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1. Autodrop Eyedrop Guide Each Pack

Autodrop Eyedrop Guide Each Pack

A simple eye drop guide. It works with most eye drop bottles. Holds eye open.

Brand: Autodrop

👤I used drops twice a day after having cataracts a few months ago. I was wasting more time poking my eye than using it. This device works great. Place over eye tip head back. Great idea and product. 5 stars.

👤The locking system doesn't work right. Poor design. The hook should be clicked and locked for the drops to fall in the eye when the cap is removed. The locking system is poorly designed and the flimsy material makes it hard for the latch to stay locked. Needs improvement.

👤If I set it up for her, it's pretty flimsy, but workable. She doesn't need to replace the lidz because the bottle is upright.

👤These work well. Drop goes in the eye.

👤It seems to work if you hold it just so.

👤I've been using this device for a long time. It causes your eye to get expensive eye drops.

👤Doesn't work for me. Total waste of money.

2. Ezy Dose Medicine Spoon Dropper

Ezy Dose Medicine Spoon Dropper

Self-care. The Ezy Dose self care products are designed to be easy to use. Simple measurement and distribution of liquid or solution can be done with the Calibrated design. There's a problem with civility. Dropper can hold up to 5 liters of liquid. Quality design is built to last. HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤This product was useless to me because it wasn't as described. The only reason I chose their product was because the measurements don't go as small as they are stated.

👤I'm a regular adult with no kids, but I take two liquid medications that have to be measured. It's hard to find a dropper that measures out a larger amount than 1ml. I used to only find droppers that were sold in 1ml form, but those are so short, they can't reach the bottom of a 4oz or 2oz amber glass bottle. I'm very lucky to have found this set on Amazon. I am going to buy 2 more sets of these in the next 2 weeks because they are so great to use. They solved all of my liquid medicine needs. The dropper can fit into both 2oz and 4oz bottles of my medication. Fantastic! I use the measuring spoons when I'm near the end of a bottle to measure it. My opinion is that everyone should own one set. I did not get these for free or at a discounted price to give this kind of review. They are so important to my daily life and my medical needs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

👤This is for our baby. It's good to keep this at home because you don't know when you need it. The need didn't come so I haven't used it yet, but this set looks good. This is one of the cheapest products I have checked in the local supermarkets. Would recommend this. The spoon and dropper are sturdy. Markers make it easier to use.

👤I thought I could use the measuring spoon, but I really only needed the dropper. The spoon is great. It's much easier to handle than it is to misplace measuring spoons. The items are cheap, but sturdy. I am pleased that this is a good purchase, given the price.

👤Be aware of the age of the child you are using this with. The opening is large and I purchased it for my baby. I have to be very careful in making sure she doesn't get too much.

👤I ordered it removed from the picture. The dropper and spoon are not in the picture. The spoon I received is too dark to see the lines of the medicine in it. I ordered the dropper for the spoon because it was clear. Would not recommend.

👤It is very difficult to find the medicine droppers. They should have sold them in 2 packs. The other spouted measurerer is usually with liquid meds.

👤The medicine dropper worked well for the first few months, but the rubber became hard and it was nearly impossible to draw liquid from it.

👤The item we received was not like the photo. It wasn't clear and was instead blue. The dropper hole is large.

👤I use it to give our cat medication.

👤It works well, easy to read.

👤Le conte goutte est.

👤The needle is terrible. I ordered it to give gripe water to my baby and the hole is so big that he chokes on it for 2 minutes. It also leaks. Don't waste your money.

3. Autosqueeze Eye Drop Bottle Squeezer

Autosqueeze Eye Drop Bottle Squeezer

It is easy to administer eye drops. It's easy to squeeze the bottle. Most eye drop bottles have clips on them.

Brand: Maxiaids

👤It is hard to squeeze my eye drop bottle because of my arthritis. This product works great on my small round eye drop bottle, however it doesn't work on my bottle of Visine, no matter how I turn the bottle. I'm still giving it 5 stars because it works perfectly for small bottles and I can get drops in my eyes without pain. It makes finding my small round eye drop bottle easy.

👤If you are old enough to have Cataract Surgery, you will have difficulty squeezing small medication bottles. The device made it easier to squeeze the bottle and get the drop in your eye.

👤My father used to put eye drops in his eyes after surgery. His fingers are no longer able to work as they used to.

👤It helps someone with weak hands.

👤It gives me control over the eye medicine squeeze bottle and one-drop. Time-eye medicine. Great purchase! HR.

👤It works well. I have another brand that does the same thing as this one, and it costs more.

👤The holder is helpful for squeezing eye drops from small bottles. I feel like I have more control over the drops.

👤Just what I needed. It makes putting in eye drops easy.

4. Eye Dropper Essential Oils Straight Tip

Eye Dropper Essential Oils Straight Tip

The brand is trustworthy. It is important to find a product that you can trust when looking for new ways to administer medications. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is a guarantee that you can trust. They will do everything in their power to make sure you're satisfied if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase. Clear glass is easy to see through and it's easy to measure out oil and liquid medicine droppers. Dropping Pipettes are made of high luster glass and rubber bulbs, and have a clear color that makes them easy to observe. Droppers for essential oils are easy to use and clean. The rubber caps can be removed and the glass pipette stems can be washed. The glass graduated droppers can be used to transfer a lot of things. Making beauty products, painting, and doing skincare are some of the things that are done. The glass graduated droppers can be used to transfer a lot of things. Making beauty products, painting, and doing skincare are some of the things that are done. The package contains 20 pieces of a single dropper. The rubber cap is 3 cm long and helps to pick up more liquid from bottles.

Brand: Aosdanting

👤If you don't need to use the measurements on the side, then they would be fine. If you need something to measure out medicine accurately, then you should go to your local pharmacy and ask for a couple. My were no charges. They have 5 and 1ml ones. The ones the vet gave me were terrible.

👤Great deal for these. I paid 20 for one last time. I couldn't get the glass tube to open. The plastic case they ship them in is not wide enough, so it looks like they had to push all the rubber tops down a little on the glass to get them to fit. I was able to easily get the full 1.0 liter into the tube after pulling the rubber top up a couple of millimeters.

👤The pipettes were ordered for art projects. I love that they are packaged in a sturdy plastic case and that they arrived quickly. I have to come up with my own storage solution for that one less art supply. They work with a lot of different things. I was expecting them to be plastic, but the bodies were glass. The glass is easier to keep clean than the plastic ones. The disadvantage is that you have to be careful not to break them, but they are sturdy and I have a plastic storage case, so I'm not worried. The product is a great price.

👤I like these. I like having many different ones because I blend oils together for my business and they are easy to use. The power is right. They are not easy to clean, but I appreciate that the bulb is not attached so that makes them better than others I have gotten. They are durable. I have never dropped them as much as a crack. The case they come in is very sturdy, but takes up little to no space, which is a plus for me. I would buy these.

👤I bought these to use with our rescue kittens that have to start out with an eyedropper. I would reuse them once they were sterile. They are even more valuable to me now that I am using them for essential oils.

👤These are great. 20 for 10 bones. I like that they are glass and not plastic, as some of the stuff I use for would eventually melt the plastic. I can't fill it to the 1 liter mark. Maybe the bulb needs to be bigger. I don't know how to use an eyedropper. I think they're great for the price.

👤I'm using droppers to make microscope slides. They work well and are durable. They are in a sturdy plastic case.

👤I bought them to use with oils. I'm going to return the broken droppers because they were easy to clean.

👤I had a hard time finding eye droppers anywhere so I ordered them offline for my students to use. If I ever needed them, I would buy again.

👤These droppers are of good quality. They're droppers and they're not going to save the world. I got what I was expecting. Good deal, good quality. I can't complain. Happy with the purchase.

5. Maddak SP Ableware Autodrop Guide

Maddak SP Ableware Autodrop Guide

A simple eye drop guide. It works with most eye drop bottles. Holds eye open. The package has a dimensions of 5.5 L x 1.3 H x 5.5 W. The package weight is 0.1 pounds. The country of origin is the United Kingdom.

Brand: Sp Ableware

👤I bought this for my father because of the reviews. Not all bottles fit-ok, can't make that happen with one device. The plastic soda bottle cap is stronger than the latch that opens on the top where the eye drop bottles are inserted. I noticed that this piece was showing signs of wear after multiple tests to see if he could use it on his own. It might work well for someone who can see but not for someone who is blind.

👤I got this for my mom because she was having trouble getting eye drops in her eye. She likes how easy it is to use. The drop goes in the eye, not down the side of the face.

👤This is a great invention. The antibiotic eye drops are hard to get in my eye after eye surgery. Perfect drops were allowed each time. I am very happy that I purchased it and it works well.

👤I couldn't close the top because I didn't hold the tip.

👤The container seems to be tighter fit than the old one.

👤I have tried and failed to place eye drops where they are supposed to go. Very disappointed. Will not recommend.

6. Straight Calibrated Medicine Droppers Essential

Straight Calibrated Medicine Droppers Essential

It can be used in any scene with one straight tip and one bent tip. There is no need to buy a series of essential oil droppers, you can do anything. The Eye Dropper for essential oils is made of high quality material. It is safe and eco-friendly. Good quality natural silica gel can keep the liquid in the dropper. Can be in contact with food. You will be able to inject drugs and other liquids in small amounts to ensure accuracy. The Eye Dropper distances are set with 0.25 mL mark up to 1 liter, which can accurately control the amount you want, without worrying about wasting medicine. It is easy to clean and wash. The silicone head will not break when exposed to hot water. Less cleaning time means more time to enjoy things. The measuring liquid dropper can easily and accurately control the dosage, essential oils, medicines, a variety of liquids, and feeding medicines to baby and pets. It's perfect for making candy gum, food decoration, manual activities and scientific experiments.

Brand: Prettycare

👤There isn't any suction! Can't even get half of them filled up. It was annoying. The rubber part will pop off and ruin everything you are doing.

👤It is made of glass and has a good look, but it is not very strong.

👤I use these to fill my own capsule. They work well.

👤Good quality, study, will do the job.

👤There are three glass droppers in this set, one bent tip, one straight tip, and one bulb dropper. The distances are marked with a.25 mL mark, but I was only able to draw up in two of the droppers and 0.25 mL in the bent tip dropper. Why mark the dropper that high when I expected to be able to draw up at least 1mL?

👤The eye droppers are ok from the glass make. The problem is with the bulb. You can only squeeze it to fill it, it's so small. This makes it hard for their use. It was very annoying.

7. Autodrop Eyedrop Guide Each Pack

Autodrop Eyedrop Guide Each Pack

A simple eye drop guide. It works with most eye drop bottles. Holds eye open.

Brand: Autodrop

👤I just had Cataract surgery and used the auto drop eye drop guide to administer the eye drops I have to use. It is helpful if you get the right position.

👤It isn't designed to be used with individual eye drop containers. Ratasis is a prescription eye drop that comes in a container so it can be discarded after use. It was a waste of money for me. I tried it with an OTC brand that has a round bottle and it works well. It should work well for you and be worth the small expense.

👤My mother needs daily eyedrops. She is legally blind and it is difficult to put the bottle over her eye. I bought a couple of these for her because she tends to waste a lot of medication. She keeps the eye drop guides on top of the prescription bottles so they are ready to be used. It was a great product for her and I was very happy with it.

👤Need something to help measure the drop.

👤It works as advertised, but my husband prefers to have me place his eyedrops.

👤It runs out the side of the eye when trying to drop something in it, and it's too large an opening for the eyes.

👤It isn't what I expected, but I may be me.

👤It is difficult to get lined up.

👤It was not as easy to use as I had hoped. They do work.

8. Flents 68354 Eye Wash Cup

Flents 68354 Eye Wash Cup

There is a multi-PURPOSE. Dropper is great for eye care. It is possible to fit a fit. The eye wash cup is easy to use. The eye wash cup is designed to create a tight seal. One size fits most. A majority of people use the eye wash cup. It is possible to reuse and wash.

Brand: Flents

👤I get something in my eye that drives me crazy. I had to go to the eye doctors to get it out. I decided to try it out. I am very happy that I bought this. I had to try it out after I got this and it worked great. I have to do it a couple of times, and I am not the easiest person to deal with, but I used this just fine. I was very happy that it worked and that I bought it. So happy with this. It is not expensive to have this on hand.

👤You can save money by buying a box of eye rinse with the eye cup included. This one doesn't fit in with the eye and leaks everywhere. The box with rinse and eye cup fit better and didn't leak. The rinse and cup were less expensive than the eye cup.

👤The Eye Drop guide was not perfect. I only need this type of product on average about once a week, but when I used it for the third time, I found a split in the rubber material's crease, where the eye cup was.

👤I have been using this cup for a long time. I like the soft ones more than the hard plastic ones. They feel good around the eye and are a lot safer to me. They have one draw back. The portion that goes around the bottle seems to split. The rubber or plastic neck is too small and will split in a day. You have to buy a new bottle when you change one. I think they want you to buy more of the item, because a year ago I used the same ones and they didn't splinter. I like to buy 6 at a time and use them whenever I need them. All of the different cups are made by one company and they are all in the same package.

👤The cup was made for people with large eye sockets.

👤There was no opening for the liquid to get through. I had to cut a piece off. The directions were clear in every way, but did not mention this part, which made it very confusing.

👤This item is not very good. They didn't make a good enough mold for the plastic so that the edges would come out right, and once the item was removed from the mold, no finishing was done. Is it possible to see bits of plastic hanging on? If you try to use this cup as an eye drop guide, it will leak because the plug does not seal well. I am offended that it cost so much. It might be worth it if it was 25 cents or one dollar. The one that I received was in a box that was crushed in shipping, but it was still very worn. I believe it has been opened many times.

👤The tip of the bottle extends too far into the eye drop guide, which causes it to touch the eye when trying to apply the drops. I don't think this is usable. If you don't screw the device onto the bottle far enough, it won't fit on the bottle. I will have to return it.

9. Straight Glass Medicine Dropper Calibrated

Straight Glass Medicine Dropper Calibrated

essential oils are perfect to use It is easy to use Calibrated in mL for accurate measurements. Dropper containment holds up to 1 liter of liquid. Quality design is built to last. HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤I use it for a little bit of odd use. I own a bearded dragon and he doesn't like baths or soaking. I try to avoid it when he's not wearing clothes. I don't think putting a water dish in his tank is a good idea because he lives in a humid area. I bought this to give him water each morning because I don't think he would get enough fluid from a single spray down on his face. After a few uses, he began to recognize it as his source of water and began to drink from the dropper. If you have a smaller lizard with lower humidity needs, I suggest doing this. They will stop drinking when they have had enough. I might need to get a small turkey baster when he gets bigger as this is still relatively small and he is not full grown yet.

👤It's a dropper. The bulb draws in fluid when you squeeze it. The fluid goes out when you squeeze it again. It's a simple formula for success. Someone will always find a way to make a poor quality dropper. This is a good quality product. The product does what it's intended to do. I can't think of a better way to say it.

👤The.25 and.50 markings were very accurate and there were no issues. The rubber piece is thicker than regular bottle droppers and should hold up for a long time. It is easier to take the right amount of my cbd oils with this medicine dropper than it is using the unreliable bottle droppers that seem to give you a different amount each time!

👤Unless you want a dropper with quarter mL markings, do not order from the seller. I ordered one of these last year and it had the same markings as the description and photo says. A cheaper dropper arrived a week or so ago after I ordered again. See the pictures.

👤I bought this to measure out small amounts of liquids. The dropper body is nice because the rubber ball is removed so you can clean it. When you draw up the liquid, it will fill up to the 1ml mark almost every time, which is good for speed. If you try to draw something up at an angle, it will only draw past the 1ml. If you need a reliable dropper most of the time, I would recommend this. If you need to be accurate, look somewhere else.

👤It won't fill up so you have to squeeze it to get the liquid into it. The rubber piece is my biggest complaint. It isn't firmly in place on the glass tube. The glass tube can fall out of it. I had to remove the glass tube from some stuff. I've purchased two of them. I have thrown both into the trash. It's too loose for any use.

👤I use the product to accurately dose Liquids for my fish tank and it does a good job. The company that sells a similar product with measurements but it's almost double the price of the one without it, I wish it had measurement determinants on it. It picks up liquid very well and would recommend.

10. Maddak Autodrop Drop Guide 786770001

Maddak Autodrop Drop Guide 786770001

Pinhole directs eyesight upward and away from the drops. The bottle is Angles. The Autodrop Eye Drop Guide can be used to install eyedrop in a number of ways. Holds the eye open while applying eye drops. Directs sight upward and away from drops.

Brand: Sp Ableware

👤Due to my inability to focus, I am unable to see how far away from my eye a drop is, thus causing wasted drops or even the tip touching my eye, which can lead tocontamination. I had to find the "sweet spot" for each bottle's set of grooves because of the size of the bottles. I was able to snap the bottle into place and hit the bull's eye every time because I had that figured out. The hinge will eventually break due to wear and tear. I'm pretty sure that this item will last through two surgeries and probably beyond. I expect a good delivery system for $8, not a product that will last forever.

👤I don't like having drops in my eyes. I blink too much and it was bad. Couldn't do it on his own. It was awful. This solved the problem completely. I can now get the drops I need in my eyes. Thank you for producing this, I never knew it existed. You are a life saver.

👤My mother was advised to purchase this by her doctor as her arthritis makes it difficult to hold and squeeze her small eye drop bottle. She took it out of the package and said that it didn't look like it would work. She is still using it three weeks later and can't believe how easy it is to put her eye drops in. I think it is a keeper.

👤I had a surgery to remove cataracts and had to put in different types of eye drops. While the guide worked well for me, I found that I was more accurate with a little practice using fake tears to put the drop in my eye. The eyedrop bottles had different sized necks, so some fit snug, the other fit loose, which caused the drops to miss my eye at times. The price is cheap enough to make it worthwhile, so give it a try.

👤I needed help with my eye drops after my eye surgery. I still have expensive eye drops on my face even though the bottles fit into the dispensers the best they can. I like to give the eye drops in different ways, just as I did before the AP autodrop arrived. I won't recommend this product. I know it is the fastest way to get this product, but I was surprised to see prices under $4.00 shipped to me. Several different sites sold the same auto-dropper at a low price, with the highest being a medical store that sold the product for over $12.00. One would think that the product was made by the medical supply store, but no, it is the same product sold by other companies.

👤The device takes a little practice, but works well once I get used to it. I am terrible at touching my eyes. The Guide helps me drop the eyedrop fluid in a consistent manner. When I tried without the guide, I touched my eyeball and blinked at the wrong time. I needed this to solve the problems.

11. Universal Eye Drop Dispenser Droppy

Universal Eye Drop Dispenser Droppy

Accurately applies eyedrops. The bottles are easier to use with the ergonomics. It fits most bottles and pipettes. Great for people with dexterity issues. The Pinhole reduces the chance of "blinking" and directs eyesight upwards.

Brand: Ak Technology

👤It makes our lives so much easier because it's so easy to use, and the wings make it so much easier to squeeze the vial.

👤The concept is very good. It would be great if there was a way to attach the eye drops. Not as useful for my dad. Love that can be used with pipettes, but wish it could be squeezed with the clamps My dad could not use it without a clamps.

👤I needed to be able to put drops in my eyes without using my left hand to hold down the lid, so I tried this. Droppy couldn't work with my Refresh vials. I mostly wasted the eye drops because it was hard to get the drops to fall in the right place. This product was a waste of money for me. I followed the instructions that were given to me, after I was advertised to do that. It might work better with a bottle. I decided to use my right hand to hold down the lid and squeeze the drops, since I could get it to work, and it worked great!

👤My 3 year old daughter gets a lot of stares. I have had to put drops in her eyes before. I bought this hoping it would help. It was a lot easier. I bought another one to give to our eye doctor.

👤I bought this for my brother who is going to have eye surgery and he needs to practice with drops. His hands shake while he does delicate procedures. He said the one I bought for him was the best because it allowed him to get the drops in his eye rather than his nose. It's incredibly simple in design and function, but it was what he needed, saving him a lot of frustration and the "can I do this" attitude. His family is very happy that he will be able to comply with ultra-fre.

👤I could use a single dose of Soothe. It wasn't easy. Clear Eyes pure relief for dry eyes doesn't work. It won't fit in the hole. I wanted to squeeze the bottle. No use. Doesn't work with Oasis Tears Plus Preservative Free containers.

👤I love the Droppy dispensers because I used to waiste my restasis pipettes with constant misses. Problems with this device have been eliminated with my multiple eye drop products. My husband likes the "auto dropper" that I bought for him. It's a must have for independency when daily drops are needed for people like us who are having the hardest time putting in eye drops.

👤Unable to use. It's not effective for husband to self administer his glaucoma meds if someone gives an eye drop with it. I will keep dropping his eyes for him.


What is the best product for eye dropper guide?

Eye dropper guide products from Autodrop. In this article about eye dropper guide you can see why people choose the product. Ezy Dose and Maxiaids are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye dropper guide.

What are the best brands for eye dropper guide?

Autodrop, Ezy Dose and Maxiaids are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye dropper guide. Find the detail in this article. Aosdanting, Sp Ableware and Prettycare are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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