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1. Vivaplex Assorted Colors Bottles Droppers

Vivaplex Assorted Colors Bottles Droppers

Green glass protects against harmful UV rays. Glass Bottles with Glass Eye Droppers are 8 - 4 ounces. It's perfect for essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids. Convenient and safe packaging. It fits in your purse. It fits in your purse.

Brand: Vivaplex

👤The bottles look nice. There were no broken bottles or droppers. The droppers were all loose in a bag, and the packaging had little to no cushion. Many others have reported that there would be a high chance of breakage. These are a good buy, but be prepared to get a replacement in case of breakage.

👤Thick bottles arrived intact. The eyedropper is well made. The eyedropper is only half full as they are not intended for transferring quantities of liquid. It's an eyedropper.

👤The bottles are good for the price. They only have 1/3 of the way to go. You need to flip the dropper over and reinsert it in order to fill it. I would buy again.

👤All of my glass droppers arrived unscathed. I use it to add drinks and tea. Can put any liquid in a container.

👤It's been less than a month and the suction is falling apart.

👤I like the product. It works well.

👤The droppers don't fill up all the time.

👤2 of the droppers were shattered upon arrival.

2. Jucoan Dropper Graduated Droppers Essential

Jucoan Dropper Graduated Droppers Essential

It's great for storing liquid content. A pack of 16 amber round glass bottles with black droppers. The bottles are made of amber glass and can be used to protect the contents from the effects of UV light. With graduated glass dropper, you can drop liquid more efficiently. The bottles are small enough to fit in your bags and have a black cap to prevent leaking. The 4 oz Boston round glass bottle is the perfect size for storing essential oils and comestic oil.

Brand: Jucoan

👤The bottles and droppers are good for the trash can.

👤The bottles and the droppers were great, but one thing it didn't show on your picture dropper was measuring lines.

👤I didn't know that suck power was bad until after packaging products to send out to clients.

👤The droppers have a max of.5ml. I don't mind using them for personal use. It's kind of annoying.

👤I have used others over the years. Will order more.

👤The bottle works well. No dislike!

👤It was packed very securely when it arrived. The item is described.

👤The product was great for the price. No complaints at all. The dropper has great packing.

3. Eye Dropper Calibrated Medications Measurement

Eye Dropper Calibrated Medications Measurement

Functions and quotient: Imagine being able to accurately measure out your medication. If you've been looking for an essential oils eye dropper with different applications, then you've found the right one. Their glass droppers come with one straight tip and one bent tip which means that you'll be able to use them for anything. The glass droppers have a 1 liter capacity so you can give small amounts of liquid to ensure accuracy. This is great for you because you will be able to measure out your medicine or essential oils without having to use larger pipettes. Sturdy and durable materials. The problem with other pipette droppers is that they can be made out of cheap materials that don't allow for accurate measuring. That problem is solved by their glass dropper. Why? Their glass dropper is made out of high quality materials that are designed to last which means that you will get accurate measurements with its' 100% rubber tip. Don't suffer poorly measured medicine again! It's easy to clean and clean safe. Their droppers are dishwasher safe. It means that you don't have to spend a lot of time taking them apart and losing all of them. Less time cleaning and more time to enjoy other things is what that means to you. The brand is trustworthy. It is important to find a product that you can trust when looking for new ways to administer medications. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is a guarantee that you can trust. They will do everything in their power to make sure you're satisfied if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase.

Brand: Medca

👤These are the worst droppers I've ever used. The dropper fails to draw in more than a quarter of the tube by volume when squeezing the bulb in a bottle full of water. I don't know if the dropper tubes are the right ones, but they are useless. I've never seen a dropper bulb that only drew half of the tube. Total waste of money.

👤The eye droppers don't suck the water into the container. Don't buy them.

👤I bought these to use for my oil Diffuser products and they have no suction. I couldn't get them to even start.

👤These droppers don't work. The bulbs at the top do not fill the piles with liquid. If the ville fills, it will be at best a third.

👤If you ever need to use an eye dropper on a pet, these work very well. The straight one is able to release quickly. The bent one is able to get the pet to drink fluids. I highly recommend!

👤It was very disappointing with two features. The calibration numbers can't be read with a magnifying glass. It cannot be used by anyone less than 20 minutes of visual acuity. Not readable with glasses or a magnifying glass. The section cannot get to 1ml if it reaches more than 1/2 the chamber. It was useless.

👤I bought these for cookie decorating. I bought these to add my liquid to the dust at a time so I could get the consistency I wanted. These are glass and durable.

👤The eye droppers are the same as advertised. If you need to use it for ear drops, the curved one is great.

👤Excellent product, would highly recommend it.

👤They put the water conditioner in while I did the water changes. The dropper is over priced and can't get the full 1ml.

👤I don't need these for specific measurements, but for anyone who needs them for the measurement, don't buy this.

👤Not as per the photographs.

4. Dropper Bottle Stainless Steel Funnels

Dropper Bottle Stainless Steel Funnels

HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose. 12 pack of amber glass eye dropper bottles, 3stainless steel funnels, and 1 long glass dropper are included in the package. The bottles are packaged in a grid-shaped partition and carton box. The essential oil dropper bottles are made of high quality material. It's great for things like beard oil, perfume oil, hair oil, and other liquids. Every time, the perfect amount of product can be used with the eye droppers. It's ideal for travel in bags because of the convenient size. You can travel with liquids for daily use. 3 small funnel help fill different liquids to avoid mingling and mix with other liquid impurities When little liquid is at the bottom, the long glass dropper is helpful. There are 24 labels that help mark liquids.

Brand: Aozita

👤The dropper bottles don't have glass droppers in them. The photos of glass droppers would lead me to believe that they would be part of a "dropper bottle". Before I headed down the same path, I warned.

👤The bottles are good but where are the droppers?

👤These bottles are of great quality and come with an awesome price tag. There was no argument there. The extras are definitely a plus. There are a couple of things that are not right. If you need measurement precision, then I would look elsewhere. The other caveat is that this product listing does not include standard industry sizes for these bottles so you could end up with lids that don't fit the bottleneck. The bottles are 18mm Euro Rounds, not 20mm Boston Rounds, for those who need this kind of information. These will do just fine if you just need bottle storage.

👤I make drugs. I wanted these to be smooth and without defects. The 5* rating is because the in-bottle pipette is so well constructed. The pinch is attached to the pipettes. There were cute stylized labels, a bigger pipette, and a thank you letter.

👤I almost didn't want to take them out, the pride taken with packaging and the product blew me away, and I had to ask God to bless these very careful people that must love their jobs. There is a The product is in excellent condition, and I would love to take the time to ink and paint the brown paper labels that I was not expecting. This would be a great gift for anyone that makes their own oils or tinctures, it would be a great way to share your oils with others. The funnel works as intended but has to be slowly poured to allow air in. I am happy to see that the caps are not "safety caps" as I have arthritis and need help opening my medicines. If you want, call me silly. The packaging was clean and neat and made me want to look at it again.

👤I wanted to store silver in bottles. I use it for my dogs and wanted to keep them separate. The bottles were well packaged and came with little stickers to write on. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I am very happy with the order. These are the perfect ingredients to make a flower remedy. They also have a dropper and 3 little funnles. Will definitely be ordering more.

👤I used these bottles to store my incense. I need a bottle that has an dropper so I can get the correct measurement when I use my diffuser. It also had three funnels. It has been great so far. Dislike: Nothing. It's perfect. If you're not a fan of clear bottles, don't order these. They're bottles of amber.

5. Vivaplex Cobalt Glass Bottles Droppers

Vivaplex Cobalt Glass Bottles Droppers

It's perfect for essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids. Convenient and safe packaging. It fits in your purse. The glass protects against harmful UV rays.

Brand: Vivaplex

👤Haven't used h2o to test for leaks. There were no leaks when I tested a couple in the box. Some droppers are not straight. It is easy to store them in packaging. The bottles are perfect for herbals. I would purchase again. Kids that I tested did not leak. Oh my gosh!

👤I wanted a large dropper that was about a half a liter. The dropper that comes with the bottles is very small. Very disappointing.

👤The droppers were broken. I need the product immediately so I can't return. I never had a problem with damaged goods from Amazon. The dropper does not have a good grip on it. I only get a small amount of fluid. I was very disappointed in the quality of the product.

👤The bottles are perfect for what I use them for. I can only get the dropper to fill a quarter or less. I need more than a few drops at a time.

👤The only downfall is that the dropper doesn't hold much liquid.

👤This is a great bottle. The picture shows how much the dropper holds. Reviewers said it doesn't hold much. I say it's not a spoon.

👤I preferred the over the amber colored bottles. I filled them with a cannabinoid solution and they worked just fine. The price was good and the top was adequate for my needs. Recommended!

6. Dropper Stop Bottles Tapered Droppers

Dropper Stop Bottles Tapered Droppers

It's great for using in abstract painting, feeding little pets, measuring out and transferring essential oils, nail polish removers and other beauty products. The diameter is 1-7/16", the height is 4-58", and the neck is 20-400. Boston Round Bottles with Quality Glass Droppers. Colored glass protects against chemicals. Beautiful colors make a great display.

Brand: Dropper Stop

👤It doesn't work. The bottle was filled about a quarter of the way. The dropper was inserted. The bottle was closed and squeezed. It wasn't enough to fill an ice tea spoon. A lot of money wasted.

👤I don't like leaving bad reviews, but these dropper bottles are terrible. The bulbs are too small for the dropper and only suck up a small amount of liquid. It only takes about 12 drops of water for a normal squeeze and 15 drops for a hard squeeze, and it takes 25 drops to get to the desired amount. Not gonna be able to use these for their intended purpose without having to ration out multiple dropper fulls.

👤They do what they're supposed to. There are some things that I wish were different. The dropper doesn't reach the bottom of the bottle. How am I supposed to suck up the bit at the bottom if the dropper can't reach it? The suction isn't really powerful. The tube is only half full when you squeeze the tip. I am happy with the quality of the glass. I don't have to worry about my hair being damaged because I use these to oil my scalp.

👤I used these for homemade liquid stevia. When I tried to order a bottle of liquid stevia, it was quite expensive, because of the many drops of liquid that a lot of recipes call for. You can use eye-dropper bottles to keep your liquid in. These work well and are food safe.

👤I put my hair products in these. I wear protective styles. This allows me to focus on my hair.

👤I needed to switch out my oil bottle because it has seen better days. The bottles are thick and amber in color, and have the droppers I need for the job. Not a bad purchase, but the droppers don't hold water or oil. My counter is a hot mess after I use it many times. Hopefully that is the case with me. You get a better version.

👤I don't use the bottles and bought these for the droppers. They are great. They don't leak unless I apply pressure. A really good value.

👤These are basic glass bottles with a dropper. If you have a lot of sugar in your fluids, the cap is very difficult to remove. I bought these for aromatic bitters for cocktails and have found them to be less than ideal.

7. Vivaplex Amber Glass Bottles Droppers

Vivaplex Amber Glass Bottles Droppers

It's perfect for essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids. Convenient and safe packaging. It fits in your purse. The amber glass protects against harmful UV rays.

Brand: Vivaplex

👤We own Vivaplex products. These are not my favorites. The bottles are large, but weak, so you can only withdraw a third of the tube's capacity. All of the bottles arrived in our order. They are attractive and do not leak.

👤The product and price were good. I was disappointed that one of the droppers broke. The bottles were perfectly fine but the way the droppers were packed was problematic. The six droppers were put in a baggie in the box. The droppers were thrown around too much in the large box. I am lucky that one of them was damaged. I don't think this would have been an issue if they had been packaged as a set and shrink wrapped. The bottles and droppers are of good quality. You can't get the full amount of the stem to pick up the fluid. It is typical. They are doing their job.

👤Quality bottles are what these bottles are. The price of a bottle is too high. I contacted vivaplex because they don't carry 4oz bottles on their website. They refused to answer me by email, so I called them. I will buy bottles elsewhere.

👤The dropper only pulls up a small portion of the capacity. Not useful at all.

👤I thought I was a little scared. I was surprised that they all came in surprise, but they were all shipped to the BAHAMAS.

👤The bottles were just bottles, not tops or eye droppers. How can I use them? This is very annoying.

👤Does what they said do anything? It works despite the fact that wish is sucked up a little more.

👤You just have to do it a few times because it doesn't suck a full bulb.

8. Droppers Essential Colognes Perfumes Included

Droppers Essential Colognes Perfumes Included

The 4 oz Boston round glass bottle is the perfect size for storing essential oils and comestic oil. The set of 4 contains 1 Oz amber glass orbs. There is a free bonus waterproof label for personalization. It's perfect for travel and convenient to have it in your purse or makeup bag. Protects against harmful UV rays for essential oils. 100% money back is guaranteed if you buy with confidence. 100% money back is guaranteed if you buy with confidence.

Brand: Manufacturer Direct

👤The rubber stopper should never have come apart because my doterra essential oils made it do so. I won't buy these again.

👤3 of the bottles and droppers are working.

9. Clear Boston Round Graduated Dropper

Clear Boston Round Graduated Dropper

You can use these amber glass Boston bottles in many places. The black glass dropper is easy to use. These bottles are great for essential oils, massage, and beard oils. The clear glass bottle makes it easy to identify the contents. There are handmade gifts of flavorings, extracts, syrups, and homemade remedies. Americans packaged it in the USA. Americans packaged it in the USA.

Brand: Gbo

👤I use these bottles for my hair oil business and they are normally all together and nothing broken, but today a bottle came broken and glass was everywhere. I hope I can get a replacement for the broken bottle because these bottles are used for my business and I have orders to fill.

👤It's a thick glass bottle. Dropper is graduated to make sure you get the amount you want.

👤I use bottles for my hair oils. Will purchase again.

👤These were packaged quickly and well. I useCannabidiol for my cancer treatments and was looking for something to put my weekly dose in. I took into account that they were clear bottles, so I make sure I don't leave them in a sunny spot. One squeeze fills it to the 1ml line.

👤Love them, they are very sturdy, leak proof and thick. It was very easy to make a hole in it.

👤I wish they wouldn't stop selling them.

👤I don't have any complaints about the bottles themselves, but one arrived broken. I needed twelve for the project I was working on. I don't have time to return the whole box and I can't figure out how to contact the seller.

👤None were damaged. It was well packaged.

10. 22 400 Droppers Glass Bottles Pack

22 400 Droppers Glass Bottles Pack

The glass protects against harmful UV rays. It's important to read the description for details. The GPI thread finish is 22-400. Specifically for 4oz bottles. Specifically for 4oz bottles.

Brand: J&e Supplies

👤The reviews are not nice. The product description does not state that these bottles fit any particular brand. You can check the bottle's name and make sure you want it to fit. They don't fit all 4 ounce bottles. They do fit NOW oils which are 22-400 in size. They all work, mine were packaged perfectly, and not a single one was broken. I subtracted one star because they don't draw up the entire length with oil. This is not a problem for oil usage, only mixing up large batches of oil for friends.

👤The droppers were intact. There were no broken ones. I think they should be wrapped better. They fit my 4oz NOW bottles perfectly, however, they don't fit the Sun Essentials 4oz bottles.

👤I can't recommend them. I use these with oils that are similar to jojoba. I can't get these droppers to pull enough oil to fill more than 30% of the bottle's capacity. I have to be quick because they immediately start leaking oil. I won't buy them again because they're doing the job.

👤The droppers were thrown together. Half of them were broken before they were delivered. The droppers were not broken. Now brand essential oils. Good product and bad packaging.

👤I bought 4 ounce bottles of essential oil, but the other ones didn't. I bought these and they helped a lot.

👤The dropper only holds about 1/3 of the liquid. I need to fill up four times to get a full dropper.

👤The droppers were well made, however they were not marked with amounts.

👤They work great, I'm not sure what bottles they fit on, but they reach the bottom of the tall bottles well and they were worth the cost.

11. Vivaplex Clear Glass Bottles Droppers

Vivaplex Clear Glass Bottles Droppers

It's perfect for essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids. Convenient and safe packaging. It fits in your purse.

Brand: Vivaplex

👤The rubber nipple part is so small that you can't draw any liquid into the glass tube. My picture shows the most you'll get with a draw. I measure it with a beaker, and it's not even half a liter. It's equally hard to expel the liquid once it's drawn into the glass tube. I mix my own e-liquid and bought these to store it. It takes about a dozen or more droppers full to fill a 3 liter tank because of the tiny volume and the way it spills out when you try to squeeze it out. I hope I can find better eye droppers sold separately by a more reliable source. Don't buy these useless bottles, spend a few extra bucks, and get something better, because these things completely suck.

👤The glass bottles are as expected, however the dropper bulb is undersized and only allows for 1/3 of the dropper volume to be filled with each squeeze. The droppers are packaged in glass bottles and sent in a bag and you should prepare for one of the 6 dropper tips to break.

👤The eye droppers are useless. I bought the solution to hold for my dogs. The eye droppers don't suck up liquid. I tried a second one. They are not worth anything to me. The bottles and eye droppers are not functional unless you only need the dropper to suck up a small amount of liquid.

👤I use this product to hold my artificial sweeteners and it works great, I can use different essential oils to make my sweetener.

👤It was packaged perfectly. They work great for my hair and body oils. Some of them were not so great. They are worth buying if they are not.

👤I wanted to organize my bitters. The maximum capacity of the droppers is just over a "dash". The bottles are variable in size and shape. Some are close to each other. One of the holes in the organizers doesn't fit in one of the ones I made.

👤The glass is strong. I wish it had a funnel to pour liquid inside and the black part didn't work for me. Would not buy again.

👤The bottles look great when you look at them. The droppers feel sturdy. The catch is here. The droppers can't be filled up by the suction. The dropper is filled by the suction. I don't recommend.


What is the best product for eye dropper bottle 8oz?

Eye dropper bottle 8oz products from Vivaplex. In this article about eye dropper bottle 8oz you can see why people choose the product. Jucoan and Medca are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye dropper bottle 8oz.

What are the best brands for eye dropper bottle 8oz?

Vivaplex, Jucoan and Medca are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye dropper bottle 8oz. Find the detail in this article. Aozita, Dropper Stop and Manufacturer Direct are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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