Best Eye Antibiotic Ointment for Cats

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1. Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 2 5mL

Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 2 5mL

LUMIFY reduces redness to help reveal your eyes' natural radiance. LUMIFY can be used in 1 minute and last up to 8 hours. The only OTC drop to contain brimonidine is LUMIFY. When used as directed, it targets redness, alleviating potential side effects associated with other redness relief drops. LUMIFY is FDA approved and contains no bleach or dyes. It is the #1 Eye Doctor recommended redness remedy. For over 150 years, the Eye Care Experts at Bausch + Lomb have focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. They understand how important eyes are. If your eyes are red, you won't look your best.

Brand: Lumify

👤I don't remember the last time I wrote a product review, but I feel compelled to do it for Lumify. My eyes are red. I have been to eye doctors, taken prescription eye drops, tried every eye drop on the market, and spent hours searching the internet for relief, but the redness remained. My red eyes have been a source of embarrassment for a long time with people constantly asking if I'm high and how tired I look. At times I would be too self conscious to even hold eye contact. I heard the strumming of a harp from an angel as I tried these drops. Life is changing. I've been working on the computer and driving in bright sunlight since I tried the drops. My eyes are still white. Like, white. Its amazing.

👤I bought these eye drops after learning about it. It has great reviews and is FDA approved to decrease redness. I am not happy about it. It has made my eyes very dry and uncomfortable, so I tried to put water under the sink for 10 minutes, but it didn't work. I don't feel like I'm writing a good review because of the pressure to type and the fact that I just want to close my eyes. It takes the red out of your eyes, but at a price. It also lightens the pink corners of your eyes which makes them look weird and unnatural, something I would expect to see more in someone who is sick. I discovered that it contains a drug that is FDA-approved, but that it is also used to treat open-angle glaucoma. If you're already using eye drops to treat any form of glaucoma, you should check with your eye doctor before using Lumify. Individuals taking MAO inhibitors, who have depression, or who have low blood pressure should first check with their doctor before using any product containing Brimonidine. The Big pharma industry wants to take over the beauty industry. I assume it's a lower concentration of the drug than they use for the disease. Had I known, I would not have put it in my eyes, because I was concerned that it might decrease myraocular pressure.

👤I would give this 10 stars because it's nuts. I've never seen anything like it before, it gives immediate, visible results that last for hours. It's amazing. My eyes get red at times when I need to have a fresh face of makeup, because I am often irritated from normal daily stuff like dander, pollen, and washing my face. Lumify is the best eyedrop on the market. It's similar to a program for your eyes. I only used Lumify on my right eye in the photo. The left eye is blue-white, while the other eye is beige-white. The blue-white tone is flattering. Even after a long night, my eye stays bright. I want to bathe in this stuff.

👤I've tried many eye redness remedies. All of them made my eyes worse. I have worn contacts for 40 years. My eyes are always dry after I have surgery. I decided to take a chance after reading the good reviews for Lumify. My eyes have never been this white and after using the standard ones we're even worse. I forgot I had used them. My eyes look great. Thank you Lumify! I've had red eyes for a long time. A product that works!

2. Neosporin Pain Relief Action Cream

Neosporin Pain Relief Action Cream

Provides pain relief. Neomycin and polymyxin B are used for protection against infections. Pramoxine can be used for pain relief. Pain relief of the maximum strength.

Brand: Band-aid

👤I had a half ounce tube of Neosporin that lasted quite a while and it is an excellent product for treating minor wounds, promoting healing, and preventing infections. When I needed to replace a half ounce tube, I found a great deal on 2 one ounce tubes on Amazon. I thought they would last me a long time. There is a small point on the half ounce tubes. There is almost zero waste and you can get a small amount of Neosporin in a specific location. The one ounce tubes have no precision. The tube is more like toothpaste when you remove it. It's hard to get a small amount out. The half ounce tubes are less wasteful than the squeezes. I think the one ounce will only last as long as the half ounce, with plenty of waste each time a small drop is needed.

👤I buy every year. I like the cream. I put this on my children's skin. The vaseline neosporin cream is amazing, it rubs right in and doesn't feel squishy. I gave it a 3-star rating because I didn't think it helped with the pain relief. It gets another 3-stars because it is expensive. Then there's the smell. I don't like sniffing it. I don't notice anything. It works well as an antibiotic cream, so I give it a 5-star rating.

👤The best antibiotic cream on the market is Neosporin. I have used other antibiotics but the way Neosporin heals your cuts, burns, and scars is amazing. I keep a tube of Neosporin in my car, purse and desk to make sure I'm always stocked. You can use this product to heal a lot of things, including wind blisters, sun burns, and many others. I recommend this product for every 1st aid kit, home use, camping or other outing just in case the unknown cut appears!

👤Simply the best. It's much better than the petroleum-based salve which just melts, causes messes and doesn't allow bandages to stick. It costs more to purchase the cream form. What is going on with that?

👤The Neosporin cream is great for pain relief. It's great for nicks and cuts on your fingers and hands, for bad cracks on your fingers in the winter, for scratches from the cat or dog, and it's also great for scratches from the dog. It helps to heal the small scratches and bumps on your body, and it also helps to relieve the stinging and burning. I prefer the cream over the ointment. Smaller tubes have lovely pointed nozzles, but this latest tube did not. See the photo. The small nozzle is easy to place on scratches and finger cuts.

👤This product is amazing. On the first day, it brought the mail to my door and then vacuumed the floor. I got a foot massage in the shower. When it came time to clean it in the washer, it did all the other laundry, folded it, and then cooked me dinner. It's a good thing. I can definitely see buying this product again after using it a couple times.

3. MURO 128 Percent TWIN PACK

MURO 128 Percent TWIN PACK

The MURO 128 tube is a 2-pack.

Brand: Muro 128

👤I started using Muro 128 for my recurrent corneal erosions after my eye doctor told me that I had map-dot-fingerprint corneal dystrophy. It helped a lot. I'd been using regular nighttime creams without the salt, and my erosions continued to happen. They stopped when I started using this. I've been using it for a long time. When I don't use it, my eyes feel dry when I wake up, so I keep using it with my doctor's approval. It doesn't sting when I put it in. I use it every night, even though it blurs vision for a while, and is quite goopy.

👤I have been suffering from severe dry eye syndrome for many years and have found it necessary to use a lubricating ointment at night to keep my eyelid from sticking to my eye and tearing in the morning. I have tried many different types of ointment and have concluded that Muro 128 is the best. Highly recommended, even though it's premium price.

👤This is the only product that works on my dry eyes at night. I only apply it when I go to bed because it causes a white out in my vision. I heat in a cup of warm water for 30 seconds before applying so that it will flow like a liquid. It stays in your eyes if you don't change it. It's best to wash it out with hot water. The reason I bought from pharmapacks was low price. Local stores get more money for the same product.

👤I have dry eyes. I was told by my eye doctor to use Muro 128 at night, but it was so expensive for little tubes that I went with a cheaper one. It helped my dry eyes but not my main eye issue. I used a tube of Muro every night after buying it at the drugstore. I didn't need eye drops during the day because my eyes were so comfortable. I found it here for a little less than the drugstore sells it, and have been buying two packs every now and then. I've learned to use a little rather than a lot. A very small amount is needed. It immediately lubricates my eyes, unlike the liquid/drops version. My eyes are blurry. I am going to sleep so it doesn't matter. When I wake up, my eyes are moist. I wish I could find a cheaper substitute for this. I haven't been able to. I will pay the price because my eyes have improved so much that they are worth whatever it takes to keep them healthy. Muro 128 keeps my eyes healthy.

👤My dog suffers from Corneal Edema. I apply twice a day. I put the tube in the hot water for 30 seconds. It is much easier to place a small drop in the space created by stretching his lower eyelid. It's easier to control the dose.

👤I've been using this for several months to prevent dry eye. If I hold the tube in my hand for a couple of minutes, it's much easier to apply the right dose. The heat from my hand made it easier for me to squeeze a drop into each eye. The method helps to prevent the tip from becoming contaminated by touching the eye area.

4. Miracle Care MiracleCorp Gimborn 90 Count

Miracle Care MiracleCorp Gimborn 90 Count

Their sterile eye wash pads are non-stinging and safe to use around the eye. The cat and dog eye wipes are made to remove eye debris. It's time to say goodbye to multiple steps and spilled eye wash solution. Their cotton pads are made to clean the area around your pet's eyes. Their pet eye wipes are easy to use. Their wipes are easy to use. Put excess liquid into eye by removing eye wash pad from container. The pad can be used to remove debris up to four times a day. Please tighten the lid after use to prevent it from drying out. All Miracle Care products are made in Dayton, Ohio. You can feel confident that your pets are receiving the very best with their own quality assurance team. It's easy to converse on. The go There are 90 eye wash pads in each package. Their wipes are very portable. Carry your purse or backpack with you on your next trip.

Brand: Miracle Care

👤I'm changing the review from a low rating to a high one. After what seemed to be a bad reaction from my dogs, I persisted and now accept the treatment because they want that little treat. I've researched all the miracle treatments that don't work, don't get to the cause and are robbing people. hygiene, hygiene is critical with tears and stains. Boric acid with chlorine in the veryDiluted form of this product is exactly what is needed to create a clean, dry, hostile environment for germs,bacteria and fungus. The combination of boric acid and clorine at a very mild, safe mix used at least twice a day adds so much more protection than just warm water that only wipes the eyes. The mild acids have some stain fading attributes. Will those stains disappear? Unless your dog's eye stains respond more quickly to the cleansing, you probably won't. The stains are not what we should be concerned about unless they are caused by a more serious condition. We don't like it because it's aesthetic. It's a big red flag that your dog's eyes are uncomfortable and needs daily cleaning. We don't see germs outside and indoors, so they can stick to your dog or cat's eyes. They feel it and are waiting for an infection to develop. This is very long. I hope I can share with you what the real necessity is for your dog's eye health and hygiene, and get off the obsession with the aesthetic stains. We love our dog more than we dislike the stains. We need to see what those stains mean for those eyes. There are other hygiene products that have a balance of boric acid and chloride that is safe for our dog's eyes. Acids cause problems with germs in and around eyes. The acids at the right combo and dilution are not harmful to a dog's eyes. Boric acid and chlorine lighten stains a bit over time, so the solution may lighten stains faster on some dogs than others. Boric acid has been used for many years for safe eye pain and disease because of it's antibacterial and antifungal properties. Creating a hostile environment around your dog's eyes is the critical focus, not the unattractiveness of the appearance, no matter how much we dislike it. The product is easy to use and use two and three times a day. Water doesn't work againstbacteria or fungus, and it dries more quickly than water, which is another factor around those eyes. To get the solution over the entire face of my dog, I use a pad to start wiping the corners of his eyes downward, flip it over and wipe the entire eye area out. God knows what we don't know about catches and sticks to our dogs' eyes, I took a big step to clean those eyes of dust. They are exposed to a lot more because of the nose to the ground, floor, and another dog's butt. There is a I highly recommend this route because it's really a myth that any of those pricey concoctions work, but are making a lot of money off of our dog's stains when we can easily treat them! There is a I have high regard for you and hope you can focus on the important indicators rather than the appearance. As long as my dog needs more than just a wipe with water, I will stick to this very effective hygiene tool. The water does not have the right amount of vinegar in it. Changing the ph of the dog's water will cause other problems down the road, even if they are desperate enough to drink it. Would you like to drink it instead of water? Good luck!

5. Zymox Topical Pet Hydrocortisone 1 Ounce

Zymox Topical Pet Hydrocortisone 1 Ounce

Provides gentle, soothing relief from skin irritations. The hydrocortisone in the pet ointment helps manage skin issues. Pre-cleaning is not required, making applications less painful. It is made with ingredients that are safe if licked after application. Veterinarian strength pet formula is good for skin irritations.

Brand: Zymox

👤I don't own a pet. I use ZYMOX on my face to help me get rid of the sebierhEIC DERMATITIS caused by MALASSEZIA FUR FUR and help keep it from coming back. Humans and animals can be affected by the same types of skin problems as Fur Fur, which are caused by the normal flora of the skin. MFF needs trace minerals found in human and animal skin in order to be able to use enzymes and coenzymes that are important for the growth and survival of the fungus. One of the main ingredients in this product is Lactoferrin(LF), which is an iron binding enzyme and is found in mothers breast milk in the first several days after a baby is born, which is called Super. The iron in breast milk helps the baby's immature gastrointestinal tract to absorb iron into the blood so that red blood cells can carry oxygen from the lungs to every tissue in the body for life. TheLF acts like a sponge for iron and other vital minerals in human and animal skin and the MFF fungus hates lactoferrin with a passion. ZYMOX contains hydrocortisone 1%, which is a great anti-irritant. It contains many other ingredients to help kill and/or prevent the growth of a broad spectrum of microorganisms on the skin, including another powerful enzyme called LYSOZYME, which is found naturally in human and animal saliva. ZYMOX has powerful and natural ingredients such as: ZINC, ZODIDE, and ZINC gluconate. A very inexpensive skin cream with a lot of powerful naturally occurring enzymes and anti-itching ingredient hydrocortisone 1% is what you get. There is an important note. This review is based on my professional opinion after I used this product on my own face for a couple of weeks. This is not a fake promotional product review or paid company promotion. I don't have time for this stuff and I stand behind all of my reviews, which are very few and far between. I felt inspired by the research that helped me with my skin problem. The directions for this cream are on the label. It is also safe to use on human skin. Half of the ingredients are naturally occurring in humans and animals, and the other half are found in many skin products for humans and are safe. When it comes to skin creams, don't always believe that they are for animal use only. If the skin problem doesn't improve after using the product, then stop using it and consult your doctor. If you want to use this product on the face, I recommend waiting a day or two to rule out a possible allergic reaction before using it. Don't look at the eye areas. I challenge anyone with mild to moderate seborrheic dermatitis or superficial skin wounds to try this product for 2 weeks and let me know if it improves their skin condition or not. M.D. is by the man, Keith Cook.

👤I bought this cream because of the good reviews. My female bull terrier mix had a rash all over her body. The rash was almost gone after 1 application. I put it on two nights in a row. It's worth the price, cheaper than a vet visit. She won't take a picture.

6. Neosporin Maximum Strength Antibiotic Protection Bacitracin

Neosporin Maximum Strength Antibiotic Protection Bacitracin

A 1-ounce tube of Neosporin + pain relief dual action antibiotic Ointment for first aid wound care is recommended by the #1 doctor. Ointment helps to soothe and reduce pain with a maximum strength formula and protects minor wounds for 24 hours. Bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B sulfate antibiotics are used to prevent wound infections. The No-Sting formula of Pain-Relief also contains pramoxine hydrochloride, which is a pain killer. One to three times daily, apply a small amount of the first-aid antibiotic skin ointment to the affected area. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive bandage is used for protection. Relieves pain, cuts, and burns. No one recommended a brand. Only for external use.

Brand: Neosporin

👤I like to use ointments. I know it's not something I should use to head off a profile on, but I feel okay saying that. "OintmentLOVER69." Nope. Most people can't stand the word "ointment". "moist" and "ointment" were voted America's Least Favorite Words of the Past 100 Years. I was surrounded by a lot of things, but my favorite was Desitin, and I bet you can feel it coming. It's like a beautiful jar of winter night itself. When I met David in my 20's, he shared my love of classic unguents, and I discovered that he was also a fan of my overprotected, well-moisturized youth. Everything I wanted was there. I don't know if I'll ever get over it after we moved to Columbus, Ohio, and then to Seattle. There's so much I miss about David, and there's things I find in the world that he would appreciate. I wish we could talk about the benefits of lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning, or the benefits of eating breakfast at IHOP, and whether or not there's a placebo. It's not like a Menthol/Camphor blend like Icy Hot and Tiger Balm... What is the magic ingredient in this Neosporin that can take away pain from a cut finger? It seems to actually happen! It really does! If I was still with David, I would bet we would do a experiment where one of us would put the Neosporin on a freshly bitten cuticle and the other would put it on a patch of road rash. We got really sunburned while hosting a rummage sale. There is a sun in Seattle. We were not prepared. We had a contest to see who could peel off the largest chunk of skin. We collected our skin chunks and saved them in a jar with the intention that we'd check on them at regular intervals to see if they'd get dry and hardened, but we forgot about that. After I moved back to Minneapolis, I found a jar in a box, and our skin was exactly as it had been, mixed together, like it was waiting for someone to rehydrate it. I've stopped. I bet my boyfriend David and I would both agree that Neosporin Plus seems to work better than regular Neosporin, but if I put it on cuts and abrasions at night, they're a lot better. It has no smell, and feels nice. I've added Neosporin to my list of favorites. I would like to apply it to my heart. Come on. You were aware that this review was going to end that way. Didn't you? You did.

👤This is the best stuff. When I was in Ranger School in the Army, it was recommended that each Ranger keep a tube to apply to the smallest cuts or scratches, to keep from getting infections during the training. I recall a guy who regretted it. It is the best anti-bacterial. If you get the name brand, you will know that you've prevented a situation that could easily become worse.

7. NZ Country Manuka Anti Fungal Antiseptic

NZ Country Manuka Anti Fungal Antiseptic

Strong natural agent is used for many skin irritations, including those caused by chemical hygiene products that can cause adverse reactions or not work at all. Add to body wash for dry skin, add to skin cream to increase hygiene, and add to dog wash for healthy skin. Natural soothing product for skin infections such as ringworm, athletes foot, tinea and ugly nail. Natural New Zealand East Cape Manuka Oil is made from steam and pure spring water.

Brand: Nz Country Manuka

👤Our family has skin issues. I was 800-273-3217 I have been blessed enough to get a nasty toe fungus after a pedicure. Our son was born with a skin condition called Eczema. Our daughter, who is hormonally challenged, has been battling facial bumps and rashes for the past 2 years and our doctor has been unable to prescribe anything that helps. I don't believe in natural, non-prescription products. I'm an experienced mom who has seen benefits from both the herbal and western sides. When making a purchase decision for my children's skin, it typically comes down to three issues: side effects, safety, and efficacy. I pulled the Trigger after reading rave reviews about this product and researching its safety and natural ingredients. The three of us are using different things. I will update this review once enough time has passed to determine it's effectiveness, as trial use on my son's eczema/wounds is still ongoing. I felt compelled to share this review in hopes that it will help others with similar issues, because we've already seen immediate, positive results on my daughter's skin. Our daughter started getting small red bumps on her skin around her nose and chin about 2 years ago. It made her skin red, itchy, and noticeable to others, and she was embarrassed by it. This is terrible for a female. In desperation, I tried everything, including prescription medication, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and creams. We saw a slight improvement with tea tree oil and protonic for a few days, but nothing else really helped. The rash would cause stress and humiliation. I will not lie. My daughter dislikes the smell of oil. She likes the smell of tea tree oil. They are not the same products. She won't put the oil on her finger to apply it to her face because she doesn't like the smell. It makes her sick. I did it for her because I am the loving, controlling mother that she is. I like that it has a dropper. We've used other oils that require shaking and they waste a lot of oil. We applied the oil to her nose, mouth, and chin twice a day for the first week. It took a day for it to dry out the rash and leave peeling skin. It took the red out almost immediately, but it left a dead skin behind. We added another product on Amazon that has Manuka oil in lotion form. It helped to hide the dry skin. Within a few days, the dry skin began to peel off and the beautiful, clear skin could be seen underneath. If we missed a day of treatment, the bumps would picures again. I can't stress enough to be consistent with use. We knew the product was effective within a week. It took about 2 weeks for the rash to disappear. I still encourage my daughter to use this oil after she washes her face. She still doesn't like the smell, but she appreciates it. She uses a honey skin product. Her facial appearance and self esteem have improved because of this oil. Few products have worked this quickly with minimal side effects. The only side effect we encountered was dry skin. The oil isn't enough to counter the healing process so you need a good lotion. If you travel with the product, I would recommend double bagging it as it does leak and you don't want it in your suitcase. I recommend this product for teens facing hormonal changes. He missed the boat on diagnosis and treatment of this issue. We would have seen an improvement in our son's condition if it was truly eczema. I think this would have developed into a problem like acne. Photos of my daughter's skin problem have been attached. Take it from a tired mom who spends her time and money on skin care products. This is a good one to put in your medicine cabinet.

8. SynergyLabs Veterinary Clinical Antiseptic Antifungal

SynergyLabs Veterinary Clinical Antiseptic Antifungal

HEAL AND SOOTHE is a spray for dogs and cats with chlorhexidine gluconate that helps relieve infections. This spray works fast to help relieve symptoms such as redness, malodorous discharge from wounds, loss hair, and/or skin caused by allergies. This spray for dogs and cats is spot-on-safe so it won't remove flea and tick treatments. The spray does not sting, and it helps heal and soothe. Medicated antiseptic and antifungal spray can be used on dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age. The pleasant smell and effective relief of symptoms will make you and your pets happy. Store in the original container in a dry place away from sunlight, and at a temperature below 86F or 30C. Premium medicated products are available at an affordable price. They know dogs and cats are more than just pets because they are pet parents.

Brand: Veterinary Formula

👤The product along with the shampoo has saved us. We tried everything we could to help our dog who was suffering from allergies. I decided to give this product a try. His condition has improved a lot since that time. I want this to help other dog pet parents the way it helped us, so it makes me sad to look at the before pics. The first two pictures were taken 3 months ago. The last 3 were from last month. The hair on his eyes has grown back.

👤I have to write a review on this one. I have had my yellow lab go to the vet 2 times and it has cost over 400 dollars. We received 2 doses of prednisone, antibiotics, and a bottle of anticeptic spray. Our dog had a rash that would come back after a while. It was very sore and had raised bumps. The last time we went to the vet, we were told that the only thing left to do was allergy testing and that it was probably a food allergy. We changed the dog food but it didn't change anything. I saw the reviews and decided to try it. We also bought the product. The rash is almost completely gone after 3 weeks of using this spray.

👤Lilly is a chow chow golden retriever mix. I had her for a few months and she has skin issues caused by allergies. She was given an allergy shot and then we tried using drugs. She is taking apoquel and the marks still appeared. This worked amazing within a week, I thought I would try it. I'm happy! Lilly let me apply this because she knew it was helping her.

👤My dog is prone to infections. We have a big problem with yeast. I have been using this spray for a while. It helps heal the paws, but it is not a great protection. I use them with the pet supply company. This paw balm is good for paw protection and also for dry paw pads. If you want to use both products at the same time, you can find the link to Paw Shield at the bottom of the page.

👤I wanted to let you know that this did heal the ringworm in one of my cats. It took about 3 weeks of using this, but it worked. I try to keep it on my hands with coconut oil and rub it into the affected areas daily because my other 2 are afraid of the sound it makes. I'm glad I found it now, I wish I'd found it sooner. My 2 year old son had ringworm and we have 3 cats. Many people told me that ringworm can be a nightmare to get rid of because it can live in an environment for 18 months and be very infectious. The vet ignored my cat's ringworm even though I mentioned it, because I couldn't afford another vet bill. I'd read many different remedies for ringworm and tried a few but when one of my cats started losing hair very fast I panicked and searched for something that would help. I came across this spray when I was there. I had to spray this twice a day for several days because the cats were afraid of the sound, which was very hard to do because they were afraid of the sound. When I got it on my cats, I rubbed it in and it started to work. One of my cats hair grew back within a week, but his spot was gone in 2 weeks. The other 2 were slower in healing because they were the hardest to hold still while I sprayed this on them. I was worried that the spray would burn, since their ringworm was so close to their eyes. They licked it without getting sick. I sprayed this on the bedding and cat tree as an extra measure to help kill the fungus and prevent it from spreading. I used a lot of lysol to clean up after myself. I was told Ringworm would be a nightmare. I panicked even more because I thought the ringworm would spread all over his head and body after he lost all his hair on his ear. His hair is growing back in now that he has used this spray and kept his bedding clean. I would recommend ringworm. The stuff has worked for me.

9. Supplement MaryRuths Organic Hormone Promotes

Supplement MaryRuths Organic Hormone Promotes

Iodine is an essential part of a diet because it is not naturally produced. Those on a vegan or vegetarian diet are more likely to suffer from iodine deficiency. It's important during pregnancy when the body needs more iodine to support the fetus. Iodine deficiency can lead to feeling fatigued and weak, dry and brittle hair, skin, and nails, and weight gain. Iodine plays an important role in metabolism, stimulating the immune system and moderating the central nervous system, which is why it is important for the health of the thyroid. Support your body with essential micronutrients. The vegan formula is 250 mcg Iodine. Purified Water and Organic Vegetable Glycerin are other ingredients. The recommended daily value for adults is less than the suggested serving of their Iodine Liquid Drops. Diet affects an individual's iodine needs. If you want to take supplemental iodine, you need to consult with a healthcare professional. Liquid Drops are easy to take. Before use, shake well. Adults take 1-2 drops a day. Add to water or juice. A little goes a long way. 450 serves is what the bottle comes with. Mary Ruth's Iodine Liquid Drops is free of common Allergens. Non-GMO, vegan, dairy free, nut free, wheat free, soy free, corn free, nightshade free. There was no added sugar or artificial colors. It was made in a facility.

Brand: Maryruth Organics

👤In a couple ounces of water, just 2-4 drops a day. Take it down. I can feel the iodine working in my body. I know it's working because I get inflammation in my hands and feet from the iodine, but it's how I know it's working. As I go along, the inflammation is getting less and less. It was tasteless. The quality is high. A blessing. You can get the results you are looking for with this along with Monolaurin, Anise Star drops, Lobelia, and Methylcobalamin B12 Zinc Sulfate drops, eating fruits and vegetables, and laying off eggs and chicken. The meat is in small quantities. You should watch what you eat. I'm 65 years old. Have lost 16 lbs. Now, 6 feet tall, 188 lbs. It feels pretty darn good. After 10 years of absolute misery, I am very thankful. The Anthony William's books are worth a read. You will be happy you did.

👤There is a warning! Please be careful! You can cause more charm if you use Irinote if you have a problem with the thyroid. I have a Hashimoto and my blood results are all normal except for the one that says TGAB. If you have the same type of auto immune disease, it will harm your thyroid. Initially taking the supplement the person has more energy, but then they feel worse. People with Hashimoto's can have an attack on the thyroid gland if they are given iodine. When the thyroid is inflamed, the processing of iodine will likely cause more inflammation. You will likely see that the organ becomes even more angry when you give it more work to do. A person may feel more energetic when they start taking a supplement, but lab tests will show that their new energy is coming from the destruction of their thyroid tissue, and reports will show elevated TSH, and in some cases, low. I don't generally recommend supplements for people with Hashimoto's. I don't believe that the short-term artificial boost in energy is worth destroying your thyroid gland. Do your research!

👤I think I have a condition called hypothalmia. I have a lot of symptoms, including weight gain, brittle hair, dry skin, fatigued, and swollen glands. Mary Ruth's drops are a blessing to me. 6 days ago, I started taking them. I felt great after taking the 2 drops. Really? I haven't felt this way in a long time. I didn't feel fatigued like I always do. I have the energy to work out again. I have noticed in the last 6 days that my thyroid is not as thick as it used to be. I think it has gone down in size. I have lost some weight. I am amazed at how I feel. The energy is not like an energy drink. It is subtle. It lasts 24 hours. I wake up feeling good. I take the drops in the morning and know within 30 minutes I will have the energy I have been looking for. I have 6 children. I have the strength to keep up with them. I am not as angry as I was before the drops. I teach the children. I am with them 24/7. They have noticed a change in me as well. This is in 6 days. Mary Ruth's drops have been recommended by me. I feel like I have my life back. No joke! I am very thankful for this product.

10. CeraVe Hydrocortisone Eczema Treatment Fragrance

CeraVe Hydrocortisone Eczema Treatment Fragrance

1% Hydrocortisone, the maximum strength Hydrocortisone Cream without a prescription, can provide temporary itch relief from extra dry skin, as well as relief for minor skin irritations and rashes. The hydrating itch relief cream has Hyaluronic Acid to help retain skin's natural hydration and Niacinamide to help calm skin. Dry skin can be associated with a deficiency in ceramides. CeraVe products are made with three essential ceramides to help restore and maintain the skin's natural barrier. CeraVe is a recommended skin care. There are products for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and more. The National Eczema Association has a Seal of Acceptance. Non-comedogenic, fragrance free, and non-irritating.

Brand: Cerave

👤My daughter has had dry skin behind her ears and in the corner of her nose for at least a year. I've tried everything to heal it. Nothing has worked. I ordered this product after reading the reviews. I put her application on all four areas. There was no dry skin in the nose pockets as she was doing her nightly routine. No, noneeeee. Totally gone! Absolutely! I could not tell where the splits were because the skin behind her ears was soft and supple. There was a line that proved skin had grown over the splits in a matter of hours. I was going to give the product a week before writing a review but I can't! This product will be used by us. My daughter is very excited. Dry skin is gone. This product is great for dry skin. There is a before picture of the splits.

👤My 5 month old has been helped by this cream. I tried everything over the counter but nothing worked for him. I was desperate for some relief for the baby when I tried this. I'm glad I ordered this because my baby is no longer scratching as much.

👤I had to write a review. I didn't know that I had a bad job and my manager wanted to send me home. I get this product until I can schedule a Doctors appointment, because everything is closed due to the Covid-19. My skin looked normal for two days.

👤It's tiny and barely half full.

👤This stuff is amazing. My face is red and itchy and I don't know why. I have had ear splits recently. I decided to purchase this product after reading reviews. I only applied it after showers for the past 3 days and my skin has done a 180. My ear splits are healed and it is normal again. A little goes a long way. Even though the tube is small, it will last me a long time. This product is recommended by me 100%.

👤This will get rid of a flare up. I have developed a skin condition on my neck that makes my skin dry and irritated, and everything I put on it made it worse. I have a prescription for steroid cream, but when I began to research steroid use, I decided I wanted to find a different solution. This works better than my prescription cream for calming a flare up, but it is not a long term solution. I switched to a cream that is supposed to prevent flare ups after using this for a week. If you need to soothe inflammation from eczema, I would suggest you use this, and then look for something that is safe for long term use.

👤My box came crushed and there was no seal. I'm not sure if this is normal since I'm buying my first product. I feel like it helps temporarily relieve the redness I get from my eczema. The tube was smaller than I had expected.

11. MicroSilver Powerful Natural Fast Acting Veterinarian

MicroSilver Powerful Natural Fast Acting Veterinarian

It is powered by natural, medical-grade active ingredients. It won't disrupt the skin's natural microbiome. Touch-free. The spray on application does not sting.

Brand: Absorbine

👤We are using this product on my brother. I didn't know this was for animals. His heel is getting better every day.

👤One of my 3 greyz has a bad case of itchy paws. He chewed the pads off. He chewed his hocks to pieces. I was desperate to help him. This is the only thing that has worked. It healed his wounds without antibiotics. This made me doubt myself. It is worth the price.

👤6 weeks ago, my horse shredded his leg. He was treated by the vet but it was still a bad wound. This was a game-changer for healing. I will be buying again to have on hand. After seeing the results, other people from my barn have also bought it. Great stuff!

👤I started squirting on the gel after my dog had an open sore hot spot on his neck. The hot spot healed in 5 days, and in 10 days you couldn't tell where it was.

👤A great product for both animals and humans.

👤It was a scary experience using this. The salve and spray were on the same day. He was hallucinating for 24 hours after 10 minutes of application on our bull terriers hot spots. Someone in our building said she smelled gas, but we weren't sure if it was that or not. We took him outside for a long time after we wrote it up and aired it out. A dog that usually sleeps 20 hours a day was up for 48 hours in a row, after only 2 nights in a row, after trying it again within 10 minutes. Don't recommend at all.

👤The best wound spray ever! My horse's cut is healing nicely after 10 days of using this. New hair is growing around the edges. Since my mare is accident prone, the is is definitely going to be a staple in my tack box. This stuff is better than anything I have used before.

👤I would have loved to use this but it was empty because it wasn't sealed properly. It was dripping from the pouch. No one could have caught this before it was loaded in the truck. smh

👤Excellent fast delivery by the company.


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