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1. Refresh Relieva Contacts Lubricant Sterile

Refresh Relieva Contacts Lubricant Sterile

The formula for contact lens wearers is innovative. Mild to moderate symptoms of eye dryness, irritation, and discomfort are relieved. The volume of cells on the eye's surface is maintained with the help of hydrocell technology. You may keep in touch with your contacts. It can be used to lubricate and rewet soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Silicone acrylate and fluorosilicone acrylate rigid gas permeable lenses are recommended for use. You should consult with your eye care provider to identify the lens you wear. The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products.

Brand: Refresh

👤I was told by my former Optometrist that I shouldn't wear contacts because of my dry eyes. After years of wearing glasses that were too expensive, I decided to see another Optometrist. I was told to use this product. She told me I could use it when my contacts are in. I am wearing contacts again. I put a drop of this product in each eye for a few hours. Since using this product, I have not had any issues with my contacts. It's a great product for dry eyes.

👤I love eye drops. My doctor told me to get them. I have very dry eyes and they do work.

👤I was able to wear contacts again because of my dry eyes. Sight save for sure. My eye doctor recommended the hyaluronic acid because it is a retaining component.

👤Since having LASIK, I've tried several brands and they don't give the cloudiness that others do and it's refreshing. Love them.

👤The best drops ever! I have tried OTC drops, prescription drops, Doctor did treatments for dry eye, but still have itchy eyes. I use these occasionally and I am good for the day.

👤The eye drops were recommended by my eye doctor. It's amazing. I don't feel like I have contacts in. I can't wear contacts until Spring is over because my eyes get so irritated. You need these if you wear contacts. Period!

👤I had to have a shot in my eye every four weeks because of my Macular Degeneration. My eye doctor recommended it. I have found that the relief I get from Refresh Relieva is immediate and lasting. I have found that when I use the previous product, I still have irritation in my eye. The irritation is gone with Sustane. I've decided to stay with refresh relieva. It works for my eye condition.

👤I work at an Amazon warehouse and had to wear contacts. When lifting things, my glasses got knocked off. My doctor prescribed extended wear for my eyes after he said I had mild dry eyes. It's difficult to put contacts in with dry eyes. They don't stay in the first, second, third or fourth time. With these drops. I put a drop on it and it stays in. I put the refresh relieva in my eyes before I put them in. I don't feel like I put the contacts in. They don't feel like they're fighting back, or like it's flipping in my eyes. It feels like I don't have any contact on my eyes. These are the best for mild-mod dry eyes. I have tried a lot of different things. Nothing worked. The drops are not moving. The liquid stays in your eyes, not down your cheek. It lubricates the contacts and eyes. I'm getting ready for this!

2. Twilight Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Blending

Twilight Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Blending

The shades in the Twilight Dust palette are smooth,pigmented, and soft. 7 pressed shimmers, pressed pearls in plum, bronze and rose colors create a shimmery,velvety finish that layer easily on top of the makeup. The 18 shades in the Aromas Palette are smooth and silky and include 10 reflective shades, 2 glitter, 1 pressed pearl, and 1 concealer base shade. A lightweight formula with a cruelty-free ingredient. It provides a creamy butter-like application. It can be blendable and buildable, no matter how you use it. You can keep your eye makeup on for a long time and not fall out. The makeup is perfect for the daily girl, special events or occasions. Professional smoky eyes makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup or casual makeup are examples. etc They are sure that you will like their product. If you received broken goods or not satisfied with their product, eye shadow may be damaged during the shipment. They can offer a solution to you. They can offer a solution.

Brand: Charmcode

👤Quality was far better than I anticipated. Both of the eyeshadows swatch out nicely and perform well on the eyes. Some shades are very soft. See the swatch photos. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Beautiful colors, very bright. The packaging is strong. One of the packages has a mirror. You can create a lot of looks with these colors. I use an eyeshadow primer. It is best to apply the glitter with your finger. I highly recommend them.

👤These are the things that I love! The package is great for beginners. The glitter is amazing. When I pulled my first swatch, I was very impressed. At this price point, it is a steal. You will not be disappointed.

👤Both of these are very beautiful. They are very easy to blend and are very cheap. Who wouldn't want to buy 2 Eyeshadow Palettes for less than $20.00? I would recommend buying it. This brand is not high-end but it is just like it. I'll definitely be ordering more from 800-244-0167...

👤It was a great knock off and great for the price. I don't regret anything. I don't like buying things that are knock offs. I am very happy.

👤I heard people rave about how great these are. I had a New Nudes but it was very old and used. I couldn't afford $65 at the moment, so I got the cheaper ones. If I like a few shades it's worth it, because I have paid more for a single shadow than I have for the whole set. I love them all! They are amazing dupes. Even if they were not dupes, they still are amazing. I use spray on my brush to set the glitter shades, and Duraline to make the shimmers molten and for glitters as a graphic liner. These are the last shadow insurance eye primer. It's crazy. There is a day. I immediately ordered the mercury retrograde dupe and the born to run dupe. The brand is killing it. I hope that they can do more original stuff along with the dupes. The next day, I got these. None were damaged. The color stories of these and the mercury retrograde are perfect. If you deported these shadows and put them in a Z palette, they would believe you. The packaging is very nice and inexpensive. I'm happy that these are getting a lot of love. Not everyone has $65 to spend on eyeshadow. I enjoy playing with these. There are so many possibilities. You could use these to blush. Make molten shimmers or do a graphic liner with duraline. It's ok to experiment because replacing the palettes is not worth anything. I am very happy with my purchase. Just get these. You're not losing anything if you hate them but don't.

👤If you think this will be an affordable dupe for a high end eyeshadow set- It's not! The pallet looks great when you open it. It was too good to be true after swatching and trying on the pallets. The colors are not buildable. It was a complete waste of money. Don't bother buying it because you can't return it. I don't get any positive reviews. Some things can't be replicated and I am not a high end make-up snob.

3. LOreal Paris Voluminous Original Waterproof

LOreal Paris Voluminous Original Waterproof

Volume building mascara. Up to 4x full lashes. Every lash is separate and built. Clump-resistant mascara.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I have used many brands of mascara. ... Mary Kay was the cover girl. I have long lashes, but I am blonde and fair. I need mascara. I swear this adds length to your lashes. I don't want to be on the fake eyelash bandwagon. It sounds like a pain. I don't think I need them. At least not with L'Oral Voluminous Original Mascara. I rediscovered this mascara a few years ago. I lost track of the brand when I wore it as a young adult. Never again! When I wear it, I get praise. I get asked if my lashes are my own. Is there criticisms? Sometimes it can come out of the bottle. I keep a roll of paper towels in the bathroom. I brush it lightly on the paper towel to get rid of excess. Simple as that. Otherwise it goes on without a hitch. The only problem with this mascara is that it is a booger. A simple facial wipe may not be enough. You don't want to rub at your eyes if you take it from someone my age. That is how you end up with baggy eyes. I use a cream based eye makeup and an organic liquid to remove it, and I use Amazon'sVitamin C wipes to wipe my face clean. Take care of your skin after you take off your makeup. Before bed, apply the eye cream. If you stay out of the sun without sunscreen, your face will look better as you get older. For years to come, you will look better with this mascara. I would recommend this product. It is so reasonable on Amazon. If you found something helpful in my review, please click/tap on the yes icon. Thank you so much for stopping by!

👤Due to the fact that I have small lashes, I am constantly trying to find a mascara that makes them look longer and fuller, and I read the reviews on this prior to purchasing. I went to the mirror to try it out. There are a few things you need to watch when using this product. 1. When you open it, make sure it's not clumped together. 2. The brush 3 needs to be wiped off. Start at the base of your eyelash. You don't want the second coat to be completely wet as it will clump your lashes together. If they are completely dry, it will not be that bad. This mascara will make your lashes long and beautiful. The price of this mascara is a lot cheaper than any drugstore. I love L'Oreal's mascara and the volume and length you get from it is amazing. When I put this on, I get a lot of compliment on my eyes. I use soap or lotion to remove it. It's hard to believe but with lotion it will come right off. I hope the review helped someone.

👤I got this mascara. Since I was a teenager, I haven't worn mascara much, but in the past year or so, I have begun to wear it occasionally. I don't have long lashes so a bit of Mascara is good to wear. It's fragrance free and doesn't clump or irritate. After, lashes feel soft. There is a video. I hope it helps. Sabiene:)

4. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Enhancing

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Enhancing

The nude look kit includes 9 eye shadows, 2 eyeliners, and 2 mascaras. For a softer result, a custom palette can be wet or dry. It was a long last champagne. The eyeliner formula in this kit is smudge resistant and water resistant. It's safe for contact lens users. They should explore their collections. They make a full line of beauty products for eyes, lips, face and skin care, from makeup to eye creams and clay masks. Their personal care products are good for sensitive skin. Allergists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons have recommended their makeup. Formulated without Parabens, Fragrance, andGluten. Beauty products that are healthy. All of their products are safe for sensitive skin and eyes, and are created without any of the harsh ingredients found in other personal care items.

Brand: Physicians Formula

👤I like this brand. For some reason, I ordered off Amazon. It seems to be different. I had a bad reaction to it. I went to the ER. At first, my face felt fine. My eyes started to itch more than I'm used to. I washed it off as soon as I could. It was late. My face felt like it had been rubbed with fiberglass. It continued to itch and it was a lot. The swelling came in. I couldn't see anything. The doctor got it to reverse. There were 2 weeks of puffy pain. Don't buy off AMAZON.

👤I had never had a problem with eye makeup before, but two hours after I put this on my eyes, I felt like I had acid in them. It's going back. I'm not going to try this brand again. I would have liked them to be a bit wider, but they go on very easily, and I miss the smoothness of a liquid liner. It's a very dark brown, so suits someone like me who likes dark colors, but still looks like dark. I haven't found the sharpener mentioned on the packaging yet, but someone said it was in the base of the liner, so I'll keep looking. The mascaras are ok, but not as good as the one I was using, but oh well. On the other side of things, they don't clump, but they don't add much volume or length. The shadows are not great. The colors look like the picture. The case has a good magnet. Who uses the applicators that come with these things? They are not easy to apply for. If they were in order of darkness, there's a light one intersperced with the darker ones, which wouldn't be so bad, but you can't get a whole makeup brush onto them without overlap. It was difficult to get the shadow onto my eyes. I don't know how long they last, so I wash it off as soon as possible.

👤The reason I bought this product is that it is very easy to wash off, and it's also hypoallergic. I really needed mascara that washes off easily, and this does, so I found it hard to rate the water resistance. The strips of color are very small, so I only use a brush to cover the lid and shadow part. I bought this as a way to try out this brand, as I was having itchy eyes from my other brands, and I am pleased with the lack of itchiness. The colors are small.

👤The colors are bright. The eye shadow has some color. They are shimmery. The eye liners had glitter in them. They are easy to apply. I didn't think that would happen. I like the brushes for the mascaras, but I am not happy with the overall product. The mascara didn't want to come out of the bottles. If I didn't put any on the brushes, I couldn't apply the product. These are brand new products. I was surprised to see glitter in the mascara. I wish there was more brown mascara in this set. The colors are bright. The set is small. I was disappointed with the mascara.

5. Contact Colorful Storage Replaced Protecting

Contact Colorful Storage Replaced Protecting

Their contact lens cases are made of high-quality plastic, leak-proof packaging and are safe and strong. The colors are rich. Their contact lens storage holder has 12 colors, which are eye-catching, which can help you better distinguish between different colors of contact lens, which is convenient for your classification and search. The left and right sides of the contact lense case are marked with the letter R and L, which can help you better distinguish the left and right eye glasses. The words "replace monthly" are on the cover, reminding you to replace the glasses case in time to protect your eyes. They can provide you with 12 cute contact lens cases, which can meet your demand for replacing contact lens cases every month. The contact lense case is small and light, which makes it easy to carry. It is suitable for both home use and travel, especially for students and office workers.

Brand: Prudiut

👤This product was a steal, although the contact removal and application left something to be desired.

6. Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette Original

Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette Original

Highly shadowed eyes: A high-pigment eyeshadow palette with a range of finishes to match your mood. SMOOTH, SILKY TEXTURE. Colorful makeup that goes on smoothly. All day long. For up to 24 hours, your eye makeup look stays vibrant. Each eye makeup palette has eight shades that look perfect together. The original, a nude eyeshadow palette; Insider, a nude eyeshadow palette of nudes and purples; Player, lush blues and greens; and Maverick, dusky sunset colors, are all part of the original. Try it. Shadow should be brushed on the lids. Define your line with the lightest color. An accent shade on the outer corners will give you a smoky effect. Live bold with makeup. You need high-quality,pigment, bold color makeup to be yourself. They have longwear color eyeshadows, eyeliners, matt or shiny lipsticks, and more.

Brand: Revlon

👤The product looks nothing like the colors online. Not even close! The pans of product are small and the pallet is tiny. Bill Clinton faced over Monica Lewisnsky, while you apply the product. If you are ok with a dull eyeshadow that leaves more product on your cheeks than your lids, then this is the shadow for you.

👤It's hard to find blues flattering on brown skin, but this works for me. The little palette has both bolder and more neutral complimentary colors to make the look softer. I like that it's not as big as some of the others. A good find.

👤These colors are great for someone who doesn't want to get crazy with her makeup. They are subtle but noticeable, which is great for work for me. I agree with other reviews that the palette is smaller than anticipated. I don't think it needs a brush. The brushes in my collection work just fine, they are able to pick out each color individually without touching the other colors. I gave it 4 stars because I wish it was bigger and the shadow wouldn't last the entire day. It wears off by the end of the day.

👤When I bought this palette, I thought it would be double the size of a normal Colorstay Quad, with 3.4 ounces. The picture is deceptive because it only shows the total weight with all of the plastic and packaging. There were two trays that fell out when I opened the palette. I was surprised that the product was so small. It was only $5. I felt cheated even for that. The color is not bad. It stays if you use a primer or a wet brush, but you have to turn a normal shadow brush sideways to get the product without touching the one next to it. Lesson learned, I wouldn't buy it again.

👤The delivery was quick. There is a The price was reasonable and there was a 20% coupon on the top of less than $5. I was not sure about the color coordination, but I ordered only the cheapest price I could find. There is a I am impressed with the quality and colors of the product. I hope the attached pictures help people debate this item.

👤The pictures are green and teal. I have not had the chance to use all of the colors yet. I only got it for the green and blues. The black has green glitter. It takes a few layers to get it to be dark. I did not use eyeshadow primer. It is small but I love it.

👤I admit, but this is TINY! For the money, you can find the same colors in bigger sizes and the same quality from the drug store. I wish I had read more about the size before I spent the money. You're not going to get much use out of this. I could mention a few things, like value for money. No. No value for the money, no matter how pretty it is. Don't waste your money. It's seriously. I would have gone to walmart on a Saturday to get a bigger pallette. Save your money!

7. Biotrue Contact Solution Lenses Multi Purpose

Biotrue Contact Solution Lenses Multi Purpose

There is a solution to this problem. You'll almost forget you're wearing contact lens because of the Biotrue solution. HA is a natural ingredient found in eyes and is found in Biotrue. The world can be hard on your eyes if you wear contact lens. According to a consumer survey, Biotrue multi-purpose solution makes wearing contacts easy. There is a multi-pronged contact lens solution. Soft contact lens solution from Biotrue is a multi-purpose contact lens solution that cleans, conditions, disinfects, rinses, and stores soft contact lens in a contact lens case. A multi-purpose solution. It is possible to store your contact lens in a contact lens case, clean them, and even suck them dry. There are 10 and 2 ounce bottles of contact lens solution. The Biotrue Multipurpose Solution is a solution that can be used to fix your contact lens. For up to 20 hours, Biotrue can be used. Biotrue will keep your contact lens comfortable.

Brand: Biotrue

👤I've tried every eye drop on the market. These are the best in terms of comfort. They don't sting and feel smooth. The effect doesn't last very long. I agree with several other reviewers that the dispensers are terrible. It takes two hands to squeeze out a drop and you never know where it will end up. I have to try to squeeze again so that I get some. The drops themselves feel nice, so it's disappointing. The bad design and price of this product will not allow me to buy it again.

👤These eye drops are new to me. It feels better than my old artificial tears. I like how they have a single bottle instead of having to deal with a lot of plastic bottles.

👤I have been wearing contacts for over a decade and a couple years ago I became allergic to a certain brand of contact solution. I haven't had any problems since my doctor recommended BioTrue. The white dots in my vision were caused by the other brand I was using. We thought that might be useful to the public. I wrote a review 3 years ago and still use the BioTrue solution. The only issue I have seen so far is a broken contact case. It was free.

👤The contact lens solution from Biotrue is excellent. It thoroughly cleans disposable contacts. It takes just a minimum of 4 hours for your glasses to be ready to wear. I've been using the OptiFree solution for several years and recently, my eyes have been getting more irritated and dried out. I decided to try a new solution and so far it is perfect. My eyes are more hydrated and comfortable than I'm used to. I wore my contacts for 22 hours straight while I was awake, and to my pleasant surprise, they were not too dry at the end. That's a big improvement. I would recommend this solution to anyone who is looking for more comfort from their contact lens. The bottles run out a lot faster than I'm used to due to their small size. I'm going to look at larger sizes.

👤I wear contact lens for 13 years and have never used an alternative. I have never had problems with my eyes or contact lens. When I moved to the US, I saw that Biotrue was rated very well on Amazon, so I decided to give it a try. I have been using the product for a while. My eyes are always dry when I wear contact lens. I've never thought of it as the solution, I always thought of something else, like dry eyes, or something. Since I started using new glasses every day, it must be the solution to my problem. I will not buy this again.

👤My eyes are sensitive and I have to be careful with the saline I use. If I don't use this, I use a different brand. That's easier on my eyes, but my optomistrist said that this solution has better anti-bacterial properties and is better for long term use. I get over it fairly quickly in the morning, but it does irritate my eyes. If you are sensitive, I think it would be worth getting a bottle and trying it out.

8. Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum Advanced

Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum Advanced

The power of silicate minerals derived from shale clay is harnessed to create a temporary skin tightening layer on your skin that lifts, tightens and smooths the skin for a more youthful appearance. Their facial serum was formulated to be more evenly applied and easier to spread than previous formulas. It has a smooth feeling when dry and a more shiny finish that leaves you with a youthful glow. Their clinically tested anti-wrinkle repair formula can be used at home and will give you instant results in as little as 10 minutes. It is possible to get immediate results without resorting to expensive treatments. Results from their advanced skin serum can last for up to 10 hours. Clean and dry the skin. After applying the Rapid Reduction Serum, it is recommended to set and dry it for 10 minutes. If you want to achieve optimal results, don't move the areas in which you've applied Plexaderm. It's easy to apply and it's perfect for everyone. Both men and women nationwide are happy with their skin and appearance.

Brand: Plexaderm

👤What a terrible product. I bought bags under my eyes, and then I wrinkled each side of my eyes. I applied the amount under my eyes and waited 12 minutes. It leaves a horrible sticky feeling where you apply it. If you smile, your face still looks the same. It's another one that takes $60 bucks. Be careful, don't buy.

👤The product didn't work at all. I took a before photo and put product on one eye, but didn't change it. I put more product on and it didn't work. The product didn't help my under eye bags, which are puffy.

👤The pump didn't work. When I opened the product, it was dry and I couldn't get anything out. The agent of Plexiderm warned me that it could be old. I went for the saving and was not happy about it. I will not order from either place again.

👤The product works, but you have to open the bottle to get any. There is almost no product inside the pump, and it doesn't work at all. $65 for a few drops of product. It was a bad return for the price. The product dried up quickly because of the terrible packaging. Terrible.

👤I was so disappointed that did not work for me.

👤I was unable to get any of the product out because the pump was broken.

👤It is important for buyers to know that they may have an allergy to the cream and that they need to return their money. Thank you.

👤The product arrived on Jun 29 and will be back on Jul 22. I can't return it. If there is anything in the container, I couldn't get the product out of it. It should not spend time priming, which didn't work, for this price. They won't take the product back. I can't tell you how it works because it didn't come out. Not a happy customer.

👤Product works quickly but can cause wrinkling around the eyes as soon as you smile. You can't put makeup on it. Disappointing. I will not order it again.

👤It doesn't work. It does not tighten your skin as advertised. Don't buy this product because it's too expensive.

👤This item was not worth the money paid for it. It didn't make a difference for me. Would not buy this item again.

9. Contact Lens Cases 12 Pack

Contact Lens Cases 12 Pack

Better vision everywhere you go. Their amazing contact lens cases are constructed to bring you ultimate convenience, so you can bring your contacts anywhere you want. It is important to keep your contacts safe. This case is clean and safe to keep germs andbacteria out of your eyes. It's easy to identify. It's easy to put the right contact in the right eye because their contact lens case tops are color-coded so you always know which is the left and right. The corsets are ERGONOMIC. It's ideal for you to keep in your bag, purse, or container. The tops are easy to open for anyone. For optimal safety, changing your contact lens cases every month is recommended so they provide you with 12 amazing cases for a year of protection!

Brand: Optix 55

👤The smell of cheap plastic was strong when I opened the jar. I decided to inspect them all after seeing the first case. I could see things inside the cases. I assume they are made in a non sterile environment. I was willing to live with the fact that they were cheaper, but this was not a smart decision. I bought these because of the storage jar, the fact that it was a sponsored product, and the fact that I was too lazy to go to the store. I will be buying the regular retail brand at the store. I uploaded a video for you to watch.

👤Very fast delivery. It's important to know that the caps and cases have a right or left symbol so you don't mix your contacts. It came with multi color so I can organize my contacts in that way. Highly recommended!

👤I don't have cases all over the place because of the great packaging. The cases are clearly marked. The cases have screw on tops and deep wells, which is great.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of these. I was expecting a much better product but these are just as good as the ones I got at my eye doctor's office. The covers are easy to clean. The tops make the cases more secure. I don't have to worry about them coming apart because I can put them in a drawer, purse or suitcase. They are marked with a large L and R, which is easy to see. The quality and price are amazing.

👤I've been using these for a while and I love them. The colors are bright. The grooves in the cases make it easier for me to get my contacts out. I like that it comes in a container that I can keep them organized in.

👤The contact lens cases are good values. Sometimes similar products smell like cheap plastic, but in the past they did. I was hesitant to use them to store my contact lens. These ones are great. If I ever need more of them again, I will have future purchases.

👤It's nice to have new contact cases for guests who stay overnight.

👤They arrived on time and had a good quality. The contact lens cases were very nice.

👤Really nice contact cases. Will buy again.

10. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Extreme

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Extreme

The eye shadow is highlypigmented and has 6 custom shades with multi-reflective shimmer. Good for a long time. It's a Beaux Arts and Multi-Cultural trait. Their long-wearing, creaseless, blendable formula is in 6 shimmery shades. It's safe for contact lens wearers. They should explore their collections. They make a full line of beauty products for eyes, lips, face and skin care, from makeup to eye creams and clay masks. Their personal care products are good for sensitive skin. Allergists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and plastic surgeons recommend their makeup. Beauty products that are healthy. Their products are safe for sensitive skin and eyes, and created without any of the harsh ingredients found in other personal care items.

Brand: Physicians Formula

👤I have been wearing Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Shadow for a long time. When I saw the shimmer in my eyes, I realized I had bought "Extreme" shimmer. I got the glitter in my eyes and it was not good. I bought the regular shimmer shadow. I didn't read the title very closely and wanted others to know that this product is different.

👤I thought this product would be good. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a shimmery eyeshadow, but it turns out that it's mostly glitter. I don't recommend this to anyone else unless you want to just buy some sparklers.

👤The picture does not do the colors justice. I love this little thing. It's the perfect size to keep in your purse and the colors stay on all day. If you love sparkles like I do, this is a great product.

👤I love eyeshadow. I don't have any issues with the shimmer, but it does get on my cheeks after I apply it. I use this on top of a similar colored shadow to add sparkle. It's light and goes on without a hitch. This should last forever because a little goes a long way.

👤I would love to rate this item 5 stars as it is just as shimmery as I hoped it would be, but unfortunately when I wear the eye shadow little pieces of shimmer fall off throughout the day and are causing irritation to my eyes. I first noticed that little sparkles would fall down on to my cheeks, and didn't think much of it until my eyes started getting redder and more swollen with each use as little shimmers were also falling into my eyes causing irritation.

👤I like the neutral colors and they go on easily. I looked at the picture and it looked like I was buying a slight shimmer. I am rating this 4 stars. The shimmer is brighter. The glitter will fall from my eyes and under my cheeks. If you are going out for the night, it is not a bad thing. I wanted to use this as an everyday eyeshadow. I will not use this product for everyday use.

👤I am not a novice to makeup being 45 and all, so I know what I am getting when I use it. The glitter fell all over my cheeks and in my eyes, and I used a wet application method which causes less mess. I will not buy this brand again. What a disaster!

👤My wife only wears eyeliner and eye shadow. I thought it was pretty cool on the video sharing website. After ordering it, I gave it to her. She has been wearing it everyday and it is very cool. She usually buys Mac makeup from a store. I was not sure if it would pass the test. So far, so good. I bought the other nude color set since she was so happy with the gray pallet. She is in her 40's and says it is more youthful and trendy.

11. Blocking Glasses Computer Reading Eyestrain

Blocking Glasses Computer Reading Eyestrain

It's vegan, cruelty-free, and Gluten-free. UV400 protection and glare reduction make it easier to see from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights. Don't worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision or headaches, enjoy your digital time. Better Sleep says amber lens block more blue rays than others and see more realistic. You will never have trouble sleeping again. The TR90 nylon frame material is ultra-lightweight and flexible and is comfortable to wear for a long time. The casual frame design makes you look professional and stylish. The dimensions of the product are:lens width: 52mm, lens height: 42mm, temple length: 140mm, and nose bridge: 0.55inches.

Brand: Livho

👤It's amazing and cute! The glasses have blue rays blocking them. The glasses I ordered are my own. It's insane. The color is cute.

👤These glasses are great. I'm not going to address all the great things about them as they are summed up very well by other reviewers but I will talk about the one star reviews that say they don't block blue light. The wavelength of the wave in which the light photon travels has an effect on the color of light. Blue light has the shortest wavelength of light that is emitted from electronic screens and therefore has the most energy per photon. This type of light has more energy than the other colors and is harmful to our health. Light is emitted as a spectrum, each individual color corresponding to a wavelength of light. The blue light can be clearly seen by the test card given with these glasses. They only block a small portion of the blue light. It's idiotic for anyone to think that a clear lens will block all of the blue light. What would you expect to see when looking at something blue? Is it grey? Is it black? Nothing? The effects of blocking the blue light that I would guess would be the most harmful of the wavelengths to our health can be seen. Is it a lie to say that prescription glasses with the blue light filter are the same as prescription glasses without it? Highly questionable. If you want to block most of the blue light, you need glasses with a dark amber tint. This blocks a wide range of blue light frequencies but does not look very good and can cause people to think that everything is different. Some of the most damaging light blue light is blocked with these glasses, colors still look clear and accurate, and they look really good! A win-win! Common sense should be used when purchasing a product or writing a review. I tested the blue light and the card provided with the product with my mom's prescription glasses with the blue light filter and they failed.

👤These glasses are stylish and don't make the world yellow. You can ask for more from the UV protection glasses. I use them for photoshoots because they look expensive, but I never have to worry about damaging them because for 6 bucks each, you can always replace them.

👤Thank you for selling, that's all I want to say. The quality for this price is amazing. The Italian design looks great. You can wear any outfit with these glasses. I like them. This seller is a good one to recommend.

👤These glasses do not block blue light. In my photo, you can see the glasses on the top and the glasses on the bottom. The bottom ones reflect the blue light waves while the top ones don't. I will return because they did not help with eye strain.

👤I was skeptical but decided to try them because of the price and easy return policy. If you're having the same thought, I'll save you the trouble. I didn't bother testing anymore after I found they didn't block any visible part of the light spectrum. If you're like me, you're buying them because they block the high-frequency part of the visual spectrum. These don't do it. The diagram on the left should be similar to the diagram on the right, where blue spectrum light was removed. The blue light is visible through the left diagram because it is not being done with a camera.


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