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1. AKOAK Quality Plastic Squeezable Childproof

AKOAK Quality Plastic Squeezable Childproof

Plastic eye liquid dropper bottles are widely used. The total height is 7 cm and the bottom diameter is 2.3 cm. It's great for paint, essence, eye drops, and more. The inner plug is the right size, fastening will not fall off, and it's convenient to use. It can be used to give eye drops to pets.

Brand: Akoak

👤I got 12 bottles but only 6 tops, so I filled them right away, assuming all the tops would be there.

👤I use these to make eye drops. They don't leak. I keep one in my purse and have not had any leaking issues. I am very happy with them, they are as expected. I would buy them again.

👤These bottles would be great for travel. My travel case was saturated by 2 of the 4 bottles of my aftershave bottle. Half of the eye drops had leaked out of their bottle. I squeezed the bottle and turned the cap tight to see if it was my fault that the bottle was leaking. I can only conclude that the company has quality control issues because other reviews were satisfied with the leak.

👤I have only used it for water solutions and it does not feel cheap. If you are expecting a dropper mechanism that is perfect, but it's function is dependent on how stable you are and how strong your fingers are, you will have a mess. The plastic is strong and firm, and it has not leaked in my experience. I don't think there is a better plastic dropper in this price range.

👤The bottle is described as a dropper. If you stick a pin through the hard plastic cap, the bottle will release a drop at a time. There is no additional protection for the contents. The caps are not childproof. I need a dropper bottle. This is disappointing.

👤bugs were trapped in the plastic during the process of making the bottle and were encased in the wall of the bottle, so I threw away the two sets I bought. I put my foundation oil in a bottle and thought it was inside the bottle, but it was not, and I dumped $20 worth of product down the drain. I decided to use the rest of them even though there were no bug parts in the plastic, but I won't be buying them again.

👤What I was looking for. I don't like spending money on small bottles of rewetting drops. I filled them with my contact multi-purpose solution. These were used for dry eyes. It works and saves money. I like my contact solution better than the actual resetting drops because it is less oily.

👤I don't want to use rewetting drops all the time because they make my eyes burn, and I use daily disposable contacts. I got these and some larger bottles of regular saline solution, filled a couple up and kept them in my purse to use throughout the day. My eyes are happy that it works. Don't throw the little dropper tops away until everything opens, they come in a separate little baggie within the larger baggie.

2. Teenitor Pipettes Essential Transfer Disposable

Teenitor Pipettes Essential Transfer Disposable

It's great for use with essential oils, ear medicine, and other things. High quality: made from food grade plastic, safe and no harm to health, soft and pliable, great to use in many fields. It's easy to make a quick transfer of essential oil and mix it with other homemade beauty products. There is a clear pipettes, disposable and sanitary specification. It's ideal for safe and precision transfer of liquids, and can be used in many occasions, like mixing fragrance, watercolor painting, science experiments, medical or industrial uses, feeding the baby animals, self-made beauty products, etc. A graduated pipette with its volume marked along the tube is easy to read and can accurately measure and transfer a volume of liquid from one container to another.

Brand: Teenitor

👤The description says that these were individually wrapped. Don't spend your money on these. Buy the 100 pack for $5 and be smart. There is nothing special about these. What a rip off!

👤I use these to feed my betta fish, I also use the other half of them to extract liquid monomer for my acrylic nails, these can be used for many different purposes.

👤I bought droppers to use for my essential oils. I use a rubber band to attach one to each bottle. I bought them a week ago and they are definitely worth the price. I use a few to water my plants. When I need more, I will definitely purchase again.

👤They came early, which is always a plus. The price was just what I needed.

👤I use them to squirt small amounts of solvent into the pivot holes of clockworks. I have helped start small gasoline engines by squirting a small amount of gasoline directly into the spark plug hole, once the plug is removed, then replaced.

👤You can find 100 for the same price, but they do not come as individually wrapped. Don't waste your time going back to the same place.

👤These were bought for filling watercolor water paint brushes. I haven't had the chance to use them yet. They seem to be of good quality so I don't think there will be a problem.

👤As expected. Despite what the picture shows, these are large, which is a plus for me. I wanted the dropper to be for each of the nutrients. Those who are into gardening are recommended.

3. Straight Glass Medicine Dropper Calibrated

Straight Glass Medicine Dropper Calibrated

essential oils are perfect to use It is easy to use Calibrated in mL for accurate measurements. Dropper containment holds up to 1 liter of liquid. Quality design is built to last. HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤I use it for a little bit of odd use. I own a bearded dragon and he doesn't like baths or soaking. I try to avoid it when he's not wearing clothes. I don't think putting a water dish in his tank is a good idea because he lives in a humid area. I bought this to give him water each morning because I don't think he would get enough fluid from a single spray down on his face. After a few uses, he began to recognize it as his source of water and began to drink from the dropper. If you have a smaller lizard with lower humidity needs, I suggest doing this. They will stop drinking when they have had enough. I might need to get a small turkey baster when he gets bigger as this is still relatively small and he is not full grown yet.

👤It's a dropper. The bulb draws in fluid when you squeeze it. The fluid goes out when you squeeze it again. It's a simple formula for success. Someone will always find a way to make a poor quality dropper. This is a good quality product. The product does what it's intended to do. I can't think of a better way to say it.

👤The.25 and.50 markings were very accurate and there were no issues. The rubber piece is thicker than regular bottle droppers and should hold up for a long time. It is easier to take the right amount of my cbd oils with this medicine dropper than it is using the unreliable bottle droppers that seem to give you a different amount each time!

👤Unless you want a dropper with quarter mL markings, do not order from the seller. I ordered one of these last year and it had the same markings as the description and photo says. A cheaper dropper arrived a week or so ago after I ordered again. See the pictures.

👤I bought this to measure out small amounts of liquids. The dropper body is nice because the rubber ball is removed so you can clean it. When you draw up the liquid, it will fill up to the 1ml mark almost every time, which is good for speed. If you try to draw something up at an angle, it will only draw past the 1ml. If you need a reliable dropper most of the time, I would recommend this. If you need to be accurate, look somewhere else.

👤It won't fill up so you have to squeeze it to get the liquid into it. The rubber piece is my biggest complaint. It isn't firmly in place on the glass tube. The glass tube can fall out of it. I had to remove the glass tube from some stuff. I've purchased two of them. I have thrown both into the trash. It's too loose for any use.

👤I use the product to accurately dose Liquids for my fish tank and it does a good job. The company that sells a similar product with measurements but it's almost double the price of the one without it, I wish it had measurement determinants on it. It picks up liquid very well and would recommend.

4. Adecco LLC Plastic Squeezable Childproof

Adecco LLC Plastic Squeezable Childproof

The dropper bottle has a capacity of 15 liters. The Eye Dropper bottle is included in the package. Enough to meet your needs. The bottle body, Inner drip, threaded protective cap, and good seal are all included in the Empty Dropper Bottles. The Eye Liquid Dropper Container is made of PE plastic. It is easy to squeeze and control liquid. The dropper plug is easy to clean and easy to fill with liquid. Dropper is easy to use and distributes the perfect amount of liquids. Drop Bottles are great for storing essential liquids, such as eye drops, light oils, paint, essence, electronic cigarettes, and so on. It fits in your purse.

Brand: Adecco Llc

👤I bought this product to store paint. The bottle tops were cracked in the same spot on each lid. I have a lot of bottles without lids and they dry out and become useless. I usually tightened the bottles to the same consistency. I would give it a 2 out of 5.

👤I have bought two separate orders of this item. The first was fine but the second had some problems. If you have this problem, you can fix it by placing them in a microwave safe dish with a cup of water and microwaving for two minutes. Push up from the bottom of the bamboo skewer, chopstick or other long skinny object until the spout pops out. Push it back in if it pops out too far. I use these bottles for my paints. They hold 17 bottles by my measurement. The child-proof cap is not really child-proof. If you need child proof caps, they are not even child proof, even the ring on the cap is not child proof. The bottles are okay for the price. The quality control isn't great, but the packages have included all 50 bottles.

👤I am very disappointed. You can't tell until you try and use the bottle and the tip flies out. I have received 2 orders in a week and both have defects. They are needed to hold a product and we are having to go through each tip trying it because I can't return all of them. We are going to do everything we can to avoid buying this brand again.

👤I've ordered these many times and never had a problem, but this is horrible. The oils that I am using for will be wasted because the bottles don't fit securely. I would like another order sent for me. Before sending the stoppers to the customer, please make sure they fit securely.

👤I ordered 15ml bottles because I wanted to use a Vallejo type bottle instead of a popular miniature one. The bottles were shorter and looked like 10ml bottles. I was disappointed. I ended up using half the bottles because it was hard to send back anything. The hole in the bottle was too small to put paint in, so 3 of the 25 dropper tops were blocked. They work as advertised even though they were shorted on the bottle size.

👤These bottles are droppers. I put smaller quantities in my survival pack. I have a lot of things, including hydrogen peroxide, lotion, calamine, balsam of myrrh, and Dawn. They don't leak and when filled the locking ring is great. I am surprised by the quality. The bag has hidden dropper tips.

👤I am impressed with the bottles. They are just small bottles, but they were all there. It was a pleasant surprise for many small pieces. It was worth it to have extras to share with family and friends, I only needed a couple. The missing tip was found on the floor. The order was complete. I was very happy with the purchase.

5. Flents Straight Bent Glass Droppers

Flents Straight Bent Glass Droppers

There is a multi-PURPOSE. Dropper is great for ear care. Straight and bent tip droppers are included in the product. The capacity is 1 mL. It's easy to measure out medication with the droppers 1mL capacity. The dishwasher is safe. The droppers are dishwasher safe. It is built to last. These droppers are great for repeated use because of their high quality glass pipettes and rubber bulbs.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤I recommend that you don't purchase them. Three of the four droppers I ordered were damaged. They are made of glass which shatters into small pieces. I would have written this from the emergency room with shards of glass inside my ear if I hadn't looked. They should be made of plastic.

👤I take a liquid supplement for pain when I am disabled. The dropper allows me to get the correct amount. The glass is easy to clean and the bulb is easy to squeeze. I would recommend them not just for taking medicine but also for any activity that requires a drop measurement.

👤I was not happy with the quality of the rubber part. It is a cheap rubber that can melt in a second. The construction of the black part made it difficult to use boiling water to clean these. They smelled funny. Droppers could be dunked into the boiling water. We used our finger to regulate the flow after we discarded the black tops. The glass part worked well, it was a bit thinner than I am used to, but it got the job done.

👤I needed this for bulk bottles of food coloring. I purchase larger bottles of food coloring instead of the little 4 packs because it's easier to get out just a few drops instead of a big splash. I can use what I need to get the correct color.

👤This product is not great. You can't use the bulb anymore. I'm looking for a better one.

👤I used these to use with my essential oils and they worked great.

👤It's perfect for feeding my fish. It's easy to not over feed. The dropper top seems sturdy. Time will tell.

👤I wanted to give my dragon medicine and vitamins. The first broke while I was cleaning it, and the second broke while I was using it. Cheap and dangerous. Why are these glass?

6. FJSM Droppers Silicone Plastic Medicine

FJSM Droppers Silicone Plastic Medicine

Clear scale allows you to control the amount of medicine easily, each dropper has clear scale in the bottle body and is graduated as follows: 1 liter, 2 liter, 3 liter, 4 liter, 5 liter. Silicone liquid dropper is made of food grade silicone. It doesn't contain a harmful substance. There is no glue for connecting. It is reliable and safe. The size is easy to grasp by preschool children. Silicone eye dropper can be easily removed by pulling and separating the plastic. It is easy to clean with hot water. The measurement was etched with plastic and never washed away. It can be used in microwaves and freezers. The top of the Silicone squeeze has a bright color, such as: pink, yellow, red, purple, green, blue, rose red. Colorful colors, good choices for children's activities, and scientific experiments on candy making are some of the things that are good. Children's liquid medicine dropper is suitable for many liquids and uses, such as feeding medicine for children, water and milk, and science project/experiment.

Brand: Skemix Skemix

👤Since my complaints outweigh the positives, I will list them first in no particular order of importance. The tube end is too large to fit into small bottles. They're too wide to fit in a small amount. I'm talking about anything less than 10m,l and trying to use these to get a small amount. 2. The problem is that the measurement ticks are hard to see against a clear plastic background. If you want to use these for medicine, you will need to carefully squirt the medicine into a measuring spoon or cup, as the 3 Wide tube means it's not as powerful as it could be. Positive things about these liquid droppers; 1. The colors are fun and friendly. It is very easy to clean after you take apart.

👤I was surprised that they are a little larger than I thought, but they are better for adults and babies and should be on hand for everyone. The tube is large enough not to enter the ear canal to feed the babies. I apply ear wash to my Cocker Spaniels weekly. Cockers are prone to ear infections. We didn't use an ear wash as often as we should have because he didn't like squirting in his ears. deafness in both ears was caused by a massive ear infection. We had to use antibiotics for weeks. He can only hear loud noises like clap hands and our other dog bark after a partial recovery. He doesn't mind the tube. It stops at the outer entrance because of its size. They are dishwasher safe and we put the tube over the dishwasher prongs and the bulb in the utensil basket. He said his hearing might improve over time.

👤I bought it for my two and half girl. She plays with the water in different ways because it is not easy to suck it. I think it will work better with the older.

👤The product is fine, but when they arrived it had a shocking smell. They smelled like they had been in the shower. The product itself smelled like this. I soaked them all in hot soapy water for a few hours, and then soaked them in water and vinegar for several hours. The smell was still strong after all that. I don't know what happened to these, but I wasn't happy.

👤I've purchased droppers from other brands. They were difficult to remove and put back on. These are perfect! I bought them a long time ago. It is easy to wash and put back to 1 piece. It's still great months later.

👤They work great but are a little bigger than I expected. It is easy to clean. The water is just fine.

👤It wasn't what I ordered. The quality is horrible and it was too big. I thought I was getting a bigger size. I thought I was getting multiple colors when the tube was only half way up. I got all blue. I've been dissatisfied with the product.

👤The function of these is that you can remove the colored top for cleaning. It was very helpful for preventing mold. They have a strong perfume smell. They were put through the dishwasher and let to soak in soap. They still smell! It made my kitchen smell strong for a week. I can't handle the smell after about 20 minutes, my son doesn't get to use them as often as I would like, and they still smell several months later. Be aware if odors bother you.

7. Disposable Transfer Calibrated Essential Laboratory

Disposable Transfer Calibrated Essential Laboratory

HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose. Science experiment, modeling, making watercolors, etc. are application sciences. The outer wall of the straw is engraved with a scale, which can be absorbed in an appropriate amount. These pipettes are easy to use and could save you time when mixing your fragrances. 200 translucent white Plastic Pipettes are easy to use. You can buy it with confidence because it is made of high quality food grade plastic, non-toxic and harmless.

Brand: Moveland

👤I use these for watercolor painting. My sister convinced me to wait 2 days, even though I wanted to buy it immediately. It was worth the wait because I got 200 instead of 10. It'll last me a long time. Wow, woot!

👤The pipettes are great. I didn't pay much attention to the size when I bought mine. If you're buying them to use with essential oils like I was, you should get a smaller size. Unless you're transferring an entire bottle which can do 5 rounds.

👤These were purchased for use with small model paints, UV & liquid resins, dyes, inks, and pigments. The initial reaction is positive. There's a lot in this bag, and from the few I've handled they're suitable for my needs. There is a The plastic is strong and I haven't seen any broken ones yet. It is good. To fill it entirely, you'll need to compress the entire balloon. After drawing the full amount, it doesn't leak out. There have been no drips on the tip so far. If there are any significant problems with the product, I'll update my review later, but I'm satisfied with the product and looking forward to using it. There is a video demonstration of a tool.

👤The service was great. I use an airbrush to make model cars. The pipettes are used to transfer paint from the container to the air brush. These are usually a one time use item. I usually paint 10 in a typical session. The pipettes from Moveland are the best I have ever used. I can measure my paint accurately. The never drips are most important.

👤I have used the pipettes with my science club for the past five years. The 4th graders can use them easily, they are perfect for pipetting liquids that don't need to be measured, and they are very reasonably priced. They are clear plastic and very durable. I have a five year old batches that I am still using.

👤The numbers are too hard to make out for general use, so we use them for sorting tiny aquatic invertebrates. They work great for just sucking up stuff and putting it into other containers, and are a great value for the price. The last brand I used was not as durable. If you need to suck up a lot of stuff, you can clip off the tip.

👤I use pipettes for a lot of things but these are my favorite brand. The raised rings used in graduating put these over other ones that have small and hardly molded markings. I don't like having to break out a loupe to get my nose and eyes that are close to deadly and infectious diseases. These are clearly marked. It's good enough for me to suck ear wax or the snot from my nose when my coworkers aren't looking. It is recommended.

👤I was trying to get the thick jelly to fit into something else. I don't think these would work for any icing. I might have used the wrong tool for the job, but it didn't work out. I have a lot of them. Not.

8. Eye Dropper Essential Oils Straight Tip

Eye Dropper Essential Oils Straight Tip

The brand is trustworthy. It is important to find a product that you can trust when looking for new ways to administer medications. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is a guarantee that you can trust. They will do everything in their power to make sure you're satisfied if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase. Clear glass is easy to see through and it's easy to measure out oil and liquid medicine droppers. Dropping Pipettes are made of high luster glass and rubber bulbs, and have a clear color that makes them easy to observe. Droppers for essential oils are easy to use and clean. The rubber caps can be removed and the glass pipette stems can be washed. The glass graduated droppers can be used to transfer a lot of things. Making beauty products, painting, and doing skincare are some of the things that are done. The glass graduated droppers can be used to transfer a lot of things. Making beauty products, painting, and doing skincare are some of the things that are done. The package contains 20 pieces of a single dropper. The rubber cap is 3 cm long and helps to pick up more liquid from bottles.

Brand: Aosdanting

👤If you don't need to use the measurements on the side, then they would be fine. If you need something to measure out medicine accurately, then you should go to your local pharmacy and ask for a couple. My were no charges. They have 5 and 1ml ones. The ones the vet gave me were terrible.

👤Great deal for these. I paid 20 for one last time. I couldn't get the glass tube to open. The plastic case they ship them in is not wide enough, so it looks like they had to push all the rubber tops down a little on the glass to get them to fit. I was able to easily get the full 1.0 liter into the tube after pulling the rubber top up a couple of millimeters.

👤The pipettes were ordered for art projects. I love that they are packaged in a sturdy plastic case and that they arrived quickly. I have to come up with my own storage solution for that one less art supply. They work with a lot of different things. I was expecting them to be plastic, but the bodies were glass. The glass is easier to keep clean than the plastic ones. The disadvantage is that you have to be careful not to break them, but they are sturdy and I have a plastic storage case, so I'm not worried. The product is a great price.

👤I like these. I like having many different ones because I blend oils together for my business and they are easy to use. The power is right. They are not easy to clean, but I appreciate that the bulb is not attached so that makes them better than others I have gotten. They are durable. I have never dropped them as much as a crack. The case they come in is very sturdy, but takes up little to no space, which is a plus for me. I would buy these.

👤I bought these to use with our rescue kittens that have to start out with an eyedropper. I would reuse them once they were sterile. They are even more valuable to me now that I am using them for essential oils.

👤These are great. 20 for 10 bones. I like that they are glass and not plastic, as some of the stuff I use for would eventually melt the plastic. I can't fill it to the 1 liter mark. Maybe the bulb needs to be bigger. I don't know how to use an eyedropper. I think they're great for the price.

👤I'm using droppers to make microscope slides. They work well and are durable. They are in a sturdy plastic case.

👤I bought them to use with oils. I'm going to return the broken droppers because they were easy to clean.

👤I had a hard time finding eye droppers anywhere so I ordered them offline for my students to use. If I ever needed them, I would buy again.

👤These droppers are of good quality. They're droppers and they're not going to save the world. I got what I was expecting. Good deal, good quality. I can't complain. Happy with the purchase.

9. Droppers Silicone Medicine Industrial Projects

Droppers Silicone Medicine Industrial Projects

Children's plastic dropper is suitable for many liquids and uses, such as feeding medicine for children, water and milk, pet straw, kitchen, art, science project/experiment, hand-eye coordination, essential oil, painting, craft, accurate calculation calories, and more. You will get 8 liquid droppers in total, each dropper has a clear scale in the bottle body and is graduated as follows: 1 liter, 2 liter, 3 liter, 4 liter, 5 liter. The dropper is made of food grade silicone. It doesn't contain a harmful substance. Silicone and plastic do not have glue for connecting. No smell, safe and reliable. The top of the Silicone squeeze has bright colors, such as pink, yellow, red, purple, green, blue, and rose red. Colorful colors and convenient classification are a good choice for children's activities, as well as interesting scientific experiments and practical tools such as candy making and food decoration. Pull and detach the plastic pipette to easily remove the dropper. It is easy to clean with hot water. It can be used in microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers. The etched measurements are etched in plastic and will never be washed off. The liquid dropper is used to fill in small cavities for candy, food, art, essential oils,pet straw, science project, and children's hand-eye coordination. Good choice for kids to do science experiments.

Brand: Bagteck

👤My 4 year old loved using these. We had a blast using one with a variety of things, including baking soda, color water, and mixed primary colors. It's easy to clean when the part comes off.

👤I ordered these for my babycockatiel. These are large enough to be used for an adult eagle. I never used them because they are too large for what I needed. I put down 3 stars because I don't know the quality.

👤The plastic eye droppers look like they are small. Silicone bulb is easy to clean.

👤They worked perfectly when we fed our rescue squirrel.

👤This doesn't work, not sure about all the positive reviews, it is very cheaply made and not working at all.

👤The little droppers don't leak when full because the squeeze bulbs seal well to the body. The colors are spot-on. All in all, what I needed.

👤The design of the droppers is a great idea but it's hard to see the measurement in order to get a proper dose.

👤It's hard to clean. It's used for melted chocolate. It didn't work out.

10. Droppers Silicone Medicine Dropper Projects

Droppers Silicone Medicine Dropper Projects

The science kit is for kids. Great value. The clear scale on the dropper body allows you to control the amount of medicine easily. The pipette is made of food grade silicone. There is no glue for connecting. It is reliable and safe. The size is easy to grasp by preschool children. It is easy to remove the Silicone eye dropper with the help of a free brush and a plastic pipette. The measurement was etched with plastic and never washed away. It can be used in microwaves and freezers. The top of the squeeze has bright colors, such as pink, yellow, red, purple, green, blue, and rose red. White. The sky is blue. Colorful colors, good choices for children's activities, and scientific experiments on candy making are some of the things that are good. Children's plastic dropper is suitable for many liquids and uses, such as feeding medicine for children, water and milk, pet straw, kitchen, art, science project/experiment, hand-eye coordination, essential oil, painting, craft, accurate calculation calories, and more.

Brand: Himo

👤It will work. If you turn it, it will leak. The cleaning would be rather annoying, but they included a mini brush that helps. I knew it would only be with milliliters. I wish they would add the additional measurement of the amount of water in a cup. The product is great and the value is great. Can be used for a variety of things. It is recommended.

👤The marks on the tube are more similar to those on the test kit. You can easily make new markings as they don't affect their function. Subtracting one star because of the mistake. I got these to fill the test tubes because they are the accurate ones. Still a nice value.

👤I bought this set for various things. They are what they are designed to do. I like the clear tub that lets me see how much liquid is in them. I understand that dark liquid makes it hard to see the fill markers, but I wish they were in black. I will be using them for a long time.

👤I bought it for the kids because I wanted to give them a snack that wasn't completely sugar and they would like it. They don't notice the difference.

👤I wanted these to be made of wood and not plastic. The droppers are small enough to give small child medication, not oil bottles. I will keep them but will be ordering a glass design. It is easier to clean essential oils with glass.

👤Work well. The squeeze part is easy to clean. The tops are large so kids can easily grasp them.

👤The droppers are 1 full millimeter in size. They have a nice feel, but they don't measure right. The 100 drops are the same as the 5ml and settled on the 4ml mark. I may keep them because they look fun.

👤These were a good buy for my plants. Since so many came in the pack, there are backups. I think the bulb is the reason for the lack of strength in the suction.

11. Eye Dropper Calibrated Medications Measurement

Eye Dropper Calibrated Medications Measurement

Functions and quotient: Imagine being able to accurately measure out your medication. If you've been looking for an essential oils eye dropper with different applications, then you've found the right one. Their glass droppers come with one straight tip and one bent tip which means that you'll be able to use them for anything. The glass droppers have a 1 liter capacity so you can give small amounts of liquid to ensure accuracy. This is great for you because you will be able to measure out your medicine or essential oils without having to use larger pipettes. Sturdy and durable materials. The problem with other pipette droppers is that they can be made out of cheap materials that don't allow for accurate measuring. That problem is solved by their glass dropper. Why? Their glass dropper is made out of high quality materials that are designed to last which means that you will get accurate measurements with its' 100% rubber tip. Don't suffer poorly measured medicine again! It's easy to clean and clean safe. Their droppers are dishwasher safe. It means that you don't have to spend a lot of time taking them apart and losing all of them. Less time cleaning and more time to enjoy other things is what that means to you. The brand is trustworthy. It is important to find a product that you can trust when looking for new ways to administer medications. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is a guarantee that you can trust. They will do everything in their power to make sure you're satisfied if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase.

Brand: Medca

👤These are the worst droppers I've ever used. The dropper fails to draw in more than a quarter of the tube by volume when squeezing the bulb in a bottle full of water. I don't know if the dropper tubes are the right ones, but they are useless. I've never seen a dropper bulb that only drew half of the tube. Total waste of money.

👤The eye droppers don't suck the water into the container. Don't buy them.

👤I bought these to use for my oil Diffuser products and they have no suction. I couldn't get them to even start.

👤These droppers don't work. The bulbs at the top do not fill the piles with liquid. If the ville fills, it will be at best a third.

👤If you ever need to use an eye dropper on a pet, these work very well. The straight one is able to release quickly. The bent one is able to get the pet to drink fluids. I highly recommend!

👤It was very disappointing with two features. The calibration numbers can't be read with a magnifying glass. It cannot be used by anyone less than 20 minutes of visual acuity. Not readable with glasses or a magnifying glass. The section cannot get to 1ml if it reaches more than 1/2 the chamber. It was useless.

👤I bought these for cookie decorating. I bought these to add my liquid to the dust at a time so I could get the consistency I wanted. These are glass and durable.

👤The eye droppers are the same as advertised. If you need to use it for ear drops, the curved one is great.

👤Excellent product, would highly recommend it.

👤They put the water conditioner in while I did the water changes. The dropper is over priced and can't get the full 1ml.

👤I don't need these for specific measurements, but for anyone who needs them for the measurement, don't buy this.

👤Not as per the photographs.


What is the best product for eye dropper plastic?

Eye dropper plastic products from Akoak. In this article about eye dropper plastic you can see why people choose the product. Teenitor and Ezy Dose are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye dropper plastic.

What are the best brands for eye dropper plastic?

Akoak, Teenitor and Ezy Dose are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye dropper plastic. Find the detail in this article. Adecco Llc, Ezy Dose and Skemix Skemix are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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