Best Eye Compress for Dry Eyes Electric

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1. TICLOS Heated Eye Compress Mask

TICLOS Heated Eye Compress Mask

TICLO's free trial. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them via Amazon for a 100% refund. No return is required. TWICE THE HEAT & STEAM. The leading brand of eye compress only releases 2 times the amount of water as ours. The best heat compress on the market! The eyelid wipes come with 30 vitamins E andAloe Vera for quick and easy cleaning around the eyes. The thermal bead pouch is not part of the heat mask. The outer mask can be washed as often as you want, keeping it fresh and clean. Simply place in the microwave for 30 seconds and 2 minutes, then place on eyes for a warm heat experience. The Ticlo's eye compress can help if you need to relax or get some hydration for your eyes.

Brand: Ticlo's

👤Warms up quickly, about 30-40 seconds, and keeps the temperature steady for at least 10 minutes. If you use a tissue between the mask and eyes, it will make it easier to care for it. Things to improve are: 1- Needs a storage pouch, and 2- prefer Velcro straps over a solid elastic band. It is a bit heavy on the face, and it might be better to add a zip or something to allow the removal of some beads. I have tried other similar products and this one is the best.

👤I bought this because I was spending a lot of money on Japanese heated eye masks that are only used once. I suffer from insomnia and they help me relax and wind down. They are! The mask is a great alternative. I can help save the planet at the same time. I warm it up in the microwave in 30 second intervals. It gives off moist heat. lavender EO is great, I add a few drops. I didn't buy one until now. If you suffer from insomnia, or just need a way to relax after a long day, I highly recommend this eye mask.

👤Cataract surgery made my dry eye worse. I've tried a lot of things. The only thing that helped was a wash rag with hot water, but it was difficult to do twice a day. A mask was recommended by the doctor. I've been using this for a week and it's worked great. 30 seconds in the microwave. I need 15 min of microwave heat, not dry heat. The bonus of the wipes is nice, but the real star is the mask. The inside of the material is soft like velour and you can mush it around to fit in with your eyes.

👤I have been looking for a heated eye mask. I have dry eyes. I was told by my Ophthalmologist to use a warm, damp cloth over my eyes. The cloth doesn't warm up for 5 minutes. The most convenient eye mask I reviewed was this one. The moist heat lasts 10 minutes and beyond if it is popped in the microwave. I am very happy that I bought this one. It's very comfortable to me.

👤This is what I was looking for. The mask stays hot for ten minutes in the microwave. It works for my dry eye issue. The headband works. The mask does not move when seated upright. When you don't have the time to wash your face, the wipes are an added bonus. Some said they got a mask like that, but it wasn't. A pouch would have been nice. The way the opening is, I don't like the way the material gets heated. I like to put the seamless side against my eyes, but when I reach around to push the mask closer to my eye, there is not enough fabric to cover it. They could have made the overlap better so that the inner piece doesn't get dirty. One inch longer fabric would do the trick. It may not bother other people. I tried putting a piece of tape on both sides of the opening, but it stuck to one side. They should not skimp on the fabric. It is a good product. A little pricey. There wasn't much to choose from.

2. Heated Compress Adjustable Electric Relief

Heated Compress Adjustable Electric Relief

Have you been suffering from dry eyes, puffy eyes, or eye fatigue? Doctors recommend a warm compress for eyes with a heated eye mask to relieve fatigue, dry eyes, and edema in the eyes. Warm weather increases blood flow and relieves pain. The eye protection action of the heated eye mask is affordable and easy to use. If you are tired of using warm washcloths or microwaveable eye masks which are cumbersome to operate, unsanitary, and warmth which doesn't last long or stay consistent, this heated eye mask will be an ideal alternative. The sleep eye mask emits even and continuous heat. 3 heat choices (100.4F, 104F, 113F) provide a warm compress for your eyes. Enjoy a warm compress for the eyes. The dry eye sleep mask is made of 100% pure silk and is skin-friendly, which gives your eyes barely any compress. The silk eye mask heated can fit many people with different head sizes, no need to worry that the eye mask wouldn't fit well. The silk surface of the eye mask is suitable for all seasons. One end of the power supply has a port that can be used to power a laptop, power bank, and car, while the other end has a magnetic port that can be attached or detached to prevent that messy mess. This warm eye compress mask for dry eyes can be used as a normal sleep eye mask and has little limitation for places to be used, besides, the length of their cord is about 48 inches which meet your needs for stretching at will. This heating eye masks can bring warmth to the eyes and heart, and you get a silk sleep mask, a portable pouch, and a package that is exquisite enough to be a gift for friends and families.

Brand: Graphene Times

👤I have been suffering from excessive dry eyes. I have been on eye drops, sleeping goggles, and wake up with sand paper and burning eyes. The heated eye mask made a huge difference for me. With more time, I will never use any other eye mask. The short cord is my only complaint. I could put the Power Bank under my pillow and not have to worry about turning in bed. It's highly recommended for dry eye people.

👤I've been suffering from erosions in my eyes for the past 3 years. I haven't had any erosions due to my dry eyes since buying this product. I suffer from eye allergies and this mask has helped relieve my pain. It's been great to wake up after a full night of sleep, without the dry eyes that can cause erosion of my eyes. This has been the best mask I have ever worn. It was very comfortable and soft. The heating element is the perfect temperature and I suffer from ez cmea. If this product ever stops working, I would buy another one for other sufferers like me. This product helped me, so I hope this review helps someone else. Good luck! The only complaint I have with this product is that the cord is not long enough, but it shouldn't deter you from buying it. It's worth it!

👤I spend hundreds of dollars a month on dry eye drops, gels and eyelid cleaners. Nothing helped. I got some relief from a dry eye supplement with an Omega 7 in it, but my eyes were still killing me. I got relief after finding this heating mask. It's better than the ones you buy and heat in the microwave. The heat can be controlled. The heat never gets too hot. You have to sit close to an outlet. The problem can be solved if you use a power bank. It's worth a try if you suffer as much as I do with dry eye. It costs less than drops.

👤I bought this product because of my dry eye and warm compress would be too warm and not cool to fast. I used 2x a day for 2 weeks now. When I wake up. I no longer have blurry vision. There is no cure for dry eye. Yes, it would be a good idea.

👤I have dry eyes. The microwave masks don't hold the warmth and are not convenient, so I have tried them. The mask is great. It serves to something for me. It helps with my dry eye. More so than any other mask I have tried. This condition is improving for the first time in my life. I can now use the ceiling fan again. This mask makes a great sleep mask. For 45 to 60 minutes, the warmth stays on. It is easy to restart if you want more.

👤I have night time dry eyes. I like the idea of using Thalon compress in the microwave, but they cool down quicker than I like. The mask is great because you can adjust the heat to one of three levels and just relax for 20 to 40 minutes. The mask sits on my face and keeps the temperature constant. I almost fell asleep the first time I used it.

3. Sleeping Compress Blindfold Migraine Blepharitis

Sleeping Compress Blindfold Migraine Blepharitis

The eye mask is suitable for small face. Night sleep eye mask,light blocking sleeping mask,eye mask for sleep,hot/cold compress,relieve eye fatigue, improve smooth sleep, reduce insomnia. Eye covers for sleeping with a strap, eye blinder with stylish craft, plush eye sheet surface, and soft inner. Insomnia and dry-eye sufferers are popular. Try this heated sleep eye mask. It is possible to use travel/naps/shift work/ home/office. The most important part of this eye mask sleep is to adjust the temperature first, and then adjust the time. They are committed to provide high-quality products. If the eyemask doesn't work, please contact them and they will try to solve the problem.

Brand: Onoeye

👤I have dry eyes and suffer from a disease. My eye doctor prescribed a wash for my eyes to help clear the oil on them. The eye mask is used with the wash and artificial tears. It has been a blessing. The mask is warm, which is great. The mask has 4 temperature and 4 time options. You can charge by using theusb. When my eyes are tired and puffy, I use the cold mask. I didn't know that the cold mask was included with the purchase. If you want steam, you will get a spray bottle and a set of earplugs. This item is very good. You get a good price for it.

👤I like the eye mask. My doctor told me to use a warm compress on my eyes. I knew I wouldn't get out of bed to wet a washcloth or microwave something so I bought this. It works well and feels good. If you are going to use it frequently, it is important that it is convenient.

👤I bought this product to treat a stye that was about 1 cm in diameter. I had tried other products and a self remedy, but they were all lacking. The microwave eye masks got too hot in the microwave, cooled off too quickly, and became dirty from handling in and out of the microwave. It was messy and only possible at home, so a hot towel in the microwave worked best. The product was perfect. There are four heat settings for temperature and time. 30 min at maximum temperature was perfect for reducing my style. It takes about 2 minutes to come to the temperature, and it holds it for the entire period. The temperature and time controls have raised buttons so you can modify them with the mask on, as you can clearly see if you are at the lowest or highest settings. I used the other side of the mask to maximize the heat. I tried removing the heating element from the mask, but it came apart easily. I have been using this daily for about 2 weeks, and the mask is still in good shape and heats up just fine. What would make this product better? An audible sound is made when you select a time or temperature. When it starts cooling off, you know it's done. A patch that only covers one eye would be good. I can do something else while wearing this.

👤One day, I ordered this. I was looking for a sleeping mask for my kids. I suffer from headaches. Sometimes I like a bag of ice and other times I like a warmed bean bag. I didn't know this existed. It is perfect. I can adjust how tight it is on my head if I heat it up. My husband has been wearing my mask. His eyes were swollen shut after he did hay. He was desperate to get some relief. He said the relief was instantaneous. If I have a migraine on hay or high pollen days, he wants to use it. Thank you!

4. Emacombo Reusable Temperature Puffiness Blepharitis

Emacombo Reusable Temperature Puffiness Blepharitis

The thermal conduction uses the best Graphene materials. The blood circulation of the eyes can be promoted by heating the graphene and far-infrared. It has a waterproof heating film that can be taken out for simple eye mask use. It won't be the same with a silk eye mask. The double sided silk fabric is made of high quality mulberry silk. It has a perfect touch which can cover your eye, skin-friendly, absorbent, environmental,reusable and washable. It won't damage your make-up. It's not a problem to fit your face and eye well. It can be used with ice gel, wormwood bag, eye cream and spray. The heat is maintained in a safe and consistent heat range, with 4 levels of heat and time setting. The timer is from 15 to 60 minutes and the temperature is between 105F to 131F. When you go into deep sleep, it will stop working. The time button can be pressed unlimited times. The current temperature and time mode can be seen by the red indicator light. Intimate design for wide use helps you have a comfortable eye rest and large area of heat with 6.6ft cable. It can be used with eye care products to increase absorption. Improve sleep quality and depth by slowly releasing the stress. Slow eye congestion, dark circles, bags under the eyes, and headaches can be prevented by promoting blood circulation eye. It can be widely used for sleep. The power supply voltage doesn't exceed human safety 36V, which only need 5V low voltage. It can be powered by a PC, power bank, power strip, and a power bank. The headband is more suited for head sizes than it is for other parts of the body. The headband can be adjusted from 9 inches to 27 inches according to your pressure level.

Brand: Emacombo

👤This one looks like it's a keeper, fourth time's the charm! I suffer from dry eyes and also have recurring erosions in my left eye. The heat from the beanbag eye masks doesn't last long and I only get a treatment for 5 minutes. The same with microwave-heated washcloths. I decided to try a powered heated mask because I wanted something that would stay warm for a while. The first heated eye mask I tried was too big for my face. The mask pressed down on my nose when I positioned it so the heat was where I wanted it. The elastic strap held it in place. I returned it because it was too uncomfortable. The second one I tried was much smaller and better for my face. It covered my eyes and didn't hurt my nose. The heat worked well. It was a "beanbag" type mask filled with seeds and it pressed against my eyeballs when I wore it. I tried squeezing the centers with my thumbs to shift the filling more to the perimeter, but there wasn't enough "play" to keep it from pressing against my eyeballs. After using the mask, my eyes were bloodshot and my vision was blurry. If it weren't for the mask pressing against my eyes, I would have loved it, but it was hurting my eyes more than it was helping. One of the huge plastic electronic gizmos with massage, vibration and music via bluetooth was the third heated mask I tried. After reading reviews and raves about the soothing massage feature, I am looking forward to trying it out. Nope, not for me. The device was large and heavy. There was a cutout for the nose. If I placed it so the heat was where I wanted it, the elastic strap on it had to overlap the tops of my ears, which was very uncomfortable. The weight of the mask pulled it down on my nose, pressing uncomfortably on the tip of my nose and taking the mask out of the position I wanted it in. And the massage? It was terrible. When the massage feature was on, air sacs within the mask inflated and rolled across my eyeballs, pressing down on them. The massage function hurt when the mask was moved. The feature of the vibration was annoying to me. I didn't care about the feature. The heat was the only feature that interested me. I wouldn't use a mask that was heavy and hurt my ears, and I wouldn't spend so much for features that I couldn't use. I returned that one as well. The Emacombo Heated Eye Mask is the fourth I've tried. This is what I was looking for. I was looking for an eye mask that would apply heat to my eyes continuously for at least 10 minutes at a time and that would not hurt or be uncomfortable to wear. This Emacombo mask has heat, which is what I wanted. I don't have bloodshot eyes after using it because it's flat and doesn't press against my eyeballs. It has a cover that can be washed separately. The cover seems to be silk, it is soft and very comfortable. It has to remain plugged in to operate, but the 2-part cord is long, the part that plugs into ausb outlet is 24 inches long, and the part that extends out from the upper left side of the mask is 7 inches long. The control switch is on the longer part of the cord. There are four heat settings on the left of the control and four time settings on the right. There is a small indicator light next to the option that glows red. There are two buttons at the bottom of the control switch, one below the heat settings and one below the time settings. You can select the heat option by pressing the button below the heat settings. When the light is on next to the selection you want, you just stop pressing the button. There is a button on the right for the time settings. The indicator lights on the control switch no longer glow when the unit shuts off. The next time you use it, if you press the heat button once, the settings will be the same as they were when you last used it. If you want the same settings, you only have to set it once. I use this on the highest heat setting for 15 minutes twice a day. I am very pleased with it so far. I'm not giving it a 5 stars because I've only had it a short time and don't know if it will last or if it will die out after the return window has closed. I would recommend the Emacombo mask to anyone.

5. Compress Microwave Washable Flaxseed Therapies

Compress Microwave Washable Flaxseed Therapies

It has a high heat storage and heat transfer effect, can relieve eye fatigue, dry eye, dark circles, eye edema, palpebral fissure,blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It is necessary for those who always face to computer or phone to have a eye mask. The compress for eyes is also warm. Within 10 minutes of each use or follow the doctor's instructions, their eye pad can be applied to your eyes. The weight of the heated eye mask is only 3.8 ounces, Lighter and more comfortable. The moist heat pad can be reheated and re-used. Also can be used as a sleep mask. The hot eye mask is made of gold velvet and can be adjusted for different head sizes. Doctor Recommend eye heating pad is a good dry eye mask, heated eye mask for dry eyes, pink eye, puffy eyes, and other eye conditions naturally. The experts have an eye mask that is recommended by doctors.

Brand: Topoint

👤My husband and I spent a lot of time looking at screens. My husband spends more than 16 hours a day plugged in to the screen for both work and personal use, while I spend less than 5 hours a day. Both of us suffer from eye fatigue and dry eyes. The doctor told me that the majority of dry eye cases are due to poor or deficient oil production. One way to deal with this is to apply a heat compress to your eyes to help them release some of the natural oils. If you have ever tried a warm wash cloth, you will know that it doesn't do a good job of holding heat. I was happy when I found this mask. It's my eyes saver! It is very comfortable to put on and is easy to use. I have been using it every day since I got it and it holds heat for a long time. I massage the eye with my finger after I finished using it. After removing the mask, I would take a break to allow my vision to clear up. P.S. I was worried when I removed the eye mask for the first time because my vision was blurry. I was relieved to find out that this is normal, the heat from the eye mask loosens the oil that is naturally produced by the eyelid glands, which will cause your vision to blur temporarily. If you have dry eyes like me, you should try this eye mask. It is easy, saves time, and works for the relief of the uncomfortableness after a long day of staring at screens.

👤I love how soft this product is, it also has the perfect pressure, doesn't weight too much or too little. My son stole the black one right away.

👤I really wanted this to work. I decided to try it despite studying every review. The heat is held for about 5 minutes. It's not really hot. The cover is soft. I've found that rolling a damp washcloth up, then wrapping it in a dry washcloth is much better than just microwaving it. I get 15 minutes, but be careful not to burn yourself. If you have an active problem with a stye, I don't recommend this product. It's not moist enough and it doesn't hold a high enough temp for long.

👤He recommended this to me, but I was skeptical. I wake up with red dry eyes in the middle of the night because I have sjrogens syndrome. This helps. It helps you get to sleep because it relaxes you. 10 minutes before you go to sleep.

👤It's really comfortable on the face, and it's very soft velvet material, which is great for big hair. I think I am hooked after my eye doctor suggested warm compress to increase my tear production.

👤I have a bad case of dry eye syndrome. The way this mask creates moist heat is amazing. One of them had a funny smell after it 800-273-3217 It is not certain if it is just the seeds that they are using. I said it went away so no problem. I would buy it. The only thing I would change is the amount of Velcro on the straps. I have a small head and it doesn't fit as tightly as I would like.

6. Flaxseed Lavender Compress Adjustable Temperature

Flaxseed Lavender Compress Adjustable Temperature

The best steam eye mask can help with dry eyes and blepharitis. It can also be used as a sleep mask, which will help you sleep better and make you sleepy. Please remove the liner when it's a sleep mask. The blindfold is made from soft fabric that is comfortable to touch and cover eyes' delicate skin. The most comfortable position is the flexible strap. A heated eye mask makes your eyes healthier. It can meet your needs for different temperatures with the eye mask designed with 3 levels of heat setting. There are 3-class timing for 30 minutes. When the time is over, it will stop working. The heating eye mask can be powered by a PC, power bank, and ausb port. It's free to take it wherever you go. The mask has heat eye. Dark circles around eyes can be alleviated by the warm compress.

Brand: Morliden

👤It doesn't fit across the eyes or bridge of the nose. To feel the heat on my eyelid, I have to push the mask against my face. I'm pretty sure this is the reason other reviewers don't think it's hot enough. If you hold it in place and press it, it is! I've had tear duct cauterization done multiple times, and they don't produce enough tears, and my oil glands don't flow freely on their own. I've used a microwave heat mask before, but it doesn't hold heat long enough. I'm hoping with this mask, continuing use of Avenova, and resuming the eye doctor's treatment, I'll get some relief from the winter, and next winter won't be so bad. I'm allergic to tea tree oil eye washes, and finally realized it.

👤Do not microwave the pouch. The mine caught fire. There are metal clasps. The instructions don't tell you to remove the liner. Put in microwave for 20 to 60 minutes. It sounded like I was having a nuclear disaster in my kitchen. I didn't notice it was metal.

👤The product barely got warm after 30 minutes of warm up. This is not a cure for dry eyes. I don't have a microwave so I bought it for dry eyes. You can't read it with a dim light. I set it on the highest setting and it barely got above luke warm. I would return the box if I threw it out. It should have a covering so you can wash it.

👤If your face was completely flat, you would be able to hold it in place. It takes forever to get warm. You need a box because you can't just plug it in. Throw it away.

👤So far, so good. Control is really small. You need glasses to see it. I don't wear glasses. It has been the best of the five that I have tried. Many people stop working after a short time. This one is hot.

👤I love this product. I bought a new one. I was looking for a longer cord and one that ran 60 minutes. I was looking for something similar. It's even better for me. I put this on my head until it gets better and then I look at it. It is impossible to go wrong with a heated eyes mask. Excellent quality as well. I bought a second one a few days later for one of my daughters.

👤The electrical heating feature has stopped working after 2 months. Save money.

👤Instructions say to microwave for 20 - 60 seconds. I used a med-regular power for 30 seconds. It caught fire. I could have damaged my microwave if I hadn't been standing there. The band has metal clips on it. They are not for the microwave.

7. Aceoce Adjustable Temperature Relieving Blepharitis

Aceoce Adjustable Temperature Relieving Blepharitis

The lavender scent is inspired by the carbon fiber heating device and it makes you feel good, it calms your eyes and relieves fatigue. Say goodbye to the eye bag. The warm compress eye is inspired by a disposable hot steam eye mask. 100% pure cotton of the surface is safe and comfortable. The inside of the eye mask is made of soft and fluffy materials, which allow the most gentle touch to your eyes. It needs to be used under a stable current. If the current is not stable, try other sockets.

Brand: Aceoce

👤I like the small thing. It has a gel insert that can be frozen and a lavender scented one. I have not used them, but I am sure they work well. I probably won't use the lavender insert. The timer only lasts for 30 minutes, which keeps it from being 5 stars. I am sure that is a health & safety guideline, but those of us who suffer from headaches know that 30 minutes is not enough time to be effective. I like that the mask can be worn on either side to accommodate the long cord and that it can be worn on either side. The product is good, but be aware of the timer.

👤The cooling pack was the reason I didn't give this 5 stars. The gel had to be thrown away because the plastic lining got too rigid and broke in multiple places. The lavender insert is quite strong, which isn't really my thing or my husband's, but if you're not sensitive to scents, it is probably quite enjoyable and relaxing. The heating element, which I bought for my husband at the end of January, works really well and there have been no problems with it so far. The cord is long enough to not get in the way of you being able to use the heat, the remote is easy to use, and it gets plenty warm. It has been a lifesaver. The lavender insert is what I bought for, so the cooling pack is not a deal-breaker. Especially at this price. I hope it lasts for a long time, I'm very happy I tried it out.

👤I love this thing. It is not a big deal. It gets warm quickly and beats the more expensive one I got. Simple and to the point, heat where you want it. There is an update on sept 20th. The buttons are not responsive. I bought this on the 28th. It lasted 3 and a half months. I used it a lot to help ease my headaches, but I never slept with it on. Shame because it was what I needed. The two stars were because it worked as advertised. It's good for waste.

👤I love it so far. I have blepharitis and it helps.

👤My wife used to wear a purple lavender mask. She loved it. I replaced it for her because it wouldn't heat up in the microwave. It is the perfect size to cover her eyes. The lavender scent is more relaxing than the old mask. Surprisingly, stays cold for nearly 5 hours after freezing. She likes the steam option. She has done wonders for her completion. She uses this mask every day and notices her skin is a little softer. There is a And holding up well. She has washed it in cold water a few times. There is a Don't be on the fence about buying this mask. You will be happy.

👤This is one of those things that you didn't know you needed until you got it. It's really amazing. It is a heating / steam pad, ice therapy, sleep mask, and aromatherapy all in one. It helps to alleviate headaches, such as stress headaches, anxiety, and tension. The lavender can be used to help relax and fall asleep. Use the plane to calm down. For long flights, use for sleep. Plugs into a laptop. It is safe to wear and fall asleep with the temperature control. I used every night and my days off for over a week. I have gotten my money's worth in a short time. I bought a second one for my husband so we didn't have to share. Highly recommended. It would make a great gift.

8. Pieces Compress Adjustable Chalazion Blepharitis

Pieces Compress Adjustable Chalazion Blepharitis

You will get 2 pieces of silk heated eye masks and 2 pieces of USB cables, which will help you sleep better, take a rest for eyes at the office, and enjoy yourself on travel. The steam warm compress is made of silk, soft and skin-friendly, and comes with a band that is placed in a heated eye mask, which will bring your eyes good use. The controller has 2 buttons, which can be used to adjust the temperature from 35 to 50 degree Celsius and the timer from 10 to 30 minutes. You can charge a temp eye mask with ausb outlet, like on a portable charger or laptop, since the cord is 60.6 inches long. Warm compress for eyes with heated eye mask is a great way to relieve irritation, redness, and dry eyes.

Brand: Geyoga

👤The cord is connected to the mask. There are possibilities of a fire hazard or burning hazard. Don't purchase!

👤The cord is long, so I can plug it into my laptop or into a power source. I put cotton balls under the mask to make it feel warm, since I wasn't sure about spraying directly on the mask since it has wiring. If the first mask fails, there will be no interruption since the masks come in a set of two.

👤I thought they were different, but they are the same. There are two in a pack. The masks are great for headaches. Highly recommend!

👤As part of the dry eye treatment. It took a bit of work to get it to fit my face. The circuit board inside short circuited after a month of nightly usage. The board melted. It wasn't very dangerous. The second unit is working well. There is no indication of what caused the failure.

👤I was wondering why this item was in a pack. It lasted about 6 weeks. I loved it when it was working. The heat helps my eyes. It was very convenient. The time and temp could be adjusted. I would have liked it to have lasted longer.

👤I have a lot of dry eye solution and dry eye gel. I used these for 3 days and my eye drops went from 5 times a day to 1 time at night. I don't use water with them. They control my dry eyes. I highly recommend. I paid for my own review and product.

👤I would recommend this to everyone. The cord is perfect and will work with any strain. You don't have a microwave to heat the others.

👤I bought a set of masks for myself and my mom, and my son liked it so I bought another set for both of my kids. The pink is really pretty, and the satin is soft and puffy. The puffy side of your eyes can get hot. It has an auto shut off as well.

9. Stye Therapy Reusable Warming Compress

Stye Therapy Reusable Warming Compress

Relief to help treat most styes and soothe dry eyes. The compress should be applied 3-6 times per day. The soft-gel beads are microwaveable and easy to clean. The makers of the no.1 brand in stye treatment relief. For best results use with Stye Sterile Lubricant Eye Ointment.

Brand: Stye

👤It was useless and overpriced. Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are the only things you can use.

👤It exploded in my microwave and the tiny gel beads burst open, it was very dangerous and I threw it away because it was too expensive. It is a plastic pouch that you put in the microwave and apply, never again. It was a total disappointment.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the Stye Eye Therapy Warming Compress arrived. I am on my way to feeling better less than 24 hours later. It is easy to use and very comfortable. The extra discount at checkout was appreciated by me. $9 was well spent.

👤Not worth it. I was able to use this item once, but I messed it up on the second try. It's picky about reheated food. You have to watch it. 5 second intervals are the most prudent. I tried the 10 second timing method and it exploded on the second set. It waited until I opened the door to my microwave to get across my kitchen. I would wait until they form as beads again. It is easier to clean up.

👤I bought this item for my mother. Every now and then she gets a stye. I was told that using a warm compress was better than over the counter drops. My mother's eye lid was affected by this little thing. Two days. It looked better. My mom says that the warmness made it feel better. Follow the directions. Warming the item up with 10 second intervals is recommended. The bag may burst. The right temperature was microwaving twice. It's in the pouch.

👤The warming compress worked well for me. The directions to heat it no more than 15 seconds at a time and no more than 25 seconds total worked well until the day I entered 15 minutes into my microwave and it made a mess. I'm much more careful about paying attention to the cook time than I was before.

👤I like the fact that I could get another tube of this within a couple of days to help soothe the pain of the stye on my eye. I forgot to put it back in the box after using it for a couple of weeks. I didn't put the tube back in the box when I went to get some. After searching for a few minutes, I realized that my dog had eaten it and washed it down with a roll of toilet paper. It's a good lubricant for sore eyes.

👤I love this. It's better than using tea bags. The cover is easy to clean and stays warm for a while. I got rid of my stye in 2 days.

10. Thrive Clay Bead Eye Mask

Thrive Clay Bead Eye Mask

Soothe & Treat Your Eyes is an all-in-one gray eye compress that can be used to treat a range of uncomfortable eye conditions. Their eye mask is for dry eyes. Their dry eye mask is microwave activated and produces moist heat to open the eyelid. It is also Freezable and can help reduce swelling and headaches. The warm compress for eyes has a soft cotton cover that is more sanitary than the other dry eye relief masks. The pack is not disposable. Safe, non-toxic material. The mask for dry eyes is made from non-toxic, latex-free material. Many other warm eye mask brands use harsh chemicals. They take pride in their products and always provide the highest quality possible. They offer a no questions asked money back guarantee so you can shop with confidence.

Brand: Thrive

👤I am glad I have an eye mask. It is perfect after a long day of beingpecked to death by your children or for any other headaches they may cause. The weight of the clay beads makes it comfortable. The ability to remove and wash the cover is something I like.

👤It is very soft, the little bebles hold heat very well, which is what you need for dry eyes and blepharitis. I usually do 60 seconds, but 20 seconds doesn't heat it up. This purchase is a good one to recommend.

👤I need this to help with my eyes. It works well, but it doesn't work as well as other designs I've tried. The problem is that the mask doesn't apply much pressure to any one area. I had better results with smaller/narrower designs, which were less comfortable but covered a larger portion of the eye sockets. I think this would be great if you just need a warm compress for sties or a cold compress for allergies. It doesn't give me the pressure I needed.

👤It's great to relieve headaches when they're warm. I have severe allergies to a lot of smells and the fact that this has no smell to it when warmed is a plus for me.

👤I bought this one after returning the Thrive product with gel beads. I have been using it for over two weeks and it is superior to the one I returned. Positive comments on this one are that it heats up within the time limit recommended and stays warm for the allotted time of use, it has a comfortable strap that holds the mask in place, and it seems to work well. I didn't give it 5 stars because I only used it in the warm mode, but I highly recommend this one over their other product that contained gel beads and plastic outer shell that I previously reviewed.

👤The bead packet can be easily removed from the outside layer. It is easy to heat. There are pros and cons. The instructions are printed on the outside of the little box, which is the color of tan wrapping paper. Instructions are written in a very small size. It is very difficult to read this because of the poor color of the fonts. All they had to do was use black ink or change the box color to make it appear more white. They get zero for this. I'll update if I have more comments.

👤Please read the directions. This is pretty awesome... I lay it on the top of my head on pressure points to relieve my bad migraines. Don't fall asleep with this thing on your eyes. I woke up and thought I had gone blind. I'm probably a drama queen. Don't do it. I tripped over my dog because I saw so blurry. I just want to put it out there.

👤I did not take the product out of the box when I received it. My eyes were hurting. I thought about trying the mask. It was wonderful. It was very comfortable and it kept it warm for a long time, the thickness was good, and it shut out all the light. I bought a mask for my daughter and now I will buy one for my son in law. People who suffer from headaches, dry eyes, and other eye issues will benefit from this mask. This product is recommended by me.

11. Compress Natural Styes Blepharitis Medcosa

Compress Natural Styes Blepharitis Medcosa

A real eye opener. Their moist heat eye bag provides hydration and heat to soothe tired eyes. It is ideal for both men and women after a long day of staring. You'll love the experience that you'll be able to experience. Their eye warming bag has natural odorless flaxseed which retains heat for 20 minutes. For those recovering from surgery, or suffering from ailments such as blepharitis, chalazion, dry eye syndrome, pink eye, and stye cysts, compression heat therapy is ideal. Their eye mask is designed to relax and allow gradual hot therapy. The feeling of a long lasting, spa session is mimicked by their flaxseed filling. It is refreshing, revitalizing, and long- lasting. It's time to upgrade to their moist heat eye bag. A safe solution. Their eye heating pad is safe to use and doesn't cause bursting gel packs or burning of your eyelid. It is soft, like a pillow, with a strap that can be adjusted. It is a great alternative to disposable eye masks, it will make you feel great, and it will also save the planet. They want you to enjoy their moist heat eye bag without fear. Not satisfied? They'll be more than happy to give you a 2-year warranty if you let them know. No questions were asked.

Brand: Medcosa

👤Within 24 hours of order, mask was delivered. 12 seconds per side in the microwave. The elastic strap holds it in place. It's heat is well for 5 minutes. I don't see why I should pay more for eyemasks. Very happy.

👤It was very nice and delivered quickly. I have dry eyes. I quilt a lot and my eyes get tired and burn so I stop and heat them up. You don't want them to be hot so make sure you follow the directions. The price is great.

👤It was great the first few times I used it. I did the same thing again. This happens! I had it in the microwave for a short time. Very unhappy.

👤I like the mask on my eyes. My eyes are dry because of Sjogren's Syndrome and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. 20 seconds in the microwave. When I put in my eye drops, I put on a mask over my eyes, and five minutes later, they feel like they've been to the spa. If you suffer from any type of dry eye, or if you're just stressed out after a long day, I highly recommend picking this up. I've found that it's beneficial when I have a migraine. The heat makes me feel better, and it is so relaxing. It's of good quality, and you can't beat the price. You can't go wrong with the multiple applications it has.

👤The seller is nice. This is not warm enough for my needs. Don't want it to get too hot, but I don't think it warms up enough. I wanted this to be a great alternative because I don't like doing compression with a cloth. It might work well for someone else.

👤Look great. Don't buy any heating pads that are microwaveable that are filled with food. They bring a lot of things to your house.

👤Pop it in the water. Put it on and the eyes will light up.

👤It's used for dry eye. Product was delivered early and easy to use. The product is very well made and does a good job.

👤You can heat the mask on a plate for 10 seconds on each side. I am using it for dry eye syndrome.

👤Excellent product. There are clear instructions for use. The price is great and the delivery is fast.

👤It's recommended for my dry eyes.

👤The product is very easy to use.

👤The price was advertised.


What is the best product for eye compress for dry eyes electric?

Eye compress for dry eyes electric products from Ticlo's. In this article about eye compress for dry eyes electric you can see why people choose the product. Graphene Times and Onoeye are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye compress for dry eyes electric.

What are the best brands for eye compress for dry eyes electric?

Ticlo's, Graphene Times and Onoeye are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye compress for dry eyes electric. Find the detail in this article. Emacombo, Topoint and Morliden are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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