Best Eye Found It Board Game

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1. World Disney Found Board Game

World Disney Found Board Game

It is a great gift for boys and girls ages 4 and up, as it is a three time Toy of the Year Nominee and has won many awards. The Disney Eye Found It Game comes with a six-foot game board, a Spinner, Mouse-Ear token, 30 search cards, and a game rules manual. A clear instruction manual makes it easy to learn. You can play in less than five minutes. The game helps children practice their focus, memory, object identification, and matching skills. Disney characters you love include Mickey Mouse, Tigger, Tinkerbell, Buzz Lightyear, Alice, Woodie, and many more. Eye Found is a great game for kids and adults to play together. It takes 15 minutes to play and 5 minutes to teach.

Brand: Wonder Forge

👤I thought this would be a game that would be hard to miss. It seems to have been missed in our household. There are a few major flaws with this game that I didn't see discussed in any of the reviews I read. Everyone is playing a game in which they spin a spinner. If you remove the food from the picnic blanket, the game is over, or if you turn over a goldbug card, it tells you how many spaces to move. Each Goldbug card has a picture and a corresponding word on it. You have a short time to find that item on the game board. Everyone moves forward based on how many items were found. Everyone moves the same number, which is supposed to create cooperation. Negatives are 1. The board is easy to memorize. My kids have learned where the items are on the board after playing this game a few times. It is not much of a look-and- find after the first few times you play it. 2. My kids always make this a competition about who can find more items, even though the game is supposed to be about co-operation. I can't imagine my kids are the only ones who are competitive about something like this. They argue more during this game than almost any other board game. Positives: 1. The game can be played by all ages. This game is loved by many, but it isn't perfect and won't work in every household. It worked for so many people that it may still be worth a try.

👤It was a terrible disappointment. I bought this version because I thought it would be even better with the Disney theme. I was wrong. The game board has too many spaces and it takes a long time to complete before the clock strikes midnight. We have never won this game. The pictures on the board are very small. Minuscule. We lose the fun when we look away from the board to try to figure out what is in the pictures. Save money. Don't buy Busytown. Busytown is fun for all ages. The drawings are good.

👤Who wouldn't like Disney figures? The appearance of the game at the first sight made my kids fall in love with it. 5 stars for the design of the game rules. The game is similar to BusyTown, but it requires a longer path to the castle. It ties the story to the game very well. The clock strikes 12 and players need to arrive at the castle. The amount of objects to be found is limited and the design of the game elements received 3 stars. The players spin on the Mickey. 2 stars for the design. The objects to be found are very small. The printed images are not sharp. A good game for children challenges their skills as well as promote success. The longer path to the castle and the difficulty to spot the items on the board make the game less successful. When the kids were presented with the choice of Disney Eye Found It or BusyTown, they initially chose the Disney version, but after a couple of times playing the Disney one, they have switched to BusyTown.

2. Battleship Planes Strategy Amazon Exclusive

Battleship Planes Strategy Amazon Exclusive

The connect 4 game is a fun strategy game that you can play with your kids. The classic battleship game features airplanes in addition to Ships, which makes for an awesome strategic game. Fans of the battleship game can crash enemy Planes in addition to sinking Ships to win the game. The portable game includes two portable battle cases so players can take it with them and play instantly on the go. As a kid, you should remember playing the battleship game. Kids and adults can play this game together. It's a great game. Play it in the classroom. Convenient storage. There is convenient storage on the side of the ocean grid.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤This isn't your classic battleship game, it's been updated, but for the best? In my mind, no. They have added planes, but they are not the same planes as a bomber or a fighter jet, and they both have 3 holes, so the battle is about sinking each other's armada. One of the planes is too tall to shut the top when set up, so no stopping a game in the midst. Isn't the deal to have the same ships? Shouldn't we have the same planes? Who sunk a plane by dropping a bomb? I know what you mean, but I grew up sinking my opponents the same way. If you feel like I do, you can either get the classic battleship game or not add planes. They made the pegs bigger at the top to hold on to, having dexterity problems, but once you dump them all out into the handy "take anywhere trays", they don't matter. If you don't take the box with you, the way it's designed, you take the chance of running out, which may be a problem if you lose some. If you want a game that will last a bit longer, then you should get the classic game, it's the best game for reliving the good old days.

👤The game is perfect. There are hours and hours of fun. This version is not good. All the ships and pins won't fit in the tray because it's so small. The call marker grid broke off when I got it. You can't close the trays with the ships in place, so you can't stop playing. Don't hold this in your lap, pieces fall everywhere. I'm getting the retro version and sending the scruffy one back. It is $3 more and people think it is better.

👤There are 1 positives. Awesome giftable item in this situation... This is a good time for kids to go to school. 2. The ships, drones, subs are very detailed. There are two things that I want to highlight and I think should be improved, considering the price point. 1. The numbers are hard to see in low light and night time. I had to color the numbers in yellow metal paint marker because my kid had to squint and look closely to see the numbers. It would have been more exciting for kids to see the different colors of the warships and drones.

👤Imagine a 9 year-old who was excited to get a gift and wanted to challenge his dad in the first game. Imagine how sad and disappointed that 9 year-old was when he found out that the game was incomplete and we couldn't play it. The peg board where we'd mark our hits and misses was missing from the upper board of the game. The Quality Department is shining through.

👤The game boards are so light they tip over all the time, and they are a terrible waste of money. You have to pick them up a lot because the transparent plastic part where you put the pegs can't be read. You can't see the letters. We thought it would be fun, but it was ruined by a giant failure.

3. Klask KLASK Magnetic Game Skill

Klask KLASK Magnetic Game Skill

There are big laughs for 2 to 4 players, age 5 and older. The best party game in Sweden and Norway in 2015 was called Klask. It's fun for everyone, perfect for parties big and small, families, or just couples having a game night. Get your hand under the table! Try to score, but watch out for the hole. Use your magnetic handle and strikers to defend your half, avoid the biscuits and send the ball into your opponent's goal to score. Don't land your goal in your own goal! It's the perfect game for the pub because it can be played on any flat surface, like a foosball table on-the-go. Beautiful design: The game was designed to be used in the finest regions of the country with a wooden finish. The new version includes updated white magnets with more rounded corners and PTFE stickers to reduce scratching for kids and adults alike. For 2 players, each match lasts around 10 minutes, and you can set up a tournament to find out who the true champion is.

Brand: Klask

👤This is a fraction of the size and price of air hockey. I enjoy this more than air hockey. Thebiscuits add an extra element to the game. You also need to be careful. Would recommend.

👤The game of klesk is very skilled. It's easy to learn, I and my friends only played a few games to get a feel for the strikers. It's fun, and game rounds are quick. We tend to play several best of threes in a short period of time. I lost a small biscuit on the first day and it was easy to get lost, so be careful with the small biscuits. I use sticker pads on the controller joints to keep my board surface from being scratched. I plan to wax the board surface and use felt mouse pads to protect it, which I believe will make the game more enjoyable. The cost of the game and the lack of a biscuits-only kit are the only complaints I have. I expected a more finished product, better quality wood, polish and plenty of spare parts, especially the white biscuits. I paid two to three times as much as I should for the set. If the game came with four strikers, five balls, and twenty biscuits, I'd be happy to justify the $50 cost. The spare parts kit of $10 is overpriced, and should cost about $5. I'd be happy if there was a 20 biscuits kit for $10, as I'm afraid I'll lose biscuits all the time. I have to keep track of the biscuits once they fly because I want to not lose them, and my eyes tend to follow the biscuits as they fly, so I lose focus from the game. The game is worth it if you can ignore the costs. I'm afraid the price has prevented the wider adoption of the game. I think more people would buy the game if the set was $20 to $25 The price deters my friends from buying their own copies, even though they are happy to play with me.

👤Hi! My husband and I have been trying to find this game for years, and we have found it in many places. We found it on Amazon, where it is actually cheaper. Target had it in stock a few times, but they were selling it for $60. If I say so, it is quite stunning. It looks great on the table for kids to play with their grandparents. The game is fun, but the pieces are small and can be lost easily. The game only had one extra ball and one extra biscuit. That's it! If you lose more than that, you have to order the pieces from the website in all the way from Denver. It's a lot of fun.

👤This game is very addictive. We love games. Usually like strategy games or card games. This took us by surprise. Leave it to non-Americans to kill it with a unique game. We brought the game to Christmas and had a tournament with the family. The rules are easy to understand. I know it's expensive. It's a nice break from being on our phones or watching tv. It was well constructed and worth the money.

4. Peaceable Kingdom Count Chickens Board

Peaceable Kingdom Count Chickens Board

The Educational Insights Brand Store has more preschool board game fun. The farm is fun. The mama hen needs help to bring the baby chick back. Spin and count numbers to travel. Everyone wins when you gather all the chicks. Competitive stress, empowering young learners, and teaching kids that playing together can be fun are some of the things COOPERATIVE COUNTING can do. A counting game to teach kids how to cooperate. Benefits: A sense of community is developed in a non-stressful play environment with the help of cooperative games. Kids ages 2 to 4 can enjoy Count your Chickens. There is a game board, a mother hen with stand, 40 baby chick markers, and instructions. The game is about 15 minutes long. The growth of play is growing. It is beneficial for children to play a lot. Play can improve emotional well being and create opportunities for social skill development.

Brand: Peaceable Kingdom

👤Our 5 and 3 year old granddaughters. The old grandson likes to play board games. They can play this game with each other. As you move the mother hen around the board, the goal is to get all the little chick back in the chicken coup before the mother hen reaches it. They love it! This is a good game for 3 years. The game goes quickly so it holds her attention. I would recommend this game to children. This person has fun playing with my children.

👤This is a great game. You are racing against time to get the chickens back to the house before the chicken reaches the end of the game board. You use a spinner to find out which space you will go to, each space has a different picture on it. You count how many spaces you move and put them in a chicken house. Sometimes you land on the fox and have to take a chick out of the coop, and sometimes you land on a plus one space and add an extra chick to the coop. This game is a good way to practice counting. There are a lot of small cardboard chicks to keep track of, and they are definitely a choking hazard if you have younger children as well. There is not much suspense because we almost always win this game. I like Hoot Owl Hoot because it involves a little more strategy. I think he finds it a little hard to count. This is a good game to learn to work together, take turns, and count. I think older kids will be bored, so I would recommend this for three or four year olds.

👤The game was boring and nearly impossible to win. There are 40 spaces on the board. If you land on the Fox and lose a chick, you have to land on one of the five blue squares. Don't think about winning if you hit the Fox twice. The game is so boring that it's not worth it. Get the Hoot Owl one. I had to file down the spinner to get it to land on the dog axis.

👤This game is easy for my 3 year old to understand. Being 3 is hard. It is difficult to live in a place where you think you can do everything on your own and still need adult support to carry out lifes duties. This game is easy to play and can be used to practice counting skills and understand how game pieces move on a game board. Purchase a board game as a first introduction to building routines in your own home. The only downside I can see is that the extensions are not as good as they could be; once Big Girl masters move along a game track and one-to-one counting ratios, we will definitely need to purchase another game. Everyone can play together. Big feels successful, but I will soon be looking for the next step in board games.

5. Asmodee 414 Spot JR Animals

Asmodee 414 Spot JR Animals

The butterfly is to be caught. The Elefun elephant is chasing butterflies. The kids will use their nets to chase butterflies around the room while the butterflies are blown out of his trunk. There is a visual game. The whole family enjoys five different games modes that test who is the fastest to spot matching symbols and call them out, as Spot It! hones players' observational skills and lightning-fast reflexes. The game is fun. The Spot It! deck has fun symbols and pictures. The cards in the deck have the same symbol or picture. It's perfect for young players. Spot It! helps develop skills in focus, visual perception, speech-language, and fine motor skills. The game will be enjoyable for all ages. It is easy to learn. Spot it! It's a fast to learn and teach game that's portable and perfect to take anywhere. There are a number of players and average play time. Spot it! The average playtime is 10 minutes. Fine motor skills are developed. There are 31 cards in a tin canister.

Brand: Zygomatic

👤We bought this game for our family to play. He likes this game so much that he plays it whenever we have a game night. He understood the concept of finding the animals that match on the two cards. He was able to learn new animal names because he did not know many of the animals. The game is kept fresh by the instructions that include five variations of playing. When he gets older, we will have some new ways to play because some versions are a little over his head. The best version of version 3 is where each player has a pile of cards to get rid of. The cards are sturdy and thick, but can get wet if they get mysteriously wet. The lid stays on well and the tin is nice. It is difficult to find the right balance between giving our son more time to find the match so he doesn't get frustrated and not letting him win since it is a game where the person who is the fastest wins. It's not too painful when he finds the match first. I would recommend this game to anyone with a child.

👤The original game concept is used to create colorful animal pictures. I like everything about the product, except for one point. The Spot It game has 55 cards. There are 31 cards in this set. If this had been clearly marked in the details, I wouldn't have bought it. The box is the same size, why would there be fewer cards? I feel cheated and ripped off. I bought this to keep at one of the schools I travel to because I thought I could change it up and trade out decks every so often, and if they had more categories of items, I would keep buying decks because my students need vocabulary. If I play with a group of 4 kids and me, we each get 6 cards, so we have to collect and play again, which takes time. Why 31 cards? There will never be an even number of cards dealt for any group of kids because it is a prime number. I want a deck of 55 cards. Woah. What a rip off! Too much packaging was wrapped around it.

👤The game is simple, you and your opponent each have a card with animals on it. There is one and only one common animal between any two cards, so you have to find the animal on the third card that matches the one on your own card. Even the youngest children in your household can learn. It's difficult to play with children who aren't close in age or with children and parents together, and we devised a rule where our first child gets a 1 second headstart of our second child who then gets a 1 second headstart of us. It's not a game that the adults will find engaging. After one round, we're pretty much done.

👤I don't know if the developers did this on purpose, but the game is a fun version of the cognitive regulation tasks done in research studies. Every card has a match in this game, so you have to find the matching animals on any two cards. Each card has animals that are different in size. It is easy to get two cards where the matching animal is large, but most of the time it is between two different sized animals. The brain focuses on the large animals and the smaller animals. Children have to suppress the first impulse of the brain. It isn't always the big animals that match for example, they learn that there are multiple "rules" in this game. They have to practice changing rules from card to card. This is a cognitive regulation skill that develops slowly. I think my son was just three when we got it. I stacked the deck so he would get the hang of it. I don't do that anymore because he is 3.5 years old, but I notice that he takes a long time on the first match and then his brain gets into it. Younger kids make more mistakes and have slower reaction time than older kids are shown in the studies. This is a great game to keep in your bag to bring out while waiting at a restaurant and it is an awesome game to help them practice a skill they are developing during this time.

6. Briarpatch BRP06120 Eagle Find Game

Briarpatch BRP06120 Eagle Find Game

The first player to pick all the fruit is the winner. You can use your eagle eye to see if an object on your game board matches an object on your card. There are only one matching pair on the board and card. Fast, furious, and fun! There are 30 double-sided cards, 4 double-sided game boards, and a bell. For 2 to 4 players. For 2 to 4 players.

Brand: Briarpatch

👤I bought this for my grandson. The family likes to play and the 2 boys are in competition with each other. There are 6 and 5. It's a rainy day and the family can play together and have fun. They're using their minds and eyes. I haven't seen the game in action, but I'm told it's a good game and they enjoy it.

👤This game has been great for us to play as a family. The instructions are easy to follow. We are all competitive and it gets pretty heated. This is a great addition for a family game night.

👤I got this for my niece and her brother. We drew a card and tried to find a picture on it, but it took less than a minute. It was very easy for the 10 year old and very easy for the 5 year old. I think the age recommendations for this game are wrong, and it would be better for younger kids. We're going to try to come up with a variation that makes the books harder and last longer. It's not a very fun time to pick cards and then have the turn over in 30 seconds. The game is well made and the pictures are nice, so we'll find some variation to play.

👤Kids will benefit from the gift of improved visual acuity.

👤My boys and I love I Spy products. The game is enjoyable but could be better. The boards are not equal in complexity, which is a minus. There aren't enough cards. There could have been double the cards so that kids wouldn't run into the same pictures over and over again. It's frustrating that the makers cheapened out when they could have made the game better. The bell is nice since it's not electronic and there's no annoying batteries. Kids would probably rate it higher than I did.

👤In this game, you pick a card and have to find one of the pictures on the game board that is on the card. The family played a game together. I thought it would be easy to find a picture, but it wasn't. The race was going on as we scanned our boards. The younger ones had sharper eyes than the older ones. I was one of the older ones. The game was enjoyable. Children learn to focus and narrow in on one object when they play. There is great entertainment for both young and old. The entire family can enjoy this game.

👤My kids are still playing. They wanted me to play the first few times, but now they play on their own. My 6 year old likes that he can read the cards on his own.

👤Kids love coming over to play and we love playing with them. Ages 4 to 55.

👤This is a Christmas present that is not opened yet but it looks good.

👤Will be opened on Christmas Day as the boys are three plus and good at recognizing items and numbers.

7. Hasbro A3264 Battleship Game

Hasbro A3264 Battleship Game

The gameboard, pawns, card deck and instructions are included. The Battleship game is a classic. The classic game of naval combat can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. The Battleship board game is easy to store and take on the go. The head-to-head competition is underway. In this classic game, sink an opponent's ships for the win. There is an option for advanced play. Advanced players can launch multiple attacks with the Salvo feature. It is possible that packing may be burdensome. It's a subject of viability.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤I got my son this game for his birthday because he has been asking for it. After reading reviews, I decided not to get the electronic one. I used to like this game as a kid. We all know that they don't make the same things they used to. The game is enjoyable. The product is terrible. The cases feel like they're going to break. They are not big enough. It won't close if you put all the pegs in the wrong place. We put them in the middle of the case, so you have to take some out and put them somewhere else. Are you serious? You couldn't spend the extra money to make it big. They never seem to close all the way. Unless you put the cases in a bag or something, I can't throw the box away. You will lose the pieces or have a mess if you don't. So disappointing!

👤I don't recommend buying this game. I bought one for myself because my kids play it at their house. I didn't read the reviews because I knew they liked the game. It seems that the company must be cutting corners. The case doesn't close fully when all of the pegs are in the bins, and it's easy for pegs to fall out when the bins are skimpy. I keep the white pegs in plastic zip-locks and divide them between the red and white bins. The pegs come in a plastic bag, and the instructions say to divide each color evenly between the 2 cases. It seems like they could have put half of each color in a separate bag. The handling of small pegs is not for people with arthritis. It's difficult to get the ships in place and they fall out of their "berths." A contrasting color to the background would have made it easier to see the rows and columns of the grid. I would teach the grandkids to play the game with paper and pencil, and it would be much less expensive.

👤Say "miss" no matter what coordinates your opponent calls. Put a white peg in that hole. You can move your ships wherever you want until they fit in somewhere else. If your opponent is doing the same thing, you can lose with this strategy. If it gets to the end and your ships are cornered and can't move, you can accuse your opponent of cheating by cleaning up all the white pegs from your bottom board. Who is not doing the dishes tonight?

👤The new version of the game is terrible. Ships and pegs are included in each player's board. The left hand column of letters and numbers are hard to distinguish from the background. The numbers and letters are imprinted into the plastic material, so it is difficult to play the game without light being focused on each board. The boards are cheap and flimsy, and the top piece of one of them slips out of place.

👤The review was done by a hacker. I'm updating this review as opposed to deletion to bring attention to this, hopefully Amazon does a better job of catching this and the integrity of their review system is better protected. The product was very enjoyable for beginners. A game of luck and guessing is a classic game. This is the best model of battleship, so buy it. If your child is young, make sure he doesn't look at your board while playing it. If I hit his ship, my partner would say hit, but if I did not, he would say miss. The first person to destroy all the other ships wins the game.

8. Wonder Forge Disney Villainous Strategy

Wonder Forge Disney Villainous Strategy

Convenient storage. There is convenient storage on the side of the ocean grid. Choose from 6 Disney Villains with their own sinister objectives and goals, in this asymmetric board game. Disney Villainous has Captain Hook, Maleficent, Ursula, Queen of Hearts, and Prince John. The Fate Decks have your favorite characters like Aladdin, Peter Pan, and more. Disney Villainous is a great game for Disney fans and families, and makes a great gift for Disney lovers. It is easy to learn with clear instructions. Each of the 6 villains has a guide that will inspire you with strategies and tips for crafting the most successful plan to win. Disney Villainous can be played with other games in the Villainous line, such as Evil Comes Prepared, Wicked To The Core, and Perfectly Wretched.

Brand: Ravensburger

👤There are 3-6 players. You can play one of the 6 Disney Villains in this game. A 10 year old can probably play board games. The games were enjoyable. We have played this many times and had a blast. We play a lot of Disney board games. Each Villain has a board, cards, and marker. Depending on the location of your marker, you can perform actions. Depending on the location of your marker, you can perform specific actions on the board. The main actions are to play a card and get a coin. Play Fate cards on another Villain and move an item to an adjacent location. One location could allow you to: play a card, get two coins, discard your remaining cards, and play fate on another villain. You can play two cards, get a coin, and play fate at another location. You can mess with other players by playing their Fate cards. Each villain has a single goal, which is to defeat Peter Pan, Capture the Trident, or Spread curses. If you want to do something different, you place your marker on any other location. You can perform all of your actions from your location. You put your allies and items on your side of the board, under each location. You have the option to place them where you want. This can help your villain. When other players play Fate cards on your boards, they also pick a location and place the card on the upper side of your locations, which blocks some of your locations actions. You have to fight to achieve your goal. The Disney theme is cute. I am happy that they gave special treatment to the artwork. This will take 40 minutes, but the game is deeper than you think. Our first game play took over an hour and included set up and reading the rules, giggling and aahing at the cards. The game is taped on the edges. I did not want to remove the tapes. It looks like bad news.

👤I am a huge fan of Maleficent and buying it was a no-brainer. I was very disappointed after I was so excited. I have only played this two person, but after a few plays, I have issues that are not related to learning curve, and speak to the general execution of the game. You are trying to stop the other player from reaching their goal. The game is never ending because every time you get close to winning the other player stops you. While they are taking their turn, you are sitting and waiting for something that affects you. It is a long game and boring. The game we just finished was over 3 hours, but they said it was 50 minutes. My husband was ready to let me win just to get it over with. Maybe it would be better if there were 3 players. Two adults who can think through the strategy continually disrupt the other's efforts to win. It got a bonus star for having great art work.

9. Briarpatch 06101 SPY Dig In

Briarpatch 06101 SPY Dig In

The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details. Are you ready to play? Then dig away. It's not hard to race the clock. Put 6 objects on your card. Match one more for the win when each player goes all in. The best-selling I SPY book series was based on this. It's fun for 2 to 4 players.

Brand: Briarpatch

👤I use this game for speech therapy. It is a challenging game because they love little objects. This game works well for the goals I am addressing, and I need to adapt games to fit that. We describe objects, find objects that fit a certain category, find objects that start with a target sound, and group objects by category.

👤I was unsure if my 4 year old would be up for the challenge since it was 5 years ago. He loves it! He gets excited when he can match a piece to an image on his card because of the bright and colorful pieces. We're playing the easier version of the game and he gets a kick out of naming the objects he finds. It's great for building vocabulary and color recognition. When we dig in at the same time, I had to back off on holding him to a time limit, but we end up giggling together. I highly recommend.

👤My nephew is a big fan. I never tire of playing this game with him. He has no idea he is learning while playing it. The game is challenging and mentally-stimulating when you have a few people digging around in the bowl. He can grow with it. He uses the gray cards to find the shapes. As he gets better at the game, he will switch to colored cards, which will add a new challenge. He plays the gray cards and I play the colored cards. The 15-second timer is the reason for the loss of a star. You can't find anything in 15 seconds as an adult. It gets old to stop and start so often because you get 2 shapes. When we first started playing, we played without a timer and ended the round when the first person found all the shapes. We set a timer on my phone for 45 seconds or 1 minute. If you no longer use a game that has a 15-second timer, you should just get rid of it. This was a great purchase and I recommend it to all kids. There are many little pieces. You need a child who is old enough to not try to swallow them or put them up their nose, and not lose any of them.

👤It is great for times when my kids need to entertain themselves, because they are able to play this game on their own. They like this game so it's played a lot around our house. The adults don't have an advantage in this game. My 7 year old is the best player in the house since the kids like games that are easier for the adults to play. If one piece is lost it can prevent a card from being able to win, and that's the only thing I'm not crazy about. If they had eight items per card and you had to find six of them, it would be better. It wouldn't have an impact if one of the little pieces was lost. We added a ziploc to our set because there was no bag to hold the pieces. This would not stop me from buying it, it is a great addition to the game.

10. Flushin Frenzy Game Toilet Included

Flushin Frenzy Game Toilet Included

Monopoly Junior is a fun game for kids of all ages. It's a great introduction to the world of Monopoly and it's designed to be fast and exciting for younger players. The game guarantees big laughs and fun. You have to plunge the toilet many times. The first player to grab the poop will win. You can earn two token if you catch it. The player who earns the most token wins. There are big laughs for 2 to 4 players, age 5 and older.

Brand: Mattel Games

👤My wife said that my grandson was enthralled.

👤The purpose of the game was to drive my daughter crazy. I was sure that the game would be a hit with the kids, and I wanted to know if they could play the poop game. It would be with a full house of guests if my grandson said it. This game is great after playing with the kids. It improves hand coordination. Several people will think that this game is more of a joke than anything else, but it's actually educational and can help out with coordination. I fully recommend this game.

👤A hilarious gag gift. I brought the screwdriver because it stopped working after 2flushes. There's too much play in the main gear system, which prevents the lever from fully engaging. I used a piece of chair leg felt to extend the base lever. Works like a champ now. Extending too much doesn't allow the lever to disengage enough and you'll be stuck in a crappy boat with a turd stuck in the water.

👤I had to get this for my nephew. The game is easy. They were more interested in seeing it come out of the toilet. We put it on our desert table.

👤My two-and-a-half-year-old couldn't get enough of this game. I had a great time playing it as a 44 year old male. I bought this into my work, I think it could make for a fun drinking game, I had a good time playing it with some colleagues.

👤I bought it on the instructions of my mother. She saw it on a show and thought the kids would love it. She was correct. We had a family wedding and 4 young kids were going to spend a lot of time in a hotel and needed to be entertained. This worked out the trick. Some games make a mess, but the kids had a ball.

👤I thought the game was gross when I stumbled across it. I was convinced that I needed it after reading all the reviews. I was not disappointed when it arrived, it lived up to the reviews. It is very surprising when the poop shoots out of the toilet. Don't look down on the toilet from above. The nephew shot himself in the eye with the poop while playing the game. Someone said that their game was missing something. They are in a drawer in the back of the toilet and we couldn't find them. We had 6 people playing and there wasn't enough token. It wouldn't be hard to use pennies or score other ways. Great game. The 2 and 4 year olds had a blast playing the game with all the adults and practicing counting as they plunged the toilet. It was a lot of fun to catch the poo. Highly recommended!

👤ITALIANA ma leggete fino alla fine. Prezzo. Penso di aver fatto un vero affare acquistando questo simpaticissimo gioco a 15,99 euro contro i 30 euro. gioco non ha carte né istruzioni particolari. Funziona infatti cos I dado esce fuori e rotola, in un buco dello sciacquone. In base del dado, tante volte il pulsante alla base del wc. Se non passa il turno ad un altro concorrente. Saltando all'improvviso! Le regole dicono... I trovo pi divertente se chi spinge lo sciacquone. Trovo questo gioco, ben fatto, robusto, and bello da vedere. A maneggiare anche la cacchina in plastica gommosa semi rigida ma leggera. Inoltre i salti sono veramente, dalla foto ha postato potrete vederlo. A 20 euro anziché 15 circa per la versione is what l'articolo is. The person is named Estera... Costa cara! La cosa pi importante. I bambini non amano i giochi, ma giocarci assieme alle persone. "acchiappa la cacca" con divertirete e solo allora avrete. La certezza di aver fatto un bellissimo regalo! Buone feste!

11. Marvel Can Do That Game

Marvel Can Do That Game

The perfect Christmas gift for everyone. It doesn't matter how old you are. The Handheld Water Game is perfect for people over the age of 5. It's easy to play and challenging at the same time. It does not need batteries or charging. The rings and balls are propelled by the two buttons. It is easy and fun. I can do that! There are 45 activity cards, 1 foam portal, 1 Cosmic cube, 1 green Goblin, 1 Spider-Man's web, 1 Captain America's shield, and instructions. It's a great gift for families who love to play games together, because it's fun to play a game in 15 minutes. It's possible to start playing right away with easy to understand instructions. I can do that. Each game is unique so this toy can be played over and over again. Wonder Forge has consistently offered top-quality experiences since it was launched in 2007, raising the bar for preschool and family games everywhere. The titles celebrate the can do attitude of all kids. The family games help bridge generation gaps.

Brand: Wonder Forge

👤My five year old received this for Christmas. He likes it. Some of the activities are difficult for adults, but the kids can do them all. They like it silly and fun. They don't understand how to count the stars to see who won. They have fun. The kids are getting active during the game. Some of the pieces are not very strong. They have held up so far. The cube doesn't fit in the box inflated so you have to deflate it. A great game, except for that.

👤I got this for my son's birthday. He and his brother broke the green foam on the first day. It was their fault, but I wish it had been able to stand up the kids who were trying to be superheros, which is the point of the game.

👤"I Can Do That!" is a game to play with your family. Some of the tasks are difficult for an adult to accomplish, but kids love to watch their parents struggle through them! We've had a lot of fun with this game and I've seen my children gain confidence in their abilities.

👤Is fun and helps my son use his motor functions. I got this because his therapist uses a similar game. My daughter and I play it with my son and it's fun to watch and do some of the tasks.

👤My kids love this game. We got it for our children's birthday. He plays it with our children. They are too big for it, but still enjoy playing it all together, even though it is hard to fit under the green portal. My son's birthday is definitely a Best Buy. The green portal only comes about 16 inches off the ground, so we set the feet up on something to make it bigger for the older kids. It is simple to learn and they can play their own game without a parent having to come and referee or read directions. I will buy this for my family.

👤My kids love this game. It's easy to modify to fit your child. The concept of the game is easy to understand. The winner and loser of the game are determined by the amount of stars that you get, so we don't do that and just have them try their best to do it.

👤A great gift for a person who loves marvels. Kids love it. My active kids don't have to sit and play a game because it is easy to play. They love the superhero weapons and this game helps focus their energy. Spiderman's web requires you to be a little more careful so they don't break. It is a great buy for kids and marvel lovers of all ages.

👤The I can Do That games are perfect for young children who are just learning to play a game. The directs are simple and the little ones are interested.


What is the best product for eye found it board game?

Eye found it board game products from Wonder Forge. In this article about eye found it board game you can see why people choose the product. Hasbro Gaming and Klask are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye found it board game.

What are the best brands for eye found it board game?

Wonder Forge, Hasbro Gaming and Klask are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye found it board game. Find the detail in this article. Peaceable Kingdom, Zygomatic and Briarpatch are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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