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1. Honeywell Emergency Eyewash 32 000454 0000 Eyesaline

Honeywell Emergency Eyewash 32 000454 0000 Eyesaline

The directions are printed on the station in both English and Spanish. Eyewash refill have extended flow nozzles. Eyewash and Body flush refill bottles have a gripping surface. Eyewash bottles have instructions in both English and Spanish. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Honeywell Ademco

👤The product had a shelf life of almost three years. The price of sterile water is $7.60 a lot.

👤What do you think about a refill?

2. SUPERLELE Safety Plastic Squeeze Medical

SUPERLELE Safety Plastic Squeeze Medical

The Boston round shape is used for applications that require a rounded body, short neck, and narrow mouth. There are 6 packs of graduated wash bottles. The bottle height is less than 10 cm. It has good flexibility, light weight, safe, and has a convenient flow control. Boston Round is ideal for storing acetone, bleach, cleaning labware, and watering plants. The cap is screwed to prevent it from leaking. If you need to increase the amount of water, you can cut the tip. If you need to increase the amount of water, you can cut the tip.

Brand: Superlele

👤The pickup tube is too large, which is the most significant flaw in the product. You have to crush the bottle to get it to spray if the bottle is not full. You have to force the fluid up and out with a lot of bottle volume. The goose neck will accept a small hose inside. Have done it all and now mine.

👤I'm not happy with this product. The tubes in the pack split, rendering them useless. They fill with air because they don't seal onto the squeeze nozzle.

👤Good quality bottles and exactly as described are what Superlele 6 pcs, 250 ml medical safety wash bottles are. They are holding up just fine and are used for different things. The pickup tubes fit nicely on the underside of the cap. The elbow spout does not leak. Highly recommended product. Would buy from this seller again. When I received one of the bottles, I had a small problem with it, but the seller quickly responded and gave me a good result. Good product, good seller.

👤The feed tube diameter is less than the nozzle/cap tube diameter. The feed tube will split when you fit it onto the nozzle. The nozzle cap tube can be trimmed, but a better solution is to buy a different product.

👤I put the tubes inside the bottles and within 5 minutes each split, making the delivery useless. I tip the bottles to get the fluid out after removing the tubes. They work but are not of good quality. I would recommend looking for a better option.

👤Dislike: There is no cap for tip's end to prevent VOCs from escaping. I use bottles to hold Ed's Red penetrating oil, it's a homemade recipe, 1/2 full synthetic Automatic Transmission fluid, and 1/2 acetone; it's better than any others. This plastic bottle is made of low density LDPE, which will melt all plastic. It's great value for the number of breeches, but I wish it had a tip cap.

👤I bought these for the price and they are worth it. Have these for a long time. The product would buy again.

👤I filled my first set of bottles with the fluids I needed to be able to use. The labels stuck well and I labeled them. I bought a second set of fluids because I found out I had more on hand. I find them to be very useful in the arsenal of cleaners and lubricants I need for my milling and lathe machines.

👤Producto con su funcin al 100. Aguanta el solvente aunque, lo uso para limpiar con thinner pistolas de pintar. No es para. almacenarlo ya, se evapora.

👤Perfecto con el artiCULO.

👤Justo lo. No se fugan.

👤I didn't use them until a few months ago after I received it. I opened the package and it looked ok. When squeezing the bottle, water splashed in all directions because of the cracked caps. The ones that didn't crack, worked well. I wouldn't have given them a 2 stars if they came in good condition. It is now a very expensive item.

3. PhysiciansCare 24 102 Mountable Station Bottles

PhysiciansCare 24 102 Mountable Station Bottles

All issues relating to the plastic squeeze bottle will be solved within 24 hours. They can process a refund or send you a replacement without any conditions. There are 2 bottles of sterile eyewash in the Eyewash Station. To help relieve irritation or burning, you can remove loose foreign material from the eye. The easy flow nozzle helps clean the affected area. The bottles should be tampered with to make sure the solution is sterile. The Eyewash Station is a wall mountable one.

Brand: Physicianscare

👤The bottle has an inner cap with a smaller hole than the neck and doesn't have an eye cup to help direct the solution. The security wrap on the cap isn't practical for someone with an emergency. I removed the security wrap for easy access in my application, but it may not work in a commercial environment. I've used other eye wash units and they had a lot easier to remove security seals from.

👤These were bought to replace bottles that had expired. I had to use a pair of pliers to open the bottles when I poured them down the drain. I think they would be needed in a hurry. I had to cut the plastic off of the bottles in order for them to be usable. I recommend that you look at the bottles in your facility to see if they can be accessed quickly.

👤I'm not sure what to call the green part. A container? What is the station? I was surprised by how cheap it is. The packaging of most disposable products is nicer. I'll just discard it and keep the bottles on a shelf next to the fire extinguisher because I'm the only intended user.

👤I have purchased the same thing several times because the plastic stand is so thin it ends up ripping apart, so you just have to buy another one to pass inspection.

👤We purchased this eye wash station to use while we are working on our house. My husband had to use it the first day. I'm glad we had it on-the-ready because we didn't have a source of clean water to wash his eye from.

👤The only reason this didn't get 5 stars is because the plastic base is thin and flexible, and I think the first time someone bumps it with a ladder it will crack and fall down. It was what I needed as a small business owner trying to be OSHA compliant.

👤We really like this product and I'm buying it for a couple years.

👤I attached green hosing to the wall and it held up. I haven't used the eye wash solution yet.

4. Honeywell Sterile Station Trilingual Bottles

Honeywell Sterile Station Trilingual Bottles

Instructions in English, Spanish and French are provided on each bottle. Immediate flush until the injured person can be helped to a primary emergency eyewash device. Double 32 Oz. A wall station. The directions are printed on the station in both English and Spanish.

Brand: Honeywell

👤The bottles are held in place with elastic cords on the base of the item. The molded base depicted the bottles snapping in place. The elastic cords on the base allow the bottles to fall off over time. It is a great product, but we need a newer base. I am returning it because I want the unit with the "snap" in base.

👤I have ordered this before with 2 black elastic bands that broke down within a year or two. The bottles almost appear to snap into the slots shown in the photo. I didn't receive what I received. I received the kind I had ordered before. It's probably not a huge deal but still annoying.

👤Don't buy this item! The cheaper version of this that has small straps holding the bottles onto the wall mounted holder is what you will get, not the wrong picture by Amazon.

👤In case of injury, we use this on the job site.

👤The bungee cord on the wall holder breaks and bottles end up on the floor. The image is not something that you see. I am.

👤I need exactly what I need and depend on daily for the connection.

👤It's perfect for our office. It is easy to install and use.

👤The producto is bueno pero la base is not sostiene por el peso.

👤La botellas lleg.

5. CGOLDENWALL Emergency Portable Laboratory Portable

CGOLDENWALL Emergency Portable Laboratory Portable

The water bottle squeezer is marked with a digital scale. Measure how much liquid you add to the wash bottle to make sure you don't waste it. It is very friendly for delicate small plants which can get yellow if too much watering is done. There is no eyewash solution in the bottles, so please refill it with a sterile isotonic buffered solution. The eyewash bottle can be used again. The eye wash kit is compliant with OSHA requirements for emergency eye washing. It is easy to age and break, but it has a long service time. The emergency eye wash kit can help the user to aim at the eye, direct the outflow and clean the eye of foreign materials. The eye wash kit can be used for an emergency. The SQUEEZABLE BOTTLE is non-toxic and has a 500ml capacity. The eye wash bottle is hard to crack and can be squeezed to control the water outflow. The eyewash bottle holder will keep the bottles in place if it is installed on the wall. It is easy to position the green color. The eyewash bottle holder will keep the bottles in place if it is installed on the wall. It is easy to position the green color.

Brand: Cgoldenwall

👤I didn't see anything cheaper but these things have a lot of mark up. Two bottles with custom tops are sitting in a cheap wall holder. And empty! I bought a printer for less. It is a Canon, it scans, copies, and is even wireless!

👤We need an eye wash station. It's easy to tell if you're running low on eye wash with this installation. It's simple to use. Highly recommended.

👤I bought it for my shop. I hope my guys won't have to use it. It appears to be in order.

👤The product is all plastic and the bottles are empty. I had to spend another $15.00 to fill the empty bolted with eyewash solution.

👤It was a good safety product for my shop. There is no need to have large water tanks.

👤It's much cheaper online than it is in person. I have not used it yet. Will leave a review when that happens.

👤This was what we needed. In case of emergencies.

👤I bought it for my business.

👤It was cheap and low quality, no eye wash water came with it. There is a I would return the box for my money if I threw it away too quickly.

6. Copolyester Portable Emergency Removal Pressing

Copolyester Portable Emergency Removal Pressing

It can be used if foreign substances are in the eyes. Depending on the situation, three methods can be used. The EyeWash Cup is a good cup to use for cleaning the eyes. The EyeWash Cup is designed to fit most people. It has a curved lip that is easy to fit around the eye sockets. It's perfect to use on tired eyes. Start and end your day with a refreshed mind.

Brand: Otos

👤I've tried using the sink sprayer, eye drops, and even holding my eyelid open, but none of them worked, so I used this one, which was very efficient, and it got the dust or irritant out of my eyes.

👤This thing is very easy to use. It's very handy to have a place to go for emergencies, you never know when you'll get something in your eye. If the time comes, you will thank me if you need one.

👤The product was the same as advertised. There were no issues.

👤Ah estaba... It's a pity Y a LA MANO...

👤I had high hopes for this product, but it was everything I disliked about it.

👤The allergy season has been bad. I have been more than uncomfortable because of the piece of debris from the old van. I am talking about headaches and eye pain. I got my eye cup the same day as my eye rinse and it gave me instant relief. I was able to sleep through the night and woke up with two normal looking eyes after I repeated the process a few times. Unless you speak Korean, the language on the box and directions are not going to help you. TheInfographic makes it easy to use. I will buy one for each of my relatives because I am no longer in pain.

7. Bottle Bottle Narrow Mouth 250ml

Bottle Bottle Narrow Mouth 250ml

If you need to increase the amount of water, you can cut the tip. LDPE is a low-density polyethylene. Excellent elasticity, narrow mouth, short neck, and clear graduations. The stem and Closure are molded in one piece. 500ml capacity. 500ml capacity.

Brand: Ronyes Lifescience

👤I have bottles from another mfr that are all fine. These do not work for me. The pick-up tube is larger than the spout end. I have to squeeze these more than my others and the delivery flow is more than I want. It gushes at first, then nothing comes out. I can get a few drops with my others if I want to.

👤I use these to easily open my mouth. It's much better to use disposable cups instead of having to lift a big jug of mouthwash and pour it into the lid shared by multiple people. The kids are more likely to use the mouthwash if they only have to do a quick squirt.

👤I wish I'd gotten some of these earlier in my life. They are useful for a lot of different things. It's not that hard to put water in the sink or pour it out of a bottle. A few drops of water at a time. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have good equipment, but they are cheap.

👤These bottles work well. They are an excellent choice, considering the low cost. I put a mild solvent in them. When I want it and the amount I want, they give it to me. I recommend them. To be safe, be sure to label the container.

👤These bottles are gorgeous. Excellent quality. I like to top water with my collection of African violets. It is difficult to get under the leaves with a watering can. The bottles fit under the leaves so watering is very fast. I was worried that the squeezing would cause the bottle to break, but after using them for months, there is no sign of fatigue in the plastic. I'm finding new uses for them. Highly recommend.

👤One bottle works, as you might expect a wash bottle to work: You squeeze it and liquid comes out of the spout with a small amount of pressure, but the other bottle sat on my shelf for a couple weeks. It's useless. I didn't get what I paid for in this case, so just pay a few more dollars for a better set. I paid more for one bottle than I would have paid if I had spent more on better bottles to begin with, because I only got one bottle that worked.

👤These are not sanitary. The other fell apart in the first week. I was never able to use it because it had a crack in it when it arrived. The small one was used on two occasions. The bottle cracked when I was squeezing it. Don't waste your money.

👤Dry mouth rinse is used to rinse out a mouth after brushing. The person can lean over the sink or bowl to get the water out. I didn't know it also sucks up liquid.

👤This product is terrible. It hurts if you accidentally poke it. When I stop squeezing water it comes out of the large bottle. I have to keep squeezing to the point where I squeezed the bottle the first time, because the next time I go to squeeze it I have to. You have to squeeze it harder if you want to. I have purchased another product. When I squeezed it again, it wasn't sharp or straight, but the water came out right away, instead of going back to the last squeeze pressure.

8. Medi First 21526 Saline Bottle 32 Ounce

Medi First 21526 Saline Bottle 32 Ounce

A bottle for easy use. Compares to Dacriose or Collyrium. A bottle for easy use. A bottle for easy use.

Brand: Medique

👤I use this in my English bulldog's eyes to wash out goobers and refresh dry eye in the morning. My vet prescribed it as part of her dry eye care protocol. I bought the large bottle because it was a better value than the smaller bottle my vet was selling. I was expecting the same bottle with the same tip. There is no way to apply the solution directly into the eye because the bottle has a hole at the top. I have been struggling to find a good technique to use. I was disappointed in the bottle design, but the price was good and I would pay more for the convenience of easy application.

👤Our vet gave us a small bottle of this to use in cleaning our cat's face that is being treated for eye cancer. We apply the drops and use a cotton ball to wipe his fur and keep his face clean. He doesn't mind that it is great.

👤I was told about this by my eye doctor. I use an empty eye-wash container and a cup to rinse my eyes because the big bottles are impossible to use. It works well.

👤Does what it should and can't beat the price.

👤The expire date is almost two years away.

👤I like this for the amount. It's price. I use dry eye when I need an eye wash.

👤We were happy to find the best price because we use a lot. There were no problems.

9. First Aid Only 1 Ounce 12 Count

First Aid Only 1 Ounce 12 Count

The ingredient is Propylene Glycol. The purpose is to lubricate. Boric Acid, Dimyristoyl Phosphatidylglycerol, Edetate Disodium are active ingredients. Eye cleaning solution. Relieves eye pain and makes eyes look better. There are 12 bottles of sterile eyewash in the box. It is easy to flush out the affected area. First aid kits, tool boxes, offices, and manufacturing facilities are ideal. It's ideal for first aid kits, tool boxes, offices or manufacturing facilities.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤I got something nasty in my eye after using the box of eye wash. The bottle was difficult to open one handed and one eyed, but I was able to open it in a few seconds. The water was sterile according to the seal. The bottle of eyewash was easy to use and saved me from an eye infection. I feel better having these with me.

👤These little bottles are great for people with chemical sensitivities or who can't tolerate regular eye drops. I used a large bottle of this product with a glass eye cup and it helped soothe my eyes. These bottles of water with a hint of boric acid, sodium borate and sodium chloride are a miracle for me. A couple of drops can be used when you have allergies or tired eyes. Highly recommended. Thank you for putting out a simple product. They're hard to find.

👤This is a perfect wash out for the medical supplies I am in charge of for the trucks.

👤They are an alternative to artificial tears. I keep one of these next to my bed and use it when I wake up. Sometimes I use it during the day between my lubricating drops. It works well for me, but not what it's designed for.

👤The price was good but the bottles were a little bigger than I thought. The box has a pull spout. It's a good way to refill my first aid kits.

👤I have used this eye wash many times as part of a first aid kit. It is very expensive to get more for the first aid kit, but this is a great price for the eyewash, and it's good to have on hand. We only have two eyes, and if anything gets in them, this is great stuff to have around. The price is great for this product. It is a good idea to have eye wash cups.

👤I find this eye wash relaxing. It is advertised as free from harmful chemicals.

👤It's a great way to replenish bags. The wash is packaged for more than one patient making it a great value.

10. SABRE Eye Wash Adapter Contaminants

SABRE Eye Wash Adapter Contaminants

The National Eczema Association has a Seal of Acceptance. Non-comedogenic, allergy tested, and fragrance free. SABRE's EyeWashAdapter can be used to turn most water bottles into an eye wash device. Attach the eye wash adapter to the bottle to create a tight seal. To create a fountain of water, gently squeeze. It's an ideal addition to any first aid kit. It's a must-have for aerosol projector training. Water bottles with 3 or more threads are the best places to use the eye wash accessory. Most brand name water bottles have 3 or more threads.

Brand: Sabre

👤I feel ripped off. The design images are misleading. There is no threading, this does not screw on to a water bottle. It pops on. It does work.

👤I was very excited about the idea of this product. Being a medic that works in some remote areas and with film crews who are always building and tearing down sets, the thought of being able to use any water bottle to help flush out eyes was awesome. These don't work as well as a regular eye cup or eye flush. The seal on the water bottle isn't good enough. The opening up top is too large to help with important functions, like holding the eyelid open to flush the eye out, even with the best seal. I wouldn't ever recommend or re- recommend.

👤It's not perfect, but it's a soft rubber seal where the "universal" water bottle threads are. They should show that part up front. You can't put it on tight like a cap. Remember what you're using it for, that " OH Shoot" moment. I need to remove something from my eye now. My kids are crying and getting stuff in their eyes. One hand is crushing the water bottle and the other is on the neck. The harder you squeeze, the more water comes out. My kids did a wet run with me. 9-7-5... They liked it when I held an eye cup over the eye to get them to open it. I put the two taped to the water bottle in the bathroom. I hope they improve the seal.

👤I've read that it doesn't fit a water bottle. If you remove the cap of a standard water bottle, you will be able to screw on the product. The threads of the standard water bottle will not be able to handle it. I ordered the product even though I knew this. I knew there was a way to get it to work if it was too large. I removed the plastic top of the water bottle and cut a hole in the center of the cap, or drilled a hole in the center of the cap. I screwed the cap back on to the water bottle and then put the eye cleaning product on it. This worked for me. It was sturdy to make the product work and to clean my eyes. I would order again. I'm glad the only thing required is a simple hole in the cap.

👤I bought it for my first aid kit. It works well in my first aid pouch. I put it in a water bottle. It seems to work. The "threads" are a silicone gasket with coarse "threads" molded into it. The gasket is very large and small. With all the different water bottle manufacturers, it would be impossible to make something that would fit perfectly on every bottle. It does the job, but it is not perfect.

👤Many reviewers have said that this is not a product from Sabre. There is a sticker over the name that says "SaBRE". That is false advertising. The product works, but if you need a product like this, you should buy it from your local sporting goods store, or from a seller with less dishonest business practices.

11. Medi First Eyewash Rinse Protection Supplies

Medi First Eyewash Rinse Protection Supplies

It can be used to give eye drops to pets. Compares to Dacriose or Collyrium. A bottle for easy use. A bottle for easy use.

Brand: Medique

👤This eyewash has no chemicals in it and is safe for babies, kids, cats and dogs. Pets can be harmed by chemical eye washes. We use this for tired eyes. We will definitely continue to buy it.

👤Every person with sensitive eyes or lashes in their eyes is the solution. The solution is soft on the eyes and comfortable to use. I use it during allergy season so that I don't itch at my eyes.

👤My dog needs his eye cleaned daily. It works well to get rid of the gunk that shows up in the morning.

👤I have always used lip balm and eye drops. I've gone through all the ones I could afford, but only took a chance on one or two that I really couldn't afford. I was looking for more than just a couple of drops in my eye and needed more than that. Living in the high plains, you can see small rocks in your eyes. Is it messy? It's a good flush. The bottle has a nozzle and it takes a couple of times to get the hang of it, but I do not mind a little washing through my eyes and having to put it out. It is an eye wash. I love eyewash. You will notice how much better your eyes look when you take a couple of drops.

👤There are many eye wash types. This is the only one I have found that completely washes out the debris that can come off the lid. A gel can be used at night time. Very happy.

👤I would say it works pretty good. You get a lot for the price too. It clears up cloudiness in the eye from things getting in there.

👤It is easy to use in an emergency. A stream of sterilized water can be twist off. It's a must for any emergency med kit. I bought enough for the emergency medical kit, the car, and the bathroom. I wish I had this back when my granddaughter got sand in her eyes. I'll have it when the children at the sand box do again. How often does it happen? Cheap insurance for something that is precious.

👤It works well. It is comfortable in use on eye. Most substances are clear from your eyes. The cats think my eyes are their second home.


What is the best product for eye flush bottle?

Eye flush bottle products from Honeywell Ademco. In this article about eye flush bottle you can see why people choose the product. Superlele and Physicianscare are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye flush bottle.

What are the best brands for eye flush bottle?

Honeywell Ademco, Superlele and Physicianscare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye flush bottle. Find the detail in this article. Honeywell, Cgoldenwall and Otos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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