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1. Systane Lasting Lubricant Drops 30 ML

Systane Lasting Lubricant Drops 30 ML

Eyes are moist and refreshed. Relief and comfort. It is designed to protect eyes from dry eye irritation. Please read the information on the delivery label.

Brand: Systane

👤This is probably not a typical review for this product. My dog has dry eye. The eye is not functional and no longer produces tears. She has problems with discharge and infections. My vet told me that the typical treatment is a chemotherapy agent to force tear production, but he doubted she could produce tears, so he recommended this brand of eye drops for her. The change in her eye has been dramatic. Her eye is not gross anymore. She comes over to me right away when she sees me grab the bottle of eye drops. She doesn't flinch or pull away when I put drops in her eye, that's pretty revolutionary for her. I think this product has made her feel better, and she figured that out quickly.

👤I thought I would get a quality item when I bought this product. I received a product that will last for 2 months. I was expecting to use this product for several months, but I only use this when I need it. I tried to return it but it is not allowed. The product description did not mention this. I had a chat with Amazon and they said no refunds are allowed on this product. I chatted with a computer. I was referred to the policies that I checked out, but there was no mention of the refusal of an eyedrop refund. I am not happy with Amazon. I was refunded my money after contacting a live person at Amazon.

👤This product helps my eyes. I stare at a computer and tv screen for about 18 hours a day. I get relief from just a few drops in each eye. This product is recommended by me and I hope this review helps you out. Hopefully you don't have to stare at a computer or tv screen as long as I do. I'll try to answer your questions if you ask them. Have a great day!

👤I had cataracts and they were removed and replaced with accommodating lens. Which are great. I don't need reading glasses and my vision is good. I don't realize that they are working so well except in dry eye situations, where the heat is not as high as it would be in a city, and where the air is dry. Dry eyes can be a side effect of accommodating lens. My doctor had me try a lot of eye stuff. A friend suggested I use Systane Ultra Drops/SUDs. They work well in the day but not so well at night. The SUDs can be used as often as needed by the Optometrists. It gets to be very expensive. I use a machine at night that causes my eyes to get very dry, even with a good mask fitting. Each night I had to use the SUDs. A friend has the same dry eyes problem. She was told by her new Opthamologist that she should buy this product and use it at home when she doesn't have to drive. She went from several drops to just one before bed. If she planned to drive within 30 minutes, he warned her not to use it. She uses it in her office when she gets there in the morning. She might stay home that evening. She uses it when she goes to bed after she gets home. I got my first bottle of Systane Long Lasting Lubricant Eye Drops in late April and started using it before I went to sleep. I had relief from my dry eyes. The bottle was in use for 2 months. I use it in the daytime if the heat or ac is on in our church or a large store with high ceilings. If you need to drive in 30 minutes or less, don't use it. It works at night despite my machine with the mask on. I am saving a lot of money with this product.

2. Equate Saline Solution Contact Sensitive

Equate Saline Solution Contact Sensitive

For storing soft contact lens. There are two bottles in this total of 24 bottles.

Brand: Equate

👤I can't say how well the product works for what it's supposed to do, but it worked great in slime.

👤I didn't realize it was just a saline solution and not a multi-purpose solution meant for cleansing contact lens. It makes for okay eye drops.

👤Shipping and packaging as advertised.

👤My daughter rates this an A+. I don't wear contacts so it's not used for that.

👤The Mad Scientist's granddaughter bought these. It makes great slime.

👤I was not going to use it. The boxes were opened and re-opened, and the plastic safety bands around the bottles were put back around the caps. No. Thank you. You. I returned everything. That could be dangerous.

👤I have never used this for my eyes, but it works better for slime than any other activator.

👤During arid climates, the nasal solution is needed to keep the sinus passages moist. It is easy to use and cost effective.

3. Refresh Lubricant Preservative Free Single Use Containers

Refresh Lubricant Preservative Free Single Use Containers

Preservative free formula is good for eyes. It prevents irritation. The volume of cells on the eye's surface is maintained with the help of hydrocell technology. It's recommended for sensitive eyes. It can be used after eye surgeries. If you have eye surgery, you should follow your eye doctor's instructions if you use Refsh Relieva. On-the-go single use bottles. Also available in a multidose bottle. The brand in artificial tears is called REFRESH Family of Products.

Brand: Refresh

👤These drops seem to help. I ordered them yesterday. They arrived today. The eye drops were delivered the day after you ordered them. That's not something you'll see. Amazon, you're scarin' me...

👤My doctor recommended this to treat my dry eyes. I think it works. I will check for a bottle when I return the individual vials. I think it would be cheaper.

👤I like the product but it was not distributed in a way that I would have liked. It came in a small package with one bottle of the product, and I could get it at a pharmacy or grocery store. The bottle is hard plastic. The product I received is still good. My eye doctor recommended it. I bought the product in stores, but couldn't find it anymore. The Refresh Relieva lubricant was not free ofPreservatives. The lubricant was placed in bottles that were encased in plastic bags. I have to toss the small bottle because it is soft plastic and not recycled in my community, even though each bottle has enough lubricant for at least three uses.

👤This brand was recommended by my eye doctor. I was in love with the way it made my eyes feel.

👤I had trouble with them. I wake up in the middle of the night and my eyes are so dry that they hurt. It felt like my eyes were full of gravel when I put these thick drops in. I have to put the drops in before my eyes get too dry. There is a lot of dried film on the eyelid. Very unattractive. The regular drops in this brand are not good for eye makeup. I don't think they provided enough benefit for some of the disadvantages, so I probably won't buy again.

👤My eyes are dry when I wake up. I was hoping these drops would help me sleep. That isn't the case. I think plain water works better than the drops. I have used this brand before and have been satisfied with it. That is no longer the case. The quality is not as good to me.

👤My eyes have been dry since I had lasik surgery. These drops don't work. I don't know what it is. Maybe there is something in these drops that my eyes are sensitive to. They make my eyes dry. The regular refresh drops work better. If you are going to spend a lot of money, use the Refresh digital plus. The drops seem to work best. Don't use them.

👤I was recommended this product by my eye doctor. He gave me a sample and I bought more. I have dry, watery, redness and pain in my eyes and this seems to help. I got 2 bottles in the box instead of individual packs.

4. Bausch Lomb Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution

Bausch Lomb Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution

It is recommended that children over 3 years old wash their hands after playing with Slime. Up to 20 hours of moist air. It's easier to wear glasses on your eyes.

Brand: Bausch & Lomb

👤I got contacts for the first time. This is the solution that I decided to buy, because it was the solution that came with my contacts. This was the cheapest place I looked for. There were two large bottles of solution and two new cases in the box. Since you are supposed to change your case every few months, you can just do it whenever you want. The solution does wonders to clean my contacts. I have had to use other people when I am at their homes, as I have tried other solutions. This is my favorite so far. The solution is soft on my eyes when I put a drop in my contact. My eye is wet once the contact is in. Other solutions don't prevent my eyes from feeling dry, so I attribute this to the solution. I would highly recommend this solution to other people. My eye doctor recommended that I use either this solution or one of the other brands. I will stick with what works.

👤My review of the BioTrue Twin Pack 10oz product is being copied. My experience with this brand has not changed despite the difference between the 10oz. product and 16oz. product. I've used a lot of different contact lens solutions over the years, so I wanted to give you a review of the BioTrue Multi-Purpose Solution Twin 16oz product. The original contact solution from Bausch & Lomb stung my eyes every time I used it, so I switched to OmniFREE. I switched to OmniFREE because I wanted to save some money, but contact solution isn't cheap. Even though this is a Bausch & Lomb brand, I decided to give BioTrue a chance. The BioTrue contact solution feels just as good as the OmniFREE and I often get a better deal on the BioTrue when I shop for it. If you had any previous issues with the original contact solution, I would recommend giving it another try. The BioTrue line works well and doesn't hurt my eyes.

👤I have been using this solution for 18 months. I would sometimes get eye irritation that would prevent me from wearing my contacts for a while. About 25% of contact wearers will occasionally experience this type of symptom, according to the doctor, who said it was an allergic reaction to the other solutions. I have not had an allergic reaction in 18 months after someone recommended Biotrue. My typical care method is to take my contacts out at night and put them in a case with Biotrue. I put them in the morning. I don't clean the lens with any other solution, just soak and rinse. I use disposables that are supposed to be replaced every 2 weeks. I usually wear them for 3 months. I could only go about 4 weeks with my old solutions. This product has been a lifesaver for me.

👤This is supposed to be the best thing for contacts, however it didn't work for me. I have dry eyes and this didn't help. I had to use drops more often when I used this product. It may have worked if I didn't suffer from dry eyes. And it did not. The product didn't work out for me. I saw the same two pack in Walmart for less. I had already purchased it.

5. Bausch Lomb MultiPlus Lubricating Rewetting

Bausch Lomb MultiPlus Lubricating Rewetting

For daily and extended wear, frequent replacement, and disposable soft contact lenses. Decreases the amount of water in the lens to minimize the amount of water in it. The isotonic solution is sterile. All label information should be read upon delivery. The item shown in the video is only for representation. The item will be shown in the images.

Brand: Bausch & Lomb

👤I have been wearing contacts for thirty years. I've always been careful with my cleaning and storing. I had trouble with my left eye and was told to leave it out for a month. They worked but were more expensive than daily wear. Since I had just bought a new suppy, I was determined to wear my extended wear. None of the eye drops worked for me. I was reading reviews and thought I would try the brand. The reason I'm writing this review is to let you know that this product had me wearing my extended lens again. I usually only use one or two drops in my left eye during the day, but sometimes I will use one or two drops in my left eye. Will buy in the future.

👤I have thick contacts that are hard to clean, so they tend to dry up faster than normal. I like these drops more than Clear Eyes. It feels more refreshing.

👤Clear Eyes for Contacts was inexpensive and I bought it because I was new to contacts. After using those drops, my eyes felt dry. I purchased two more kinds of drops, BLINK-N-CLEAN and RENU MULTI PURPOSE, because I was hoping that one of the reviewers who had a bad experience with Clear Eyes would recommend something that worked for me. The Clear Eyes made my eyes worse, but the Blink N Clean made my eyes better. It didn't help much either. The Renu drops were the best at relaxing the body.

👤These eye drops are for wet eyes. It would be great if I could help my contacts last longer. I have been using these drops for the past 6 months and they have been a real life saver. I only lasted about 8 hours in my contacts before they felt dry and out of place. I just pop in two of these drops in each eye, give them a few seconds, and the contacts slowly feel like new long enough to last the rest of the day! I keep these drops handy because they definitely beats taking your contacts out mid-day for a soak in solution.

👤I don't know if it's because I bought my contact lens from My Eye Dr or Cooper Vision. I get dry eyes wearing them. I thought I was developing an allergy because of how dry it gets. I used to be able to wear contacts at night as a teenager, but I had to take them out in the middle of the day. I had to take it out after only wearing them for 8 hours, instead of the 12 hours I was able to wear them for. If my cat walks by me and I get cat fur in my eyes, all I have to do is use eye drops and it will work. You can be good as new if you only need two or three drops. It's a good thing.

👤Contacts are hard to wear. I have eye allergies. A good rewetting eye drop is important for me to be able to wear contacts and clear my vision from an allergy that builds up in my eyes. I have been using a different brand before purchasing this one. They clear my vision and refresh my eyes. I use them a lot. It's great that it's a two pack. It is spring and my eye allergies are really bad, so I need to drop in more to clear my vision, but this could also be related to the fact that it is spring and my eye allergies are really bad. I think these rewetting drops are good for what they are made for, given the complicated nature of my eyes.

6. Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum Advanced

Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum Advanced

The power of silicate minerals derived from shale clay is harnessed to create a temporary skin tightening layer on your skin that lifts, tightens and smooths the skin for a more youthful appearance. Their facial serum was formulated to be more evenly applied and easier to spread than previous formulas. It has a smooth feeling when dry and a more shiny finish that leaves you with a youthful glow. Their clinically tested anti-wrinkle repair formula can be used at home and will give you instant results in as little as 10 minutes. It is possible to get immediate results without resorting to expensive treatments. Results from their advanced skin serum can last for up to 10 hours. Clean and dry the skin. After applying the Rapid Reduction Serum, it is recommended to set and dry it for 10 minutes. If you want to achieve optimal results, don't move the areas in which you've applied Plexaderm. It's easy to apply and it's perfect for everyone. Both men and women nationwide are happy with their skin and appearance.

Brand: Plexaderm

👤What a terrible product. I bought bags under my eyes, and then I wrinkled each side of my eyes. I applied the amount under my eyes and waited 12 minutes. It leaves a horrible sticky feeling where you apply it. If you smile, your face still looks the same. It's another one that takes $60 bucks. Be careful, don't buy.

👤The product didn't work at all. I took a before photo and put product on one eye, but didn't change it. I put more product on and it didn't work. The product didn't help my under eye bags, which are puffy.

👤The pump didn't work. When I opened the product, it was dry and I couldn't get anything out. The agent of Plexiderm warned me that it could be old. I went for the saving and was not happy about it. I will not order from either place again.

👤The product works, but you have to open the bottle to get any. There is almost no product inside the pump, and it doesn't work at all. $65 for a few drops of product. It was a bad return for the price. The product dried up quickly because of the terrible packaging. Terrible.

👤I was so disappointed that did not work for me.

👤I was unable to get any of the product out because the pump was broken.

👤It is important for buyers to know that they may have an allergy to the cream and that they need to return their money. Thank you.

👤The product arrived on Jun 29 and will be back on Jul 22. I can't return it. If there is anything in the container, I couldn't get the product out of it. It should not spend time priming, which didn't work, for this price. They won't take the product back. I can't tell you how it works because it didn't come out. Not a happy customer.

👤Product works quickly but can cause wrinkling around the eyes as soon as you smile. You can't put makeup on it. Disappointing. I will not order it again.

👤It doesn't work. It does not tighten your skin as advertised. Don't buy this product because it's too expensive.

👤This item was not worth the money paid for it. It didn't make a difference for me. Would not buy this item again.

7. Solution Permeable Multi Action Rewetting Included

Solution Permeable Multi Action Rewetting Included

The Boston simplus multi-action solution is convenient. There is no evening rub step required. There is no need for a weekly removal of proteins. The package has dimensions of 5.0 L X 14.5 H X 9.4 W.

Brand: Aunis

👤For the most part, Simplus is the best and the only product of its kind, and it's pretty expensive. Individuals who wear soft contact lens have a lot of choices when buying their contact solution. Most of the choices for those who wear RGP or scleral lens are from Boston. The easiest to use is the Simplus. It's expensive at most retail outlets. The solutions for soft lens and RGP lens are not interchangeable. You can get discount coupons on their website, but they use cookies to monitor your use and limit the number of coupons you can print a year. The average use is a bottle a month, though some may use less and others more. The packaging of solution on Amazon is a great find. The package includes a bottle of Boston Simplus, a lens case, and a small bottle of rewetting drops, which are less expensive than most retail stores sell only bottles of Simplus. You're suppose to replace your lens case every month, from what I've read. How many actually do that? The small bottle of rewetting drops is easy to carry in a pocket or purse.

👤I think most people have been wearing gas permeable contacts for a long time. I like the brand name stuff in my eyes.

👤I've used this product for a long time and prefer it to the Boston Advance. I need to use the Boston Advance cleaner. The small bottle of drops is the perfect size for the Simplus solution.

👤I am pretty sure eye drops are the smallest bottle, so this dry wouldn't be good for travel. I don't like the screw caps on the case. I like flip tops. I don't need any of the extra stuff, just sell me the product and charge less.

👤The contact lens solution has been great and has helped a lot with hard lens dry out. I don't need rewetting drops. My eyes are not red.

👤This is a very good price for this product. The solution is cheaper. I will have to change my case monthly. It is great.

👤I was able to wear my contacts longer with less irritation when I used this.

8. PuriLens Preservative Saline 120 ML Bottles

PuriLens Preservative Saline 120 ML Bottles

Unisol 4 is the same formula. There is no Preservative. It's simply buffered saline.

Brand: Purilens

👤These were not for humans, but I needed clean, pure saline for my dog. It is very difficult to find. Dogs' eyes are more sensitive when it comes to cleanser in it. It does the job and it doesn't hurt her eyes. It's good for my eyes as well.

👤Someone uses scleral lens. The individual tubes of solution seem to work better than this. The bottles are sealed to make sure they are sterile.

👤It has hard gas perm and sclera lens.

👤I am allergic to a lot of things. I was sad when Unisol and Lens Plus were pulled from shelves. I get itchy red eyes from every other OTC product. This does not. I hope they don't stop it.

👤I bought this to carry in my carry-on for a flight. My liquids were flagged for this particular item as I went through the airport. The amount of liquid was above the limit. "TSA approved for carry-on" is not true.

👤The packaging is not good for traveling. As soon as you opened it, it leaked. My bag was wet when I got to my destination. If it leaks, make sure it stands straight up. I needed a smaller bottle for my trip. It would be great if the seal was changed. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The product was great for my new journey. So far, so good. I am happy these bottles are big because I miss them a lot. The way you pierce the opening with the lid makes me positive of noContamination. It was a great solution to the possibility of seal being broken.

👤The bottle tip may be a problem. You may be tempted to cut the tip if you don't read the directions. That isn't necessary and probably not hygenic, just remove the cap and there is a white washer on the bottle. The washer needs to be removed. The cap needs to be tightened. The washer is used to keep the cap from poking a hole in the tip. When you tighten the tip, the cap will pierce it.

9. Refresh Liquigel Lubricant 15mL Sterile

Refresh Liquigel Lubricant 15mL Sterile

The strength gel formula is original. Relieves dry eyes. Alleviates pain. Eyes feel better longer. The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products.

Brand: Refresh

👤I needed a thicker eye drop for my dry eye. If I don't put drops in the corner of my eyes first thing in the morning, I'll get corneal abrasions because of the backs of my eyelids sticking to my eyeballs. Most drops burned my eyes. The drops do not burn. The drops are thick and oily.

👤Gel drops are better for dry eyes than thinner drops. It's more comforting and less wasteful. Small drops are all that's needed to squeeze the bottle. If you applied your vision, it might be blurry. The gel will mix with your tears in a matter of minutes and your vision will return. You will feel better.

👤My eye doctor does not recommend that I use a prescription at this time because of my dry eyes. The thickness of the liquid in these eye drops helps keep my eyes moist and lubrication is the best I can find. I use them in the morning and evening for drops per eye. I have been using these for a long time and have found them on Amazon at a cheaper price and have them on a revolving delivery which is great for me. I use one bottle every 40 to 50 days and will be sad when it's no longer produced as I've tried other brands over the counter. The gel is not sticky orobtrusive to your vision, just take an extra moment to open and close your eyes and blink frequently, and the comfort is worth it! I would buy again because they came quickly. Happy customer.

👤I was given a sample of the eye drops. I decided to try Thera tears and Bausch and Lomb since it is gel based and takes a few moments to digest. They made my eyes tear even more and my eyes felt very rough. I use refresh once a day in the morning and evening. I find these drops to be very helpful in controlling my dry eye condition because I am very sensitive to medications.

👤I was told to use Refresh Optic Gel Drops for dry eyes, but I found them here for a lower price, and they are not the same as the one my doctor told me to use. Gel eye drops are different from regular eye drops, they coat the eye, and do not cure my dry eye problem. This company should stop selling dupes. If you don't have the real thing, don't advertise it because law suits are real and I don't mind filing them.

👤I like this product very much. I have used it for a long time. The first negative review I have ever written is for Amazon. The eye drops that I received on March 29 will be gone in May. I tried to return them because they were not good enough, but I couldn't use them quickly. They are not returnable according to Amazon. I have eye drops that won't do me much good, but I think this is poor customer service. I bought the drops 6 months before this, so I guess the ones I just received have been sitting on the shelf for a long time.

10. Biotrue Healthy Start Fluid Ounce

Biotrue Healthy Start Fluid Ounce

Balanced to match healthy tears. Cleans and fights germs.

Brand: Biotrue

👤The box pictured in the listing does not match what you receive, it seems deceptive and misleading, and the full size bottle is $2 cheaper on Amazon.

👤I can't review it all at once. I thought I was buying an eye cream. This product is used for lens prep. The seller and I exchanged emails several times. They were there with a quick reply and helpful response. The product is as good as the customer service.

👤My son will use BioTrue. It is worth the price, even if it is a little more expensive. It's better to buy a cheap bottle than to throw it away after a few uses. He can wear his contacts all day without any rewetting solution and still have them feel fresh at the end of the day.

👤If the case was included, it would have been perfect.

👤I used the sample to purchase the bigger size. This is the perfect size for travel. The bottle usually lasts me about 10 days. I like to clean my contacts before putting them on. I've been wearing contacts since I was 15 years old, and I really like this contact lens solution. If you can buy the sample and get credit for future purchases, that's a good idea.

👤Have trouble with dry rye disease to keep my eyes hydrated.

👤The product is called BioTrue. It was nice to be able to order a sample. It was packed in a squishy envelope. The box was crushed and the bottle has not leaked yet. The lens case appears to be undamaged.

11. Bausch Boston Advance Formula Travel

Bausch Boston Advance Formula Travel

The cleaner improves wearing comfort by removing lipids. The coats and cushions are for more comfortable wear. Boston advance comfort formula conditioning solution has a patented system to soothe your eyes. Boston advance cleaner removes dirt and debris from your eyes, leaving them clean, clear, and ready to be disinfected.

Brand: Boston

👤I have used this product for a long time. This has proved to be a good way to care for the lens. I prefer the sister product "Simplus" that includes additional agents that don't need to be done separately, but still cause irritation and discomfort, and clouded the vision after 8 hours.

👤I have been using B&L for my contact lens for decades and I trust them. The last 2 deliveries were $17.72 and it had been great. The bottle was smaller by 15ml when compared to the previous one. Not buying or stopping my S&S.

👤I have used gas permeable lens for over 40 years and only used ADVANCE for the same period. I will not use anything else. The solution has never caused a reaction for me. It's easy to throw into a purse if you need it during the day and it's great for travel.

👤I've been a Boston user for over 30 years, and nothing comes close to this formula. The red cap and the blue cap are the only two solutions that help with wearabilty and comfort, and this beats anything on the market. When I couldn't find Boston in Osco, I had to use other brands until I found Boston in Amazon. Thank you. I'm back to normal and a high quality brand that cleans and provides comfort.

👤The order page states that there are two bottles, but only one was in the package. One bottle for $17 is ridiculous. It's going to be difficult to return it.

👤"Pack of 2" was stated in the order. I received one of the two.

👤They didn't send two items. It is not worth the opportunity cost to return it.

👤I like how this solution can be used multiple times. It keeps your contacts safe. It's very thick, and when you put the lens in your eyes, you can feel how hydrated they are. I get treatments for my dry eyes with my Opthamologist. I use a conditioning solution to fill the lens to the brim before putting it in my eye if the weather is humid. The solution provides enough eye comfort to last all day. In the evening, I use an eye drop. This conditioning solution is all in one bottle. I wake up refreshed, soothed, and nourished. I'll pay more for a multi-step system in order to see and see well. I'm paying attention to what I'm seeing instead of paying attention to how my eyes look. That's not how Bausch & Lomb will treat your eyes. It's simple, and it makes the biggest impact on how you handle your day.


What is the best product for eye contact solution biotrue?

Eye contact solution biotrue products from Systane. In this article about eye contact solution biotrue you can see why people choose the product. Equate and Refresh are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye contact solution biotrue.

What are the best brands for eye contact solution biotrue?

Systane, Equate and Refresh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye contact solution biotrue. Find the detail in this article. Bausch & Lomb, Plexaderm and Aunis are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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