience to all tactical enthusiasts. When shooting or at a noise environment, a noise reduction rating of 23DB can help. Help you hear sound while protecting your hearing. Their earmuffs can amplify normal sound while maintaining the same noise canceling function. It is difficult to amplify sound without distortion. Ear plugs are used for improved noise reduction indoors. Paint with Japan imported painting can prevent damage to the surface, no fade after long time exposure under the irradiation of UV. The horizontal design for the volume control button is more difficult than the vertical design for ease of use. Can adjust the amplification effect according to your needs. Muffs are fully sealed and have better noise reduction. Only high-end earmuffs can do this. They use expensive earphone cable. The sound quality of their earmuffs is much better than other electronic ear protection for shooting, but you can still feel the good sound quality when you plug in the shooting ear protection. The hearing protection is the only one that retains all the advantages. You can compare their earmuffs with others purchased together if you are buying your first electronic shooting earmuffs. It is an ideal hunting gift for all of you. If you already own other US ear protection for shooting, they highly recommend you to try ours. You would find that theirs are completely different from the others. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Act Fire

👤The carrying case makes it so much easier to store and transport these ear muffs. Instructions were given on how to use them. If I want to listen to music while practicing, I can connect these ear muffs to my phone. These are truly noise canceling. I was able to hear people talk and make out what they were saying with my old ones. I can't hear guns being fired, even if there is someone next to me shooting a rifle. Even with people talking, I can't hear them. Normally, I would come out of the gun range with my ears ringing, but with these, no ringing at all. They are light weight and really comfortable to wear. It's comfortable to wear for long periods of time too.

👤I like the 3.5mm jack input. The product is amazing. Excellent quality and a great price. Very happy! The noise cancelation worked.

👤I am working in the yard and purchased these to use. The loud appliances that I use are the lawn mower and edgers. I need these to protect my ears so that I don't get massive migraines, and I also want to be aware of when my children or other people are in close proximity. These earmuffs are comfortable enough to wear for a few hours and do the job. They are designed to last and have a high-quality look. I have been using them for 3 months and they are holding up well. They fold up nicely and are very compact.

👤I bought these for my father to use at an outdoor range after doing a lot of research. I'm likely to purchase another one of these. When you want to have a conversation with someone, it's built for them as well as the sound reduction. Love it.

👤The set is perfect for shooting and loud work. I wear them when working with loud machines. I can hear after working with loud things. If you love shooting or have a loud job, you need this.

👤It's hard to begin with the sound and amplification, but it's worth it. The fit is snug, not so tight that your head hurts over time, and the earmuffs are perfect. These are a game-changing pair and should have been purchased sooner, I used them to build my LongFri Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet and am happy with the result.

👤Excellent quality, weightless, great color. The heavy duty quality of the protective case they come with is really good. The product worked for the price and my boyfriend was so surprised by it. When you leave them, they make a ring. They are on.

👤I received them in the mail and it does not feel like it reduces the sound that much, but I will be going to the range this Sunday to try them out, and I will probably review them again after that. When it makes noise over a certainDB, it cuts the mic and restores it, so after you shoot, you can hear people talking again. It's pretty cool. Overall...comfort is 5, design is 5, looks/cosmetics is 5.

11. PROHEAR Protection Reduction Protector Low Profile

PROHEAR Protection Reduction Protector Low Profile

The runs on 2 batteries are not included. Professional safety equipment. The foam ear pads allow for a closed head seal, which gives you the most protection, and the featured sound dampening housing and foam prevents harmful sound from reaching your ears. The small form factor helps to keep your muffs out of the way of what you are doing. The earcups are low profile and ideal for use with rifles and shotguns. Durability COMFORT: The slim hearing protectors are lightweight and provide ultimate comfort even for a long time. Wide ear cups with ultra- soft ear pads and the headband boasting a thick layer of padding help them fit snug around ears with no pressure; Earmuffs with high-quality rubber paint allow you to have a better touch and better durability than others. SAFE MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATION. Backed by Certified Protection of American national standards Institute and European standard, it's recommended for hunting, mowing, woodworking, aviation, chainsaw, gardening, Fireworks, and machining. Adaptable and portable: The headband can be adjusted to fit any shape or size of head. You could put them in your own backpack, suitcase, and other items if you wanted, because theCompact Folding design allows you to take them anywhere with no difficulty. They offer a 90-day no risk money back guarantee and a one year warranty. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any questions, please contact them, they are here to help. They offer a 90-day no risk money back guarantee and a one year warranty. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any questions, please contact them, they are here to help.

Brand: Prohear

👤They handle firing pistols outdoors just fine, but haven't tried them with a rifle or indoors. If you want to upgrade to the gel pad version, I recommend that you do. The foam ones are not as comfortable with glasses, safety or otherwise. Sometime in the next week or so, I'll be going to an indoor range. I'll be bringing along IEM headphones for an extra layer of protection, as well as for music. Will update after that. If you want to listen to music at an indoor range, you should probably go for that or earplugs, because the echo will add to the NRR. They worked perfectly after being fired off over 100 rounds of 9mm from a small car. I can't vouch for its effectiveness if you're next to a guy with a short barreled.308 and a muzzle brake. Maybe move a few lanes. Again, go for the gel pads or the version that comes with them. Other than that? There were no complaints.

👤I had purchased Sig ear protection because of the name. I bought the ProEars after selling the guns and ear protectors. They work hard. It's comfortable, come with a case, easy to fold up and fit in my range bag, and knock out all the guns downrange. I highly recommend these!

👤The set of head gear is very nice. They are very light and take up very little room in my bag. When I tested them in my home by clapping or playing loud music, I didn't think they'd be very effective with gun fire, but when I heard loud noises, they held up just fine. I like that I can talk to someone when I need help and I can hear what they are saying without having to look for an ear or two.

👤We don't have to share the ones we got from the gun range. I like having my own set that I don't have to worry about who used them last or if they were cleaned. I have borrowed others, but these work better.

👤26 decibels? I don't think so. Not even close. They were compared to less expensive tacklife. I felt I needed more protection after testing them at the shooting range. If everyone is shooting 22 caliber but not 9mm or higher caliber gun, it's ok.

👤They worked really well for the first time I used them. It was very comfortable. I didn't know I had them on. I was able to talk with my sons. The price is a great value.

👤They do what is expected. Not all hearing protection has to be very expensive. I already have a pair of hearing pro that fit my head, so I didn't need noise canceling. The job was done perfectly with these. cups hugged my head without causing headaches from other ear pro You can grab a pair and see for yourself.

👤Great protection. I used these at the shooting range and they were comfortable. The carrying bag was an added bonus as they seem slimmer than others. The product is worth the money.


What is the best product for eye and ear protection for shooting range combo?

Eye and ear protection for shooting range combo products from Walker's. In this article about eye and ear protection for shooting range combo you can see why people choose the product. Gloryfire and Howard Leight are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye and ear protection for shooting range combo.

What are the best brands for eye and ear protection for shooting range combo?

Walker's, Gloryfire and Howard Leight are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye and ear protection for shooting range combo. Find the detail in this article. Tradesmart Built Trade Tough, Act Fire and Caldwell are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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