Best Eye Covers for Sleeping Men

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1. Sleeping Blindfold Airplane Travel Adjustable

Sleeping Blindfold Airplane Travel Adjustable

You can enjoy a sound sleep with a lightweight silk eye sleep mask and enjoy a sweet nap whether you are travelling, home, hotel, train, or anywhere. The strap is soft. The sleeping eye mask has a flexible strap that does not move or fall off while you sleep. Blindfold strap with thinner buckle keeps your hair out of your eyes while you sleep. The internal silk sleep eye mask has a block light. The best sleep mask will eliminate glare. If you need to remove light further, the band will allow you to tighten the silk mask. Eye covers for sleeping can be a special gift for your parents, husband, wife, elders, and friends. Lifetime warranty for the quality-related problem and friendly customer service is available.

Brand: Nufr

👤Thanks to a security light outside our bedroom window, we received these masks a couple weeks ago. The way the mask is made, it is tight on your eyes and the top and bottom part lift away from your face, so there is no light coming in. A week or so ago, we noticed a purple stain on the sheets, but we couldn't figure out where it came from. We tried to wash it, but it didn't come out. Today we realized it was coming from the masks, as we have a new stain that is in the shape of an eye mask. We will throw these away since they're black.

👤I have a mask that blocks out sunlight. I can't spend any time in the sun with a blindfold or mask because I'm very photosensitive. I chose this one because of its high star reviews, but I was sorely disappointed. The light around the nose area is so bright that it's like I'm not wearing a mask at all. Even if it did have a better design, the mask still let's light through. I don't think that matters when it doesn't do what it's designed for, which is to block sunlight. If you are buying this mask for photosensitivity or photophobia, I would not recommend it to anyone. I had someone without photosensitivity try it and he had the same poor opinion as I do.

👤I love these. It was soft and light. No pressure, just floats on your eyes. It helps me fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Blocks out the early sun when you have time to sleep. My son sleeps with them every night. Sleep game change.

👤The mask is pretty good for its price. I upgraded to an Alaska Bear that is even better. The one I stored in the box left a big mark. Be careful with your pillows and sheets.

👤It was fine for the first few naps. On the third try, I found that black dye had stained my pillowcase. I stopped using the product because I don't want vegetable dye in my eyes. I don't recommend this product.

👤This was a great price for a mask. It is easy to wear. Since it is so light, I don't mind having it on. It's not too tight and doesn't put pressure on my eyes.

👤I have never written a product review before but this one has caused me problems. I have been waking up with blurred vision for a week now. I didn't know why. I was healthy and it wasn't caused by medical issues. I realized it was the mask. I can barely see anything because it dried my eyes out so much. Everything blends together and my eyes hurt, it has caused a lot of uneasiness. This isn't fun.

👤Do you need something to help you sleep? This works well for that, soft, light, and as close to "not there" as you can get. You can't anticipate what's coming next so you need something to block vision. Also works well, and keeps the wearer from knowing what's next.

2. 100 Handmade Cotton Sleep Blackout

100 Handmade Cotton Sleep Blackout

The perfect light blockout. The nose wing design of the sleep mask can block lights from the nose area so you can get sound sleep or relax your eyes whenever or wherever you want. It is ultra soft and convenient. The surface material is made of organic cotton and spandex and has cotton padding inside. This new type of sleep mask has a soft and fresh touch on the eyes, which can help you get into sleep quickly. It is possible to adjust it fully. The sleep mask can be adjusted in length to fit the different heads without feeling tight. It is a great gift for both adults and children. Light weight and portable. Their sleep mask is lightweight and portable, so you don't notice that they're on your head. You can carry the sleep mask with you wherever you go with the foldable design and free carry bag. It's durable. Their new cotton sleep mask is made with strict standards to guard against any potential problems. It can be washed and retrieved after it is washed.

Brand: Freshme

👤I wish I'd read all of the reviews about how the velcro degrades. It was a disappointment. I have worn sleep masks for as long as I can remember, and this one was a game-changer - it's soft, completely blocks the light, and covers the ears for an extra-peaceful bonus. The first month was amazing, and then the velcro stopped adhering. It went from being sticky to barely working in just over a month. Considering the cost of this item, it's very disappointing that it's no longer usable. I am a woman with a small head, and I did not have a problem with this mask fitting me and staying in place, even though it was hard to find hats that fit.

👤I wake with the lightest light possible. Not with this mask! I love it! I was worried that my long hair wouldn't be comfortable on the back of my head. The mask was comfortable in all my positions. Blocks light perfectly and are very lightweight. I slept better without it. I like that it covers my ears. It doesn't block out noise but I like to have my ears covered for some reason, usually using a blanket or sheets or pillow, and this mask lightly covered my ears without any pressure, it was awesome! If this one fails, I will buy another one. I am telling my family and friends about it.

👤Oh my goodness. Can I just write a review? I am a travel nurse who doesn't have a home to sleep in, so I have to install curtains in other people's homes, which is a hassle. I try to keep my head covered with blankets when I am not sure what to do. It's suffocating to say the least. This is a very difficult situation. It is blocking all my light and it is also giving me headaches after long shifts. As soon as I wrap it around my head. My body relaxes. I am buying two more for international plane travel and an extra to have on hand. The best thing I have used as a shift worker is above my shades.

👤I had a good night of sleep with a new cotton mask. Its soft and stays in place. I used to sleep with curtains, but in the new apartment it's almost impossible to hang. It will cost a fortune if windows are too tall and wide. I ordered the mask because I wanted to have a good night's sleep with it. There were no Disappointments!

👤I've tried masks that bubble out so your eye lashes don't touch a head wrap that was almost like a towel. I like this one the best. It feels like having a hoodie sweatshirt around your head, for some reason, because I like the feeling of having my head all wrapped up. It's easier to store the thinner material. I can sleep on my side or back without it feeling like I have my head on something. I haven't tried it in high heat, but it seems to sleep cooler than some of the others. The big selling point for me is comfort since I don't really feel the band around the back of my head when I toss and turn. I don't have eye pockets so my lashes don't touch, but it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal. I use it. I was hoping that it would block out some sound. It seems to make it more comfortable if you just cover your ears. Would buy again.

3. YIVIEW Lightweight Comfortable Adjustable Contoured

YIVIEW Lightweight Comfortable Adjustable Contoured

It is possible to design to fit every head size. It's easy to strap high elastic to surround your head, it won't catch your hair. A protective curve with more space than any other will not touch your eyelid. Light and airy material and smooth fabric help you get into sleep quickly. The sleeping mask is stronger than traditional blindfold and will not fall apart easily. The high quality sponge has no smell, skin-friendly and soft, which increases people's sleep desire. You could use the sleep masks with your companion.

Brand: Yiview

👤I would like to give this mask 4.5 stars because it is a good set of masks for the price. I can't give any stars. I'll explain the pluses and minuses of this set. There is a The material doesn't get too hot. I like that the mask doesn't push against my eyes and ruin my eye makeup, and it's a great price for three good masks. There is a It works well at night but doesn't completely block out the light during the day, and it's a little uncomfortable, but it's not unusable. It is a great set of masks for the price, and the "bads" that I mentioned might have something to do with head shape. It might be a bit big on you, but it will fit on me. I recommend this set, just keep your expectations in check.

👤There is a gap between the material and the bottom of my eye sockets that can still light up. I appreciate that it doesn't push down on the eye sockets like the cheap masks do, but that gap makes it hard to block out the light. For me. My sons got the other two and they are happy with them. Maybe it's built for bigger faces, but it just doesn't fit my face.

👤The reason this eye mask is a best seller is because the seller messages anyone who posts negative reviews asking them to take it down in return for a full refund and a better sleep mask. I paid $12 for these awful non-returnable eye masks, but they just felt wrong on so many levels. The seller sent a message. The message is nice, but the product is not any better because of the scam they are running. I took a chance on these because the previous sleep mask I've been buying for years was unavailable. The material in my eye mask doesn't touch my eyes at all, which is the most important thing for me. The flimsy material of the eye masks is so flimsy that if the eye mask is on snug it pulls the flimsy material, which flattens out and touches my eyes. My go-to eye masks do not have a nose piece. These are non-returnable, and now are less expensive than I paid, and should be marked clearly. I wouldn't recommend them. If they don't work well, it's not worth it because they look like a great deal.

👤It is amazing. I was missing a piece of foam from a great night's sleep. My man agrees that he sleeps better with it on. His light sleep and deep sleep numbers have changed. More deep sleep now. I used to not sleep on my days off because I was very sensitive to light coming in. I would think that it would fit any size head. I'm so happy I found these.

👤Most sleep masks don't stay on for the whole night and are really uncomfortable, and for a long time I have been having trouble sleeping. These are amazing. Since I started wearing this at night, I have been sleeping better. I would be exhausted throughout the day and miserable after naps. I am able to stay awake through the majority of the day because of the refreshed feeling I got from my naps. My depression and anxiety have been reduced by a lot because I am getting better sleep. I am grateful that they are available and at a great price.

4. ALASKA BEAR Adjustable Contoured Comfortable

ALASKA BEAR Adjustable Contoured Comfortable

Larger and deeper eyecups allow you to blink naturally, and won't rub against your eye balls or eyelashes. The material is ultra-plush and has 100% light blockage. The mould rests on points around the eye sockets to provide stress relief. The elevated sockets of the blackout mask make it a great option for anyone looking for a snooze without having to redo their lashes. The cupped mask leaves space around the eye area so it can be enjoyed with clear vision. It's perfect for home and travel, it's a gift of relaxation and travel accessories that instantly transforms your slumber into a refuge of bliss and elegance. To refresh dry, irritated eyes, place water-moistened cotton pads over eyelids inside a mask.

Brand: Alaska Bear

👤I did a bit of research with this, and found the popular Nidra offering. Both were pretty good, but the eyes were more comfortable on this one. Alaska Bear was kind enough to email me asking how I was liking them, and when I told them that, they said they'd updated their mold, and would send me one of those free of charge. I recommend both for the quality of the product and the customer service; I've been letting friends try the new one and they've been great.

👤I have insomnia and it's bad. Most sleep masks are uncomfortabe because I'm a side sleeper. The mask is amazing. I can't tell if it's on. I'm considering a backup. While sleeping, there was no eye pressure or displacement. This and earplugs are a break from the world and an invitation to sleep. Everyone should buy one.

👤This was needed to block out the light. I don't wake up in the morning. I have a sensitive head and didn't want something that would smother my face. It is large, light and airy, and feels good on your skin. Don't make your face warm. The texture is nice. It feels like a feather. The van gogh pattern is very pretty and can fit any head size, but the strap isn't tight so the mask can fall off by the morning. Unless you wear it tight, it won't seal the darkness in. There will be a small amount of light around your nose. I don't mind this so much as I can just pull the mask down a bit more to cover that area, and it blocks enough that if I close my eyes I won't be able to tell.

👤I liked the sleep mask I bought in October. It was in place all night and had good coverage. The dyes in the mask started to show up on my pillowcases. After soaking in a strong bleach solution, I was able to remove the stains. I am very disappointed. I need a good sleep mask. I thought I had found the perfect one after I had wasted money on others. Not true! I would buy it again in a heartbeat if it were made in natural Undyed fabric.

👤The elastic band on the sleep mask fails to stay on my head because it loses elasticity. This one does meet the requirements of comfort and transparency, but with less weight than the last one. The band that held it on began to fail quickly. I don't want to spend the money on a case of things that will be thrown away after a month or two. The search is on for a good one.

👤I don't like wearing sleep masks because I can't open my eyes while wearing them, so I thought I'd try the ALASKA BEAR Memory Foam Sleep Mask with 3DMolded Cups. I found this mask very comfortable. It fits my face well, no light comes in, and it's changeable. I had no problem with the clip, I can't even feel it. The mask is soft against my skin. It didn't make my face hot. Excellent quality. I would buy this again.

5. Sleep Cotton Sleeping Blindfold Pressure

Sleep Cotton Sleeping Blindfold Pressure

The perfect light blockout isBREATHABLE. Their sleep mask is made from the same material. The nose area has been designed to prevent light from the bottom. Their eye mask creates a completely dark sleeping environment for you no matter what you are doing. The Slow rebound memory foam is skin friendly, and it's soft enough to solve the tightness of the silk Sleep masks. Their sleep mask has a soft touch surface that can fit your face better. Their eye mask for sleeping now have a deeper and wider eye pockets, no more pressure on eyeballs and allow free blinking. It's easy to adjust the strap for all head shapes. Don't catch your hair if you get the right tightness in one second. This is a risk-free purchase because customers receive a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee. It can be washed and retrieved after it is washed. Are you not getting the deepest sleep of your life? Contact them to get your money back.

Brand: Smoott

👤This is warm and dark. I had to put it on in another room if my partner was asleep because of the loud noise.

👤Soft, comfortable, and blocks light. The best mask I have ever purchased is this one. I don't remove the velcro every night, I just size it up and pull it down. It doesn't come off, but it doesn't apply pressure.

👤The first sleep mask cost 25 bucks, but it was very comfortable. It only worked untill. I put it in the dryer and it clumps. I was able to use it, but it stopped working after the first strike. I got this one because it was cheaper and just as good as the other one.

👤It's soft. It blocks light. It helps. It's not a cure for insomnia, but it does help more than not having it. It's very soft. I love it! It's easy to change it to the size I need. When I wash it, I dry it so it lasts longer.

👤The item is soft and easy to carry around, however the back of the item is very heavy and uncomfortable. I don't like having it on all night. Good luck!

👤The mask is comfortable and blocks all light. It will hurt your ears if you secure it too tightly. It holds your hair in place while you sleep.

👤This was the most comfortable mask I have ever purchased. The only thing is a scent. I don't use this mask because of my allergies. I have headaches and dizziness due to the smell of fragrances. This is a great sleeping mask if you can tolerate a scent.

👤This is the solution for me because I work nights. It is soft and comfortable. Light and sounds are blocked by it. I wear it when I go to bed even if it is dark. I sleep better because it is comfy. I have the second one in case I need one for travel.

6. Luxsea Sleeping Contoured Blindfold Breathable

Luxsea Sleeping Contoured Blindfold Breathable

Have you ever felt pressure from wearing a mask? The pressure problem of the flat eye mask has been improved by the use of the luxsea sleep eye mask. You can blink if you don't touch the eyelashes. The sleeping mask is soft and comfortable. The sleeping eye mask is made of foam. The lining is soft and comfortable, no worry about sweaty skin anymore. The nose area of the sleeping eye mask has been W-designed to prevent light from leaking and bringing you into a dark place. It's ideal for meditation, travel, napping, and insomnia. The eye mask is relaxing. No head pressure is achieved with the unique elastic straps. They pay more attention to whether people's eyes are dry when sleeping than with weighted eye masks. Are you looking for a gift for someone special? A gift box with a sleep mask set is included. It is a very caring gift and is always highly recommended. It's ideal for your family or your lover. If you don't like their sleep mask for 60 days, they will give you a full refund. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, please visit their store and contact the seller via email for a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Luxsea

👤I thought I was losing the most extensions on the side that I slept on the most. Since I got this mask, I've been able to blink with it on and keep my lashes safe. If you have the same problem, I recommend giving this a try.

👤The strap is moving. I had to modify to wear others. These are perfect.

👤Weighted my body parts. Not weighted. Just a classic squishy. Light as hell mask is not worth more than the cheapest one on Amazon. I tried to treat myself and got disappointed. It's true. Not in heavy ish or lightly. I lost my normal one and it was even cheaper.

👤The material is soft and the mask is comfortable. You can sleep with it because there's no light getting in. It comes with a bag and a pair of earplugs, which is quite good. I would bring it with me when I travel.

👤Eye masks for Sleeping, Breathable Sleep Mask for Men, Night Blindfold Travel, Yoga, Side Sleepers are available. The sleep mask was in excellent condition when it arrived. I tried it out right away. All light is blocked by this sleep mask. The light is not visible when I wear it. It would be great for shift workers. I could have used this mask when I worked 3rd shift. My husband did the same thing. I have had sleep masks that have straps on them that get caught in my hair and leave a mess in the morning. This mask has an elastic strap. It stays put and is comfortable. The mask was competitively priced at $9 when I ordered it, which is an incredibly good deal. Customer service at Amazon is excellent. This would be a "No Risk" order, since this item has "Free Returns" in its listing. This is the mask if you want total darkness for sleep. I highly recommend. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review, have a great day! 5

👤I thought I had found the best sleep mask, but that one doesn't compare to this! I had low expectations. Many of them have an unpleasant odor. That was washed out after the first wash. I didn't think it would keep the light out. It does! It is so light-weight it never leaves sleep lines on my face, which is a big deal for me. And it is clean. My favorite sleep mask is hard to clean. I get break-outs on my face, but not this one. In terms of feel, I like a more weighted mask. This one is better than the last one. This is a great sleep mask. It's easy to adjust, it's easy to sleep in, and it blocks out light. It stays put and feels comfortable. It is light enough to not leave lines on your face. I love it! Very happy!

👤The sleep mask is thoughtfully constructed and generously sized. The elastic band is secure and comfortable, and the mask blocks out all ambient light in my environment. The raised foam features along the back side allow me to fully blink while wearing it. The lifted design keeps my eye makeup from getting smudged, and the soft edges of the contoured edges. I appreciate the design and the strip of winged material that rests on the bridge of my nose, which keeps my face cool and adequately ventilated, as I suffer from migraines. The mask is made of plush and soft material, and it comes with a black pouch for storing it. I appreciate that this product comes with a complimentary set of earplugs, and I love the fit and feel of it. I will recommend this mask to my friends and family who are frequent fliers.

7. Adjustable Sleeping Blindfold BeeVines Christmas

Adjustable Sleeping Blindfold BeeVines Christmas

Sleep Sound Anywhere and Anytime: Wear this lightweight, soft, comfortable sleep mask anywhere, and you will get a good night's sleep. The silk eye sleeping mask is perfect for travel, home, flight, train, or anywhere where your sleep is bothered by light. Their silk eye cover can help you sleep and lift your spirit. Their silk eye mask is made from 100% silk and is naturally calming to your facial skin and will help you sleep faster. BeeVines eye mask is specially designed for sleeping blackout, so you can enjoy sound sleep in any position. The eye mask will keep your eyes protected from light while you sleep. The strap can be adjusted to allow you to sleep in any position. BeeVines 2 Pack eye covers feature a comfortable, pain-free head strap that does not move or fall off while you sleep. The sleep aid mask is lightweight and fits perfectly on your face, so you can use it for sleep, concentration or meditating. The silk masks come in two packs and act as sleeping aids that are ideal for people suffering from insomnia, headaches and dry- eyes thanks to the natural fibers of the silk. These 2 pack sleep masks are a great gift for your loved ones.

Brand: Beevines

👤The title and description of the item are not accurate, as they state that this is a 2 pack of masks, one black and one pink. It was a single mask, black on one side and pink on the other.

👤I am very impressed with this brand, it's my first time trying it. The packaging is beautiful, there is a card that explains the difference between genuine and artificial silk, I appreciated it since I didn't know. There were 2 masks, 1 black and 1 pink. They have a soft, light,tiny feel and are not heavy. They keep out all the light at night and during the day. I had a well lit bedroom and bright lampost lighting at night which made it difficult to sleep at night, but once I started using these I was able to sleep through the night. I'm thankful for that. The strap in the back is easy to change. It doesn't feel elastic but it does stretch if necessary and it doesn't grip tightly as some night masks do. I didn't feel it in my sleep. It comes off easily, unlike other sleep masks, and for someone like me who suffers from hair loss, this is extremely important. It is a great value, comfortable, and the best sleeping mask. I've tried.

👤I like the Bee Vines sleep mask. It is very soft. I like the extra large size of it because it doesn't allow light to slip in the sides like the smaller sized masks can. I don't want a small crack of light to make my pain worse. I can wear the band in a loose manner when my head is throbbing and it doesn't hurt my skin when I have a migraines. I was hoping it was made in America since it says on the site that it comes from a mom and daughter business. I wanted to support them and all American businesses. I couldn't find anything on the website about where it was made. The mask says "made in China" on the box. It's a shame.

👤It is so soft. The silk blocks all the light. It fits my husband and me.

👤I ordered 3 different silk sleep mask products at the same time and picked out the one that I liked the best based on reviews from both sleep mask review sites and Amazon. The design of these masks are very similar. Their size, shape and strap adjustment are the same. All of them did the same thing because of this. I noticed that there were some common complaints when looking at sleep mask reviews. As one's head is laid on it, the plastic strap adjustment is uncomfortable. Put pressure on the eyes by wearing a mask. Light bleeding around the nose or through the mask. I have had no issues with any of the 3 products that have bleeding dye. I wash them in room temperature water with soap nut liquid. The excess water should be hung to dry. Depending on where you are and how you lay your head when sleeping, the plastic strap adjuster can be a bit uncomfortable. There are more details under the reviews. I had loosened the adjustment strap too much, so I thought this was an issue. You want to loosen it more than you think you can. I found it was about right once it no longer put any pressure on the eyes. If you toss your head around a lot during the night, it's possible to shift the mask back in place, but it's easy to do if you're mostly asleep. - If the mask has shifted to one side or the other during sleep, there is a light bleed around the nose. It's not an issue if you sleep under the sun or the light comes from your feet up towards your face. Light coming through the masks has not been an issue. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Blindfold, Super Smooth Eye Mask (White) are some things to note. It has not gotten in the way or been noticeable. The most expensive option was the cute patterns. Alaska Bear and Jimoo have the same strap size. The plastic adjustment mechanism for my average-sized head ends up off center-middle of the back of my head, making it less comfortable for back- sleeping. The J Jimoo store has a Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Super-Smooth & Soft Eye Mask with a Strap. I appreciated that this one came in several moderate mostly unpatterned shades other than black and white. You can reverse it and use the other side between washes as there is no embroidered side. It feels like the lightest yet it has no issues blocking light. It drapes a bit better than the other two. Alaska Bear and Jimoo have the same strap size. The plastic adjustment mechanism for my average-sized head ends up off center-middle of the back of my head, making it less comfortable for back- sleeping. BeeVines Silk Sleep Mask, 2 Pack Mulberry Silk Eye Mask with Adjustable Strap is available for purchase on Amazon. If you don't have a large head, there should be no issues with it. I think I have a fairly average-sized American head and it fits just fine, though I loosened it a bit. The plastic adjustment mechanism is at the side of my head and not as comfortable as side- sleeping.

8. Mask Sleeping Perfectly Comfortable Blindfold Travelling

Mask Sleeping Perfectly Comfortable Blindfold Travelling

The light is blocking. This sleeping eye mask has a patented nose wing design. The bottom of the eye mask is filled with elastic filler, which can be adjusted at will, and is very effective at blocking light from entering the nose area. The sleeping mask has soft side wings which prevent any unwanted shifting of the mask, so that your eyes won't feel any pressure while wearing it. The sleeping mask uses four layers of fabrics that are super soft and comfortable. The side touching the skin is made from a fabric that is very soft to the touch. A portable carrying bag and an elastic strap that fits heads from 19 to 28 inches are included. If there is any damage or quality problems during the use process, you can contact them and they will give you a solution.

Brand: Kimkoo

👤The eye cover is very comfortable. I have never had a sleep mask that is soft and comfortable. I have used it many times and it is perfect. I don't recommend it if you plan to use it in a bed. The elastic band wraps around the metal piece. If you sleep on your sides, this part will be in your head all night. The alternative was to lay on the other side. It would be better if it were close to the eye mask part or the backside of the head so it wouldn't be pressing into you.

👤The new cotton sleep mask was a good purchase since it made my face break out. They come with a travel bag and are very comfortable. I slept through the night and the mask stayed where I put it. It is true except for one important detail. After a few nights of sleep, the thin metal brackets on the mask seem to go wrong. They sometimes dig into the side of my head. They should have used something. I would return the box if I threw it away.

👤Side sleepers are not comfortable. The plastic attachment for the strap is right where my head is on my pillow. Had to come back.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. I have gone through many sleep masks trying to duplicate the success I had with a mask. I will list the issues I have had and how this mask solved them. The clasp is a strap. I have used masks with small straps that are too small for the average adult, and I have found that Velcro closers to not hold up well after being washed multiple times. This mask has a lot of flexibility. The biggest problem with previous masks has been the under/eye gaps. Flat masks don't work at all, masks with foam or shaping aren't guaranteed because we all have different faces, and this mask has a soft, flexible pad under each eye that completely solved the problem. It was comfortable and effective. The mask is made of a soft cotton which is easy to wash and is comfortable against the skin. The masks are comfortable, but the problem above is that they tear apart. I don't think there will be an issue with it misshaping because the padding doesn't feel like foam. When washing masks with foam inserts, they tend to have glue in them. It's a great deal to get two amazing masks for just 14 bucks, instead of one bad, thin mask for $10. They included a pouch to take with them when traveling. One million stars. Buy this.

👤I was a 100% skeptic. None of the eye masks I have bought have worked well for me. I have always been let down by the inadequate light blocking, poor fabric or head band that didn't fit right. The reviews for this eye mask were very good, but I have seen similar reviews before. Positive reviews for poor products are given by paid reviewers. I have had the dual package of eye masks for a few days now. The mask blocks out light completely. When I put the mask on, there was a light outside of my bedroom window that was completely black. The cotton fabric is soft. T shirt material? The mask is not a proven one. I think the head strap is flexible. I don't work night shift anymore. I did it for five years. I would have bought it many years ago if I had known it was an option. My ear plugs and CPAP make for a great night's sleep, but I also have a face mask. I will be taking it on the plane with me for my flight next month. Highly recommended!

9. GIVERARE Contoured Comfortable Adjustable Naps Black

GIVERARE Contoured Comfortable Adjustable Naps Black

99% light blocking performance is improved by their eye mask, which is perfect for all head sizes and nose heights, and prevents light from coming from the nose area, giving you a comfortable and long- lasting sleep. The eye space is wider and deeper than silk sleep masks, with their special 3D design. No pressure on your eyes, and you won't touch your eye makeup. The strap is elastic and pain-free, and can fit in any sleep position. The fabric is made of 5 layers of super-breathable fabric, including cotton, elastic sponge and modaier, which allows healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out. The cutting and sewing of the sleep mask is done with care to make sure there is no rubbing on your face. The design of the sleep mask makes it a perfect sleep aid and travel accessory for people who suffer from insomnia, headaches, and dry-eye. A lifetime warranty will help you get into sleep quickly, eliminate fatigue, and improve sleep quality. Please feel free to contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Giverare

👤A nice cotton sleep mask is worth six bucks. The nose of this thing is very sharp. If you're an adult with hair, the strap adjustment is 1inch long, and the tag doesn't say what it's made of, it's not great. I'm not returning it to get my $4 back because it would cost me a lot of gas to get to my nearest Amazon return center.

👤Maybe it is a good thing that they show 3 but it is bull.

👤It was very hard and didn't fit in with my face. It scratched my face. There was no padding. Not like the picture makes it seem.

👤It is too big for a small face. It cuts the nose. It lets in light and is not as large as you would think. It should be as adjusted as possible. Immediately disappointed.

👤It's perfect, comfy, and I need to sleep. The head strap is flexible. When my husband gets up from work, I usually wake up in the wee hours, but with this on, I stay asleep and don't remember him leaving! It's a staple before bed.

👤You only get one mask. I read that there was one package, but the picture of the sleep masks made me believe that there were more than one package. No worries, you have me. I get masks from time to time. I will not be coming from here anymore. I'm sure that other people get misled by this item. Enjoy your money.

👤The headband sits on your face and lets all the light in. The part that sits on your nose is so sharp that it scratches the bridge of your nose and is made of melted fabric. I understand that it's a cheap eye mask, but it's not.

👤My husband uses it every night. The fabric is starting to tear where the band is attached to the mask, it's been about a month or so. It's cheap but works. I don't want to have to keep buying them if they are ripped.

10. Bluetooth Headphones TOPOINT Microphone Handsfree

Bluetooth Headphones TOPOINT Microphone Handsfree

We pride ourselves in all the creams they make. They make one small batches at a time to ensure quality and meet high standards. You are safe. Sleep headphones and sleep mask help you sleep better by protecting you from being disturbed by outside noise and allowing you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones. You won't miss any calls with the built-in microphone. It's suitable for home, travel, yoga or any other place. It helps with insomnia, relaxation, and more. This sleep mask uses a bendy design to block lights from the nose area. You can sleep or sleep and sleep. Extra cushion makes eye mask and nose touch better. It's best for frequent flyers to sleep on long flights if they dislike glaring lights. It's a good idea to sleep in a light blocked world. The best chips for sleep headphones are the battery chip. The Charge has a built-in 200mAh high- performance battery that can provide more than 9 hours of playing time and will sleep like a baby. When charging, there is a red light and a blue light. Excellent Stereo Sound Quality. Sleeping Headphones have a high fidelity sound that is easy to pair with most other devices that use the Bluetooth technology. You can make the speakers fit your ears by moving the position of the speakers. Sleep headphones are made from elvet and elastic cotton, and provide a soft and comfortable feeling. You can wash the eye mask if you take out the bluetooth module, because the fabric liner separated from stitching is not bad.

Brand: Topoint

👤Over the past year or so, I have tried several of these type headband headphones. This one has had its drawbacks. The ones with wires have obvious issues, the ones with the speakers that are shaped like a dog are not comfortable, and the ones with the battery life that is short are not good. The battery life of the earlier version of this product didn't seem to last long. It would be enough for me to fall asleep but not enough for me to wake up. I thought I would just buy another version of the earlier version and use it for sleep and wake up when I woke up, after trying some of the alternatives. I was surprised to find out that the improved version battery life lasts through the night and for several days before needing to be charged. I set the audio book on my phone to play for 30 or 45 minutes when I go to sleep, and then I wake up in the night with no phone, so maybe this improved headphones has a power save mode. The headphones have a charge of at least 60% after 5 days. I haven't used the older ones since I had the new version. The thin speakers and the overall construction of the headphones make them very comfortable for side sleepers.

👤I was very happy with my sleep mask when I first got it, it was comfortable, battery last, and I was able to pair it to my phone. I like to listen to music while I sleep. I can listen to TV programs on my phone. This mask allows me to hear the broadcast while not having to deal with the glare of the TV screen. It works for my needs. There is a It wouldn't hold a charge after a few weeks of use. The seller immediately offered to replace the unit after I told them about the problem. The new unit works perfectly after I received a replacement. Any good business can occasionally produce a product that does not meet its own standards. The customer support was excellent, the problem was fixed immediately, and I am completely satisfied with their resolution, so I would not hesitate to order from them again.

👤Sleepphones are far more expensive than I have used before. I tried these because I didn't feel like spending another $100 on a new pair when I lost those. I like them. The eye mask is good. The bridge of the nose is made of extra material to keep it light. The speakers are a bit thick and that would really bug me. I can get the speaker into the spot where my ear opening is and still sleep comfortably on my side, because the speaker has a very small diameter. My only complaint is that the Velcro on the back of the head isn't long enough to fit them. I need to add more so I can get it right. I have had them for about 2 months now, and the only thing that overlaps is the innermost bits of Velcro. If I keep using them, I will have to make adjustments.

11. Contoured Sleeping Blindfold Concave Blackout

Contoured Sleeping Blindfold Concave Blackout

Their sleep mask is designed from ergonomics. The nose area has been designed to prevent light from the bottom. Their eye mask creates a completely dark sleeping environment for you no matter what you are doing. The ODOME Slow rebound memory foam is skin-friendly, and it's soft enough to fit in your pocket. Their sleep mask has a soft touch surface that can fit your face better. Their eye mask for sleeping allows free blinking and no more pressure on eyes. It's easy to adjust the strap for all head shapes. Don't catch your hair if you get the right tightness in one second. This is a risk-free purchase because customers receive a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee. It can be washed and retrieved after it is washed. Are you not getting the deepest sleep of your life? Contact them to get your money back.

Brand: Smoott

👤This night-mask is the best-fitting, most comfortable, and the most effective at blocking out nearly all light. It is at the top of my list for products that work as advertised. The black dye will leave your pillowcase cases behind while you sleep. There is a It does not come out in the wash. Some of it does, but it mostly leaves dark smudges.

👤All I could see was blackness when I put these on. Blackness is beautiful. I was thinking about moving it around a bit since some masks are great only if perfectly positioned. It was a hint of dark brown. My point is, whatever they did to fix the eye mask glitch for those of us with dry eyes... They got it right. The carvings of the eye sockets are made to fit the shape of your eyes. The material against your eyes has a memory foam feel. It doesn't press against your eyes. The flexible fabric at the nose bridge is great for holding the eye mask in place while allowing easy breathing. Hmm... What else? I like the large, closed-off area. I didn't feel like my hair was pinched by this one. There is a Extra treats include the elastic bands that I use for my hair and the two kinds of ear plugs. I am not paid to review. I had a hard time finding the right eye mask. Despite some minor flaws, I bought one a month before this one and thought, "Well, this is as good as they get." I'm happy I was wrong. I was waiting for the eye mask.

👤The main thing is that it is very comfortable, but the elastic straps are already stretching, waffling, and fraying after only a month of use.

👤The sleep mask is bulky on the sides, which may be uncomfortable for sensitive side or stomach sleepers. I sleep on my stomach. I put up with it because it doesn't let light in around my large nose the way most masks do. I've been wearing this mask for six months and it's frustrating because the elastic is almost completely stretched out, I have to keep tightening it and I'm just about out of Velcro so I'm going to have to start stitching tucks in the elastic soon. Before you wear this mask, wash it in cold water with salt so it doesn't dry stiff, and then you can put it on.

👤It does not fall off during sleep. Total darkness. It doesn't put pressure on my eyes. I would buy it again.

👤The best mask of all time. I have been lazy to put up black out curtains and have had the worst time sleeping in the morning. I work night shift so I can sleep during the day. Even though I stayed up all night for work, I still had trouble sleeping. The day I got this mask, I used it. It was literally. When I get home around 6-7 am, I put this on so I can sleep until 3 pm. The form is a big plus. I can open my eyes while wearing this mask. It does not bind your eyes like other masks. The material is light and soft, so it doesn't feel like you are wearing a mask. Everyone should have this product.


What is the best product for eye covers for sleeping men?

Eye covers for sleeping men products from Nufr. In this article about eye covers for sleeping men you can see why people choose the product. Freshme and Yiview are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye covers for sleeping men.

What are the best brands for eye covers for sleeping men?

Nufr, Freshme and Yiview are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye covers for sleeping men. Find the detail in this article. Alaska Bear, Smoott and Luxsea are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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