Best Eye Evil Bracelet Kit

Bracelet 19 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. 1140Pcs Polymer Clay Include Jewelry

1140Pcs Polymer Clay Include Jewelry

Their evil eye jewelry charms are designed with evil eye shapes, with different colors, funny and eye-catching, you can match or mix them according to your preference, and then send them to your friends or family members as gifts. The kit includes face beads. A variety of bright colors and shapes can satisfy your different needs, and can help you finish an exquisite craft. The best gift is the creation of jewelry by using your imagination. If you want to make a gift for your family and friends, take action quickly and create a gift with your own style. You can use the kit to make a wide range of jewelry crafts, such as necklace, bracelets, earrings, pendants, keychians, key rings, cellphone hanging accessories, holiday decorations and more. The handmade beads are made from a clay that is very durable, with bright color painted on the surface of the beads, it makes them look vivid and eye-catching. People are in a good mood. The best choice will be the smiley face beads. If you have a concern about their product or service, please contact them with email, they can promise you a full refund.

Brand: Natonhi

👤The product is of good quality. The colors are vibrant, the smile flowers are not spooky, and the beads are strong and can be worn. The string is very stretchy and clear. It seems not quite enough for $1299. Most of the 1140 pieces are in the small flat circles. You would expect more of the big beads for the price because they are cheap to make. There is a The quality of the color, heartiness, and non messed up smiling flowers/stars make up for the price. I still give it 5 stars and will consider buying it again just for the perfectness of the beads.

👤My granddaughter was very excited to receive this gift. It was worth the money. She has been creating ever since.

👤The holes were very small and hard to fit in the elastic, but they were very cute.

👤Cute beads break easily.

👤I thought they would be dull, but they are very vibrant. Would buy again.

👤It was a gift for my little girl and she loves it! Thank you so much!

👤I really like the charms. They are great, nothing to complain about.

2. Colorful Rhinestone Diamond Jewelry Connectors

Colorful Rhinestone Diamond Jewelry Connectors

The necklace bracelet beads making kit can be an unforgettable gift for girls, women, kids, family, and friends, it is a big surprise for occasions or special days like birthdays, craft project parties, family gathering, Christmas, it is guaranteed. Please contact them if you have a question about this item. There are 100 pieces evil eye charms kits in their package, which include 50 pieces mixed colorful flat round evil eye beads, 30 pieces gold alloy blue evil eye beads and 20 pieces rhinestone diamond evil eye charms. The kit is believed to block misfortune and bring good luck to you and your family, which is a nice choice for you and your family. The evil eye beads are made of natural resin, vivid and colorful, the round blue evil eye beads are made of metal, and the diamond evil eye charms are made of metal. The evil eye charms kits can be used to make jewelry crafts, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hanging ornaments, handbag pendants, keychains, anklets, and so on. Their evil eye charms beads set is an adorable gift for the people who are do-it-yourself lovers, or you can design personalized jewelry crafts and send it to your lover, mother, sister, wife, colleagues and others on Mother's Day, Birthday or anniversary.

Brand: Hicarer

👤Estn ahora, lo puse aho pensé, pero creo estn para. No tienes para un hilo mayor a 2mmpero.

👤I think it was worth the money. I paid a lot of money for the whole thing, but I think the charms are worth it. I'm happy with my purchase and excited to make something.

👤Do not buy unless you use for kids.

👤I love my charms. They have good quality. Thank you! Let's make jewelry.

👤I have bracelets with Charm and they look nice.

3. Ciseng 19800Pcs Bracelet Alphabet Bracelets

Ciseng 19800Pcs Bracelet Alphabet Bracelets

Fishdown has been inspiring creativity with the best value and selection of art and craft supplies for every level crafter. The bead starter kit includes 2mm glass seed beads, 25pcs evil eye,25pcs smile beads,60pcs jump rings, 20pcs Lobster claw clasp,12pcs charms pendants, 1 pc beading needle, and 1 pc Scissors. The most unique color that can easily meet your jewelry craft ideas, and help create different stunning color scheme jewelry, is selected in this set. Charm pendants, alphabet letter beads,evil eye beads,smile beads, and seed beads add more fun and creativity to design multi-types of jewelry. You can make a personalized letter bead bracelet with their letter beads set. Seed beads jewelry making kit is great for all kinds of fancy jewelry making, such as bracelet, friendship bracelet, necklace, anklets, waist chain, eyeglass chains, key chain, rings, face-mask rope or any other handicraft. The necklace bracelet beads making kit can be an unforgettable gift for girls, women, kids, family, and friends, it is a big surprise for occasions or special days like birthdays, craft project parties, family gathering, Christmas, it is guaranteed. Please contact them if you have a question about this item.

Brand: Ciseng

👤Several of the beads are just round balls, and I can't see any holes. There are just tiny balls. I have to break them apart because they are stuck together. Some of them are so oddly shaped that the elastic won't go through. I'm content with most of them. Some are very annoying. They come in a nice little case and the colors are good. I'll probably order more in the future. Just ok. There is an update. I will not order more in the future because the color is coming off the beads. They are painted or dyed. No water needed. The bracelets look ugly. The product is not suitable for selling.

👤I use beads in my shop Clouded Vision Apparel. I make jewelry. The beads I received were 1.5mm in diameter. That makes a huge difference in size. These beads were very small. I would have to use a tool. Work with my beadalon only. No thanks. I returned them. Good colors and quality. They were not painted on, which is the preferred version.

👤They are ok. They are not 11/0. They are not as large. Be aware of that. There is an 11/0 bead on the bottom, and one on the top in the above picture. They are smaller than they were advertised to be.

👤The bead colors come in individual baggies, but they tend to stray to other compartments once opened. Its usually a few. It's annoying to constantly correct. The pink and purple beads don't hold their color. It rubs off. They are clear by the time the bracelet is done. I have made many bracelets with this set and have not had a problem with any of the other colors.

👤If you want to just store the beads in the plastic bags, this container is a good choice. There is a great variety of colors.

👤I would give this product zero stars. The color RUBS is off. This would be a good beginners set and be of decent quality, considering the price, since I just recently got interested in learning how to single stitch. Wrong! This is worse than I could have imagined. I haven't tried all the colors yet, but the orange and blue have rubbed off. I'm sure the others will as well. A lot of them are stuck together rendering them useless to me. Don't buy cheap beads and use them for something else.

👤The purple will rub off immediately. After rolling them between your fingers, they become clear beads. The replacement came off as well.

👤The beads are painted and chip. I was disappointed in the quality. Would not recommend it.

4. PH PandaHall Lampwork Handmade Assortment

PH PandaHall Lampwork Handmade Assortment

There are many different cultures in the world. The evil eyes are believed to bring good fortune to those who have them. Compared with ordinary beads, lampwork beads are bright, have a high definition, are resistant, and are designed with holes for easier hanging and connecting. 10 bright colors are red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, orange and other bright colors, about 65pcs for each color, great amount for your jewelry making or craft, size is about 6mm in diameter, 3mm thick, hole: 1mm. You can use these jewelry bead charms to make jewelry crafts, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, keychains, keyrings, cellphone hanging accessories, holiday decoration, and others. The evil eye beads are kept in order and easy to use in the same plastic box which is placed in different places to make it easier to carry and store.

Brand: Ph Pandahall

👤I don't like to give bad reviews but these are terrible, there are too many broken pieces and they are all faulty. I will return them because they are not worth the money.

👤The only complaint I have is due to me. I recommend looking into what sizes are available. I thought the beads would be larger because I was unfamiliar with the metric system. No problem at all. I know that I will use them.

👤It took me a bit to get to my house after I bought this. I was not able to use the designs for bracelets I was making because they were small. I wanted to be able to use them.

👤The size indicated is correct, but they were a little smaller than I needed. The quality is good, but they are small and not something I would use for an adult style bracelet. I recommend these for baby bracelets.

👤The beads came as pictured. I would order again.

👤The beads are pretty, but they are not as big as I thought. That they are still working. They are very small.

👤The beads are great for necklace making. It was shipped fast. Would purchase again.

👤The product was great. Not bad for the price.

👤I embargo me descontenta el hecho because it's convenient. varias vinieran, algunas, no est ubicado correct. Son 10 colores y cada apartado de be traer 70 pza., pero solo trae 62,63,64,65, correspondientes.

👤No son muchas lo drenaré. As, tiene su pros y su contras, pero no hiban mas de 65.

👤Me di a la tarea de contarlos, I have 42 piezas.

5. RUIZHEN Stretch Bracelet Chakras Gemstone

RUIZHEN Stretch Bracelet Chakras Gemstone

The elastic beaded bracelets feature blue evil eyes and hand of Fatima pendant, symbolizing good luck and protection, and can bring you blessing. The metal is made of alloy. The string is elastic. The stone material includes: purple agate, dyed lapis lahuli, synthetic turquoise, emperor stone, tiger eye, amber and red agate. The lava rocks are porous and perfect for absorbing essential oils. Fatima bracelets come with beads of 8mm and the total length is approx. It is elastic and suitable for most people. The package includes 2 pieces of blue evil eyes beaded bracelets in 2 different styles. You can add more charms to the stretch amulet bracelets, they are cute and eye-catching decorations for your daily outfits and party costumes, you can wear them to parties, dating, traveling, carnivals, banquets, music festivals and other occasions.

Brand: Ruizhen

👤I got sick when I wore this bracelet. I don't think so. I had to stop wearing it. It went away after I did meditation and prayed. I don't trust buying spiritual items from people. It stopped when I stopped wearing it.

👤The promo pics lead you to believe that these bracelets are large and made out of glass, but these bracelets are small and made for Asian wrists. The elastic string is large enough to fit over the hand on the way to the wrist, and you can carry a moderate amount of weight. If your wrists are larger than Asian wrists, there won't be enough beads to go all the way around and you will have stretchy string showing part of the way around your wrist, but you can adjust it to the under-wrist. I'm not obese, but average weight for an American. The beads are all the same size and shape and have nice colors. The bracelets are light and comfortable to wear. I think it would be helpful for this company to show comparison pictures of a bead next to a familiar object and a bracelet next to a soda can. The consumer knows what to expect.

👤One of the bracelets is fake today. I really like them both and now just have the one. It was a nice size for my wrist and there was no indication that it was about to break. It was never out of shape. I was washing my hair and it came apart. The other set was supposed to break first. Very sad. Some of the beads were missing. The evil eye is gone. This set and another set were purchased by me. I don't notice that I am wearing them. The bead color and the smooth surface make me happy. The bracelets are the right size for a child's wrist. I think they would be on someone with larger wrists. The elastic inside the beads is very noticeable, but I can't see it. You might be able to see the different sizes in the picture. One of the sets has larger and lava beads. I love this set.

👤I ordered what I ordered. I don't care if the beads are plastic, I'm a little suspicious about 2 of them. I love bracelets.

👤These bracelets are very nice. My youngest granddaughter has bad dreams but when she wears a bracelet she says it keeps her bad dreams away. What ever works!

👤Cute! It's super dainty! I would like the elastic to be a little bit looser because I am afraid it will snap if I pull too much. It is perfect, but other than that.

👤I received a lot of bad luck when I wore this. I dumped this in a dumpster away from my home. :/

👤I used them for a couple of weeks and they are still bright and colorful. No fading.

6. Clay Beads Jewelry Bracelets Alphabet

Clay Beads Jewelry Bracelets Alphabet

If you're not happy with the product, please contact their customer team. You will get your money back. The 6mm flat round clay beads for bracelet making are economical. There are 24 colors of beads, each with 200 pieces for each color. The thicker and stronger crystal strings pack is sent with the bracelet kit. More letter beads and other pendants are the biggest update. A full of exquisite pendants, including 8 shell beads, 8 starfish pendants, 50 star spacer beads, 50 cube spacer beads, 50 jump rings, and 300 random colorful letter beads, is included in a 24 grid plastic box. 40 necklaces/ 120 bracelets/200 pairs of earrings will be made with 2 packs of 33 feet upgrade elastic strings. Each kind of clay flat bead is sealed separately in a plastic bag. The bracelets would not be mixed up in transportation or daily use. The 24 grid box keeps beads out of the dust. The half-finish/ finished beautiful art craft will be kept safe and sound with the help of 2 drawstring bags. The round beads are made of clay. They use strict grinding technology to make the surface smooth and skin-friendly. This little bead is comfortable to wear and will make your skin happy. The gold spacer pendants need to be treated carefully and away from water. The heishi beads are a great gift for adults and kids. Adults and kids will enjoy doing it. Practical jewelry such as earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Chockers, Anklets, Waist Beads Chains, Sweaters Chains, Keyrings or Accessorises of phones/bags/Pouches can be made.

Brand: Panxoey

👤I keep adding to my daughter's collection, she has her friends beat on bead making. I added these beads as they are mostly flat round clay beads and can be used in 18 colors. This was the perfect addition to her collection, these are all quality and handmade loose beads, and they are the best for necklace making and bracelets. The upgraded version has vibrant colors from 10 to 18 and each color has 100 to 250 beads. The elastic strings are from 16 to 33 feet. There is a lot of heishi clay beads, 8 shell beads, 8 starfish beads, 40 star beads, 50 cube pendants, 50 rings, 50 random letter beads, and 20 lobster clasp. There is a small scissor and one disc of 33 feet elastic strings that can be used for 20 necklaces, 60 bracelets, and 100 pairs of earrings. That is what you need.

👤You get what you pay for. It was a good price but the beads are not very good. I could hold it between my fingers and snap it in half. The charms and scissor are both pretty decent. I haven't tried the string because it's a gift for my niece. I bought the bead bags because I was going to make a craft kit for her. I should have just gotten everything at Hobby Lobby. The seller reached out to me after my review and asked for my opinion on what they could do better. I would try other products from them because of their customer service. They seemed to care about the quality and keeping their customers, so it's possible that this particular item was not what they typically produce.

👤The beads are bright and sturdy. None of the beads have broken. The string doesn't feel like the best quality but I have stretched it and it hasn't broken or stretched out too much. There is a The gold beads are in a package. I'm not sure if they will change, they feel more plastic than metallic. I'm wearing one around my wrist to see how well it holds up over time before I use them. I can't tell if the clasps tarnish. The beads were packaged in sealed packages and put in a storage box. A good product with a lot of beads that can be used to make beautiful items.

👤The box is small but the beads are good and the price is good. My teen is excited to make bracelets.

👤You get a lot of stuff, but the bands and strings are easy to use.

👤My daughter loved the product and made so many bracelets for her friends that I wanted to buy more of it.

👤The details and photos of the 2 packages of string were not delivered to me.

7. Polymer Jewelry Bracelets Necklaces Earrings

Polymer Jewelry Bracelets Necklaces Earrings

Gifts Making is a topic. This combination of charms is an ideal gift for friends who love jewelry making, or you can create nice jewelry designs and give them as gifts for your classmates, family members, relatives, lover or close friend. Hettin flat beads are made from a non-toxic clay. The beads have a diameter of 6mm, an inner diameter of 2mm, and a thickness of 1mm. The diameter of the beads is 7mm, and the diameter of the face is 10mm. There are 18 colors of clay beads, each color has 250 bracelet beads, and a box of 5000PCS of clay beads. This set of jewelry making kit contains 18 colors of beads, and it also has 50 square beads and 20 evil eye beads. Their clay beads are suitable for children and adults. You can use the clay bead kit as clay beads for jewelry making. They can be used to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, etc. It is more fashionable to add free shells, alloy pendants, and circular septa. You can wear it with a skirt or swimsuit. The kit has more beads and more colors to meet all your needs. It is the best gift for friends and children because it can exercise their ability to use their hands and brains. If you like this clay bead as much as they do, they will give you a 100 night guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you haven't fallen in love within 100 nights, please contact them and they will provide a solution within 24 hours. Children should be supervised to avoid accidental ingestion.

Brand: Hettin

👤Our daughter was given these for Christmas. She loves them! They are adorable. The only thing I would change is the beads with random words. Something different written on a few of those would make them cuter.

👤I'm trying to spell out an artist's name with these beads, but if I don't get all the letters, it's hard. I put the letters in order to find the ones I needed and noticed that I got a lot more of one letter than another. The bead quality and variety are great.

👤My daughter likes to make her own jewelry and this is a nice set of clay beads that she would love to receive as a gift.

👤My daughter and I will make a bracelet and necklace together. She likes it. The beads are the right size and the colors are more vivid than in the photos. Will recommend.

👤The way it was shown was not the same as what we got. Students in my class make things to sell at the store. My kids were spending a lot of money on this. There were no letter beads when the kit arrived. It was very disappointing.

👤Cute, but not a great deal for the size.

👤I did not use all of them. They seem to be great quality in the photo. Not really. It is really small.

8. Style Beads Jewelry Making Charms

Style Beads Jewelry Making Charms

The Evil Eye has the power to protect you and your loved ones. The package includes 24 different colors and styles, sorted by a 24 grid box. Praisebank wants to provide the best value to money. The beads are made with a small hole drilled. They can be applied in a lot of different ways. The beads are of good quality. They are light, smooth and solid. If you're not happy with the product, please contact their customer team. You will get your money back.

Brand: Praisebank

👤Since evil eyes are usually hand crafted, I wish they were a little bit imperfect. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

👤These are cute and colorful and I cleanse my evil eye charms.

👤My daughter loves them. Her customers asked for these and they were delivered.

👤100000% recommend! Many of the glass beads I buy are poorly projected and painted. The beads are different. Out of hundreds of them, I have only found two that are broken. You will know that this is rare if you bit glass beads frequently. I have made a dozen of them so far and they have all been great. Money well spent!

👤It was broken! There were missing beads for the color purple and clear. Came in open!

👤It is very easy to work with, some are bigger than others and the holes are small.

👤The material they are made from is very cheap. Good for kids but not for jewelry.

👤The beads were mixed up at the bottom of the broken box. It's very difficult to rearrange.

9. Pieces 400pcs 100pcs Jewelry Earring

Pieces 400pcs 100pcs Jewelry Earring

The heishi beads are a great gift for adults and kids. Adults and kids will enjoy doing it. Practical jewelry such as earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Chockers, Anklets, Waist Beads Chains, Sweaters Chains, Keyrings or Accessorises of phones/bags/Pouches can be made. 400 pieces 8mm flat evil eye beads in 7 different colors, 100 pieces round blue evil eye beads, 20pcs hamsa hand evil eye charms, large quantity of beads help you to make beautiful jewelry craft, satisfy your needs. The evil eye bead charms are made from a material that is safe. These hamsa hand charms are made of quality alloy and acrylic and bright in colors. Evil eye beads in mixed colors are full of nice meaning in many different cultures of the world. It's believed that the evil eye will bring prosperity and happiness. The evil eye beads can be used for a wide range of handicrafts. Gifts Making is a topic. This combination of charms is an ideal gift for friends who love jewelry making, or you can create nice jewelry designs and give them as gifts for your classmates, family members, relatives, lover or close friend.

Brand: Urradia

👤I will purchase these again. These pieces are gorgeous.

👤Good for the money to be spent again.

👤Customer service and beads are great. Thank you. Will definitely order again.

👤My son enjoys working with beads and makes bracelets for fun. Will order again.

👤We love making bracelets and cell phone lanyards. Excellent quality. They hold up well! I used the beads from the other set to make the evil eyes. Highly recommended!

👤This product line has a lot of possibilities.

10. Handmade Turkish Jewelry Bracelet Necklace

Handmade Turkish Jewelry Bracelet Necklace

The evil eye beads are kept in order and easy to use in the same plastic box which is placed in different places to make it easier to carry and store. The package contains a total of 1050 pieces of evil eye beads in 15 different colors and 70 pieces in each color, enough for you to use and share in daily life, and each bead is about 6mm in diameter with a 1.5mm hole. The evil eye beads are full of meaning, they mean protection and good luck, and are believed to be good gifts for the people you loved. The evil eye charms beads are made of a durable material and bright in color. The evil eye beads are packaged in a box which can be used to store them. You could make a lot of different crafts and jewelries with the help of these Turkish spacer beads. It's suitable for any occasion, from birthday to graduation, Mother's Day to Christmas, and it's also an appropriate gift for girlfriend, wife, mom and friends.

Brand: Hicarer

👤I used them to glue earrings on a post. The description says they are not flat. It still worked, just a little bit.

👤I really like these! They're small like I wanted them. None of them caused damage. They come in their own box. I have purchased these twice already.

👤These are fine, but too small. Definitely not 6mm. These are much smaller than the 6mm beads I have.

👤Bistreras para excelentes.

👤Grace and Compassion are missing. Two colors were not included in the chart.

👤The elastic string was not included in the set. Please send it.

👤I don't like that I didn't get all the colors that were provided in the pictures. I did not get the compassion evil eye bead. I have an evil eye instead.

👤I like the beads but the hole is a little smaller.

11. Hicarer Colorful Bracelets Handmade Adjustable

Hicarer Colorful Bracelets Handmade Adjustable

There are 24 pieces of colorful evil eye beaded bracelets in different colors, enough quantity for your daily use and replacement, many colors can meet your different daily matching need, you can also share with your family and friends. The meaning of evil eye is that it is a kind of protection and blessing, and it can bring good luck, wealth and health, which are full of meaning and delicate. The evil eye bracelet are made of glass beads and soft rope, not easy to fade and friendly to skin, it's safe for everyday wear, and you can wear them for a long time without adding burden to your hands. The handmade bracelet is made with a sliding knot closure, it can loosen or tighten according to your wrist, please check the size carefully before purchasing, it is nice decorations for women, men, teen girls and boys. The evil eye bracelet can be worn as a bracelet or anklet, it is suitable for people of different ages and can be used as a gift.

Brand: Hicarer

👤I would have liked it to be a little bit stronger where you pull the strings and it wouldn't come apart so quickly.

👤The kids loved them. They are not made very well. The bracelets fell apart very quickly.

👤Buy them individually and not this. I took 2 bracelets for a gift but everything came complete.

👤My granddaughter loves them. Put them on her arms.

👤The bracelets look pretty and seem to be a good buy, but the part of the bracelet where you are supposed to pull it closed came undone for several bracelets.

👤They are cheap and fall apart when handled.

👤The string doesn't tie anymore, but it's pretty pretty.

👤The picture is so cute to stack them. I hope more colors come soon.


What is the best product for eye evil bracelet kit?

Eye evil bracelet kit products from Natonhi. In this article about eye evil bracelet kit you can see why people choose the product. Hicarer and Ciseng are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye evil bracelet kit.

What are the best brands for eye evil bracelet kit?

Natonhi, Hicarer and Ciseng are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye evil bracelet kit. Find the detail in this article. Ph Pandahall, Ruizhen and Panxoey are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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