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1. Black Eye Grease Single Tube

Black Eye Grease Single Tube

It is easy to do with soap and water. Pro athletes wear it on the field.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤I guess you get what you pay for. I don't use it myself. The consensus of my son's baseball team was that this is not high quality eye black. The low quality opinion was due to the many times they had to apply. The boys said this was not up to par. An extra star for low cost... I don't think it will be used again.

👤My daughter is having a dance. The product was greasy and turned into a gray color. She almost used the entire tube. The color was easy to remove. I bought a second isplack tube and it works better than the first one. It lasted more than one use.

👤The tube is the same size as a chap stick. It takes a lot of pressure to leave the black coloring under the eyes. It doesn't come out as thick on the skin as it could, just a little disappointed.

👤It is easy to smudge.

👤The product is the same size as a tube of lip balm. After applying a couple of coats, I had what I was expecting. It can be cleaned with a little soap and a cloth.

👤Great for sports. The game is over. It needs to be washed off with a dish soap.

👤Good quality for a good price. Oily and messy is what most eye black is. If not careful, can stain. Did the job. It should last a bit.

👤I wouldn't recommend buying this brand of eye black. I have used other brands that went on dark with one swiped. A thin layer was needed on the cheek. As well, very waxy.

👤Vous invite utiliser. Un sentiment d'√©quipe et trs ludique.

👤Product is hard to apply and not very black. It isn't very effective when it comes out grey. Won't buy it again.

2. EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

Face Paint can be used to make a costume. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. Peel and stick pairs are included. Solid color glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤These worked well. I had them on for a long time after the game. I looked pretty as well.

👤Looked happy. It was worth the price. If the need arose, I would buy again.

👤It was fun! Stood all day. Go Saints!

3. EyeBlack Purple Softball Glitter Strips

EyeBlack Purple Softball Glitter Strips

These baseball eye strips are good for sports. It will help reduce glare from the sun and bright lights so you can keep an eye on the ball and focus on the game. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. NCAA, MLB, and other Solid Color Glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤They were cute to wear to the Packers game. They were a big hit.

👤It was used for a 5k. It was perfect!

👤They stayed on strong despite the heat and sweat. Would order again.

👤It is over priced for what it is. Use primer with glitter.

👤These were great. They were used for a concert. Stayed on all night. I got a lot of praise.

4. Anteer Stickers Customizable Eyeblack Football

Anteer Stickers Customizable Eyeblack Football

We offer a 30 day free exchange and returns. 60-Pairs of eye black stickers are included in the value package, enough to meet your sports-themed event decoration needs and replacements. It's best to have one size for both youth and adults. You can write your name, jersey number, mascot, or personal message on these eye black stickers with liquid chalk. These eyeblack stickers are easy to use, just peel and stick them on your face or under your eyes. It's better to clean the skin first, avoiding water and oil. Sports stickers are popular in sports occasions for boys, kids and youth, such as football, baseball, softball, lacrosse and so on, write down your team slogan to express your passion and encourage team spirit. Their eye black stickers can be used for sports themed parties, birthday parties, Halloween, school sports games and team gatherings, and they can bring positive energy.

Brand: Anteer

👤We got these for my son's party. They worked well. They fit all of the kids faces perfectly and were the right size for them. I don't think they would stay on or work for athletics because they were all falling off by the end of the party with no sweat or crazy physical activity.

👤The kids like them. I love them too. The kids pick at them. It is worth it. I forget to bring them when the team asks for them.

👤My daughter was a football player and she said that the costumes fell off very quickly, like 20 minutes from perspiration. About an hour after she had red marks on her cheeks. This definitely has something in it. Don't take a chance.

👤My husband is a football coach. They look great and hold up. They don't have the strength to deal with a lot of sweat.

👤This is a non-breathable sticker. Would not use it for athletics. Returned the product. Kids sport themed parties are a great deal. It's perfect for kids as well.

👤It's great for little league and there's no mess.

👤I bought this for my son. He used it once. I believe that having stickers on your face while playing sports is uncomfortable.

5. DeMarini Traditional Backpacks Black Size

DeMarini Traditional Backpacks Black Size

The main compartment is large. There are two bat sleeves. There is a side mesh water bottle slot. The cell phone pocket is fleece-lined. There are two more valuable pockets.

Brand: Demarini

👤I am not a college or high school player. I don't want to get involved in the little leagues. I am an old washed up man who can't accept that I am past my prime and my playing days are over. I'm an outfielder in slow pitch softball. I have more than the banks. I used to own a big bag. It was difficult to carry. I liked the idea of the young kids with backpacks. I decided this bag was good enough to carry my weapons of choice after doing my research. The bag is large but not big. There is a small pocket for my cell phone and glasses case, as well as two gloves, a helmet and cleats. There is a separate place for cleats in this bag. I wear a size 13 shoe, I'm a big boy, and those snow shoes fit perfectly in there with room to spare. This bag is perfect for anyone who plays the game. If you are a little league legend, a HS, or an old guy, you should tell people scouts are coming to watch you, because this is the bag for you.

👤This bag is well worth the money, and it was received today. My daughter plays travel ball and high school softball and I have purchased larger rooms for her. This is the largest backpack style bag I've seen. Can let you know when she uses it, it seems very well made. The bottom is very much in love with the zip up bat sleeves on the sides and the fact that the material has stretch 2 it for more resilience. There is plenty of room for her equipment and clothes. The helmet, face mask, cleats, 2 bats, balls, uniform are all listed. The small front compartment for her phone and keys is lightly padded for extra protection. I have to say that we love it. Will purchase another one. The yellow is bright and looks great. I was going to post a pic or video but I don't have an option to do that here.

👤The pack is a big step up from my old bag. I keep everything I need in this place, including two bats, two gloves, batting gloves, a couple of softballs, a knee brace or two, and an industrial size bottle of Ibuprofen. There is room for cleats. I don't put game shoes in these bags. I have gotten through the first season without any issues. Hopefully there will be more to come.

👤You can get a lot of storage for a reasonable price at the time of this review. There is a lot of room in the main area for a batting helmet, glove and gloves. There is a storage area for cleats. You can have a players name, number, and team logo embroidered on it. There is a small pocket in the front of your wallet that can be used for sunglasses, a cell phone, or your wallet. If the bag is turned upside down, the tubes don't fall out, even if the bats are from 2 1/2 to 2 1/2 barrel sizes. There is a side pocket for a drink. I wish there was one on the other side. There are a few small tears and holes on the bottom of the bag that my son has owned for over two years. The bag isn't as stiff as it was a year ago. We should get at least another year or two out of it. I bought this bag because I liked it so much, it was his new travel team colors. Other parents bought them because they liked them so much.

6. EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

It's suitable for basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, badminton, cycling, hiking, etc. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. Solid color glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤These are for show and can be seen. Everyone loved it when I wore these at the football event. You can't miss them. There is glitter in the room. You only get two pairs.

👤I like these. They were held in place and even had layers of makeup on. There are lots of requests to use a pair. Since buying 3 more packs, I will keep buying!

👤The color is great and comfortable to wear. They stayed on through sweat and dirt.

👤They stayed on strong despite the heat and sweat. Would order again.

👤I thought these stickers would be easy to remove with makeup and sweat, but they stayed on and didn't bleed off. I received a lot of praise as well.

👤Look great! They never budged even during a snow/rain storm.

👤These look great! They stayed on their feet during the game.

7. Lettering Baseball Football Stickers Supplies

Lettering Baseball Football Stickers Supplies

Koroyd is featured in complete ventilated protection. You will receive 2 pieces of pencils in 2 colors and 160 pieces of sports stickers in 20 sheets, each sheet of sticker accounts for 8 pieces of eye stickers, and it's convenient for you to replace the broken or missing one. These lettering baseball football sports stickers are applicable for many places, such as football playing, baseball playing, softball playing, hockey playing, and others. The cute eye stickers are designed with simple solid color, which are chic and beautiful for you to use, and you can also do some letters and patterns on the stickers with the pencils, to make you look attractive and charming. The size of the eye black stickers is about 1.5 x 0.6 inch, which is appropriate for you to stick it on your face, not feeling it too large, and the sheet sticker is about 7.5 x 8.5 cm/ 3.0 x 3.3 inches, so you can put it on your bags, pockets It is easy to use the eye strip, you just need to peel off the eye stickers and stick them under your eyes, and it is also easy to remove them when you don't want them.

Brand: Leelosp

👤Poor quality and definitely not made to west during sporting events. They were all falling off after being applied to our baseball team.

👤I bought these for my son's baseball team to wear in the Cancer Awareness Tournament but they wouldn't stick to their faces. They weren't sweating and it wasn't hot outside. It is actually cold in Southern California. Kids were disappointed.

👤They do not stick to your face, so it's a great idea to write on them. I was not happy with them. I didn't pay a lot.

8. EyeBlack White Softball Glitter Strips

EyeBlack White Softball Glitter Strips

Their eyeblack is made for athletes and fans of their favorite teams. Their no glare stickers get the job done no matter what. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. NCAA, MLB, and other Solid Color Glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

9. Revolution Balance Board Trainer Blue

Revolution Balance Board Trainer Blue

These stickers are perfect for all ages and can be used to reduce glare. All around training, use it for fun, hardcore workouts, tricks, or use it while watching TV. The 101 v2 can be used in a variety of ways, and they provide you with all of the inspiration you need with the included digital guide. Start slow, go. Beginners can start with the 101 v2 because it's easy to adjust and has a detailed digital guide. Even the most skilled users will continue to find new ways to challenge themselves as you progress to more advanced settings. There are mitigated stop options. The magnetic stop system is easy to use and works without tools. Beginners can start slow by setting a shorter rolling distance. Advanced users can easily remove the stops. The soft texture of the substance. Their traction surface is super durable and comfortable to use with bare feet or shoes. It won't scratch you or your floors like other boards made with rough griptape. The 101 v2 is built to last and look good doing it.

Brand: Revolution Balance Boards

👤I tried a balance board when I was 8. My mom asked if they wanted $50 for a board and roller. I bought one after she pissed me off. I can't get enough of it! I will be next to the table at Thanksgiving and giving her a stink eye. Do not wait 45 years.

👤The Bosu and Yes 4 All's wooden board are some balance boards I've used. I bought this board because I wanted a bigger challenge. The other boards I've tried are not as challenging as this one. I use the other boards while typing and doing yoga poses and weight lifting moves, I'm pretty advanced on the other boards. I'm a beginner again on this board. I recommend starting on thick carpet or grass. I thought I would be able to master it in a week and use it at my standing desk, but I think that would only result in me taking out the cubes next to me! If you're looking for a bigger challenge, then this is the board and roller for you.

👤This is a Christmas gift, I ordered four of them. I haven't tried it yet. I can tell you that they arrived in a timely manner and were well packaged. I think my guys are going to love these gifts, because it is hard to find cool gifts for young/mid teens. I got them all. They could keep them in their rooms or bring them out to the family room for some friendly competition. I also bought boxing gloves. This combo will be fun.

👤The stops don't work very well, but I have used this a lot. When you fall on a balance board, the stops on the underside lock onto the roller and you can't get it to roll back. You are on the ground faster than you know you have fallen with this one. I was looking for something that could be used inside or outside, and this definitely can't be done. The roller is coated in felt and the board is soft foam. It's fine if you don't need to use it outside, but it's a bit of a safety hazard and overpriced.

👤I got this board to add to my fitness routine and help me stay in shape for snow boarding in the winter because I really love it. The roller is made of plastic and looks like it will last a long time. There are a lot of things you can do with it, and a search on the internet will show you many ideas. I'm in my 40's and working out. If you practice on a carpet or mat, you won't have to worry about flying off. That's right! The underside of the board has fixed safety stops. This board is definitely something I should get. Thank you to the Revolution 101 team!

👤I wanted to challenge myself with this balance board. I am lightly active. Not overweight. I used to have a good sense of balance, but it faded as I got older. I rock just 1 inch on the board every day. I lift the other foot just a bit while pressing with all my weight on one foot. I can only do that so far. When the board slides under my feet, I am able to go with it. This is a challenge for me. I will try to add to this review when I am able to surf the board on the log like those people do in the videos. Great product!

10. Breathable Baseball Football Softball Lacrosse

Breathable Baseball Football Softball Lacrosse

If you want to show your team spirit, or if the players in your life have birthdays, holidays or other special days, this beautiful and fashionable sports bracelet is a nice gift for friends, daughters or teammates. You can use the white pencil to write something you want on the black eye stickers, or you can use the stickers to express your idea. You will receive 96 pairs of softball eye strips, with 1 piece of white pencil, and you can use the white pencil to make your own patterns or words, and the pencil is erasable. The eye black strips and the white pencil are non-toxic and reliable for both kids and adults, and can serve you and your families and friends for a long time. It's portable and can be used under the eyes or on the face, it's very convenient to use and can be removed, please keep the surface clean so that the eye stickers can work well. You can use these baseball eye strips in many sports occasions, such as the game of football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, etc., and you can share them with your friends, family members and so on, nice gifts for you and them.

Brand: Sumind

👤I may have been responsible for not reading the description all the way through. If it was for a Toddler or a T-ball team, these would be fine. They were too small for the 12 year olds.

👤The worst eye black is not the best. It was the least messy. Mom approved!

👤My son loves them. They would only last for half the game since he sweats around his nose. Good buy.

👤These are not useful. They don't stick to faces.

👤I ruined many attempts to get them off of the paper. It took a long time to get 2 off.

👤They fell off when my football players started to sweat. They are too hard and don't bend.

👤I bought these for my students to wear and they were a hit. It's perfect for 4th graders. The price is great. They gave my kids an advantage. It's not true.

11. EyeBlack Black Softball Glitter Strips

EyeBlack Black Softball Glitter Strips

The formula is made in the USA and is safe. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. NCAA, MLB, and other Solid Color Glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤My daughters soccer team loved them. They had a blast wearing them. We got a lot of colors.

👤The product is great to complete a costume. Would buy again.

👤I bought these for my team to use for a mud obstacle. It's crazy that we stayed on our faces through the whole thing. Would buy these again. They are shimmery and cuter.

👤The size and amount of stickiness was perfect.

👤Even with a light layer of makeup, the face was very well-preserved.

👤They are easy to use. They rip the first layer of skin off when you remove them, and leave red marks on your face for a few days after.

👤Fast ship! Cute! They were used for a concert and held up all night.


What is the best product for eye black softball?

Eye black softball products from Eyeblack. In this article about eye black softball you can see why people choose the product. Eyeblack and Eyeblack are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye black softball.

What are the best brands for eye black softball?

Eyeblack, Eyeblack and Eyeblack are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye black softball. Find the detail in this article. Anteer, Demarini and Eyeblack are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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