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1. Godefroy Tint Spot Coloring Brown

Godefroy Tint Spot Coloring Brown

The 20 application kit can be used on a wide range of facial hair. The root should be touched up to cover gray hair. The complete kit. Everything you need to start. The most resistant gray hair is covered by 20 single application pre-measured capsules. The cream formula is easy to apply. The product is not intended for use on eyebrows or eyelashes.

Brand: Godefroy

👤These two pictures were taken a long time ago, but the blonde eyebrows are virgin, and they have never been touched. The picture to the left shows my tinted brows with a light hand. I need to say more. That is a huge difference. I leave the dye on for a while. This has never caused me harm or failure. It's a good idea to give it a shot. I have tinted mine 4 times. It is amazing! I first reviewed this in July of last year. I tint my brows once a month and 20 of them are running out. Can I say that it's a bargain? I am ordering a second box because my first one still works well and I still love this product. I plan to come back and make sure the product is still the same. I have never had an adverse reaction to the product. I tint my brows with this brand. There are still no issues. The eyebrow brusher is the most recent product I have purchased. If it is anything like past product, it has been tried and tested.

👤This worked well. I did a lot of research, so I'll write about it here. I washed my eyebrows with a makeup removal product to make sure no dirt or oils were left over. I put the capsule in the sink to make sure it didn't make a mess. I applied the developer to my right eyebrow after adding it, but it must be done one eye at a time. Wait, remove and then go to the next eyebrow. I followed the instructions for dark brown and let it sit and develop. It's not going to hurt anything if you go a few seconds over. It gets darker the longer it stays on it. I took it out with a dry cotton ball and a wet one after the timer went off. I washed my face to make sure there was no other cream on my eyebrows.

👤The dark brown is very dark. I like my brows dark, but medium brown would match my hair better. I'm okay with it. I love the product. It's easy to tint, and it's very fast with little to no burn. If you want minimum skin staining, use vaseline/ petroleum jelly to outline your brow. The caveman look will be prevented by this. It will stain and be extra dark for a few days, but no worries because skin stains wear off in a couple of days. I try to do it on a Friday when I know I'm off for the weekend and no one will see any stains I may have. I love this product and will continue to buy it. A photo of a tint. I didn't take a before photo. I did a before and after of an old photo I had. Good luck! I can say that I redo the tint about once every 4-5 weeks after using this many times. The color lasts a long time.

2. Waterproof Eyebrow Perfect Coloring Delicate

Waterproof Eyebrow Perfect Coloring Delicate

It is easy to wear. How to use. Put the brow stamp on the eyebrow powder box, then apply it from left to right until the stamp is full. 2. You can place the stamp at your brow bone. Place the stamp against the skin. If needed, touch up. The dimensions of the box are small and easy to carry. There is a block defect of the face. It's perfect for party makeup, casual makeup, wedding makeup, etc. It's perfect for those who are always messed up when brushing and coloring eyebrow. Before using your eyebrows, trim them.

Brand: Xinlutong

👤I bought this after reading the reviews. I've tried everything on the market, but this eyebrow stamp looks so natural that I'll never go back to my old pomade. Over the years, my eyebrows have grown thinner and I have had to fill them in more often than I would have liked. The stamp took seconds to apply to each brow, and it leaves my brows looking natural. I got the light brown and it was perfect. It stayed on until around 9pm. A coworker thought I had my eyebrows done. I love this stuff because it makes my eyebrows look better. It arrived early. Highly recommended!

👤The brow color won't go on your skin. The idea is a good one, but Kit is incomplete and doesn't work. Would not recommend it.

👤I am a 43 year old pale, freckled, white haired woman. I don't have eyebrows because my hair is light. There is a small spot on each brow where the hair is still brownish. I am always looking for help with my shaky, no make-up wearing self to have decent, matching-ish eyebrows that can be seen. I thought I'd give it a try, despite the bad reviews, there are also good ones. This product is a joke. I tried the light brown color with a small amount of powder, but it didn't work. There was nothing on my skin after I put the powder on. I tried using a medium brown cream/powder that I already have, but it didn't work. I tried applying with light pressure. I had to push back with my head type pressure. I had some ugly eyebrows. This didn't do anything. I was disappointed! There are a lot of eyebrow stamps on Amazon and all of them have 3 stars. This one isn't it!

👤The color is not the same as the picture. Quality is really bad.

👤Doesn't work! When I tried to stamp my eyebrow line with the powder, it didn't show up, I think I was sent light brown. Don't waste your money.

👤The kit did not work for me. I follow the instructions, but nothing. I didn't bother with the brush.

👤It stays on all day. I use the brush that came with it.

👤The stamp part is difficult to figure out but can be applied with a brush. I haven't been able to use the stamp part yet, and I wish it lasted longer when you sweat, it tends to want to wipe off easy after a while in the heat.

3. Waterproof Eyebrow Pencils Peel Kit Permanent

Waterproof Eyebrow Pencils Peel Kit Permanent

Do you want your eyebrows to be on fleek? Whether you want to make your natural eyebrows look bigger, or make them appear flatter, these waterproof eyebrow pencil are the perfect accessory for you. Click the "add to cart" button to get your eyebrow kit. Your makeup collection should be upgraded. The complete brow mapping pencil eyebrow makeup kit has waterproof brow pencils in 5 different colors. It includes 4 black eyebrow pencils, 2 dark brown eyebrow pencils, 2 brown eyebrow pencils, and 2 light brown eye brow pencils. They have the right color for your eyebrows. Does your makeup get smudged by the end of the day? The eyebrow shaping stencils are waterproof, so they won't fade even if you get wet or sweaty. Your eyeliner may be ruined, and your blush and lipstick may be gone, but your eyebrows will still be perfect until you decide to remove the eye brow make up. Is it time to sharpen your microblading eyebrow pencils? Pull the string on their side and peel the excess off. You can carve the tips of the professional eyebrow pencils with a small sharpening blade and use it to create the shape you want. That was easy, right? Stylia Beauty takes pride in the quality of their eyebrow pencils, so they have backed up this amazing eyebrow pencil set with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the eyebrow tattoo pencils, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

Brand: Stylia

👤I like the results I get with these pencils. I usually take 30 minutes to have my eyebrows done. With this pencil, no more than 15 minutes.

👤I've tried a lot of eyebrow products and I'm surprised how well these pencils work. They glide on quickly. Pulling the thread will expose more of the pencil as it gets used. I got the hang of it. It was a bit of practice. In the pictures, I'm using a black pencil and mascara on my brow hairs. It lasts all day and I have oily skin. I will buy again.

👤I am a permanent makeup artist. You can use them for your makeup. I like that it has different colors for different skin tones. Everything you need to get started is in this kit. I use both the 3D 5-Piece Tattoo Practice Skin and the 3D 5-Piece Tattoo Practice Product together. Stylia's customer service was a plus for me, even though I've used other products like this before. I highly recommend this product and will continue to order it.

👤Not too dry or soft. Great lines. 2 tones of brown are nice. Grey had more brown in it, and I wish there was a white in it. Excellent consistency. I used the black eye liner and it didn't smudge. Love is love.

👤Great pencils! I use them for outlines. The people who run the company are some of the best. This product will not go wrong.

👤I have found the best pencils for microblading on Amazon. They are waterproof and durable. It was easy to clean them off.

👤This product has 5 different colors inside, so I don't have to worry about the color of my brows when I change my hair color. The pencils have great color.

👤When I left seller feedback, I had a bit of trouble. The seller made it right, but I couldn't get a new feedback. If you ever have a problem, contact the seller before giving feedback and they will fix it 9 out of 10 times. I have to learn how to use the pencils correctly. STYLIA, thank you for the additional pencils and rulers after the mix up.

👤1. They are not waterproof as advertised. 2. The pencils have good coverage of the eyebrows. The coverage of the missing hairs was terrible. You end up with a naked area in the middle of your painted brow if you try to blur or blend the color. All in all.

👤I love it! I sent it two days ago and attached a photo so you can see it. I am using a lip pencil in lighter brown and dark brown on my brows. This isn't the intended purpose. I've been using the same products for a long time, but I'm glad I decided to try something different.

👤I had to pull the string again after I used the pencil breaks every day for three days. This pencil is almost half the size and it's not even a week. If you will go through it quickly, it's not worth the multiple pack.



The all in one eyebrow pomade from No Tools is waterproof and comes with a brush for filling in eyebrows. Longwear Formula: Ultra long lasting, no hassle, and no tools needed for long lasting waterproof eyebrows; just dip, shape, and go out with those gorgeous eyebrows. They have everything you need to create beautiful eyebrows, including brow gels, precision brow pencils, pomades, powders, stylers, setters, tinted mascaras and more. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I'm not an amateur when it comes to filling in my brows. I've been trying to perfect the art of making my brows look normal and natural for decades. This started long before cosmetics companies began making products for brows. I've tried everything. I cringe when I look at pictures of myself that make me cringe. The design is easy to use, all-in-one. I like the soft brush for application, along with the spooly brush and product, packaged together as one item. If I'm running out the door and haven't finished my makeup, it will be great to grab and go. Ash Brown should be a gray-brown with no red tones. The Ash Brown color has light, but definite, reddish tones when applied. It could be that it looked this way when it was put on too much. I was expecting a product that was more waxy. It's a "rich" powder. The brush does nothing when applied with a soft brush, and the color is hard to spread, like real brow hairs. I end up with brows that look like they were painted on my face. It will take some practice to apply it evenly. It's not a bad product, but it's not great for my needs. It may be used lightly as a substitute in combination with other products.

👤I absolutely love this product. It lasts a long time as well. I love how my brows look. I've tried a lot of eyebrow products and just stopped wearing them because I couldn't get the right look. My complexion and hair color compliment the blonde shade. This is a keeper for me. I like NYX eyeliner because it stays on my eyes all day and I can get a thin line from it.

👤This is a portable, compact alternative to using a separate brush and pot. I don't think I'll want to go back. The cap on the brush is flimsy. It can get stuck. I had to throw it away because of this. There is a risk involved.

👤This product has everything I need to make my brows look good.

👤A little goes a long way and I think there is a method to using this. I usually start with the middle of my brow and then apply in vertical strokes with the tip of the brush. I use this over my ABH brow wiz because it's so consistent.

👤The brow makeup is easy to use. It's made with beginners in mind, but pros would like it. It lasts a long time and is easy to apply. My go to makeup is this one.

👤Not a good product. Invest in a quality product if you don't want to save a lot of money. This is not good.

👤After dipping, you need to feather out the brush. I use it for a few days. I have never used a brow color that was long lasting. I love it!

5. IMethod Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

IMethod Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

Do you always fight for the perfect eyebrows? iMethod eyebrow stamp means you can achieve flawless brows in just seconds. It's easy! - No skills required. You will get a flawless brow. There are 20 different stencils to find the perfect arches for 10 pairs. It's suitable for all skin tones. Keep your brows straight. Look natural. Like your brows. The powder is well blended with the skin. An excellent make-up is needed for a natural effect. Don't worry about your brows melting or washing away, it's waterproof and SMUDGE-PROOF. The iMethod stamp keeps your brows straight.

Brand: Imethod

👤This does not work on Melanin. I thought it was a special eyebrow liquid, but it's actually a powder that you can use to make makeup. It was not working and MzE

👤I am not happy. I have been trying to find the right stencil for my brows. There is a photo of 24 different styles in the descriptions. I got 20 stencils, but they were two packs of 10. I only have 10 styles to choose from and all of them are too long. I have a small face, small eyes, and small brows. I don't want to look like an angry bird. If one of these stencils was the perfect fit, you can use it on your other eye, because you have a matched set to use. That isn't working for me. They need to be shorter and have more of an angle to fit my brow shape. I will experiment a little more with the concept. I'm not sure if I'll get the desired outcome, but I'm thinking of Frankinsteining a couple of stencils together. What good is this if it is not a place? I don't want to work with these things every time I use them. If that is the case, I would free hand it.

👤I thought to trust the reviews and try this, because you can see this or other brands all over social media. I found one that worked out of the 12 that I had, but I assumed half were for right and the other for left, because the description said only half were for right and the other for left. They are not marked. I did one brow after the next disappointment. I went to do the other eye and was okay. I tried many times to get a product, but I could not, so I will move on to another brand.

👤I was excited about this as I hated having to fill in my eyebrows everyday, but I was really disappointed because the stencils are too big.

👤The product did not work for me. There were a lot of eyebrow shapes to choose from, but the stencils are soft and small. It didn't work for my eyebrow shape or size. The product is very powdery, more so than some eyeshadows, and disappears on your skin as you apply it.

👤This product is terrible. If they weren't huge and unrealistic, the many options they give you for stencil is great. 2nd Why is it orange in the light when it is soft brown? 3rd... I hope you don't plan on touching your face the whole time you have it on. If you don't touch it, it's coming off. Don't waste your money.

6. Mineral Eyebrow Powder NuBeauti Professional

Mineral Eyebrow Powder NuBeauti Professional

Comes in 10 different cages. The Taupe Pure Mineral Eyebrow Powder is a neutral shade for blondes that want more definition or light brunettes that want a subtle hint of color in their brows. It's a good shade for most hair colors. Their natural brow makeup kit is free of harsh chemicals and uses real ingredients. NuBeauti has an innovative brow powder. You will not be disappointed. Their brush is easy to use, it allows you to apply as much or as little color to your brows as you want, and you can even angle the tail of your brow to make them look perfect. It's not necessary to microblade or tweeze with their professional precision brushes; you will love the way their brow powder covers even bald spots in your brows with ease. The health conscious choice is that their defining and shaping eyebrow concealer is cruelty free and never tested on animals; only the pure crushed minerals from the earth are used in their products. Family-owned businesses. Being a family-owned business is what they pride ourselves on. They want to create products that are both affordable and natural. Their natural products do the job while protecting your sensitive skin from harmful substances. Your brows are in need of treatment. Use NuBeauti.

Brand: Nubeauti

👤I almost returned the eyebrow powder because it was too cool-colored for my eyebrows. I decided to experiment with the Taupe as a color for my eyebrow, and I loved it. Before applying the Taupe eyebrow powder, I applied some matt foundation powder on my eyelid. The color fades naturally. I like the minimal ingredients. It didn't dry out or bother my eyes.

👤If you are a blonde with dark eye brows, you found it. I've been looking. I've spent a lot of money buying things online thinking they'd match. This is it. You need to put it in the brush. It's powder. It lasts. I've been sweating so much in the heat that I've been wearing it all day. I work out. It stays.

👤It was the perfect shade for my graying eyebrows. The color of the item was too brown. This shade is great for me. I have to be very careful after applying the powder to not remove it with brow fix. The brush is perfect.

👤Great color. There was no red in it. My natural hair is a sandy brown color with no red or orange in it. There is a little red in my hair from a previous dye.

👤Great product! Been using brow powder from Bare Minerals for a long time. I was hesitant to buy another product. The price was reasonable and they had Taupe, which is more to my color. It turned out to be an excellent decision and will purchase again. Important information, no red tone. It was submitted by: The Gal is Kyaking.

👤The majority of eyebrow products are blonde or taupe. The shade is perfect for blondes. You can go light or heavy with this powder. If you apply too much powder, it's easy to blend out.

👤I have used taupe before and it has not been a problem. This is the first time I have tried this product and I find their taupe color much darker and closer to a dark brown/black color.

👤The colors are great and the brow powder is as good as ever. I have let my hair go gray and it is beautiful.

7. Libeauty Eyebrow Professional Training Treatment

Libeauty Eyebrow Professional Training Treatment

It is easy to apply and remove the lotion at home. It's good for you to share something interesting on Social Media. For 6 weeks, keep the lashes and brow black. A simple way to change the appearance of the eyes. There is a training kit for psychics. The Lash and brow color 2 in 1 kit has been designed to give you the most dramatic and longest lasting results. You can define your eyes again with a wig and lush look. It is important to be beautiful and original. Black hair and Lash Color Kit 2. One black color kit can use eyebrow and eyelash hair color together, full kit with all tools needed for eyelash and brow hair dyeing.

Brand: Libeauty

👤You have to mix it for 15 minutes. The book says the same things in different ways. I couldn't keep it on for 15 minutes because it was making me uncomfortable. There are a few under eye shields. I was only able to keep it on for a short time. I will try something else next time.

👤I was looking for a brand that I use. I bought this kit because I couldn't find it anywhere else. I applied colour but it didn't stay. I repeated the same thing over and over again. I eventually return the kit because it doesn't colour eyelashes at all. Do not throw your money away.

👤It was hard to apply and didn't work.

👤Fcil de manejar! Mejores resultados! Me ms gde!

8. Waterproof Eyebrow Lasting Smudge Proof Color Brown

Waterproof Eyebrow Lasting Smudge Proof Color Brown

The look of barnes is a Native American one. The upgraded tinted brow gel contains high-quality man-made fiber that is easy to shapes, fills, and holds your brows in place. The eyebrow gel fills in sparse areas to make them look natural and healthy. Long Lasting For 24 hours, hold your eyebrow with strong hold. The eyebrow tint makeup is waterproof which makes it impervious to water, sweat and oil. When you are sweating, swimming or taking a shower, you don't need to worry about color fading. The long-wear brow tint makeup gel is easy to use. To fill in sparse areas, apply with a precise applicator. The outline should be drawn with a brush. The spiral brush can be used to make your eyebrow more natural. Your brows will be perfect in a few minutes. Everything in this product is safe to use. Never tested on animals.

Brand: Yoleto

👤Pros- really is waterproof, goes on smooth not clumpy, additional brow brush, color as advertised. Not really a negative. If you put this on in the wrong place, you will have to wash it off with makeup remover or soap and water, and it would be better if you put this in a travel case. In the last 5 years, I have bought many eyebrow products that weren't worth what I paid for. This was the best product I have ever tried. I got the light gray color because I still have a few dark brown eyebrows and if you get a lighter color it tends to blend in better. When you use eyebrow gel that is darker then your eyebrows, it tends to Overkill and look like he painted them with a marker no matter how precisely you put it on. This was perfect for me, I'm a natural brunette. I have very oily skin and most products melt right off of it. I have put this on for 6 hours and not a single smudge. It's very easy to put this on with the applicator or the additional brush. It is possible to apply a small amount where you need it.

👤If you have been using a pencil or other product for years trying to get your brows back, this is for you. I have tried them all and spent up to $40 on a product that dried out. The ash brown is perfect. The bottle has a stiff brush, but it is great because you can do small strokes. The brush will fluff them. It is definitely a waterproof product. The price is very high.

👤The tube I received was light brown. It was the perfect color for my salt & pepper hair, once I put it on. I had been using medium brown and wasn't happy with how it looked. The brush is small. It would be nice to have a cap to keep the bristles from getting damaged. The price was comparable to other similar products. It arrived quickly. I'm happy.

👤The product was easy to use for a non make up wearer. I don't wear makeup because I have good skin. The product went on without a hitch. The two brushes worked well with the product. I was hesitant to pick a color, but I ended up choosing the correct one. I really love the product and was surprised. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to add a waterproof tint to their brows.

👤I've used this product for a long time and I love it. The eyebrow gel is similar in every way except for the eyebrow brush. I will never go back to the original brand. I get comments on my eyebrows for a long time. If you don't wash your eyebrows in the shower or use makeup remover on them, they will stay put. This is a quick touch-up, not like applying a full eyebrow. I love it!

👤When I read the reviews, I was skeptical. I had tried many brands before giving up. I thought I would try it. The best row. GEL, ever. It goes on well and gives a more natural look to the brown hair and skin. The color was correct. If you want a clean look, this product is for you.

9. Maybelline Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil

Maybelline Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil

The Total Temptation eyebrow pencil is a must-have for defining eyebrows. Define your brow with their precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil, TattooStudio waterproof eyebrow gel, and Total Temptation eyebrow Definer pencil. Whatever your signature eye look, whether natural or dramatic, Maybelline helps create looks that draw eyes with a broad array of pencil and liquid eyeliners, highly pigmented eyeshadows, and eyebrow makeup. If you want to create a perfect canvas, eyeshadow, brow pencils and eyeliner for any eye look and lip products, you need to go to Maybelline. Use a facial cleanser in the morning to prep skin for Maybelline makeup, and remove it at night with the help of Garnier Micellar Water.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤I get lured into trying new make-up lines that are slick and influence-driven. Some of them are good. Many people under-deliver. Is it Maybelline? So last century. It's been 115 years since it was last used. The eyebrow pencil is a small reason. I have a scar in the middle of my eyebrow that makes it difficult to make a good eyebrow line. This is better than anything else I've found. There are two more It's affordable. You can't beat the price. It wouldn't matter if it was bad quality. This is affordability and quality at the same time. You can get even more savings if you subscribe and save. There are 3 more The tip is perfect. It's chiseled, so you can use it for hair-by-hair definition, or you can use the broader part of the tip for more brush-like effect. There is a texture. This goes on without a hitch. Doesn't make sense. There are five Medium brown is just right. It's medium brown. I've used some pencils that said "almost-black or almost-blonde". This is a medium brown. 6) The length of the pencil makes it easy to carry. I've had some that were too long or too short for me to hold. This is correct. I like it! I enjoy it a lot. If you have found my review helpful, I would appreciate if you would click theHelpful button. Thank you so much for reading! Liz

👤I had been using the NYX brow palette for a few years, but was looking to get a more defined brow, since I get more patchy as I get older. I didn't like the effect they gave when I bought the medium brown. I watched a video on Facebook about how to apply brow pencil and it was huge. I like the way my brows look. I use the spoolie to brush my brow hairs. Draw a line with the pencil on the lower edge of my eyebrow. The pencil has a sharp edge, so sketch in individual lines in the direction of the hair. Go back and fill in any areas that are necessary. There is a light line along the top edge of my eyebrow. The brow hairs need to be brushed upward again and the pencil lines need to be blended. Any areas that need additional pencil should be touched up. I will be ordering the soft brown on my next order because I think the medium brown might be a little dark for me. I needed to purchase a new pencil after my original one ran out. I had the medium brown, but this time I got the soft brown. It is a bit lighter and has a reddish cast, which matches my auburn hair. I will continue with the soft brown. I used my original pencil for about 4 months before I needed to buy a new one. Before and after pictures have also been added.

👤I don't have any eyebrows. It takes forever and I run out of it in a month or less. This makes it easy for me. I will buy this many times.

10. Eyebrow Waterproof Professional Stamping Beginners

Eyebrow Waterproof Professional Stamping Beginners

We collected customer feedback, tested a lot of shapes, and finally selected 24 eyebrow shapes which are suitable for 98% of people. It's also for skilled people. Anyone can find a style that suits them without having to go to a salon. Time-saving It's very easy to use and complete your makeup in 3 minutes. It's easy to carry around in your handbag. You will be able to draw your eyebrows easily. The eyebrow stencil is eco-friendly and cost-saving. The eyebrow stamp is waterproof, non-irritating, clinically tested, allergy tested and dermatologist tested. They don't test their products on animals. The eyebrow powder is dry. Their eyebrow stencils help you achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows that look more detailed and precise. A must-have in your makeup collection. This is a perfect gift for a family member. You will get 1 eyebrow stamp and 24 eyebrow stencil. If you have a question, please contact them. They have a 100% refund guarantee.

Brand: Canden

👤I wish I hadn't had my eyebrows tattooed. One is darker than the other. The stencil kits make it easy to balance the color now. I wish there were thinner stencils. The powder makes your brows very thick. I stopped using the stencils altogether and now use the powder and brush to outline my brows.

👤I ordered dark brown. But it was brown black. It looks greyish/ brown. They kept flopping to the side when I used the stencil. So far, it's ok. There is room for improvement. Being honest. The product gives my eyebrows shape, but I still like it. I have been practicing my brows. The stencil is a little weak.

👤This is the worst product I have ever purchased. It was very hard and got all over the place. It was too small for my face and the stencils were all one size. I threw this package in the trash.

👤It was terrible. The stamp didn't work. The brow brush is the only good thing from the purchase.

👤I have blond eyebrows that make them virtually invisible, which makes it impossible to fill in with most products, and I loved the result of this one.

👤The shapes of the stencil are great, but the stamp is not. I used a vrow penci instead.

👤It comes with different eyebrow shapes, but there are more for big and long eye brows kit in it.

👤The eye brow color is helped by the stencils.

11. Eyebrow Stencil Eyebrow Extremely Effortlessly

Eyebrow Stencil Eyebrow Extremely Effortlessly

This eyebrow tattoo pen creates natural looking and defined brows that compliment all makeup looks. The combination of this is suitable for fair complexion and natural hair colors. Waterproof, Smudge-Proof All Day: The long-lasting formula ensures that your makeup will last all day without fading through sweat, rain, and even water sports. The four tip design of their tattoo pen is easy to use and draw with, making it popular with beginners and professionals. The eyebrow tint gel can be easily removed with a makeup remover or oil cleanser. You can get 2 eyebrow tattoo pen, 1 eyebrow razor, and 24Pcs Styles eyebrow stencil with this set.

Brand: Retail Sign Systems

👤I like the different styles of eyebrow stencils. I don't like using the same kind all the time. The colors of my brow tint are perfect for me.

👤Right off! Money is wasted.

👤I was told that one piece of my order wouldn't be included. The other pieces were in my order.

👤I can't draw with the stencil on my eyebrow because I can't hold it. I need a face mask that holds the stencils in place so my eyebrows are not even.

👤This was two thumbs down for me, as a very inexperienced brow person.

👤I didn't like the shape of the brow. The arches don't look natural.

👤The razor in the kit has a sharp point at the end that scratched my skin and caused an injury to the eye area. The larger of the 2 eye crayons burnt when applied to the skin in these areas. The stencils can't be held against the brow area while the other hand tries to trace them. Don't waste your time; instead, watch a video on safe brows.

👤It is hard to get to work unless you press the brush, as the ink doesn't soak the brush very well.


What is the best product for eye brown tint kit grey?

Eye brown tint kit grey products from Godefroy. In this article about eye brown tint kit grey you can see why people choose the product. Xinlutong and Stylia are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye brown tint kit grey.

What are the best brands for eye brown tint kit grey?

Godefroy, Xinlutong and Stylia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye brown tint kit grey. Find the detail in this article. Nyx Professional Makeup, Imethod and Nubeauti are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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