Best Eye Earrings Silver

Earrings 9 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. IRONBOX 12Pairs Dangle Earrings Starburst

IRONBOX 12Pairs Dangle Earrings Starburst

One order contains 12 pairs of earrings for women. The inner size of the small hoop is only 0.37in. Refer to the pictures for more size details. You have more choices to attend different occasions because of the perfect size and unique appearance design. TheEarring's Material and Design is made with advanced plating process with 316L steel post pin,rust-free,nickel-free, safe and comfortable for daily wear. The dangle hoop earrings are stylish and classic. You are more attractive in the crowd when you have inlaid withAAA+CZ. You can wear mini hoop ball bar studs alone or with gold chain earrings. Their huggie hoop earrings can be a nice gift for your friends, family, girlfriend, or other special day. 90-day money back guarantee or exchange is offered by their services. If you have a question about the dangle hoop earrings for women, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will give you the most detailed answers.

Brand: Ironbox

👤I wore these for 5 weeks before writing a review. They did not tarnish. I showered with these and they are perfect.

👤I am so disappointed. The one I ordered broke as soon as it came out of the bag. Definitely want a new pair.

👤The earrings are not made for long term wear. I only had them for a short time and my ears turned green and the jewelry looked rusty.

👤The earrings were stylish and cute. If you have more piercings, there are many different ways to arrange them. The flaw was that the earring turned and made my ear green after a long time of wearing it, and some of the clasps were difficult to open and close.

👤Cute gold earrings don't stay in for long. I usually keep my earring in when I sleep, but I could not keep it in for more than a day and a half.

👤They all had a small black bag. There is a small bag with each pair. They look good. She picked them out for her granddaughter. I put a pair in each of the 15 individual compartments.

👤Cute earrings! The quantity is great for the price. The quality is not amazing, but I would buy them again.

👤The way the earrings are held makes them impossible to wear. I can't wear them because they are cute.

2. Cartilage Sterling Earrings Hypoallergenic Swarvoski

Cartilage Sterling Earrings Hypoallergenic Swarvoski

Hypoallergenic for sensitive ear, nickel and lead free, sterling silver has 18K white gold plated. Brilliance, brilliance, brilliance, Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance,Brilliance, The safety pin earrings are 20mm in diameter. The Dainty Dangle Hoops Earrings are a perfect gift. Jewelry is always the perfect gift for any occasion. Huggie Pave Crystal Hoops are in a black gift velvet pouch. It's the best gift for a best friend, sister, mom, aunt, daughter, or yourself. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact them.

Brand: Dtja

👤It was cute and nicely made. The vendor was 888-609- It's small enough to look like gold and diamonds.

👤These earrings are gorgeous! I have sensitive ears. I have not had a problem since I wore them for 24 hours. They are great to sleep in. They are light and cheap. I compared the safety pin earrings with other styles and they are the best for your buck. You can dress them up or down.

👤These are perfect. I wear them all the time at work because they're cute but still a little provocative. I've had them for a while and the little crystals have stayed on. No complaints!

👤I have owned my earrings for a month. I haven't taken them off before. I wanted a pair that would allow me to sleep in so I could get to work on time. These have been very comfortable. They look like the picture. They are shiny. The weight is heavy enough to swing when you lean, but not when you go about your day. If I had a second piercing, I would order another pair.

👤I have had them for a while now. showered in them. They are great! So pretty too!

👤I got many nice things to say about my 3 wears. After 3 wears, the first pair began to tarnish. It is hard to believe that this product is made of silver. I was able to send the old ones back because I am in love with them. The earring stem is broken after just one wear. This cute product will break within minutes, so don't get your hopes up.

👤These are cute, but if you are going to be wearing them a lot, and taking them off before bed, they won't last long. One broke after a month of use. The shape doesn't hold up. If you want them for occasional use, then I think they are fine.

👤Beautiful earrings! When I wear them, I get a lot of praise. They are lightweight, stylish and easy to wear. If you have multiple piercings like me, they look great with other earrings.

👤The design and quality of the earrings have been praised. I wear them a lot.

👤The earrings are a bit fragile but they look good.

👤I liked the look of silver.



3. Yellow Plated Sterling Filigree Earrings

Yellow Plated Sterling Filigree Earrings

The earrings are made of 18k yellow gold plated sterling silver. A perfect gift for a woman who wants to expand her fashion wardrobe. It was hand-crafted in pure.925. 18K Yellow Gold is added to enhance the design and appearance. The silver pieces are built to last. This piece can wear off with long-term or heavy use, but it has metal or flashing for a more lustrous appearance. Store your jewelry in a dark, cool, dry place, such as a pouch or air tight box, so that you don't rub plated items together. Exposure to cleaning products and perfume can affect your items. If you would like your jewelry to be re plated, your local jeweler can help.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤Beautiful design, TERRIBLE engineering in the sp Don't hold the bar in place, the two prongs are supposed to. They are too "sophisticated" (weAK, BENDABLE). You have to use a pair of pliers every time you put them on. Or... They come out of nowhere because theNGs have spread them out too far. Too much trouble! The design is lovely, but it needs to be emphasized that it's in the cleft. I decided to send them to the quiver store so that they wouldn't have to fight with them.

👤I hope people buying these earrings read all the reviews. They are lightweight and beautiful. The fastenings are flimsy, they can come undone and you may not even know it. I got my earrings a couple of days ago and they looked great. I looked down at the tile of the shower floor and saw one of them. It never came out. I thought I had lost it for good, but finally found it. I sent them back.

👤I bought these for someone. I bought other jewelry for her. I didn't wear them or take them out of the box. One earring is black and the other is orange and red. I'm glad I didn't give them away as a present. These earrings are cheap and not 18kt gold plated. They don't want me to get a refund.

👤I bought these hoops for my daughter. I got some for myself as well. I can't wear anything heavy because it stretches my earlobes. These are perfect! The clasp is secure.

👤These are the right size for the office. They are about a quarter of an inch in diameter. Some people complained about the clasp, but the earrings I received have no issue with it. They are my go-to earrings.

👤Happy with the product and delivery. The earrings look very impressive, but the picture doesn't do them justice. I've received a lot of praise. The size is perfect, not too small or large. The presentation of the box they came in was nice. Looking forward to buying from these people.

👤If you want these airings just away for a couple months, they are small and cute, and have a lot of detail, they will last you a couple months before it tarnishes its worth the money.

👤I don't know why earring msg is making the post that goes in the ear not perfect. I have had worse and these are a bit uncomfortable. This will be the last pair of shoes that don't have a post.

4. Platinum Sterling Earrings Swarovski Zirconia

Platinum Sterling Earrings Swarovski Zirconia

The earrings are embellished with a round brilliant cut Infinite Elements Cubic Zirconia and have a decorative filigree on the sides. The posts ensure earrings are secure. A timeless piece. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤Beautiful earrings! I've bought other items from Amazon and they are stunning. These earrings are very good. The 2 cttw is the largest I have ever ordered. I thought the earrings would be two carats, but I didn't know the total weight. The earrings are not as large as you might think. Less is more when it comes to CZs. These are eye-catching, but they're not so large that they scream "Fake, Fake, Fake!" The best CZs are made by Swarovski. They have a lot of sparkle. They look similar to the diamonds you see on display and are believable. They are perfect for daily wear. For a second earring, I would go with the 1 cttw. The earrings are made to order. There is a basket setting with decorative filigree. The post and back have the same number on them.

👤Have you ever gasped in real life? Is it true that actually gasped? I can count on both hands the times I've done that and today, these earrings are being added to that list. I was afraid they'd be too big when I pulled them out, but I was wrong. After wearing them for a few more minutes, I fell in love with them. They are the perfect size and look like the real thing. These are good until I find a good pair of earrings. The price is unbeatable. These are great for everyday wear and I will definitely be wearing them. Take this as your sign if you were looking for a review to make a final decision.

👤The sparkle is amazing! They are perfect in size. Not to large or small. I like them. These are perfect for the day.

👤The front of these are cute. The side with the bow is gross. I have tried to clean the area but it still looks the same. My earholes were affected. I have black dots where my earring holes are supposed to be. Don't buy them.

👤The earrings are an excellent value. The settings are secure and the stones are brilliant. It's impossible to see from the current product pictures, but instead of a traditional basket setting these have little bows. The design of the bows is subtle enough to not be a dealbreaker for me. They're still going strong after about nine months of wear. I have gotten my money's worth.

👤The posts on these are very long. The quality of these earrings is too poor to even consider. The stones are sliding on the earrings and the prongs are loose. The posts are flimsy and bend while I was cutting them off, so don't sleep in because they would break right off. The stones aren't shiny and shiny at all. I've found similar earrings for less money and they lasted a long time.

👤I have returned to studs after wearing a variety of earrings in silver or gold. I find that they always look appropriate, no matter if they are casual or dressy. I don't wear my real diamonds because they have screw on backs and are not quick to put on or off. I lost one of my sterling set circonia studs and ordered this pair. The backs are long, but not uncomfortable. The earrings are nice and shiny, but don't scream "fake". The 3 Ct is just right for me. I have been wearing them for a while and would recommend them. I am in my 60's, 5'8" and wear casual clothes, but these earrings will work in any setting.

5. MOONQUEEN Earrings Sterling Eardrop Zirconia´╝îLucky

MOONQUEEN Earrings Sterling Eardrop Zirconia%EF%BC%8CLucky

The earring evil eye is a unique design that protects your health and safety, protects you from all evil forces, and can bring good luck, wealth and happiness at the same time. It's suitable for daily wear on most occasions and has no harm to your health. Throw away the complicated design to make it simpler and more suitable for multiple occasions to wear. The evil eye earrings come with a beautiful treasure blue gift box, so you don't have to worry about how to choose the packaging for your gift, it is an ideal and perfect gift for all ages. Give it to yourself, girlfriend, close friend, daughter, mother, teacher, bride, anniversary, birthday, wedding, special occasion, Mother's Day, Christmas, graduation and any other occasion for anyone. MOONQUEEN Jewelry is committed to providing the best service and the best jewelry. If you have a problem, do not hesitate to contact them, they will deal with it quickly. It should be added to your gift wish list.

Brand: Moonqueen

👤I bought these earrings for my daughter as they are absolutely gorgeous. She told me that if you buy the evil for yourself, it won't work. You need to give any evil eye jewelry to work. I live giving her this type of gift because I know she will love it. These are gorgeous with the deep blue and shiny Cupid zirconia. Hood fortune can be brought by wearing these after gifted. She has very sensitive ears and these ar did not cause her any irritation.

6. Swarovski Silver Earrings 5201707 Valentine

Swarovski Silver Earrings 5201707 Valentine

The Creativity Circle Stud pierced earrings combine the precision and quality of sparkling Swarovski crystals with a rhodium plated setting for a trendy and refined accessory. The delicate circle silhouettes, made of sparkling crystals, create a refined look and are set on a rhodium plated post that will not tarnish with a butterfly back. When simple care practices are observed, Swarovski jewelry will maintain its brilliance over time. The simple style of these studs makes them a fashionable everyday accessory, a glamorous addition for more formal occasions or a charming gift for a loved one. There is a set of 1 x set of Swarovski creativity round pierced studs for women with white Swarovski crystals and a rhodium plated setting.

Brand: Swarovski

👤Stunning... These are gorgeous and I bought them for my DIL.

👤This item is pretty. I didn't have it for a while. I can't say if it turned dark. The back piece was bent to a 90 degree angle when I recurved it. I was able to fix it a bit, but it was all wrong and I don't find that acceptable after paying $60. I have earrings from Amazon that are not like that. It might not have been properly packaged.

👤No me, son aretes falsos los voy a devolver. No tienen el brillo del swarovski, verdaderamente decepcionada. No ha sido una excelente.

👤Everyone knows that a crystal with more sparkle than a diamond. The earrings had no sparkle. It is possible that the crystals were too small to sparkle. The style was lovely. It was subtle but lovely.

👤If you have an allergy to silver, be careful. I bought this one for my daughter. The post shows the same white gold as the product picture. The earring we received was not the same color as the post. It was black and grey. I had to research it. After 2 days of wearing them, my poor girl started having an allergy reaction with swelling, red, and small blisters around her ear lobes. I pulled them out of my daughter's ears.

👤Love the sparkle. Love the size. Can't tell if they are on. When I can keep them on for days at a time without my piercing sites getting irritated, I know they are quality earrings. I have no regrets about getting these earrings. I have purchased all of the jewelry from Swarovski.

👤I bought these earrings for my mom and she absolutely loves them. She gets praise every time she wears them. The purchase was great.

👤The earrings were bright and shiny. They look beautiful and have maintained their sparkle. The size is perfect for your ears.

👤Please do not buy that fake. Cheap, makes ears swollen, spend there extra money and get legit ones off the real website, otherwise you will be out of pocket, disappointed, have green ears! I would like to know before buying the neckless that I am very unhappy and feel robbed.

👤I'll keep them for myself if they're not liked, they're pretty and I bought them as a Christmas present. They are small but classey looking, the sort of earring you would want for a serious cocktail party. The price was great and it came in a box.

👤These earrings are very small. I wore them for a few days and they started to irritate my ears. I had a bug on one of my ears. I changed to another pair for a week and everything was fine. I changed back to this pair, and my ear got irritated again. The metal piece that goes through the ear is too long. I will probably not be able to wear these very much. It was a little disappointed.

👤She brought a friend for Christmas. They look lovely. After I had them in my basket for a day, they went up in price. Absolutely beautiful.

7. Mevecco Huggie Earrings Zirconia Solitaire

Mevecco Huggie Earrings Zirconia Solitaire

The earrings are 15mm round. These ear cuffs are lightweight and are great for your ears. The dainty evil eye huggie earrings are plated twice. After they plate with 18K gold, they give them a lifetime protective finish. Hypoallergenic, nickel free, and lead free. A pair of gold evil eye hoop earrings are in a gift box. Mevecco is a design and manufacture company. The product is beautifully packaged and ready for giving. It's a sentimental surprise for any awesome lady. Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday, or wedding celebration are great times to give a gift. They offer a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. Excellent customer service. 100% of the time, Mevecco guarantees your satisfaction. You can find more of their designs on Amazon.

Brand: Mevecco

👤The ear hugger is cute. I will update this review in a few weeks to see how they wear long term. I leave jewelry on to sleep and shower so hopefully they hold up. They fit well, are comfortable and snap closed. I am confident that they are not going anywhere. To be continued. I have been wearing these ear huggers for a month now. I love them! They are comfortable to sleep in and have not been tarnished. I am impressed! They are small enough to be worn every day and are more unique than most earrings. It was worth the buy.

👤Cute! When you see me from the front, you notice that they are wide. I have been wearing them for about 2 months and never took them out. There was no discoloration! I bought two and both are fine now but one of them had some minor issues due to their weight. If you are working out without headphones, you will hear them. I have been working out and showering daily. I got them in May 2020. I am getting a new pair because they have lost the gold plating and are making me uncomfortable. I have had no issues when the gold is intact. For $12 a year, I think it's not bad.

👤I wear my jewelry all the time. I assumed they would tarnish quickly but thought they were worth a try. I have been wearing them nonstop for the past month and they look like they came in the mail. My friend said they were 'GorgINA', which is the best compliment you can get, and I like the hint of movement with the part that dangles in the middle. If I can say so, I would say that there is a very expensive jewelry designer. I see why she likes to incorporate slight movement into her designs.

👤The size was just like the picture and arrived fast. I bought two different sets from the same seller.

👤I like them. I had no problems opening them. It is difficult for some. They are not too heavy. Don't feel light because you don't worry about the quality. I love wearing any earring that I can comfortably wear 24/7. I am on the phone at work, and they don't get hurt or irritated while I'm on the phone. I have been wearing these for a few weeks and I love them. I've worn them in the shower and slept in them, and haven't seen any issues. I'm really impressed. I am incredibly happy with this purchase.

👤I bought them in both golds. They are small but cute. Sometimes the part that is supposed to snap in tight has to be adjusted. I'm more than happy with these. They look nice and are unique. I hope they last a long time. It says they are gold plated, but I found out they are not gold-filled. The gold is bonding to the base metal. They last longer than gold plated items. I hope these are gold fill. They are so cute.

8. Unknown 360512GLD400 Evil Stud Earrings

Unknown 360512GLD400 Evil Stud Earrings

It can be made in the USA or imported. There are blue evil eye stud earrings with pink stone charm drop. The earrings have a post back closure. There is gold-tone metal with glass.

Brand: Betsey Johnson

👤I was hoping the earrings were light and not too heavy. I don't like heavy earrings that pull at your earlobes. The quality of the earring seems to be on the mark. The earrings backs are cheap. I have other backs that I can use and toss the ones that came with the earrings. I would recommend it.

9. Initial Earrings Sterling Zirconia Hypoallergenic

Initial Earrings Sterling Zirconia Hypoallergenic

Initial ear rings are used. There are two letters in a pair of letter. A handcrafted small huggie hoop earrings with pave cubic zirconia are perfect for every day and night wear. Initial earrings are plated in 14k gold to ensure a long lasting finish that is nickel free, lead free, and Hypoallergenic. No reactions for sensitive skin. The Hoop inner diameter is 9mm and the Hoop width is 1.6mm. The small hoop earrings are lightweight and comfortable and can be worn in a second hole. There are gifts for girls women. Initial earrings is beautifully packed in a gift box, perfect daughter gifts, mother's day gifts for mom, Valentines day gifts for girls, Christmas gifts, friend gifts, anniversary, birthday, wedding celebration. If you don't like the initial earrings for girls women you purchase, you can get a 90-day money back. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Ursteel

👤I bought these for my daughter. She likes earrings and dangling ones. These are very cute. They are easy to clasp and don't hurt her ears. They are the perfect size and shiny. She has gotten a lot of nice feedback on them.

👤The earrings are pretty. I bought them for my sister and granddaughter. They are not large but good for small ears or for adults who want to keep it simple.

👤I used to wear hair jewlry for a week and it started to tarnish. I wouldn't wear it in my ears.

👤I bought the letter K for my daughter. They compliment her a lot. I am going to buy some for myself.

👤I bought these earrings for my daughter, but I got one of the others. I had to return the ones that were malfunctioning and send in a new pair, they're small and dainty. She loves them.

👤It's too big for a toddler. They're bigger than they appear in the advertisement. I was unhappy with the cheap, gaudy looking earrings that I bought for my 2 year old. Didn't bother to send them. Uhg.

👤I bought the earrings for my mom. She only had a few weeks to wear them. I have them. Such a memory.

👤My daughter likes them. Excellent earrings at a great price. To say the least!

10. VOROCO Sterling Earring Zirconia Earrings

VOROCO Sterling Earring Zirconia Earrings

The earrings have two black zircons as eyes. The open design is easy to wear, stylish and full of personality. The silver stud earrings are light and comfortable to wear. Highly polished sterling silver is paved with delicate Cubic Zirconia, tarnish resistant, nickel-free, Lead-free and Cadmium-free. Quality Assurance is not harmful for your health. VOROCO jewelry is a perfect gift for Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or other special occasions. Buy a surprise now. If you have any questions about their products, they will be happy to help you within 24 hours.

Brand: Voroco

👤So cute! Very small as well! See the picture for a comparison. It's best for a child. To fit over your earlobe, you have to bend out the tail a little and squeeze it back smaller. The head part is heavier than the tail so it tends to slide forward until the face is pointing down. Not my favorite so will return.

👤They are cute but it is hard to get in out of your ear. The concept was great but to actually put them in and out of your ear was not easy.

👤These are not as large as you'll think. I would say small for a child. You have to bend it all out of shape to fit an adult ear.

👤Wow! The earrings are made of metal. I was impressed by the quality of the design, but what really made me happy was that the backing is large enough to hold on to while putting them on. I dropped it the first time I tried it because the backing was so small. I want to buy more pairs.

👤The metal bends when you try to put it through your ear. I have had piercings for 30 years and the second problem is that the tail is L shaped and makes it hard to put it through the ear hole. I am very disappointed that I can't put an L shaped piece of metal through a round hole, I don't know where it came from, and there is no return address or packing slip to send it back, I don't even know where it came from. A waste of money.

👤The wife loved them. The design makes the head droop forward as the back isn't supported, so it was taken away. It's cool and great for the price.

👤The Butterflies are large and bright. I love that. The backings are tiny balls with a small hole that is used to screw them on. It was almost impossible to put the backing back on when the earrings were in my ears. I lost 2 backings because it was so small. The look of the earrings is great, but the backings are hard to find.

👤Cute earrings. The posts are easy to bend out of shape. I hope they don't break off the insect. I like the color of the insect.

11. Earrings Sterling Silver Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Earrings Sterling Silver Hypoallergenic Jewelry

The design of the blue evil eye huggie earrings has a special meaning. The local meaning of evil's eye is that it can protect the wearer from external harm, keep bad luck out, and keep good luck for you and your loved ones. The earrings are made of pure sterling silver and smooth cubic zirconia. It is nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free and Hypoallergenic. It is suitable for women of any age. The evil eye is 13mm and thehoop is 13mm. The weight is 2 grams. For a delicate girl, jewelry is necessary to add charm. Fine jewelry will win a lot of praise when you dress up for a date or holiday. You can use the gift box as a gift. It's useful for people who like cats. It's ideal for mom, grandma, girlfriend, daughter, friends. It's the perfect gift for Christmas, Halloween, birthday, wedding anniversary or any other special occasion. Purchase worry-free purchase, they will provide you with quality products and best customer service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will do their best to help you.

Brand: Chenghong

👤I love the earrings but I am not sure if they are defects or just the earrings. They don't stay fastened. They fall out of my ears, so I am afraid to wear them. They are beautiful. I am so disappointed.

👤The model has an evil eye. A good size. The earrings are made of high-quality materials.

👤I get a lot of praise on these. They look more expensive than they are.

👤The earrings are comfortable. They look great!

👤I received a lot of praise for these earrings.

👤Really pretty! Light weight too.

👤Not too heavy, dainty!

👤My friend loved them so I bought them for her.


What is the best product for eye earrings silver?

Eye earrings silver products from Ironbox. In this article about eye earrings silver you can see why people choose the product. Dtja and Amazon Collection are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye earrings silver.

What are the best brands for eye earrings silver?

Ironbox, Dtja and Amazon Collection are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye earrings silver. Find the detail in this article. Moonqueen, Swarovski and Mevecco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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