Best Eye Cover Mask

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1. Bucky Travel Sleep Ultralight Chevron

Bucky Travel Sleep Ultralight Chevron

Click the link at the top of the page to explore their collection of travel and personal care products. Ultra light weight. The eye mask is 7.75" wide and 3.25" tall, perfect for men, women and children. Hand wash cold with mild soap and hang to dry. It's time to rest in judgement. Ultra lightweight latex-free molded foam is comfortable for pressure free eye comfort that allows you to blink freely, won't smudge makeup or false lashes, or put unwanted pressure on your head. The light should be blocked out. Relax and fall asleep quickly without light from street lamps, electronics, or morning sun, wake up refreshed after napping, travel, meditation, and a full night's rest. Bucky products can be explored. Click the Bucky link at the top of the page to explore their collections of delightful travel and personal care products.

Brand: Bucky

👤I bought one for hubs and another for me. I've been buying sleep masks from Bucky brand for over a decade, so I figured all would work out. Well... Not! I threw these in the garbage because I didn't check the return policy. The strap is called HorRID. That's been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. When I get one, I cut the strap off and sew on a headband that is the perfect size for me. The style of the mask was similar to a child's head. It barely covered my eyes from left to right, and I have one. Hubs has a bigger head. He prefers a sleep mask with a covered nose bridge. The material is very hard. I found a red mark on my face after I wore the mask. The mask was hard and uncomfortable. I went back to and bought two more Bucky sleep masks of a different material, but I still have that horrible, ROCK HARD, overlap closure at the back of my head. I wish a rocket scientist could come up with a better way to close these masks.

👤I bought these masks back in November of last year. The "eye pockets" are great because you can fully open your eyes with the mask on. I know it's silly to wear an eye mask, but I like knowing I can open my eyes. The mask is pressing on my eyes. The seam of the eye mask started peeling around the 6 month mark. The mask is made of foam, fabric and two fabrics that are peeled away at the seam. It looks like the seam is melted together and that seal will break after a while. My son and I have had peeling happen to our masks, it's been 9 months now. We have used it for a long time. Is this normal wear and tear? I'm not sure. I've owned eye masks that have never broken. It's a great mask. If you like the style, you can get back ups. I'm going to try to find a different brand for myself.

👤This is a great sleeping mask. Most of them are flat and resting on your eyes. It is molded so it doesn't touch your eyes. It comes in a lot of lovely colors and patterns. Sometimes you can get it on just right, and it does a great job of blocking out almost all the light. It blocks out all of the light. One time I was on a plane that I couldn't get off at, I rearranged some of my stuff and put my sleeping mask on the back of the seat in front of me so I wouldn't lose it. Everything is stowed away. I'm already settled in and realize my sleeping mask is gone. I page the stewardess and ask her about it, and she looks at me weird. I realized what she thought was a bra for a young girl. I explained that it was a sleeping mask and we both had a good laugh.

2. YIVIEW Lightweight Comfortable Adjustable Contoured

YIVIEW Lightweight Comfortable Adjustable Contoured

It is possible to design to fit every head size. It's easy to strap high elastic to surround your head, it won't catch your hair. 3D contoured shape design is a protective curve with more space than any other, will not touch your eyes, and you can open your eyes freely. Light and airy material and smooth fabric help you get into sleep quickly. The sleeping mask is stronger than traditional blindfold and will not fall apart easily. Help you sleep by using a high quality sponge that is skin friendly and soft. YIVIEW focuses on the research and design of sleep eye mask to help people with insomnia and improve the quality of sleep. You can share it with your partner.

Brand: Yiview

👤I would like to give this mask 4.5 stars because it is a good set of masks for the price. I can't give any stars. I'll explain the pluses and minuses of this set. There is a The material doesn't get too hot. I like that the mask doesn't push against my eyes and ruin my eye makeup, and it's a great price for three good masks. There is a It works well at night but doesn't completely block out the light during the day, and it's a little uncomfortable, but it's not unusable. It is a great set of masks for the price, and the "bads" that I mentioned might have something to do with head shape. It might be a bit big on you, but it will fit on me. I recommend this set, just keep your expectations in check.

👤There is a gap between the material and the bottom of my eye sockets that can still light up. I appreciate that it doesn't push down on the eye sockets like the cheap masks do, but that gap makes it hard to block out the light. For me. My sons got the other two and they are happy with them. Maybe it's built for bigger faces, but it just doesn't fit my face.

👤The reason this eye mask is a best seller is because the seller messages anyone who posts negative reviews asking them to take it down in return for a full refund and a better sleep mask. I paid $12 for these awful non-returnable eye masks, but they just felt wrong on so many levels. The seller sent a message. The message is nice, but the product is not any better because of the scam they are running. I took a chance on these because the previous sleep mask I've been buying for years was unavailable. The material in my eye mask doesn't touch my eyes at all, which is the most important thing for me. The flimsy material of the eye masks is so flimsy that if the eye mask is on snug it pulls the flimsy material, which flattens out and touches my eyes. My go-to eye masks do not have a nose piece. These are non-returnable, and now are less expensive than I paid, and should be marked clearly. I wouldn't recommend them. If they don't work well, it's not worth it because they look like a great deal.

👤It is amazing. I was missing a piece of foam from a great night's sleep. My man agrees that he sleeps better with it on. His light sleep and deep sleep numbers have changed. More deep sleep now. I used to not sleep on my days off because I was very sensitive to light coming in. I would think that it would fit any size head. I'm so happy I found these.

👤Most sleep masks don't stay on for the whole night and are really uncomfortable, and for a long time I have been having trouble sleeping. These are amazing. Since I started wearing this at night, I have been sleeping better. I would be exhausted throughout the day and miserable after naps. I am able to stay awake through the majority of the day because of the refreshed feeling I got from my naps. My depression and anxiety have been reduced by a lot because I am getting better sleep. I am grateful that they are available and at a great price.

3. Mask Sleeping Perfectly Comfortable Blindfold Travelling

Mask Sleeping Perfectly Comfortable Blindfold Travelling

The light is blocking. This sleeping eye mask has a patented nose wing design. The bottom of the eye mask is filled with elastic filler, which can be adjusted at will, and is very effective at blocking light from entering the nose area. The sleeping mask has soft side wings which prevent any unwanted shifting of the mask, so that your eyes won't feel any pressure while wearing it. The sleeping mask uses four layers of fabrics that are super soft and comfortable. The side touching the skin is made from a fabric that is very soft to the touch. A portable carrying bag and an elastic strap that fits heads from 19 to 28 inches are included. If there is any damage or quality problems during the use process, you can contact them and they will give you a solution.

Brand: Kimkoo

👤The eye cover is very comfortable. I have never had a sleep mask that is soft and comfortable. I have used it many times and it is perfect. I don't recommend it if you plan to use it in a bed. The elastic band wraps around the metal piece. If you sleep on your sides, this part will be in your head all night. The alternative was to lay on the other side. It would be better if it were close to the eye mask part or the backside of the head so it wouldn't be pressing into you.

👤The new cotton sleep mask was a good purchase since it made my face break out. They come with a travel bag and are very comfortable. I slept through the night and the mask stayed where I put it. It is true except for one important detail. After a few nights of sleep, the thin metal brackets on the mask seem to go wrong. They sometimes dig into the side of my head. They should have used something. I would return the box if I threw it away.

👤Side sleepers are not comfortable. The plastic attachment for the strap is right where my head is on my pillow. Had to come back.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. I have gone through many sleep masks trying to duplicate the success I had with a mask. I will list the issues I have had and how this mask solved them. The clasp is a strap. I have used masks with small straps that are too small for the average adult, and I have found that Velcro closers to not hold up well after being washed multiple times. This mask has a lot of flexibility. The biggest problem with previous masks has been the under/eye gaps. Flat masks don't work at all, masks with foam or shaping aren't guaranteed because we all have different faces, and this mask has a soft, flexible pad under each eye that completely solved the problem. It was comfortable and effective. The mask is made of a soft cotton which is easy to wash and is comfortable against the skin. The masks are comfortable, but the problem above is that they tear apart. I don't think there will be an issue with it misshaping because the padding doesn't feel like foam. When washing masks with foam inserts, they tend to have glue in them. It's a great deal to get two amazing masks for just 14 bucks, instead of one bad, thin mask for $10. They included a pouch to take with them when traveling. One million stars. Buy this.

👤I was a 100% skeptic. None of the eye masks I have bought have worked well for me. I have always been let down by the inadequate light blocking, poor fabric or head band that didn't fit right. The reviews for this eye mask were very good, but I have seen similar reviews before. Positive reviews for poor products are given by paid reviewers. I have had the dual package of eye masks for a few days now. The mask blocks out light completely. When I put the mask on, there was a light outside of my bedroom window that was completely black. The cotton fabric is soft. T shirt material? The mask is not a proven one. I think the head strap is flexible. I don't work night shift anymore. I did it for five years. I would have bought it many years ago if I had known it was an option. My ear plugs and CPAP make for a great night's sleep, but I also have a face mask. I will be taking it on the plane with me for my flight next month. Highly recommended!

4. Colorado Home Co Sleep Sleeping

Colorado Home Co Sleep Sleeping

Only the highest grade 6a natural and organic silk for your hair and skin will do when you slip into your best night's slumber. Real silk sleep masks are gentle on the face. The darker the color, the better the blackout from your night mask. The silk eye sleeping mask comes in 3 different colors. Their luxury champagne is a favorite sleep mask for men and women and their pretty pink silk is cute. One size fits all and protects the eyes. With a sleep eye mask, you can protect your eyes with high momme silk. Silk eye covers help with the production of serotonin and collagen. There are many reasons to use eye masks for sleeping. A silk eye mask is a perfect gift for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or any other person you care to impress. Colorado Home Co.'s Sunday Silks range can be found in their store. If you love it or want to return it, you don't have to ask about it. Their lifetime guarantee makes sure you always sleep peacefully. All of their silk is OEKO-TEX certified and comes with a free authenticity test.

Brand: Colorado Home Co

👤I wanted to like this eye mask because it's the smoothest I've tried so far, and they even provide an extra bit of fabric to do the burn test and prove that it's real silk! The strap is too tight. The pressure on my eyes can cause a mild headaches. Will have to keep looking. The eye mask is the same level of smoothness as the other two, but its threads are woven side-to-side while the other two are woven top-to- bottom. The silk for this eye mask is still great, but similar quality can be found elsewhere. I prefer the top-to- bottom smoothness since it's the direction my eye masks move most often during the night.

👤We had to send them back because they were not comfortable to wear. They pulled on the tops of our ears when we tried on them a few times. Maybe ours was just faulty.

👤The sleep set is wonderful. The hair ties are perfect, the mask is luxurious, and my hair is not a mess when I get up in the morning.

👤This is a great mask! I have very sensitive skin and it's so comfortable that I barely notice I'm wearing it, and I can't believe how much better I sleep. It's wonderful.

👤Son perfectos para mis hijas. Cubre la luz is super.

👤I have a small head, but this sleep mask was tight, and it wasn't like I had a big head. The company doesn't read reviews that say the same thing. Fix the problem by adjusting them. I had to return it.

👤The mask is padded and has good coverage. It was much better than another type I had tried before. I'll be ordering again.

👤I love this mask. I got it for myself. It is so soft and cozy. I fall asleep.

👤Silk is supposed to be the best for skin out of all fabrics. I put it over my ears because it was slipping off and my poodle almost got it. Highly recommended.

👤Sper apretado. Le tuve cambiar el resorte, por uno ms adecuado. I am adems. Di. It'sCuenta tela, sin embargo la parte, toca la cara s es, ya con eso me conformo.

👤Primer articulo de Amazon. Super smart, pero tiene un poco apretada. Tengo la cabeza normal.

5. Contoured Blackout Blindfold Adjustable Meditation

Contoured Blackout Blindfold Adjustable Meditation

The sleeping mask is lightweight and has a large area 3D design which can help you say goodbye to the pressure on your nose and face. You can fall asleep quickly and easily with this free-eye sleep experience. The eye mask is made of fabric and foam. The material is soft and cooling. In the hot summer, there is no sweat from the eyes but a silky feeling. This eye mask is great for sleeping and staying asleep because it blocks out light and conforms to the face. The mask is in place for side-sleepers. The bridge of the nose has a unique design that blocks out light. If you are sensitive to light while sleeping, you should try this eye mask. You can have a high-quality 100% blackout sleep experience if you wear this eye shade. It's ideal for insomnia and travelers. A good sleep environment and a sleep mask is an excellent solution for peaceful overnight sleep. The sleeping mask has a head strap that doesn't move or fall off while you sleep. The mask can fit perfectly on your face to ensure a wonderful night. The advance edge seal process is super durable and not easy to fall apart. The eye mask is made from top quality fiber and can be washed by hand or machine.

Brand: Zizwe

👤When I sleep on my stomach, my lashes are destroyed. This allows me to sleep while keeping my extensions in tact. My lady commented on how great they looked before I told her. She took $10 off my service because she had less work to do. The bad boy is going to pay for himself.

👤The sleeping mask blocks out the light completely. I like it. Light is hard for me because I work late at night. It may be a bit hot because of the coverage. The band is not stretchy so it may not fit someone with a large head. My head is small so it is perfect for me.

👤I've been looking for a sleep mask that won't mess up my lashes, and this one is the best I've found so far. I've tried a lot of masks, but the one I tried was on my eye. The mask doesn't do that. I still get side pressure, but it's better than my pillow. It doesn't crumple up when pressure is applied like so many of the other "3D" masks, which defeats the purpose for those other masks. So. Yes. This is my favorite. I'll be buying a lot of them.

👤I used this product to get a good nights sleep. On the first night of using this, I was able to rest throughout the night, even after waking up 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night. The product is comfortable and works well in blocking light. It fits Asian faces. I highly recommend getting this product for yourself or someone you care about.

👤It's nice to be able to see. The mask is soft and blocks out light. It's also changeable. It's nice to wake up with no mascara on.

👤The best mask out there. It's comfortable and doesn't slip around like some other masks. It was total black out. There is no pressure on your eyes when you are wearing these. You could open your eyes if you wanted the mask to not touch your eyes. It was well made. I bought one for the husband.

👤One of the best masks I have ever owned. It is very comfortable to wear. Light on face keeps the light out of the noise area. I will buy again from this company.

👤I work graveyard shift at the hospital and have been looking for a mask that will block out the light and I found it! I have tried many and they block about 80% of light, but this one blocks out 100% of light. It has a strap that doesn't crease your hair, and it's so comfortable. You can open your eyes. It is a must have for me. If you're thinking about getting it. I say do it! You will love it!

👤This product comes with a coupon that will get you a 5 star review. That's the reason you see glowing reviews. The mask is just okay, but there are some issues. The eye covers are too close together for my eyes. They sit on the corners of my eyes, which is a bit uncomfortable. The strap tends to get into the top of my ears. I can't change the mask or the strap.

6. Sleep Super Smooth Sleeping Jazzznap

Sleep Super Smooth Sleeping Jazzznap

Help Sleep is a sleep mask that can be used in a bed, a flight, a hotel or a long car ride. It creates a good sleep environment so that you can sleep well. The material is made of 19mm mulberry silk. mulberry silk is soft, smooth and economical, which makes it a good choice for masks. Most gentle care to your eyes. The headband won't tangle hair and the bands are easy to adjust. There is no smell of a chemical or a generic size. You can sleep soundly if you block out all light.

Brand: Jazzznap

👤If this review was helpful, please mark it as so, after 6 months of searching, trying and buying dozens of eye masks who would've known the cheapest one was the best one. I have tried all of them for less than $100 and they never fit. I don't care if it's under $20 because I'm told you get what you pay for. I decided to throw the cheap mask away because I was so frustrated that I couldn't find a comfortable mask. I was shocked when I tried it on. It was soft and comfortable and I didn't feel any pressure from the mask or strap. I don't know how long this mask will last. I will buy another one as a backup. If you are having a hard time finding an eye mask, give it a try as it may be the end of your search.

👤A friend used a sleep mask. I started looking on Amazon for one after I thought, "hey, that's a good idea." I put on sleep videos on Amazon prime and even though they say "ultra dark screen", it's not. Most of them were black silk and between $10-12, and I didn't want anything fancy. I saw this one for free shipping. It said it was black silk and got great reviews. I asked, "for $2.99?" Why not? It is perfect. It is a simple product. Excellent fabric. The elastic band is very comfortable. All light is blocked. I love it!

👤It works well. I have very dry eyes, and I flutter my eyes at night. The solution has been wearing a mask.

👤I was in the hospital for surgery. I was made to sleep so much better. During the 10 weeks that my grandson was with the EMT, he was stressed out and had a fear of heights. I asked him to try them. He said he never hid. Well. I ordered 3 of them from you and they are soft and fit well. He took 2 more students to school. He ordered some with a fancy design for around $20 He likes them but doesn't like to wear them. Thank you for the great quality... Cute stuffed animals... Extra small gift with flowers for someone... They help.

👤The mask blocks out all light. I work the third shift. I have to sleep during the day because this mask blocks out all the light and makes me feel like I'm sleeping at night. It was a great price, it was comfortable, it fits perfectly, and it stays in place while sleeping. You will not be disappointed, it was worth it. I don't know what I would do without this mask. I would be suffering from lack of sleep. I will be buying more for travel or washing my current one.

👤I love this mask. After 10 years, I can't sleep without a sleep mask because I can't get used to the weight of my glasses. I got this one because it was so cheap and it turned out to be one of the best I have tried. The fabric is light and soft, not putting too much pressure on the eyes. It's also effective at blocking out the sun. My roommate likes to open the blinds when she gets up earlier than I do, and this one has worked better on blocking out the sun. I like how it is adjusted so that it doesn't fall off. The wide band is more comfortable. I have ordered another one to take. A great quality product at a great price.

7. Lewis N Clark Comfort Adjustable

Lewis N Clark Comfort Adjustable

These cute animal blindfolds are good for kids birthday party, Blindfolded game, classmates parties, and girls parties. Light blocking. Relax in the dark. The eye mask blocks all light, making it the perfect sleep aid. It's great for naps or airplane travel because of the soft ridge at the bottom. One size fits all. The elastic straps on the sleep mask can be quickly adjusted to fit children or adults. It won't get stuck in your hair if you don't have a Velcro. It's soft and lightweight, and it provides headaches relief by soothing against your eyes. It's a great sleep aid for airplane, hotel, or bed. This is a great accessory for travel and also a great accessory for home use. It's great for insomnia, headaches, dry eye, and more. Even works with masks. The eye mask is made of Rip-stop nylon. The sleep mask is clean. It's easy to keep clean.

Brand: Lewis N. Clark

👤I sleep during the day. This is the only product I have ever used. My first one was about 6 or 7 years. I didn't think much about it, it worked. I think it is a superior product because I had a girlfriend who had a sleep mask too, and she was always stealing mine and I would have to sleep with hers on. Hers was sucked. It was too light to see through, and it was too far into my eye sockets. I realized how much my L & C was superior. It's large and wide, so it doesn't touch your eyes, spreads its weight all around your face, and has little lips on the underside that don't annoy or keep out the light. I think the new one is even better than the old one because it's constructed from different materials. I highly recommend. I bought another one. These are great. I couldn't find the one I had to start sleeping in again. It fits right out of the box, blocks out the light, and stays on through my sleep. I highly recommend again.

👤My husband likes to leave lights on at night so I have been wearing eye masks. I've tried many different styles and can't remember them all. This one is ahead of the rest. It's soft, so I don't have to worry about it putting pressure on my eyes. A nice seal is created by this. No light gets in when I move a lot. It is pitch black. On a sunny day, all the blinds are open. Since it's so soft against my eyes, it doesn't cause any problems. It works under my mask as well. I buy two more so I never run out. It is golden.

👤I've been buying sleep masks from Amazon for a long time. I've usually bought ones that came in multiple packs. I thought I was getting a better deal. The poor quality of those masks canceled any savings. I bought this sleep mask after reading an article about the quality and effect of it on the writer. It was definitely worth it, I thought I'd give it a try. There was no light bleed or darkness. The material is very nice and not glue like the cheaper masks. I highly recommend!

👤My spouse is a big fan of this sleep mask. She said this is the best for comfort and darkness because she has so many masks. It is recommended for those who like to sleep with a soft mask on and no light.

👤I've had this for a long time. I lived in the college dorms. I use it because I work nights and sleep during the day. The light is blocked out because the puffy bit across the bottom edge fills in around your nose. It doesn't fall off when I roll around and put my head under pillows. I know I'll wake up wearing it if I put it on when I go to sleep. It's very soft. It is very durable. I'm proud of my younger self.

8. PrettyCare Breathable Material Blindfold Contoured

PrettyCare Breathable Material Blindfold Contoured

3D Sleep Eye mask with Breathable Outer layer and small holes is designed to block all the light and let you have a sweet dream. It's perfect for shift workers. Extra Eye covers for sleeping offer excellent comfort with a snug fit and a hidden nose wing design that prevents the lights from entering your eyes. This sleep mask is designed to widen and deepen the eye's diameter. They use the strap which has a 9 cm range reach to 20 cm, it's not like other sleep masks. It doesn't pull your hair. Unique Wings beside Eye Covers: Unique wings distract pressure around the face and eyes, which make your eyes incredibly soft without any pressure and fall asleep fast. Excellent Customer Service. You will always be cared for by PrettyCare. They will try their best to help you if you have questions about their product or service.

Brand: Prettycare

👤These are amazing! Night workers who curse the sunlight and walk the path of vampire are great. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that I sleep on my side and sometimes the pillow moves the mask. The light sneaks through and I get right in the eye hole. These are lightweight, comfortable, and block out sunlight.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It was a perfect fit and comfortable. I forgot it was on after the first night. I used a weighted mask but this is better. There is no light in the room. I don't like sleep masks or light that is too bright, so I wanted to blink when I rolled over. It felt like darkness at the hotel for a second. Let's see. 1 week has passed.

👤After only 6 months, this thing is a piece of junk. During the night, the velcro loosens up, so it falls down and off. It's sad that you can't make a sleep mask that lasts longer.

👤The fitted around the face creates a total blackout. I don't understand why it says "for men". I have a medium size face and a small head, but it doesn't fit me very well because the straps are long and the valcro is hanging in the back of my head, which is an issue with most masks. I would like to see shorter straps for "size small".

👤What did I not like? I disliked that there were only 2 options. That's all about it. What did I like? How do I put this? Everything else is optional. The fit is great! You won't even notice that it is Sligh. What is the value? Absolutely! It's a great value.

👤The mask didn't stay together for more than a month.

👤The strap on the head is sharp. I don't think this mask works for me.

👤If you are like me and need a lot of darkness to fall asleep, this is the mask for you.

👤I had a black one. I had issues with the black coloring rubbing off onto my pillowcase, but I don't have that issue. It's almost completely dark. I have to adjust it around my nose to keep the light out. I have temporomandibular disorders, but they don't bother me. I prefer this one over the others.

👤The mask is effective. It doesn't allow light. You are in total darkness when you open your eyes. That is the only purpose of this mask. It is comfortable to wear. There is a bridge around the nose. The straps are very comfortable. I am sleeping well with this on. If you purchase this product, you will be satisfied.

👤The fit isn't great. Light goes through the nose.

👤Deux usages commencent d├ęchirer.

9. Yarall Double Sided Comfortable Sleeping Blindfold

Yarall Double Sided Comfortable Sleeping Blindfold

Natural and light constructions. The inner layer of cotton is soft. You can wear the mask all night long if you choose. The cotton fabric helps the mask breathe, preventing you from becoming overheated. There is a total blackout effect. Their blindfold eye cover is soft and blocks most of the light due to their "total coverage" design. You can sleep at any time of the day. It is possible to have a soft adjusted surge. Their elastic strap has been designed to be easy on your skin while still offering a nice, tight fit. To make sure your mask stays in place all night, adjust the strap length. Any time, anywhere: sleep. No matter what is going on around you, their sleep mask is lightweight and comfortable. The eye mask design blocks out light and distracts you. It's suitable for both men and women. It can be used anywhere - on planes, trains, in airports, in noisy hotels, or at home. Deep REM sleep is essential to maintaining a sharp mind, healthy energy levels, and a good mood. Their silk and cotton eye mask blocks out all the noise so that you can get a good night's sleep. Wake up refreshed, not sleepy!

Brand: Yarall

👤The sleep mask is soft and luxurious and it lets no light in. The elastic stays in place. The elastic is comfortable. I will buy again. Thank you for a great product and a better night sleep!

👤I have a collection of sleep masks that were stretched out to the point of falling off. I knew I had to buy one that was changeable. This one does it all, it blocks out the light, is comfortable, and has a good price point. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤A sturdy strap blocks out the light well and it's lightweight, silky soft, generously sized. It was just what you wore in a sleep mask.

👤I like this mask. It is the best sleeping mask. I have had. Immediately ordered another one.

👤Light weight. It was soft and comfortable.

👤It is comfortable and effective. I like it because I'm picky.

👤It works well. It seems well made.

👤Right now, it's simply superb and available at a very low price. I have been using a sleep mask for a long time. I used to fill them with dried lavender. I have come to appreciate the value of a professionally made sleep mask as it is more comfortable than my homemade ones. This one is superior to the others I have tasted from Amazon. It is designed to fit almost everyone's head, the black color is great, and its feather weight will not distract you from sleep.

10. PorsMing Sleeping Blindfold Building Adjustable

PorsMing Sleeping Blindfold Building Adjustable

Every piece of product has been carefully checked. If you're not happy with your purchase, please contact them. EUICAE is happy to help you with any issues. They are behind their products.

Brand: Porsming

👤My headbands are more like headbands than eye masks. They didn't personalize for my daughter's spa party.

👤It's a great value for the money. I bought these to be light-proof, or have enough layers so that light doesn't get through, but that's not the case. Each mask is made of two layers, the front and the back, and there's a piece of fabric at the nose area that keeps light out, and I like that each mask has two elastic straps. Even when used during sleep, they stay in place. They'd be great used as blindfolds, and the darker colors let less light through than the lighter colors, so it seems that way to me at least. I don't recommend using these as sleep masks if you want a mask that completely eliminates light, because these don't do that.

👤I wanted to give some of the children in my family some of these. They are cheap and well made. I don't like it to touch my eyes. My dogs didn't tear them up when they got a few of them. They are very well made, and if they couldn't destroy them, they are. It's perfect for kids and if the person likes that style. There are so many colors to choose from. The price is right. It goes to the washer and dryer as well.

👤The masks are terrible. I bought these for sleep masks because I wanted to use them, but when they arrived they were barely blocking out light, and the fabric was very rough and harsh against the skin. I tried to return them for a full refund, but they are not eligible for return. These would be good for party games, but not good enough for use as a sleep mask.

👤My husband and I sleep with our eyes slightly open, which causes dry eyes, so we got these to wear to sleep. They aren't great at blocking light, which is fine for us since that's not what we bought. If you're looking for sleep masks to block light, look elsewhere. After about 3 weeks of daily use, my husband's mask straps snapped. We think it's because he moves around a lot in his sleep. We don't mind since they are cheap and come in a large pack, but we don't expect amazing quality from them.

👤A lot for your money. I can't sleep without a face mask because it's a little thin. So if it helps me. I used to buy cheap ones that snapped easily, but these have been strong. I like the security of the 2 straps.

👤These are the best eye masks. There is a I used to buy them 1 or 2 at a time, but they would break easily. The new ones are so comfortable that they block out most of the light when the sun is up. If you travel a lot, you should use a black eye mask. I have a lot of them. Ask the Vons Pharmacy for the ear plugs I have. When the time comes, I would buy again.

11. Comfortable Adjustable Position Ultimate Blindfold

Comfortable Adjustable Position Ultimate Blindfold

If you want to sleep deep, anywhere, you can pull out this lightweight, comfortable sleep mask/ eye mask. This is for travel, home, hotel, train or anywhere where light is Bothered by Light. Only one blade is included. The other colors are sold separately. You can get a full night's sleep with this silk EYE mask that blocks light for a faster, deeper sleep. It is 100% top quality and will make you and your eyes relax. Silk is Breathable and soothing to the skin. Only one blade is included. The other colors are sold separately. It is recommended to sleep in any position. The Jersey Slumber sleep mask is specially designed for rub-minimizing comfort. The mask will keep your eyes shielded from light while you sleep. The Strap is Pain-free and can be adjusted to fit any sleep position. There is an adjusted soft authoritarianism. The sleeping mask has a head strap that does not move or fall off while you sleep or apply medicine to your eyes. People use a mask to concentrate and meditate. The mask that people use to cover their eyes while performing certain yoga maneuvers is extremely lightweight and fits perfectly on your face to ensure a wonderful night! Uninterrupted sleep with no pillows or sleeping bags. The Jersey Slumber sleep mask is ideal for insomnia, migraines headaches and dry-eye sufferers. You will not regret your decision if you get this sleep mask today.

Brand: Jersey Slumber

👤The desert sun is so early that my dog wakes up and makes monkey noises, until I take her for a walk. She can sleep like a human. 10/10

👤The husband works night shift. Wakes up to everything. We have a noise maker and black curtains. The silk eye mask has a bra strap type adjustment. He says it's his favorite. It is easy to adjust and sturdy. It looks like it will survive. Will probably order a few of these when he misplaces or destroys it.

👤I can't say anything else, it does its job perfectly. Since I'm retired, I'm not able to get up with the first sunlight, because my bedroom only has mini-blinds. I thought I might be able to sleep until my dog is fed. I didn't hold out any hope for it. I expected it to be difficult to keep out the light. I was wrong on a lot of things. I don't notice it at all, because I sleep with it every night and can sleep until the alarm goes off. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be kept in the dark.

👤The designer put thought into it. I use this for traveling and to help adjust my rhythms, as I work unusual hours and wake up grumpy. It's silky soft, hides all light, doesn't break my lashes, and it's small, so it can easily be tucked away when traveling. The width and thickness of the strap is perfect, no pinching or poking of the head can cause a headaches like some masks do. Its sleek design doesn't look foolish when caught snoozing. I can wash it. I will buy again.

👤I use a mask to keep my eyes from drying out from the a/c and the ceiling fan.

👤The best investment I've made. Blacks out the sun in a room.

👤Light, thin and short are the best ways to describe these. I bet on these after reading through many reviews of eye masks. I have a medium-to-large sized adult male head, but it's hard to fit some men's sized hats on. I thought the slide on these was innovative and that the straps on the last pair were obnoxious. I had to shorten the strap about 90 percent of the way after trying the mask three times. These are not made for people with large heads. The issue I have with them is the strap. If I shorten it enough to feel like it's going to stay over my eyes, then the location of where it's seen in puts all the pressure on my eyes, if these aren't as thin and light as they are. It feels like they're going to float off my face if I loosen the strap a little more. It's a shame, because the material and shape they use works, in terms of blocking most any light while wearing them, it's just the construction and placement of the strap that's keeping this from rising above mediocre status and instead being a good product.


What is the best product for eye cover mask?

Eye cover mask products from Bucky. In this article about eye cover mask you can see why people choose the product. Yiview and Kimkoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye cover mask.

What are the best brands for eye cover mask?

Bucky, Yiview and Kimkoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye cover mask. Find the detail in this article. Colorado Home Co, Zizwe and Jazzznap are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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