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1. Wowlife Plastic Squeezable Dropper Bottles

Wowlife Plastic Squeezable Dropper Bottles

The bottles are packaged with a thick carton box and sponge surround. 100% brand new. It can be done easily. It's great for paints, ear drops, essence, eye drops, and more. It's great for paints, ear drops, essence, eye drops, and more.

Brand: Wowlife

👤I used them forAcrylic paints from the Games Workshop and they worked well. The caps have started to split open, allowing air into what was supposed to be the sealed cap. I didn't pay a lot of money for these, but I didn't expect the caps to split like they did. I will be buying new dropper bottles from another company in the future, I'm disappointed.

👤There are 50 bottles and they vary in size. You could fit a nail through them. Not air tight would leak indefinitely. Clear plastic is very thin and flimsy. There are wide bottles. This makes for a cheap bottle that is easy to squeeze and leak from. The set of 50 bottles was as expected. Thin nozzles do not leak. Hard and durable material. The bottle is thick plastic. It requires squeezing to get liquid out. I'm giving this 3 stars. Inconsistency can be inconvenient. If I didn't get those cheap bottles, I would have given 5 stars. I'm hesitant to order because the bottles are not depicted in the photos. There is an advertisement. It is a 50% chance based on what I have received. comparison photos will be uploaded

👤I wanted to use these to put my Citadel paints into dropper bottles. I will definitely be buying more of them in the future.

👤There are many holes on the bottom. You can only notice when you squeeze the bottle. It was quite a surprise when I capped the paint and decided to shake it. My work-space was painted. Order somewhere else if you want to.

👤I use Vellejo Paints, but after buying some individual GW Contrast paints and a set of GW washes, I wanted to put them in dropper bottles rather than deal with the flip top lids. I came to Amazon and found these, after seeing a couple videos on the internet. I ordered them because the price was right, even though 50 was more than I thought I could use. After I washed and painted the bottles, I noticed that a lot of them had rotted in a way that they split at a point near the top. The most common outcome is a crack that goes almost all the way around and can be easily pried open further, but one had the crack extent completely around to the point where I tried to lift the bottle by the lid. After checking all my bottles, I discovered that over half of them had cracked lids. I had cracked and uncracked caps on both contrast paints and washes, which I have not touched since the original decanting, so there does not seem to be a correlation to use or type of paint. I was able to replace the cracked lids with fresh ones, but I have no caps on the unused bottles. I have to double-check my caps more frequently because I am afraid that for those that haven't cracked yet, it may only be a matter of time. I had assumed that other brands of bottles like this that are sold in lower quantities for more money were more of a name recognition marketing thing rather than an actual difference in quality and went for the cheapest option. I would not recommend them to anyone looking to use them for hobby paints.

2. ELFENSTALL Simple Bottle Essential Dropper

ELFENSTALL Simple Bottle Essential Dropper

10 packs of 5ml. Glass Bottles with Glass Eye Dropper and Glass Clean Cloth are free. It's perfect for essential oils, mixes, and samples. It fits in your purse. The amber glass protects against UV rays. Convenient and safe packaging.

Brand: Elfenstall

👤The perfect size for the use I am intending them for was received today. I plan to use my face cream for travel. I want to give everyone an idea of how big they are, so I have included a picture of the size. I will add to my review once I know if they are leak proof, but the first impression is good.

👤I wanted to drink from these bottles. I bought them because of their glass eye dropper feature. I use these bottles for customer orders. I was going to send out my first order in the mail which I had packed nicely the night before, all wrapped up in bubble wrap. I was getting ready to close the box this morning when I noticed there was oil inside. There was a leak in one of the oil bottle tops. The bottles were in a box. They will be thrown in the mail. I caught the leak before I shipped the order. The bottle was half empty. The bottle had a cap that didn't feel right as it closed. One bottle didn't work well and another spilled, so far I have used four bottles. These bottles will be fine for home use. I can't use them for what I bought them for, so I will have to buy another set today to fulfill my customers who are waiting. It's a pity.

👤I used these for travel. They take almost no space in a quart size bag for air travel, and they haven't leaked so far, so they're perfect for at least a week or more. I am very happy with the bottles.

👤So far, so good! I have had to carry my skin care products in my car at stop lights on the way to work for about a month now. I boiled the glass bottles before putting the serum in. They did well. The bottles weren't cheap to paint and the glass wasn't as dark as it could be.

👤I've been using these to carry oil in my purse for a few months now, and I haven't had any leaks.

👤These bottles are very small. I use these to hold microscope slide oil. A bottle lasts for over two months before needing to be refilled. The glass pipettes have a small bulb at the end that sticks to the glass better than plastic and they are also very nice. I keep my lab bench clean.

👤When I travel, I bring with me a variety of small amber vials to make essential oil samples. These are my favorites. The dropper that comes with each one is great, and they are the perfect size to keep in your purse or bag. Will recommend others to them.

👤These bottles are what I was looking for. They'll be great for the flea market booth. They arrived in good shape after being securely packaged. The cloth is made of glass. The dropper has to be bent in order to fit in the box, so it's not usable, but it could be left out of the package. I buy large quantities of the 3 mL droppers.

3. Plastic Dropper Dropping Bottles Removable

Plastic Dropper Dropping Bottles Removable

50 empty eye droppers bottles are included in the package, which makes them appealing to fans of both modern and traditional solutions. These eye dropper bottles are made of high-quality plastic, mini plastic dropper bottles have a long shelf life, and baby eye dropper bottles may be reuse several times. Simply fill the empty dropper bottles with the drink of your choice, shut the plastic dropper bottles, and press the tip bottle to release the liquid; the liquid will not flow out when the container is closed. The eye drop bottle empty is easy to carry and can be used on the move. There is a wide application. These eye droppers bottles can be used to store a wide range of liquids, and can be used to have everything you need at hand.

Brand: Tesorrio

👤Do you remember saying that the cheap comes out expensive? This taught us a lesson about our business. We bought droppers from another company and had no leaking, but bought them from this company and it was a better price. Ha! We were mistaken. The picture shows that most of the customers had leaking bottles. We only used one bag and the others are being returned. You have been warned. Don't buy it! Unless you want to lose the liquid you put in there.

👤I opened them today. The product was in excellent condition and delivered on time. I got 51 bottles, 50 caps, and 50 eye drop stoppers. I would rather be over than under. These look like they can do the job, if you use them to give out fake blood samples. I will post a follow up later. I hope they are leak proof. So far, so good!

👤These are in great condition after they arrived. They are made of soft plastic and can be squeezed easily. I don't have to carry around a big bottle of E-juice because they are great for storing it. They came in 50 count and each bottle is sealed after assembly, which is great. I don't have to worry about them getting nasty before use, it would be beneficial to someone wanting these for marketing purposes.

👤I used these for an event to give away product samples, and they are perfect for what I needed. They were used for samples. It's easy to fill, pop in the little dropper top, and it has a cute little screw on lid to protect from spills.

👤They are soft enough to squeeze. After you secure the lid, the ring around the top doesn't connect like it's suppose to. If you want to know, I've had to use my finger nail to tear them off. The bottle has a plug in it. I wish the tip didn't have so much plastic left over, but you can cut it off yourself. It's decent for simple tasks and mediocre quality. It wouldn't use for anything more than disposable tasks. Doesn't seem to leak. I would be gentle.

👤I use these to give out samples of my beard oils. I have used all 50 of them. The opening is small, so I use transfer pipettes to fill them up. I've read people who have trouble with these leaking, however I haven't experienced the same issues with them leaking. I will keep buying these.

👤I buy bottles to give to my clients. They allow me to give my clients the right amount of product while they heal from their PMU procedures. I have purchased these bottles for 3 years and will continue to do so. They are the same as described.

👤I make my own drink and extract. These little bottles are perfect for carrying in your purse, pocket, or office desk and can be used as a sample size of any liquid product. I like that the screw-on top has a seal like a soda bottle to make sure it isn't opened. You are in business if you put a waterproof sticker on it. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

4. Plastic Dropper Dropping Bottles Squeezable

Plastic Dropper Dropping Bottles Squeezable

The package has:24pcs included. The material has a capacity of 5ml. It will be sterile. It can be used to store liquids. It's great for traveler. It's ideal for eye drops,solvents, light oils, paint, essence, and more.

Brand: Esowemsn

👤I ordered two different sizes of bottles. They are good for refilling. If one is selling any liquid, they should fill the bottle, fix the spout, and put the top lid on it. The ring and seal of the bottle can be broken if the top cap type lid is screwed on. If you want to refill with anything for sale in pocket use sizes, you must take the above precautions. The appearance and quality is clean, and it is partially opaque to see the level of contents inside. Can hold a label printed on a label maker.

👤It was used to haul small liquid essentials. The bottles are pretty decent. There have been no leaks so far.

👤I needed to save some of the left over mixes. I accidentally ordered the small ones and they were perfect for what I needed. I can use scent oils. Thank you!

👤The bottles were perfect for the project I did with my students. I made packets with all the supplies for the project and they were the perfect size and amount for what we needed.

👤Product can't be put into container. Completely useless for my needs.

👤These are great! Highly recommended.

👤The bottles were delivered on time.

👤I brought them the product to put some oils in.

5. Kesell Dropper Bottles Essential Perfume

Kesell Dropper Bottles Essential Perfume

There is a wide application. These eye droppers bottles can be used to store a wide range of liquids, and can be used to have everything you need at hand. It's used for essential oil, perfume, packaging, aromatherapy oil, liquid container, serm, liquid medicine, sample display, e liquid, e juice, lab test, and so on. You can take oils wherever you go with the Travel accessories, they are easy to carry and are mini size. The bottle can be used as a medicine cabinet item or as a bottle for easy ear or eye drops. Easy to clean and sterilize, it never effects on the next use. It's a good idea to use purple glass bottles for essential oils that need protection from the sun.

Brand: Kesell

👤These don't leak at all. I put it in my bag and carried it around, but nothing came out. The dropper picks up the liquid with a smooth consistency and the color is amazing. It looks very luxurious and I am very pleased with the feel of it. It is similar to the beauty counter at a store.

👤The bottles arrived undamaged. All bottles are present and accounted for, even though the box appeared to have been torn open prior to shipping. I put the water level right at the shoulders of the jar by filling it with 5 liters of water. The 5 ml size is accurate regardless of what others say.

👤Just okay. I've thrown away bottles because the cap and bottles wouldn't catch. Maybe I have a bad bottle. They are useful to give my essential oils.

👤I was hoping for blue but it was green. I bought blue from this link a few months ago. They used to be blue. Oh well. Green isn't bad. The description should be updated by the seller.

👤The bottles worked well for me. I would only put items that are liquid in bottles. I put a lotion in it. It was difficult to get it out. It is hard to get to the bottom of the bottle if you pack more than you think you need. They worked well for my hair oil. I put the two in a small zip lock with a bit of cushion in between.

👤The bottles are cute, but some of the tops cracked. When closing a bottle, be careful.

👤I bought pink ones. They seem to be a great quality, although I haven't put them through any type of strenuous testing other than filling them with oil and sitting them there. I think that all of those bottles suffer from the same problem, that if you use them for oil and you have oil on your fingers, you can easily drop the bottle when you try to grab it.

👤These are perfect for giving to customers. It's no longer necessary to give big bottles. It was worth the purchase.

👤Making labels small was the problem.

👤If put sideways liquids come out even if closed tight.

👤It's perfect for essential oil sampling.

6. Dropping Bottles Essential Dropper Travel

Dropping Bottles Essential Dropper Travel

It is made of glass that is resistant to shock and will not break. 2ml D 16mm x H 25mm, 3ml D 16mm x H 32mm, and 5ml D 16mm x H 45mm. amber bottle with black cap amber bottle with black cap It's used for essential oil, perfume, packaging, aromatherapy oil, liquid container,serm, liquid medicine, sample display,e liquid, e juice, lab test, and so on. The amber glass bottles have a professional display and are great for travel.

Brand: Glasstore

👤I used the 1ml to put my face cream in. Cute bottles. Never had leaking issues. The lid was not working. I had to put my serums into my hands. I had to be able to control the amount coming out. I don't think I'll use them again.

👤I have stopped carrying a diaper bag after decades. A small wallet and keys is what most people have. These tiny bottles are adorable. What I was looking for. The dropper worked perfectly on the 1mm and they fit in a small zip-around wallet. I keep my eyedrops in it.

👤I got the smallest ones which were a little larger than I anticipated. They're great quality and will work great for what I'm using them for, which is holding a small amount of foundation, facial serums, hair oil in my travel bag. Despite the smaller size, they're just what I wanted. If they leak or don't hold up, I will update.

👤They are nice and I use them for samples. The fit was nice, but it was difficult to get the serum into the small opening. It was sturdy to where I dropped it. They are easy to use once filled.

👤I am a flight attendant and was looking for small bottles for my serums. These are perfect. I've had no issues with them so far.

👤There is so much that I liked about these bottles. The size was perfect for my needs. The dropper did a great job sucking up the oil. My issue was that they leaked. I wanted to include these with essential oils as a gift, but can't. I filled them with essential oil blends when I returned. I have to destroy the entire set.

👤These are small but they are what I wanted. The dropper works great because they are made of high quality materials.

👤I ordered a small amount of liquid to be included with my jewelry for clients. The size is perfect. I haven't tried them yet but the dropper seems sturdy. I'm excited to include them. Thank you!

7. Dropper Aromatherapy Essential Container Included

Dropper Aromatherapy Essential Container Included

The bottle color is clear. 35 pack of 5ml All in Box, Clear Glass Essential Oil Bottles with Glass Eye Dropper Dispenser,Gold Shiny Ring Caps Free 2 Pcs 2ml Dropper. It's easy to use and it fits in your purse. It's perfect for packaging essential oil, herbal liquid, and massage oils. It's great for storing essential oils, aromatherapy, Colognes, and perfumes.

Brand: Furnido

👤They are cute. They arrived quickly. The packaging is not appropriate for shipping glassware. They were inside a small box. No organization. There is no packaging materials. There is broken glass everywhere. If you don't need all 36, roll the dice.

👤It comes with 3 additional bottles as well as an additional dropper in the event one breaks. Ships quickly. Would purchase again.

👤These are cute and perfect for what I need, but 2 of them broke. The packaging is not suitable for safe shipping and they added 1 extra bottle and 1 extra dropper. If you need all 35 bottles, I would plan 2 to get at least 1-2 broken bottles.

👤I have ordered these dropper bottles before. I make oils for my clients. Some bottles were damaged. So disappointed! I needed a lot of them.

👤8 of them were broken. It is horrible.

👤I use them to put oil in a diffuser. I like the high end look of them.

👤They work well for essential oil use. The dropper is hard to put on and off. It feels like it doesn't line up. They work great.

👤They are perfect for my mini serums that I would have been using them for, but at least 5 had been broken by time they had arrived!

8. Year Plenty Droppers Essential Multicolored

Year Plenty Droppers Essential Multicolored

There are 24 glass eye droppers for essential oils. You can identify the contents of the bottle with multi-colored tops. It fits the most common oil bottles. DoTERRA, Young Living, Rocky Mountain, NOW, Plant Therapy, Plant Guru, Cligantic, etc are compatible with these bottles. It is made of lead-free glass. Silicone and plastic parts are tested. A big mess will not be created by mixing oils. It saves money and time by counting every drop. Measure the number of drops of essential oils. It's helpful with thick oils.

Brand: Year Of Plenty

👤Nice droppers. Good quality. They should come in a rainbow of colors. I was responsible for not looking at the pic closely enough. It is a repeat of the same colors. I would like to match up by type or need if they had white, black, light blue, red, purple, coral, turquoise. I use Vetiver oil which is very thick. I use purple at night time. I have to settle for blue. I would love to have red for rose or other colors. You can have green, orange, and yellow for different smells, but have 4-5 of each color as an option. These will do. The packaging was nice. It arrived quickly. I recommend them to my fellow oily friends.

👤A friend recommended them because she loves using my essential oils. The fit is perfect for Young Living essential oil bottles. Theses work well and are useful. I want one for every bottle of oil.

👤I like how the droppers fit on my bottles, even though they don't fit the best. I like how there are different colors. I don't like how there's no black option but I can find others that are just black. I am pretty happy with them.

👤Colored bulbs are great for identification, but they are hard to use when your 15ml bottles are empty. It's probably better to buy both lengths.

👤The quality is good and the price is reasonable. I love the colors.

👤Love them all. They work well. There is a++ and a+++.

👤There is no need for pippettes. There is a dropper per bottle. I owned every version of oil. I like the bright color.

👤I love these, they work great with my essential oils, and I wish there were more colors to choose from.

👤Out of 3 packs, I have had 4 that are broken on delivery, 3 of them didn't have the broken off bit in the pack, and one broke in my bottle of essential oil. It is a manufacture fault and always the 5ml ones. Year of Plenty did not want to know. I would definitely get others if I could. I contacted Year of Plenty and they didn't want to know why I use these a lot and why every single pack of 5ml droppers has a broken one. How do I get some money for the broken ones?

9. Refillable Essential Aromatherapy Containers Dispenser

Refillable Essential Aromatherapy Containers Dispenser

The glass bottle and aluminum cap has a capacity of 5 liters. The bottle diameter is 16mm, the bottle height is 45mm, and the total height is 62mm. Easy to clean and sterilize, never effect on next use. It's used for essential oil, perfume, packaging, aromatherapy oil, liquid container,serm, liquid medicine, sample display,e liquid, e juice, lab test, and so on. Warm notes. If you received broken bottles, please don't worry, they will send you new bottles, thanks.

Brand: Luzen

👤The caps were cheap and the numbers were less than I had paid for. The items were thrown into the box. I didn't receive my refund because we went into coronaviruses and the item never got picked up. I wouldn't buy from this seller or from any other seller, because there are better quality bottles available from Amazon.

👤These bottles are perfect for the "freebie" oil I give to my nail customers. I can refill it for them if they hold the right amount. I love this product.

👤Good quality and easy to assemble. It's perfect for my face oil.

👤It's perfect for my samples of my facial serum. Love them. The cap doesn't fit perfectly. I've had no issues so far.

👤I was not happy at first, but I can say that these guys deserve a five star rating, they went beyond what was neccesary to make me happy. The product was what I needed.

👤I like the bottles and they look nice, but many of the lids don't fit and leak if they break. I left a message for the seller and didn't hear anything back about the problem. I was unable to return them because I already used them.

👤I own a small business. These are used for our nail products. They work well. Sometimes they leak. Rarely. We love them more than that. They will give you more pieces if there is a break in transit.

👤It's easy to put together and it's perfect for essential oils.

10. PH PandaHall Droppers Essential Pressure

PH PandaHall Droppers Essential Pressure

It's for the most common oil bottles. DoTERRA, Young Living, Aura Cacia, US Organic and other popular brands of essential oils are compatible with. The rubber bulb, screw top and glass tube can be washed and cleaned easily. The glass droppers have a rubber bulb that is pre-assembled and the glass tubes work perfectly with the essential oils. It is leakproof. The bottle is not leaking because of the screw top. The tight seal created by the lids will not allow the product to leak. The dropper bottom is rounded for ease of use. You are sure that you are only using required liquid and not wasting it. It's great for all types of crafts, including soaps and stains.

Brand: Ph Pandahall

👤These fit perfectly for my Young Living essential oil bottles. I put the first dropper on my oil and it works great, since it's a 5ml bottle and it takes 1-2 minutes for a single drop to come out. It was so easy. It's worth it!

👤Not for Young Living essential oil bootles.

👤These fit perfectly. It was worth the wait and I was happy with the purchase.

👤The item is exactly as described. Fast shipping.

👤Me gustaron mucho. Se ajustan a la botella, pero estos goteros tienen funcionan para las botellas.


What is the best product for eye dropper bottle 5ml?

Eye dropper bottle 5ml products from Wowlife. In this article about eye dropper bottle 5ml you can see why people choose the product. Elfenstall and Tesorrio are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye dropper bottle 5ml.

What are the best brands for eye dropper bottle 5ml?

Wowlife, Elfenstall and Tesorrio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye dropper bottle 5ml. Find the detail in this article. Esowemsn, Kesell and Glasstore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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