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1. Flashlight Blacklight Portable Ultraviolet Flashlights

Flashlight Blacklight Portable Ultraviolet Flashlights

Each pocket will fit a standard 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 card. The best storage solution won't break the bank. The365NM invisible light is invisible to the naked eye, so that it is not as bright as the 395NM flashlight, but it is more perfect for detecting fluorescent agents and security code. Clear your needs before ordering. The real dedicated detection spectrum is on a different level. It can be used in natural light and in the dark. The best choice for fluorescent agents and security code detection is powered by 1 AA battery. It's lightweight and handy. You can put your car-SAVE SPACE into a backpack, pocket, or backpack. It works well on a lot of surfaces. You can point out nasty spots around you. With high quality design, zoom in/ out to adjust the light range. To mark the pet's urine,Enlarge the beam to circle the suspected area. The body is made of high quality aluminum. With high quality design, zoom in/ out to adjust the light range. To mark the pet's urine,Enlarge the beam to circle the suspected area. The body is made of high quality aluminum.

Brand: Darkbeam

👤The UV flashlight will kill minerals. A sample from the New Jersey mine was tested.

👤This works for detecting cat urine. I don't believe it's the fault of the light, as it lit up the wall where my cat was spraying like a christmas tree, but it did not show up well on some surfaces. It was difficult to read the reviews on the lights. I thought I'd add my experience here to help others. I got January 2021.

👤I have only had this product for a few days, so I won't talk about its longevity. I bought it to detect ringworm on some kittens. She pointed out that the hairless spots were ringworm when they visited the vet. She gave me a couple of things after treatment. All good. I will not mention that it would have been very expensive if I had not returned to get it checked. The "woods lamp" is actually just a anm UV lamp. I waited to check the kittens after buying this. I was told they had to remain in aQuarantine until the follow up visit. I want to get the kittens out as soon as possible because they are tough. I can tell you the infection is bright green by using this flashlight. It is very easy to spot. The cat is green. The good news is that there is still one spot left. It looks like it's improving, but I'll be able to unquarantine them quickly with this little flashlight. The build quality is good. I don't plan on using this much since it takes an AA battery, but it's fine by me. I think they make a rechargeable one as well, but I would rather have a battery that I can pop in when I need the light. The spot light feature works well. The flashlight is of good quality. It was a great purchase.

👤I got this because I wanted to make stuff glow. I couldn't point it out with my nose after smelling a naughty kitty a few days after getting it. It was dark when you found this. The cat was trapped in the bedroom. It is completely invisible during normal light. I didn't plan on using this for this purpose.

👤The LEDs are worth the price. It puts out less light than my other flashlight. The stray light is a small amount of white light, not the powerful violet of other blacklights. It doesn't drain power when it's not on, and the single AA is more convenient than my previous 3AAA battery flashlights. I have been a collector of Vaseline glass for many years and have carried a small fluorescent tube blacklight to glass shows and antique shops. This is my favorite of the 3 generations of blacklight flashlights.

👤The flashlight is good for checking IDs. The visible light being emitted from it is weird. There's a soft white glow that comes from it and will light up small objects. I think the wavelength spectrum graph has a low line from the UV end to the 700nm end. You could walk around in the dark and almost light a hallway. This very dim white glow makes it possible to see the entire ID. The UV part of the spectrum spikes at a certain wavelength. This thing will light up anything that is in the same spectrum as daylight. It will give off a bright reflective glow, which is perfect for the UV reactive ink used in IDs. I didn't get it to check IDs. I was able to see the UV reaction even though there was no visible light coming out of it. The softer the white glow, the darker the room gets. It was womp. I might try a different flashlight that doesn't have the ID checking feature. I found out that some of the UV reactivity I was looking for didn't extend to 365nm. It's possible that something that reacts to 395nm may not be as bright as it could be. That could be the difference between green and yellow. Not everything responds to the same wavelength of radiation in the UVA spectrum.

2. Adidas Alphaskin Headband Collegiate Royal

Adidas Alphaskin Headband Collegiate Royal

The material is 9% Spandex. The tie band is one size fits all. The mesh provides ultimate air flow. A screen print of a logo.

Brand: Adidas

👤The fit is tight to keep the blood in my brain. The ninja skills went up by +2. They unlocked the Drew First Blood rage attack. Can do high kicks and roundhouse kicks.

👤It was perfect! It's perfect for any head size and was worn for the Spartan race.

👤Hats are hard to wash because I sweat a lot and have a big head. The bill hits the ground if you do your pushups properly. These fix the other issues. You can get them for $7.50 if you put them on your wish list.

👤My daughter loves the headband.

👤There is a huge problem bald people have. Sweat going into your eyes while working out is very painful and can be dangerous. The headband stops sweat from entering your eyes. This headband gets an A+.

👤I was skeptical when I ordered this headband because I have tried dozens of headbands before to keep sweat out of my eyes. I was skeptical when I tried it on. It works great when I exercise in the Florida sun. I don't want to wipe my eyes. It is absorbent. I bought a second one so I could swap headbands.

👤My girls like to wear these to school and basketball games. Amazon has an amazing two day ship. A great birthday gift for a young person.

👤The reason I gave 4 starts was because the Adidas sign began to fall off after a couple of weeks, but costumer service was good and they replaced it right away.

👤Me gust la tela, no se desliz, pero tengo el cabello lacio, corr cerca de una hora. Me gust mucho.

👤It's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it' Lleg rpido. No, no, no Es perfecta.

👤No es absorbente. Sirve slo.

👤Un producto practico para deporte, se ajusta ajusta.

3. Maui Jim Local Polarized Sunglasses

Maui Jim Local Polarized Sunglasses

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 61 millimeters. The lens height is 39 millimeters.

Brand: Maui Jim

👤Maui Jim no longer sends the hard cases, but a fold-able case. The product did not come in a box that it should have. I bought these directly from Maui Jim. All authentic Maui Jim sunglasses come in a colorful box. This product didn't have that either. These seem to be fakes. They are going back.

👤My husband is a big fan of these. It is worth every penny. Tim is very sensitive to the sun's rays and can suffer from headaches and fatigue. He always wore glasses that block peripheral light. The frame hugs but isn't tight on his large head, which is attractive. The glare is gone from the water and roads. Clarity has taken 2 swings off his handicap. You will not regret buying these glasses.

👤Maui Jim has sunk in quality and the prices have not changed. The pictures are below. I received a box with cheap, dirty gas-station sunglasses after paying $250 for them. Look at the finish! Look at the hinges! Look at the inscriptions. China can put a fine camel case.

👤This was the first time I've ever bought sunglasses online. I've bought Maui Jim's sunglasses for a long time and I loved the quality of their product. The Local Kines are poorly designed. When I put them on, was the first issue. The sides were weird because they were cooked to one side. The nose pieces fell off after a month. The last issue was partly my fault, but Maui Jim's quality was also to blame. I dropped the glass for the first time and the linse had a piece chip off. It was the first time that had happened with sunglasses.

👤If you can find a framer that has the Maui green lens, you can use it. It is technically gray, but the green tint makes it look rosey and I like it. I wish they offered a bigger frame like the KA'ala or the old Kumu. I can only wear Local Kine, but I might try the cove park as well, because my ears are too far back for a lot of frames to fit. I like local line because it has straight arms.

👤There was no case or padding in the box. The sunglasses were damaged in the shipping. I am upset. These were not the right sunglasses. They look similar to knock offs.

👤Love the clarity when you can clean them. Trying to keep clean is very frustrating. There are smudges inside of the lens. The inside of the lens smudges even after cleaning with soap and water.

👤You get what you pay for. My husband is a big fan of this brand. The box scared me to open it but they were fun. Excellent quality glasses. My husband will only wear one thing. He said that they are great for riding his motorcycle.

👤I used to have Maui Jim's for a number of years when I lived in sunnier climates. The quality of these is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone who values optical quality in sunglasses.

4. Eccotemp I12 LP Water Heater Black

Eccotemp I12 LP Water Heater Black

The manufacturer of water sports equipment has been Cressi since 1946. Whole home gas powered tankless water heaters, rated at 4 GPM, are only activated on demand and do not need a pilot light. The front panel is black and easy to use. Features fully automatic temperature controls and child lock technology. Plugs into a standard electrical outlet with a cord that's not listed on the website. The horizontal vent allows for a convenient and quick installation. The horizontal vent allows for a convenient and quick installation.

Brand: Eccotemp

👤This unit developed a pin hole leak in the heat exchanger after 11 months. The warranty will not be honored by Eccotemp. They are blaming something. Neither happened. There are 2 more leaks before the second year. The email "helpdesk" will not honor the warranty. People who have recently installed one should not be used as a basis for buying. It was great until the 11th. All the way down the hill. The tenants were patient.

👤I need to return it to you. The manual says it won't work above 2000 ft. This was not indicated in any of the add/discriptions. I suggested to the agent that it would be a good idea to make that clear. He said that was suggested by other customers and nothing had changed. He told me it would work and be fine. My architect said it wouldn't work and I told him again. I have never taken it out of the box. Please tell me how to return it. This is the first time I've ever bought something from Amazon. I live in a cabin in the woods in Ruidoso NM. A hot shower is nice when it is 12 degrees. I made another purchase and that was delayed for 3 weeks. I need to get the paperwork so I can return. It might work well below 2000 ft. Someone needs to know what the customer wants. Put all the information in the sales pitch. Thanks for your help. Dan Stewart.

👤I had a learning experience with this product and I'm very happy with it. This guy will install your new gas heater in no time. But... If you plan to replace a tanked gas water heater with a tankless one, you will need to make a lot of trips to Home Depot. The unit is mounted on an outside wall and the vent is through the wall. The vent pipe is small and long. My initial plan was to remove the gas heater, install a guy on the wall, and use the galvanized pipe to vent. No, no! This will violate the warranty, local building codes, and possibly the fire insurance claims department. Due to the high heat output and the condensation issues that occur with this heat, it is necessary to have a steel piping. Try to find someone that sells 2 piece vent pipes. The manufacturer sells a vertical vent kit for more than $200, but the pipe can't fit inside of your current roof vent. The old vent needs to be removed and the new one installed. It was easier for me to cut the pipes and relocate the heater to an outside wall.

👤It seems to fit our needs perfectly after a little adjustment. The water temp in Northern Michigan is about 40'. We needed to turn the water inlet down to give the heater enough time to do its job and raise the temp to 115'. It does it at a rate of about 2.5 to 2.6 gallons per minute. It's enough for 2 things to use hot water at the same time. We'll see how it holds up. 3/01/2019 Update; still working. Not a single problem. Very happy with the unit.

5. EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

These baseball eye strips are good for sports. It will help reduce glare from the sun and bright lights so you can keep an eye on the ball and focus on the game. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. NCAA, MLB, and other Solid Color Glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤One pair was ruined. The glitter was all sticky.

👤Very cute, but did not stick.

👤These are cute, but they don't stay with you.

👤It should come with more than 2 sets.

6. EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

It's suitable for basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, badminton, cycling, hiking, etc. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. Solid color glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤These are for show and can be seen. Everyone loved it when I wore these at the football event. You can't miss them. There is glitter in the room. You only get two pairs.

👤I like these. They were held in place and even had layers of makeup on. There are lots of requests to use a pair. Since buying 3 more packs, I will keep buying!

👤The color is great and comfortable to wear. They stayed on through sweat and dirt.

👤They stayed on strong despite the heat and sweat. Would order again.

👤I thought these stickers would be easy to remove with makeup and sweat, but they stayed on and didn't bleed off. I received a lot of praise as well.

👤Look great! They never budged even during a snow/rain storm.

👤These look great! They stayed on their feet during the game.

7. Franklin Sports Football Black Stick

Franklin Sports Football Black Stick

The Franklin Sports Football Eye Black Stick is easy to apply on your own, and it is frequently used by football and baseball players to reduce glare from the sun and lights. The eye black helps your eyes adjust to the environment and the fast speed of the game, as well as creating a pro-style look. The sun and night lights can cause glare.

Brand: Franklin Sports

👤I bought this eye stick to use for makeup. I was looking for a cheap alternative to face paint that would last and this held up. I could see a crease on my eyelid but it didn't distract me from my makeup. The small stick was a great price and seems to last a long time with repeated uses.

👤I used this to color my eyes for Halloween. It was applied evenly and dried quickly. It all worked out well, but it took a lot of washings to get off. When I went to work the next morning, I might have had a few around my eyes. I applied it to areas that had some fine wrinkling. I used plain soap and liquid soap. I will use it again next year.

👤This is a good product. The product stayed applied even in high temperatures and humidity when our son used it for a baseball tournament.

👤My 7 year old loves it. It doesn't come off easily in the hot sun, that's a good thing. The sticker versions are easy to put on and take off, but you can draw 2 lines or a star with this.

👤Black Eye Stick is used to reduce glare.

👤Tiene apariencia pero se quita fcilmente. Actualizado: Ya lo use practicando beisbol y dura todo el partido, aunque haya no se quita, pero Me gust mucho.

👤It is a perfecto. Para deporte! No notas est en tu piel. La Luz, tiene unas veas, no reflejar La Luz o sol. Rugby o tenis tiene un efecto disuasorio con los rivales.

👤It was facile d'application et tiens. It's covided un must.

👤It doesn't smudge with sweat like other brands. It takes a fair amount of soap and water to remove it. Goes on very easy.

👤Does the trick. My son is getting into football and I bought this for him. He was excited to get it. I don't think it will be an issue since it's cold here, so he shouldn't sweat to much.

8. Anteer Stickers Customizable Eyeblack Football

Anteer Stickers Customizable Eyeblack Football

We offer a 30 day free exchange and returns. 60-Pairs of eye black stickers are included in the value package, enough to meet your sports-themed event decoration needs and replacements. It's best to have one size for both youth and adults. You can write your name, jersey number, mascot, or personal message on these eye black stickers with liquid chalk. These eyeblack stickers are easy to use, just peel and stick them on your face or under your eyes. It's better to clean the skin first, avoiding water and oil. Sports stickers are popular in sports occasions for boys, kids and youth, such as football, baseball, softball, lacrosse and so on, write down your team slogan to express your passion and encourage team spirit. Their eye black stickers can be used for sports themed parties, birthday parties, Halloween, school sports games and team gatherings, and they can bring positive energy.

Brand: Anteer

👤We got these for my son's party. They worked well. They fit all of the kids faces perfectly and were the right size for them. I don't think they would stay on or work for athletics because they were all falling off by the end of the party with no sweat or crazy physical activity.

👤The kids like them. I love them too. The kids pick at them. It is worth it. I forget to bring them when the team asks for them.

👤My daughter was a football player and she said that the costumes fell off very quickly, like 20 minutes from perspiration. About an hour after she had red marks on her cheeks. This definitely has something in it. Don't take a chance.

👤My husband is a football coach. They look great and hold up. They don't have the strength to deal with a lot of sweat.

👤This is a non-breathable sticker. Would not use it for athletics. Returned the product. Kids sport themed parties are a great deal. It's perfect for kids as well.

👤It's great for little league and there's no mess.

👤I bought this for my son. He used it once. I believe that having stickers on your face while playing sports is uncomfortable.

9. Easton Glare Protection Tube Black

Easton Glare Protection Tube Black

Keep your focus sharp and wear Easton's eye black. The Go-To Eye Black is for players who want to reduce the glare caused by the sun or stadium lighting. Reducing sun glare and stadium light glare from athletes' eyes helps keep them focused. Easton's eye black is an easy-to-use application. The sun's glare tested resistance to the SWEAT, SMEAR, and WATER PROOF. It is easy to do with soap and water.

Brand: Easton

👤Today, I received 4 packages of Easton sun glare. The product arrives in worse condition each time I order it from Amazon. I've ordered this product for a long time and it works for my team. The product that arrived today looks like it came from a second hand store. My youth league team is in the play-offs and I won't return. I want every player to have their packages sealed. The Pandemic parents don't want to receive eye black for their child that isn't sealed in the package.

👤It works well when I play volleyball because it reduces the glare of the light and sun. It's easy to apply and lasts a while.

👤Its eye color is black. There is nothing to say. "eye black" stickers are worthless. Don't believe me, read the article titled "The ability of periorbitally Applied Anti-glare Products to Improve Contrast Sensitivity in Conditions of Sunlight Exposure" by De Broff and Pahk.

👤It is easy to wash off with a little soap. My 8 year old son's team wanted to wear it for their big game and made them feel like pros. It also wipes off unintentionally because it washes off so easily. You just have to add another layer.

👤I bought this for our little league baseball championship, and it goes on smooth and black. I was stuck in my purse for hours at the baseball park. The kids were happy.

👤The plastic holding the eye tube came off when I opened the package. I had to tape it back on the backer to make it look like it was new. This is a gift for a family member. Don't understand what happened as there were no weather extremes that I was aware of.

👤The product is great for baseball players. It will be too soft to use during hotter temperatures if you keep it in a cooler. It lasts a long time. It's easy to wash out.

👤My son used this in little league and loved it. He used every game and had some left over at the end of the season. He left it in a hot vehicle and it melted, but we were able to save it. Would buy again.

👤No te llega en tiempo y no tienes simplemente. No mucho. Dejo unas imgenes donde, solo lo use una vez porque aun se ve la punta en forma diagonal.

👤I sobrino porque le gusta. I parece un buen producto. Fcil de ponerse. Amigos, lo recomiendo.

👤Lleg en espaol. No se corre. Para el juego, dura.

👤Fcil de aplicar, buen producto.

👤La calidad del eye black tiene una cobertura. The result of the Entrega de él me was antes de lo esperado. Alimentar con el producto.

10. CSI Cannon Sports Black Stickers

CSI Cannon Sports Black Stickers

The Cannon Sports under eye stickers will help to reduce the glare of sunlight. After your sporting event is over, simply apply their stickers under the eye and remove them. The curved shape of their black under eye stickers helps with placement and firmness. The formula is sweat proof and won't smudge. The formula is made in the USA and is safe.

Brand: Cannon Sports

👤If you plan to use them in a game, they are terrible. Only use for a costume. The kids on the soccer team were barely breaking a sweat when these fell off. They couldn't get them to stay on long enough to warm up. Don't buy these for sports. Click yes if you found my review helpful. Thank you.

👤I put the stickers under my eyes because they aren't wide enough. Went to the Dodgers game. The Dodgers lost that night, but I don't think it's because of these stickers. I took them off after the game and ended up with red marks on my face for two days.

👤They fell off as soon as they were put on.

👤We bought these for our grandson to wear and he loved them. They stayed on their feet. He felt like his favorite player.

👤These were needed in green. They looked great.

👤They didn't stay on my son's face for more than 10 minutes.

👤I bought these because they match our team colors. They were almost like a paper quality. The girls came off as soon as they smiled or sweat.

👤The edges pulled up easily because they were too firm.

11. CardGuard Trading Pro Folio 9 Pocket Side Loading

CardGuard Trading Pro Folio 9 Pocket Side Loading

A screen print of a logo. Get your collection started with 20 pages of 9-pocket side-Loading. Able to hold cards safely. Each sheet is acid free. Just what you need to keep your cards safe. It's perfect for all trading cards if you're a sports enthusiast. You prefer the gaming style of Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh! All of these sheets fit at the best price. Each pocket will fit a standard 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 card. The best storage solution won't break the bank.

Brand: Cardguard

👤Even though I just started using it, it is so much better than the old 3-ring binder I had been using for years. The big label sticker is on both the front and back and it is nearly impossible to remove without leaving a mess. I filled it with cards when I tried to remove the sticker, so trying to wash it off isn't an option unless I want to take all the cards back out again. I bought this to protect the cards and it's not ideal to have all this sticky stuff around them. I was able to clean off most of the sticker with a little elbow grease. If you buy this, I recommend removing the stickers and cleaning it.

👤It's great if you keep them in the binder and don't have to take them out to play. It was difficult to fit the cards in with sleeves, but they fit. If you're constantly taking them out for play, binder isn't the best. I feel that if that is the case, your binder may rip or you might damage a card trying to shimmy them back in time. The binder is their semi-permanent home.

👤This is a good quality storage solution for your cards. The cards are side loaded and feel secure. The pages are pretty flat when open and have good clarity, but I'm watching the strap to make sure it doesn't loosen. The front and back corner cards may be affected by this bad boy over time. The pages are not removed. If you like to reorganize your collection a lot, you will have a lot of moving to do.

👤A great binder. The Card Guard binder is better than my Ultra Pro binders. The stretch band feels stronger on the outside. Time will tell how it will hold up.

👤Some of the reviews said they were not able to get the labels off of the binders. I did not have any issues with removing them. To peal them in a smooth and careful fashion, you have to not rip them off. These binders are nice. When I saw the white one was under $15, I ordered one of the other colors. It helps organize Magic the Gathering cards by color. I will probably order more as my collection expands, as having the cards in pages helps me find the cards I need in a deck.

👤The card binder is very good for the price. The pages are flat when full. The pockets are not tight or loose. The pockets seem better fitted to accept japanese sized cards than standard sized cards. One negative is that the band meant to hold the binder shut appears to bend the binder a bit, this could either cause damage to the cards or not. Adding a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the binder could stop the bending. I am very happy with this product and surprised at how well it works.

👤The person who designed this probably never saw the final product. There is a giant sticker on the front page. The removal of this sticker with a scraper and hair dryer was a complete failure. A horrible design oversight could be fixed easily. It was horrible. Before giving this as a gift, you have to go. A couple slots were damaged beyond repair. Attached is a photo.


What is the best product for eye black blue?

Eye black blue products from Darkbeam. In this article about eye black blue you can see why people choose the product. Adidas and Maui Jim are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye black blue.

What are the best brands for eye black blue?

Darkbeam, Adidas and Maui Jim are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye black blue. Find the detail in this article. Eccotemp, Eyeblack and Eyeblack are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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