Best Eye Black Baseball Colors

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1. Artistry Closet Patriotic Merica America

Artistry Closet Patriotic Merica America

Thetwist-up design is so easy to apply and blend out for a quick and easy daytime look, it's called Save Your Makeup Time. The colors are perfect for freedom. Use soap and water to wash them. It is easy to use a stick. Face Paint can be used to make a costume.

Brand: Artistry Closet

👤I bought this as a moral booster for my son's baseball team since they are all red, white, and blue. The boys hit me up for "War Paint" every time they played. It lasts forever after about 1-2 games, depending on how much they sweat or rub their faces, but it's awesome! It smells like a crayon but is easy to get off with soap and water. I bought this last fall. I have more than half a sick person. It goes a long way. I will buy this again.

👤The style is like a solid deodorant and when I took the lid off it broke. I was able to remove it and make it usable. The kids project was for the 4th of July. It is okay.

👤After a while, all the colors blend and dosen come out as 3 clear stripes. I added a lot to my football fan outfit and it's small, light and portable, but it did get me some bad skin after wearing it all day. It's definitely something to keep in mind.

👤My children and I play baseball and softball. They looked great on the field. It won't melt if it's put up somewhere where it won't melt.

👤I had to change the make up to make it red white blue.

👤The kids love it at our campground.

👤It works well but comes off easy.

👤I should say eye black or eye red, white, and blue.

2. Ghost Embroidered Halloween Baseball Snapback

Ghost Embroidered Halloween Baseball Snapback

One size fits most and has a brand new embroidered hat. There is a baseball hat. The USA has a high quality cap. New professionally embroidered hat. There is a baseball hat. 100% money back! That's their guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you are not happy with your beanie.

Brand: Yunxi

👤I thought it would be a nice hat with a ghost on it. The front section of the hat has something on the inside that doesn't fit in with the rest of the hat. The hat is not straight on my head. I like the ghost so I'm decorating my apartment with it.

👤The bill on the hat was poorly attached, but the ghost logo was cute. The bill is crooked off the base of the hat. I still wear it, but it looks like I'm trying to wear it to the side like I did in 2003

👤The little ghost hat is adorable. I wore it all fall and Halloween.

👤The ghost looks good. I plan to use it on investigations.

👤It is a nice hat. It will keep the sun out of my eyes.

👤The material was great, the fit was good, and the embroidery was great.

3. Franklin Sports Football Black Stick

Franklin Sports Football Black Stick

The Franklin Sports Football Eye Black Stick is easy to apply on your own, and it is frequently used by football and baseball players to reduce glare from the sun and lights. The eye black helps your eyes adjust to the environment and the fast speed of the game, as well as creating a pro-style look. The sun and night lights can cause glare.

Brand: Franklin Sports

👤I bought this eye stick to use for makeup. I was looking for a cheap alternative to face paint that would last and this held up. I could see a crease on my eyelid but it didn't distract me from my makeup. The small stick was a great price and seems to last a long time with repeated uses.

👤I used this to color my eyes for Halloween. It was applied evenly and dried quickly. It all worked out well, but it took a lot of washings to get off. When I went to work the next morning, I might have had a few around my eyes. I applied it to areas that had some fine wrinkling. I used plain soap and liquid soap. I will use it again next year.

👤This is a good product. The product stayed applied even in high temperatures and humidity when our son used it for a baseball tournament.

👤My 7 year old loves it. It doesn't come off easily in the hot sun, that's a good thing. The sticker versions are easy to put on and take off, but you can draw 2 lines or a star with this.

👤Black Eye Stick is used to reduce glare.

👤Tiene apariencia pero se quita fcilmente. Actualizado: Ya lo use practicando beisbol y dura todo el partido, aunque haya no se quita, pero Me gust mucho.

👤It is a perfecto. Para deporte! No notas est en tu piel. La Luz, tiene unas veas, no reflejar La Luz o sol. Rugby o tenis tiene un efecto disuasorio con los rivales.

👤It was facile d'application et tiens. It's covided un must.

👤It doesn't smudge with sweat like other brands. It takes a fair amount of soap and water to remove it. Goes on very easy.

👤Does the trick. My son is getting into football and I bought this for him. He was excited to get it. I don't think it will be an issue since it's cold here, so he shouldn't sweat to much.

4. Orange Football Baseball Softball Strips

Orange Football Baseball Softball Strips

NCAA, MLB, and other Solid Color Glitter designs are available. The product is worn by pros. There are 2 pairs of peel-n-stick included. There are custom design services available. It's great for fans and athletes.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤The super bowl needs these.

👤Kids can apply it themselves if they stay on all day. It's easier to remove than eye black.

👤I bought six of them. The orange is bright. I received 5 orange and one pack of resd, instead of all orange.

5. Football Baseball Softball Black Strips

Football Baseball Softball Black Strips

The product is worn by pros. There are 2 pairs of peel-n-stick included. There are custom design services available. It's great for fans and athletes.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤My daughters soccer team loved them. They had a blast wearing them. We got a lot of colors.

👤It's not good over make-up for Halloween. Doesn't stick for anything. It was long at all.

👤Exactly as pictured. Good color. The stick is long lasting.

👤Great product. I stood out on the field.

6. Eupboron Stickers Customizable Lettering Adhesive

Eupboron Stickers Customizable Lettering Adhesive

A seat for coaches or catchers can be used as a seat in the 5-gallon bucket provided by the Optic Yellow that has a snap-on lid. The package contains 120 pairs of eye black baseball, sufficient quantity and nice combination to meet your decoration needs and replacements. The eye black strips are non-toxic and reliable for you to use, they are easy to apply, stay on all day long, and can be easily removed after your game or event. You can share these black eye strips with your friends, family members and so on, nice gifts for you, because these baseball eye strips can be applied in many sports occasions, such as the game of football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, etc. You can use the stickers to write anything you want on them, and they are erasable and can be wiped off with a cloth. These baseball eye strips are good for sports. It will help reduce glare from the sun and bright lights so you can keep an eye on the ball and focus on the game.

Brand: Eupboron

👤Couldn't find anything to right on them and the second you get sweaty, these don't work at all. Is it possible to bring the eye black?

👤These were easy to apply but did not stay on for long.

7. Anteer Stickers Customizable Eyeblack Football

Anteer Stickers Customizable Eyeblack Football

We offer a 30 day free exchange and returns. 60-Pairs of eye black stickers are included in the value package, enough to meet your sports-themed event decoration needs and replacements. It's best to have one size for both youth and adults. You can write your name, jersey number, mascot, or personal message on these eye black stickers with liquid chalk. These eyeblack stickers are easy to use, just peel and stick them on your face or under your eyes. It's better to clean the skin first, avoiding water and oil. Sports stickers are popular in sports occasions for boys, kids and youth, such as football, baseball, softball, lacrosse and so on, write down your team slogan to express your passion and encourage team spirit. Their eye black stickers can be used for sports themed parties, birthday parties, Halloween, school sports games and team gatherings, and they can bring positive energy.

Brand: Anteer

👤We got these for my son's party. They worked well. They fit all of the kids faces perfectly and were the right size for them. I don't think they would stay on or work for athletics because they were all falling off by the end of the party with no sweat or crazy physical activity.

👤The kids like them. I love them too. The kids pick at them. It is worth it. I forget to bring them when the team asks for them.

👤My daughter was a football player and she said that the costumes fell off very quickly, like 20 minutes from perspiration. About an hour after she had red marks on her cheeks. This definitely has something in it. Don't take a chance.

👤My husband is a football coach. They look great and hold up. They don't have the strength to deal with a lot of sweat.

👤This is a non-breathable sticker. Would not use it for athletics. Returned the product. Kids sport themed parties are a great deal. It's perfect for kids as well.

👤It's great for little league and there's no mess.

👤I bought this for my son. He used it once. I believe that having stickers on your face while playing sports is uncomfortable.

8. EyeBlack Football Baseball Softball Strips

EyeBlack Football Baseball Softball Strips

Blue Eye Black Stick was included. The product is worn by pros. There are 2 pairs of peel-n-stick included. There are custom design services available. It's great for fans and athletes.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤These worked well. Was sweating after being wore for over 6 hours. They were never removed nor moved. It was difficult to take off after having them on for hours, but if you're quick about it, it won't be too bad. I would rather it hurt a bit than it hurt because of sweating.

👤They work for an hour or so. The price was cheap and they served there purpose.

👤I kept falling off during my son's game.

👤Half of them worked well, the other half didn't.

👤They wouldn't stick to the kids faces.

👤It got here in 2 days, and I loved it! On a Sunday! Thank you! My high school football player loves football.

👤My daughter used this a lot.

9. Black Eye Grease Single Tube

Black Eye Grease Single Tube

It is easy to do with soap and water. Pro athletes wear it on the field.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤I guess you get what you pay for. I don't use it myself. The consensus of my son's baseball team was that this is not high quality eye black. The low quality opinion was due to the many times they had to apply. The boys said this was not up to par. An extra star for low cost... I don't think it will be used again.

👤My daughter is having a dance. The product was greasy and turned into a gray color. She almost used the entire tube. The color was easy to remove. I bought a second isplack tube and it works better than the first one. It lasted more than one use.

👤The tube is the same size as a chap stick. It takes a lot of pressure to leave the black coloring under the eyes. It doesn't come out as thick on the skin as it could, just a little disappointed.

👤It is easy to smudge.

👤The product is the same size as a tube of lip balm. After applying a couple of coats, I had what I was expecting. It can be cleaned with a little soap and a cloth.

👤Great for sports. The game is over. It needs to be washed off with a dish soap.

👤Good quality for a good price. Oily and messy is what most eye black is. If not careful, can stain. Did the job. It should last a bit.

👤I wouldn't recommend buying this brand of eye black. I have used other brands that went on dark with one swiped. A thin layer was needed on the cheek. As well, very waxy.

👤Vous invite utiliser. Un sentiment d'√©quipe et trs ludique.

👤Product is hard to apply and not very black. It isn't very effective when it comes out grey. Won't buy it again.

10. TANNER ORIGINAL Baseball Hand Rolled TT001

TANNER ORIGINAL Baseball Hand Rolled TT001

The original Pro style batting tee is called the Tanner tee. More college and professional players are utilized than any other batting tee. The rubber ball rest is hand-rolled and allows hitters to feel the ball. As shown by him. The original is 26-43 inches.

Brand: Tanner

👤The Jugs 5-point tee lasted a few years before the upper tubes cracked. If the ball isn't hit perfectly, this $80 tee moves too easily. Our 17 year-old son is a decent hitter, and he has to re-position the tee every few swings. The base weighs less than 5 lbs and feels like plastic. We could have spent $105 and gotten the base weight, but why not make it heavier to begin with? We put the heavy base of the jugs tee on the front edge of the tee and it didn't stop the movement. I wish we had spent the extra $5 and bought the larger metal base version of the Jugs T. The Jugs T is more stable than the one we have, so it is more important than being portable.

👤This tee costs a lot. Is it worth it? I still only give it 4 stars, but I think so. The tee is strong. It lasts after many missed hits, and hasn't broken down after months of being poorly hit. It is portable and durable. Because it is light and easy to assemble, you can separate it into two pieces, and put it in a gear backpack, which is great for carting. It looks nice. The fact that a tee does is a plus. The light weight factor is either positive or negative. It falls over easily due to the light weight. This affect is enhanced by the small base. I wish they had found a way to distribute the weight in a different way. The pro side of this outweighs the cons. Just be aware. The tee post height is the main negative. The minimum height is high for shorter players. It would have been better if they made it more accommodating. If the height is not an issue for you, the tee is a great one.

👤This tee is amazing to me. It is better than the other t-shirts that I have owned. I've gone through about 3 tees in the last year and I decided to spend a bit more money on a higher quality tee. The tip of the tee will crack and break after about 50 swings. Not this one. This tee will last a long time. It has a flex top that is more flexible than the normal hard rubber that cracks, it will not break. The tee won't fall over when you hit it. The height of the tee can be adjusted easily. The lowest height is 26 inches, and the highest is 43 inches. This tee does everything it is supposed to. It was exactly as advertised. Anyone looking for a high quality tee should recommend this. Check out my pictures.

👤After a full season of using this tee, I am very satisfied. I like that the tee is made of durable materials. The base and metal post are very strong. The Flextop gives instant feedback. The Flextop is one of my favorites. My child gets instant feedback when they hit the rubber. It is easily transportable. The main shaft and the base fit perfectly into my hitting net bag. It was easy to use. It is a tee, but if my 5 year old can take it out in the backyard and set it up himself, it must be easy to use. I have used many other brands of Tees in the past and they all seem to come up short in some areas. The money was well spent on the t-shirt.

11. EyeBlack Blue BattlePaint Black Grease

EyeBlack Blue BattlePaint Black Grease

It is water resistant. To remove makeup, use a diaper wipe. The country of origin is the United States. The package is 0.98 inches in height. The package is 5 inches in length. The package width is 2 inches.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤It said eyeblack. It is actually eye blue. I didn't see the blue word in the title after I received the shipment. It was kept and purchased from Dick's.

👤I was allergic to it. Not everyone will be. It didn't make my skin dark black. It was difficult to get a dark color on my skin. Even though it wasn't quite dark, it looked all right. My skin looked haggard after the clean up.

👤This was terrible. It is a waste of money. You can't even use it because it was so dry. It was similar to using chalk. You will just throw it in the trash.

👤Good stuff, but beware, my flag football players thought it was a stick.

👤The color is nice but sometimes it stains.

👤It's perfect for the kids softball games. No sweating, stays on well. Make sure to remove make up with a make up remover, soap and water don't always get all of it.

👤It was perfect! You can buy it to match any uniform. It was definitely a hit with the ball teams.

👤The 16 year old said it was fine for games.


What is the best product for eye black baseball colors?

Eye black baseball colors products from Artistry Closet. In this article about eye black baseball colors you can see why people choose the product. Yunxi and Franklin Sports are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye black baseball colors.

What are the best brands for eye black baseball colors?

Artistry Closet, Yunxi and Franklin Sports are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye black baseball colors. Find the detail in this article. Eyeblack, Eyeblack and Eupboron are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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