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1. Stickers Baseball Football Pencils Supplies

Stickers Baseball Football Pencils Supplies

The package comes with 25 sheets of eye black strips and 3 pieces of pencils, with a total of 100 pairs of stirps, adequate quantity can fully satisfy your demands of application and replacement. The sports black eye stickers are made of a quality material that won't hurt your face or skin and can serve you for a long time. The baseball and football eye strips are easy to use, and you can peel them off if you don't use them. You can paint patterns, names, sentences, and more with the 3 pencils in the package, which are in diverse colors, they are white, red and blue, and you can also use them to make your black under eye strips more distinctive. The sports eye strips can be used for many occasions, such as birthday parties, Halloween parties, school sports games, team gatherings and more, which are suitable for those people who like sports and games.

Brand: Maitys

👤Other colors do not work with white marker. If you sweat, they stick almost instantly.

👤My son's stickers fell off by the end of the first quarter.

👤There is only one marker on this.

2. JULMELON Stickers Pencils Baseball Football

JULMELON Stickers Pencils Baseball Football

It is suitable for most people. Black ink is good for makeup looks. 140 pairs of sports face eyeblack sticker and 2 white pencils are included in the package. The quantity is enough to meet the needs of you, your family and friends when you participate in activities or parties. The sports black eye strips are easy to use, just tear them off and stick them under the eyes or anywhere you want to. It is recommended to clean your skin before using to prevent the water or oil on your face from sticking to the stickers. Football face stickers are black and can be stuck under the eyes to reduce the glare from the sun. They are practical and durable. Their football eye stickers set is suitable for doing yourself. You can use the black eye stickers to create. You can either write your name on it or not. You can use your creative thinking to write and draw on them to express your passion, and it can be erased with a wet paper towel. The black eye strips can be used again. Sports black eye stickers can be pasted under the eyes and also on other smooth surfaces. You can share them with family and friends who love sports, because they are suitable for outdoor sports such as football, baseball, basketball, softball, lacrosse, etc. They are suitable for parties, which can make the party more enjoyable.

Brand: Julmelon

👤My kids liked the eye sticks and we could write things down below.

3. Wilson Electronics WTF974200 Stick Black

Wilson Electronics WTF974200 Stick Black

The logo is screen-printed.

Brand: Wilson

👤I wore this for a costume. It was easy to apply and define edges, and it stayed on without any problems during a relay race. I ran 5 miles and only streaked when I rubbed sweat out of my eyes. I didn't have to wear a domino mask with elastic all day because I got a lot of praise. It worked out perfectly.

👤I use this to get war-painted before I run through the woods. I cry when I get knocked out of the competition early.

👤This works well for Halloween. I used it to make my 3 year old daughter look like jack skellington. Very dark. It stays for a while, but as a mom, I like the fact that it is cleaned up very easily, without using harsh soaps. I used her regular soap and a rag and it came off. If I found a use for it other than trick or treat, I would buy again.

👤Our 8 year old son likes to wear eye black. This is the second one I've purchased. It goes on nicely and thick, and comes off easily with makeup remover. If it's hot outside, you have to be careful. It gets very hot down here in Georgia. I had it in a plastic bag, but it melted in my purse. You can't beat it for the price. Will purchase more once this is over. They last a long time.

👤I use it to paint my face for hunting. Works well. Staying on through sweat and rain. It is definitely possible to remove makeup with a face wash. I buy a stick every year.

👤I have this stuff for my 1st grade football team. I put this on the kids before the game. I have used it on 10 kids for 3 games and there are still more left. It comes off around the 2nd or 3rd quarter. Maybe you should look elsewhere if you are in the MLB or the NFL. It's perfect for little kids who think they are wearing it to look cool.

👤I'm going to keep the sticks because they're for sports. I would return them if I were using them for lipstick.

👤I was shocked when it sat out in the Arizona summer heat and didn't melt. It is thick and spread evenly. The quality is great and will be used many times.

👤Everyone on the team wants a top purchase.

👤I giocatori di football americano. Secondo me non ha molto senso e difficilmente pu funzionare.

👤Ihn leider erst mega Habe, die meiner Motto-Woche verwenden knnen. Gut aus. Hlt Schwei aus. Ihn direkt berhrt, wenn man ihn sechs Job.

4. Easton 1264050 Training Stick

Easton 1264050 Training Stick

Safety first. The glow ball doesn't come with an on/off switch for user safety. Refer to the user guide for installation and removal of a battery. Not made for hitting. The Easton's Training Stick is perfect for baseball or softball players of any age. It's easy to train two people without having to pick up afterwards. There is a flexible shaft with vibrating hands. A players swing. It is possible to practice at the field, in the backyard or between games. It's ideal for any age.

Brand: Easton

👤I've used this type of device for over 20 years with my softball teams. I need to get one for the 12U team as well. It allows a player to find her best hitting zone, practice her swing in a limited space or just take some extra contact swings before coming to bat. Families with both softball or baseball players wanting to learn a proper swing will find this one very flexible.

👤This Easton hitting stick was just received. I didn't read the description very well and noticed that it had a baseball and softball end. The baseball and softball ends are much smaller than a standard baseball and softball, closer to the size of a baseball. This product has a negative review. Aim small, miss small. Excellent quality and longevity.

👤This was a worthwhile addition to the baseball and softball teams that I was coaching this past fall, as I was looking to add a little equipment that would be useful for my own kids and help with the teams. This was a great addition to the hitting stations at practices, where a kid could hit off the stick, one on the tee, and one hitting wiffles or something similar. It's great for having a rotation. It was great to give each of the kids some swings before the game to get them warmed up and their confidence a little boost. I have only used one two-team season, but it seems like it will handle wear and tear well.

👤Very disappointed. I can't tell you if it works or not because it came used. The pictures show how dirty it is. It will get dirty the minute you start, but it should never be sent that way. They would send it this way. It came on time and I gave it one star.

👤The hit sticks used in our league only have a handle on one end and a ball on the other. The stick has a larger yellow softball size and a smaller white baseball size. The 5 and 6 year olds are used to hitting the yellow one. The white one is more difficult. They need to learn to see a baseball, I tell them. It helps them see the correct size ball. It's worth it.

👤The opposing team used it at one of my daughter's softball games. When you can't have the whole field, it helps them get some batting practice. My son is starting baseball in the spring and having the baseball T one end works out for him. We can use it in our backyard and on the field.

👤I like this thing. My 7 year old has become one of the best hitters on the team. The baseball side is smaller than a baseball. The sound of a real baseball coming off the bat is the same when solid contact is made.

👤The product is great. My 6 year olds batting has improved since using it. The small white ball on the one side is perfect, about half the size of a baseball, which means come game time that baseball is looking mighty big. After hundreds if not thousands of hits on it, the hand has held up well.

5. Lettering Baseball Football Stickers Supplies

Lettering Baseball Football Stickers Supplies

Solid color glitter designs are available. You will receive 2 pieces of pencils in 2 colors and 160 pieces of sports stickers in 20 sheets, each sheet of sticker accounts for 8 pieces of eye stickers, and it's convenient for you to replace the broken or missing one. These lettering baseball football sports stickers are applicable for many places, such as football playing, baseball playing, softball playing, hockey playing, and others. The cute eye stickers are designed with simple solid color, which are chic and beautiful for you to use, and you can also do some letters and patterns on the stickers with the pencils, to make you look attractive and charming. The size of the eye black stickers is about 1.5 x 0.6 inch, which is appropriate for you to stick it on your face, not feeling it too large, and the sheet sticker is about 7.5 x 8.5 cm/ 3.0 x 3.3 inches, so you can put it on your bags, pockets It is easy to use the eye strip, you just need to peel off the eye stickers and stick them under your eyes, and it is also easy to remove them when you don't want them.

Brand: Leelosp

👤Poor quality and definitely not made to west during sporting events. They were all falling off after being applied to our baseball team.

👤I bought these for my son's baseball team to wear in the Cancer Awareness Tournament but they wouldn't stick to their faces. They weren't sweating and it wasn't hot outside. It is actually cold in Southern California. Kids were disappointed.

👤They do not stick to your face, so it's a great idea to write on them. I was not happy with them. I didn't pay a lot.

6. Franklin Sports Football Black Stick

Franklin Sports Football Black Stick

The Franklin Sports Football Eye Black Stick is easy to apply on your own, and it is frequently used by football and baseball players to reduce glare from the sun and lights. The eye black helps your eyes adjust to the environment and the fast speed of the game, as well as creating a pro-style look. The sun and night lights can cause glare.

Brand: Franklin Sports

👤I bought this eye stick to use for makeup. I was looking for a cheap alternative to face paint that would last and this held up. I could see a crease on my eyelid but it didn't distract me from my makeup. The small stick was a great price and seems to last a long time with repeated uses.

👤I used this to color my eyes for Halloween. It was applied evenly and dried quickly. It all worked out well, but it took a lot of washings to get off. When I went to work the next morning, I might have had a few around my eyes. I applied it to areas that had some fine wrinkling. I used plain soap and liquid soap. I will use it again next year.

👤This is a good product. The product stayed applied even in high temperatures and humidity when our son used it for a baseball tournament.

👤My 7 year old loves it. It doesn't come off easily in the hot sun, that's a good thing. The sticker versions are easy to put on and take off, but you can draw 2 lines or a star with this.

👤Black Eye Stick is used to reduce glare.

👤Tiene apariencia pero se quita fcilmente. Actualizado: Ya lo use practicando beisbol y dura todo el partido, aunque haya no se quita, pero Me gust mucho.

👤It is a perfecto. Para deporte! No notas est en tu piel. La Luz, tiene unas veas, no reflejar La Luz o sol. Rugby o tenis tiene un efecto disuasorio con los rivales.

👤It was facile d'application et tiens. It's covided un must.

👤It doesn't smudge with sweat like other brands. It takes a fair amount of soap and water to remove it. Goes on very easy.

👤Does the trick. My son is getting into football and I bought this for him. He was excited to get it. I don't think it will be an issue since it's cold here, so he shouldn't sweat to much.

7. Rawlings Sporting B618 Softball Softballs

Rawlings Sporting B618 Softball Softballs

An ice insert for the youth shoulder/elbow wrap is required for Little Leaguers. The ability to maintain a consistent temperature for an hour is one of the most powerful benefits of the cold pack. The product promotes the best icing solution: ice for 20 minutes, remove for 20 minutes and ice again for 20 minutes more. More icing is needed for some cases, such as an injury or post surgery pain relief. Or maybe ther. The NC12BB is a bucket of 18 NCAA Practice Fastpitch softballs that are built to keep players safer than traditional softballs. It's a set of guidelines for practice use. A soft center is provided by reduced injury factor construction. It is easy to grip. Thanks to the ProTac synthetic leather and professional raised seams, they will be able to endure everyday practices. A seat for coaches or catchers can be used as a seat in the 5-gallon bucket provided by the Optic Yellow that has a snap-on lid.

Brand: Rawlings

👤I've been coaching USSSA fastpitch for many years, and never had any practice balls softer than this. It is close to the squishy safety balls. I would like my money back.

👤These are only practice balls. They work just fine for batting off a tee into a net without having to pull balls out of the net every few swings, even though they don't have the quality feel of your competition balls. The bucket is nice. I don't use the padding to sit on, so that doesn't affect me.

👤It's a bucket of balls. The quality and value of the amount you get is great. The bucket makes it easier to transport them when we go to the field.

👤NCAA? Nah. My 11 year old has been using these inside and most of them are egg shaped. Worthless and a waste of money. The bucket is good to sit on, but at a price. Get something else.

👤It is a bucket of balls, the girls get a lot of abuse, they get lost all over and you buy more. The bucket has a good place to sit. It's great for practice and not expensive.

👤The lid padding is already being messed up. The only issue I have with the padding is when it is ripped up, it doesn't last long and makes a mess.

👤Everything was described. My daughter was ordered to be able to hit balls off a tee in the backyard. Thank you!

👤One ball was dirty. No big deal. They're filthy now. The handle broke and that could have been our fault. The padding on the top looked like someone had dug it.

👤La pelotas llegaron perfectamente.

👤Producto para las practicas y excelente.

👤The ball was missing. There was only 17 in the bucket.

8. EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

EyeBlack Softball Glitter Black Strips

It's suitable for basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, badminton, cycling, hiking, etc. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. Solid color glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤These are for show and can be seen. Everyone loved it when I wore these at the football event. You can't miss them. There is glitter in the room. You only get two pairs.

👤I like these. They were held in place and even had layers of makeup on. There are lots of requests to use a pair. Since buying 3 more packs, I will keep buying!

👤The color is great and comfortable to wear. They stayed on through sweat and dirt.

👤They stayed on strong despite the heat and sweat. Would order again.

👤I thought these stickers would be easy to remove with makeup and sweat, but they stayed on and didn't bleed off. I received a lot of praise as well.

👤Look great! They never budged even during a snow/rain storm.

👤These look great! They stayed on their feet during the game.

9. Adhesive Baseball Softball Football Lacrosse

Adhesive Baseball Softball Football Lacrosse

Baseball black eye stickers can be applied under your eyes, as well as on ceramics, wood, steel, aluminum, porcelain, plastics, or other smooth non-porous surfaces, great for most outdoor sports, such as baseball, softball, soccer, football, or lacrosse. It's easy to use, just peel and stick the black eye stickers under the eyes, it's safe to use and will stay on as long as you need. Quality material: made of synthetic material, these sport eye black stickers are easy to apply, stay on all day long, and can be easily removed after your game or event, coming with quality glitter that doesn't brush off or fall off. 120 pairs of black eye stickers will be enough for you to share with your friends, family, and colleagues, when you participate in an event together. Basketball black eye stickers are black and allow you to write or draw anything you want on its surface, just show your imagination or the name of your favorite team.

Brand: Sumind

👤I bought these for my daughter's cheer squad. They only lasted 2 hours of an indoor practice. The girls were sweating but nothing crazy, and these still kept sliding on their faces. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤It worked great for Halloween.

👤They are the sticker ones, so I thought they would know what I was talking about. No chance. Not very strong and did not stay on.

👤Don't waste your money! The 14 year old softball team were sliding down their cheeks during warm up.

👤It was a great bang for your buck. It was fun for the players.

10. Black Eye Grease Single Tube

Black Eye Grease Single Tube

It is easy to do with soap and water. Pro athletes wear it on the field.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤I guess you get what you pay for. I don't use it myself. The consensus of my son's baseball team was that this is not high quality eye black. The low quality opinion was due to the many times they had to apply. The boys said this was not up to par. An extra star for low cost... I don't think it will be used again.

👤My daughter is having a dance. The product was greasy and turned into a gray color. She almost used the entire tube. The color was easy to remove. I bought a second isplack tube and it works better than the first one. It lasted more than one use.

👤The tube is the same size as a chap stick. It takes a lot of pressure to leave the black coloring under the eyes. It doesn't come out as thick on the skin as it could, just a little disappointed.

👤It is easy to smudge.

👤The product is the same size as a tube of lip balm. After applying a couple of coats, I had what I was expecting. It can be cleaned with a little soap and a cloth.

👤Great for sports. The game is over. It needs to be washed off with a dish soap.

👤Good quality for a good price. Oily and messy is what most eye black is. If not careful, can stain. Did the job. It should last a bit.

👤I wouldn't recommend buying this brand of eye black. I have used other brands that went on dark with one swiped. A thin layer was needed on the cheek. As well, very waxy.

👤Vous invite utiliser. Un sentiment d'√©quipe et trs ludique.

👤Product is hard to apply and not very black. It isn't very effective when it comes out grey. Won't buy it again.

11. EyeBlack Blue BattlePaint Black Grease

EyeBlack Blue BattlePaint Black Grease

It is water resistant. To remove makeup, use a diaper wipe. The country of origin is the United States. The package is 0.98 inches in height. The package is 5 inches in length. The package width is 2 inches.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤It said eyeblack. It is actually eye blue. I didn't see the blue word in the title after I received the shipment. It was kept and purchased from Dick's.

👤I was allergic to it. Not everyone will be. It didn't make my skin dark black. It was difficult to get a dark color on my skin. Even though it wasn't quite dark, it looked all right. My skin looked haggard after the clean up.

👤This was terrible. It is a waste of money. You can't even use it because it was so dry. It was similar to using chalk. You will just throw it in the trash.

👤Good stuff, but beware, my flag football players thought it was a stick.

👤The color is nice but sometimes it stains.

👤It's perfect for the kids softball games. No sweating, stays on well. Make sure to remove make up with a make up remover, soap and water don't always get all of it.

👤It was perfect! You can buy it to match any uniform. It was definitely a hit with the ball teams.

👤The 16 year old said it was fine for games.


What is the best product for eye black stick softball?

Eye black stick softball products from Maitys. In this article about eye black stick softball you can see why people choose the product. Julmelon and Wilson are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye black stick softball.

What are the best brands for eye black stick softball?

Maitys, Julmelon and Wilson are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye black stick softball. Find the detail in this article. Easton, Leelosp and Franklin Sports are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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