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1. Sleeping Pieces Cartoon Lightweight Blindfolds

Sleeping Pieces Cartoon Lightweight Blindfolds

The elastic bands at the back of the sleeping cat eye masks make them easy to fit in different head sizes without being tight. The funny cat sleeping masks measure approx. The proper size and elastic design make them suitable for most women, men and kids, and they are lightweight and easy to pack in your bag, backpack or suitcase, which will not take up much space. The cute cat sleep masks are ideal for your home use, lunch break at the office, traveling, business trips, flights, trains, camping and other occasions you want to have a good rest. The cartoon kitty eye masks are made of quality fuzzy material and they are soft and comfortable to wear for a long time. There are 3 different colors of soft cat eye masks for sleeping in, and they are easy to distinguish and choose from, namely white, gray and pink.

Brand: Haysandy

👤I think these are perfect. They're so soft, they're flexible. They are cute.

👤The product is cute. The quality does what it says. It's good for kids and adults.

👤It blocks out light.

👤Not soft. It was like a "plastic" feel.

👤Light out makes me sleep better.

👤Muy Bonitos tienes funcional.

👤They are cute but uncomfortable and one of them broke quickly.

👤Lindas y suaves aunque un poco delgadas.

2. Pieces Adjustable Blindfold Sleeping Blocking

Pieces Adjustable Blindfold Sleeping Blocking

The eye cover can be adjusted to fit almost all sizes of heads, with the strap being longer to increase the range. With the silk sleep cover, it's possible to get a good night's sleep with healthy oxygen in and a quiet atmosphere, which is great for insomnia or dry-eye sufferers. This eye sleeping cover is made of a type of porous fiber that has nice hygroscopicity and is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, allowing you to release stress on your eye areas. Their soft plush eye cover can completely cover your eyes, and the padding at the bridge of nose in the inner side can block out all light in the night to ensure that you sleep in total. You will get 8 silk sleep eye covers, each measuring 7.87 x 3.93 inch/ 20 x 10 cm, enough for personal use, and you can share them with your family members or friends as a nice gift.

Brand: Bbto

👤I kept one for myself and wish I had kept more. I love them because they are soft and comfortable. They were a big hit.

👤I used these to play games at church. I liked that they are changeable.

👤I am very happy with these. I made a lot of people happy.

👤It was great for my kids. It's like a hug and a reminder to go to sleep.

3. Pieces Lightweight Adjustable Eyeshade Covers

Pieces Lightweight Adjustable Eyeshade Covers

You can get 4 pieces of sleep eye masks in 4 different colors, including pink, black, grey, and green, which will allow you to enjoy a nice sleep whether you are at home or on the road. The soft silk eyeshade sleep masks are made of soft silk fabric, safe and skin-friendly, with nice shading effect, and the elastic band is easy to fit your eyes. You can use the eye mask at home, on the plane, on the train, on the bus, or in the office, which will relieve your stress and give you a good nap. The sleeping eye blinder is suitable for most men and women and has a headband that doesn't tangle your hair. The silk sleep eye mask is lightweight and portable, it is soft to the touch, and it is easy to carry anywhere.

Brand: Geyoga

👤I have used them before and love them. When I live in a nursing home, I can't sleep because the lights in the hall make my room dark and I can't get a good night's sleep. When you need a cat nap, they work well.

👤The material and design of the masks are nice, and the price point is based on how many you get. These are large enough to fit around my head, but still do the job. The pink one does not shut out as much light as the darker colors.

👤They all said that they were comfortable, but did not come with ear plugs and were a tad large. They are a great addition to a friend weekend.

👤This is not something I wear on a daily basis, but when I do it it feels very nice.

👤It's comfortable to wear when side sleeping. Blocks out most light.

👤Only 3 masks were packaged.

👤The dark colors block out the light.

4. SleepSloth Contoured Adjustable Comfortable Blindfold

SleepSloth Contoured Adjustable Comfortable Blindfold

A sleep eye mask with a high-quality memory foam increases comfort. The eye mask is based on ergonomics. A protective curve with more space than any other will not touch your eyes, you can open your eyes freely, and it's unique. The strap has been improved. The circumference has been increased from 15.8" to 27.6" for women and men. The headband is easy to adjust. Soft and comfortable night blindfolds make no pressure on eyes. 3D eye mask for sleeping. The latest design fits the face shape to make sure it doesn't leak light. The eye pads are safe and easy to clean.

Brand: Sleepsloth

👤I decided to try this sleep mask because it was a fraction of the price, even though I had considered buying a higher cost sleep mask. It does a great job and is a good value. I can sleep with it as either a side or back sleeping position. I could see a light under the bottom edge when I put it on. I adjusted the strap and angle to fix the problem. It works so well that my husband can turn our bedroom lights on and off, and I won't notice a difference, because my vision is blacked out. If you're debating getting a high end sleep mask, try this one first. It works well for me and I am happy about it.

👤These are very well shaped. The best one I have tried so far. The adjustments are amazing and it does not slip off your head. I will be telling my tech to let her clients know that I received this order, I am very satisfied with it.

👤I received a mask in the mail. I put it to the test last night. It was dark, dark. This is definitely not light. I couldn't see the light in the ceiling. I had a frightening dream the previous night, and this is the only thing that hasn't changed. I don't do snakes. They make me fear my core. I like seeing them in nature, but I don't like being surprised. I don't want to touch them. I don't want to hear about them. I don't like the idea of them taking care of my problem. I had a dream that I was going to another solar system to find a "Goldilocks" planet for humans to live on after we ruin this planet. The struggle was trying to find a way to eat. Fat tends to go rancid in storage, so preserving meat was a challenge. The solution for the eggheads was to put snakes in my space ship. They would make more rattlesnakes and then sit there and live. I was lying down in my spaceship seat. The scientists began removing the rattles around me. They couldn't bite when their rattles were removed. I never said that my dreams were perfect. I was aware that they were touching my body every time they put more rattlesnakes in the spaceship. No one would respond to my pleas. A snake was on my face. It stuck out its tongue and hit me on the neck. I woke up after I cried out, "Help!" My new sleep mask made me feel a snake on my face. Did it give me the willies? I was fine once I realized that there were no snakes in my bed and that my dog was licking my neck. I'm an adult and dreams don't scare me.

👤If you sleep on your back, these look good. These become very uncomfortable when I sleep on my side. I wouldn't recommend if you are a side sleeper.

👤There was light around the nose. I thought it was going to be comfortable, but the strap on the side bothered me as I am a side sleeper. That was annoying to me. It would be good if it wasn't good. Sorry for the bad review.

5. YFONG Sleepers Sleeping Blindfold Adjustable

YFONG Sleepers Sleeping Blindfold Adjustable

The height difference design on both sides of the sleeping mask makes it perfect for sleeping on the side. Making you relax and sleep better. What are the functions of a 3D eye mask? The connected 3D cup makes this sleep eye mask more lightweight and more comfortable, which makes it less likely that you will get sick. The deeper eye sockets design won't rub your lashes. The sleeping eye mask has an invisible nose bridge that will block the lights from the bottom of the nose area, making it a completely dark sleeping environment. You can sleep with the eye cover. Are you troubled by the sweaty while wearing eye masks? If yes, this cooling night mask is the perfect choice. The eye cover is made of ice silk fabric, which is not hot. Why choose their brand? The design of sleep eye masks can help people with insomnia and improve the quality of sleep. They will try their best to solve your issues if you contact them. If you could give them some suggestions, they would be very grateful.

Brand: Yfong

👤Lying in bed in the morning feels like waking up in the middle of the sun because my apartment has the worst blinds ever. Or being hit in the face with a laser. I bought a sleep mask last year and it made a huge difference in my sleep quality. The company made a new model of the mask. I knew I had to try it. The padding between the two eye cups has been removed, leaving an entirely open eye area in Mask 2.0. This has been a huge improvement for me as I mostly sleep on my side. The padding in the center of the old mask could get a little intrusive if you didn't place the mask just right. The material in this mask is similar to what they use for workout tights or bras. It is very soft, quick dry and non abrasive. I have very sensitive skin and so far it hasn't caused any problems since I bought the new version. Please wash your masks before you use them. I put my mask in a mesh laundry bag to prevent it from getting brutalized in the wash. The main attraction of this mask is the eye area. The sleep masks I've seen online all have completely flat coverings, so the mask is always lying against the eyes. With my flat nose, it only presses deeper onto my lids. This is never the case with the indentation here. My eyes are not open. If I'm feeling particularly lazy, I won't take my false lashes off, or sleep with a mask on. If you have long false lashes on, they'll touch the mask, but they won't be pressed against your eyes. It could be a plus for my fellow ladies who can't live without extensions. The little bar holding the elastic straps together is my biggest gripe with this mask. Can they add some stitching here? The bar is bunching up the straps. It's annoying, but it's easy to overlook because you can tighten the elastic straps. If you put the bar back in place in sleep, the elastic strap can get too loose, which could cause the mask to fall off. I have to keep the bar horizontal all the time so that the mask stays on. The bar should keep straight and the straps should be flush. That would make this mask perfect. This mask is great for those who live in an equally over-illuminated place or who just like to sleep in complete darkness. If they make another upgrade, I'll grab it right away. There is a strap bar.

👤I had to make changes to stop this from happening. It covers my face. I have a small face, which can sometimes be too big for a child's size. I think I'm about the face of a slim 11 year old girl. My nose is narrow. The flaps at the bottom and a triangle all the way up the middle had to be cut off. Light comes in from the bottom after that. It is more comfortable. I'm going to try sewing a pleat in the middle to see if it will fit in my cheek bones. If it does help, I might update to let you know if it worked or not, and give you photos of the alterations. If you do cut into this, you should take small incriments from the middle to see if a comfortable fit can be made at each step. If you need to cut more from the bottom, middle, or top, you need to know how to do it. Hold up your face and then cut. You can't use the keyboard. The side curves of your face and your nose are different. I needed a bridge that was a little higher at the bottom, a little wider in the middle, and a little smaller at the top. 45 from my brows is my nose. A small ski jump at the tip is very thin. My face curves back right at the far corners of my eyes because of my high cheekbones. The farthest point of my eyeballs is more than my brow bone. If you make alterations to this, be careful and tactical. If you don't have experience with tailoring, you should return the item. Don't waste your time trying to get your money back.

6. Blackout Comfortable Breathable Blocking Adjustable

Blackout Comfortable Breathable Blocking Adjustable

The handmade cotton sleep masks are light and comfortable, and they help you get into sleep quickly. These sleep masks fit most people, so that you can enjoy a completely dark scene while sleeping, which is suitable for meditation, yoga, travel and napping. Each light blocking sleeping mask has a strap that can be adjusted to fit your head and neck, no pressure on your eyes, and you can take it off. The ultra soft sleep mask is portable and light. It is lightweight and portable, so that you can have a good sleep on a plane, train or bus, if you put it into your backpack. It is possible to wash it by hand with mild detergent in constant temperature water, but please avoid wringing out or machine washing, and please iron it at low temperature.

Brand: Geyoga

👤I still love them, but I would like to see a little more weight on them. We're ordering more for gifts. Sometimes at night I feel like I need to adjust the velcro and it is a little loud when there is someone else sleeping next to me, but it hasn't yet woken my husband, but I am afraid it will.

👤It is so comfortable, you can put over your ears and eyes, and sleep on your side. I travel with it and it is bliss.

👤There was still no sound reduction if you put all three on. I bought these because they claimed there would be sound reduction.

7. SATINIOR Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Overnight

SATINIOR Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Overnight

The package includes 8 rainbow-colored plush eye masks, they are designed with cute unicorn pattern and special shape, suitable for children to use, especially for girls, and you can share some with others. The soft plush blindfold eyeshade is suitable for most people, especially for girls, because it is a one size fits all, 7.87 x 3.54 inches, and the elastic cord on the back makes it easy to use. The cartoon night eye cover is made of soft material, which will cause no pressure on your eyes, while you sleep. It is stable and not easy to break, safe and reliable, with vivid colors, not easy to fade, and it will serve you for a long time. The kids sleep eye covers can help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep without light interference, while reducing fine lines on the eyes, whether you are at home, in the office, on the plane or at the airport. You can use the cute unicorn sleeping mask for a wide range of purposes, from travel, nap, lunch break, overnight party, on the plane, to bedroom, living room, and more.

Brand: Satinior

👤It's 8. I only received 7. Looks to be missing the purple one.

👤These are all nicely done.

8. Sleeping Contoured Blindfold Concave Meditation

Sleeping Contoured Blindfold Concave Meditation

The foam is soft and comfortable. The new 3D design fits the face well. It's a good idea to block out lighting. Light from the bottom can be prevented by a better nose cutout. You have larger eye space with deeper and wider eye pockets. Allow free blinking and no pressure on eyeballs. Does not ruin makeup. Slow rebound memory foam is lightweight and skin-friendly. The eye mask held its shape well. Premium fabric is lint-free and fade-resistant. It won't stain sheets or pillows. The advance edge seal process would not leave marks on your face or forehead, and it would be easy to fall apart at the seams. It's ideal for sleeping, camping, and airplane travel. The strap can be adjusted to accommodate different head sizes. It is easy to get the right tightness.

Brand: Yiview

👤All light is blocked out by the super soft, comfortable and block out building. It's great for people who have eyelash extensions and sleep with their face buried in the pillow. It's large enough to keep eyelash extensions from being damaged.

👤It was very comfortable. This one is the best one I have tried. The smell was bad because I have a sensitive Sniffer, but after leaving it out of packaging for a day the smell was gone. The elastic band is wide and stays in place. Sometimes I forget I am wearing it. Highly recommended.

👤I need total darkness when I sleep. The light will wake me up. My bedroom is set up with curtains so I'm good when I'm at home but not when I'm on the road. I've tried different eye masks but they're either too tight or loose where light will come in. After reading the reviews, I brought this one. It is amazing. It seals the eyes and gives you an eye room. There were no light filters in. I can't wait to use this product on my upcoming trip to Europe.

👤This product is well designed. The fabric is very soft. The mask is kept off of your eyes so no pressure is put on them, and the memory foam keeps it from being uncomfortable. It does the job perfectly. The back of the mask is thick and dark and blocks all light out. The quality is really good and the price is good.

👤It's small and compact, and it hides all light, so it's easy to hide when traveling. Excellent quality and fast shipping. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤In December of last year, my lens dropped. The lens was put in front of the iris after I had an operation. The last 2 stitches were to come out in February. I had another operation in February of this year after the doctor saw that I had a detached retina. The doctor told me that I couldn't rub my eye. I was afraid that my eye would get hit by the pillow. My son suggested an eye mask. I was looking at reviews on Amazon. One of the reviewers mentioned that the woman had fake eyelashes, but they did not touch her. I sent for this one. My left eye does not run on the inside of the mask, so I am very happy that I did. I don't have to hold my hand against my face to protect my eye anymore. My son told me about an eye mask that was sold on YIVIEW and on Amazon. There is a win win situation. This is a winner for me.

👤I travel a lot and sleeping can be an issue, this mask is amazing, it has a nice headband to keep it securely in place, and the padded eye area keeps the mask nice.

👤Dale's wife is here. I ordered this to replace my old one that didn't fit over my broken Sicilian bridge. I wanted a mask that didn't put pressure on my eyeballs. This mask is perfect. It blocks light completely, no light leaks around my nose, and it never touches my eyes. My lashes don't touch, I can open them. It works well without any modifications. I will follow directions to keep this in good shape.

9. PrettyCare Breathable Material Blindfold Contoured

PrettyCare Breathable Material Blindfold Contoured

3D Sleep Eye mask with Breathable Outer layer and small holes is designed to block all the light and let you have a sweet dream. It's perfect for shift workers. Extra Eye covers for sleeping offer excellent comfort with a snug fit and a hidden nose wing design that prevents the lights from entering your eyes. This sleep mask is designed to widen and deepen the eye's diameter. They use the strap which has a 9 cm range reach to 20 cm, it's not like other sleep masks. It doesn't pull your hair. Unique Wings beside Eye Covers: Unique wings distract pressure around the face and eyes, which make your eyes incredibly soft without any pressure and fall asleep fast. Excellent Customer Service. You will always be cared for by PrettyCare. They will try their best to help you if you have questions about their product or service.

Brand: Prettycare

👤These are amazing! Night workers who curse the sunlight and walk the path of vampire are great. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that I sleep on my side and sometimes the pillow moves the mask. The light sneaks through and I get right in the eye hole. These are lightweight, comfortable, and block out sunlight.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It was a perfect fit and comfortable. I forgot it was on after the first night. I used a weighted mask but this is better. There is no light in the room. I don't like sleep masks or light that is too bright, so I wanted to blink when I rolled over. It felt like darkness at the hotel for a second. Let's see. 1 week has passed.

👤After only 6 months, this thing is a piece of junk. During the night, the velcro loosens up, so it falls down and off. It's sad that you can't make a sleep mask that lasts longer.

👤The fitted around the face creates a total blackout. I don't understand why it says "for men". I have a medium size face and a small head, but it doesn't fit me very well because the straps are long and the valcro is hanging in the back of my head, which is an issue with most masks. I would like to see shorter straps for "size small".

👤What did I not like? I disliked that there were only 2 options. That's all about it. What did I like? How do I put this? Everything else is optional. The fit is great! You won't even notice that it is Sligh. What is the value? Absolutely! It's a great value.

👤The mask didn't stay together for more than a month.

👤The strap on the head is sharp. I don't think this mask works for me.

👤If you are like me and need a lot of darkness to fall asleep, this is the mask for you.

👤I had a black one. I had issues with the black coloring rubbing off onto my pillowcase, but I don't have that issue. It's almost completely dark. I have to adjust it around my nose to keep the light out. I have temporomandibular disorders, but they don't bother me. I prefer this one over the others.

👤The mask is effective. It doesn't allow light. You are in total darkness when you open your eyes. That is the only purpose of this mask. It is comfortable to wear. There is a bridge around the nose. The straps are very comfortable. I am sleeping well with this on. If you purchase this product, you will be satisfied.

👤The fit isn't great. Light goes through the nose.

👤Deux usages commencent d├ęchirer.

10. Contoured Sleeping Comfortable Adjustable Children

Contoured Sleeping Comfortable Adjustable Children

You will receive 5 pieces. Solid black, star pattern, cat pattern, gray stripe and solid green eye covers are sufficient quantity for your kids' sleeping use. The 3D sleep eye masks are made of high density foam and lightproof, so they won't stain kids' bed sheets or pillows. 3D Design: these travel eye masks have a wider and deeper 3D eye area, which will not cause kids to press their eyes. The 3D eye mask for kids can fit your child's nose well, blocking light from entering and giving them a full dark and undisturbed sleeping environment. The sleeping masks have a strap that can be adjusted to fit most head sizes, and the masks won't get caught in hair if the strap is loosened in the middle of sleep.

Brand: Syhood

👤I thought the strap was adjusted, but it's not, it's stuck in my daughter's hair, and that's what I read. I wasn't expecting the back strap to be like that, she loves the cat design and doesn't want to part with it. I think the masks from Alaskan Bear are better.

👤These are good eye masks for kids. The fabric is soft, well constructed, and the cupped shape does not press onto the eyelids during wear. The size is perfect for a child with a smaller face. The small size blocks out the light well. Having them in a set is great because your child will lose them behind the bed, and having multiples ensures that you have some available while looking for others. The colors and patterns are correct. These are cute and nicely made.

👤I bought a pack of masks for my daughter. They are similar to the ones I own. The fit was more for my 4 year old. My daughter still wears them, they look small.

👤My daughter has a big head, but the elastic band is a little smaller than I had hoped. She wears a helmet that is 13 years old. She is 5 years old and the eye mask part is soft. My only complaint is that the elastic band is too small, so the exposed rough side gets stuck in her hair. It would be great if these were made with that new fabric. I was happy with my purchase.

👤It's perfect for my child and my child's child. The fit is spot on and the cupping in the eye area helps not to put pressure on the eye. Well made will buy again.

👤My 3 year old is small enough to fit in a strap. It's better to have a different way to adjust the fit.

👤Very small. The strap needs to be bigger. It looks like it was designed for a baby. My son doesn't like it.

👤The sleep mask was the perfect size for me. I have very dry eyes, and I am a side- sleeper. The mask didn't get in the way.

11. Hochoek Silk Sleep Mask Eye Mask Eye Cover Eyeshade

Hochoek Silk Sleep Mask Eye Mask Eye Cover Eyeshade

Extra thick lining, bright colors, 3 pack, super value. The silk sleep mask is adjusted. No matter what the size of your head is. It's good for men, women and kids. The silk sleep mask is incredibly comfortable to sleep in. Even though it's not black, this silk sleep mask keeps the light out. Go for it and see how the clouds of silk care for your eyes as you sleep. They will accept free returns if the silk sleep mask doesn't meet your expectations. If there is a problem with the product, they will give you a new one.

Brand: Hochoek

👤Don't buy these. My pillowcase cases were ruined by the dye that bled off them. I have been wondering why my eyes have been bothering me. The ink was getting into them. Don't get them. The purple one did to my pillow cases.

👤The elastic creates pressure on your eyes. I wake up with horrible eye pain every time I wear mine. I would have to wait for my vision to come back, just for it to be blurry. I had the mask loose and barely stayed on, so I had to lie down to keep it from sliding off. The material is soft and good quality, but that is all.

👤I don't understand the reviews. What do you think about three for $10? They block the light. That's all I asked for. People with high maintenance should not buy "bargain" priced things.

👤If anyone has used the product, the positive reviews are meaningless. The elastic strap is on the center of the sleep mask, level with where your eyes are. If the mask is tight enough to stay on, it hurts, and I am sure it would cause eye/vision issues if used long term. If the mask is loose, it doesn't stay on.

👤I looked at a lot of masks. I am happy I got them. Good price. Very soft. It's the right size to keep out the light. Multiples allow me to keep one in the car. It's tight enough to keep in place, but not binding. I wash them with a little dawn dish soap in a bowl and then roll in a towel and hang to dry. They are new after being washed. I haven't had any issues with the color coming off my pillow cases.

👤This is the most comfortable mask I have had in a long time. The band that holds it on your head can be loose or tight, so I prefer it to be just enough to keep it on my head. The mask is light. I would buy again.

👤I use sleep masks to sleep. I used to buy expensive ones, but over time they start to get ratty and fall apart, no matter how much you pay. 3 for $10 are available. They are so soft and black out everything, it's a good deal. Would definitely recommend.

👤These work well. Light can be seen from the changing scenes on TV. hubs and I are using our master as an efficiency while the house is being renovated. We have different sleep hours so he can watch TV late at night.

👤Don't buy these! The ink ruins clothing, pillowcases, and bed sheets. The company tried to bribe me to remove the comment and send me emails, even though I told them that I wasn't interested in money or a new eye mask. It seems like they do not plan on changing manufacturing companies and fixing the problem. They were good in the beginning. I woke up with pink marks on my pillow case after changing my sheets to white. The stains will not come out. I liked them, so I was really annoyed. I left my eye mask on the receipt and the stain went out.


What is the best product for eye cover bulk?

Eye cover bulk products from Haysandy. In this article about eye cover bulk you can see why people choose the product. Bbto and Geyoga are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye cover bulk.

What are the best brands for eye cover bulk?

Haysandy, Bbto and Geyoga are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye cover bulk. Find the detail in this article. Sleepsloth, Yfong and Satinior are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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