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1. Systane Lubricant Eye Drops Count

Systane Lubricant Eye Drops Count

Protection of a gel is convenient.

Brand: Systane

👤I usually think systane gel drops are the best eyedrops for dry eyes, but the packages I received were different. I didn't know about this when I bought it. The bottles themselves do not match any other bottles I have bought in the last two years. I purchase systane every month. There is no explanation as to why these are different from the standard Systane gel drops you buy. I went to Walgreens to buy what I knew was the real thing because I was afraid to use it.

👤The order contained a single bag of seeds. Unit B is divided into two parts. The back of the house is occupied by a woman. A week ago, there was a photo of my dwelling. I received bird seed and eye drops. The people in the front are not in town. The phorograph was of the entryway. When people are at home, they bring my packages to me. It is a safe neighborhood. We will work it out. I love Amazon and they have to stay. I apologized and upset your agent. I am 92 and I love AMAZON.

👤My sister told me to try these after I had surgery. She said to try to get half a drop in the corner of my eye. I felt a bit blurry at first, but they last a long time. The bottles last twice as long as the half drop.

👤I have used the best eye gel. The gel lasts longer than liquid. I like how it sits on the edge of my eyelid, so I can see how much I've applied. It's spread, no blurriness, and I'm good to go. A morning application lasts until the sun goes down. I'm very happy.

👤My eye specialist told me to use this every night to prevent "erosion" after I was injured in the ER. She was correct. Without this, that eye is in pain every morning, no matter how much I drink. I'm fine with this. It's a good idea to record everything that happens when you're being treated by a doctor. They can lie about what happened if they screw up. Even if your recording is not allowed in court, it might give you some leverage to recover your expenses, because releasing it would be painful for the liar and the hospital that they work for. I'm not bitter.

👤I use drops for dry eyes. I used to have a bottle by my computer, bed, car, pocket, purse and I was always lubricating it with Systane Ultra lubricating drops. I used them a lot. My husband found out about the drops during an eye appointment. Couldn't find them at the usual places but found them online. The gel drops are good. They are thicker than the ultra and don't run all over my face. I expected them to be blurry, but they are not. I use them 4-5 times a day. They help my condition a lot.

👤If I don't use these drops before I go to bed, my eyes will get very dry and irritated. When I use them before I go to bed, I don't usually have a problem with my eyes and don't need eyedrops at all. The drops have made my daytime hours enjoyable.

2. Systane Ultra Lubricant Drops 3Count

Systane Ultra Lubricant Drops 3Count

Your eyes feel comfortable longer with fewer interruptions.

Brand: Systane

👤I never realized I had dry eye until I pulled thick strands of mucus from both eyes this summer. I did some damage to my eyes by rubbing them, splashing them with water, and using cotton swabs to wipe the inside of my eyelid, but it only took a few minutes to dry them out. Thankfully my sister in law told me about these drops, they are recommended by one of the top optometrists in L.A. Nothing else worked. There were no herbal remedies added to the water. Just a few drops twice a day, and my eyes are better. There's no oily eye feel in these, and you can feel the soothing lubricant in them. They're worth every penny, even though they're expensive.

👤The three pack is the best thing I've ever done because it gets the dry eye under control again, and it's the only thing that will make it go away. I am glad I bought the three pack because it gets the job done and doesn't run out of time.

👤I had Cataract Surgery and the surgeon put the wrong lens in my eye and refused to fix it even though another surgeon sent her a letter letting her know of his findings and why I can't see very well. One day I was scanning on Amazon and read a Reviewer who said that she cured her eye infections after surgery. I thought it was worth a shot and I've tried about 20 others which didn't do what these do. These are amazing. They work.

👤I was diagnosed with dry eye and tumors on my retina, and I only have one eye left, the other was removed 22 years ago. We are very cautious with my only eye, so I trust my doctor when he prescribes Systane. It is by far the best! It makes my eye feel better than it has in the past. I highly recommend Systane Ultra.

👤The best lubricant drops. I have tried many store brands and none are as good as the Systane ultra drops. I use these drops daily to keep my eyes moist and comfortable. They work well and keep your eyes comfortable. It's useful after LASIK surgery. The product is great and can be used a lot. The generics and other brands are not as good as Systane. You can get Systana drops if you pay a little extra.

👤Great product. I have used it three or four times a day since Cataract surgery. Doctor's orders. The bottles are small enough to fit in your pocket. I place one on the coffee table. It helps with the eye strain.

👤This product is recommended by my eye doctor. These small containers work well. The germ phobic person in me likes to have fresh drops frequently.

👤The eye drops are about to expire. I can only use them for a few days. I am so disappointed. I use this drops for a long time and usually when I buy them they last for more than six months. Not ok.

3. Systane Lubricant Drops Dropper Pack

Systane Lubricant Drops Dropper Pack

The eye drops are from Systane Long Lasting Lubricant. The doctor recommended a brand. Dry eye therapy is soothing.

Brand: Systane

4. Systane Ultra Lubricant Bottle Bottles

Systane Ultra Lubricant Bottle Bottles

The ultimate in dry eye therapy. Provides protection that lasts. Your eyes are more comfortable with fewer interruptions.

Brand: Systane

👤Don't buy these drops. I put the drops in my eyes after opening one and realized it wasn't right. They weren't lubricating at all. I looked at the package and realized it was different than the one I had been using. I used these drops every 30 minutes for the last 7 days. I grabbed the other bottle from the garbage and realized it was different. These have Spanish on them. The Systane Ultra drops I bought from Walgreens did not have any Spanish on them, and they looked like the ones in the picture advertised for this product. The directions were not the same. The "Fake/Spanish" people say to shake the bottle. There was no mention of shaking the bottle in any of the Systane Ultra High Performance drops purchased in the US.

👤I like the systane eye drops and they work the best. I ordered them here and received the same ones that I had already ordered. One of the high performance eyedrops is called Systane Ultra High performance and it comes in a bottle of 4 liters and has ingredients such as Polyethyline Glycol, propylene Glycol, and Boric acid. I am tired of being sold the wrong thing and I would like to see the picture of this product changed.

👤After living in the desert and changing my prescription, I was steered towards these drops by the Optometrist. Absolutely worth it. These drops are perfect. They are expensive but work.

👤Many eye care professionals recommend Systane. Purchasing just one bottle at a drug store can cost more than buying 3 bottles here. My mom has Glaucoma and he recommended this for her daily use. The drops are effective without being too thick. I would recommend this brand to anyone who has dry eyes. It makes me sleepy from computer use. I would highly recommend people who deal with tired, dry eyes.

👤The eye drops were bought a week ago. I have tried different eye drops before but they didn't work as well as I wanted them to. I felt like I was using more than usual. The eye drops I buy are usually less expensive. Not very happy with the purchase.

👤Sufro de ojos, las gotas, me funcionaban. Toptear y Acrylam. No son vendidas en Venezuela. Dejndome en serios problemas usando gotas de dudosa calidad. Desde un traigo Systane para aliviar mis ojos, son las mejores, pero no las vendan ac. Y sean muchsima gente las necesita. No, he is going to do the protocolo burocrtico para meterlos in Venezuela. Eso tiene poco descuide, pero trato de una calidad afuera.

👤I had some bad luck years ago and had to have my eyes repaired. Had to have surgery on both eyes. The drops are the best according to the specialist. I will always use them. Two people I have met have had eye issues and were told to use systane drops.

👤At my last exam, I was diagnosed with dry eyes. The drops should be used 3 times a day. The are excellent. My eyes feel better. I have been using for about 3 months.

5. Systane Complete Lubricant Drops 2x10mL

Systane Complete Lubricant Drops 2x10mL

Dry eye relief is optimal. Their coverage is taken to another level by the use of a droplet technology. Soothes eyes with hydration. Hydrates fast and provides long- lasting relief. Doctor Recommended brand for artifical tears

Brand: Systane

👤I had lasik eye surgery many years ago and have had a side effect that has been that my eyes dry out at night. They are alright during the day. The problem only arises when I am asleep. The only solution I have found that works is an eye gel. This one tends to lose its effect in the middle of the night. That's when I add regular eye drops. I have tried many brands, including this one from Systane. It does a good job, but I don't see any difference between the two brands. The Systane brand is one third of a fluid ounce, which is less than half a fluid ounce, and it is a little more expensive. I would recommend the Bausch + Lomb brand since it costs less and is more effective than any other brand. I uploaded a photo to give you an idea of both. The box size of Systane is compared to the bottle size. It does a good job of lubricating your eyes, and it has a benefit of "nano-droplets" for better coverage, but I did not experience any major difference from other brands I have used. I hope my experience helped you. Thanks for reading!

👤I have experience with many types of eyedrops. This is one of the thinner preparations I've ever tried, and the "nano droplet" descriptor seems to be appropriate. Being on the "thin" side, they can get into all little crevices under one's eyelid, and they do not blur my vision for more than a few seconds. I've had a lot of negative experience trying to get high-viscosity drops to coat my eyeball fully, so that's a big positive. I put these at a medium- short length, compared to other drops on the market. They seem to last longer than most low-viscosity drops, but they don't last as long as I would like for a drop that says it's "long- lasting". If you want a thin drop that offers great coverage and lasts for a long time, I can highly recommend them.

👤Was it Ultra or Balance that I used to use? I don't remember, but this one is the best. Great. I have it set up on my Subs cube and Save, a pack of two bottles per month. One stays at the hospital and the other in my bag. It works well with my contacts. I am trying to get in the habit of pulling them out and lubricating my eyes a few times a day. The contact dousing probably runs counter to the instructions in the package. Most eye drops don't mix with glasses. My dailies are. When it comes to bone-dry eyeballs and contacts, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. This stuff saves the day when I can't see clearly and there is a film of haze. It's perfect for wake up and before bed. I use several types of eye drops to lubricate my eyes in the morning, and these are the ones that lubricate my eyes to a normal state. Let me know if anyone finds a better way to cover my eyes. If anyone has an overnight product that works, please let us know! So. Yes - These are the best Systane drops if you are trying to decide between them. Everyone's eyes and bodies react differently. I seem to be good without the single-use tubes, at least, I am good with these drops. I use up the bottles quickly, so I am sure frequent replacement with a new bottle helps prevent potential issues. What do you think? Holla to all the other Sjogren's! Is there a cute nickname for us? Some of my friends in the CTD stick with the Systane line for lubricating drops. I hope they work for you.

6. Systane Ultra Lubricant Drops 0 7 ML

Systane Ultra Lubricant Drops 0 7 ML

The brand of artificial tears recommended by Dr. was #1. Also, note: May packaging can be different. There is extended protection. Dry Eye Symptom Relief is fast and lasts long. The signs and symptoms of dry eye are reduced. Quickly soothe irritated eyes.

Brand: Systane

👤I have a dry eye. It recently got to the point that I was unable to read, and I couldn't see well. I went to the eye doctor for a proper diagnosis before I put something in my eyes. Not only did my eye. The doctor took me to the store to get the exact product he wanted me to use, there are many different types of Systane drops and gels. Many dry eye products are not preservative free. I had to use the drops every hour because of my dry eye. Within two weeks, my vision had gotten better. I use the drops daily as per my eye doctor's advice, even though I have dry eye. The cooling effects of the Systane drops completely stopped me from having that dry, grimy feeling, and the vision in my eyes improved more than I ever thought possible without a prescription. Depending on where you shop or order them, Systane prices can vary quite a bit. This also includes Amazon pricing. I am very satisfied with this product, and I hope you get the same eye health benefits I have had. Heres's looking at you!

👤I have had dry eyes for a long time and Systane Ultra is my favorite eye drops. The price of Restasis went up over 300% last year, so I couldn't afford it. My solution was to use the drops more frequently. It wasn't a perfect situation but it wasn't Restasis. The design of the vials for this version of Systane Ultra was slightly different. The old version was slightly smaller in volume, but it was also re-closable, and the closing has vastly improved. The problem of losing drops when re-closing the old vials has been fixed with the redesign of the vials. Highly recommended.

👤I have been using Systane drops to soothe irritated eyes for a long time. After my eyes healed after surgery, I asked my eye doctor if I could use Systane again. My usual drops have no preservatives, so he said to use drops with no. He said eyedrops in individual Ampules are free ofPreservatives, but I didn't see them. I'm happy to have drops I like and can use, but also to be able to bring one or two extra pills in my purse in case my eyes get irritated when out and about. The amount of liquid in each Ampule is enough to use on both eyes, so they won't go to waste. The cost is lower with the larger bottle, but as long as I don't use Preservatives, I am grateful for this product.

👤I used the bottled product all the time as my eyes became dry and dull. For the first time in my life, I had eyelash inflammation and sty formations. I switched to these drops without thePreservative and everything went well. Sensitivity to the preservatives caused the dry eyes, infections and other symptoms.

👤The product I received was different from what I'm used to. The ones I received were a bit shorter and larger than I had expected. At first I thought it was a product change, but the box also shows long slender vials in the upper corner. The drops seem to be thinner than my previous experience with this product. They don't seem to satisfy me. I'm going to try a different brand. You will see the difference in my 3rd picture. For comparison, one of the vials from my previous box is included.

7. Systane Complete Optimal Relief Lubricant

Systane Complete Optimal Relief Lubricant

Their coverage is taken to another level by the use of a droplet technology. Soothes eyes with hydration. Hydrates fast and provides relief. Doctor recommended brand for artificial tears.

Brand: Systane

8. Systane Lubricant Eye Gel 0 34 Ounces

Systane Lubricant Eye Gel 0 34 Ounces

The brand of artificial tears recommended by Dr. was #1. A strong layer of dry eye symptom protection is provided by the thickest gel formula. Provides long-term protection while you sleep. For the temporary relief of burning and irritation.

Brand: Systane

👤These drops are great. I was terrified when I was sent to a specialist. My family has eye problems. The doctor said I have dry eyes. He told me to use the sample twice a day. I didn't know how much better I would feel with eye drops. I tried the gel at night after seeing it in the grocery store. I didn't know how much the gel would change. They are great. I found them on Amazon and used them at night. I don't recommend them during the day. If you have dry eyes, this will make you feel better. The doctor told me to apply the gel, close my eyes and then roll my eyes.

👤This one is used for eye surgeries to keep the eye moist. The difference is made by the active ingredient. I haven't worn eye make up in years because of my dry eye. I can check out the active ingredient, no other product of the Systane family has it. I used a bottle of the drops every day. I told my doctor about it. I usually buy 10 at a time, but never run out, and have some in my "earthquake kit" seriously.

👤I am still getting used to the gel. It feels like glue in your eyes and you can't see for a while. If you have to get up for anything, you won't be able to see well, so don't fall down your stairs, it's great for at night, but just be prepared. I think that's correct.

👤Every single night. If I woke up and moved my eyeballs a fraction of an inch, it felt like my eyes were being peeled. The pain was very bad. I tried everything, even a prescription. A friend told me about this and I was able to tell you about it. I wake up at least a few times in the night. When I wake up, I put another drop in each eye to make sure I don't have a problem, but there are no eye peels. It has changed my life. If I could only figure out why I get the eye peel in the first place.

👤When eyedrops don't work anymore, what to do? I can put this gel on my lower eyelid and not have to worry about getting drops in my eyes. It makes me feel good and keeps my eyes from burning in the morning. If I fall asleep without opening my eyes, it works best. Sometimes I need to use regular eyedrops when I wake up. Even though I only use the gel at night, I still have to use regular eyedrops during the day.

👤I don't close my eyes at night or in the day because of the dry eyes. When my eyes were so dry, I lost some sight because of the dry pits on my cornea. I live in a dry city. I tried Lacrilube at night, but it was so greasy that I could not see when I woke up. After a few minutes, I can see through the gel and it lasts me all night long, no burning eyes when I wake up. I 800-273-3217 After applying the drops, I would get very hot. I decided to try Systane gel during the day after reading a review at another site. I can't drop in a gel so I need a mirror. I apply the gel to the space by pulling my lower lip out. I keep the pocket and run my eyes side to side, then I release the pocket and go up side to side. I pull my eyelid down all the way and keep running my eyes back and forth to distribute the gel as it warms up and becomes more of a liquid. I blink and wipe off any excess on the outside. I can see clearly in a few minutes. Depending on how much air movement I have, the application is good for a few hours. I wear over the safety glasses in the car when I have the heat on or if it is windy, as the blowing really bother me. My last exam showed complete resolution of the dry pits on my eyes. Nothing else did this.

9. Alcon Systane Ultra 10ml Bottles

Alcon Systane Ultra 10ml Bottles

Dry eye symptom relief is high- performance. Protection for relief that lasts. It helps your eyes feel refreshed. The package weight is 0.204 kilograms.

Brand: Systane

👤I live in a very dry climate most of the year. Which causes dry and irritated eyes. It's important to have stane on hand.

👤I bought six. I received products with different dates. Very thoughtful.

👤Good price for the best eye drops ever.

👤It is a miracle for dry eyes. Too expensive.

10. Systane Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment

Systane Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment

To prevent further irritation or to relieve eye irritation. Preservative-free formula. It is long- lasting nighttime protection.

Brand: Systane

👤This is only my experience. I love the Systane eyedrops so I was excited to try this. I am on perscription drops because of my dry eye. I still need drops throughout the day and overnight to keep my eyes moist. The substance didn't work for me. I had to stop using the product after a week because I woke up with burning eyes and itching.

👤Something changed. I used this for a long time. I got new ones that made my eyes itch. I got one from both Walgreens and Amazon. Be aware.

👤This is a very effective remedy for dry eye. It makes your vision blurry but you use it before you go to sleep. We are not horses... When we sleep, we close our eyes. I think the gel does a better job of combatting dry eye, but I prefer the ointment. I use the drops during the day. Problem solved!

👤I use systane gel to sleep because my doctor told me to use Gel tears to sleep, it helped me a lot. I bought this one because I thought it would burn your eyes, but it took another three days to get rid of the burning sensation, and I stopped using it after 3 nights.

👤I'm giving this Systane hydrating overnight eye cream four stars instead of five because it came in different packaging than others of the same brand. The Alcon brand name is on the lower right of the blue box that contains the inner-eye cream. The dark blue one has Alcon printed in a different style on the lower left. The note made in Belgium or Denmark is often found in Canada. The density of the two creams is slightly different. I have severe dry eye and need to be sure that anything that goes in my eyes is sanitary. I just know that this is a heads up.

👤If you have ever had an eye injury, you know how bad it can be. This type of product is the only one that can help with eye irritation outside a doctor's office. I would only use them for dry eyes. I have used these types of ointments for a long time, they have a small tip for application to the inside of the bottom eye lid. If the eye is not closed, it will ooze out. Many people don't like the consistency, but I highly recommend it. It is similar to Vaseline, so if you try to see after applying it, you will have blurred vision, so you must use before bed or at a time when you can lie down. The best way for me is to use paper medical tape. The tape doesn't remove eye lashes. Alternatively. If you want to wear an eye patch, you must fill the space between the eye patch and the eyeball with tissues or gauze. Either way, it will deep the water in and the eye will be refreshed without pain. It is highly recommend for abrasions.

11. Similasan 60094841300469 SIMILASAN DROP RELIEF

Similasan 60094841300469 SIMILASAN DROP RELIEF

Aging eye symptoms like blurred vision, eye strain, and tearing can be alleviated with Similasan Aging Eye Relief drops. Use as often as necessary. The eye drops stimulated the body's natural defenses instead of masking symptoms like blurry vision, strained eyes, dry eyes, and watering eyes. Natural active ingredients are used in eye drops. Eye drops do not contain chemicals that cause rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 40 years, Similasan has been used by families. The leading brand of remedies with natural active ingredients is called Similasan. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from aging eye symptoms can be provided by their eye drops.

Brand: Similasan

👤I have been going blind for a while. I used the pink eye, aging eye, allergy and all purpose drops. After a few days my eyes and sinuses felt like a cold, but my vision got better and the irritation and dryness were gone! It was like rolling back the clock 15 years. Really impressed.

👤I preferred the Simalsan Allergy Eye drops over the Aging Eye Relief drops. I am a senior citizen who reads a lot, spends a lot of time on the computer and lives in the high desert where there is tons of tree pollen. The Aging Eye Relief drops have a long lasting effect and are very soothing. They work well for relief during tree pollen season. Samalsan brand is effective in general, but these eye drops are excellent.

👤I need eye relief for my eyes. After going to sleep and waking up, my eyes are no longer dry or itchy. The delivery system is easy to use. I use drops in my eyes before I go to bed. I will be rearranging.

👤I bought this for my senior Lhasa Apso. I recall that this formula was formerly labeled for cataracts, as he is starting to get one in one eye. His eyes are not as bloodshot and it could be my hope, but his cataract is diminishing. God knows I hope so. It is safe for animals to use it. Highly recommended. The first bottle I bought was superior to any other drops I've tried.

👤These eye drops are great for my eyes. It was a bit awkward to use their dropper, but I quickly got the hang of it and my eyes are much better even after hours at the computer or being out in the weather where dust and pollen used to make them quite itchy. I use drops in my eyes when I get up in the morning and again at night. I use my eyes during the day if they're dry or tired, but it's not often. My eyes are not as dry as they used to be.

👤The blur is gone after 2 drops in each eye. I will use them.

👤I decided to try this product since it claims to be safe and has no side effects. After applying two drops per eye, I felt a sensation of pressure in both eyes. The L is still feeling a sensation of pain and pressure two hours after R was okay. I have headaches on the L side of my head. The product has been submitted for return. The time is now 12:00 PM. The headaches are gone by noon the next day. There is only slight sensitivity to touch in the L eye. Returned for a refund.

👤After applying the drops into my eyes, I felt zig zag lines in my eyes. At first, I thought my iPad screen cracked, but I realized it was my eyes that were having the issues. I stopped the drops. Scary experience. Be aware!

👤I ordered a second one before I ran out. Did everything they said they would do. Dry eyes, blurry vision, and general uneasiness. The droplet was so easy to use that it didn't need a lot of squeezing for the drops to come out. I think they are worth it even though they are a little bit more expensive than other drops. I was a little disappointed that the second bottle was more expensive than the first. I want to keep using these drops and I hope the third bottle won't be more expensive.


What is the best product for eye drops systane ultra?

Eye drops systane ultra products from Systane. In this article about eye drops systane ultra you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye drops systane ultra.

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