Best Eye Evil Bracelet Plata

Bracelet 30 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Dainty Bracelet Elegant Turquoise Protection

Dainty Bracelet Elegant Turquoise Protection

The turquoise bracelet has a length of 6.5 ". 14K gold is over high quality brass. Both lead and nickel are free. Not faded. A unique bracelet is a perfect gift. Their evil eye bracelet is packaged in a delicate gift box. 90 days money back guarantee was provided by Mevecco. You can contact them at any time. It is believed that if someone stares or looks at one another with jealousy or envy it will cause bad luck. One must protect himself against these looks, whether consciously or subconsciously. The evil eye talisman is the most popular form of protection, it protects you and your loved ones from looks charged with envy and spite.

Brand: Mevecco

👤I have been wearing this bracelet for a long time and the color is the same. It doesn't seem cheap for the price I paid. I want to give my teenager a gift that is spare or a gift.

👤My initial review said I loved it. I wore it all day and never took it off. I had to throw it away because it has become tarnished. If you want to keep it nice, you should take it off before showering. I bought another one from a different company to see if there was a difference in quality. I don't want to have to take it off daily. I had many nice things to say about it. I have put clear nail polish on faux gold before, but this chain type bracelet, I won't do that just because you'd have to get every link out and around. Enjoy!

👤I didn't see any reviews for this product, it looks like most reviews are for other types of bracelets. I bought the "evil eye" bracelet with turquoise colored spherical charms. The first photo you see is not the bracelet. The product you will get is correct in the second and following images. I like it for the price. I've been wearing it for about a week or so and it seems sturdy, quirky and delicate. I think it's cute.

👤I bought this bracelet in the paper clip style. I wear a mix of investment and fashion pieces. I liked the style of this bracelet and thought it would be fun to add it to my gold stack of bracelets. Some of my bracelets are real gold, so I'm a little more picky about the tone of the fashion pieces I buy. The gold show was slightly more rose than golden. It's not a deep yellow gold that I like. The photos have a clasp closure. I don't like the look of dangling extension closures as they are not very clean and I dislike the long link that comes up against me all day. There are many small defects on the links of this bracelet. I was expecting a lot from the bracelet. The bracelet looks and feels very cheap.

👤I have gotten a lot of compliment on this bracelet. I have been looking for a bracelet that is simple and doesn't require me to take it off. I put it on two months ago. I shower with it on and it hasn't faded or changed color. It is an amazing buy for this price. I will definitely be purchasing again from this brand.

👤The bracelet is pretty. It is very dainty and elegant. I wore it on my wedding day. It was what I wanted. I will say that since it is so thin. It moved a lot on my wrist. I had to adjust it so it would show up in the pictures.

👤Exactly what I wanted, dainty and cute. I could wear my watch with it. Will see how long it will hold and if it will tarnish. I love it so far, I hope not. It broke after less than two months. It was damaged. The silver one still looks amazing. This one is not resilient.

2. Sterling Silver Zirconia Bracelet Jewelry

Sterling Silver Zirconia Bracelet Jewelry

Two Tone sterling silver jewelry for women. There is a Hypoallergenic sterling silver. Long time wearing keeps you a good health. On-line service 24/7. If you should be unhappy with your transaction, please contact them before leaving feedback so they can fix the problem. The charm gift box is perfect for any gift giving occasion, including graduation, birthday, congratulation, vocation, anniversary, wedding, business, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Mother's day.

Brand: Silver Mountain

👤Excellent quality for the price. I have owned for several years and still look new.

👤A nice bracelet. It's been a couple of months since I bought it. I would recommend it.

👤I have a pretty wrist. I usually take 7 to 8 inches. If it's not stretch, I will only buy a bangle with silver in it, so I treated myself to this one which was more than I wanted to spend, but it was worth it.

👤It's just beautiful. It is not too small. It looks expensive to me.

👤I have had it on for months and it still looks new. I don't write reviews often. I wanted to mention that it works for fat bikers. I always have to buy extensions when I buy bracelets, but this one fit perfectly.

👤I loved this bracelet when I received it, but it broke not even 2 weeks after I received it.

👤If your ears are double pierced, they don't look good in either hole. Didn't work for me.

👤No volvera, un material.

3. Bracelets Adjustable Colorful Bracelet Bracelets

Bracelets Adjustable Colorful Bracelet Bracelets

"Evil eyes" bracelets are believed to bring good luck. The mal de ojo bracelets are said to take away bad luck. The shape of the bracelet pendant can be chosen. There are 12 pieces of bracelets in the package. The Women's Link Bracelets are made by experienced workers. It is made from soft string. Simple and dainty accessories are suitable gifts for your mom, bestie, girlfriend, sister, daughter, little girls, boys, sister, youth, etc. The length of the Evil Eye bracelet is over 11 inches. Most women and girls and boys can be accommodated in the feasible size. If you have a question with bracelet, please feel free to contact them. They will respond within 24 hours.

Brand: Bonitter

👤I wear it as an ankle bracelet. I shower with it. They are cute.

👤You can't tell by the picture, but they are even better looking in person.

👤The quality is very fashionable.

👤These bracelets are adorable. I love em!

👤I liked all the different styles.

👤Beautiful! Exactly as pictured.

👤No se pierdan, pulseras de hilo con nudos corredizos. Detalles de metal son bonitos. No se estropean con el paso.

4. Handmade Bracelet Adjustable Bracelets Minimalist

Handmade Bracelet Adjustable Bracelets Minimalist

The person who has received an evil eye curse will have bad things happen to them. It is said that wearing a special evil eye charm bracelet can ward off misfortune. The evil eye bracelets are well suited for women and men. Craftsmen make 100% by hand with nylon cords and alloy charms. The evil eye bracelets are free of harmful chemicals and waterproof. Every evil eye bracelet is a small gift to give someone you care about. These bracelets are a great accessory for a party, vacation, wedding, birthday, Christmas, and many other occasions. 30 day guarantee policy. You can get money back if you don't like the products. Feel free to order.

Brand: Kelistom

👤5 hours after I put it on, this bracelet fell apart. I ordered it again because I was so upset. I realized that I am owed a refund after reading all of the one-star reviews on Amazon from people who said their bracelet fell apart too. I put the bracelet on my small wrist and didn't shower with it. Less than 5 hours later, the silver ball on the left tassel fell off and all of the string on the left side fell off. The same thing happened on the right side of the bracelet. I had a ball of string in my hand and a charm that was useless after that horrible experience. I am so upset. I had to order the same bracelet again that same day. I have never had a piece of jewelry fall apart. I just ordered a replacement bracelet from this company and I hope this doesn't happen again. I will demand a refund and never trust this manufacturer again if it does. I'm confused why Amazon still sells this bracelet when almost all of the reviews from customers are 1 star reviews exposing its poor quality.

👤I bought a couple of bracelets. They looked good when I received them. I was wrong when I said the bracelet was a mess after 3 days. My boyfriend had a bracelet that lasted 1 day more than mine.

👤I absolutely love my item. It is a great value for money, giftable and magnificent craftsmanship. I will purchase again and recommend everyone to do the same. It's a Certified Satisfied.

👤It is cheap and I have started to lose my braid in the first few days. The upgrade would cost me an extra penny.

👤The bracelet is easy to put on and take off. It breaks easily. I had a bead fall off. I was able to tie it back on, but it fell off again and there was a string coming undone in the middle. A nice bracelet. You get what you pay for.

👤Even when I use the hot tub and take this bracelet off, it is still holding up well after 7 months or so. If you are looking for something like this, it's worth the purchase, it goes well with my other bracelets as well.

👤The guy and I have been through a lot and it is holding up. When putting on a product, past purchases have broken. The product is behind its price. I would recommend it to friends and family.

👤I like this bracelet. Exactly what I was looking for. I don't think it will pop off if I get it. It's very comfortable. I'm happy with my purchase.

5. Nine West Silver Tone Stretch Bracelet

Nine West Silver Tone Stretch Bracelet

The 5 row stretch bracelet adds a lot of dimension to your outfits thanks to its multi layer design and silvertone beaded accents. Whether you're looking for daily outfits or accessories, they have you covered with high grade, comfortable, and trendy workwear, outerwear, shoes, jewelry, watches, and much more. Versatility is at the core of their philosophy, and you can find your inspiration with their line of high fashion earrings, from gold to silver to pearl, from classic hoops to crystal studs. Their earrings, necklaces and bracelets are designed to complement head to toe dressing with sophisticated silhouettes that can allow you to go from desk to dinner in style. NINE WEST shoes, handbags and jewelry are beloved by women around the world, and considered a trusted advisor in every category for fashion, satisfying the style's chameleon's diverse style.

Brand: Nine West

👤I thought it would be all 1 piece, but it's 5 bracelets. They tend to separate even when grouped up. I have small hands, I wear small gloves, and they barely fit over my hand. It would be better suited for a child. They are very shiny and light weight.

👤It's cute, but one of the bracelets looks like it's going to break. The bracelets are very fragile and I thought they were made out of sturdier material. The bracelets have broken. I'm not happy.

👤I only gave it a three star because one of the bracelets was stretched out. The other ones were very comfortable to wear. You can wear them as ankle bracelets too.

👤They broke when I tried to roll them onto my arm. I immediately returned them.

👤I like the product. I was unable to fix the unglued bracelet after wearing it twice.

👤The second time I wore them, one broke. They are elastic bands with beads. Afraid to stretch them out too far. Cheap elastic is too expensive. It's a pity.

👤Complete trash. One of the strands broke when I took it out of the package. I gave it to someone I thought would like it. She thought she had broken it. A big rip off.

👤These are elastic bands with silver balls and they are very pretty. I've gotten comments on them because they don't look cheap. I'm happy, they probably won't last that long.

6. Bracelet100 Dainty Adjustable Bracelet String

Bracelet100 Dainty Adjustable Bracelet String

The eyes of Emile Eye/NAZR. When someone looks at you with jealousy or ill will, they give you the nickname "Nazr" or "Evil Eye." Sometimes it is on purpose and other times on accident. If the receiver of the Evil Eye is not protected, great misfortune can happen. There are 7 potties. The Evil Eye Amulet and the 7 Knots provide additional protection from evil. Flaunt your love while protecting it is a perfect gift. Protection and positive vibes for your loved ones, friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, bosses, and anyone else you happen to happen upon. It is an excellent way to let them know they are loved and cared for. They recommend you protect yourself with an evil eye. One can never be too prepared. Don't worry, it will fit, it has a maximum of 10” Each of the bracelets are made by local men and women. They will replace them if they break. Isipo: Follow their official account on social media for more inspiration, guidance, and affirmation. You can tag them with your own Nazr Bracelet images.

Brand: Nazr

👤As an Egyptian, I have always loved and seen evil eye pendants. I had no evil eye after I moved to the US. I had to get a bracelet since the price was $11.11, which is very lucky number that belongs to the angels. I was very impressed with this bracelet. The 7 knot bracelet is very strong. It's sturdy and has a feature that can be adjusted. The black is not dull and can be worn with anything from a watch to other bracelets without looking odd. The evil eye amulet should be unique, hand shaped and painted. It should not be mass produced in the factory, which is useless and should not be worn for protection and good luck from the Evil Eye. I love how small it is. This is a great accessory to have and I am very happy that it has 7 knot bracelets.

👤I felt safer when I put this on. I was about to cross the street when I wore this. I felt a sensation in my wrist as I was about to step onto the street. A city bus passed me as I looked up. This bracelet saved my life. I was walking to the train station and looking for a new show on the platform at the same time. I felt a sensation on my wrist about 3 blocks away from my home. I was about to step on a banana peel. I wore this to work for the first time yesterday, and my boss called me to check if I showed up, and he recommended me for a $15,000 annual raise. I can't thank the person who made this bracelet enough. I would be dead without it.

👤Very disappointed. I put the strings on the same wrist because they are thinner than I expected. I can use the strings as anklets. Good thing! I noticed that one of the ends was unraffled because it slipped off my wrist.

👤I bought the red ones a couple of weeks ago and they are great. They are dainty, but the seller offers a lifetime warranty free of charge, so I am not concerned about breaking it. I have been wearing the bracelets for a long time and they have held up well. I like that it has threads that hang down and give it a great look. I wear them with my apple watch, and a few other leather bracelets, so they give off a really bad look. The seller is a small American business out of California and I love that fact. Extra points for that! The product, company, and warranty are awesome. Would definitely recommend.

👤The cute and round eye beads were not round like the other, and the excess string from the knot was long, but it is three. There are two knots on the ends of the closure, so wouldn't that make 9 total? I won't complain because of the price and speed of delivery. I was happy with this purchase.

7. Kaletine Bracelet Sterling Zirconia Rhodium

Kaletine Bracelet Sterling Zirconia Rhodium

There is an evil eye wearing a hand amulet. Protection against evil forces is one of the benefits of always watching you out from danger. The hand is 11x 7.5x 2.5mm and the eye is 6x 1.8mm. The total silver weight is 1.62g. The Rhodium Plating is Eco-Friendly and Nickel Free. Each jewelry comes with a coffee gift box with their brand logo "Kaletine" Imprinted and placed inside a white sleeve. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only sale events.

Brand: Kaletine

👤It is dainty, pretty and exactly what I wanted. The blue stones are a nice navy blue, and the necklace is made of sterling silver. It's perfect for someone who loves delicate looking items.

👤The bracelet is beautiful and dainty. I am obsessive. The bangle is from Amazon.

👤The bracelet is gorgeous. It looks dainty and elegant. You paid a low price for a beautiful bracelet. I'm very happy with my purchase. I will update my review if my wrist turns green. If I haven't updated my review, the bracelet is still going strong. I think you will be happy with this bracelet.

👤It was beautiful and as expected. Exactly as shown. I was satisfied.

👤It was for my daughter's birthday and she loved it, but she caught it on something and it broke. I encourage you to buy it because my husband is not taking it to the jeweler to get it fixed. It is also well priced.

👤My first order was taken by an Amazon driver or a neighbor. I hope they are as happy as I am.

👤One of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I paid a lot more for it. I highly recommend.

👤The bracelet is beautiful. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The evil eye on me makes me happy. It is dainty and shiny. I have been wearing it for almost a month and it has not been a sign of tarnishing. I am very happy with this bracelet.

👤Donc normal qu'il déteint! Mais is a minimaliste.

👤It's so cute. I bought it in gold because it was so pretty and I was glad I bought it before the delivery date.

👤I got this in gold. It's pretty. It was smaller than I expected. I love it. It's easy to pair with other bracelets.

8. Apsvo Bracelets Adjustable Zirconia Pulseras

Apsvo Bracelets Adjustable Zirconia Pulseras

Simple yet glamour design for evil eyes. The evil eye is believed to be a luck charm that protects people from misfortune. UNIQUE MATERIAL. Fine silver plated over brass. 3A and blue cubic zirconia are inlaid. Both lead and nickel are free. The length of the link chain is from 6 to 9. Wear all wrists. It is easy to take on or off. The third eye charm is 0.60.4. A ready gift is ideal for Mother's Day, Graduation, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and other special occasions. A branded blue gift box is included. They have a 90-days guarantee for quality issues.

Brand: Apsvo

👤I saw this bracelet and thought it was cute. I tried to wear it right after it was delivered, but I couldn't stand the smell. It smells like an old bike chain. Eewww! I can not wear it. That smell makes me want to vomit.

👤It is absolutely stunning. The quality is good. You will not regret buying it.

👤It's perfect in every way. I'm going to buy more as a gift. Beautiful and classy!

👤This piece is beautiful.

👤It looks like the picture. It is beautiful. There are sparkles in the light. Love it. Came early.

9. SLUYNZ Sterling Silver Fatima Bracelet

SLUYNZ Sterling Silver Fatima Bracelet

The fatima hamsa hand bracelet is inlaid with sparkling cz stones. The bracelet is lucky for women teen girls. It's the perfect gift for a girlfriend, lover, wife, daughter, mom or yourself. Fast shipping, best after-sale service, and one-year warranty are promised by SLUYNZ.


👤After 6 months, this is my 2nd one. I don't take it off. I love how dainty it is. It is my 2nd one because it means that when you wear something to ward off the evil eye, it is full of thoughts against you and done its job. Throw it out and get a new one.

👤I love this bracelet, I take showers with it, and it still has color.

👤It is worth it. I wear it all day and all night and it's the same color.

👤I didn't listen to the negatives and I am happy about it. It is perfect. The chain should have a weight ball added at the end to keep it balanced. The charm hangs under my wrist and I have to twist it around to see it. I had to take away a star. There is an update. The bracelet is not nice. I have to keep twisting it to enjoy it. It does not sync with my other bracelets. The only thing I see all day is the chain hanging from the top of my wrist. I don't wear it anymore. It's too much work to be cute.

👤My granddaughter is 14 years old and she wants a bracelet with all seeing eye. Fatima has a hand. It is very nice and dainty. I would wear it myself.

👤It's perfect. I wear it everyday and it hasn't turned me green. It's great!

👤Very fast delivery. It doesn't get in the way of things because it's not a big bracelet. I bought two for my sister and one for someone else.

👤I keep one for protection.

👤The bracelets were well packaged and arrived quickly. They are also beautiful. Highly recommend this vendor. Thank you.

👤My item was broken. I am not happy about it.

👤It broke within a week of having it. There is a I think it would have broken sooner if I had been out and about, as the chain is so thin. There is a The charms are beautiful.

👤It is not what I expected and it is not worth the price. The stores have better quality for the same price.

👤I am in love with it.

10. Bracelet Handmade Elastic Protection Religious

Bracelet Handmade Elastic Protection Religious

It is thought to ward off misfortune. There is a symbol for luck, fortune and protection. Good luck can be brought by wearing this evil eye bracelet. The bracelet is easy to wear and suitable for most people. The material is made of high-quality colorful glass beads and elastic string. The evil eye beads bracelets are a perfect gift for friends and family. The service is intimate. If you have any questions about the products or services, please contact them and they will be happy to help.

Brand: Dalinner

👤It had 26 pieces instead of 24. I was very pleased with these.

👤I'm disappointed that the price is not great and most of the bracelets broke within the first 48 hours, my family and friends were sad. Don't buy a cheap and poorly made purchase.

👤I gave away these bracelets as a last minute gift and they are cute and come in a variety of colors and styles, I think I did a good job this year. The stretchy witch is a safe option, it is the perfect little gifts.

👤Cute, but disappointing. It was not suitable for small workers. Only one black bracelet is secure.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. The bracelets are sturdy, the selection is great, and the price is unbeatable. Will be buying again and again.

👤There are different colors to choose from.

👤Fast shipping on a nice quality item.

👤I love all of them, but they are a little loose on me.

11. SWAROVSKI Infinity Rose Gold Bracelet Crystal

SWAROVSKI Infinity Rose Gold Bracelet Crystal

This bangle is made with sparkling Swarovski crystals and features a curved rose-gold tone plated infinity sign for an elegant design. This bangle bracelet is modern and meaningful, with a delicate design and an accent band with a dainty circular crystal, making it a timeless and trendy piece. When simple care practices are observed, Swarovski jewelry will maintain its brilliance over time. This bangle bracelet is a thoughtful gift, it's sweet design and polished look makes it a great gift for friends and family. The item was delivered in a box with a rose-gold tone band and white Swarovski crystals.


👤The necklace chain is soldered to the wall and doesn't move. The chain is very short.

👤I was going to give it to someone, but I can't get it on my wrist. There is a cancer and reproductive harm warning on the box. Very disappointed. I will return it.

👤This was a gift for my wife. She was very happy with it. I also bought a necklace. It looks a lot more expensive than it was. She has received a lot of praise from her friends.

👤My wife was very happy with this gift. She likes to have bracelets with a clasp, since they seem to wear out. This is very nice on her wrist, it came in a great box. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I gave it to a friend for her birthday. She said she liked it. I thought it looked great on her. I knew it would be perfect for her wrist. I was glad I bought it.

👤A very beautiful piece. When my wife opened it, her wrist swelled up. She has a lot of jewelry from Swarovski. From now on, I have to pay for real gold. It's a shame because the Swarovski brand jewelry is more beautiful than the stuff that costs five times as much.

👤Absolutely stunning. My sister loved the design and it was the perfect gift. She wears it all the time and is constantly getting praise for it. The bangles don't get twisted and they lay nicely on the wrist. The bracelet is very well made and the clasp is solid.

👤The item was completely different. I don't think it's original. It's a rip-off. It was supposed to be my daughter's birthday present. She has to walk 30 minutes to the post office to get it back. Terrible item.

👤I wanted a nice bangle for my birthday, so I popped this and another one in my husband's wishlist. There's 2 bangles in your list, then spent a week dropping subtle hints. I like the silver one, but the bangle voucher won't last forever. Finally he ordered it. It is beautiful. It's so delicate and can be worn everyday. If you're thinking of buying this as a present, you'll be happy.

👤I love this necklace. It is neat and it looks great. The light catches the crystals. The catch is hard to do up. It is difficult to push through the piece that must be slipped between the pieces of the catch when you can not see what you are doing. I am very happy with this piece of jewellery.

👤I bought 2 of them over a year ago, the first broke about a month ago, and the second broke within a few hours, but I would have bought another one if it wasn't for the fact that it was a perfect fit.

👤The product and design are good but the clasp is not strong enough and I have to replace it before I give it as a gift. It was very disappointing that a brand name would ship such a poor product.


What is the best product for eye evil bracelet plata?

Eye evil bracelet plata products from Mevecco. In this article about eye evil bracelet plata you can see why people choose the product. Silver Mountain and Bonitter are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye evil bracelet plata.

What are the best brands for eye evil bracelet plata?

Mevecco, Silver Mountain and Bonitter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye evil bracelet plata. Find the detail in this article. Kelistom, Nine West and Nazr are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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