Best Eye Dropper Bottle Plastic

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1. DNHCLL Plastic Squeezable Childproof Solvents

DNHCLL Plastic Squeezable Childproof Solvents

Capacity: 15ml. The bottles are leak proof with a screw-on lid. It can be used to store liquids. It's great for paints, essence, electronic cigarettes, eye drops, and more. 10 x Plastic dropper empty bottles is the package content.

Brand: Dnhcll

👤I wanted it to be easy to squeeze so I bought these. These may be too stiff for you if you have weak fingers. I put the nozzle in and could not squeeze hard enough to get a drop out, but I filled it with warm water. My fingers are weak.

👤Excellent for traveling.

👤I wanted to use these for backpacking. They all leak. Inexpensive, and you get what you pay for.

👤If you are only staying a few days, these are the perfect size. As long as it is thick, you can put anything in them. I put things in them. I am not sure how leak proof they are, but I have been using them at home and they are working.

👤These are the same as advertised. If you use the right size of bearings to block the hole in these bottles, there will be no complaints. You can blast the tip off if you squeeze too hard.

👤The bottles were what I was expecting. I didn't expect that out of the 10 bottle drips, 2 of them were not good. I didn't have enough bottles to test to see if I really want to order more. If the items are not replaced, I would not recommend these products to others. We will see how their support is.

👤I didn't realize the bag with the caps also contained eye dropper inserts when I opened the envelope. If you intend to use these as eye droppers, you should put the insert in first. I didn't know I would get ten bottles.

👤Couldn't find anything at the pharmacy. I was glad this came in because I needed all of them.

2. Dropper Stop Bottles Tapered Droppers

Dropper Stop Bottles Tapered Droppers

The bottle's diameter is 1-1/4" and the bottle's height is 4-1/16" Alone: 3-11-16" Glass Boston Round Bottles, Each with Quality Glass Droppers. Colored glass protects against chemicals. Beautiful colors make a great display. The bottle's diameter is 1-1/4" and the bottle's height is 4-1/8". Alone: 3-11-16"

Brand: Dropper Stop

👤These are good for me, but not the best. Neither of the bottles I got would work for the number of drops I needed. I put it in my oil because I wanted to use it as an eye dropper. I have enough time to get the oil in the bottle before I make a mess, but I have to squirt half of the oil out of the dropper.

👤The bottles arrived undamaged. One bottle and dropper works as expected, the second bottle doesn't hold any suction so the dropper constantly drips, which makes it useless for me. 50% of the order was non-functional.

👤Came quickly and was not damaged. I put oil in it to squeeze.

👤The tint of the bottle makes for a beautiful decoration to compliment the function of the eye dropper, and it works well and has no issues sucking in or pushing out.

👤What gorgeous bottles! They were packaged and arrived quickly. I didn't need a bulk order, so I was happy to find a 2 pack for purchase. I plan to use the 1oz bottles for essential and carrier oil to make it easier to fill gel tabs. If you order the 2 pack first, you will not be disappointed.

👤Good quality, packaged well and at a great price. The glass is thick and dark enough for me to store things that are sensitive to light. I suspect someone stole the contents of my package when I received it. The seller immediately offered me a refund and the option to return the bottles. Thank you!

👤The bottle droppers are made of glass. I wanted to make my child's ear wax removal easier. The ear wax was causing a problem with hearing. I was able to make a homemade version of the commercial product with just half water and half hydrogen peroxide. The bottles are beautiful and the droppers work great. I paid $4.29 for a 2 pack of bottles, which is a great value. Thank you so much!

👤It was exactly as expected. The blue color of glass is gorgeous, the dropper works well, and the rubber is not flimsy.

3. Adecco LLC Plastic Squeezable Childproof

Adecco LLC Plastic Squeezable Childproof

The dropper bottle has a capacity of 15 liters. The Eye Dropper bottle is included in the package. Enough to meet your needs. The bottle body, Inner drip, threaded protective cap, and good seal are all included in the Empty Dropper Bottles. The Eye Liquid Dropper Container is made of PE plastic. It is easy to squeeze and control liquid. The dropper plug is easy to clean and easy to fill with liquid. Dropper is easy to use and distributes the perfect amount of liquids. Drop Bottles are great for storing essential liquids, such as eye drops, light oils, paint, essence, electronic cigarettes, and so on. It fits in your purse.

Brand: Adecco Llc

👤I bought this product to store paint. The bottle tops were cracked in the same spot on each lid. I have a lot of bottles without lids and they dry out and become useless. I usually tightened the bottles to the same consistency. I would give it a 2 out of 5.

👤I have bought two separate orders of this item. The first was fine but the second had some problems. If you have this problem, you can fix it by placing them in a microwave safe dish with a cup of water and microwaving for two minutes. Push up from the bottom of the bamboo skewer, chopstick or other long skinny object until the spout pops out. Push it back in if it pops out too far. I use these bottles for my paints. They hold 17 bottles by my measurement. The child-proof cap is not really child-proof. If you need child proof caps, they are not even child proof, even the ring on the cap is not child proof. The bottles are okay for the price. The quality control isn't great, but the packages have included all 50 bottles.

👤I am very disappointed. You can't tell until you try and use the bottle and the tip flies out. I have received 2 orders in a week and both have defects. They are needed to hold a product and we are having to go through each tip trying it because I can't return all of them. We are going to do everything we can to avoid buying this brand again.

👤I've ordered these many times and never had a problem, but this is horrible. The oils that I am using for will be wasted because the bottles don't fit securely. I would like another order sent for me. Before sending the stoppers to the customer, please make sure they fit securely.

👤I ordered 15ml bottles because I wanted to use a Vallejo type bottle instead of a popular miniature one. The bottles were shorter and looked like 10ml bottles. I was disappointed. I ended up using half the bottles because it was hard to send back anything. The hole in the bottle was too small to put paint in, so 3 of the 25 dropper tops were blocked. They work as advertised even though they were shorted on the bottle size.

👤These bottles are droppers. I put smaller quantities in my survival pack. I have a lot of things, including hydrogen peroxide, lotion, calamine, balsam of myrrh, and Dawn. They don't leak and when filled the locking ring is great. I am surprised by the quality. The bag has hidden dropper tips.

👤I am impressed with the bottles. They are just small bottles, but they were all there. It was a pleasant surprise for many small pieces. It was worth it to have extras to share with family and friends, I only needed a couple. The missing tip was found on the floor. The order was complete. I was very happy with the purchase.

4. Plastic Squeezable Dropper Bottles Liquid

Plastic Squeezable Dropper Bottles Liquid

It fits in your purse. 50PCS 10ml plastic scribable bottles are included in the package. There are empty plastic bottles for storing eye drops. Light oils, paint,essence, electronic cigarettes,eye drops,saline, and other can be dressed. It can be done easily. It's very convenient. Dropper can be well controlled.

Brand: Eldwviz

👤The white bottle caps have broken off at the top after being in these for a few years. I don't know if it's due to the expansion and contraction of the plastic during air travel or something. I put up the caps in case they break during travel. The stars have been bumped from 5 to 3 because I am not sure if this is a product defect or just a consequence of flying. I still love the size and they are great when they stay intact. I have a weird mission to be the most efficient I can be while traveling, but not go without products I usually use. The dropper bottles help achieve this. I was able to fit 13 of them in a quart size bag, along with more traditional travel size containers of cleanser, conditioner, body wash, face wash, toothpaste, nail oil pen, and eye droppers. The bottles were easy to fill with a funnel and spatula. I was able to widen the spout with a clean orange stick. If I ever ran out of these, I would buy them again.

👤The product arrived as expected. I was looking for a small eye dropper style bottle to store my custom paint mixes. These are half the size of the Vallejo bottles and work great. Each component was neatly packed in separate bags and ready to be used. The only complaint I have is that the opening of the bottle is not big enough to fit an electric paint mixer in, but I can't say that the manufacturer is to blame.

👤You probably want other bottles if you're using these to experiment with do-it-yourself juice. You should set your recipes to 9ml. The air bubble that you need for shaking up your juice won't be found in these bottles. I won't remove a star because the bottles are 10ml as advertised.

👤These are what I was looking for. I'm going on a backpacking trip in a couple of weeks, and wanted to have small bottles for my moisturizers. I was happy to find that I got exactly 50 of each part. The bottles I've filled so far have been leakproof, and hold a good amount of product. I think I'll be able to get away with just one dropper bottle to hold a full 2 weeks of face moisturizer. I was happy to find that filling one with toothpaste was very easy, and the toothpaste was just fine through the dropper. I'm finding a lot of uses for these bottles, even though they are too many for the person buying them for traveling. I've put the extract into one so that I can accurately drop it into recipes, instead of having it run down the side of the bottle. I'm using one for liquid sucralose. I was close to buying a 4-pack of these for about ten bucks. I got 50 on Amazon for less than I would have spent there. The dollar is a great value.

👤I use these for allergy emergencies so that I don't have to carry a full container of liquid Benadryl. They are the perfect size to keep with epi pens. Useful for this purpose. I don't use the plastic piece between the bottle and the cap because I don't want it to be hard to squeeze Benadryl from the bottle into my mouth.

5. Glass Dropper Bottle Stainless Funnels

Glass Dropper Bottle Stainless Funnels

A special round top is used in the lab. 12 pack of clear glass eye dropper bottles, 3stainless steel funnels, and 1 long glass dropper are included in the package. The bottles are packaged in a grid-shaped partition and carton box. The essential oil dropper bottles are made of high quality material. It's great for things like beard oil, perfume oil, hair oil, and other liquids. Every time, the perfect amount of product can be used with the eye droppers. It's ideal for travel in bags because of the convenient size. You can travel with liquids for daily use. 3 small funnel help fill different liquids to avoid mingling and mix with other liquid impurities When little liquid is at the bottom, the long glass dropper is helpful. There are 24 labels that help mark liquids.

Brand: Aozita

👤There were two droppers that were broken. I assume the droppers were damaged during assembly, since nothing else was damaged. I have to send back all of them and wait for a new shipment since you can't just return or get credit for the broken droppers.

👤So far, so good. The bottles and stoppers worked as advertised. The glass is thick and the cap holds essential oils as advertised. There are no spills yet. A good product that works well. Thanks!

👤I love this product. The box is easy to organize because of the dividers inside. I made mine stronger with duck tape. The droppers' length is the only thing I would change. I would make them 1once droppers for the 2ounce bottles so that if there is a problem with the droppers, they are less likely to get stuck. This product is thought out.

👤These work great for a set of paint color concentrates. The containers were better than the ones we have now. I don't use them for travel but they work well for me.

👤They are the perfect size for what I needed, crystal clear, and will hold just enough paint for my projects. The little extras are very nice, a metal funnel and stickers to tag your colors and mixes. Thumbs up!

👤These bottles are nice, but always check them on arrival. I got two cases of them and opened and filled them, but when I pulled out the bottle with the shattered dropper, I was half way through the second case. I already used other bottles, so I can't return it.

👤These bottles are smaller than the standard dropper bottles. They are clear glass, so they may not be suitable for long term storage. One week of use is how long they have survived.

6. Refillable Squeezable Portable Container Essential

Refillable Squeezable Portable Container Essential

10 x Plastic dropper empty bottles is the package content. Material: plastic; colour: white. It's great for paint, essence, eye drops, and more. 30ml bottle Total length : 3.3" The bottles are leak proof. Don't worry, your liquid won't spill out. It can be used to store liquids. It's great for travel.

Brand: Ericotry

👤These are small bottles. I need to slow down and pay attention to what's in the bag. I like them. They travel well. The issue was with me. I missed the little cap and nozzle bits. When I filled a bottle with liquid sweetener, I was disappointed. I was about to throw out the bag. I am not kidding. I looked into the bag to see if there were any bottles like this. There were tiny nozzle tipped caps in the bag that I made an embarrassing mistake of. I snapped the face onto the top of the first bottle I had filled. I looked at that and said to myself. It works like a champ when you put things together. Who knew?

👤I bought these bottles because I wanted to keep gun cleaning solvent in my range bag without having to bring the whole bottle. I have a bottle in each of my gun cleaning kits. The breaks open the first time you open it, and I like that. I don't need 12. I gave each of my friends a couple. They could use them the same way.

👤I don't know if I got a bad one or not, but I have found that almost all of them have cracked tips. When you shake them, you get liquid inside the cap. This also means they will not squeeze. I will not be reordering if I run out of these, because they're still useful.

👤I tried for over an hour to get the liquid in the bottle. The hole is small. It was not possible to fill. The picture of the item advertised did not match what was sent. Sending it back.

👤The droppers are ok. Good value for money. They are used for alcohol for the grandkids after swimming. Some of them leak at times, but the caps are childproof and plastic, so no worries about broken glass containers. They do the job well.

👤The dropper feature is something I like about these bottles. They are leak proof and easy to travel with.

👤The size was perfect for what I needed but the drops came out too quickly. You have to make sure it doesn't get too wet at one time.

👤The pics don't match the product. The openings are about the size of a wooden pencil. I'm going to use them for paint, but they're not what I ordered.

👤I used these to dropper swimmers ear fluid. The fluid comes out in a continuous stream. Some of the caps don't screw on straight, making them useless. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤bouteilles tout. Tout. sealed.

👤This is a good product. I'm happy that I used it. It is easy to pour any liquid in it, otherwise everything else loved it.

👤Good for mixing alcohol and mica in my crafts.

7. TOOL GADGET Plastic Dropping Bottles

TOOL GADGET Plastic Dropping Bottles

It can be used to store liquids. It's great for travel. There is a cap and dropper. It's great for paints, essence, electronic cigarettes, eye drops, and more. It can be used to store liquids. Design for traveler. It can be used to store liquids. Design for traveler.

Brand: Tool Gadget

👤These bottles were great dropper bottles. I don't think so. I ordered one set and found it to be perfect, so I ordered another set. I test them all with water first since I am filling them with liquid watercolor. In the second set, I found 3 nozzles with small leaks on the side of them. I messaged the seller and asked for replacements. You'll get a note from Amazon saying their email address is not working. I messaged again after 5 days. They contacted me again, and sent me another set of bottles. All of those work well.

👤I received these bottles and they seem to be perfect for what I want, but I haven't tried them yet. They are easy to squeeze but not flimsy, and the drop dropper doesn't leak or pop out. There is a feature that surprised me. There is a twist off the security top. When they are filled and put on for the first time, a seal has to be broken to open them. It is an interesting convenience to know the bottles have not been opened since they were filled, but I think it would be more important if I were using them for commercial purposes.

👤I was looking for a small bottle like this to use in my home workshop for liquid dyes and polishes. The bottles I picked up from the dollar store andmart were terrible. I was pleasantly surprised when I gave these a try, expecting the same poor quality. These bottles are perfect for what I use them for. I like that the dropper part is not permanent. I will get the bottles I need if I ever need more of this type of product.

👤This is related to use with e-liquids. These bottles are perfect because they are thick. They are soft and squishy, and it is easy to squeeze out. The bottles I've tried so far are the best. I will probably try the last one. These are perfect.

👤These bottles are perfect for travel. I use a portable nebulizer for cleaning alcohol and distilled water that I need after use. They are leak proof and have a nice drop.

👤It's perfect for refilling a tank. There was no waste of juice. There is no waste refilling. The needle is long and thick.

👤The bottle I was looking for was similar to the Scientific Labs bottles. These aren't them.

👤These bottles are very small. Transfer some of the larger bottles of liquid sweetener to the smaller bottles to carry with us. I make sure the top is tight when I carry it in my bag. My husband is at work.

8. Eye Dropper Calibrated Medications Measurement

Eye Dropper Calibrated Medications Measurement

Functions and quotient: Imagine being able to accurately measure out your medication. If you've been looking for an essential oils eye dropper with different applications, then you've found the right one. Their glass droppers come with one straight tip and one bent tip which means that you'll be able to use them for anything. The glass droppers have a 1 liter capacity so you can give small amounts of liquid to ensure accuracy. This is great for you because you will be able to measure out your medicine or essential oils without having to use larger pipettes. Sturdy and durable materials. The problem with other pipette droppers is that they can be made out of cheap materials that don't allow for accurate measuring. That problem is solved by their glass dropper. Why? Their glass dropper is made out of high quality materials that are designed to last which means that you will get accurate measurements with its' 100% rubber tip. Don't suffer poorly measured medicine again! It's easy to clean and clean safe. Their droppers are dishwasher safe. It means that you don't have to spend a lot of time taking them apart and losing all of them. Less time cleaning and more time to enjoy other things is what that means to you. The brand is trustworthy. It is important to find a product that you can trust when looking for new ways to administer medications. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is a guarantee that you can trust. They will do everything in their power to make sure you're satisfied if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase.

Brand: Medca

👤These are the worst droppers I've ever used. The dropper fails to draw in more than a quarter of the tube by volume when squeezing the bulb in a bottle full of water. I don't know if the dropper tubes are the right ones, but they are useless. I've never seen a dropper bulb that only drew half of the tube. Total waste of money.

👤The eye droppers don't suck the water into the container. Don't buy them.

👤I bought these to use for my oil Diffuser products and they have no suction. I couldn't get them to even start.

👤These droppers don't work. The bulbs at the top do not fill the piles with liquid. If the ville fills, it will be at best a third.

👤If you ever need to use an eye dropper on a pet, these work very well. The straight one is able to release quickly. The bent one is able to get the pet to drink fluids. I highly recommend!

👤It was very disappointing with two features. The calibration numbers can't be read with a magnifying glass. It cannot be used by anyone less than 20 minutes of visual acuity. Not readable with glasses or a magnifying glass. The section cannot get to 1ml if it reaches more than 1/2 the chamber. It was useless.

👤I bought these for cookie decorating. I bought these to add my liquid to the dust at a time so I could get the consistency I wanted. These are glass and durable.

👤The eye droppers are the same as advertised. If you need to use it for ear drops, the curved one is great.

👤Excellent product, would highly recommend it.

👤They put the water conditioner in while I did the water changes. The dropper is over priced and can't get the full 1ml.

👤I don't need these for specific measurements, but for anyone who needs them for the measurement, don't buy this.

👤Not as per the photographs.

9. AKOAK Quality Plastic Squeezable Childproof

AKOAK Quality Plastic Squeezable Childproof

Plastic eye liquid dropper bottles are widely used. The total height is 7 cm and the bottom diameter is 2.3 cm. It's great for paint, essence, eye drops, and more. The inner plug is the right size, fastening will not fall off, and it's convenient to use. It can be used to give eye drops to pets.

Brand: Akoak

👤I got 12 bottles but only 6 tops, so I filled them right away, assuming all the tops would be there.

👤I use these to make eye drops. They don't leak. I keep one in my purse and have not had any leaking issues. I am very happy with them, they are as expected. I would buy them again.

👤These bottles would be great for travel. My travel case was saturated by 2 of the 4 bottles of my aftershave bottle. Half of the eye drops had leaked out of their bottle. I squeezed the bottle and turned the cap tight to see if it was my fault that the bottle was leaking. I can only conclude that the company has quality control issues because other reviews were satisfied with the leak.

👤I have only used it for water solutions and it does not feel cheap. If you are expecting a dropper mechanism that is perfect, but it's function is dependent on how stable you are and how strong your fingers are, you will have a mess. The plastic is strong and firm, and it has not leaked in my experience. I don't think there is a better plastic dropper in this price range.

👤The bottle is described as a dropper. If you stick a pin through the hard plastic cap, the bottle will release a drop at a time. There is no additional protection for the contents. The caps are not childproof. I need a dropper bottle. This is disappointing.

👤bugs were trapped in the plastic during the process of making the bottle and were encased in the wall of the bottle, so I threw away the two sets I bought. I put my foundation oil in a bottle and thought it was inside the bottle, but it was not, and I dumped $20 worth of product down the drain. I decided to use the rest of them even though there were no bug parts in the plastic, but I won't be buying them again.

👤What I was looking for. I don't like spending money on small bottles of rewetting drops. I filled them with my contact multi-purpose solution. These were used for dry eyes. It works and saves money. I like my contact solution better than the actual resetting drops because it is less oily.

👤I don't want to use rewetting drops all the time because they make my eyes burn, and I use daily disposable contacts. I got these and some larger bottles of regular saline solution, filled a couple up and kept them in my purse to use throughout the day. My eyes are happy that it works. Don't throw the little dropper tops away until everything opens, they come in a separate little baggie within the larger baggie.

10. Nicunom Plastic Squeezable Essential Containers

Nicunom Plastic Squeezable Essential Containers

3Pcs plastic dropper bottle empty with white lid The package includes 150 plastic dropper bottles with a capacity of 10ml and a size of 2.36" H x 0.8" D. Droppers are made with high quality PE and can be used for travel and fit in your bag. The seal on the eye dropper bottle is tight to prevent leaks. Don't worry liquid will spill out. These bottles can hold eye drops, ear drops, essential oils, and other liquids. Dropper can be well controlled when you pinch it.

Brand: Nicunom

👤These bottles are for my small business, I make oils that are universal. They can be used in wax melters. If you would like to check me out, my name is 4EvaWonderful. The bottles are kept separate from the safety lids. The dropper fits perfectly at the top of the bottle, and the lid is a safety seal lid. It breaks the seal when you remove it, which is nice for my customers to know that it hasn't been tampered with since the item has been made. The little dropper can be used to refill bottles. Regular plastic is sturdy and not flimsy. I will buy again.

👤The only thing they could do differently was package the bottles and tips in seperate bags so you don't have to dig for each piece of the bottle when you use a new one.

👤There was a big bag, bottles, and little tips in it. I had to separate it into containers. I have ordered an item like this before and it had everything in separate bags. Not happy about that. Once you use the bottle, the rings on the lid fall off.

👤It's very good to hold liquid.

👤A lot of bottles. They are high quality for long term storage, but disposable if you are into that.

👤I like the product, but I had to wait on the product until they said it was going to deliver.

👤I used to make a small order of cuticle oil from these bottles. I was able to purchase the remaining bottles from a different supplier because they had already sold out of the 150 bottles I was missing. I really appreciated it.

11. Plastic Squeezable Portable Refillable Containers

Plastic Squeezable Portable Refillable Containers

The dropper bottle is small and delicate, which will not take up a lot of space. You can carry it easily. There is a threaded protective lid that is leak proof and suitable for travel use. The soft bristle is made of PE plastic. It is easy to squeeze and control the liquid well. The eye dropper plug is easy to clean and inject. Product features include: The body of clear bottle is strong, flexible, and not easy to break, which is suitable for a variety of occasions. It's suitable for travel, storage and storage of liquids. It's great for eye drops, paint, essence, light oil, etc. It is durable for a long time. Their service is available. If you have a question, please contact them for a return and reasonable compensation service. Their service is available. If you have a question, please contact them for a return and reasonable compensation service.

Brand: Burry Life Science U

👤The bottles did not have droppers. It had tips, caps, and bottles, but no droppers.

👤I got these bottles because I wanted to help my pet rabbit with her ears. She runs when she sees the bottle, but these are small enough to hide and sneak up with. I might use some for art supplies.

👤It's very useful that they put a seal on them as well. Very cute. It's perfect for my use of them as a way to mix different amounts of small parts for different purposes.


What is the best product for eye dropper bottle plastic?

Eye dropper bottle plastic products from Dnhcll. In this article about eye dropper bottle plastic you can see why people choose the product. Dropper Stop and Adecco Llc are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye dropper bottle plastic.

What are the best brands for eye dropper bottle plastic?

Dnhcll, Dropper Stop and Adecco Llc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye dropper bottle plastic. Find the detail in this article. Eldwviz, Aozita and Ericotry are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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