Best Eye Antibiotic Ointment for People

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1. Neosporin Maximum Strength Antibiotic Protection Bacitracin

Neosporin Maximum Strength Antibiotic Protection Bacitracin

A 1-ounce tube of Neosporin + pain relief dual action antibiotic Ointment for first aid wound care is recommended by the #1 doctor. Ointment helps to soothe and reduce pain with a maximum strength formula and protects minor wounds for 24 hours. Bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B sulfate antibiotics are used to prevent wound infections. The No-Sting formula of Pain-Relief also contains pramoxine hydrochloride, which is a pain killer. One to three times daily, apply a small amount of the first-aid antibiotic skin ointment to the affected area. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive bandage is used for protection. Relieves pain, cuts, and burns. No one recommended a brand. Only for external use.

Brand: Neosporin

👤I like to use ointments. I know it's not something I should use to head off a profile on, but I feel okay saying that. "OintmentLOVER69." Nope. Most people can't stand the word "ointment". "moist" and "ointment" were voted America's Least Favorite Words of the Past 100 Years. I was surrounded by a lot of things, but my favorite was Desitin, and I bet you can feel it coming. It's like a beautiful jar of winter night itself. When I met David in my 20's, he shared my love of classic unguents, and I discovered that he was also a fan of my overprotected, well-moisturized youth. Everything I wanted was there. I don't know if I'll ever get over it after we moved to Columbus, Ohio, and then to Seattle. There's so much I miss about David, and there's things I find in the world that he would appreciate. I wish we could talk about the benefits of lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning, or the benefits of eating breakfast at IHOP, and whether or not there's a placebo. It's not like a Menthol/Camphor blend like Icy Hot and Tiger Balm... What is the magic ingredient in this Neosporin that can take away pain from a cut finger? It seems to actually happen! It really does! If I was still with David, I would bet we would do a experiment where one of us would put the Neosporin on a freshly bitten cuticle and the other would put it on a patch of road rash. We got really sunburned while hosting a rummage sale. There is a sun in Seattle. We were not prepared. We had a contest to see who could peel off the largest chunk of skin. We collected our skin chunks and saved them in a jar with the intention that we'd check on them at regular intervals to see if they'd get dry and hardened, but we forgot about that. After I moved back to Minneapolis, I found a jar in a box, and our skin was exactly as it had been, mixed together, like it was waiting for someone to rehydrate it. I've stopped. I bet my boyfriend David and I would both agree that Neosporin Plus seems to work better than regular Neosporin, but if I put it on cuts and abrasions at night, they're a lot better. It has no smell, and feels nice. I've added Neosporin to my list of favorites. I would like to apply it to my heart. Come on. You were aware that this review was going to end that way. Didn't you? You did.

👤This is the best stuff. When I was in Ranger School in the Army, it was recommended that each Ranger keep a tube to apply to the smallest cuts or scratches, to keep from getting infections during the training. I recall a guy who regretted it. It is the best anti-bacterial. If you get the name brand, you will know that you've prevented a situation that could easily become worse.

2. Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 2 5mL

Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 2 5mL

LUMIFY reduces redness to help reveal your eyes' natural radiance. LUMIFY can be used in 1 minute and last up to 8 hours. The only OTC drop to contain brimonidine is LUMIFY. When used as directed, it targets redness, alleviating potential side effects associated with other redness relief drops. LUMIFY is FDA approved and contains no bleach or dyes. It is the #1 Eye Doctor recommended redness remedy. For over 150 years, the Eye Care Experts at Bausch + Lomb have focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. They understand how important eyes are. If your eyes are red, you won't look your best.

Brand: Lumify

👤I don't remember the last time I wrote a product review, but I feel compelled to do it for Lumify. My eyes are red. I have been to eye doctors, taken prescription eye drops, tried every eye drop on the market, and spent hours searching the internet for relief, but the redness remained. My red eyes have been a source of embarrassment for a long time with people constantly asking if I'm high and how tired I look. At times I would be too self conscious to even hold eye contact. I heard the strumming of a harp from an angel as I tried these drops. Life is changing. I've been working on the computer and driving in bright sunlight since I tried the drops. My eyes are still white. Like, white. Its amazing.

👤I bought these eye drops after learning about it. It has great reviews and is FDA approved to decrease redness. I am not happy about it. It has made my eyes very dry and uncomfortable, so I tried to put water under the sink for 10 minutes, but it didn't work. I don't feel like I'm writing a good review because of the pressure to type and the fact that I just want to close my eyes. It takes the red out of your eyes, but at a price. It also lightens the pink corners of your eyes which makes them look weird and unnatural, something I would expect to see more in someone who is sick. I discovered that it contains a drug that is FDA-approved, but that it is also used to treat open-angle glaucoma. If you're already using eye drops to treat any form of glaucoma, you should check with your eye doctor before using Lumify. Individuals taking MAO inhibitors, who have depression, or who have low blood pressure should first check with their doctor before using any product containing Brimonidine. The Big pharma industry wants to take over the beauty industry. I assume it's a lower concentration of the drug than they use for the disease. Had I known, I would not have put it in my eyes, because I was concerned that it might decrease myraocular pressure.

👤I would give this 10 stars because it's nuts. I've never seen anything like it before, it gives immediate, visible results that last for hours. It's amazing. My eyes get red at times when I need to have a fresh face of makeup, because I am often irritated from normal daily stuff like dander, pollen, and washing my face. Lumify is the best eyedrop on the market. It's similar to a program for your eyes. I only used Lumify on my right eye in the photo. The left eye is blue-white, while the other eye is beige-white. The blue-white tone is flattering. Even after a long night, my eye stays bright. I want to bathe in this stuff.

👤I've tried many eye redness remedies. All of them made my eyes worse. I have worn contacts for 40 years. My eyes are always dry after I have surgery. I decided to take a chance after reading the good reviews for Lumify. My eyes have never been this white and after using the standard ones we're even worse. I forgot I had used them. My eyes look great. Thank you Lumify! I've had red eyes for a long time. A product that works!

3. MURO 128 Percent TWIN PACK

MURO 128 Percent TWIN PACK

The MURO 128 tube is a 2-pack.

Brand: Muro 128

👤I started using Muro 128 for my recurrent corneal erosions after my eye doctor told me that I had map-dot-fingerprint corneal dystrophy. It helped a lot. I'd been using regular nighttime creams without the salt, and my erosions continued to happen. They stopped when I started using this. I've been using it for a long time. When I don't use it, my eyes feel dry when I wake up, so I keep using it with my doctor's approval. It doesn't sting when I put it in. I use it every night, even though it blurs vision for a while, and is quite goopy.

👤I have been suffering from severe dry eye syndrome for many years and have found it necessary to use a lubricating ointment at night to keep my eyelid from sticking to my eye and tearing in the morning. I have tried many different types of ointment and have concluded that Muro 128 is the best. Highly recommended, even though it's premium price.

👤This is the only product that works on my dry eyes at night. I only apply it when I go to bed because it causes a white out in my vision. I heat in a cup of warm water for 30 seconds before applying so that it will flow like a liquid. It stays in your eyes if you don't change it. It's best to wash it out with hot water. The reason I bought from pharmapacks was low price. Local stores get more money for the same product.

👤I have dry eyes. I was told by my eye doctor to use Muro 128 at night, but it was so expensive for little tubes that I went with a cheaper one. It helped my dry eyes but not my main eye issue. I used a tube of Muro every night after buying it at the drugstore. I didn't need eye drops during the day because my eyes were so comfortable. I found it here for a little less than the drugstore sells it, and have been buying two packs every now and then. I've learned to use a little rather than a lot. A very small amount is needed. It immediately lubricates my eyes, unlike the liquid/drops version. My eyes are blurry. I am going to sleep so it doesn't matter. When I wake up, my eyes are moist. I wish I could find a cheaper substitute for this. I haven't been able to. I will pay the price because my eyes have improved so much that they are worth whatever it takes to keep them healthy. Muro 128 keeps my eyes healthy.

👤My dog suffers from Corneal Edema. I apply twice a day. I put the tube in the hot water for 30 seconds. It is much easier to place a small drop in the space created by stretching his lower eyelid. It's easier to control the dose.

👤I've been using this for several months to prevent dry eye. If I hold the tube in my hand for a couple of minutes, it's much easier to apply the right dose. The heat from my hand made it easier for me to squeeze a drop into each eye. The method helps to prevent the tip from becoming contaminated by touching the eye area.

4. Neosporin Antibiotic Ointment Infection Prevention

Neosporin Antibiotic Ointment Infection Prevention

A tube of Neosporin + Pain, Itch, Scar Antibiotic First Aid Ointment from the number-one doctor recommended brand helps protect and treat minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. This antibiotic is made from a white petrolatum base and contains bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate, and polymyxin B sulfate. The no-sting, anti-itch formula also has an external analgesic, pramoxine HCl. The scar is made with Heliderm technology that provides a supportive environment for the skin during healing and reduces the appearance of scars for healthier looking skin. One to three times a day, apply a small amount of the skin cream to the affected area. Band-Aid Brand Bandage is a good way to cover a wound.

Brand: Neosporin

👤Great product. If you add a touch of sugar it will cause a bee sting. Don't make a bigger wound with a needle, just put neosporin and a touch of sugar on it, and when you remove the bandage tomorrow, the splinter will on it. Honest. Learned it from a nurse. For generations, the family has used it. It has never failed. It helped remove the infection when bbn used it for major dog bites.

👤I had a breast reduction and this product here. I was healed and minimized my scars. I was surprised that it blended them and minimized the fee, they feel smooth like the rest of my skin.

👤My son had a scar on his face after he fell. I had to make sure his wound was closed before I could use the stuff I bought to prevent scarring. I was not in neosporin. I used a generic brand for the first 5 days. The day 5 would still be red and raw. He has a huge scar on his face. I swear the scar looked less red and more flat after using neosporin for 2 days. The wound looks better by day 3. It's not completely gone but it will speed up recovery. Next step is a scar cream to hopefully remove the scar.

👤This is the only thing that helps my symptoms. The blisters, itch, and broken skin are less severe if I use at the first sign of itch and don't scratch. I use only one thing for a week at a time, and it doesn't help my symptoms. This does.

👤In the movie, the father uses Windex for everything. I have known men who used duct tape for everything. It is in our suits, in our desks, in our purses, in our kitchens, and in our cars. It's our job to fix everything. My husband laughs because we all feel the same way. We all recommend.

👤I'm a big fan of Neosporin and I was happy to find this product, as my body is scarring more than it has in the past. It was used for four days with no visible improvement. I assumed that the scar treatment had changed the situation because I got a bad batches from Amazon. I continued to use it and it had no difference for about a week. I was recently diagnosed with the disease and had a bug in my body. I can't fault Neosporin for thinking it's an antibiotic. I decided to write this review because I am sure there are others with more severe infections that have progressed to the bloodstream. If I am deserving, I will try this again.

👤I was stung by wasp twice on my hand, and itched for a week. I have used Neosporin before, but the one I bought recently included itch relief. I put the Neosporin on it after trying other anti-itch creams and gels that were not effective. I had low expectations, but it worked well. The itchy feeling was gone. My son uses it on his mosquito bites, and it's more effective than all the other remedies we've tried. This product contains regular Neosporin ingredients, which you might not use often.

5. Similasan Relief Drops 33 Ounce Bottle

Similasan Relief Drops 33 Ounce Bottle

Relief from pink eye symptoms can be provided with the use of Similasan Pink Eye Relief drops. Use as often as necessary. Pink eye symptoms such as red eyes, burning eyes, watery eyes, irritated eyes, and gritty eyes can be masked with the use of Similasan Pink Eye Relief eye drops. Natural active ingredients like eyebright are used in the making of simolasan eye drops. Eye drops do not contain chemicals that cause rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 40 years, Similasan has been used by families. The leading brand of remedies with natural active ingredients is called Similasan. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from pink eye symptoms is provided by their eye drops.

Brand: Similasan

👤They seemed to work for a couple hours, but then my symptoms went crazy overnight. Do not buy if you think you have a disease. This product made my irritation worse, it made my eye red, and now my eye is discharging mucus instead of clear, watery discharge. I wake up several times a night because my eye burns or is full of junk. I am going to have to see a doctor this morning because of this stuff, which is making my condition worse. They changed the name without actually being formulated for Pink Eye/conjunctivitis. It's a pity.

👤I have been fighting a case of pink eye for 2 weeks. I bought some suggested allergy eyedrops that helped with the redness and appearance, because antibiotics don't work because it's viral. I became very frustrated by my symptoms because they felt like their efficacy was fading. The more expensive option was bought. The eyedrops cured my symptoms in less than 24 hours. After 2 weeks of pain. I would have saved myself money and pain if I'd bought these first.

👤PHENOMENAL. I got a pink eye after a horrible respiratory illness. My doctor told me to wait it out after I woke up with red eyes. I bought this product at my local Walgreens late in the day after finding it through a search. After not using these for a full day, the infection is starting to clear out. I attached the red color of it yesterday and how clear it is this morning.

👤I've never used a better eye drop. I get pink eye frequently, related to my cat and cleaning the litter box, despite washing fanatically afterwards, I think it's the dust that irritates my eyes. The pink eye symptoms are gone after a few days. The bottle has changed from "Pink Eye Relief" to "Irritated Eyes" and then back to "Pink Eye Relief". Whenever I need drops, I use it. My eyes are sensitive and other OTC drops sting, so when I need a few drops, whether it be pink eye relief, tired eyes, allergy eyes, or just irritated, Similasan is my go to drop, period.

👤I don't use anything else for eye irritations. This works with any prescription medication. It takes care of the problem quickly and you will notice a change.

👤Excellent. If you have a pink eye, it's great. Will help you see your symptoms.

👤I have terrible allergies my whole life. I'm used to dealing with my nose at this point in my life, but over the past few weeks my eyes have gotten worse. Stye Eye drops help me keep the styes in my eyes under control. After using the Stye Eye drops for a couple of days, it was getting worse and more irritated. If you've had pink eye before, my eyelashes started crusting a little. Terrible. I searched for something to avoid going to the doctors, but after reading a review that helped in 8 hours, I made my wife run out to get a bottle. It is truly magic. Yeah, it's a mixture of things. It worked. Over the last few days it has gotten better, and it took the most severe symptoms down overnight. It's not an instant fix, and I did keep applying hot water to my eyes, but my eyes have improved greatly. It continues to feel better after various styes popped. If these don't help after a day or two, you should get a prescription strength antibiotic.

6. Neosporin Pain Relief Action Cream

Neosporin Pain Relief Action Cream

Provides pain relief. Neomycin and polymyxin B are used for protection against infections. Pramoxine can be used for pain relief. Pain relief of the maximum strength.

Brand: Band-aid

👤I had a half ounce tube of Neosporin that lasted quite a while and it is an excellent product for treating minor wounds, promoting healing, and preventing infections. When I needed to replace a half ounce tube, I found a great deal on 2 one ounce tubes on Amazon. I thought they would last me a long time. There is a small point on the half ounce tubes. There is almost zero waste and you can get a small amount of Neosporin in a specific location. The one ounce tubes have no precision. The tube is more like toothpaste when you remove it. It's hard to get a small amount out. The half ounce tubes are less wasteful than the squeezes. I think the one ounce will only last as long as the half ounce, with plenty of waste each time a small drop is needed.

👤I buy every year. I like the cream. I put this on my children's skin. The vaseline neosporin cream is amazing, it rubs right in and doesn't feel squishy. I gave it a 3-star rating because I didn't think it helped with the pain relief. It gets another 3-stars because it is expensive. Then there's the smell. I don't like sniffing it. I don't notice anything. It works well as an antibiotic cream, so I give it a 5-star rating.

👤The best antibiotic cream on the market is Neosporin. I have used other antibiotics but the way Neosporin heals your cuts, burns, and scars is amazing. I keep a tube of Neosporin in my car, purse and desk to make sure I'm always stocked. You can use this product to heal a lot of things, including wind blisters, sun burns, and many others. I recommend this product for every 1st aid kit, home use, camping or other outing just in case the unknown cut appears!

👤Simply the best. It's much better than the petroleum-based salve which just melts, causes messes and doesn't allow bandages to stick. It costs more to purchase the cream form. What is going on with that?

👤The Neosporin cream is great for pain relief. It's great for nicks and cuts on your fingers and hands, for bad cracks on your fingers in the winter, for scratches from the cat or dog, and it's also great for scratches from the dog. It helps to heal the small scratches and bumps on your body, and it also helps to relieve the stinging and burning. I prefer the cream over the ointment. Smaller tubes have lovely pointed nozzles, but this latest tube did not. See the photo. The small nozzle is easy to place on scratches and finger cuts.

👤This product is amazing. On the first day, it brought the mail to my door and then vacuumed the floor. I got a foot massage in the shower. When it came time to clean it in the washer, it did all the other laundry, folded it, and then cooked me dinner. It's a good thing. I can definitely see buying this product again after using it a couple times.

7. Goodbye Ozonated Natural Essential Relief

Goodbye Ozonated Natural Essential Relief

Clean Ozone is infused with it. 100% natural ingredients. Instantly feel the relief. Ozonated: Choose Goodbye Styes.

Brand: The Goodbye Company

👤I have had chelazions removed before. I had an upper eyelid that turned into a Chelazion in early Nov 2021. I used: oral antibiotics, antibiotic ointment, hot compress, steroid shot in eyelid, neo poly dex antibiotic drops, lid sprays, lid wipes, various homeopathic drops and one ointment for weeks. It is almost gone after several days of use. Eye feels better as well. I am wearing contact lens if I clean up with lid spray, lid wipe and eye wash liquid in the morning. After contacts removal, I applied it twice in the evening. The product is amazing. Thank you.

👤I couldn't get rid of the stye, I couldn't improve for weeks, no matter what I did. I bought Goodbye Stye after reading other reviews. After using this product for a few days, you will apply it four times a day. The stye was getting better. It was gone in about a week.

👤Use this with baby washes, baby supplements, and apple cider vinegar. It will take months to work on challazion.

👤I had my first stye about six months ago and it was very big and painful. I tried everything, but it stayed on my upper left lid. I finally found Goodbye Styes after 2 months of agony. I put the oil on 3X a day and it was gone within a week. I started using Styes last week after I felt one emerge on my lower lid. It was gone within a few days. This stuff is the best.

8. Basic Care First Antibiotic Ointment

Basic Care First Antibiotic Ointment

The active ingredients in this triple antibiotic are bacitracin from bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B sulfate, which are first aid antibiotics. There is long-lasting intrusion protection. Amazon Basic Care First Aid Antibiotic Ointment protects against infections for minor wounds. HEALING SUPPORT: Cocoa butter and vitamins E and E promote healing and result in healthy looking skin. Triple antibiotic is used to prevent infections in minor cuts, burns and scratches. There are ways to treat minor cuts, shears and burns. Apply a small amount of cleanser to the affected area. Amazon Basic Care First Aid Triple Antibiotic Ointment may be covered with a sterile bandage.

Brand: Amazon Basic Care

👤This is more expensive than the one in my dollar store, but it has the same contents. It's attempt to claim that it is the same as Neosporin is not true. It has the same active ingredient, but not in the same amount. This is a deliberate attempt to deceive.

👤It is easy to spread on a bandage or apply directly to skin with this. My father had a burn on his leg. It was recommended to keep the wound covered and to change the dressing twice a day. We ran out of neosporin in a couple days because you get so little for the price. That's when we switched to this. The tube lasted about two weeks and covered a 7 square inch wound. After two weeks, the wounds had healed to the point that we could leave them to breathe and finish healing. A third of the price was spent on a treat. Absolutely worth it. That is another story.

👤I'm not sure why we're being asked to rate this for pain relief when it's not a feature of the antibiotic. This works well and helps heal cuts faster and more safely than using nothing. It works for me as well as it's more famous counterparts that are tried and true, and is much cheaper. I highly recommend for people who have issues with slow wound healing.

👤This stuff has saved my butt many times. A must for the first aid kit. This is the best price on the market. It has the same ingredients and ratios. Why pay for a brand?

👤I needed a lot of things after my surgery. These things are expensive. Being able to use a product with the same ingredients as the brand name products for a better price has alleviated some of the pain.

👤I didn't understand why this triple antibiotic didn't work until I read the active ingredients.

👤I injured my toe and part of the nail fell off. I saw my toe was red and swollen and tender near the toe nail a couple of months later. I started using this product 2 x per day and it seems to be working as the pain is down and it is less swollen after a while. I need both treatments to have a better chance of clearing this up because I have a separate product that I use more recently in daily warm water foot baths. My doctor told me that I would have to take a prescription medicine to resolve it. I'm happy that Amazon had this generic available for a fair price, so I could tackle this issue.

👤It works to stop or cure infections before they start. Excellent product used frequently by people with diabetes.

9. Polysporin Antibiotic Ointment Without Neomycin

Polysporin Antibiotic Ointment Without Neomycin

A tube of Polysporin. First Aid Antibiotic Ointment is used to treat cuts, burns, and other injuries. This antibiotic is helpful for minor wounds. To use, apply a small amount of this wound care ointment to the affected area.

Brand: Polysporin

👤My dad had a tube of this stuff in the medicine cabinet when I was a kid. When my brother or I got a cut, my dad would put some on the wound after cleaning it. It helped heal wounds quicker. I started using Neosporin after that. Each time I used the ointment, I started to get allergic reactions. I wondered if people could be allergic to neomycin. I found out that I was not the only one who was allergic to the neomycin in Neosporin and the generic tubes of "Triple-Antibiotic Ointment". I tried Polysporin for the first time in over 3 decades. It works well for me. There were no allergic reactions. I have been using Polysporin every day for the past few weeks to help the site heal faster after my spine surgery. It works as advertised. My case had no allergic reactions.

👤I use this when my dog has too much eye discharge. I bought it because I saw it on You Tube. Saves money going to the doctor.

👤I have a leg injury. Polysporin was recommended by my surgeon. I have used Neosporin before, but there are differences between it and this. Neomycin has in addition neomycin and Polysporin has bacitracin and polymixin B. Neomycin can cause allergies. I have used Neosporin and the added pain relief which is an antihistamine, and it seems that it is not needed. It is working well and I am happy.

👤This product was great for cracked/bleeding and injuries from nursing, both of which I have used it for. My nursing problems were helped by the help of Medela nursing sheilds. I would definitely recommend this product. I asked my doctor's office if the difference between this and neosporin was the same, and was told that it wasn't. Will be sticking to it.

👤I swear by it, I had never heard of it until I saw it at the store. I used to use Neosporin, but the results weren't always great. I had a cut that got more infections after using it. I had used other remedies that worked better. One day I went to the store and saw this Polysporin and it cost more. I thought it would be better than the popular, name brand stuff if it cost more, so I gave it a try. Glad I did.

👤Can't beat the price. I always use polysporin as a go to antibiotic. It was time to get more and I decided to go to Amazon. The price was the same as the large Drug Store Chains. I have been buying the 1/2 oz size for the same price for the last 25 years, and now it is the 1 oz size. The product helps in reducing scarring.

👤I had a small procedure to treat a persistent infection on my finger. Polysporin was recommended by my doctor as the wound healed. He said that inflammation and redness can be hard to distinguish. I used Polysporin frequently and it healed my finger.

10. Supplement MaryRuths Organic Hormone Promotes

Supplement MaryRuths Organic Hormone Promotes

Iodine is an essential part of a diet because it is not naturally produced. Those on a vegan or vegetarian diet are more likely to suffer from iodine deficiency. It's important during pregnancy when the body needs more iodine to support the fetus. Iodine deficiency can lead to feeling fatigued and weak, dry and brittle hair, skin, and nails, and weight gain. Iodine plays an important role in metabolism, stimulating the immune system and moderating the central nervous system, which is why it is important for the health of the thyroid. Support your body with essential micronutrients. The vegan formula is 250 mcg Iodine. Purified Water and Organic Vegetable Glycerin are other ingredients. The recommended daily value for adults is less than the suggested serving of their Iodine Liquid Drops. Diet affects an individual's iodine needs. If you want to take supplemental iodine, you need to consult with a healthcare professional. Liquid Drops are easy to take. Before use, shake well. Adults take 1-2 drops a day. Add to water or juice. A little goes a long way. 450 serves is what the bottle comes with. Mary Ruth's Iodine Liquid Drops is free of common Allergens. Non-GMO, vegan, dairy free, nut free, wheat free, soy free, corn free, nightshade free. There was no added sugar or artificial colors. It was made in a facility.

Brand: Maryruth Organics

👤In a couple ounces of water, just 2-4 drops a day. Take it down. I can feel the iodine working in my body. I know it's working because I get inflammation in my hands and feet from the iodine, but it's how I know it's working. As I go along, the inflammation is getting less and less. It was tasteless. The quality is high. A blessing. You can get the results you are looking for with this along with Monolaurin, Anise Star drops, Lobelia, and Methylcobalamin B12 Zinc Sulfate drops, eating fruits and vegetables, and laying off eggs and chicken. The meat is in small quantities. You should watch what you eat. I'm 65 years old. Have lost 16 lbs. Now, 6 feet tall, 188 lbs. It feels pretty darn good. After 10 years of absolute misery, I am very thankful. The Anthony William's books are worth a read. You will be happy you did.

👤There is a warning! Please be careful! You can cause more charm if you use Irinote if you have a problem with the thyroid. I have a Hashimoto and my blood results are all normal except for the one that says TGAB. If you have the same type of auto immune disease, it will harm your thyroid. Initially taking the supplement the person has more energy, but then they feel worse. People with Hashimoto's can have an attack on the thyroid gland if they are given iodine. When the thyroid is inflamed, the processing of iodine will likely cause more inflammation. You will likely see that the organ becomes even more angry when you give it more work to do. A person may feel more energetic when they start taking a supplement, but lab tests will show that their new energy is coming from the destruction of their thyroid tissue, and reports will show elevated TSH, and in some cases, low. I don't generally recommend supplements for people with Hashimoto's. I don't believe that the short-term artificial boost in energy is worth destroying your thyroid gland. Do your research!

👤I think I have a condition called hypothalmia. I have a lot of symptoms, including weight gain, brittle hair, dry skin, fatigued, and swollen glands. Mary Ruth's drops are a blessing to me. 6 days ago, I started taking them. I felt great after taking the 2 drops. Really? I haven't felt this way in a long time. I didn't feel fatigued like I always do. I have the energy to work out again. I have noticed in the last 6 days that my thyroid is not as thick as it used to be. I think it has gone down in size. I have lost some weight. I am amazed at how I feel. The energy is not like an energy drink. It is subtle. It lasts 24 hours. I wake up feeling good. I take the drops in the morning and know within 30 minutes I will have the energy I have been looking for. I have 6 children. I have the strength to keep up with them. I am not as angry as I was before the drops. I teach the children. I am with them 24/7. They have noticed a change in me as well. This is in 6 days. Mary Ruth's drops have been recommended by me. I feel like I have my life back. No joke! I am very thankful for this product.

11. GoodSense Maximum Strength Antibiotic Ointment

GoodSense Maximum Strength Antibiotic Ointment

Compare the active ingredients in Pain Relief to Neosporin. Sulfates of Bacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, Polymyxin B Sulfate, and Pramoxine HCl are contained in the substance. Adults and children 2 years of age and older are advised to clean the affected area and apply a small amount of Good Sense Triple Antibiotic Ointment on the area. May be covered with a sterile bandage. Ask a doctor if you are under 2 years old. INJURY: Accidents, falls, hits, weapons, and more are referred to as harm caused by them. Injuries can happen indoors or outdoors. Antibiotics help prevent infections and relieve pain in minor cuts and burns.

Brand: Good Sense

👤I got the triple antibiotic cream with pain relief for 2nd degree burns from on top of my foot. The doctor is happy with the healing. I got this on my foot as usual and then the pain started coming in waves. I was worried about an allergic reaction. The pain is gone when I put my old cream back on. The tube was not sealed. Will not use again.

👤It's great for people with eczema. My hands have blisters on them. I use this after I clean the trouble spots and it works to stop the itching and heals quickly, which is great for my skin. It works well for its intended purpose. It stops sting/ache and itch for cuts and scraps. There were no negative reactions for me or the kids.

👤I had a tumor removed from my neck. The doctor had prescribed an expensive anti-itch cream. I found this one while looking on Amazon. It works well because of the great price. It doesn't dry out the skin. It does not have a smell.

👤I tried to give this one a try after I realized it had the same ingredients as the brand Neosporin. When I got a cut on my finger, I used a band aid. I repeated the same steps the next day because it didn't heal. When I got my cut, it looked the same as it did when I got it. The next day my cut was almost completely healed and gone after I tried Neosporin. I'll never try an unknown again because this one doesn't work. I wasted my time money.

👤It's important to have an antibiotic in the house. I said that with full conviction because I was caught not having a remedy for an open wound on my medicine shelf. Thanks to Amazon, I have it in place and am using it. Good Sense Maximum Strength Triple Antibiotic Ointment is mandatory in every home because it is the most common place to get easily cut, bruised, or scratched. It is safe for animals. My cat has a hot spot from a skin allergy and it's very soothing, she's comforted when I apply it to her wound, and I'm happy to be able to help her. It's a whole other story getting the medicine down her throat.

👤I've been happy with this product for a long time. It's good for scratches and cuts from cats. It's the same formula as the others but less expensive. Vendors jacked up the price of triple antibiotic a few years ago. Did the ingredients go up? Good Sense kept their prices reasonable.

👤You can't beat the price of this product. I was able to find it at the grocery store for $6-$7. Most of us know that the generics are just as good as the brand names when it comes to OTC medications, and this is a great deal. All OTC medicines are examined by the FDA for safety and effectiveness and if they have the same concentrations of active ingredients you're getting all of the efficacy without the extra cost. When my dog decided to do the rhumba, I cut my paw fur and applied this product and a band aid, my pain was reduced by about 60 percent. There are pros and cons. Great at Reducing Pain. It needs to be shipped to your home, so you have to buy it before you need it, and store it in your refrigerator. Did this review help you? I hope so! If you have a question, use the comments section below.


What is the best product for eye antibiotic ointment for people?

Eye antibiotic ointment for people products from Neosporin. In this article about eye antibiotic ointment for people you can see why people choose the product. Lumify and Muro 128 are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye antibiotic ointment for people.

What are the best brands for eye antibiotic ointment for people?

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