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Use your Jumbo Eyeliner Pencil as a creamy eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter, and apply it to your water lines, inner corners and entire eye lid for a pop of intense color. Smooth and Versatile: This creamy eye liner pencil glides on easily, no tugging or fading, and can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, or eyeliner, and can be used in multiple finishes from matt to metallic. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I used this to plot out my makeup and to add white stage makeup over it. I used it to draw in the "eyebrows" and then added black lines with gel eyeliner. It was much easier to get the lines in white than it was to mess with the black.

👤I can't get to the color, but it looks perfect. I have tried everything to get the liner to rise out of the case. There is no push-up portion in the case. It's frustrating to not have access to the eyeliner.

👤The makeup itself is great. I can't even feel the color on my face because it goes on smoothly and easily. The pencil format is terrible. You need to have an extra huge pencil sharpener. I have a Tweezerman that has a regular size but the large opening is not big enough. I had to use the sharpener that came with the giant novelty pencil, but luckily I have one. There are two more The plastic container that the pigment is in is not very good for sharpening. It makes sharpening go un-smoothly, which the creamy makeup does not like, because it chips off in chunks. The entire makeup tip broke off during my first attempt. I kept it in the freezer. I was still very worried that the tip would break off. I felt like I was wasting a lot of material as I was sharpening it and the creamy makeup gummed up the sharpener. If you're going to be using this as an eye shadow where you don't really worry about the sharpness of the tip, it's a great product for you - just remember to put it in the freezer for 30 minutes before sharpening it. Don't bother if you want to use it as more of an eyeliner. I'm going to look for something similar to a traditional eyeliner pencil.

👤I liked this eyeliner and thought it was great until it was time to sharpen it. Things went South at that time. It is not possible to make it sharper. If you're satisfied with only being able to use 1/100th of the product, then you should order it. Don't waste your money if you expect to get what you paid for and have access to all of the product. You will end up as disappointed as I am. The product is terrific.

👤I have been using these for 6 years and have never had a problem with sharpening them. Common sense should kick in at some point, because they feel like plastic on the outside, but I can see where one might think you can't sharpen them. I uploaded a video of me sharpening my pencils. I bought a 2 pack of sharpeners at the dollar store or walmart for a buck or two. Can't remember. It is not a special sharpener. I can not say enough about these pencils. These are cheap and awesome, and you can use them to line your waterline. I already have a few.

2. Opti Free Replenish Multi Purpose Disinfecting 10 Ounces

Opti Free Replenish Multi Purpose Disinfecting 10 Ounces

Enhancing comfort is provided by the top-notch cleaning and disinfecting power of the Opti-Free Replenish. The exclusive formula gets rid of harmful organisms that can cause eye infections. Do not rinse your lens case with non-sterile solutions. The TearGlyde reconditioning system works with tears. Removes debris and particles to keep your contact lens clear. All Silicone Hydrogel and Soft Contact Lenses should be washed and cleaned. Don't reuse solution.

Brand: Opti-free

👤Terrible product causes me a lot of irritation and dry eyes. I've worn contact lense for 18 years and have never had a problem. I've maintained good hygiene. Things for me change for the worst out of nowhere when I order this product. I open a fresh pair of contacts and wear them for the day. I store them in this solution overnight and the next day my eye is almost bloodshot red with a red ring around it. After a few hours, I take the contacts out. A few days later, I wear a brand new pair of contacts for a single day. I store them in this solution for the night and the next day I have the same problem. The stuff needs to be stopped immediately. Something else has happened to this product or they've changed the ingredients. Do not buy this and choose a better solution. A cheap product is not worth your time. Take my word for it. I would give zero stars if I could.

👤This purchase was pretty disappointing. I bought this product on Amazon and it came in the standard packaging/bottle size that I pick up from the store. The bottles came smaller and without the logo around the top, after I did the "subscribe and save" again. Both states have 10 ounces. I wonder if this is true. The original bottle is almost out. I am unable to do a weight test. There are no ingredients in the bottle. I can not compare the new box to the old bottle of solution. I need the solution now so I will return if I have an eye irritation.

👤I have tried many different types of contact lens solutions, and living in Las Vegas where it's dry, with fine dust particles constantly blowing into my eyes, keeping eyes lubricated is a daily task. I'm picky when it comes to contact lens use because I'm new to wearing glasses and only use one lens later in life. I wear a monthly lens, which may mean something to most people. I've tried every brand of contact lens solution, and every type of solution. I gave each solution at least a 2 week trial period. Each night I took out my lens and followed the directions. I soaked my lens for 2 nights to see if it would make my lens more comfortable, as some products did better than others, and I only wear one lens at a time. When my lens was soaked for 24 hours, it appeared that it had been more moist and sweaty than before, so there was only a small increase in comfort. The RepleniSH was easy to use. I didn't have to rub my lens to make it safe to wear. The solution does not require it. I have never had to rub my contact lens to clean it after using this solution. The RepleniSH gave me the most water in my lens. That's my opinion. Everyone's eyes are different, everyone's eye shape is different, and I know my friends like another solution on the east coast. I think they haven't tried this one. This solution does not burn my eye. I put a drop on my lens before I put my eye in. It can be used as drops when I don't have glasses, as I keep a bottle in my car if I want to remove my lens and switch to glasses after a long day, and I don't want to drive in the dark with my mono lens. Again, it's all about comfort. I usually carry lubricating eye drops in my purse and car. I use them in both eyes and have an accessory item to have. I have used the product in a pinch to lubricate my eye and in my lens for comfort prior to putting it in my eye, because it doesn't burn. Like any product, it's personal, some will like it, others will love it, and some will pass it on. Try a small bottle that won't break your bank. Hopefully you won't be disappointed. I am a regular consumer who loves this product and has not been contacted by the company or anyone in the industry. I like to share what I like. Happy shopping!

3. Refresh Contacts Contact Comfort Ounces

Refresh Contacts Contact Comfort Ounces

The strength formula is original. Mild symptoms of eye dryness can be alleviated by wearing contact lens wear. Instantly lubricates. You may keep in touch with your contacts. It can be used to lubricate and rewet soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Silicone acrylate and fluorosilicone acrylate rigid gas permeable lens are recommended for use withcurblesscurblesscurblesscurblesscurblesscurblesscurbless. You should consult with your eye care provider to identify the lens you wear. The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products.

Brand: Refresh

👤I am usually not allergic to anything and my skin is not sensitive. After applying 2 drops of this solution to my eyes, the bumps began to form on my eyes. My vision became blurry. It felt like there was something in my eyes. This eye drop isn't hydrating. I don't know if my bottle was a fake or not, but this is really frightening. What type of damage can this do to the eyes?

👤I received an item that expired in the year 2017. There is a lot of 97521 EXP.

👤The drops that reduce eye redness are bad for you. I used to think that the only solution to my dry eyes was the drops in my contact lens, but I have learned that they are not the only solution. I bought these at her recommendation and never looked back. These drops keep my eyes moist and redness is not a problem for me. I can add these drops without taking my eyes out. I buy them in bulk on Amazon because the price is hard to beat.

👤A pack of 3 was ordered by the seller. I received one. I don't like bait and switch. The purchase was captured. Shows bought a 3 pack.

👤I wear my contacts for 12 to 14 hours a day. After a few hours of wearing contacts, I start to lose focus. My eye doctor recommended these drops because my eyes need more hydration. They work well. I put drops in my eyes when I am straining and within a minute my vision is back to normal. There's enough liquid left for another month, even though I only use it for 2x a day. They feel very refreshing and don't sting. If you have an issue like mine, it's worth trying.

👤I'm always skeptical about buying contact lens rewetting drops. I have used Visine for Contacts and it burns my eyes. I decided to try these after my eye doctor told me that I should not work in a dry office. These drops are worth it. I am happy because they keep my eyes hydrated and comfortable. I am assuming that they fixed the issue that others have had because the product that I was shipped was not expired.

👤I work 12 hour shifts that mostly involve computer screens, and my eyes get dry and achy from the contacts, and these help every single time. I have found that they are helpful when you nap in your contacts or when you have difficulties getting your contacts in. It must be in your purse, desk, or car.

4. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Enhancing

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Enhancing

The nude look kit includes 9 eye shadows, 2 eyeliners, and 2 mascaras. For a softer result, a custom palette can be wet or dry. It was a long last champagne. The eyeliner formula in this kit is smudge resistant and water resistant. It's safe for contact lens users. They should explore their collections. They make a full line of beauty products for eyes, lips, face and skin care, from makeup to eye creams and clay masks. Their personal care products are good for sensitive skin. Allergists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons have recommended their makeup. Formulated without Parabens, Fragrance, andGluten. Beauty products that are healthy. All of their products are safe for sensitive skin and eyes, and are created without any of the harsh ingredients found in other personal care items.

Brand: Physicians Formula

👤I like this brand. For some reason, I ordered off Amazon. It seems to be different. I had a bad reaction to it. I went to the ER. At first, my face felt fine. My eyes started to itch more than I'm used to. I washed it off as soon as I could. It was late. My face felt like it had been rubbed with fiberglass. It continued to itch and it was a lot. The swelling came in. I couldn't see anything. The doctor got it to reverse. There were 2 weeks of puffy pain. Don't buy off AMAZON.

👤I had never had a problem with eye makeup before, but two hours after I put this on my eyes, I felt like I had acid in them. It's going back. I'm not going to try this brand again. I would have liked them to be a bit wider, but they go on very easily, and I miss the smoothness of a liquid liner. It's a very dark brown, so suits someone like me who likes dark colors, but still looks like dark. I haven't found the sharpener mentioned on the packaging yet, but someone said it was in the base of the liner, so I'll keep looking. The mascaras are ok, but not as good as the one I was using, but oh well. On the other side of things, they don't clump, but they don't add much volume or length. The shadows are not great. The colors look like the picture. The case has a good magnet. Who uses the applicators that come with these things? They are not easy to apply for. If they were in order of darkness, there's a light one intersperced with the darker ones, which wouldn't be so bad, but you can't get a whole makeup brush onto them without overlap. It was difficult to get the shadow onto my eyes. I don't know how long they last, so I wash it off as soon as possible.

👤The reason I bought this product is that it is very easy to wash off, and it's also hypoallergic. I really needed mascara that washes off easily, and this does, so I found it hard to rate the water resistance. The strips of color are very small, so I only use a brush to cover the lid and shadow part. I bought this as a way to try out this brand, as I was having itchy eyes from my other brands, and I am pleased with the lack of itchiness. The colors are small.

👤The colors are bright. The eye shadow has some color. They are shimmery. The eye liners had glitter in them. They are easy to apply. I didn't think that would happen. I like the brushes for the mascaras, but I am not happy with the overall product. The mascara didn't want to come out of the bottles. If I didn't put any on the brushes, I couldn't apply the product. These are brand new products. I was surprised to see glitter in the mascara. I wish there was more brown mascara in this set. The colors are bright. The set is small. I was disappointed with the mascara.

5. Travel Contact Holder Mirror Purple

Travel Contact Holder Mirror Purple

Best gift for women is suitable for travelling or daily contact lens care. The material is plastic and green. There is no need to worry about eye and lensContamination. The case was made of purple blue yellow red. The accessories include solution bottle, tweezers, stick connection, lens holder, and mirror. Keeping your contact lens clean and clear is easy to carry. It is suitable for use during outdoor activity.

Brand: Mandalahuang

👤Cute cases. I found my contacts were too small to fit inside. The cases were in my purse.

👤2 out of 4 came to me broken. It was very cheap.

👤This is small and cute. The dropper is small and I love it. I wish they made it bigger because it is so small.

👤The cases work well despite being smaller than expected.

👤I like the overall usefulness of them, but they leak a little if not tightened.

👤It is a very convenient design. The first time I used the tweezers, I couldn't wear my contact anymore because it made my eye blurry. I haven't used them since, but I love the cases. I keep one in my purse and one at home, I have one spare and gave the 4th to my daughter who absolutely loves it.

👤Love them. It's perfect for my purse and extra at my second home.

👤Don't buy... Cute cases and solution bottle were useless. There were no bottles in the batches that held liquid. They all leaked. Nice try, but it has to work too.

6. DECORA Acrylic Plastic Eyeball Making

DECORA Acrylic Plastic Eyeball Making

The ideal choice is to put these beautiful and lovely cases in the office, computer bag, home drawer, office desk, pocket. It is very convenient for you to use. Pupils are colored in the center with no bubble. The eyeballs are hollow and bright in color. One set contains 4 pairs of well-made eyeballs with bright color, 2 in grey, 2 in brown, and 2 in blue. The set of plastic eyeballs are perfect for making crafts, doll making, toys sewing, and school projects, and will make you life full of joy of creation! Keep plastic eyeballs away from heat source.

Brand: Decora

👤I got the smallest size and they are bigger than I thought, but I didn't check to make sure it was the right size. Whatever. I am really impressed by these eyes. I plan on sculpting them. I will alter the size of the dolls I planned on making because they are bigger than I anticipated. The "lenses" come to a point instead of being more rounded is a gripe that I already knew about. I will do some research to see if I can make them more realistic. This should fix it. I am not knocking off a star for it because I am pretty sure it is visible in the product images and it is not a product flaw. I got these last out of 50 items I ordered over the course of a couple weeks.

👤These worked well for me. I have a Dollfie Dream doll that was modified into a Triclops and I was having a hard time finding the same eyes. I found these! I took three of them, popped out the clear dome, and re-instated the iris into the doll. She looks great now. c:

👤Excellent, look as shown and the size is 20mm. I need more and they should have larger packs. It wasn't feasible at this price. The pack I bought had 32 eyes. I think the eyes make it up by quantity. I would buy them again for a smaller project.

👤The green and dark blue are called violet and are good value for plastic eyes. The brown is yellow.

👤These are true. They show a lot bigger when purchased. Why does it say this was delivered on the 14th?

👤The plastic eyes are bright. It works perfectly for my Fairyland Rissie. I don't think the eyes are round and I don't think the cornea is domed. The eye is round but the clear covering is cone shaped.

👤I thought it was bigger. Not very happy right now. There is a cone looking thing on the eye. It's small and not rounded. I don't like it.

👤The price is a great deal with these eyes. They fit. The stems are on the back. They are plastic and hollow, but they work well for their purpose, even though I thought they would be hard glass-like. I wouldn't have been confused if I had read further, since it says "Plastic Acrylic" in the description. You can't beat the price for 4 pairs of eyes. They have a pointier dome than I've seen before, but that doesn't seem to affect them. The irises are pretty, and the colors are lovely. I was happy to see that I didn't get any repeat colors. I got blue, dark blue, tan, and brown. I like them all.

👤Augen ist gut und knnen. The Zusendung hat is on. Tage lnger gedauert, aber in der angemessenen Zeit. Man ist dieser Firma. Augenapfel bentigen, man bentigen, bentigen

👤I was bekommen. Die Augen ist super aus, so weiterhin ist war. Ich htte von denen gern, aber das ist ok. Ist weiterzuempfehlen!

7. Contact Tweezers Remover Solution Outdoor

Contact Tweezers Remover Solution Outdoor

Since 1927, it has been made in the USA. The contact case size is 2.95 inches and is suitable for use during travelling office, home, daily or outdoor activity. The cute contact lens case made of plastic is durable. You can use different color cases to store different colored contact lens, there is a replaceable container, so you won't lose or forget it. The contact lens case kit is small enough to fit all the accessories needed, and both the solution bottle cap and contact lens travel case kit are leakproof. It's portable. The contact lens case kit is small, lightweight and easy to carry in your purse, pocket, handbag, backpack, and is suitable for use during travelling office, home, daily or outdoor activity.

Brand: Cauyuan

👤I wanted to like this case. I travel a lot, but also take my extra contacts with me everyday in my purse, so after a month of trying this case I can give it an honest review. It's cute, stays clean, and has no scratches or dents from being in my backpack purse. It does leak inside the case. I'm not sure if the leak is from the little extra solution bottle or the contact lens case, as neither is ever fully empty when I open the case, but it does leak. The only downside to the leak is that it's messy when I open it and I have to refill it every night. I'm not sure if I got a faulty one or not, but I'm pretty sure it's not meant to be carried everyday. I would try it, but be prepared when you open it, you may get a solution everywhere.

👤I bought this set because I wanted to change the case in the travel compact. The extra cases don't fit the matching case. They work well.

👤Don't use the stick. When I used it, I could feel the eyeball pulling out and then back in, as if it were a toy. The contact isn't removed by the strong suction on it. It's very dangerous for sure. I was surprised by the marble color. When I first saw it, I thought it was dirty. The inside is very cute and everything is the same.

👤It's cheap but cute. The extra cases are smaller than the one that comes in the compact case, and they looked even tinier than my regular lense case. The barbie accessory toys are similar to the ones you'd find at a dollar store. You would think the extra one would fit in the compact case. They don't. The compact case is cute from the inside, but not from the outside. The mirror is a plus. I was expecting the mirror to be a piece of aluminum just glue on but it is actually a decent mirror after seeing the toy like extra cases. I haven't used it yet. I wanted to keep it in my pocket in case of an emergency. There are spices in the air and food splashing at work. I might keep it in my locker, it will help me to not have to buy travel size bottles, and I won't have to take my large bottles back an forth.

👤The cup did not work, but I still love it. Tweezers are good for traveling. I got the compact and they also sent 5 contact holders which is great for the price. The extra holders on the compact are a bonus for someone like me who loves colored contacts.

👤A cute travel case! I like the metallic color. You feel better when you have pretty things. It's very convenient for travel. There is a bottle for solution, a contact case, and small tweezers in the case. I don't use the tweezers or the applicator, though I am sure many do. The bottle is small. You can add your contact solution with the screw cap. Good quality. Very fast shipment.

8. Delivery Neverland Beauty Extensions Hairpiece

Delivery Neverland Beauty Extensions Hairpiece

The hair length is 20 inches and the weight is 180g. Premium quality clip claw ponytail hair extension is an instant hair transformation. It feels like human hair because of the free flow volume hairs. The japanese kanekalon fiber is high quality. The texture is straight and the style is ponytail clip claw. Perfect for weddings, parties and gifts.

Brand: Neverland Beauty & Health

👤The reviewers who are saying the pictures are misleading or they didn't know it was a ponytail on a claw clip are clearly incapable of reading comprehension. The title says it is a 22" Claw on a Synthetic Curly Wavy Ponytail. You have a claw clip on your hair. The description doesn't say it's a full head of hair. It says it's a ponytail. It's also synthetic hair. You shouldn't expect it to last forever. It's cheap, but it's nice for the price. The straight version is the one you want. Synthetic hair should not be put up with abuse. It was 11 bucks, ferchrissake! I paid $100 for a ponytail that wasn't as pretty as this one. This ponytail is gorgeous. The hair looks nice. I got it in black and silver grey. My hair is dark brown. I have to put extensions on my head to make it blend better, just like the model in the photo.

👤I have short hair. The claw is too small for my hair to clip on, and I tried to use a metal comb inside to hook up my bun, but it didn't have the right things. I use a dry hair product from the salon, it didn't change my appearance. I think the piece is pretty, but I know it's in your hair. It looks like a fake, and it's not well made. I can't make this one work. The gray part is nice because it doesn't look shiney and the curls are nice. It combs well with a wide tooth comb.

👤The Large teeth clip is very strong. I was expecting a sliding comb type thing. You can't wear it on your head. I wanted to wear it as a pony tail. I don't have long hair so I can't attach it to a pony tail. That is a big clip for me. Bobby tried to pin it to my head, but that was a joke. Live and learn.

👤These hair extensions are amazing. I thought the quality would be more "wiggy" and less natural looking, but these are very soft and manageable. I brushed them out after I got them out of the packaging, and the clips didn't lose much hair. They are a little shiny, but this is normal for synthetic hair, a little dry shampoo or baby powder will fix it. I will order more in different colors.

👤I have natural black hair. It's thin and sheds a bit, but mostly stays the same. It's not very thick, that's why I gave it five out of five. For your money, it's amazing! I'm getting one in every color.

👤It doesn't have a comb in it to hold the hair. It is worth buying for the price. Bobby will pin it as you go. I received a lot of praise. I was impressed with the quality of the hair.

👤My hair is heavy, and it did not hold up well in my hair, which is a pity.

👤I have been wearing this ponytail for a week now and it does amazing, I straightened it and wore it to work. It looks cute and doesn't move. It does tangle easily, but I would buy it.

9. Opti Free Puremoist Rewetting Drops 12 ML

Opti Free Puremoist Rewetting Drops 12 ML

When wearing contact lenses, the refreshing burst of water from the Puremoist Rewetting Drops give you added comfort. Particles that cause irritation are removed. It helps prevent deposit build-up. For use with Silicone Hydrogel.

Brand: Opti-free

👤I wear contacts and have dry eyes. I decided to try out 3 different brands. I found optifree solution to be less watery and more gel-like, which made my eyes feel more comfortable. They are definitely the best. The other two brands did work for a short time, and both made my eyes look more dry than they were. I would recommend trying the optifree contacts solution. It has the same consistency as the rewetting drops, so I don't have to use them most mornings. I think it's better than Acuvue.

👤When I moved to Portland, I had to wear glasses because of my allergies, but I have worn contacts most of my life. I've tried a lot of different eye drops. This is the only thing that worked for me. You can see me in Portland. I owe it to the Puremoist Rewetting Drops that I am not wearing glasses.

👤I thought I might need to have my LASIC "redone" as I have dry eyes and it had become uncomfortable to wear contacts. My vision was not being corrected because the lens were sticking to my eyes. "Hydraglyde" was suggested as a way to keep the lense surface moist. The quality of life I have had has been greatly improved by the use of the Puremoist cleansing solution.

👤I love these! It makes my contacts blurry because my eyes get dry. I don't have to use these eye drops as often as I do with other eye drops because they do a great job at rewetting my contacts.

👤The first few uses were okay. Each time I used them, they burned more. I tried a second bottle and it was worse. YMMV

👤The price of the bottle at my store was much higher. It's a bigger bottle. I will buy it through Amazon.

👤I've never seen an eye drop like this before. I believe that this product is only made from concentrated salt water which causes a natural tear reaction from the pain and eventually causes the eye to be flushed. I did not receive a bad batches from Amazon or from the drugstore where I bought it again. If it burns because of the solution's Preservative, then I can't take these anymore. It's too painful. I don't recommend buying.

👤This is the best contact rewetting solution, it only takes one brand to keep your eyes moist most of the day, and it only takes one brand to dry your eyes. I would recommend it. It's very hard to find this brand in Uk.

👤It worked well but it cost a lot. Would not buy again.

10. MEETSUN Blocking Headache Computer Transparent

MEETSUN Blocking Headache Computer Transparent

Blue light blocking computer glasses are for people who work long hours on computers, tablets, games, on the phone or on TV. Improve Better Sleep, and enjoy your digital time, no worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision, or headaches. Sturdy, dust free, and easy to clean, TRANSPARENT LENS are a good choice for people with low color difference. The non prescription glasses are suitable for women and men. MeetSUN has a LIFETIME WARRANTY that guarantees 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Breakage Warranty for their product. In case of broken issues, please contact them. They will provide the best service until their customers are satisfied. There is no risk in trying.

Brand: Meetsun

👤I use blue light filters at work since I am always on the computer. The glasses I wear are true BL filters. There is a blue reflection from the front and a yellow reflection when viewed through. The frames were cute and I would like to have some cheaper ones around the house. The frames fit well since I know my face measurement. The black pair seems to have some BL filters since they seem similar to my work pair, but the flower pair does not. The filters are not coated with the lens. The reflection off of them is white and there is no color change when viewed through. I will do a replacement refund if the next ones have the same issue. I am going to take both pairs to work and test the 400uv filter. I will update my review later. Both pairs have a true 400uv filter. Both of the replacements have the BL filter. I will be sending the previous order back. I notice that I fall asleep faster when I use the UV and BL filters. The frames are made of cheap brittle feeling plastic and had to get a replacement order to get two pairs of filters.

👤The first time I heard about these glasses was by a co worker. There is a budget type. I didn't mind trying them out. I loved them so much that I got a lot of praise from the office. I thought the perfect size was bigger than it was, but it's not as big as I thought. Will recommend to co workers. They make a difference. I ordered the black and clear deal. Excellent quality as well.

👤These have no blue light protective coating on them. When you look at the lense from the side, there is no blue light protection or anti-glare on it. They are blurry. There is something on the lens that makes it mess with my vision, or something on the lens that makes it blurry. There is nothing to account for the blurriness that I am able to discern from afar, because they are not dirty and there are a few minor scratches out of the box. Unless you're trying to dress up, they're useless.

👤I bought a pair of glasses from another brand that I saw on IG. They were cute and expensive. I wanted to buy a pair for home, but didn't want to spend more money, so I went to Amazon. I read some reviews and was told to try it for the price. The glasses have a blue light and a testing card. The first pair of glasses failed my test. The MEETSUN glasses had flying colors. MeetSUN glasses are the real deal and IG brands are not. The 2 for $20 deal is a great deal. They are sturdy enough for me and come with a small glasses tool, a soft pouch and a cleaning cloth. The lens are not blurry. Its clear. My previous expensive pair of blue blocking glasses were in a worse condition than the ones I have now. I think I will have to get used to them. The clear lens make me feel a bit queasy. When I got my first pair of reading glasses, this happened to me as well. This is not a bad thing for MeetSUN. I think they did a good job and I need to get used to it. If you are looking for a great deal to save your eyes, look no further. I'm very happy!

11. Advanced Disinfect Formula Multi Purpose Solution

Advanced Disinfect Formula Multi Purpose Solution

Renu is an advanced form. This multi-purpose solution has a triple disinfectant that works in only 4 hours to kill 99% of germs. Dehydration of your glasses will make them feel all day comfortable. A multi-pronged solution. Renu can be used daily to clean your contact lens, store them in a contact lens case, and disinfect and rinse them. Make sure you keep in touch with Leus care. Keep your contacts clean and comfortable by using renu contact solution. The renu Advanced Formula is a new innovation in lens care that replaces both renu fresh and renu sensitive with one solution. The solution is to go beyond clean with renu. Nothing is better.

Brand: Renu

👤For a long time, I used the cheapest or generic brand contact solution since I thought there wasn't much difference between them. I can't tell you how much difference this solution has made because I don't know. I don't recommend being a cheapskate when it comes to your eyes and sight. You pay for what you get?

👤I used to use Renu. I started trying it after seeing Bio-True. At that time, Renu and Bio-True seemed to be different, but I eventually went over to Bio-True. I thought they would phase out Renu eventually. Renu was significantly less expensive than the other. I decided to go back to Renu since they were both interchangeable. I soaked my contacts in Renu to try it. I noticed it was a new formula. I put them in with some difficulty after rinsing them with Renu. I realized my vision was cloudy after about 20 minutes. I cleaned my glasses with Bio-True. They replaced them. The vision was clear again. Based on previous experience with Renu, I think the "Advanced Formula" is a problem for me. I'm returning the Renu solutions. The biggest deal was the cloudiness, but my contacts were difficult to deal with the new Renu. I had trouble with each lens sticking to itself this morning after soaking and rinsing them. Even with continued rinsing, each lens stuck to itself and was difficult to separate. I've never had this happen with contacts in the morning. I use PureVision Multi- Focal lens.

👤I wouldn't recommend buying another contact solution that is a bit cheaper. My eye doctor noticed a build up on my contacts when I switched to a cheaper store brand. I noticed that my eyes felt better after I switched back to the ReNu solution. Don't buy cheap stuff for your eyes. The contact case is something I like. It's a good idea to swap them out every now and then.

👤I got my eye surgery via a coupon. It's difficult to say how effective these are. I am a therapist. This is the best activator in the book.

👤These bottles are large. Each is the same size as a can of soda. They didn't tell me that a contact case is included. I spent an extra $6 buying a contact lens case. The best deal on Amazon for a single case was for a Bausch & Lomb brand case. If it was listed in the description, I could have saved $6. The brand got an extra $6 for not telling me a case was included. They are strategic. I think this is a great deal. 2 coke cans size bottles of solution and a lens case for a really cheap price.

👤Okay. I am not one to ever write reviews. I have been using this brand for a few years now and I am taking this time to write that I really like it. The lense case snapped in half when the dual package arrived with the top open and torn. I did not do that for attention. I am frustrated because lense cases are expensive for someone who is cautious with money and who is still alive. I was looking forward to a new one with this dual package. This solution is very good for my contacts, but I am giving it 2 stars because of what I have just described.


What is the best product for eye contacts hazel?

Eye contacts hazel products from Nyx Professional Makeup. In this article about eye contacts hazel you can see why people choose the product. Opti-free and Refresh are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye contacts hazel.

What are the best brands for eye contacts hazel?

Nyx Professional Makeup, Opti-free and Refresh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye contacts hazel. Find the detail in this article. Physicians Formula, Mandalahuang and Decora are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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