Best Eye Drops for Dogs Eye Infection

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1. Pet Vision 8 Ml

Pet Vision 8 Ml

There is a solution to the problem of pet Cataracts. The eye drops for dogs and cats are formulated to be more effective than surgery. A safe, non-destructive remedy for pet eye problems. It helps alleviate age related cataracts, traumatic cataracts, genetic cataracts and metabolic cataracts. It works great as an eye lubricant.

Brand: Pet Vision

👤We have been using this for over a year to help slow down cataracts. I don't know how it works, but it does. He had a bluish cast in his eyes when we started, but now that is gone. Something about it works.

👤We went to the vet with my little chibeagle and he told us to see a dog/vet ophthalmologist. It would take us 250 miles to get to that location, and we wouldn't be able to afford it. I used eye drops for what we were told was his problem. His eye is swollen and he has lost the transparency in his eye. I don't think essential oils are good for dogs. We can't afford it at the moment. He is taking antibiotics. I tried this product and found it very expensive.

👤I've used the product in my dog's eyes for over a month, and I've purchased it twice now. His right eye had bad cataracts and he had to use drops to get it to work again. He waved a hand when left eye was covered and he didn't flinch because he couldn't feel a breeze. The left eye had some issues. Cataracts are still visible in bright sunlight. Right pupils respond almost normally now. When the left eye is covered, he responds to motion again. Both eyes look better than before, and the left eye seems clearer. I'm happy. I would like it to be less expensive. It's in the $30 dollar range. The beagle does not have cataracts but it does have a clouding of the lens. I think this product has helped. I have used artificial tears to keep his eyes lubricated. His vision is better now that I have used this product.

👤I am a real buyer and my dog is a real user. Otis is an 8-year old black Pug. I bought these drops because he scratched his eye. It clouded up so bad that it was a nasty scratch. I thought he had permanently damaged his eye. He is 8 years old and had a small cloud in his other eye. Maybe it would work on the cloudiness if it didn't work on the scratch. I gambled and bought it. The price was the lowest I have ever seen and it was shipped quickly. The best part... It works! I have used it in the scratched eye and the other eye twice a week since I received it. He has a scratched eye and it is healed. The cloudiness is gone in the non-scratched eye. Every time I pick up the tube, my dog gets excited because he knows it will make his eyes better. My dog loves the product and I can't ask for more. Thank you Pet Vision! P.S. The vet took the wait and see approach when I took my dog to the vet. I am glad I bought this product.

👤I'm sure it works for some, but it didn't work for my 15 year old Shi Tzu's dry eye.

2. ZYMOX Ear Cleanser Oz Bottle

ZYMOX Ear Cleanser Oz Bottle

Cat and dog ear cleaner is used to clean ears in pets of all ages. The solution is gentle, non-toxic and non-irritating. The patented LP3 Enzyme System helps to maintain healthy ears. Dog and cat ear cleaner is safe to use to clean ears. It is easy to use and made in a Federally Regulated Manufacturing Facility.

Brand: Zymox

👤The package was leaking. I noticed that the container I was shipped from was filled with Who-knows-what. The authentic Zymox is sealed. This is scary and scammy, and should be looked into by Amazon.

👤It's cheaper than my local vet visit for an ear cleaning. This stuff works great. I have a small terrier that we rescued and she had a horrible ear infection. We used the antibiotic eardrops to get rid of it. After a month of treatments, her ear looked great. We didn't use the cleanser as part of her routine because we ran out of it. She has an ear infection after about three months. This time we used a cleaner and it cleared her up again. We have never seen an outbreak of infections since we started singing it bi-weekly. It takes away the smell of a dog. Many people don't realize that dogs' ears have an off-putting smell when not cleaned. Good hygiene is ensured by the Zymox drops. The claims of Zymox ear cleaner have lived up to them. Our dog hated it initially, but now she only has to wash her paws. The bottle has a nozzle that allows you to squirt a little in each ear, and she is good to go. It is perfect for dog's. It cleans ears with little effort and helps prevent ear infections. Do you recommend it to a friend? A good gift idea is great to put in a new pet gift basket.

👤Our Frenchie is notorious for having ear inflammation and infections. We spent 1K at the vet in 5 months to get him checked out and put on antibiotics. There had to be a different way. I was tipped off by a colleague about the benefits of Zymox. We tried it when he had an ear problem. It cleared up after a few days of use. We wash his ears once a week. He's not thrilled about it, but he copes.

👤Hank has had issues with his ears for a long time. We had an extra powerful treatment done by the vet and they seemed to get better for the first time in months. When he shakes his head, I clean his ears with this. Sometimes he shakes his head when I clean his ear canal because he doesn't like it. The wax that comes out when he does that is amazing. If I can clean it myself, it's clear how much wax it removes. I can't say Hank likes the cleanser, but it makes him feel better.

👤If your just buying as a maintenance bottle, it's not bad if your just buying as a cure if he has a chronic infection. antibiotics are not working Since I can't follow my own advice, I'm going to stop giving it, but I think someone out there can do something about ear problems in dogs, it's just 888-353-1299 That's the reason for the key word shower. If there's blood use a lil bit in a cotton and don't call the police or stick sticks in the ears, it's not effective for us dumb apes. That fails, but adds zymoz to the other bottle. If you have a dog with allergies that doesn't make them sneeze, you'll probably end up with a dog that is turned off from antibiotics or steroids because the yeast andbacteria are immune to treatment. I'm sorry for the last one. That was enjoyable. I'm not a vet, so please don't do anything I say, just listen... Don't treat start curing and stay in a healthy truth.

3. Pet Naturals Lysine Chicken Flavor

Pet Naturals Lysine Chicken Flavor

L-Lysine is a delicious chew that cats love. For cats that need added immune support, respiratory health support and for other conditions that respond to lysine, it is recommended that they be given it. L-Lysine from Pet Naturals is free of wheat, corn and artificial ingredients. L-Lysine is great for cats. Pet Naturals of Vermont products are manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Pet Naturals

👤I received my order for the vitamins for cats. The package information states that the contents are made with imported and domestic ingredients. I called Pet Naturals customer service and was told that they source their ingredients from China, which is the cheapest country in the world. Many dogs and cats died due to the effects of China's pet food products, which were used in many high end pet food countries. I refuse to purchase items from China because of their poor record in quality control. The updated product information is in Chinese and is pasted over the original packaging of the Pet naturals Daily Best. I wouldn't purchase any of their products. The Daily Best is not eligible for return because I am returning all of the items I purchased. The country of origin of the ingredients was not published on the website of Amazon, so they were able to issue a refund.

👤It was a meow! Meowlodorous is more similar to it. My cats won't eat the Pet Naturals L-Lysine chews I try to lure them with. It is one thing when my 19 yo toothless boy is picky but it is another thing when my two cats stick up their noses. A neighborhood interloper who never turns away from food was put off and left without eating. They were ignored after I gave them a treat. I tried putting a couple on top of their food and they ate around me. They were crushed and sprinkled on the wet food and I wasted a plate of fine food. I noticed a funky smell when I looked at the package. I broke one apart and immediately smelled a rancid smell, which I deduced was the Pet Naturals L-Lysine chews. There are two reviews that are within the time frame of my order. I wonder if this batches is bad or if it was mishandled in terms of storage, in the first instance a cat became nauseous after eating these chews, and in the second instance cats ignored the smell and chews. I am not going to try them again.

👤I have a cat that gets colds all the time. Her eyes would water when she sneezed. She would be tired and sad. I took her to the vet and she would get a shot of antibiotics and be okay for a month or so. It would start all over again. The vet gave me a tube of gel that comes in a tube. You put it in the food. She ate it. I didn't see a big difference in her health. I bought this because I thought I would try something else. She has not had a cold in a while and looks and acts younger. She's eating better and her eyes are clear. She loves them! She wants them. This product is very good.

👤I got these chews for the cat I was fostering and have since adopted him. When I first rescued him, he was covered in scabs and barely any fur, and he was starving. He was 800-273-3217 I give him one chew a day in his food bowl and it's the first thing he eats before the rest of his food. He is no longer covered in scabs, his fur is much thicker and softer, his eyes are no longer leaking fluid, and his nose is not running. I plan to continue buying this product for him after I see how much it has improved his quality of life.

4. Angels Eyes Gentle Presoaked Textured

Angels Eyes Gentle Presoaked Textured

Features: wipes are used to remove dried mucus. Use it daily to keep your dog or cat's eyes clean. Benefits: It reduces eye irritation and itching in your pet. Puppies or kittens can be given over 6 weeks. It's easy to use.

Brand: Angel's Eyes

👤I have gotten rid of the stains on my dog. The trick is to clean the eye. Don't skip. Just do it. I use a fine comb to remove the discharge from her face after I wipe the eye area. The difference is amazing. It takes about 3 minutes a day to get her tear stains gone.

👤This isn't a miracle cure. It is a very good product for cleaning up around the stain guys and illuminating some of the stain. It is hard to see how dirty and messy the dog is when they have stains. This is great for getting rid of eye boogers and making sure there is no other problem. My Maltese does not mind at all. He was relieved to get his eyes cleaned. His staining is recent. Since we moved out to Idaho there has been smoke in the air and it has caused staining. I think this dating is due to air-quality and nothing else, since that is the only thing that changed in his life.

👤Didn't do the job well. The pink staining still happened despite the pads being moist. Boric acid was in the contact lens cleaning solution. It works better.

👤It worked well for my dog. Within a month, her tear stains were gone, because the product is very easy to use. I use it every now and then, but I am very happy with the product.

👤These are not bad. I let my dog chew on a small treat in my hand as I wipe her eyes, she doesn't mind them, I usually let her chew on a small treat in my hand as I wipe her eyes. They don't irritate her, but they aren't very effective. I don't think they are enough to clean her eyes. If you try to wipe down, they will make the coloring spread. I use 1 per eye every day, but I will probably use my fingers again because that actually removed the stuff. You will have to use the product continuously if you want to prevent your dog from producing tears.

👤I was worried that they would be dried out, but they have a lot of solution in them. I use one for each of my dog's eyes, because they are soaked in a solution. They don't have a scent, but they are useful in getting the crust and gunk off my dog's fur. They don't remove stains. They don't remove the odors from the dog's eye. They clean it up very well. I've used makeup rounds and other tear cleaning products, but they didn't clean as well as this product. My dog doesn't mind these because they don't bother her eyes, but your experience may be different. We opened the jar and found them moist, but have been using them for 2 weeks now.

👤I broke the container seal when I opened the container for the first time. The product is supposed to have 100 wipes for tear stains, but it has no. There is no wipes in this bottle of liquid. I will be returning the product because I am confused.

5. Fuz Bigaza Grooming Reusable Cleaning

Fuz Bigaza Grooming Reusable Cleaning

Dog eye cleaning wipes are great for cleaning tear stains and ear dirt, and are also great for cleaning dirty paws, noses, and tushie. Eye wash pads are important for your pets. Each eye cleaner cotton pad can be washed up to 1,000 times. The use of single-use products and the alternative to disposable wipes can be lessened with the help of these pet grooming wipes. Pet eye and ear wipes are soft and gentle. Pet eye wash cleaner for dogs and cats is soft and mild to your pet's skin and they won't feel uncomfortable when removing tear stains and ear wax. The multi-layer tear stain remover pads are portable. When you walk out with your pets, put pet eye cleaning wipes in your bag or pocket. Premium cotton pet tear stain pads are soft and absorbent, and can be used to clean your facial area. You can wash the eye cleaning pads with soap and warm water or put them in the washing machine after use.

Brand: Fuz Bigaza

👤The eye booger solution is simple for us. They are microfiber. I wet them, squeeze them out and use them on my pup. In the video you can see how big my model is. I like them a lot. The brand seems to be consistently good quality, and I have the human version of these for my makeup.

👤It is possible to get into your gods and get clean. It comes with a bag to wash them and not let them loose.

👤These little pads are very cute. They are very soft and easy to wash. I apply a bit of cleaner to the pad and wipe my dog's eyes away, as well as clean their faces and ears.

👤It is easy to use. This product is great for cleaning my dog's tears.

👤They don't clean well.

👤His eyes are cleaned very well.

6. Remedy Recovery Infection Medication 4 Ounce

Remedy Recovery Infection Medication 4 Ounce

A soothing cream. For use on cuts, burns, bites, and stitches. Killsbacteria that cause infections. The healing and return to healthy skin takes a while.

Brand: Dogswell

👤When I applied this cream to my puppy's sore leg in the morning, it looked like it was helping. I saw his paw black at night. I don't know if the medication caused a reaction, but we ended up in the ER with a high temperature.

👤I have a 13 year old Irish Setter who has allergies and is a nervous animal. We have been fighting with an open wound on his back leg for the past 3 years because he will not stop licking it. I've been to the vet roughly every 8 weeks for the past 2 years and nothing they give me is helping. I don't want my dog collared because he runs into everything he can while he's in it, breaking anything he can. This medication has helped us break through. He has healed his wound and doesn't like licking it anymore. It feels like my dog likes me again. I really like this stuff.

👤We put a lot of money into our baby. He hadn't slept, he was miserable, we didn't think it would work, never heard of it, price was to affordable, he was miserable. We washed his paws and said, "He was asleep, nothing worked, he had blisters all over his paws." This creme is amazing. I did not have to write this. Yes, I did. Our boy is happy again.

👤I shaved my cat. I thought I was removing hair. She didn't let me know what happened. She only has a small area that shows what happened. This product is great. I can't believe the quick recovery. She only has a small boo boo.

👤My Rhodesian ridgeback had a cut on his ear that kept getting bigger. We tried a liquid bandage and it stung so bad. I felt terrible putting it on him. This was by far the best antiseptic we ordered for our dog.

👤I like this. I have an English bulldog that is prone to skin problems. She scratched her skin raw. I used this product while I waited for the vet and it worked great. The baby had allergies. She didn't get an infection because it healed her open wound. She is a happy doggo. There are some before and after pictures. She had it on the top and bottom of her neck. You can see that her hair is growing back and that it looks normal. All of this is done before antibiotics and allergy meds from the vet. The last picture is her ride to the vet. Her hair and skin are almost back to normal, with a slight pinkness under the fur. Once the wound was closed, I used this with a hot spot cream.

👤Excellent product! I saw a change in two days. I put a bad boy on my dog's testicles to help him heal and it worked very quickly. I was very happy.

👤I was helped to heal some open sores on my geriatric dogs.

👤I read the active ingredient on the back after putting this on my cat. There is a toxic ingredient in antifreeze. I took my cat for a bath. I am not afraid to leave this on my cat because I am sure it has medical purposes.

7. Vetericyn Pain Free Solution Abrasions Irritations

Vetericyn Pain Free Solution Abrasions Irritations

All animals have an eye wash. Provide safe, effective relief to your pet's eye irritations and wounds with this eye wash. It can be used to remove debris. All animals are approved for use. The solution is pain-free. If you have eyes that are flushed, use a saturated dressing 3-4 times per day until the condition is no longer visible. It's safe to use around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes. It helps prevent tear stains. RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS. If your animal care provider recommends something, you can save yourself the trip to the vet. Care for your animals where they are happy and comfortable, from your home to the farm or ranch. Health care products that are innovative and reliable. The most safe, effective and innovative animal health and wellbeing products are what Vetericyn is committed to developing. Each one is produced with scientific research and a standard of excellence. There are standards. You can trust. All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA. The family-owned company has been in Rialto, CA since 2009.

Brand: Vetericyn

👤I ordered it because it got good reviews. The bottle I received says it's Hot Spot Antimicrobial gel. There is a white label with a bar code on the blue bottle and it states that EyeWash is in it. I could have been blinded by the Hot Spot Antimicrobial Gel. A white label with a bar code was placed on the bottle to say that the contents are eye wash, but the bottle says it's the hot spot gel. Before applying something to an animal's eyes, be careful to look at the bottle. Had I not looked at the label, I don't know what damage this hot spot gel might have done to my dog's eyes. This is not acceptable.

👤I just bought eye wash and the gel for my two little white dogs and it is the best product I have ever bought for them. I've bought many brands and products for their eyes, but nothing worked. I bought this one because of the reviews. I love it! My dogs do not mind it, and you can see how their eyes open up more from relief. I apply the gel to their drainage and it works. My husband said that my eyes looked great today because of no drainage and opened up wider. It's thanks to Amazon that we all try products that are good and not just by what the pet store employee tells us to buy or thinks is good. I will recommend it to others.

👤English Bulldog has been having trouble with his eyes for a long time. They were getting filled with this discharge because of their age and dry eyes. The vet has prescribed many drops, but nothing has helped the situation. I have been using this product on our dog for the past two days and I have to say that I am impressed by the result and he is definitely happier. I can tell that he can really see now that his eyes are clear for two days. Not to mention how much dry stuff got removed from his eyes. The best solution for your pet's everyday eyes care was considered by me, because so far this product is amazing.

👤This stuff works. My kitten had an eye problem. In the morning, it's always weepy. We tried a prescription eye drop, but it didn't work. When we were desperate for relief, we tried this and it worked. I am so grateful for finding this.

👤I used this on my dog for three days and the improvement was huge. She woke a week ago with her eyes closed. She always has some stuff. The vet thinks it's allergies. I tried this product hoping for a natural solution and it's working, I'm not even seeing the smell in her eyes. Very impressive.

👤I bought this for my dog. She has horrible allergies. She gets a wound next to her nose because of her watery eyes. I've been washing her eyes with Vetericyn plus for two weeks now and it's starting to clear up. I'll post a picture so far that you can see the difference, and then I'll post another one later on. The picture is after two weeks. It looks better now than it did two weeks ago.

8. KARRYUNI Cataracts Formula Promotes Ointment

KARRYUNI Cataracts Formula Promotes Ointment

The result will be better if the product is used more often for eye cataracts and for continuous care. KARRYUNI Special Formula People and Pet Eye Drops Cataract. Pet Eye Health Ointment Drops are a safe and gentle pet treat. VeTERINARIAN RECOMMEND FORMULA: Promotes eye clarity in pets. Twice as strong as most similar products. Eye Drop for dog and cat. Eyedrops for dogs and cats with Cataracts use only natural ingredients to soothe and relieve dry eyes. Pet care eye drops. Symptoms from cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and nuclear sclerosis can be alleviated with this safe remedy. It has been proven to be safe and effective for lubrication and cleaning of pet eyes. Assists in maintaining its clarity by reducing the amount of transparency in the lens. It is formulated by veterinarians and scientists to help protect and improve vision. The drops come in a squeeze-tube dose dispensers. Clean eyes before using, apply drops to the eye twice a day. The best result for continuous care and use more is 3-6 weeks more for eye cataracts in pet and All. The product can be kept at a normal room temperature. The product should be stored in the refrigerator, but not frozen, to get the best shelf life. Keep away from the sun.

Brand: Hulx

👤This cleared my dogs eyes in a few days. I have a dog with goopy eyes. They are clear after a few days of use.

👤The Blue-nose has both allergies and cataracts. I would have done anything to prevent eye problems if I had been able to hear him. I have no expectation of efficacy and we were able to reduce the film from the eye within two days. Within a day of finishing the two bottles, he got all gunky again. He requested that I keep it coming and reorder it.

👤My dog has cloudy eyes and so far so good. I have been using the drops in her eyes for a week now and can see a difference in her clarity. I hope it works for my baby.

👤My Pug pup was born with a small blemish on his eyelid. It was getting worse week after week and he was starting to develop a blueish film on one of his students. I decided to give this remedy a try before I spent hundreds of dollars on him going to the vet. I used it for 2 weeks, maybe one dose every day. The bluish film disappeared from his eye almost a month and a half ago, and now it is almost completely gone. I am not sure if this is a cure for my pups eye problem, but I am certain that the treatment helped. Maybe my pups age development and good health are playing a role, perhaps the medication gave it an extra boost, I'm no vet. I wouldn't know. I know that the eye drops worked for us, it will probably work for you.

👤Around 2 inches in diameter. My dog's eyes did not improve and it seemed to get worse. I used a liquid called "nutri-vet eye rinse liquid" which seemed to help my dog's sight. Bigger bottle. I tried different things for him.

👤I have been using this product on my Boxer for about two weeks. The film over his eyes hasn't cleared up any, but I think it has prevented them from clouding up.

👤My dog was sick after a few days because of not work. He started walking again when I stopped.

👤My dog's eyes were covered in brown dirty stubs, it's hard to move it away.

9. NOW L Lysine Supplement Formulated Certified

NOW L Lysine Supplement Formulated Certified

The system support for cats. L-Lysine powder helps support a healthy immune system, normal respiratory health, and also helps to maintain eye health. Give your cat something to eat. For cats 6 months or older, give 1 1/2 teaspoon twice daily. VeTERINARIAN isRECOMMENDED. Dr. Barbara Royal is the founder of the Royal Treatment Veterinary Center. It is certified by the Nasc. The National Animal Supplement Council is an organization that protects and enhances the integrity of the animal health product industry by promoting the well-being of non-human food chain animals that are given animal health supplements by their owners. NOW puts the same attention to quality and detail into their supplements intended for humans as they do for their pets. A family owned and operated company has been in the USA since 1968.

Brand: Now

👤A group of cats hang out around my house. I noticed that one of them had a lot of drainage from her eyes and they were so swollen, the poor thing could not see well. I could tell by her movement that she was not feeling well. I didn't think she was going to survive because she was so vulnerable. I added Lysine to the food she was eating and within a week her eyes were clear. A cat that had lost a lot of its fur in the winter and had bald areas has now filled in, and her coat is thick and healthy. There was no way I could make sure the sick cat got the Lysine. The end of summer is when the cats getting the Lysine are doing well. They have put on a lot of weight, their coats are shiny and soft, and they no longer have eye problems. I am adding this to their food daily.

👤What a change! I was told by the vet that lycine could be used for a viral infection. The vet had expensive cat treats, and the cat liked them a lot. I was worried that she'd get into the cupboard and eat too much. The powder is small. It does not clump. We put it on wet food. The cat likes to mix it in and we are finding that. The energy gains we are seeing are amazing. The 1 year old cat was sleeping all the time. She is getting into trouble now that she is playing, as a cat her age should do. It is working. I am so grateful for the affordable option that makes her feel good again, and I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I hope that this helped you and that your cat will be back to being a little mischievous soon. Let me know!

👤In the interest of cat health and well being, I feel obligated to write this review. I think this product is either fake or contaminated with something harmful to cats. It is an amazing product for cats. It can save someone's life. Two stray cats that came with my house, on top of my 5 house cats, I'm sponsoring. One of them needed to go to the vet. He was deathly skinny, had swollen eyes and was oozing from his nose. Tom's health improved dramatically after antibiotics from the vet and steady lysine gel from me. That was with my old gel. I mixed this powder with food. He lost his appetite and wouldn't eat for two days. It breaks my heart that he is so skinny. I also have a 1 month old kitten that I found with the house. He got into some adult cat food that had a small amount of this lysine in it for one of my cats. He started having convulsions. I thought his heart was going to stop. The vet ER trip cost me $700, but that's not the point. This product almost killed my cats. They're my family. Do not feed your cats this poison if you love them. A real pet supplier has a reputation for quality.

10. HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief Size

HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief Size

Cats of all ages are provided with support for a healthy NASAL and SINUS TRACT. It is possible to aid with a runny nose, watery eyes, and consecration. Natural Pet Medicine has no known side effects and are safe for long term use. They may be combined with other HomeoPet products. Cats can be treated with their all natural, chemical free formulas, where the absence of certain enzymes means they cannot metabolise certain drugs efficiently. Easy to administer on food or water. Up to 90 doses per bottle is a great value.

Brand: Homeopet

👤A quick picture of my cat. She was 15 years old when she started sneezing and getting a sore nose. Over the years, I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars for vet exams, shots, and liquid prescriptions to help her. It could be allergies, infections, or a cold. There is no real solution for a cure when you have tests every 6 months. I've tried everything. These drops have helped more than anything I have tried so far. It's 10 drops a day for my cat until symptoms are gone. Usually within a few days. I will give her another dose if she starts to have a bad nose. I mix it with her food or drink it. The dropper holds about 300 drops. I've tried this on two different cats and it's worked for them. It works for any sort of problem with the nose. If you aren't using liquid vitamins yet, I recommend them for cats. Anything with lysine works wonders for cats. The price is high. People may not use the proper dose if they are deterred by this. I suggest just using as directed, and use when needed once your cat's health improves. I'm ordering again.

👤My 14 year old Daisy has had issues with the upper repository for a long time. She is blind and had a lot of snot coming out of her nose. It was hard for us to watch and hear her breath. It seems like it's clearing up after 24 hours. I put 10 drops in her drinking water 4 times yesterday. I highly recommend this. Thank you so much! 3

👤The product came yesterday and we saw immediate results with our cat. She has had a chronic condition for a long time, which has caused her to have labored breathing, constant sneezing, and thick snot in her nose. Our vet has told us that there is no "magic bullet" that will cure this condition in old cats. We had been giving her lysine in her food, but over time it has stopped working for her and never worked well to begin with. We put five drops of this product in her wet food and she immediately stopped sneezing and blowing mucus. She seemed less stressed and her breathing was less labored. We gave her a second dose this morning. She has only sneezed once or twice in that time, when she used to sneeze dozens and dozens of times a day. When her nose was running constantly, she wasn't blowing mucus. I don't think this will cure her, but it did relive her symptoms and we are surprised to see the improvement in just a few days. I hope it works for you and your cat.

👤I have a lot of animals who have issues. Some of them are younger than 10 years old. The Homeopet Nose Relief has been so good that I put 10 drops in a water dish and they drink it right away. I use it for a few days after they are symptom free. I have donated bottles to some small cat rescues and they are ordering more and reporting great results.

11. Nutri Vet Cleaning Medicated Pads Count

Nutri Vet Cleaning Medicated Pads Count

It is easy to remove dirt. Removes wax build up from ears. Well suited for dogs with floppy ears.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤This is a great product. It is easy to use and doesn't cause any irritation. I use these to clean my cat's ears, my Newfoundland's ears, and my Boxer's ears. My Boxer is very sensitive to smells and any substance that we try to use on him. He sees us coming and will try to get away. These wipes are very gentle on the skin. He doesn't like to have his ears cleaned, but he doesn't wipe his face off on the furniture or floors after. The product has kept my pet's ears clean. I highly recommend!

👤There are some good and some bad reviews in my family. Some say the dog smells horrible when I apply the pads to her ear. It's like a cucumber smell and it's fine. The smell doesn't linger anymore. The jury has been out on this one. I think it helps clean the ear canal. It's not meant to stick into the ear so don't expect these pads to solve all of your dog's ear problems. Let's just say it's a maintenance product. Can't hurt? Good price. The cut in the pads make them look like someone took a bite out of them. Give me a full pad. This was cutting corners. They are worth a try.

👤This stuff works. Most of the ear cleaning wipes I have purchased irritated my dogs ears. I gave up on most of them and just did the best I could with the cotton balls and solution from the vet. It's expensive to say the least. When I saw this product, I gave it another try. I am happy to say that my dog's ears are not red with irritation and he doesn't shake his head for hours after cleaning. They are small compared to other wipes, but they work and work well, so that's all that matters. He's happy to have me clean his ears. I have a dog who loves the water and is in it every weekend. I usually dry out his ears with a small towel and let them air out a bit. I'll use the wipes the next morning to get the wax out. I had to wipe his ears because he used to slink up slowly with his head down. The old wipes made him feel uncomfortable while I was cleaning. He isn't so hesitant to finish this task. I believe whatever solution they are in is working and not causing more irritations since he hasn't made any noise since using these wipes. I'll be getting more when the four tubs are gone. They are about 2 inches in diameter and work better than cotton balls. I haven't gotten one stuck in the poor dogs ear like the cotton balls do. I hope that Amazon continues to carry this product for a long time. Thank you for the product that works on my dog's ears.

👤The pads were very wet upon arrival. It helps clear out ear wax. We had to use multiple per ear for our large dog because they are thin and there is a lot in the container. We've used a vet prescribed cleaner and it seems to be fine so far. It was easy to use. It seemed reasonable.


What is the best product for eye drops for dogs eye infection?

Eye drops for dogs eye infection products from Pet Vision. In this article about eye drops for dogs eye infection you can see why people choose the product. Zymox and Pet Naturals are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye drops for dogs eye infection.

What are the best brands for eye drops for dogs eye infection?

Pet Vision, Zymox and Pet Naturals are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye drops for dogs eye infection. Find the detail in this article. Angel's Eyes, Fuz Bigaza and Dogswell are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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