Best Eye Brow Shaper Trimmer for Men

Trimmer 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Trimmer Meridian Below Belt Effortlessly

Trimmer Meridian Below Belt Effortlessly

A recent survey of 300 women shows that 70% prefer a clean-shaven partner. trimming is definitely winning, and numbers don't lie. Men are being encouraged to elevate their game where it matters the most. Join the trimming tribe to look clean, smell fresh, and feel more confident. Been a few months since you last shaved? No sweat... You and your nuts are covered by them. It has a replaceable ceramic blade built with extra sensitive shaving technology. No matter how coarse the hair is, the Trimmer works well to prevent nicks and snags. Whether you decide to shave in your yard or mid-shower, The Trimmer is ready for action. It is shock- and water-proof, all while being housed in a battery-operated shell to increase comfort. The Trimmer is just as effective wherever you have hair as it is down there. It can be used on your skin or on one of the trim-guards to get your hair length. Their all in one trimmer is fully charged and has enough time to rinse and repeat for a few trims.

Brand: Meridian

👤I'm here to tell you that after using this, it's not going to be a close enough shave for you. I felt a lot of small cuts with minimal bleeding. If you have sensitive skin, it will work better than a razor.

👤It's like you got your balls in a bag. I had to use a chemical to stop the bleeding. It's not for privat parts at all! I use Nars.

👤This product is dangerous. Stay away! I ended up with 3 serious cuts and bleeding after following all the instructions. Don't buy it. It is very dangerous and I am putting a complaint with Amazon about how they allowed it to be sold at their website.

👤This is a great tool. I think it is better than any I have used and I recommend it. It is a little on the higher end of price but it is of high quality and value, it is worth it to spend a little more than the cheapest you can find. I used it on my face. It is very light. I thought this was a problem but it is not. It was able to handle a lot of beard growth. It works well in the shower. I tried to keep my hair and the trimmer dry, but then ran them under the water. Still trims great! It is easy to clean. Remarkably so. I have owned a few trimmers and none have opened as well as this one to clean out the hair, and it seems like there is almost nowhere for hair to get trapped. It seems to charge quickly and hold a good charge with a lot of shaving time. The combs are double sided, which is great because they are less accessories and cluttered. It is easy to clip on. The only thing it has is ausb cord. I understand that this may save money or reduce waste, but what if someone doesn't have a wall accessory? I just use the box, but a stand or travel case might be nicer. The guide says to replace the blades every three months. It wasn't clear to me when I purchased that I would need to do that. I bought a quality shaver that I am glad I did, even though I might get a second one, so I have one for my face and another for my body. Will try to update this review when I have more information about how it lasts.

👤The box I received the shaver in was minimalist. I liked the look. I found multiple shaving caps of different lengths when I opened the shaver. It's pretty cool! I tested it in the shower and dry when I started it. It worked well at any level of humidity. I think it's a great idea.

👤I used to use painful and uncomfortable basic trimmers to get the job done, but this trimmer is a replacement. Wow, what a change! I used to deal with being pulled and multiple passes and hours to complete the job, but after ordering The Meridian all that is left is behind me. I was glad I did. The build quality of the Meridian trimmer is better than my old ones. I would have cried from pain if the old trimmers had slipped from my hands. This thing plows through the hair with ease, only needing one pass to accomplish the job, which shortens my grooming time. When I first ordered this, I didn't think it would become an essential tool in my self-care routine.

2. Eyebrow BEoffer Exfoliating Dermaplaning Stainless

Eyebrow BEoffer Exfoliating Dermaplaning Stainless

You can share these colors with your friends and family. 20 per color, 60 per color. Different color razors are used on different body parts. It is easy to distinguish. A good eyebrow is a bonus to good-looking. Use the eyebrow razor to shape your eyebrows. The razors help to define and clean your brows. No more going to the salon for it to be done. Use the great razor for getting dead skin off of your face for a makeup application. It is so messy to wax at home. Love! The design is user-friendly. Their eyebrow razors are easy to use. The blade is made of steel. The netted blade is safe for beginners. Each blade has a protective cover over it. It is easier to pull hair on the skin than it is to wax it. Before use, apply water or a Moisturizer to the skin. After use, please clean the blade and dry it.

Brand: Beoffer

👤I thought I would try these, since I have bought more expensive ones. They are cheap. They are not sharp. The nicks you get from using them are not sharp. I used one and then went over it again with my more expensive one, and I was able to pull even more fuzz off my face and get it nice and smooth. I'm going back to my other places.

👤I was happy when they arrived, but soon after it turned. I opened the one and found a small hair on it. I thought maybe it was just this one. I opened a few more of them and they all had hair on them. I will use the ones that don't have hair.

👤They did nothing but cut my skin. They didn't remove hair and made me bleed. The other brand is more expensive than the other brand. These are terrible.

👤I was worried that they would be dull because of the price. I thought there must be something wrong with them because you get so many of them for the price. I was going to try them out. I'm glad I did, they're just like the ones you buy in stores, except there are 60 for the price instead of 5.

👤I returned them because they are not sharp. The money was wasted.

👤You can't beat these for the price. I buy these in smaller packs at the drug store. The quality is the same and they are much cheaper. If you already use these, I would recommend buying them in this large pack.

👤My son wanted these. I said okay because I was skeptical but for the price. My daughter was correct. She said how nice it was and she couldn't believe how many we got for the money. When my two college students came home, they loved them so much that they took some back to the dorms. For a great product!

👤The edge is small for the eyes and requires a lot of twisting and turning to get the small areas. It works well for large areas.

3. Lurrose Eyebrow Shavers Multipurpose Exfoliating

Lurrose Eyebrow Shavers Multipurpose Exfoliating

There are two sizes of eye glasses. There are 10 PCs eyebrow shapers with 2 different designs and they include 4 large and 6 small heads eyebrow razors. The eye brow is high-QUALITY. The shaver is made of higher quality steel. The handle and grip are lightweight and easy to control. It's on all skin type. The razors are hypo-allergenic, meaning they won't scratch your skin, and the mesh design ensures safety, meaning you won't get hurt. There is a proposal to create a breed of venomous lizards. The eyebrow shavers can give a precise shave. It can be used to remove or clean fine hair. If you're not happy with their product or service, please email them right away.

Brand: Lurrose

👤They work. The next best thing is not as good as a professional job. Not to mention. Very cheap.

👤These are perfect because I am a huge fan of dermablading. I do not use them for my brows. My skin is so soft that I use them as a dermablade.

👤The value is great. If you want to get the job done right, make sure it's not too sharp and you don't run the risk of injury. This was what I was looking for.

👤They definitely do their job. It is easy to use and takes some practice. These are the best blades I have ever used. I like the different sizes.

👤Just got these and they work great. My skin felt smooth and soft. I only received 8 because it was missing two big razors.

👤If you know what you're doing, theses will work, but if you don't, you can cute yourself.

👤They were always purchased from a local shop. The quality is amazing and the colors are great. I was surprised I got so many. It was a good purchase.

👤One of my favorites suggested these products. She recommended these. I love them! It's worth it to pick up some for the price.

4. Micro Touch Hair Trimmer Green

Micro Touch Hair Trimmer Green

Removes hair. German steel.

Brand: Micro Touch

👤The original version of this product worked well for me. The new green version stopped working within 2 - 3 weeks after I purchased it. I bought the product again and got the same result. I replaced the battery on both occasions and the little light still worked. Don't buy this product.

👤When it works, it actually works great. I have purchased 2 and both have stopped working after 10 uses. It's not clear why it quit. Sometimes you can take the battery out and fool around with it and it will start working again. I wouldn't recommend purchasing because it doesn't last.

👤This thing is cheap. The light helps eat the battery. It doesn't have a lot of power. The attachment is so tight that it won't turn on. It scratched the skin. I have a whal for a long time. This is twice the size of the micro trimmer. I took off a week's worth of facial hair just to test the new one. It needed a new battery by the time I finished it. It's not heavy enough to make a paper weight.

👤Cut the skin on my nose. It was abrasive. The Norelco trimmer is better.

👤When I presented this to my husband, he was very excited. After using it, he admitted that having a nice neat nose and a couple of hairless ear holes is worth a few minutes of his time.

👤On May 8, 2020, this item was received. It worked for about 6 weeks before it stopped. The battery was replaced. It doesn't work. It is too late to return. The last Micro Touch I purchased lasted over a decade.

👤I use this all the time because I am a woman. If I'm in a hurry, use it on my face, eyebrows, arms and legs. I am a huge Packer fan and I am not a fan of the quarterback. It's awesome, but have gone through 3 of these. My husband uses his own, they're cheap but work well, worth every penny. Go for it!

👤I love this thing for facial hair. Keep that moustache and chin hair out of your face. Just push the button and it will do the trick. I use it once a week or less and have never had to replace the battery.

👤I paid a lot of money for this and it was said that it is not an all hair cutter.

👤I was impressed with this. Fast delivery. It works well.

👤I damaged the blades of the trimmer I bought this to replace by spraying Jig-a-Loo lubricant on them. The Micro Touch had the same design, but the blade was 30% shorter and the handle was only big enough to hold the battery. The trimmer was more comfortable in the hand. I was expecting the same performance as the old trimmer, but I was very disappointed. The blade design of the new trimmer doesn't engage and cut nose hairs effectively, even with a fresh alkaline battery, and it is difficult to even move the blade. Most of the hairs are not cut, even though I have to go over them multiple times. The three-position switch isn't reliable. I am looking for another trimmer to replace the one that was a total waste of money.

5. EAONE Eyebrow Trimmer Precision Package

EAONE Eyebrow Trimmer Precision Package

The eyebrow razors are made of anti-slip plastic handle for easy control and comfortable styling, with sharp steel blades, easy to use and shape your eyebrow. Please note. If the LABEL on the package is not due to different production batches, make sure to order before it is too late. The areolae surface of the eyebrow razor blades is not easy to hurt your skin. The facial razor is used to remove hair from your face. The razors come with a protective cover that protects the blade when it isn't working. 30 pieces eyebrow razors in 3 colors, blue, pink, and yellow, are packaged in a plastic box container for convenient collection, the box is mountable to wall

Brand: Eaone

👤There were a lot of dirt specks and dust inside the box that I received for the razors. I grabbed the first razor I used and slid it off the blade protectors, but what did it look like? Right on the blade... gross! The whole box was thrown away.

👤These little razors are great. They are easy to use. They are in a hard plastic case so they are not all over the place in a drawer. I use these to keep the uni-brow away. Waxing is nice, but these are painless and great for a weekly routine. I've been using the same one for about a month and it's still sharp.

👤If you want to use these razons on hands of legs, you need to be prepared to have a lot of cuts and injuries. The tip of the razor has a sharp edge that rubs against your skin, no matter what angel you hold the blade to. Its sharp and good. I would stick to the Twinkle brand for more money and less razors, since I will be able to use it without anyone asking what happened to my face. The packaging was good.

👤Each one lasts two or more uses.

👤I am blonde and not hairy, so I started dermaplaning my face. My face feels smooth after I use these razors. The product is great, the amount of razors you get for the price is really nice, and the razors come in a container with individual covers for each blade, and the product came in a timely manner. I am very happy. The container is snug for all of the razors, but it is a little small for them. I would recommend this product.

👤My girlfriend likes to use small razors for her eyebrows. A great price!

👤There are facial razors for trimming peach fuzz. Don't cut the skin but remove the hair. It's a good way to get a pseudo microdermabrasion. Can't beat the price. Each one had a nice box that held all the blades.

👤The razor supply will last a while. The products looked like they were supposed to when they arrived.

👤Excellent service and delivery is what this pack is for. Some of the razors are not sharp. It would definitely buy again. I use mine every 2 weeks and have a lot left in the box. It's good that they come in a sturdy box with a good clip on the side so they can be kept in one place and not scattered around.

👤I love them. I have peach fluffy hair on my chin and neck and it works great there, so easy to use and save using bleeching products and removal creams. After cutting his hair and eyebrows, I used on his husband for his neck. It is recommended to friends and family to use an oil.

👤It is recommended that you put something on your skin to help them glide a little easier. It's a great value for money.

👤I bought these brillent for my face and legs. They come in a box so they don't get ruined.

6. Nylea Eyebrow Precision Exfoliating Dermaplaning

Nylea Eyebrow Precision Exfoliating Dermaplaning

The new and improved Face Razor from Nylea is everything you need to smooth shave, remove facial hairs, and even shape your eyebrows. Your face needs the best care. The eyebrow razor is ideal for both men and women. If you want to remove hair without having to spend a lot of time, you can use a specially designed dermaplaning tool to remove hair from your face and eyebrows. The best product to trim sensitive areas around the eyebrows, upper lip, cheek fuzz, bikini lines, or chin hairs is their high-quality face shavers for women. Their multi-purpose eyebrow shaver comes with high-quality blades that are specifically designed to deal with facial hairs. Micro guards help protect your skin, while the blade works through hairs. Have flawless skin that feels smooth to touch. You will get six facial razors straight out of the package. Everyone can use these tools. If you are not happy with their product, they will give you a money-back guarantee.

Brand: Nylea

👤These work well. I find it hard to use some razors that come with a plastic case all the way down to the edge because I can't see how I can control the blade. I don't know who you are. When it comes to shaving eyebrows, I feel like you need to know exactly where you are going to shave to avoid a big mistake and end up with a weird brow. These are easy to use. I know where the tip of the blade starts and ends and I feel like I have complete control over it. The product is great value.

👤I use this to get rid of vellus hair and a small amount of exfoliant. It's not virgin skin, but it's still pretty sensitive, and has some slight scarring, so I don't use the razor over it. I wasn't expecting a lot from these, but I was impressed after seeing them. I used them all over my body except my forehead. I was able to use the same blade for all areas, and it did a great job with the annoying vellus hair. It's optional to use shaving cream, I tried it with and without, but preferred it with cream, which made it a bit easier. I used a wash cloth to pull out a couple hairs that were stuck in the blade. It did a gentle scrub, but it's not going to be dermaplaning. I hydrated my skin with a couple products and a thick nighttime cream and didn't have any bumps or irritation. I will definitely be buying them again once I get through the pack, worth every penny!

👤I have been using different variations of these facial hair removal and eyebrow shapers for a few years now and have always been happy with one brand in particular, but I decided to give this product a try for the first time just to see if there was a difference. There was a difference, but not the one I was looking for. I am not sure if I got a bad batches, but there was nothing sharp about them. I went over one area of my brow several times and it did not remove peach fuzz. I pulled out one of my trusted brand brow shapers and it worked just as well as the one that I put aside. It was very disappointing.

👤These are better than others I have tried. I have tried many other brands in Big Lots and Dollar General and they have been the smallest and last the longest. Each razor lasts me for 6/7 trims before getting dull. It is very easy to get in the small crevices near my nose and eyes when eyebrow and lip hair is taken off. I have not had time to relax. They are hard to clean. The razor is positioned lower than the plastic covering so it is difficult to clean hair. I have tried q-tips and water and they both rusted the razor. These are cost efficient and can be used to grab a new one. These are not good for large areas of the body. There is a I love them for their quick maintenance and will buy them again.

7. Finishing Touch Flawless Eyebrow Lavender

Finishing Touch Flawless Eyebrow Lavender

Your package will include a flawless brows hair removal unit, a cleaning brush, and a AA battery. The skin should be clean with no makeup or creams. Pull the skin tight and move the unit in small, circular motions. You might have to go over the same area several times to get the best results. Between your eyebrow wax or threading appointment, flawless brows is a great way to clean up your brows. If you can't wax or tweeze your eyebrows, it's a great alternative. The head is to be used all around the eyebrow to instantly and painlessly remove eyebrow hair. Flawless brows are not recommended for shaping eyebrows.

Brand: Finishing Touch

👤The product is awesome but there is a learning curve. I am allergic to wax and this was very easy to use. I shaved my bushy eyebrows in less than 20 minutes. Touch ups will be less than 5 minutes.

👤Buy a pair of tweezers and save money. Tweezerman is a good brand. I wanted it to work. It's next to useless. You have to cut the hair over and over. It grows back in two seconds because you don't remove the hair at the root. It's supposed to remove the hair cleanly and quickly, but it doesn't, so I'm very happy that I'm able to return it. Don't bother with it.

👤Is more difficult to use than the regular flat edge. It doesn't cut every piece, it feels like I'm having to see at my hairs.

👤My daughter does not have thick eyebrows. It does not catch hairs. It pulls the hair when it does. You can save $20 by using a razor. It is junk.

👤I wanted to like it, but after a few uses the top part covering the razor keeps popping off while the motor/razor is still running. Since the cap that flies off hits near the eye, it's very dangerous. This is a major design flaw. The pen seems to have an endless supply of black grease coming from somewhere in the motor that is deposits on the surface that you are trying to razor. Why? Good idea, but poor execution and quality control.

👤This flawless finishing touch product is very easy to use and very handy. I tried it for the first time and was happy with the result, but it took a bit of attention.

👤Garbage! This thing doesn't do anything. I have a full size version of it. This one doesn't remove hair. I will use the other one when I can, but I will keep waxing and plucking it. Very disappointed.

👤There is a waist of money. I will not isento. The product is terrible, but the seller is great. It is like shaving your eyebrows. The hair is cut instead of being removed from the root.

👤A esto supero mis expectativas y no solo funciona maravillos is practico. Nos permite depilarnos sin esfuerzo, sin irritacin y sin dolor. Si tiene un original vale la pena.

👤It works on brows but would prefer not to shave them. I had to use the hairs every second day or the bristling drove me insane. I had a face epilator and was hoping it would work the same way. It is easy to use and relatively fast, but it has gone back to tweezing. It lasts longer.

👤My "Go to' product was the eye brow trimmer. I needed something that gave me convenience and ease, and that kept my eyebrows neat and tidy, while the salon was closed. It catches the hairs. It's worth the money for the convenience of cleaning up your brows in between salon visits.

👤I like this for its compact and portable design. I don't recommend this for eyebrow use as you have to pass over the same spot multiple times to remove hair, and it's very easy to accidentally remove too much, and then what is removed feels shaved. It's safe to say I'm never using this again. If you want to have bare eyebrows, this is fine.

8. HOCOSY Tweezers Eyebrows Professional Stainless

HOCOSY Tweezers Eyebrows Professional Stainless

This is a small eyebrow grooming kit, 77mm* 150mm, which is only one palm size and can be easily placed in your backpack, pocket, cosmetic case and brought outside. The eyebrow kit is a perfect gift for friends and lovers. The brow kit is made of excellent steel and will not rust, and it includes every eyebrow you need. The eyebrow set has a handle made of plastic that is easy to grip. To remove hair from the face and eyebrows, use the eyebrow razor. Cut off the long eyebrows with eyebrow scissors. Then use different tools to remove the hair. The eyebrow clip has a tight bite and oblique design, which eliminates the pain when using it. There are two types of brush heads for the eyebrow comb. The messy eyebrows are easy to arrange. After trimming the eyebrows, the final step is to use a brown eyebrow pen to outline the natural three-dimensional eyebrows. The warranty period for the eyebrow set is 12 months. They provide refunds and replacements during this period. If you have a question about the product, please contact them at support@hocosy. com

Brand: Hocosy

👤This kit is nice. I'm not good enough in brow shaping to get the results I want. I wish I had gotten a kit that came with the things you can use as a guide when trimming brow hair. The brush/comb tool in this kit is not easy to use. It's possible that my brows aren't bushy enough to catch the hair. I tried to use the comb side of the tool with the scissors, but accidentally cut a plug all the way down to stubble. I don't know who they are. I got this kit and some brow templates because I watched a bunch of videos on brow shaping on the internet, and I thought the brow mapping might be a little too advanced for me. I used to go to this nail salon for pedicures and occasional gel polish manis, but I don't like acrylic nails. I would walk out of the salon looking five years younger if I had the owner wax my brows. The arch made me feel pretty even without makeup, and it made me look refreshed. She did not map anything. She did it. It only took a few minutes. My brows looked neat, not too thin, because everyone else in the salon did them. There was something different. That's where I am. If I can avoid cutting out a plug with those scissors, I can probably use this kit to make my brows passable. I am not at the point of achieving that wow brow. I want that.

👤The set contains everything one could need for their brows. I will not use all of the items, but I like the variety of tweezers that come with them. This will be useful for my husband and me. I will look for a smaller set for my purse since it might be a little large for traveling. This is worth the cost.

👤Absolutely disappointed and a waste of money. I just graduated from an Esthetics program and bought this for the case holder. 1. The case was damaged when it arrived and won't close properly. 2. The tools are old. The seller should be ashamed of the integrity of the product for which they stand by, as the inside of the case has a stain on the cloth.

👤This product is amazing. It arrived very quickly. The case that came in is very strong and good for travel. I keep mine in my purse. I'm always on the go. It's great to apply lashed, remove stubborn facial hairs and eyebrows. The brow pencil is a nice shade of brown. It is not too dark or light. This item is great for gift giving.

👤This set has everything you need. Everything is ready to use. It is very strong, sharp, and has room to add other small things. The case is small enough to hold everything.

👤The hairs are not held onto by the tweezers. The grip on the hairs is useless because of the gaps between the pincers. It's not very good. The kit is designed to look like it works. I would be surprised if the reviews came from free kits.

9. Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Trimming Precision

Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Trimming Precision

60 pieces eyebrow shaver, 3 bright colors, blue, pink, yellow, and 20/color, help remove eyebrows, neck and face fine hair and other unnecessary hair, is in the package. Carry with you 60 pieces of portable razor, provide you with decoration whenever, anywhere, suitable for your own use, and share with your friends and family. The dermaplaning tool is high quality and not easy to rust, smooth and delicate feel. The facial shaver is made of a high quality steel blade that is easy to use and shape your eyebrows. The areola surface of the eyebrow blade is not easy to hurt the skin. The eyebrow shaper safety cover acts as both a brow comb and razor grooves type safety protection device. Each person. The razor has a protective cover to protect it when it isn't working. The eyebrow razor is expected to be used for a long time. Even beginners can use it. eyebrow shaver can gently and painlessly remove excess hair, which is suitable for trimming eyebrows and facial beard. It's less painful than threading and waxing. It's great for removing fine hair and part of the face. The bikini area can be trimmed to make you more confident. It helps remove hair from your face and eyebrows. If you want to travel with your family, you must have a light, portable, and portable eyebrow makeup shaver. The blade is sharp. When not in use, please cover it.

Brand: Mooerca

👤You get what you pay for. The blades are dull. I used one for the first time. I went back and tried again, hoping that it was a mistake. Nope. I have gashes on my cheeks. If you are using this to get rid of hair, avoid them.

👤The eyebrow razors were in good shape. Some blades were made with flaws. I had to throw them out. You can afford to throw out some. The quality is not consistent, but these are mass manufactured so you get what you pay for.

👤I tried to get these razors to work. I've used the drugstore version in stores, but not this brand. These are not worth anything. They are not sharp at all. They work but are not of good quality. You should buy a real razor. Save your money because I saw the # of razors and went based on the reviews. If you like dull razors, but don't actually cut the hair, then go for these. I'm going to destroy mine. It's not good.

👤These didn't work and had little spikes on the end.

👤I use them for quilting and they are easy to use, I bought them in bulk to give to my friends and to have them stashed in my quilting stuff.

👤Normally I'm cheap. I wouldn't get these again. They are dull. They either don't remove any hair or they don't. Next time, I'll pay for a more expensive hair removal product. If you're going to use them once, these are okay. I wouldn't recommend them. 10 cheap razors are better than 1 average priced razor.

👤The jacked up top part of my brow is under the arch. I don't spend a lot on taking care of myself. I tried this this morning. I want to open an eyebrow shop.

👤I wanted to try these after seeing them all online, but the brand has little teeth over the razor, which makes it hard to cut you. I looked like a cat when I got my neck. I thought maybe it's this one. I tried another and it was better, but the first one was still an issue. I'll try another from a diff color. Maybe they need to fix the ends of them. The end tooth is away from the other teeth. It doesn't look like it's sticking out from the blade, but when you use can tell...

10. Lithium Trimmer Neckline Eyebrow Detailing

Lithium Trimmer Neckline Eyebrow Detailing

The #1 brand in personal trimmers is Wahl. The micro detailer has superior blades, a rugged aluminum housing, and a Li-ion battery for superior performance, power, and run time. Two Multipurpose Attachment heads are perfect for facial hair detailing and are perfect for any area that needs light hair removal such as nose, ear, brow, sideburn, toes, and touch ups on the neckline. Patented blade technology provides superior cutting and quiet detailing. The eyebrow comb attachment helps define and groom eyebrows. With easily replaceable heads, hygienic grooming is easier than ever with one head for your nose and another for everything else. The brand used by professionals in the salon and barber industry has been used since 1919. The quality construction of the clippers, shavers, and trimmers makes them deliver a smooth shave.

Brand: Wahl

👤I expected it to work great but it broke within a couple of weeks, I was a little disappointed. A tiny piece inside the blades fell out and is impossible to put back in place. It was louder than I have experienced in similar products. Maybe I just got a dud. I will send it back.

👤If you have out of control hair, this will take it to the skin. It should be a standard issue for all Enlistees.

👤I had a similar one, but I lost a piece that operated the trimmer. I got 8 years out of it before it went to trimmer heaven. This new one is just as good as the last one, and does an excellent job at trimming nose hair, ear hair, mustache's, eyebrows, etc. The battery is strong enough to do most light to moderate trimming and lasts for quite a while. If you're looking for a good trimmer, give this one a try. Can't beat the price and quality.

👤It was used on nose hairs. I ordered two different brands at the same time. I used the other brand the day before and this one cut all the hairs that were left.

👤The trimmer is not cutting my hair most of the time. It is incredibly loud. I could get a better quality trimmer for half the price at a dollar store. Total disappointment. The product arrived as described, except for the poor quality.

👤I am surprised at the quality of the product, but the model 5643 battery operated Wahl-200 is TERRIBLE, it does not work very well trying to trim or close enough to trim...the attachment for ears, nose etc. It was almost like not having the attachment on the trimmer, just about cut my eyebrows off. I wouldn't recommend this trimmer to anyone. You are not in the running.

👤My husband got one of these. I used to have a cheaper one, but it would always grab my hair. When I saw this one on Amazon, I loved it. I ordered it. The model is the same, but it's cheaper than the one my hubbs got from the store. It bites my skin and my hair, just like the cheap one I already had. If I just use it on fuzz, is it very careful? It does all right. I can use it on certain areas and so I can't give it no stars. This does not work like an apocalypse. This is similar to a generation "as seen on TV" RAZOR. Hey, heads up, y'all.

👤I put a battery in this trimmer and it was very sluggish and wouldn't stay on, so I changed the battery and it wouldn't run at all. I made sure the contacts weren't bent, tried again, and it ran sluggishly again and cut off again mid-use. I wouldn't recommend this trimmer at all.

👤I didn't like the strength of the blades, they would sometimes catch on my moustache hairs. After the first week, the switch wouldn't work properly, it only worked in the 1/3 position. I got some hair off by touching it against the sink. I didn't think this would be bad.

11. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor 12 Pieces

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor 12 Pieces

Flawless brows are not recommended for shaping eyebrows. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor is used to remove hairs from the eyebrow, neck and face. It's easy to shape your brows. The safety cover on each blade is attached to protect the woman's sensitive skin. Beginners can use it safely. Beginners can use it safely.

Brand: Tinkle

👤I have been told that a woman should not shave her face because the hair will grow back thick and dark. After doing some research and reading, I am happy to know that this is a lie. I use the tinkle razors on my face a few times a week. I use small strokes at a 45 degree angle on clean and dry skin. I do this for more than hair removal. My skin has never been better. The skin on our faces is dull and has an odd texture because of dead skin. The tinkle razors have been used to remove dead skin from the surface. My foundation is so smooth and even, it's absorbed so much better than before. Don't be discouraged if you're tired of dermaplaning at home. My makeup and skincare routine has changed because of these razors.

👤The razor is very sharp and great value. Hmm... I'm a way ahead! I have decided to grow a beard on my neck since I have gone through menopause. I named it Cousin Thing because it decided to hang out on my throat. It was not invited or wanted. I plucked it, then I washed it and it still has hairs on it. I draw the line on my facial hair. The razors are used to make sure Cousin Thing isn't visible. Care is needed but they hack Cousin Thing so no one sees the growth on my throat.

👤I bought this pack in May of 2015. The seller was "beauty international". The previous purchase was linked to this seller. These things are not good for buyers. I ordered a 3-pack from a different seller a few months ago and it was fantastic. I decided to buy a 12-pack. When I opened them, I could see that they were different. I received some counterfeit ones that had a silver "Tinkle" printed on them. Good ones don't. There are differences in the design. The originals have a smooth handle, while the fakes feel a little bit textured. I would recommend anyone that uses these to beware of the fakes. If they're not the originals, open them and request a return. The fakes don't work at all. They scratch the skin. The fake is in the picture.

👤If you are using these razors for dermaplaning/fine hair removal/dead skin removal, I would be prepared to use two razors for your entire face. If I use one razor for half my face and switch it out, there are no problems. A medical barrier cream is a great choice. Every few weeks is not for daily use. I like how smooth these leave my face. I used to pay a lot for dermaplaning at a medical spa, but now I get the same results with these for a fraction of the price. Definitely recommend this product. If you found this review helpful, please click here.

👤I love my razors. I have used them many times, even going to school. There was a razor in the second pack that destroyed my face. I had cuts all over my body. My skin is still struggling to heal after I broke it. I don't know what happened as I've used at least 5 razors before and trained on Dermaplane. I really enjoyed it, beside that one razor.


What is the best product for eye brow shaper trimmer for men?

Eye brow shaper trimmer for men products from Meridian. In this article about eye brow shaper trimmer for men you can see why people choose the product. Beoffer and Lurrose are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye brow shaper trimmer for men.

What are the best brands for eye brow shaper trimmer for men?

Meridian, Beoffer and Lurrose are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye brow shaper trimmer for men. Find the detail in this article. Micro Touch, Eaone and Nylea are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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