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1. Contact Colorful Storage Replaced Protecting

Contact Colorful Storage Replaced Protecting

Their contact lens cases are made of high-quality plastic, leak-proof packaging and are safe and strong. The colors are rich. Their contact lens storage holder has 12 colors, which are eye-catching, which can help you better distinguish between different colors of contact lens, which is convenient for your classification and search. The left and right sides of the contact lense case are marked with the letter R and L, which can help you better distinguish the left and right eye glasses. The words "replace monthly" are on the cover, reminding you to replace the glasses case in time to protect your eyes. They can provide you with 12 cute contact lens cases, which can meet your demand for replacing contact lens cases every month. The contact lense case is small and light, which makes it easy to carry. It is suitable for both home use and travel, especially for students and office workers.

Brand: Prudiut

👤This product was a steal, although the contact removal and application left something to be desired.

2. NYX Mechanical Pencil Deep Blue

NYX Mechanical Pencil Deep Blue

A line and defined eye is just a twist away with this eyeliner pen, and Intense pigment covers like a liquid eyeliner, while its creamy formula holds for hours, and no need to sharpen just twist up and apply for a winged out eyeliner look. The smudge proof eyeliner glides on easily and lasts all day through heat and humidity, no sad bleeding eyeliner here, and is available in natural to bright shades. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I have noticed that the skin on my eyelid is a bit tighter than it used to be, and the eye pencils I used to use don't go on as smoothly as they used to. The NYX mechanical eye pencils are as smooth as silk. If you want something precise, this isn't it. It stays on all day. I only had one pencil that twisted out about a quarter of an inch before the mechanism got stuck, but it didn't bother me because of the low cost and high performance. If I have an occasional dud with this brand, it's still worth it because I'm used to using MAC and Clinique pencils.

👤I can smudge it the way I need it to get that smokey eyes effect, and it's easy to put on waterline.

👤The best eyeliner ever. I don't know why or how, but this shade of eyeliner is the only eyeliner I can wear all around my eye and it's flattering. I have been using it for 3 years. This liner is in Bronze.

👤The eye liner I bought lasts all day and is white. I used the pencil on my waterline because I have small eyes and it stayed on all day. The eye liner does not irritate the eyes.

👤I'm terrible at applying eyeliner, so this was a lifesaver. It's creamy, so it doesn't bother you when you apply it, but it dries out in a minute or so, so it lasts all day. If I want a darker look, I apply black or navy eyeliner and then apply this on top, it smooths over the shakiness of the dark eyeliner, and looks a whole lot more interesting. It's light and looks a bit like metallic eyeshadow if you smudge it, but still appropriate for wearing to class or going to work. I used to use a liquid eye shadow from Glossier, but it didn't work as well as I would have liked, and it fades quickly. It comes off easily with a wipe or miscellar water even though it stays on for 10 hours. It's great if you want to cover mistakes or simply as a stand-in so you don't have to tell the world what you're doing. I plan to buy gold and blue as well. You can find this product at Bed, Bath + Beyond or any other store.

👤I've bought a lot of white eye liners in the last few years trying to find one that stayed on my lower water line. I tried this one out while I was working in the house to see if it would perform better than any of the others that I had spent money on. This is very easy to apply and stays on the water line. I wiped it out of the corners near the tear ducts because I was working and sweating here in the house, but it stayed where I put it for the entire afternoon and evening. It did fade slightly later but it did not do as well as I had hoped. Depending on your work environment, a single application of this would probably last through an entire evening function or most of a work day. It makes the eyes pop. I highly recommend either putting this on before mascara or putting an extra coat on after applying it to the water line. It is very creamy and will stick to the base of the lashes along the water line, so it needs to be covered over to avoid black lashes. This is a great product and I highly recommend it and am very happy to have finally found one after five attempts with other brands, that not only shows up really well, but stays put. I was reminded to write a review now that I was about to order two more. Mrs. Yvonne Hancock is a woman.

3. Clear Eyes Contact Multi Action Relieves

Clear Eyes Contact Multi Action Relieves

Clear Eyes Contact lens have multi-action relief eye drops. Contact lens wearers need lubricating eye drops. Relieves dry eyes. Store at room temperature. Rewets the lens and removes particles. It provides up to 12 hours of comfort. The brand is the #1 selling eye drops brand. There is a bottle of Clear Eyes Contact lens Multi-Action Relief Eye Drops. There is a product in the U.S. that can be used with a health savings account.

Brand: Clear Eyes

👤I bought this Clear Eyes for Contacts because it was cheap and I was new to contacts. My eyes felt dry after using these drops. I was hoping that one of the reviewers who had a bad experience would recommend something that worked, but I was not able to find one. The Clear Eyes made my eyes worse, but the Blink N Clean made my eyes better. It didn't help much either. The Renu drops were the best at relaxing the body. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤I was getting contacts again and I bought these along with other types of eyes drops. Three other brands were okay, one was great, but this one was awful. The burning sensation in my eyes lasted about a minute after I used this contact drops. Everyone's eyes are different and you may have different reactions. If it happened to others, I had to share it. The lot number is XD521.

👤Both of us have contacts and suffer from dry eyes. This stuff makes it worse. Don't buy.

👤Maybe it's my eyes or my toric contact lens, but this stuff makes eye dryness worse. It feels ok for a while, but then it stops working and I'm not happy anymore. My eye doctor told me to use my usual contact lens solution to rewet my eyes. I will do that instead.

👤A brown mold-like substance is growing on the surface of the twist ridges under the cap. The product is unexpired. Not sure if this affects the product or not. I've seen it on several containers. I'm not sure where to send these containers. I ordered re-wetting solution from a different manufacturer.

👤I've used this drop with my contact lens for the last 20 years. This is not intended for redness, and I mostly use it when my contacts seem a little hazy, although it lubricates the lens as well. They are easy to find and affordable, but I prefer to have them delivered. These seem to clear up the lens, so I don't think it's worth spending a lot on eye drops that don't.

👤I never considered my eyes to be sensitive. There were large drops in my eyes. Not worth the savings. I am ordering a refresh brand.

👤This is how they came. Wrap, plastic, or anything that is leaking, is not being used. The product is good for contact lens wearers.

4. Eyeshadow YOUNG VISION Maquillaje Profesional

Eyeshadow YOUNG VISION Maquillaje Profesional

The colors are gorgeous. This rainbow eyeshadow palette has 30 colors in a wide range of shades, which can be mixed and blended as you please, whether it's for daily make-up or a party or even cosplay. Highly intrusive: These neon colors are waterproof and long- lasting, they have been using them ourselves before selling them, blended smoothly and the sheer texture is really amazing. The carefully selected vibrant colors can ensure they are friendly with fair to dark skintones, and the formulations of these pigments are strictly selected to ensure the hypoallergenic of this plattet. The prohibition of animal testing is a product guideline of YOUNG VISION. Customers get a 30 day full refund and replacement for eye makeup palllet. Customer service should be contacted if the item is faulty. Tell them your situation and they will make it right.

Brand: Young Vision

👤Some of the shadow was broken and it looked like it was being used. It was a gift and savesay

👤I used the blue for my costume make up and it wasn't the best. Lots of fall out and not much color. Wouldn't buy again.

👤The colors were not very bright. The fall out of eye shadow makes a mess. The pallet was thrown in the trash.

👤Don't like it. The colors are not pearl colors.

👤The palate is great. The glittery ones are bold.

👤Very bright. It worked well for makeup.

👤I think this is okay. The shimmers and metallic shade are beautiful. The mattes are easy to work with. 3 of them were a pain to work with, but 2 of them could get you to work. That isn't bad. This is a good option if you are looking for a rainbow palette. There are better options for the same price point. This is an option if you don't use a lot of color and just want a nice range of colors. I think you will be happy if you know a few of the mattes take some extra work. I had to try it out. It looks like a well known brand. I was interested in trying it since it is an affordable brand. This is in a cardboard box. It is made in PRC. The ingredients are on the back. There is a bunny logo. I searched for the brand on the leaping bunny website, but didn't find it. The brand name on the front of the box is "Handaiyan." I searched for the name of the company on the back of the box. I know a company can be certified without being certified, but I don't like that a company uses a logo of a certification that isn't certified by that company. I still don't like it. It is shady. If you are a vegan, you will definitely want to avoid this palette. The front and back of the box are the same. The cardboard is used for the palette. It has a nice weight. It has a magnetic closing device. There is no mirror. Below each pan are shade names. The pans had a plastic sheet over them. There are decent pan sizes. The colors of the rainbow are represented by the shades laid out with each column belonging to a certain color group. Some rows have pressed glitter, while others have a mix of shimmers and matts. There are 30 shades, 12 of which are matts, 2 of which are glitters, and 1 of which is metallic. I did finger swatch on my clean forearm. I didn't swatch the glitters. I swatched by columns according to color. The reds and pinks were the first thing I started with. The shadows were good. The shimmers were all soft and shiny. They look good. They apply quickly. The metallic is beautiful. You need to be careful with how much you pick up and how hard you press. The chunkier it is the more you pick it up. It smooths out and looks great. Micro glitter worked well in the mattes. I didn't see any micro glitter when I used it, but as soon as I put my finger in it, I didn't see any more. The other kept the glitter. The micro glitter would disappear if you blended it out. You had to pack it on if you wanted to keep the glitter. The matts were good. They were smooth and soft. They were easy to work with. Some of the people had a feel for them that was more than others. The red looked patchy and even though it was the worst, it felt like it had been there a long time. It never turned out perfect, but you could work with it. The orange one felt a bit rough at first, but it went away to leave a smooth, bright shade. The dark purple had a slight feel to it, but didn't have the same amount of small pieces as the others. The dark purples were a little difficult to work with, but they weren't horrible. 3 of the 12 mattes were difficult to work with. If you are interested in more detail, I break down each column and shade below. Column 1 is reds and pinks and it has 2 swipes for "Sweet tooth" and "Cranberry". The first matt is very soft and smooth. It is easy to pick up with a finger and brush. It blends easily. The second matt is pretty much dry and rough to the touch. It also applies that way, where it is patchy but not smooth, like the first matt was. When you swatch it, you can see small pieces of eyeshadow. As I moved my finger back and forth on the swatch to blend it out, it didn't really break down the little pieces and blend them in, they just kind of got dusted away. I show a picture of it in the pan. I show a single swatch of this shade so you can see what I mean by the small pieces without them being dusted away. Next, I show a swatch of this shade next to two other shades that are soft and smooth. You can see the difference. It doesn't look smooth and doesn't have any color. The other two look good and have color. Even though you can still work with it, it takes some work to get it where you want it. Both shimmers were soft, smooth, and bright. They pick it up with their fingers. They applied well. 1 pressed glitter and 1 makeup. The first column had this applied like the first matte. It is soft and smooth. It is easy to pick up with a finger and brush. It blends easily. They were soft, smooth, and bright. They pick it up with their fingers. They applied well. The micro glitter seemed to be a spray. I didn't see any more micro glitter after I dipped my finger in the pan to get rid of that top layer. That made me happy. I don't like the look of micro glitter. I don't think they should mix them, either make it a shimmer or make it a matt. Even though I dipped my finger into the pan, it still had a small amount of micro glitter in it. This one was very similar to the second one in the column. The shade from the first column was called "Cranberry." The shade was smooth and even, unlike the one in the berry shade. It had good color. These were soft, smooth, and had good color. I felt my skin tone was well-suited for 2 layers. They blended out nicely. Both shimmers were soft, smooth, and bright. They pick it up with their fingers. They applied well. These were soft, smooth, and had good color. They applied nicely and blended well. They were soft, smooth, and bright. They pick it up with their fingers. They applied well. I feel like Fluorescence and Avacado look the same, but I wish they looked different on the eyes. These were soft, smooth, and had good color. They applied nicely and blended well. 1 shimmer It was smooth and soft. It was picked up by a finger and brush. It applied well. Micro glitter is used. The one with micro glitter is not the same as the one with this one. If you blend it on the eyes, the micro glitter will blend away, or you can pack it on and keep the glitter. It is soft, smooth, and has great color. The dark ones were okay. They are a little patchy, but they are always hard to get right. The light one was smooth and had great color. It was not patchy at all. 1 shimmer This was beautiful. It was smooth and soft. It was picked up by a finger and brush. It applied well. 1 metallic This is gorgeous! It smooths out nicely and is soft. It has a metallic look.

5. Kuanfine Contact Colored Storage Container

Kuanfine Contact Colored Storage Container

The size is about 2.1*1.2*0.63 inches. They are small enough to fit in your desk drawer, laptop bag and/or purse. Kuanfine contact cases are made of high quality plastic. It's safe to put them in your bags. L and R signs on the top of the contact lens case help you identify the left and right contact lens easily. It is recommended to replace the contact case every 3-6 months. A 12 pack contact lens case is a great back up. The package includes a cute contact lens case with 6 different colors.

Brand: Kuanfine

👤I used to buy them in a container. They stopped selling them. I had to buy them online. It's easy to use leak proof.

6. CHANGEABLE Eyeshadow Highlight Waterproof Makeup

CHANGEABLE Eyeshadow Highlight Waterproof Makeup

Professional cool and warm-toned pigments and shades are contained in a magically iridescent eyeshadow palette. There are different texture: soft smooth, shimmery pressed, and metallic glitters. The richly toned palette can be used to create endless amounts of looks. It's easy to take outside and travel with the advanced artistry palette housed inside a cute,rectangle-cut, lightweight, black packaging. It's suitable for different skin types. The rainbow - inspired colors and finishes, ranging from sheer - color, high - shine glitter topcoats, to entrancing ultra-reflective metallics and rich shades with intense pigment payoff deliver striking impact and light-catching dimensions, suitable for both makeup beginners and makeup pros. A complete travel shadow collection can be purchased as a gift for family and friends or as a personal use. It's suitable for different occasions. The pressed powder shadows in the professional palette can be used for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, and the face.

Brand: Prism Makeup

👤I bought this pallet to see if it was as good as the James Charles pallet. It is the same color as James Charles. I think this is the best pallet I have ever used. I highly recommend it to anyone new to it. The first photo has no flash and the second has one.

👤Absolutely obsessed with this mini eyeshadow. It is not too small. It's perfect for everyday use. I like the size. I can take it with me anywhere. For an amazing price, the pigmentation is amazing. 10 outta 10 would be good. I forgot to take pictures of some of the swatch, but you can see the color! I'm obsessed.

👤The palette was shipped very quickly. The variety and price are great.

👤De colores brillantes.

👤I was trying to get something cheap to learn and this palette has a great variety of colors.

👤The eyeshadows are amazing! Beautiful colors.

👤It is very bright. I have only used about 5 shades, but they are beautiful and have very little fallout compared to other shadows I have used before. The colors pop! Since it is not a huge makeup bag, it can fit in a medium bag, and since it is not a huge makeup bag, it can fit in a travel makeup bag. It is a steal for the price and quality. If you're considering purchasing, watch the reviews on YouTube. There are some good reviews.

7. Case Bling Stars Tweezers Container

Case Bling Stars Tweezers Container

The contact lense case is small and light, which makes it easy to carry. It is suitable for both home use and travel, especially for students and office workers. The colorful quicksand glitters design of the contact lens storage case flows with liquid shining like stars. The kawaii contact lens case is the best gift for a girl who wears contact lens. The travel contact case kit has a container, mirror, contacts tweezers, and a stick for removing contact lens. All your daily eye care requirements are met by one contact case. The small size of the contact case travel makes it portable and light weight. Useful for travel, shopping, and outdoor activities. The lens cases contact is made of plastic. The contact lens case is leak proof, you can put them in your pocket, purse, backpack, car or anywhere you want without leaking. The left and right are printed on the cover of the contact holder cases. The growth of their company is dependent on your satisfaction. They offer a 30-day worry-free warranty and a friendly service. If you have any doubts, please contact their service team. Thanks for your support!

Brand: Esojiliya

👤This is cooler than I anticipated. The top has glitter in it. The case is pretty and shiny. When you open the lid, you will see the mirror at the bottom. I am not sure what it is. I will see if I can make it to the airport later. Plastic is definitely part of it. I like it!

8. Contact Portable Solution Tweezers Container

Contact Portable Solution Tweezers Container

A safe contact lens case. Their contact lens case is made to keep contact lens clean and dustproof. The recommended method of operation can prevent eye infections. Does not include solution. Excellent Material. The portable contact lens box kit is made of high quality plastic. The leak-proof design prevents the care solution from leaking and keeps the contact lens moist. Compact And Easy To Carry- Small enough to fit all accessories needed, include 1 solution bottle, 1 tweezers, 1 contacts (contact lens remover), 1 built-in mirror, 1 contact lens case. The portable contact lens case is easy to carry. Replacing your lens cases every month is recommended for optimal safety. Quality products and services are what they provide. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Aukvite

👤The mirror fell out because it wasn't fastened on. I contacted Amazon to return the item, but they told me to keep it and not give it back. Despite the issue with the mirror, that was a nice touch which initially made me want to leave good feedback. I decided to remove the mirror and use the case without it. I found out that this contact lens case was one of the worst purchases I have ever made. The blue mettalic paint on the case isn't waterproof, even though the tiny solution bottle leaks. It sucks up the water, warps everywhere, and chips off glitter that can be transferred to face, fingers, and eyes! How is it possible that this product has so many good reviews? Either the people who left them did it right after they received the item, or the reviews aren't real. Even if the case didn't leak, you have to use the solution and wash your hands before handling your contact lens, so it's impossible to use it without making it wet. I find this product useless and dangerous.

👤These are not my contacts after I opened my case for the first time. One side is pink and the other is blue. I have a solution and clear contacts. How do this happen?

👤I bought this product for my daughter. She is wearing contact lense for the first time. The appearance is eye catching and the color is bright. Size and thickness are important. It is small enough to fit in your hand. It is hard to open and a bit tight, but it is as good as it gets, you have to try and pry the top with your right thumb while your left thumb pushes the button at the same time. I think this product is as good as what you pay for. The back of the box contained information and instructions. I would recommend this product to anyone who wears contact lense. Tools to help you put on your contact lense are included. It is very easy to do. My daughter finds it easy to put on her glasses.

👤Look at it. The cute item is very cute, but unfortunately the box it came in looked opened and the mirror and stick looked sticky as if it had been used and returned. It might be necessary to destroy the whole thing or just come back.

👤I can carry this in my purse. I have a cute case with a mirror that holds my contact case, some saline solution, and soft ended tweezers. I've personally recommended this to people, and I've had people tell me how useful it is. This was great for all of you and it was great quality.

👤It's small to travel with. The color is striking. The tool is small. It takes practice to use these tiny tools. It's a good product for the price. I would recommend it to others. The quality is excellent.

👤Just got this in the mail. The delivery was quick and smooth. It took 2 days. I love the style. Very classy. Can't wait to try it out. When my contacts come in, I will have this. It's better to be prepared. It will make life easier. It's true to color. The tools are made of Itty Bitty. I'll get used to them.

9. VOCOOL Contact Tweezers Inserter Colorful

VOCOOL Contact Tweezers Inserter Colorful

The contact case made from sturdy material with a screw top is leak proof and can be used for a long time without any problems. Each package contains colorful colors, including 2 purple, 2 green, 2 pink, and 2 blue. Each top has a "L" or "R" to distinguish the left and right. The contact lens removal tool has a stick tool case and candy color. The colored contact lens case can be easily cleaned and used again if you make it dry thoroughly before use. The size of the contact lens case is 2.58'' x 1.22'' x 0.67'', the removal case is 2.76'' x 0.39'', and the tweezers length is 2.2''. You can put them in your pocket, purse, backpack, car, and so on.

Brand: Vocool

👤I use the tweezers to get out my lens when my fingers have capsaicin on them, but the suction tool is useless because I can just use the tweezers. I feel a little let down because I can't pull out my contacts, but the cases are average and work just fine. I like the colors. I don't have the tool.

👤They are bright and colorful. I got them because I wanted to get my nails done and I didn't want to scratch my eye. The suction is not good. They are cheap looking tools and the plastic they are made of does not look like something I should be using. I tried to take my contact out with a tool, but it was not working. They look and feel like toys.

👤The little cup for the contacts is great for traveling, but I have a problem with the tweezers, they don't pick up the contacts when I hold them, the tweezers just collapse when I use them.

👤I put one in each bag.

👤Clean, nice packaging. YaY! Would recommend for price and strength.

👤I love the tweezers that come with it.

👤Useful for travel. It's not great but it's cute.

👤These contact cases are colorful and include a leak proof compact eye contact case for travel home. The stick tool and the tweezers have their own cases. I don't use those pieces myself, so it's a waste to have them included. Since the contact lens cases come in a plastic bag, I made sure to sterilize the one I used first. It's a normal contact lens case. There's nothing noteworthy about these cases. This set will last me a long time. It's a decent value, but I'd rather have more cases and no tools.

10. Contact Inserter Cliara Scleral Inserter

Contact Inserter Cliara Scleral Inserter

This is a notice. Chio doesn't work for REMOVAL of soft bones. Say no to the people. The CHIO is made from medical-grade plastic and is designed to offer you a safer and easier contact lens application and removal experience. Stay in control. You can stay in control with the quick release button. There is wide comparativebility. Chio works for the application of all soft and hybrid lens. Chio doesn't work for regrowth of soft or spiky hair. It was designed and manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Cliara Happy Eyes, Happy Lives

👤I have been wearing scleral glasses for the past two years. I can see 20/30 in one eye and 20/30 in the other with sclerals, but I can only see 20/30 in one eye. It's worth it, but sclerals are a hassle to install. A scleral lens will not be on your finger. Takes two or three fingers. The installation process for a tabletop device takes about 10 minutes. I wanted to make quick lens installations in airports with this device. I have used it once before and am hopeful I can use it again. The first time it worked. It was quick and easy, with no guesswork or bubbles. It holds the scleral lens with a small cup and creates a nice reverse arcs in your index finger. It's almost like the old one finger installation that worked so well. I have not tried it for lens removal, but that is already a solved problem. This method for scleral lens installation is positive and well controlled.

👤I had to invent an easy way to insert the scleral lens in my left eye because using my hand to hold the plunger was not easy. Most of my eye doctors were impressed with my invention when I started using my tweezers to hold the plunger. It was not easy to master. I saw the Chio on Amazon and decided to try it, but I have to wear a scleral on my right eye and it's very difficult to use with the left hand. I love it! The RGP scleral is easy to hold and sits nicely on the red plunger. It's easy to use with either hand. The big plunger and tweezers were retired. I have trouble using the CHIO to remove my scelral because it doesn't have the right amount of suction. I just use my small chio to insert. For me, this product is worth nothing more than the introduction.

👤I have never used an item like this one before so I was skeptical. I am very happy that I made the purchase. I would definitely recommend this product because it is much easier to use than my finger. There were no instructions for use or cleaning.

👤I tried this little tool and it worked for me. I have large 18mm lens that help keep the fingers out of the space of the fingers holding the lid open. If you are having trouble with scleras, I would tell you to give it a try.

👤Stinks and doesn't work as advertised. Wanted to send back but haven't heard back from the seller. 3 weeks now! Don't put your money in a bag.

👤I got a hard plastic piece with a cup for each side, but no "release button" that they said was in the description, so it didn't work for me.

👤When I got my sclerals, I took two days to figure them out, but once I got this device, I found it much easier to install them.

👤This is perfect for those with a scleral lens. If you have trouble keeping the eye open, this is for you. I propped it on my case and was able to lean into it. Must have.

11. Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 2 5mL

Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 2 5mL

LUMIFY reduces redness to help reveal your eyes' natural radiance. LUMIFY can be used in 1 minute and last up to 8 hours. The only OTC drop to contain brimonidine is LUMIFY. When used as directed, it targets redness, alleviating potential side effects associated with other redness relief drops. LUMIFY is FDA approved and contains no bleach or dyes. It is the #1 Eye Doctor recommended redness remedy. For over 150 years, the Eye Care Experts at Bausch + Lomb have focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. They understand how important eyes are. If your eyes are red, you won't look your best.

Brand: Lumify

👤I don't remember the last time I wrote a product review, but I feel compelled to do it for Lumify. My eyes are red. I have been to eye doctors, taken prescription eye drops, tried every eye drop on the market, and spent hours searching the internet for relief, but the redness remained. My red eyes have been a source of embarrassment for a long time with people constantly asking if I'm high and how tired I look. At times I would be too self conscious to even hold eye contact. I heard the strumming of a harp from an angel as I tried these drops. Life is changing. I've been working on the computer and driving in bright sunlight since I tried the drops. My eyes are still white. Like, white. Its amazing.

👤I bought these eye drops after learning about it. It has great reviews and is FDA approved to decrease redness. I am not happy about it. It has made my eyes very dry and uncomfortable, so I tried to put water under the sink for 10 minutes, but it didn't work. I don't feel like I'm writing a good review because of the pressure to type and the fact that I just want to close my eyes. It takes the red out of your eyes, but at a price. It also lightens the pink corners of your eyes which makes them look weird and unnatural, something I would expect to see more in someone who is sick. I discovered that it contains a drug that is FDA-approved, but that it is also used to treat open-angle glaucoma. If you're already using eye drops to treat any form of glaucoma, you should check with your eye doctor before using Lumify. Individuals taking MAO inhibitors, who have depression, or who have low blood pressure should first check with their doctor before using any product containing Brimonidine. The Big pharma industry wants to take over the beauty industry. I assume it's a lower concentration of the drug than they use for the disease. Had I known, I would not have put it in my eyes, because I was concerned that it might decrease myraocular pressure.

👤I would give this 10 stars because it's nuts. I've never seen anything like it before, it gives immediate, visible results that last for hours. It's amazing. My eyes get red at times when I need to have a fresh face of makeup, because I am often irritated from normal daily stuff like dander, pollen, and washing my face. Lumify is the best eyedrop on the market. It's similar to a program for your eyes. I only used Lumify on my right eye in the photo. The left eye is blue-white, while the other eye is beige-white. The blue-white tone is flattering. Even after a long night, my eye stays bright. I want to bathe in this stuff.

👤I've tried many eye redness remedies. All of them made my eyes worse. I have worn contacts for 40 years. My eyes are always dry after I have surgery. I decided to take a chance after reading the good reviews for Lumify. My eyes have never been this white and after using the standard ones we're even worse. I forgot I had used them. My eyes look great. Thank you Lumify! I've had red eyes for a long time. A product that works!


What is the best product for eye contacts color?

Eye contacts color products from Prudiut. In this article about eye contacts color you can see why people choose the product. Nyx Professional Makeup and Clear Eyes are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye contacts color.

What are the best brands for eye contacts color?

Prudiut, Nyx Professional Makeup and Clear Eyes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye contacts color. Find the detail in this article. Young Vision, Kuanfine and Prism Makeup are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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