Best Eye Covers for Sleeping Kids

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1. AKOAK Princess Eye Shade Blindfold Maskļ¼ˆPink

AKOAK Princess Eye Shade Blindfold Mask%EF%BC%88Pink

The material is short and has a size of 16 cm x 9 cm. The package has a pink and light blue color. The design pattern ispleasing to your eye and head. The average size is one size fit most. It's a good idea to block out the light for better sleep.

Brand: Akoak

👤The four year old asked for a mask. She couldn't be happier. She wore it on her forehead the next morning after putting it on the first night. It is fun and happy for everyone. She loves that we take pictures of her while she sleeps, and we think she is cute.

👤At the party, I gave these to all my girlfriends. We are still princesses, even though we are grandmothers. We had fun posing.

👤These are very cute. I had one that my girls wanted. I found these for them. My 5 year old's head is small for the strap, but she makes do with it. These are very cute. They are easy to clean. I don't know how long my girls stay on at night. Sometimes they just sleep with them in their hands but they love having a sleep mask on.

👤My daughters think it's funny because of their eyes. My 2 year old was laughing at my 4 year old when she put it on. My child said it is comfortable.

👤I don't like the band or strings they used. I have to put a knot in them because they aren't tight for a child's head. The sleeping mask will be useless if the material used is not stretched out sooner than later. They are cute for now. I wouldn't but another one. I'll keep looking. They need more of an elastic band with width.

👤It was bought for our daughter. Daddy tried it out. It is very soft and durable. Great price too! I would recommend it.

👤I bought these for my baby girls. They love them. They wear them all the time. They fit both of the faces. They are 5 and 6 years old.

👤These look similar to the picture. They are very thin. Within 2 weeks of my daughter using it, one broke. The string broke on the other side as I sewed it back together. They came with 2 and the other has been together for 2 months. They fit my 6 year old well. She can wear it comfortably. Too big for my 3 year old.

2. Pieces Adjustable Blindfold Sleeping Blocking

Pieces Adjustable Blindfold Sleeping Blocking

The natural fiber in the sleep eye cover allows healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out, which makes it a good option for insomnia sufferers and also a good option for people with dry eyes. The eye mask and the padding fabric at the bridge of the nose can block out all light to make sure you sleep in total, even if you're on the plane or in a hotel. The strap has been lengthened to increase the range to fit almost all sizes of heads, and is suitable for women and men. Silk and soft fabric is made of quality silk material which is a type of porous fiber that has good hygroscopicity and moisture permeability, soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, helping to release stress on your eye areas. Each piece of silk sleep eye mask is 7.87 x 3.93 x 20 cm, enough for personal use, and can be shared with your family members or friends as a nice gift.

Brand: Bbto

👤My daughter has been asking for a sleep mask since seeing the new Boss Baby movie. I thought I would give them a try. They say they fit my 6 yo daughter well, but she doesn't have the smallest head, so keep that in mind for little kids. She likes the way it feels, just getting used to having something around her head, but that will be a sleep mask.

👤The listing said they were for children. They are too large for an adult. It was bigger than necessary. It seems like fabric. They are returning them.

👤I bought these for my youngest granddaughter because they have an adjustment strap. The elastic strap on the other sleep mask was not adjusted. These work well and come in a variety of colors to choose from. I would buy them again.

👤I bought a mulberry silk one for myself and then bought a set of 4 for the kids. Surprisingly these felt just as soft as my twenty dollar mask, for a tenth of the price. I can't tell a difference between quality and touch. I let the kids compare them and they said that these were better than mine.

👤It was soft for my kids. My 5 year old is perfect with the strap.

👤They are soft, but they pull at the front. They probably won't lay flat on your face. Unless you can feel the tightness, you won't be able to tell. Kids thought a sleeping mask would be nice. They left by the morning.

👤My kids wanted these because their cartoons have people using them. This was a big hit with them. These are very comfortable. These could be used by adults.

👤The masks were pretty. Our granddaughters were very happy to receive them.

3. Sleep Mask Stormtrooper Heroes Children

Sleep Mask Stormtrooper Heroes Children

This sleeping mask is an excellent gift for your friends, family, children, shift workers and other people who need a good night's sleep. The eye mask for sleeping is good for travel, meditation, naps and shift work and is easy to clean with soap and water. It's suitable for different occasions such as indoor, outdoor and camping. The kids sleeping mask is cool. The original design of the Sleeping mask won prizes at international exhibitions. This sleeping mask is great for people who like arts and are innovative. Night mask eyes coverage originality provides the benefits of total blackout, whether at home, in a hotel or on the plane, where bright led light and dry air can be especially harsh. The mask is a great travel accessory. Sleep mask is designed to block lights and allow your eyes to blink. The sleep mask for kids and men is made of high quality cotton and will prevent any light from entering, making it the best sleep mask for kids and men. Product features You will wake up refreshed even after a bad night sleep with the perfect cotton mask. Night Blindfold is made of natural materials, has an ergonomics design, and is hypoallergic, which makes it great for people with sensitive skin. Cotton is ideal for insomnia, migraines headaches and dry-eye sufferers, and the design pattern will help you sleep better.

Brand: Shuba

👤This review is for a sleep mask for children, a sleeping mask, and a blindfold. People who want to look cool in their sleep can use this sleep mask. The material is soft. It does not have plastic smell. It fits both the adult man and child. The strap is an elastic that you adjust by moving part of it through a plastic holder, like the neck strap of an apron. This is hand washed. The colors are not as bright as the original photo.

👤Silky sleep mask is good at blocking out light and not causing facial wrinkling. It's a fun design, it's brighter and more interesting in person than photos. It's a little pricey, but a decent stocking stuffer or gag gift for a Star Wars fan. My kids like to travel. Even though my oldest is in middle school, he still looks forward to them. They're just totes or backpacks filled with things to do while on the go, most of which they've never seen before. A new book, some snacks, a stuffed animal, sunglasses, headphones, and maybe an iPad gift card for buying new games are included. A packet of fresh things to keep them entertained while they are on their way. I theme these bags to our wherever we're going on vacation because I am a crazy person. It would be nice to have this in one of the bags to help them sleep on the plane or in the car.

👤The sleep mask for children is 100% soft cotton and has an eye sleeping mask. We keep sleep masks in the car for the kids so they can sleep in it. When they start getting tired, they will automatically reach for the masks. This is a fun addition to our sleep mask collection. It fits both kids and adults. I am able to adjust the strap long enough that it doesn't put pressure on the eyes. The inner fabric that sits against the eyes is made with a type of jersey material that doesn't feel very soft against the eyes, but it's not bad. The masks let in a little light around the nose, but it doesn't bother the kids.

👤My son is a toddler and I got him a sleep mask. He loves the idea of a sleeping mask, but won't use it yet. He likes to pretend to be a soldier. The mask is comfortable and blocks out light. I like the way the strap is adjusted. I would have given it five stars, but I think it's a bit overpriced. I would pay $10 for this.

👤I ordered a sleep mask for my husband because he needs to sleep after a night shift. He thought it was funny. The sleep mask doesn't have a strap. It has different slots. It fits our 10 year old. He said it blocks the light from entering.

👤The mask will get the job done. A stormtrooper mask is better than a plain one. It fits both kids and adults. It's likable by both. It does a great job of keeping out the light but it isn't as soft as I would like.

4. Novelty Animal Orange Sleeping Covers

Novelty Animal Orange Sleeping Covers

One size fits both kids and adults. The strap is easy to wear for adults and kids. You won't feel the light when you put it on if you enjoy the blackout. Good quality, plush, silk. The quality of the eye mask makes you feel relaxed. The lightweight sleep mask is comfortable and can be used anywhere you need to sleep. The dimensions are 7.8 * 3.1 inches. The size is suitable to block the light but not burdening.

Brand: Fxaelian

👤A cute eye mask. My son loves it. It is very soft and comfortable. He uses it on long car rides to fall asleep. He has a large head and it fits perfectly. The strap is strong. Well made product. Would definitely recommend!

👤Fantastic! So soft. Helped my son fall asleep. It was the best purchase.

👤The mask is a great way to keep out the extra light. He says it helps him sleep better.

👤This is a very cute mask. I bought it for a boy who will need to grow into it. My daughter is 8 years old. The make is one size.

👤My son is getting a stocking stuffer. He and his sister got one in the hotel and were playing with it at night. They fell asleep.

👤The package was well packaged. My son loves it. The strap is not adjusted. The item description states "adjustable strap", which is why I chose this mask. It was too big for a child's head. He loves it so much that I decided to make it smaller.

👤It was soft on both sides. Stays on your eyes. I like my sleep mask. I slept with one for a long time. It helps me to sleep in the morning. 5 stars.

👤It's not for you if you want to block out the light. Very cute!

5. Aniwon Sleeping Unicorn Blindfold Rabbit

Aniwon Sleeping Unicorn Blindfold Rabbit

Their sleep mask for kids has 6 patterns, including rabbit, panda, koala and unicorn. Kids and girls love these eye mask sleep. The soft elastic straps make it hard to fall off the sleeping mask. Most kids, teenagers and adults are in one size. Their eye mask is good for sleeping and can be used for travel, afternoon naps, train or a flight. The eye covers for sleeping can block the light from the gap. The sleep mask for women is made of soft flannelette, which is very comfortable to wear, and it allows you to go to sleep faster. Sleep mask for girls is an ideal gift for your friends or family, it is also a good choice for kids birthday party, classmates parties, girls party game, blindfolded game.

Brand: Aniwon

👤These sleep masks are very comfortable. The material is silky. I bought these for my 11 year old when she wore out her mask. I haven't washed them yet, but they look good, and for the price, you can't beat them.

👤I bought them for myself. I need a mask to sleep. I have a small head for an adult so sometimes other eye masks don't work for me. When my kids misplace these patterns, I have many others to choose from until they show up again.

👤Cute! We needed masks for my daughter's party. They were perfect! They loved the spa theme. Excellent quality. None of them broke. Highly recommended.

👤These are very cute. We used them in a Spa Party goody bag and the girls loved them. My daughter's has been using hers for a while and it has held up well.

👤I bought these for my family. They all loved them! Cute! A great price. The delivery was quick.

👤It's great for the kids. Cute and fun! It seems well made. It was on time.

👤These were great gifts for my daughters and nieces. They were a hit at the party. Good quality, can wash.

6. Animal Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Travel

Animal Sleeping Blindfold Eyeshade Travel

The sleep mask can block the light from the gap to provide a better shading effect, each piece has an individual packing, convenient to store and carry. The size is 20 cm x 9 cm. x 3.54" The soft and comfortable material is made of sponge and fabric, it is lightweight and soft, it helps relieve eye nerve and pressure, it improves sleep environment. The sleeping mask with soft elastic bands makes you comfortable to wear, does not move or fall off, and is suitable for most women, men, and kids. This eye mask cover is suitable for travel, home, hotel, train, or anywhere that is bothered by light. These cute animal blindfolds are good for kids birthday party, Blindfolded game, classmates parties, and girls parties.

Brand: Dreamlizer

👤My child is having a birthday party. The kids needed to be blind folded in some games. I had each child choose their own blind fold, so they wouldn't have to use the same one. They have to take it home. It was comfortable and cute.

👤I got these for a slumber party and they are so cute and comfortable and a great way to block out light and get some good sleep. The styles are adorable and the girls will love them.

👤They are cute, but need more black on the inside. They will be perfect after that.

👤Our 8 year old is very comfortable. They have different straps. I found that they were suffocating my eyeballs.

👤They serve the purpose we got them for. There's a little loop sewn around the adjustment clip so you can set the size, but a few had huge loops that made them very tight for almost anyone.

👤These are great to keep the light. My children use them to sleep. They have a lamp. It works well. Another good purchase.

👤I ordered these for my kids. The pictures are cute with them on.

👤I plan to use these in a day camp next year.

7. Lonfrote Children Blindford Natural Sleeping

Lonfrote Children Blindford Natural Sleeping

Help you slay the dragon. A brand new carefully designed to make those around you fancy your stylishness while you fall into deep slumber and make the quiet environment which helps you have sleep. It's perfect to block out light. The mask has padding on the bridge of nose to block out light, and you can sleep in total darkness. Touching your eyes gently, protecting your skin as smooth as possible, to release your eyes and facial pressures. BREATHABLE AND DURABLE: Stable sewing is difficult to fall apart. The silk mask is the best way to help your baby sleep. Flexible Buckle & Straw: The strap can be adjusted to fit all sizes of head, they have added more space to the strap to fit all sizes of head. This mask is filled with nature silk material which is a porous fiber excellent in hygroscopicity and Moisture Permeability, it will help your kid relax and fall asleep quickly.

Brand: Lonfrote

👤I need to try a child-size mask because adult masks are too big for me. This one is perfect. I have Sjogrens and struggle with eye dryness, so I keep my eyes closed. I keep the light out so I can sleep. Doesn't grab my hair. It washes up well. It could be a bit thicker but it's all in the mask. You get 2 masks.

👤I bought these for my son, and he loves them. The elastic band is very gentle on hair, and they're very soft and comfortable. He said that wearing a sleep mask helps him fall asleep quickly, and that he doesn't get scared by the shadowy shapes in his bedroom. It's a win all around, especially since it's at around $5 to $6 per mask.

👤I bought these for my son. He would cover his head with a blanket when he was going to sleep. I bought him these in hopes that he would stop doing that. I like that they fit him well. My son has some sensory issues, but he never complains about these. I think they are a good value.

👤One of the traps snapped the day we received it. Had to sew it. They are in the wash. They were very soft. I wanted to make sure they were nice and clean before I touched them.

👤I bought these for my daughter to help her sleep. My girls are wearing them to sleep. It was soft and comfortable for them. Would buy again.

👤It is hard for my daughter to sleep in the summer because it is so late at night. These are comfortable and soft on her face.

👤Our sleep and bed time struggles have been solved. It works well at home and in the car. It helps our 4.5 year old keep his eyes closed. Sometimes night time struggles happen and these do the trick.

👤My son is 8 years old. It's difficult to help him fall asleep in the summer. The sleep mask has helped. He says it's comfortable.

8. SATINIOR Sleeping Children Adjustable Elastic

SATINIOR Sleeping Children Adjustable Elastic

You will get 3 pieces of cute animal sleep masks in 3 different patterns, sufficient quantity can meet your various demands, proper for personal use or sharing with family and friends. The size of the sleeping mask is 20 x 10 cm/ 7.87 x 3 inches, and the eye mask is the same size with elastic cord on the back. The soft material of the animal-shaped children eye mask allows your eyes to relax during sleep, without stress on the eyes. The cute design of the children's eye covers are inspired by adorable animals and are designed in 3 different styles, such as cat, white bear, and koala, which are bright and delicate, making them suitable for pajama parties and overnight parties. This plush eye mask is light in weight and easy to carry, it is suitable for home, but also suitable for airplanes, travel, midday rest, trains, camping, hotels and other places where you need it.

Brand: Satinior

👤My kids love these. They fit well.

👤I bought the sleeping masks for my daughter because she couldn't sleep. I thought it would help her sleep. When we leave the room, she has changed. She is playing in the room when she should be asleep. The bands seem strong. My partner and I are using the other two for ourselves. Great purchase!

9. Shinywear Colorful Gradient Unicorn Sleeping

Shinywear Colorful Gradient Unicorn Sleeping

The sleeping mask made of plush material and silk feels very comfortable for daily wear and portable for travel. Sleeping mask for kids to have a good sleep environment, help relieve eye fatigue and fall asleep faster, make the sleeping more relaxed and restful. Sleeping mask for boys and girls. Premium elastic head band is used to adjust for perfect fitting. The sleeping mask is easy to put on and won't fall off when you sleep. The blindfold mask is portable and lightweight, and can be carried on a plane, train, or subway. Christmas gifts for kids are great as a surprise gift for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Practical Birthday gifts for kids to have fun, or use for performance/show to match costume.

Brand: Shinywear

👤I bought this for my son for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. He has been using it every night since he got it. The item is very soft and looks just like the picture. The band across the back is comfortable to wear.

👤I bought this for a friend who was on a surprise trip. She wore this eye mask at night while we traveled and she didn't know where we were going. It fits an adult female's head nicely.

👤It was adorable. The band broke in 2 days. There are too many other things going on at that time. I would have returned it. I fixed my window after I missed it.

👤I asked my niece to rate it from 1 to 5 and she gave it a 4. She sleeps with it every night.

👤The 8 year old sleeps with this every night.

👤It's perfect for my daughter. Fast shipping and a good fit.

👤It was cute in person. We haven't used it yet because it's for Easter, but it seems to be good quality. It is just as pictured.

10. Contoured Sleeping Comfortable Adjustable Children

Contoured Sleeping Comfortable Adjustable Children

You will receive 5 pieces. Solid black, star pattern, cat pattern, gray stripe and solid green eye covers are sufficient quantity for your kids' sleeping use. The 3D sleep eye masks are made of high density foam and lightproof, so they won't stain kids' bed sheets or pillows. 3D Design: these travel eye masks have a wider and deeper 3D eye area, which will not cause kids to press their eyes. The 3D eye mask for kids can fit your child's nose well, blocking light from entering and giving them a full dark and undisturbed sleeping environment. The sleeping masks have a strap that can be adjusted to fit most head sizes, and the masks won't get caught in hair if the strap is loosened in the middle of sleep.

Brand: Syhood

👤I thought the strap was adjusted, but it's not, it's stuck in my daughter's hair, and that's what I read. I wasn't expecting the back strap to be like that, she loves the cat design and doesn't want to part with it. I think the masks from Alaskan Bear are better.

👤These are good eye masks for kids. The fabric is soft, well constructed, and the cupped shape does not press onto the eyelids during wear. The size is perfect for a child with a smaller face. The small size blocks out the light well. Having them in a set is great because your child will lose them behind the bed, and having multiples ensures that you have some available while looking for others. The colors and patterns are correct. These are cute and nicely made.

👤I bought a pack of masks for my daughter. They are similar to the ones I own. The fit was more for my 4 year old. My daughter still wears them, they look small.

👤My daughter has a big head, but the elastic band is a little smaller than I had hoped. She wears a helmet that is 13 years old. She is 5 years old and the eye mask part is soft. My only complaint is that the elastic band is too small, so the exposed rough side gets stuck in her hair. It would be great if these were made with that new fabric. I was happy with my purchase.

👤It's perfect for my child and my child's child. The fit is spot on and the cupping in the eye area helps not to put pressure on the eye. Well made will buy again.

👤My 3 year old is small enough to fit in a strap. It's better to have a different way to adjust the fit.

👤Very small. The strap needs to be bigger. It looks like it was designed for a baby. My son doesn't like it.

👤The sleep mask was the perfect size for me. I have very dry eyes, and I am a side- sleeper. The mask didn't get in the way.

11. SATINIOR Unicorn Rainbow Blindfold Sleeping

SATINIOR Unicorn Rainbow Blindfold Sleeping

You will receive 6 pieces of rainbow color plush sleeping eye covers in 6 different styles, sufficient quantity and various styles to meet your use and replacement or share with your family and friends. The flush sleep eye cover has an elastic band to adjust, which can fit both kids and adults, and is comfortable to wear. The cartoon night eye masks are soft and not easy to fade, which would not cause pressure on your eyes, and they are made of quality plush material with colorful tie dye. The cute sleeping blindfolds are designed in 6 different styles, including the cartoon rabbit, cat and different types of unicorn, which can effectively put children to bed quickly. Wide occasions: this plush eye shade is lightweight and easy to carry, and can be applied to any place you need it for, which makes it a good choice for flights, trains, camping, traveling, hotels, and anywhere you need to go.

Brand: Satinior

👤For Christmas, these were purchased for my granddaughter. She borrows my adult sized sleep mask a lot. I thought it would be fun to give her a set of her own. Can't wait until she opens her present. The front of the mask is very plush and fuzzy, but the side that touches the skin is smooth. I love the colors on each one.

👤I was expecting these to be cheap. They are cute. They are great party favors and the quality seems good.

👤When my daughter got these, they were wrapped individually and in great condition.


What is the best product for eye covers for sleeping kids?

Eye covers for sleeping kids products from Akoak. In this article about eye covers for sleeping kids you can see why people choose the product. Bbto and Shuba are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye covers for sleeping kids.

What are the best brands for eye covers for sleeping kids?

Akoak, Bbto and Shuba are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye covers for sleeping kids. Find the detail in this article. Fxaelian, Aniwon and Dreamlizer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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