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1. Bausch Lomb Lubricant 28 Count Dispensers

Bausch Lomb Lubricant 28 Count Dispensers

Long lasting, fast relief from dry eye therapy. Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops are used to help refresh dry eyes and relieve irritation. Dry eyes. Dry eye symptoms can be alleviated with tear replacement drops. Whether you have dry eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, or all of the above, they offer a variety of options for your needs, including lubricating & preservative-free eye drops. Eye care experts. Over the course of 150 years, Bausch + Lomb has focused on innovation and quality in its eye care products. There are drops in the eyes. If you want to make sure your eyes are healthy, hydrated, and protected, you can trust the eye care products from Bausch + Lomb.

Brand: Soothe

👤The effectiveness of the drops was different across the time of these vials without the use ofPreservatives. I had a dry left eye that was bad at night and since I used these, the problem has been reduced about 90 percent. I've read a lot about the types of things used for sterilizing, and it's mind blowing that they tend to cause dry skin. Regular eye drops are not effective. I've been using these for a long time and will never go back to bottled drops. You can use these more than one time, and they're good for multiple applications, because I keep them upright in my medicine cabinet.

👤I was not happy with the product. My dry eye is associated with Sjogren's. I was told by my rheumatologist and my eye doctor to use eye drops that were preservative free, but it did not help my skin. If I put the lid back on each dropper and put it in an air tight container in the fridge, my eye doctor said it would last for a couple of days, but I should not use it if it gets cloudy. It is clear when opened.

👤The brand the surgeon recommended was not working and I had PRK done on my eyes. He told me I had dry spots and needed to use more drops. I was putting them in constantly and they felt like they weren't hydrating. I decided to try the PM dry eye relief cream and the PM drops at the drugstore and they were better than what he recommended. The recommended brand of oil helps a lot because I don't have to use as many drops, and the doctor said all my dry spots were gone after I used these. I would recommend these to anyone who had PRK.

👤I have Graves Disease and need eye drops that are lubricating and soothing. These are the best I have tried. I think the lack of Preservative is responsible for the soothing qualities. The amount in the vials is enough for a generous bathing of the eyes. I will sometimes re- cap a vial to use up the extra in a few hours, but never longer than that, since they are free ofPreservatives. These are worth their weight in gold.

👤The shape of the vials makes it easier to get the liquid to the tip. There are more liquid in each of these. It is easier to flood your eye with 5 or 6 drops to get it out than it is to open another one. When they evaporate, these drops leave less eye jam than others. It's great to use anytime.

👤Excellent product. I prefer the best product on the market, Lubricated eye drops, they are the best for dry eyes. I have a lot of allergies and have to be careful with what I use. B & L products don't bother me. Doctor recommended DID. No more dry eyes, I can feel the difference. Thin lubricant 1 drops into the eyes at night. Can see clearly.

2. Alaway Preservative Antihistamine Relief Single Dose

Alaway Preservative Antihistamine Relief Single Dose

Alaway Preservative Free antihistamine eye drops help reduce allergic inflammation. Alaway works at the source of eye itch symptoms, and may provide relief to your eyes faster than your typical allergy pills. The first and only FDA approved Preservative free antihistamine eye itch drop is Alaway PF. Preservative Free: Alaway PF antihistamine eye drops do not contain thePreservative that can irritate eyes. This is the first and only FDA approved eye drop that you can buy over the counter. It takes minutes to relieve eye itching and last up to 12 hours to help relieve eye allergies, which include ragweed, grass, pollen, and animal hair and dander. There is a 10-day supply of 20 single-dose vials. Adults and children are 3 years of age and older.

Brand: Alaway

👤These eye drops are very painful to use. It is difficult to squeeze out the drops from the plastic vial. The leftover drops can't be used for another purpose. They only soothe the eyes for a short time. It's too expensive and inconvenient to use on a regular basis. I won't buy again.

👤Where has this been all my life? I will never use another allergy eye drop. They work immediately. They do not burn like other drops. It's packaged as individual doses, so it's great to take on the go and not worry about cross contamination. I have found the best allergy eye drop. Spring allergy sufferers, look no further. This is it.

👤I wanted to like the drops. This looked like the perfect drop for me because I have a problem with preservatives. It might have damaged my dry eyes more than it helped, after reading the side effects of this. The side effects are not good. Before you buy, please read them.

👤It doesn't make your eyes so dry that they feel like they're being sucked out of your head.

👤It has been years with dry,itchy eyes. The solution was found after using every other product on the market. Rarely need to apply before bed.

👤The drops are not lubricating and my eyes burn after a while. My eyes want to reject these drops. Maybe I'm sensitive to something in them. I wish they would have allowed the cap to be put back on so that it wouldn't be contaminated.

👤These eye drops are what I need to help with my allergies. These eye drops are perfect for me because I am allergic to most eye drops. I think they're a good choice.

👤This product did not work for me. It made my eyes itch even more. It's hard to add drops to your eyes according to other reviews. It's almost impossible, and you don't get full value for the money paid.

3. Blink Tears Sterile Single Vials

Blink Tears Sterile Single Vials

The image may be different from the actual product. Dry eye treatment is mild. Store at room temperature. The image may be different from the actual product. Dry eye treatment is mild. The image may be different from the actual product. Dry eye treatment is mild.

Brand: Amo Sales And Service

👤I was recommended to buy these after lasik. The office was selling them for more than Amazon. The tip about placing them in the fridge for added relief is a good one. Had the procedure done on 1-31-19. I'm 5 days post lasik. I think that these drops are to blame for my eyes not feeling dry. I would recommend these for dry eye sufferers. I've read that these can't be used again because of the cap. Press the cap down hard to recap these. It took me a few days to figure it out, but it will save money for people who need them for a long time. Hope this helps!

👤These are my favorite daytime drops. I tried these after Lasik. They are too thin and don't last long. I get a full day of drops from one of these. After two sets of drops, I use the refresh vials. If you find yourself waking up at night with dry eye, Systane Ultra are a great option. The entire night, Systane ultra lasts me. These are the winners during the day. After using them, mix long- lasting and clear vision.

👤Just arrived. I was disappointed again. It was delivered in a way that made it look like it had been damaged. It happened three times in a row. Excellent done! What a sloppy job.

👤After trying out a number of brands, including the expensive Oasis Tears sold at the eye clinic, I had recently had a laser eye procedure. I don't have dry eyes before the procedure, but I was warned that my eyes will need a lot of lubrication after the procedure. It was hard to wake up the next day and had to apply drops for at least 15 minutes. I tried several brands before moving on to blink tears. I feel that blink provides a crisp, clear vision a few seconds after application. I like it more than the other brands. It's been almost two months. I'm still using the internet. The 4 stars is due to the 24 counts per package, but it would be nice to have more on each box.

👤They no longer sell these in the stores. I had eye injuries at work. My eye doctors recommended these because they burned my eyes. There were small holes in my eyes from the chemical burns. This was used to keep them hydrated so they wouldn't get infections. They told me I could use the little vile for more than one use. I put the vile in my cupboard after I put two drops in each eye. I get a lot of uses out of it. After a day, I throw the leftovers away. I hope they keep making them. When using protective equipment, I have had 3 eye injuries that have saved my eyes.

👤I had laser eye surgery. I received a months supply of the drug. I can tell you that the main difference is that Blink has a bit more viscosity. The drops feel different than the Refreshe drops. How does this affect my rating? The tears seem to last longer. They stay around longer. I'm not sure if it's because of the extra viscosity or not, but they make my eyes feel less dry.

4. Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 7 5mL

Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 7 5mL

LUMIFY reduces redness to help reveal your eyes' natural radiance. LUMIFY works in 1 minute and lasts up to 8 hours from the eye care experts at Bausch and Lomb. The only OTC drop to contain brimonidine is LUMIFY. When used as directed, it targets redness, alleviating potential side effects associated with other redness relief drops. LUMIFY is free of bleach or dyes. It is the Number 1 Eye Doctor recommended redness remedy. For over 150 years, the Eye Care Experts at Bausch and Lomb have focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. They understand how important eyes are. If your eyes are red, you won't look your best.

Brand: Lumify

👤I have sensitive eyes and they get red very easily. They turn red if I put makeup on. Go into a different climate than I am used to. Red is the allergy season or wind outside. You get the picture. I have tried many different eye drops to help with the redness, but the one I always have in my purse is the Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A eye allergy relief. It was always short acting and not as good as I would have liked, but those were the only ones that worked for me. I decided to try these because they didn't work if I wore makeup. These drops work well. The before and after picture I posted shows how my eyes look on a daily basis, not as red as when I wear makeup. You can see how clear and white they look after using the drops. I am sad that my eyes became dependent on them after using the drops twice a day for just two days. They were bloodshot when I woke up. My eyes are in a constant state of redness after just a couple days of using them. I posted a picture of how they look today, after using them for two days, and just an hour or so after putting drops in them, they went back to being so red and the effects didn't last as long as it said they would. These drops are great for me, but only for a short time. I knew with any eye drops redness can become dependent, but it happened much quicker than I expected. I won't be able to use them for more than one day at a time. I depend on reviews from other people when I buy something.

👤It works great without the redness that other products cause. I bought it for myself.

👤The product was recommended to me by my dry eye specialist. My eyes are usually red after staring at my computer for a long time. The rebound effect made my eyes red the next day, but it did not really make my eyes white. I have used it many times and it has the same results. I have stopped using the product and will be researching on how to get better results.

👤It took me a while to adjust it, but I will stick to it, I would like to see one in the future that doubles as a hydrating eyedrop, but for now I will stick to this.

👤Been waiting for the FDA to approve these drops. I suffer from rebound hyperemia, thanks to the continuous use of those other eye redness drops. The effectiveness of the other drops gradually decline, to the point where they barely lasted for a few hours. I knew it was time to find something else. I've been watching the success stories of people who switched over to the off-label use of low-dose brimonidine drops, and I was excited when I heard that Valeant Pharmaceuticals had submitted a New Drug application to the FDA. I pre-ordered the bad boys on Amazon. The success stories were spot on. The Lumify drops are superior to the other redness drops. If you have eye redness, I would recommend you to use these eye drops, and throw away all the other redness drops. Absolutely worth it. Good luck!

5. Boiron Optique Irritation Relief Drops

Boiron Optique Irritation Relief Drops

Minor eye irritation can be alleviated temporarily by fatigue or airborne irritants. Relieves redness, dry, itchy, burning or tired eyes. Preservative-free. Everyone ages 2 and up. There is also a box of 10 sterile, single-use liquid oral doses.

Brand: Boiron

👤This product has given me relief after six years of suffering, and I wish I could recap it after each use. I had a surgery to correct my vision. I've used every eye drop the doctors prescribed. I had my eye drainages plugged but I still suffered. Excedrine and other OTC pain killers helped. I felt relief after the first drop, a feeling I haven't had in a long time. It lasted more than 8 hours. You gave me a product that my doctors couldn't give me, and at an affordable price. Thank you!

👤My husband has had injections in his eye to treat Macular Degeneration. His eyes burn for hours after the injection. He tried to wash his hands. Couldn't get relief. I ordered the Boiron Optique 1, 30 Doses after reading the positive comments. He used the Homeopathic Medicine with great success yesterday. This product is a blessing for pain relief since the injections will be on-going.

👤I had some serious allergy eyes. It was around the beginning of the Covid time and I was a little freaked out since I have never had eyes like that before. I'm not sure if my Covid test was one of those that were faulty. It was weird because my eyes were the only symptom I had. I preferred the one that I bought. I really liked the idea that it is natural. It didn't sound like a good idea to put some science lab chemicals in your eyes, no matter what. I didn't feel like I was dependent on eye drops after I was done with my symptoms, but I wanted to put the drops in. I like that I have more than one vials left over for the next time I get something.

👤I have sjogren's syndrome and have used Boiron tears for a long time. I used to use around 20 drops of a different brand of tears before this one. I can get away with 10 of these a day. I would be grateful if they had it so I could put the cap on again. You can, but they don't tell you to do that with the others. I'm grateful that I read on an herbal site that borage seed oil can be used for sjogren's/eye dryness. I dropped to five of the maximum drops. I only use them if my eyes are affected by the sun.

👤This simple solution is a relief after all the research and the most natural OTC eye rinse drops. I don't buy for that kind ofPreservative needed for sterile individual serving of pure simple saline, with some infinitesimally tiny amounts of Homeopathic ingredients too micro for a lab to measure. The savings is significant. Boiron has been a quality name for a long time. I would suffer dry eyes without this.

👤My eyes are bad. Between attracting every cat hair, effected by face creams, or cosmetics, scents, synthetic air fresheners at work, being fatigued and tired, they are an itchy, watery, dry cornered, red and irritated mess. I love this brand and figured I would give it a try. For a week or more, I used my usual Visine and eye drops. "My eyes are full of cat hair." I always felt like something was floating in my eyes. I tried rinsing them with water. No. There is just more irritation. I am happy to report that I have found some relief after ordering these. Do they feel good? No. It's that crazy time of year when allergies rear their ugly heads and cause problems. I use the dropper on both eyes to wash out my eyes. I have not thought of the cost yet because it has been so uncomfortable that the alternative was scratching my own eyes. It's worth the money because my eyes are not as bad as they have been. I like my Systane drops because they feel a bit thicker and carry out debris better than other drops. The product is likely to be on-hand for a long time. Changes of the season affect me at least 2 times a year. Wishing you the best in your situation. Thank you Amazon. There is a Boiron, thank you for another great product.

6. Refresh Lubricant Lasting Protection Moderate

Refresh Lubricant Lasting Protection Moderate

The doctor recommended. For mild to moderate dry eye.

Brand: Refresh

👤I can't squeeze the small plastic tubes to get the drops out. You could only get some of the saline out of the vial if you used the PLIERS. The money is terrible for the environment.

👤I bought this product because the photos show they are the "sensitive" variety, which I've not been able to find anywhere else. The ones I already have are not sensitive. I would not have spent my money on a product I already had at Walmart. I was very disappointed at the photos.

👤I had dry/irritated eyes when I reached 50. In the first week, these helped with the overall condition. Only a few moments of blurred vision from the initial wetness, and more soothing and longer lasting than saline. The redness is now a pinkness. We have the heat on and we are in the dryer. I can keep it in my bathroom and open a new one every morning, then toss it. There is no reason for any type of sensation.

👤The design is very bad and leads to a lot of waste.

👤I have been using eye drops for a long time. I bought a pack from the store. They burned my eyes just like the ones before, even though the exp date is Jun 19 on the vials. It was over a month after I received the shipment.

👤A bottle with a regular refresh contains aPreservative. I have dry eyes and used it a lot. This is a common side effect, because my staff quickly told me what the problem was without me having to see them. It works great when I switch over to this. The amount of fluid in the brand name is more than enough for some generic versions. The generic 'plus' version has too much and a lot goes to waste. It seems like it's just regular saline. I'm usually a fan of generics, so it's worth paying for the brand name.

👤My doctor told me that I had dry eye after I had surgery. I use this once or twice a day, but I can't tell much difference. Why does this not come in a dropper instead of the little vials? I put a couple of drops in each eye, and then put the vial in a sterile container for later use, because each vial contains more than I need to put in my eyes. Even though the drops refresh my eyes, I can't feel that much difference. The best way to package this product is by using the vials. I trust my doctor's recommendation, but I do question how effective it really is.

👤You have to be strong to squeeze out the drops, I like what the drops do to my eyes. I don't know what a person without strong hands would do.

👤These are drops in the eye. The box was opened and packed. I paid for a brand new box. I need to be returned. The total cost for this product was paid by me. No one should buy this. The box has to be opened with the product. I have to choose 1 because the rating is useless and you didn't give me the option of a minus option.

7. Alcon Systane Hydration Preservative Free Lubricant

Alcon Systane Hydration Preservative Free Lubricant

Hydrates fast and provides relief. The doctor and pharmacist brand is recommended. It contains hyaluronate for hydration. It is safe for use with all contact lens.

Brand: Alcon

👤I have tried every drop there. I have dry eyes and a lot of the drops seem to evaporate quickly. The drop on your eyes is like an oil slick that doesn't go away quickly. You'll love it, magic is better than the others. Life is changing. The vials are easy to recapped.

👤I have a dry eye due to Primary Sjogren's Syndrome. I've read that people with chronic conditions can get dry eyes from Preservatives. I decided to try them after reading reviews that said the cap can be reapplied and that one can get 2 to 3 applications. Both are true. If you only need one drop per eye, you can get 4 doses of the cap. There are no Preservatives in an open one, so I worry not hanging on to it too long. I don't feel like I need them as frequently as I do with drops that havePreservatives because they work well for my eyes. It was worth the money. Will be buying again.

👤These are the best eye drops I have ever bought. I have extremely dry eyes, resistant to treatment, and nothing worked for me. The travel sizecapsules contain an entire day's worth of drops. I have one with me all the time.

👤They get the job done. I suffer from severe dry eyes, and these drops help. My eys are refreshed in the morning when I put the drops in before bed. It's a recipe for blurry eyes when I stare at a screen all day and combine that with mascara and dry eyes. A couple brops in each eye gets rid of that feeling. The drops will make your vision blurry for about 30 seconds. All is well with the world now that your eyes are clear.

👤I had a terrible side effect from my surgery. I wake up every morning with a lump in my eye and I always feel like I have sand in my eyes. I've tried many eye drops, some of which are at 20 and 30 dollars a box. My doctor has given me several antibiotics that helped, but I stop using them when I get sick. Alcon Systane Hydration Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops are 30ct. Vials, 30 Count is a miracle for me. It is the first one that has helped. It is the only one that doesn't leave my eye rims itching and burning and it doesn't leave the usual "crusty" smell in and around my eyes. Thank you so much for making this product.

👤The individual vials of the Systane line. I have been using for a long time. I thought this would be even better, but I was surprised to see the inside of the box filled with ants. There are no ants in the packing materials. I don't drive anymore and with COVID I won't be able to return to the office. There must be something in the new formula that draws ants. This is a good line.

👤I have used eye drops for dry eyes, but Systane Hydration Preservative-free Eye Drops is the best. They were recommended for dry eyes.

8. Refresh Lubricant Drops 70 0 01 Containers

Refresh Lubricant Drops 70 0 01 Containers

It instantly heals and calms dry, burning, irritated eyes. It is fast-acting and long- lasting. Formula has many of the same healthy qualities as your own tears. It's recommended for LASIK dryness. It's safe to use with contact lens. It's safe to use as often as necessary.

Brand: Refresh

👤I just had surgery for cataracts and it made my eye very dry. I had to use eye drops every hour and the doctor told me to get free eye drops. These drops are sterile and easy to use. It's easy to put a few in your purse, car, etc.

👤I've always found the larger eye drop dispensers to be difficult to get drops into the eye, even though my motor skills are terrible. The dispensers are smaller and the drops are smaller, which makes them easier to administer to me. I like knowing that the drops are sanitary and germ-free when I use them, as I am prone to eye infections. I like having this option.

👤For years, I had heavy lashes and stuff in the corners. It is dust and pollen that is on your lashes. Who is this person? No More! My eyes are lighter, my vision is clearer and I don't pick my lashes.

👤The price of Refresh Plus Eye Drops has gone up. It costs 100 dollars per month for two over the counter products for people with dry eye and dry mouth.

👤I have been using these refresh plus eye drops for many years and it really helps my dry eyes. I love this product.

👤It was delivered quickly and saved a lot of money by buying from this seller.

👤The husband loves these!

9. Refresh Digital Lubricant Single Use Containers

Refresh Digital Lubricant Single Use Containers

It is possible that digital device use may cause irritation in the eyes. Supporting all three tear film layers will give you hydration. It helps prevent tears from drying up. The volume of cells on the eye's surface is maintained with the help of hydrocell technology. The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products.

Brand: Refresh

👤Now that you're over 50, it's time to have some life changes, and this is one of them. I thought I was losing my sight, or developing cataracts, with some semi-blurred vision at night, or the allergies I've had since forever. I thought that basic aging and inevitability were the cause of my eyes not looking the same. The doc said that it's dry eye, and instead of telling him about the other products I'd been using, he told me that this one would fix my problems. I thought so. I expected them to favor companies who have made it worth their time. After my appointment, I couldn't find the product. Maybe he wasn't just favoring a brand. I didn't know this was a hot commodity. I bought the tiny vials first as they were the only ones I could find. You can bring them with you, but I keep some in my wallet. It's a lot more expensive than this one bottle, but I think I've gotten multiple doses out of every vial, so it works out to be about the same as this one bottle's worth. If you don't have dry eye, or you only get tired eyes when you're online, you'd probably find this formula too thick. It's a lubricating solution. I have to wait a few minutes to have my vision clear if I'm not faithful with the dosage. The formula can make your eyes feel oily. Maybe you need to get used to being wet again. The drops are very effective if you use them faithfully up to 3x a day. Going from not using any kind of regular dosage of drops to daily use would be something I would say. Yes, it's a drag. It was a huge difference at night. I was happy to find that my eyes didn't hurt after the first week, and my vision wasn't blurry anymore, because of the pollutants and irritants here. My eyeballs hurt. I think it was achy in the back of my eyes and in the crease of my upper eyelid. I think this eye drop formula stopped the irritation after the first 8 days. There is a I could read the summaries without standing in front of the TV. It has helped me in the car, even though I don't drive as much at night. I was surprised that a little eye product could benefit me so much. I made sure to have a supply on hand, and when I ran out, my eyes went back to feeling like I'd been on horseback for a few days. The blurred-night-vision came back. It's like going from thinking you're going to have cataracts to realizing you have annoying issues. This particular version of drops can be difficult to understand. I couldn't find it in drugstores or supermarkets, and Amazon sells it out a lot. If you think you'll need this all the time, plan ahead. You can buy it wherever you find it. When you run out, your eyeballs feel like dust. They've got mfr for March 2021. There are coupons inside the boxes. You can use the coupons there if you can find this locally.

10. Refresh Lubricant Single Use Containers Sterile

Refresh Lubricant Single Use Containers Sterile

A dual-action formula lubricates. Mild symptoms of eye dryness are relieved. It works fast if you deliver soothing moisture. Preservative-free for sensitive eyes. 60 on-the-go, single-use vials is the value size. It can be used after eye surgeries. If you have eye surgery, you should follow your eye doctor's instructions if you use Refsh Relieva.

Brand: Refresh

👤These eye drops are worth it. With the "Stay at Home" orders, I've been on my computer at home a lot more than usual, which has caused more dry eye. I tried normal Visine for red eyes, but it didn't help. I tried TheraTears dry eye therapy drops, which worked well, but my eyes still felt a little dry after. I had corrective vision surgery. I'm cautious. I found this product after a quick search. I needed something stronger for my dry eye. I thought it was the right choice for patients with dry eye. I noticed that the product had 0.9% Glycerin, and the other active ingredient was.05% Sodium carboxymethlcellulose, which is the same as my usual TheraTears drops. It's also free of harmful chemicals. It was a bit pricey at $20 for about 60 single-use containers, but it was worth it. I was sold because it's covered by the Flexible Savings Account. If it works, who cares? The drops are in each vial. I put in 1 drop per eye, let it settle for a few seconds, then put in a second drop. You can save the rest to use throughout the day if the lid on the vial clicks in place. I don't keep the same thing for a long time. I will use a few drops in the morning and a few drops in the afternoon. I love these eye drops! If you want something stronger than regular eye drops, buy this!

👤Before using these drops, be careful. I only used one and my eye got so swollen I couldn't see anything. The swelling has gone down a bit. It is still unpleasant. If the doctor's office were open, I would go. I've used this brand before. I bought them online because I couldn't get to the pharmacy quickly that day.

👤I saw them for $30 at other stores, so I bought them on Amazon. I went through many of these after my surgery. I used them every hour for the first 2 weeks after the procedure. I felt like I was wasting a lot because they are single use. I only needed one drop per eye every hour. I'm good at eye drops. I usually see my eyes. I used the 2 drops from each vial and threw them away because I didn't want to reuse them. They said I could use bottled eye drops instead of single use vials after lasik. I like the little vials better than the bottled eye drops because they havePreservatives in them. I feel good in my dry eyes because of these.

👤I switched from a different preservative-free eye drop that my MD recommended after eye surgery to the Refresh Optive Lubricant Eye Drops single-use vials because they were kind of their go-to after Lasik. The last thing you want to do after eye surgery is touch your eye to try to remove something, and the Systane drops have made my eyelashes goop together. It's a common issue with the Systane eyedrops, and after PRK/Lasik you're putting the drops in constantly so this really can become a problem. Some of my eyelashes have fallen out. I didn't notice it for the first couple days, but by the third day it was an issue. I'm trying the Refresh drops, which are also free of harmful chemicals, and they are a little cheaper than Systane. They are intended for one use, but allow you to recap for multiple uses. I use mine just a few hours later. I think both brands rehydrated my eye, but I don't know if Refresh felt a little better or needed to use less often. I would try these instead of Systane. After I explained my issue with Systane, I ran the Refresh drops by my eye doctor, who said they were fine and met the requirement of being preservative-free. You should always consult your provider for what's safe for you.

11. TheraTears Nighttime Lubricant Preservative Single Use

TheraTears Nighttime Lubricant Preservative Single Use

ThereTears Liquid Gel Nighttime Dry Eye Therapy Lubricant Eye Gel can be used for overnight relief of dry eye symptoms. TheraTears electrolyte formula corrects the salt imbalance that can cause dry eye symptoms. A unique solution uses a hypotonic and electrolyte balanced formula that replicates healthy tears. PreSERVATIVE FREE: TheraTears is free of harmful chemicals. The foil pouch on which the single-use vials are kept ensures they are as fresh as possible. The doctor was created. TheraTears was created by an Ophthalmologist after 18 years of research.

Brand: Theratears

👤I've been using refresh eyedrops for a long time. I was looking for new eye drops that were free of Preservatives. I was a bit worried about the ideal of a "gel", they are thicker than usual drops, but not by much. I love them. I bought the Extra bottle of drops from Thera Tears for daytime use and used them mostly for use at night before bed. The first time I put these gel drops in, my vision was blurry for a few minutes, but that only lasted for a few minutes until the drops worked their way around in my eyes. For the first time in a long time, my eyes were dry by the morning. I like these. Some reviewers mentioned a "grainy" feeling. I don't think I know the sensation, but I think I do. I used these drops for the second time and felt a bit dry. It seemed to me that it was due to my eyelid moving across my eye where part of it was still dry. That made me feel like I could someone call me "grainy." As soon as I moved my eyes around a bit then closed them, I felt a different sensation. The drops had to be worked on. It can take a little longer to be thicker than normal eye drops. Unless they received damaged bottles or had a reaction to something in them, that could be what others are describing. My experience has been positive, especially since I know how to deal with that brief uncomfortable feeling. I've been paying more attention to the "grainy" feeling with these gel drops compared to the thinner ones. It takes longer to work its way around the eyes in my case, and it's partly an eyelash thing. The gel is a thicker drop and it makes the lashes move more if it comes in contact with them. It still works out quickly. If you don't have curled lashes, it might not affect you because I have straight lashes in front of my eyes.

👤If you read my reviews, you will know that I love TheraTears for daytime use to soothe my dry eyes. The TheraTears specially formulated for nighttime use work better than regular TheraTears. The drops are called a gel, but I don't think they're that thick. I use them just before I close my eyes to sleep, because they are thick enough to cause some blurry vision. I don't want lash mites. It takes a minute or two for the gel to spread over the entire eye, but once it does, the feeling is so soothing and refreshing. I now wake very clear eyed and very comfortable, with my eyes feeling hydrated and healthy. Some reviewers have noted that the eye drops felt a bit rough. I never have. I don't rub my eyes after the drops are put in. I don't rub my eyes. It could damage the surgery I've had, and this prohibition against rubbing will continue for a lifetime since one of my surgeries involved my eyes. One reviewer thought short eyelashes could be a problem. I have long lashes that are naturally long, but I think that everyone's experience is going to be a little different. Since they are preservative free, an allergy to these drops is not likely. Preservatives contribute to dry eyes, so the lack of them is very important. These are not for daytime use. They are too thick for that. I use TheraTears in the morning and evening. I used to wake up with dry, itchy eyes despite my use of drops. I was ready to get my eye drops. I now wake up feeling my eyes are clear and hydrated. I've not suffered any symptoms. TheraTears Nighttime is for people with dry eyes. I think you will like them.


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Eye drops preservativesingle use products from Soothe. In this article about eye drops preservativesingle use you can see why people choose the product. Alaway and Amo Sales And Service are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye drops preservativesingle use.

What are the best brands for eye drops preservativesingle use?

Soothe, Alaway and Amo Sales And Service are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye drops preservativesingle use. Find the detail in this article. Lumify, Boiron and Refresh are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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