Best Eye Covers for Sleeping Girls

Sleeping 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Ayygift Classic Sleeping Morning Eyeshade

Ayygift Classic Sleeping Morning Eyeshade

It is soft and skin friendly. The eyelash is embroidered with a sweet design. It's ideal to block out light so you can fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed. It's convenient to have a portable string pouch in a handbag for when you need to relax, sleep, shift work, meditate, or travel. Eyemask is 20*9 cm and pouch is 14*11 cm. A lightweight and elastic band is suitable for all teen girls or adult ladies. Good eye care product. Intellectual property is protected by AYY gift.

Brand: Ayygift

👤I didn't want a blindfold made of silk, I wanted a cotton one. I sweat so much that I need a cotton blindfold to keep my eyes closed while I do my daily cardio exercise. I put the rainbow side against my eyes to catch sweat and wash them after. I wish it had a nose guard to block the light at the bottom for total darkness, but for the price, I'm ok to just cut up some old T-shirts and sew them on myself.

👤So cute. The strap loosens a bit with use. I love that it is furry on the outside and silky on the side. I prefer the silky side of it, even though my daughter likes to wear it against her face. I am glad I ordered them and would recommend them to a friend.

👤I buy eye masks in bulk because they tend to fall behind the bed or I toss them aside in the night because they tend to lose their elasticity quickly. I have not yet lost a single one of these and they fit well, with no stretching out of shape, although the quality is slightly wanting. They could use a nose flap.

👤I've been using one for weeks now and it's still holding up, it's excellent and good quality. The rainbow side is soft, but I wish the black side was as soft. I have to wear these backwards because the rainbow side is facing my eyes and the other side makes my face sweaty and sticks to me. I wanted to be cute, but not stare at the rainbows behind closed lids. I wish the plain side was better because the rainbows are for other people to see. I could wear them correctly and sleep well.

👤It's loveeeee! I used these for my daughter's party. Had my sister put their names on them, and then gave them to the girls in their bags. I kept one for myself because it looks exactly like the picture.

👤The strap is too tight. I'm an adult man with a head. I can't wear it comfortably so this product is useless for me. The young and the Petite should buy this product. Maybe I'll use eye masks to wash my car.

👤Cute eye masks for a party. I wanted to make cute party favors out of the eye masks I needed. They don't completely cover eyesight, but for the price, I can't complain. I bought the Magfok iron on flock letter transfers if anyone is interested. It's easy! A huge hit at the party. Girls loved them and said they were soft. Adding names is a small addition that can make a big difference. It's a good idea to have a party for your daughter. I added the star I knocked off back since they adjusted easily for the Pringles Challenge.

👤Blocks are light, great to have a fresh one each night to avoid break outs of oily skin. I want to like them so bad, but they are not comfortable. If I lay on my left side it hurts my head because the strap has a plastic piece on the side. It is a bit too tight. I consider myself to be an average sized adult female head.

2. Biubee Unicorn Sleeping Blindfold Travel

Biubee Unicorn Sleeping Blindfold Travel

The Bedtime Magician is a great gift for children and kids who love the horn. The sleep mask are soft on the silk side and cute on the outside, which make it a great combination of comfortable wear and nice design. The elastic band of the blindfold eye cover is easy to put on and will not fall off while sleeping. Their adorable unicorn mask is great for business travel, taking a nap, and kids sleep parties. Warm tips: the size of each patch of mask is about 20 cm x 8 cm. Please check their product size carefully and read the product size descriptions before purchasing to avoid unpleasant shopping experience.

Brand: Biubee

👤My 3yo has been asking for a sleep mask. I got these because they were cute and cheap. She loves them. I was worried about the fit but the mask is in place with room for growth. We only had the masks for a week so I don't have a comment on their longevity.

👤Our five year old granddaughter is a big fan of these. Since she got them for her, she has been wearing one every night.

👤My four year old daughter loves them. She would like to put on a different one every night. It fits her head and is soft. When she falls asleep, her face tends to come off so watch out for that.

👤7 year old daughter loves them. Very soft; comfortable; cute. She likes rotating the sleep masks. It's great for little ones who need to go to bed before the sun sets.

👤Couldn't be happier with this purchase. The sleep masks my daughter wore to the spa party were a huge hit. I was not sure what type of quality to expect, but these are better than anything I looked at online. It was well made and cute. I am very happy I made the purchase and recommend them.

👤I bought masks for my daughter's party. The masks are good. Good price. One of the masks had no elastic band in the back. It is too big for a small girl or anyone. The others will fit anyone. Overall, happy.

👤These are very cute. They are wrapped individually, which made them perfect for bags. They are soft with a panel. The strap is wrapped in soft fabric so it doesn't get tangled in hair. My girls loved them.

👤It's perfect for sleep overs and give aways as favors. The materials are very soft and the price is good. These are ten dollars a piece if you go to Justice. This is a crowd pleaser. The older ones feel younger. The elastics do not hurt behind the ears or head and are very cute.

👤Doesn't block out light, more novelty than function.

👤Great. Love it. Kids love it. It's nicely done, and it's sily material on the inside.

3. Bucky Ultralight Sleep Masks Eyelash Black

Bucky Ultralight Sleep Masks Eyelash Black

The bamboo eye mask has a unique design and tone that allows it to show people a premium sense of luxury and each eye mask has a portable bag. Whoever receives their night mask will be very happy, and it will be a wonderful surprise for them. Ultra light weight. The eye mask is 7.75" wide and 3.25" tall. Ultralight is a little larger than the original blink 40 eye masks. Easy care is made of 100% foam and interlock, hand wash cold with soap and hang to dry. It's possible to have a pressure free eye with the help of the lightweight latex-free molded foam. Relax and fall asleep quickly without light from street lamps, electronics, or morning sun, wake up refreshed after sleeping, travel, meditation and a full night's rest.

Brand: Bucky

👤Cute and functional! I wear individual eyelash extensions that don't put pressure on my eyes or lashes. When it is on, I can still blink. I sleep roughly, which ruins my lashes. The mask is a great way to preserve them.

👤The last one I bought was the same price as the one I prefer, and it had over 600 reviews. The material is rougher and the cups are shallow. My eyelashes are touching. I take it off in the middle of the night. This is not the same product as the one worn by this brand. I purchased the new one and am reviewing it. I wanted to replace the old one. The only thing I can think of is that the other option is better, but the lightest one is just as good.

👤I am new to the individual lash world. I realized I was the reason why I needed to get my lashes refilled earlier. A person told me that a 3D eye cover/sleep mask works well in helping with the lasting of their lashes. I decided to take pictures of my lashes and let you see how much width I have to have the mask at in order to not feel like it is smashing my lashes. It is tighter because the less of velcro is out. I hope I explained that. I don't think this mask would work for you if you have long lashes. I tend to sleep on my side. The mask slides up a little, but not to the point that it wakes me up. I don't have a problem with light shining through, but I only use my mask at night, not in the daytime, so I can't speak for the others who say they can still see light through their mask. The mask is comfortable. If you get natural lashes, I believe this eye mask will work for you if you are like me, and like to rub lashes off in the middle of the night. If you order based on my review, please understand that I am not guaranteeing this. If you are looking for something for lashes, I want to give you more information.

👤It's perfect for eyelash extensions. I can blink while wearing a mask. Doesn't budge and has a closed mouth to keep you from falling asleep. This mask works well for me, I am a side sleeper.

👤I have an old trusted sleep mask that is showing its age after years of use. I decided to buy another one because I like it so much. This one isn't a success. My old one is the standard model and I bought an "ultralight" this time. The smaller eye mask was a total fail. The strap is half the length of the standard one. It is so short that it won't go around my head without a stretch. The result is awful if you want to overlap and stick. It's too tight. It was tight. It's tight. The effect on the head is only one. The total circumference of the mask is only 16.7 inches. This is smaller than the 23" measure for my other mask. The bridge of my nose is put too much pressure because the nose opening is too tight. The mask isn't as soft to start with, but having that tight piece of synthetic cloth pulled too tightly across the bridge of my nose made it feel like it was cutting me. It took almost an hour for the dent to go away, but it matched the ones on my cheeks. It might fit a small child's head, but even that is doubtful. I hope that I just got a bad one.

4. Adjustable Sleeping Blindfold BeeVines Christmas

Adjustable Sleeping Blindfold BeeVines Christmas

Sleep Sound Anywhere and Anytime: Wear this lightweight, soft, comfortable sleep mask anywhere, and you will get a good night's sleep. The silk eye sleeping mask is perfect for travel, home, flight, train, or anywhere where your sleep is bothered by light. Their silk eye cover can help you sleep and lift your spirit. Their silk eye mask is made from 100% silk and is naturally calming to your facial skin and will help you sleep faster. BeeVines eye mask is specially designed for sleeping blackout, so you can enjoy sound sleep in any position. The eye mask will keep your eyes protected from light while you sleep. The strap can be adjusted to allow you to sleep in any position. BeeVines 2 Pack eye covers feature a comfortable, pain-free head strap that does not move or fall off while you sleep. The sleep aid mask is lightweight and fits perfectly on your face, so you can use it for sleep, concentration or meditating. The silk masks come in two packs and act as sleeping aids that are ideal for people suffering from insomnia, headaches and dry- eyes thanks to the natural fibers of the silk. These 2 pack sleep masks are a great gift for your loved ones.

Brand: Beevines

👤The title and description of the item are not accurate, as they state that this is a 2 pack of masks, one black and one pink. It was a single mask, black on one side and pink on the other.

👤I am very impressed with this brand, it's my first time trying it. The packaging is beautiful, there is a card that explains the difference between genuine and artificial silk, I appreciated it since I didn't know. There were 2 masks, 1 black and 1 pink. They have a soft, light,tiny feel and are not heavy. They keep out all the light at night and during the day. I had a well lit bedroom and bright lampost lighting at night which made it difficult to sleep at night, but once I started using these I was able to sleep through the night. I'm thankful for that. The strap in the back is easy to change. It doesn't feel elastic but it does stretch if necessary and it doesn't grip tightly as some night masks do. I didn't feel it in my sleep. It comes off easily, unlike other sleep masks, and for someone like me who suffers from hair loss, this is extremely important. It is a great value, comfortable, and the best sleeping mask. I've tried.

👤I like the Bee Vines sleep mask. It is very soft. I like the extra large size of it because it doesn't allow light to slip in the sides like the smaller sized masks can. I don't want a small crack of light to make my pain worse. I can wear the band in a loose manner when my head is throbbing and it doesn't hurt my skin when I have a migraines. I was hoping it was made in America since it says on the site that it comes from a mom and daughter business. I wanted to support them and all American businesses. I couldn't find anything on the website about where it was made. The mask says "made in China" on the box. It's a shame.

👤It is so soft. The silk blocks all the light. It fits my husband and me.

👤I ordered 3 different silk sleep mask products at the same time and picked out the one that I liked the best based on reviews from both sleep mask review sites and Amazon. The design of these masks are very similar. Their size, shape and strap adjustment are the same. All of them did the same thing because of this. I noticed that there were some common complaints when looking at sleep mask reviews. As one's head is laid on it, the plastic strap adjustment is uncomfortable. Put pressure on the eyes by wearing a mask. Light bleeding around the nose or through the mask. I have had no issues with any of the 3 products that have bleeding dye. I wash them in room temperature water with soap nut liquid. The excess water should be hung to dry. Depending on where you are and how you lay your head when sleeping, the plastic strap adjuster can be a bit uncomfortable. There are more details under the reviews. I had loosened the adjustment strap too much, so I thought this was an issue. You want to loosen it more than you think you can. I found it was about right once it no longer put any pressure on the eyes. If you toss your head around a lot during the night, it's possible to shift the mask back in place, but it's easy to do if you're mostly asleep. - If the mask has shifted to one side or the other during sleep, there is a light bleed around the nose. It's not an issue if you sleep under the sun or the light comes from your feet up towards your face. Light coming through the masks has not been an issue. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Blindfold, Super Smooth Eye Mask (White) are some things to note. It has not gotten in the way or been noticeable. The most expensive option was the cute patterns. Alaska Bear and Jimoo have the same strap size. The plastic adjustment mechanism for my average-sized head ends up off center-middle of the back of my head, making it less comfortable for back- sleeping. The J Jimoo store has a Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Super-Smooth & Soft Eye Mask with a Strap. I appreciated that this one came in several moderate mostly unpatterned shades other than black and white. You can reverse it and use the other side between washes as there is no embroidered side. It feels like the lightest yet it has no issues blocking light. It drapes a bit better than the other two. Alaska Bear and Jimoo have the same strap size. The plastic adjustment mechanism for my average-sized head ends up off center-middle of the back of my head, making it less comfortable for back- sleeping. BeeVines Silk Sleep Mask, 2 Pack Mulberry Silk Eye Mask with Adjustable Strap is available for purchase on Amazon. If you don't have a large head, there should be no issues with it. I think I have a fairly average-sized American head and it fits just fine, though I loosened it a bit. The plastic adjustment mechanism is at the side of my head and not as comfortable as side- sleeping.

5. Contoured Sleeping Blindfold Concave Meditation

Contoured Sleeping Blindfold Concave Meditation

The foam is soft and comfortable. The eye space is wider and deeper than other flat eye masks. It's not easy to fall apart with the heat-bonded technology. The top quality fiber fabric is stain resistant. You feel comfortable with the memory foam. It is easy to adjust and not catch hair if you fit all size head circumference. Blocks lights and allows blinking. It's ideal for meditation, yoga, travel, and insomnia.

Brand: Mzoo

👤I ordered a brand of sleep mask on Amazon, but I won't name the brand, but I liked it. I ordered a travel one from the same brand and it broke. I decided to order another brand because they have good customer service and are replacing it. I decided to order this one. The use case is USAGE. I was curious about the padding on it. I have a reason for a sleep mask, it's that I hate light when I sleep, it needs to be pitch black. This is a better mask than my other one, which was very dark and thin, but still very usable, and I do love it, but this one gets darker, which is nice. I would give this 4.5, but only due to my personal preferences. I like the fact that my mask touches my eyes. It feels like I'm resting on my eyes, it's closed and dark. The middle cannot touch your eyes because of the memory foam padding. Many would prefer this more because it prevents light bleed around the edges. The padding on the eye makes it feel heavy, but it's not. The strap is wide, so it may offend some people with taller ears, but for me it's doable. It's very flexible to be very loose. I'm a man with a large head. It has a nose hole on the inside to fit the padding better without pushing up on the mask. It's awesome that packaging is in this. I wasn't sure if it was worth it, but it was 5 dollars more than my other mask. It comes in a nice box, and when you open it, you will find a mask with the company logo on it. There is a silk carrying pouch with some earplugs under that. You will find a company card thanking you for ordering, as well as their customer contact information. The foam earplugs are nice, but most people will use them on planes. I prefer my fan for white noise, so I don't use this at home, but it's a nice touch. They also come in a case. There is a sleep test. The most important part of a sleep mask. I took a nap and tested it for two nights. It blocks all light, you can barely notice it on your face, and once asleep, you don't notice it at all. It works perfect. Some users complained about a smell. The smell is similar to foam from a factory. I have a sensitive nose, and it seems to be fading each day, but on the third day it's almost gone completely. For me, it's not an issue, I'm only mentioning it because other reviews have it. I would recommend it. Will update if there are any issues or bad things.

👤My wife suggested that I use a face mask to sleep, since she likes open windows and I like darkness. I used the ones the airlines give out, but didn't like the small straps that lingered for most of the day, so I started looking for a better option on Amazon. I thought I had a winner with these, based on all the reviews. The mask did not work for me and therefore I had to return. The airline issued masks are light and do not cause me to sweat, but this mask caused me to sweat. I removed it one night while sleeping. This never happened with the masks the airline issued. There are two The extra padding on this mask only made the corners of my eyes look smaller. It was odd. The masks were issued to the corners of my eyes, rather than the small lines left by the airline. There are more than one 3). A large red mark was left on the bridge of my nose by this mask. There are 4 I like the feeling of being in a mask, but I'm not sure if I'm the only one. I have had an Osim eye massager for years. There are slots at the eyes for whatever reason. It's not like I'm going to open my eyes just to see what's going on, so I'm not sure why the slots are there. I tried to use the mask with the exterior part facing in to see if that worked better. It did not. 5). The earplugs are not good. The yellow plugs from 3M work better. I cannot use this mask and have requested a refund. It's useful for many. I didn't think that was the case.

6. Animal Rabbit Sleeping Blindfold Traveling

Animal Rabbit Sleeping Blindfold Traveling

The cute rabbit sleep eye masks are included. The plush material is very soft and light. Cute animal shape design will bring you a pleasant sleep and give you a pleasant mood. Good choice for kids gifts. This cute animal sleep mask will help you sleep better and help you fall asleep faster. One size fits most, elastic strap makes it easy to fall off, suitable for women, girls, and kids. It is possible to use fully light block, calm and relax your eyes, for a variety of purposes.

Brand: Yosbabe

👤I was hesitant about these because they seemed to be for adults. A lot of adults have small faces. That is not me. I was too intimidated to take a chance because I have big hair. I absolutely love them and I finally did. They are a great fit, they are soft and precious. I would recommend them. Sorry, kids! These are for grownups.

👤These little masks are soft on the outside and synthetic on the inside. The elastic strap is a little uncomfortable when it rests near your ears, but they were a good buy for the price. Light is blocked by the dark back of all of them.

👤These were perfect for my girls birthday party. I am happy to say that they look great. I bought them in December.

👤Very cute. They were used for a party. It works for adolescent to adult.

👤These sleep masks are very soft. They are quite comfortable. These are great for gifts, stocking stuffers, or just to use for yourself.

👤My older kids have been loving them, even though I got them for my preschool daughters. They wear them around the house. The inside is soft. Outside is soft and fluffy.

👤These are very high quality for how cheap they are.

👤The items are the same as pictured. They were a hit at my daughter's party. Definitely recommend.

7. Gejoy Pieces Unicorn Sleeping Blindfold

Gejoy Pieces Unicorn Sleeping Blindfold

The material is a sponge and fabric. 19 x 10 cm/ 7.48 x 3.94 inch Colorful sleep mask: 5 different patterns for you to choose, soft, comfortable and lightweight to wear, make you have a good rest to release fatigue. The sleeping mask with soft elastic bands is suitable for most women, men and kids. The cute blindfolds are good for kids' birthday parties, classmate parties, and girls' parties. The eyes mask is necessary to keep your eyes shielded from light.

Brand: Gejoy

👤The eye masks are very cute. It is not very thick. They are too big for a child. They are too big for an adult. The elastic band is very long so you have to tie a knot in it to make it smaller. One person says happy birthday. They are for my granddaughters. The price is not bad. They are going to be too big for the kids.

👤These eye masks are similar to other reviews. A little on the big side for young children. I bought these for my daughter after she tried to steal mine. I'm saving the rest for party favors. She doesn't complain because she wears one that slides around and doesn't stay against her face as she sleeps. It's more of a comfort accessory for her.

👤My niece is about to be 6 years old and is into yoga. She's been asking for one of these. I think she will like them.

👤Two years ago, I bought these for my daughter. She still uses one every night. They have held up well. We don't have to look far to find one at bed time because we have 5 of them. I put them in the laundry every now and then.

👤One of the kids had a happy birthday on it, but it was a bust since it was Noone birthday, but it was worth it.

👤It's too much for kids to get these. They were a bit too big of a thinker. They were adjusted since it was for kids and adults. They aren't adjusted to be able to find a KNOT in them for now cute prints, but one has already been found on the edge. It was missed when being secluded.

👤My daughter wanted a mask to sleep in. I bought her these. She loves them even though they end up off at night. I ordered them again because she left some when we went on vacation. She likes to choose which one she uses each night and it helps her sleep at least for now.

👤The 9 year old girls loved them. I ordered them for ours after I was impressed by a friend of mine who got them for her daughter.

8. Animal Blindfold Sleeping Plush High Quality

Animal Blindfold Sleeping Plush High Quality

The cute animal sleep masks are made of high quality fabric and super soft plush. There is a cute cat, panda,fox and dog design. It is a great combination of comfortable wear and nice design. The elastic band of the blindfold eye cover is easy to put on and will not fall off while sleeping, it can work well for women, girls or kids. Kids will be happy when they see this. The sleeping mask with soft makes you comfortable to wear, does not move or fall off while you're sleeping, suitable for most women, men, and kids. Their adorable sleep mask is great for sleeping, travel, cosplay, games and kids overnight sleep parties. The sleeping eye mask covers are a great gift for friends or family. Enjoy a good night's sleep anywhere. It's a good choice for kids birthday party, blindfolded game, classmate parties, girls parties, etc.

Brand: Dreamlizer

👤I thought this would be a good idea for my daughter. She told me many times that she wanted a face mask. I thought I would try them. She was happy when she opened the package. I believe she has slept with it every night for several weeks. The quality is better than I expected.

👤These masks are soft and cute. It's fun to block out the light or sight for a game.

👤I like how they can be adjusted so that adults can wear them with their children. It's comfortable and soft.

👤It's all cute, but when my two children put on face over the night, it was scratching.

👤A pack of used masks covered in human hair was very disappointing.

👤The masks are comfortable. A child's face is big.

👤If you have kids sleeping on a bunkbed, blocking out any excess light is a great benefit. The sleep masks are soft and cute, and they fit my kids perfectly, we just put the sleep mask on their forehead, so that it wouldn't cover their noses. This would fit a grown up's face and is large enough to fit a woman's face. They are soft, cute, and fun to be around. I'm happy with how nice they are.

9. Hicarer Blindfold Sleeping Adjustable Multicolor

Hicarer Blindfold Sleeping Adjustable Multicolor

The outer layer is made of polyester, and the inner is non-woven fabric with sponges. The eye mask stays on place with 2 elastic straps. These sleep masks are easy to carry and store. It's nice for you to take a nap at home or office, it's also nice for you to travel on plane or train, and it's nice for kids birthday party, classroom activities and other parties. 30 pieces of blindfolds can be applied multiple times.

Brand: Hicarer

👤Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself while wearing a sleep mask? I couldn't see what I was looking for. I don't want anything heavy on my face when it gets hot, so this will be great. They're light and airy, perfect for summer nights. The straps on my head are very comfortable. They're lightweight and will be a staple when I travel.

👤They are comfortable and block a lot of light. They are made out of nylon. It is noisy if you rub it on anything. It shouldn't matter if you wear earplugs. This might not work for you if you are a light sleeper. They might be good in a pinch, but other than that, they are terrible. I got the goods I paid for. They are thin and boring.

👤My first review was hidden because I was honest. I will rephrase it. I didn't read the description right. I got a silky fabric that was my mistake, I was expecting cotton. They slide off of your face. I got a cotton one from the hospital. I loved it. It broke. I had to replace it. I thought I would just buy a big pack and have a bunch extra. These are not the same as the one I had. If you are looking for something that you can replace every few days, this is it.

👤I have to return the masks because of the intense chemical smell, but they look fine and seem like they would feel fine on. I bought them to use as blindfolds for a kids class game, but I can't in good conscience put them on kids after washing.

👤I bought these masks for a game and they worked well, but if they aren't positioned with the nose piece wrapped under the tip of the nose, the user can't see the bottom. I tried cutting the nose piece off, but it didn't help. I don't know if I've slept with them, but I assume that if you're comfortable wearing one and the nose piece doesn't interfere with your breathing, you'll be fine. The dark fabric blocks out light. Some of the stitching on the trim and straps came off.

👤These are very thin. They are only good for partying. The brighter colors do not function as a sleep mask. The quality matches for the price. I was expecting it to be better, but I will make them work.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter's slumber party. The girls liked them. My plan was to let the girls use paint markers. I failed the test before the party. These are very thin nylons and the ink bled. These don't block out light. I was aware of what to expect from this product after reading the reviews. Only party faithfuls are allowed. Would work as a blindfold for a pinata party.

👤I thought these would be the same as the others, but they are a bit too thin. They serve their purpose for most of the time and I bought them for my clients so they could keep them.

10. Animal Sleeping Blindfold Rabbit Eyeshade

Animal Sleeping Blindfold Rabbit Eyeshade

The sleep mask can block the light from the gap to provide a better shading effect, each piece has an individual packing, convenient to store and carry. The size is 20 cm x 8 cm. The measurement is 3.15". The soft and comfortable material is made of sponge and fabric, it is lightweight and soft, it helps relieve eye nerve and pressure, it improves sleep environment. The sleeping mask with soft elastic bands makes you comfortable to wear, does not move or fall off, and is suitable for most women, men, and kids. This eye mask cover is suitable for travel, home, hotel, train, or anywhere that is bothered by light. These cute animal blindfolds are good for kids birthday party, Blindfolded game, classmates parties, and girls parties.

Brand: Yosbabe

👤The pink rabbit and grey koala are made of good material with soft fabric in the front, a lining and a head band. These two are very comforting to me. If you are somewhere with bright light, they are not completely out. It works well for the average situation. The panda and the brown one are both soft, but the head band is cheaper. This is a good value and does not look weird.

👤My daughter likes sleep masks.

👤My daughter used to use these. She likes to pick a different animal each night. They work well and make it very dark.

👤These are soft and cut to fit the eye. They are great gifts for family and friends. I love them!

👤My children love their masks. They wear them around their heads.

👤It's adorable! The girls loved them and bought them for their slumber party. They still sleep with them.

👤My daughter loves them.

👤Some of the straps on your head were twisted. It's pretty hard to sleep with this. The straps are too large for my kids.

11. SATINIOR Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Overnight

SATINIOR Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Overnight

The package includes 8 rainbow-colored plush eye masks, they are designed with cute unicorn pattern and special shape, suitable for children to use, especially for girls, and you can share some with others. The soft plush blindfold eyeshade is suitable for most people, especially for girls, because it is a one size fits all, 7.87 x 3.54 inches, and the elastic cord on the back makes it easy to use. The cartoon night eye cover is made of soft material, which will cause no pressure on your eyes, while you sleep. It is stable and not easy to break, safe and reliable, with vivid colors, not easy to fade, and it will serve you for a long time. The kids sleep eye covers can help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep without light interference, while reducing fine lines on the eyes, whether you are at home, in the office, on the plane or at the airport. You can use the cute unicorn sleeping mask for a wide range of purposes, from travel, nap, lunch break, overnight party, on the plane, to bedroom, living room, and more.

Brand: Satinior

👤It's 8. I only received 7. Looks to be missing the purple one.

👤These are all nicely done.


What is the best product for eye covers for sleeping girls?

Eye covers for sleeping girls products from Ayygift. In this article about eye covers for sleeping girls you can see why people choose the product. Biubee and Bucky are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye covers for sleeping girls.

What are the best brands for eye covers for sleeping girls?

Ayygift, Biubee and Bucky are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye covers for sleeping girls. Find the detail in this article. Beevines, Mzoo and Yosbabe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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