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1. CSI Cannon Sports Black Stickers

CSI Cannon Sports Black Stickers

The Cannon Sports under eye stickers will help to reduce the glare of sunlight. After your sporting event is over, simply apply their stickers under the eye and remove them. The curved shape of their black under eye stickers helps with placement and firmness. The formula is sweat proof and won't smudge. The formula is made in the USA and is safe.

Brand: Cannon Sports

👤If you plan to use them in a game, they are terrible. Only use for a costume. The kids on the soccer team were barely breaking a sweat when these fell off. They couldn't get them to stay on long enough to warm up. Don't buy these for sports. Click yes if you found my review helpful. Thank you.

👤I put the stickers under my eyes because they aren't wide enough. Went to the Dodgers game. The Dodgers lost that night, but I don't think it's because of these stickers. I took them off after the game and ended up with red marks on my face for two days.

👤They fell off as soon as they were put on.

👤We bought these for our grandson to wear and he loved them. They stayed on their feet. He felt like his favorite player.

👤These were needed in green. They looked great.

👤They didn't stay on my son's face for more than 10 minutes.

👤I bought these because they match our team colors. They were almost like a paper quality. The girls came off as soon as they smiled or sweat.

👤The edges pulled up easily because they were too firm.

2. EyeBlack Football Baseball Softball Strips

EyeBlack Football Baseball Softball Strips

The formula is made in the USA and is safe. The product is worn by pros. There are 2 pairs of peel-n-stick included. There are custom design services available. It's great for fans and athletes.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤My daughters soccer team loved them. They had a blast wearing them. We got a lot of colors.

👤This was easy to apply and remove for my 11 year old. It could have lasted longer had we kept it on after the games were over. We were able to modify the team colors. The entire team will be getting more. Thumbs up!

👤This came off when my son started sweating.

👤The package only contained 2 sets. I didn't read very closely.

👤Only one pair is usable.

👤It was easy to take off. It was perfect.

3. Franklin Sports Eye Black Stickers

Franklin Sports Eye Black Stickers

There are two more valuable pockets. This nontoxic material is safe to use and will stay on as long as you need, no mistakes, no mess, just peel and stick these eyeblack stickers under your eyes. You can write anything you want on the eyeblack stickers. The set includes a white pencil that you can use to write on your stickers. The eye black stickers will help reduce glare from the sun and bright lights so you can keep your eye on the ball. These stickers are perfect for all ages and can be used to reduce glare.

Brand: Franklin Sports

👤My boys liked being able to write on the sticks. These worked better than traditional eye black that ends up all over the place, because they were used for baseball tournaments where they would want eye black on for several hours. We didn't have any problems writing on these with the included pencil. I hope this review helped you. Please click the yes button if you think so. Thank you!

👤I applied these to a clean dry face and they stayed all night. I wore them for a costume so I wasn't out running and sweating. My face is oily. I was worried that they might irritate my skin. They did not at all. I am prone to skin allergies and it says a lot. At the end of the night, they came off without a hitch. The pencil was legible. I thought it would be heavier but it did a good job. I got a lot in a pack and it was a great value. Would recommend.

👤A lot for the money, but it's not consistent. These are being used by my kids, 4 and 6. I know it's unnecessary, but it's fun for them. One eye black will fall off halfway through a game or practice. By the end of their game or practice, they look like the early 90's rapper Nelly. My kids notice the difference, and I hope that they stay on, rarely the case.

👤The teachers wore these for the entire day. At the end of the day, they came off without a hitch. They stayed on their feet. The ability to write on them is cute. If one were already sweaty, no reasonable glue would hold onto the skin. I can say that they had good makeup.

👤When it's time to take them off, they come off without much effort. Being able to write on them is a bonus. The pencil was included. They're meant to absorb light, so they don't reflect it. It takes coordination to get them on straight, but that is a concern with any product like this. If you found this helpful, please click the button.

👤My boys have been enjoying them. I bought a white marker because the little pencil that came with it didn't work, but I also bought a little marker to write a Bible verse on when the boys are playing a game. Cute!

👤The boys in little league will wear these for the last game of the summer. They loved them. The pencil isn't the best. I used a marker. Check out my review. If you like the review, click "Helpful".

👤It doesn't matter who you are, these look great, regardless of who you are. Get a nice, juicy silver sharpie if you ditch the pencil. I put them back on the wax paper because I didn't have to sweat so much and they were still effective for the second round. If you have never used these, be prepared for some trial-and-error.

👤Good for a themed party. Shipping to the UK is very expensive.

4. Artistry Closet ART 10004 Paint Yellow

Artistry Closet ART 10004 Paint Yellow

The mascara is enriched with vitamins B5 andAloe leaf juice to nourish lashes. Get your face painted in a second. Just twist the dispensers and spread it. Show your strength! It's perfect for football, hockey, soccer, and baseball. You don't have to worry about messy storage with a coverable stick. Always enough! This lasts as long as you need, no more silly kits that dry up after a few minutes. Show your pride! It's like art of the team with your favorite team's colors on your face.

Brand: Artistry Closet

👤I bought it for a back up in case the face stick-on didn't work.

5. Markwort MWEYEB Black Eye Stick

Markwort MWEYEB Black Eye Stick

Make sure you are getting the best. Sun or stadium lights can cause glare. It is easy to use.

Brand: Markwort

👤My son is playing a game. He had warm ups before the game. It came off by the time warm ups ended. I had to apply before the game. By the time the game was over, it had worn off again.

👤I used this product for my team in the Tough Mudder. If you know anything about this event, you will get muddy, watered down, shocked, and bombarded with whatever they can throw at you to reach that goal. After all was said and done, a good 1/3 of my team still had their eye marks on this product. I call it enduring quality.

👤This stuff is thick and black. The boys on our travel soccer team love putting on their war paint. Its fun and good quality.

👤She was excited to have the black eye stick applied to her cheeks. It's easy to clean up.

👤I've ordered them before and one was melted. You can't keep in the heat if it becomes useless. Guess you get what you pay for.

👤I bought it for my son because it does not last very long. The eye black is gone after the game.

👤I don't know if it helps them, but they like putting it on, they get a kick out of it, and it makes them look tough.

👤Not the best for a kid, broke off and fell out, it had to toss. My son was excited to use it at his first baseball tournament but his heart stopped in a second.

👤It worked well for our day games during the outdoor hockey tournament. Applied quickly in the cold weather.

👤The product is long lasting.

6. Franklin Sports Football Black Stick

Franklin Sports Football Black Stick

The Franklin Sports Football Eye Black Stick is easy to apply on your own, and it is frequently used by football and baseball players to reduce glare from the sun and lights. The eye black helps your eyes adjust to the environment and the fast speed of the game, as well as creating a pro-style look. The sun and night lights can cause glare.

Brand: Franklin Sports

👤I bought this eye stick to use for makeup. I was looking for a cheap alternative to face paint that would last and this held up. I could see a crease on my eyelid but it didn't distract me from my makeup. The small stick was a great price and seems to last a long time with repeated uses.

👤I used this to color my eyes for Halloween. It was applied evenly and dried quickly. It all worked out well, but it took a lot of washings to get off. When I went to work the next morning, I might have had a few around my eyes. I applied it to areas that had some fine wrinkling. I used plain soap and liquid soap. I will use it again next year.

👤This is a good product. The product stayed applied even in high temperatures and humidity when our son used it for a baseball tournament.

👤My 7 year old loves it. It doesn't come off easily in the hot sun, that's a good thing. The sticker versions are easy to put on and take off, but you can draw 2 lines or a star with this.

👤Black Eye Stick is used to reduce glare.

👤Tiene apariencia pero se quita fcilmente. Actualizado: Ya lo use practicando beisbol y dura todo el partido, aunque haya no se quita, pero Me gust mucho.

👤It is a perfecto. Para deporte! No notas est en tu piel. La Luz, tiene unas veas, no reflejar La Luz o sol. Rugby o tenis tiene un efecto disuasorio con los rivales.

👤It was facile d'application et tiens. It's covided un must.

👤It doesn't smudge with sweat like other brands. It takes a fair amount of soap and water to remove it. Goes on very easy.

👤Does the trick. My son is getting into football and I bought this for him. He was excited to get it. I don't think it will be an issue since it's cold here, so he shouldn't sweat to much.



This vegan tinted brow mascara in 8 high-impact inclusive shades lasts up to 16 hours with a natural finish, and it's vegan. Enhance your brows with tinted plant-origin fibers that take eyebrows to the next level, and upgrade your brows from thick to thick for a one-and-done experience. They have everything you need to create beautiful eyebrows, including brow gels, precision brow pencils, pomades, powders, stylers, setters, tinted mascaras and more. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤It is hard to find a product to keep my hairs in place. This brow gel is great because it styles but tames my brow hairs and lasts all day without smudges. I like the price on it.

👤It is like glue for your brows. It makes them bigger. I like this product.

👤The clumps of product on my wand made a mess of my brows. Will not order again.

👤I fell in love with it the first time. It was exactly what I was looking for and needed. The long wearing cuts down eyebrow effort in half.

👤There is very little product in the tube. There is a clumped-up product on the tip of the brush, but the rest of the brush has almost nothing.

👤Natural blonde brows are hard to find because they are light. Many shades look yellow or grey and are not flattering. This one is very nice. The product itself is decent, but there are better ones out there. I will get this again because of the color issue.

👤The photo in the ad was not in the same color as the one in the ad. The liquid looks pasty and not natural. Is expensive for the tube's size, would not buy it again. Did arrive quickly.

👤The ash brown tube I ordered was the wrong color for me. When I went to return the item, it was automatically returned to my account, as if I could keep it for free. That was a surprise. When I received my new mascara, they sent me three tubes. I was a wonderful surprise. The people are very professional. I would recommend this product. It's a good thing.

👤A natural brow that lasts all day is created. The product is named after a woman.

👤This stuff is amazing. I have a new brow product. I have dark brows but they are a little sparse and had been using a pencil to fill them, but this is so much better. The most natural looking brows are provided by this. The product lasts all day and doesn't smudge. The shade "Espresso" is a cool dark brown and it's the perfect shade for brown brow products. That was an amazing addition. I want to order five of them because I think they will sell out quickly.

👤I have to clean my skin because the wand is hitting it. I found a better wand. The price is good with this one.

👤Es un buen producto. Para ojera, gust mucho.

8. Franklin Sports MLB Premium Black

Franklin Sports MLB Premium Black

Glare is reduced from the sun and stadium lighting. Safe from harmful chemicals. The formula is sweat-resistant. Will keep you dry.

Brand: Franklin Sports

👤The product held up well in the heat, but my son had an allergic reaction to it. It is not the fault of the company but he can not continue using it.

👤It would have been great if the photo showed it was shades of black. I was looking for something different. It was black when it arrived. The photo needs to be changed. I was not happy.

👤The eyeblack was smooth and had three colors in one. We have never had melted eyeblack before. It's disappointing too.

👤The only reason I gave this 3 stars is that the eye black does not test up correctly. The eye black is very cool. The design of the tube is terrible.

👤My son loved that he had this for football and the Bills were his team. Great for team spirit!

👤It is good but it doesn't last very long. I ordered 4 total for a baseball tournament and blew through them because they wouldn't twist up higher so I couldn't use the container that was left. It was not worth $9 each for the little I got out of them. Disappointed.

👤It goes on smoothly and is easy to wash off. I bought it for my twins. They like it. Holds up well to sweat.

👤It would be red, white, and blue. It is all red, white, pink, and blue. It is pink on my skin.

👤This is probably the best. It is soft and smooth. Reducing the glare from fluorescent lights is a job it does very well. It helps my son pick out the black puck against the white ice when he plays ice hockey.

👤The Stift ist viel. Man damit, bemsuch bricht er. Is it possible that we can say that it is Absolut.

👤Smudges fades to purple and looks like a punch in the eye.

9. Bulldogs Team Name Black Strips

Bulldogs Team Name Black Strips

The eye strips can be used for many sports, such as football, baseball, softball, basketball, and lacrosse. They can be shared with your family or friends. There are 4 pairs of peel-n-stick included. There are custom design services available. It's great for athletes and fans.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤I thought I was spending $5 for 24 stickers, but I have to spend another $25 to get the other 20 because I ordered 4 of these expecting 96 and I spent $5 on 4 of them. It will cost me $100 to get all of the ones I need. The description is not accurate.

👤The quality is good, but they don't send 24 like in the description. I received eight.

👤It wasn't described how it was described. Not happy.

10. EyeBlack Blue BattlePaint Black Grease

EyeBlack Blue BattlePaint Black Grease

It is water resistant. To remove makeup, use a diaper wipe. The country of origin is the United States. The package is 0.98 inches in height. The package is 5 inches in length. The package width is 2 inches.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤It said eyeblack. It is actually eye blue. I didn't see the blue word in the title after I received the shipment. It was kept and purchased from Dick's.

👤I was allergic to it. Not everyone will be. It didn't make my skin dark black. It was difficult to get a dark color on my skin. Even though it wasn't quite dark, it looked all right. My skin looked haggard after the clean up.

👤This was terrible. It is a waste of money. You can't even use it because it was so dry. It was similar to using chalk. You will just throw it in the trash.

👤Good stuff, but beware, my flag football players thought it was a stick.

👤The color is nice but sometimes it stains.

👤It's perfect for the kids softball games. No sweating, stays on well. Make sure to remove make up with a make up remover, soap and water don't always get all of it.

👤It was perfect! You can buy it to match any uniform. It was definitely a hit with the ball teams.

👤The 16 year old said it was fine for games.

11. Softball Stickers Baseball Football Adhesive

Softball Stickers Baseball Football Adhesive

Their eyeblack is made for athletes and fans of their favorite teams. Their no glare stickers get the job done no matter what. 80 pairs of black glitter stickers in 2 different colors, including black and blue, is enough for your daily use, it is suitable to share with your friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, colleague, coworkers, neighbors, classmates, and more There are 8 strips of black face stickers on each sheet, 20 sheets in total, each strip measures about 1.37 x 0.55 inch/ 35 x 14mm, suitable size for you to apply under your eyes. The sports black eye stickers are made of a material that is easy to fall off, and glitter powder is not easy to brush off, so you can enjoy wearing these stickers to cheer up on the sports match. It's easy to use, you just need to peel off the eye stickers from the sheets and stick them under your eyes, which will not cause you any problems, and you can easily remove them when you don't want them. These baseball care stickers can be applied for a variety of occasions, such as football, baseball, softball, hockey, and so on, making your sports comfortable and interesting.

Brand: Leelosp


What is the best product for eye black stick bulk?

Eye black stick bulk products from Cannon Sports. In this article about eye black stick bulk you can see why people choose the product. Eyeblack and Franklin Sports are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye black stick bulk.

What are the best brands for eye black stick bulk?

Cannon Sports, Eyeblack and Franklin Sports are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye black stick bulk. Find the detail in this article. Artistry Closet, Markwort and Nyx Professional Makeup are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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