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1. Hasbro A5640 Connect 4 Game

Hasbro A5640 Connect 4 Game

The gift for preschool children is a gift. The Disney Princess Edition game is a great birthday or holiday gift for girls and boys. It is a fun activity for kids of all ages. The game is fun. You can choose yellow or red discs. For two players. You win when you get 4 discs in a row. Includes grid, 2 legs, and a bar.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤We love this game. The world has become used to cheap products. If we want affordable products, we have to pay this price. If you're looking for a sturdy game that you could play when you were a kid, this one is not for you. The rack is flimsy and made of thin plastic, but the discs work, even though they don't have that heavy checker weight. This game feels different for people who are nostalgic. It's nice to remember some of the differences from when we were kids, even though our kids don't know the difference.

👤Growing up, our daughter was a huge fan of the game. She and her dad played a game of it almost every night. Our daughter now has kids of her own and it is time to continue the tradition of playing this game. We ordered it at Christmastime and are looking forward to playing it with the children. Our grandson is very excited to play it, even though it was set aside. He was ready for his next visit. It looks the same as it did back then. There is a lot of fun to be had here. Looking forward to many years of making new and wonderful memories with the grandchildren.

👤I bought a bunch of board games to play with the family at home because of the virus. I remember this game from my youth. I remember playing this with my brother and friends for hours. I remember being really good. I remember wrong. My 14 year old son spank me 5 times in a row before declaring playing with me was too easy and that I should try playing with my 6 year old nephew first for practice. I pretended to laugh as my nephew climbed into my son's lap and then proceeded to win 4 out of 5 games with no coaching from my son. I decided to retire after I won the last game. I have hidden the game and am playing online until I can kick their butt. I will let you know how that goes.

👤Anyone can play it. It is ready to leave the box. You can play for a while. Losing a disc isn't the end of the world. Kids can still play with each other. This is a must have for the toy closet. I was worried that a new toy like this might be less expensive than the older ones, but I was happy to see that it is durable enough for a child to play with.

👤This one was the biggest hit of them all. She beat the pants off of me but had a great time doing it. Your little grandsons are good at playing games. My granddaughter can beat my butt on the game. After beating me many times, she admitted that one of her pre-school teachers had taught her how to win the game and that she tried to teach me some of her tricks. It's a good thing. I love the little children.

2. Hasbro Gaming Disney Villains Exclusive

Hasbro Gaming Disney Villains Exclusive

For 2 to 4 players. This family game combines classic Sorry with a Disney Villains inspired gameboard, Spell cards, and pawns. There are 16 Disney Villains costumes. The Disney Villains pawns are given to each player in the Sorry board game. They can move around the board as Ursula, Jafar, or Scar. Kids are playing a game. It's fun for players to say "sorry" to their opponents when they hit them back. It is a thrilling and exciting game. The Sorry Game Disney Villains Edition is a game of strategy, chance, and luck. The moves are determined by the Spell cards. The Disney Villains edition of the Sorry board game is a great choice for players ages 6 and up.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤The box was large enough for the full board, but it was smaller than usual. The slides work in opposite directions. If you land on your color, you can slide, but any other color you can not, so it only gives you one slide to use. If you land by exact count, it will cause you to slide forward and make you have to start playing pawn over or wait until you get negative movement cards to be able to move backwards, other issues if you play under a lot or light. The old rules of moving your pawns out of the way are back, but the 2 doesn't have you draw again like it's supposed to, and the sorry card has new rules of letting you move 4 as a backup.

👤I bought this for a Christmas gift for my niece, so I haven't opened it yet, but I assume the inside is still typical quality. The packing facility was where the stickers were placed. There is no film to protect the game box, so this sticker is on top of it. The packaging gets damaged if I try to remove it. Instead of placing the stickers on the sides or off in a corner, they were placed in the middle of the preview on the back and another bright red one on the front. I don't have time to get a new one, so I'm embarrassed to give this as a gift.

👤I couldn't get the tape off the box because it was so tightly taped, so I had to tear it. I don't understand why they would tape up a game box. The other games I've gotten from Amazon and actual stores weren't like this. The box was messed up. Sorry games aren't like that, the board is stiff. It's a small board. The rules of this one are normal, but only coming out on 1 and 2 cards was boring, so we came out on any number. We completely abandoned their rules. The spots under the slides were hard to see. The game is overpriced at $22 and should be no more than $10. Kids had a lot of fun playing villains.

👤You can tell that this is a game about villains. It's difficult to get your pawn to come out of Start unless you draw a 1 or 2. We went through the entire deck before one of us was able to move. If you land on that arrow, you have to go all the way around the board again, unless you get to Home, because you only have one chance to slide on your color. The game can be played for longer. The dark colors of the game make it difficult to see the spaces, especially on the Slides. We miscounted a lot, but we got used to it.

👤We love the game. Since this is a villain version, we were expecting more vicious rules. It is your typical sorry game. We have added our own rules to make it worse.

3. Kids Against Maturity Original Humanity

Kids Against Maturity Original Humanity

We make other party games that are inspired by pop culture. There are tons of good stuff in their store. The best family fun game is Dear Evolved Parents, Kids Against Maturity. Are you tired of the same old games? The classic was made and played by your parents. It can be enjoyed by all ages, with humor and innuendos for the adults. The best results are when played with more than one player. Play it. Any place. A handy box holds 600 question and answer cards and a game set. It is a take anywhere game. Become an instant champion while camping, family gatherings, game nights, summer camp, plane trips and more. Kids Against Maturity combines the tried and tested fill-in-the- blank game-play, a perfect enjoyable hilarious way to bring your family together. The game starts with 10 white answer cards and 10 blue question cards. The player with the highest amount of funniest responses wins the game. There is aLIGATORY warning for hover-parents and those who don't like flatulence jokes. Please leave. Any card that you don't approve. It will get your kids away from their phones, tablets, and other electronic devices for at least 30-90 minutes. Unplug!

Brand: Kids Against Maturity

👤We bought this game for our family vacation. For ages 8+, had high ratings and awards. I have three children and parental guidance is suggested. The game website says for 6 and up, and the ages of the kids pictured in the description, so I was surprised by some of the cards included in the game. Most cards are funny. I wouldn't feel comfortable letting my 13 yo play alone with his friends without removing cards from the deck. The game was fun for my husband and I. There are a lot of old school references.

👤I didn't know the potty talk would come from these cards. The majority of the cards used sexual language. I thought this would be a great game for my grand children, and I looked at the top reviews. I was surprised by the language on the cards. I know I am different. I wouldn't buy this game again for teenagers.

👤We can't use some cards in the game. Will update after we play the game. Just got done playing. I had to take out all the white cards. My kids are 13 and 10 years old and they know what some things are, but I don't think they are appropriate. I'm a pretty easy going person and mom but I think it's ok to make fun of someone. We had a good time playing, but I would suggest removing the cards from the game.

👤My kids won't be playing this game after playing it with my friend's daughter. Answers like Aunt Flo, The Gooch, and Neverland Ranch are not appropriate and open up discussions that don't need to be had at such young ages. "King Kong played ping pong with his friend Deng Dong in Hong Kong" was read in one round. It's not appropriate for kids. Electric Slide is a kids game and while "poop" jokes are funny to kids, there are way too many of them in this game.

👤Explaining to an 8 year old that some of the answers are x rated would violate federal law. I'm fine, but I've had a lot of weird things, like merkin wig, moose knuckle, spider barks, and Fromunda cheese. Getting a refund.

👤This is a family game for people with any sort of humor. We ordered this game before we left for spring break so we could play it when we needed a break. It did what it was supposed to do. My kids, along with my nieces and nephews, were laughing uncontrollably. The phrase possibilities are hilarious. My 8 year old had the best time. After our first night of playing, he said his stomach was sore. If you are one of those parents who get offended easily, you should definitely get this game and loosen up a bit. We need to be able to laugh. Who can we do that with if we can't do it with our kids? The game is great and I will recommend it to my friends.

👤I bought this game for my family. We have five people in our family, the oldest is 15 and the youngest is 6. Adults and all of us find it very entertaining. The game is enjoyable. We find silly and funny words. The level of appropriateness was my main concern. The crowd is playing the game. Adults enjoy it too. One of my sons is very shy by nature and seeing him come out of his shell as he is playing with his friend makes it worth it. Seeing your family laughing and interacting with one another is priceless as a mom.

4. Taco Burrito Popular Surprisingly Strategic

Taco Burrito Popular Surprisingly Strategic

ROLLING IN SECONDS It takes only a minute to learn and the game lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. TvB soared on the project, reaching the initial goal by 2,400%. A sensation at the game showcase. Basic game play is easy to master but the action cards can change the game. Up to the very last card! Alex dreamed up TvB at age 7, but this crazy, fun strategic food fight is a smash with kids and adults alike. It's ideal for ages 7-77. It is easy to learn and quick to play. The game runs for 10 minutes. It's optimal for a few players. A brilliant gift idea would make the perfect birthday gift for boys, girls, parents, adults, friends, or family as well as any board game or card game lover. It's great for birthdays, Mothers Day, and fathers day.

Brand: Taco Vs Burrito

👤I bought this game for my daughter who loves games. I was expecting a lot of gross foods, but I was surprised at some of the things. Those aren't foods people usually find in their fridges. We don't practice cannibalism. She was upset when I said we should take out those cards. I wonder if those cards are appropriate for kids. The rest of the game is funny, but I wish I had looked through the cards before I gave it to her.

👤This game is so funny and devious that it will bring out people's competitive nature. The round was closer to 45 because we kept reshuffling the trash pile. It's very easy to play because the instructions are written on the cards themselves. We had a few scenarios where we had to change as the game went on, such as with the "Food Fight" action card. The deck has so many action cards that it was hard to draw ingredient cards for the Food Fight, so we decided that action cards are just null. Simple adjustment. The game is easy to play and the gross ingredients appeal to a kid's sense of humor, making it perfect for family night. We had a blast and are all in their 30s. One friend started cursing after getting the third health inspector. Our other friend called me a "heifer" when I hit her with Tummy Ache. This was a faith-based group for graduate students. We're looking forward to playing at our next monthly potluck after I bought the expansion pack. I might try to balance the deck with a few action cards, but that's my only negative from the whole game.

👤6 kids ranging from 20s to 9 could not comprehend it. We donated it after giving up. We got it for taco Tuesday nights and it's weird. I can't believe it was a kid who created it. There were cards that said puke-barf-boogers.

👤My husband and I play this game together. It is very easy to play. It is fun for a few rounds or a game night. You collect disgusting foods for your taco and try to get the most points by the end of the game. Good for people with a sense of humor.

👤Absolutely love the burrito. I bought it as a gift. I bought this game to add to our collection because most of the games we play with friends are not for children. I didn't have high expectations for this to be a game for adults but I was wrong. It is a hit with our group of friends. It becomes a major strategy game with adults. I bought it as a Christmas present and it was well received.

👤The game is going well. It was fun to play the first time, but after a while it became boring. Not a lot of strategy to it. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

👤I bought this game to play with my kids. We were looking through the cards and commenting on the silly food options they could put in their burrito. I didn't know what to say when my grandson asked what a human burger was. Is this option for cannibals who eat human flesh? I didn't want to explain the blood salsa. I said that we would play it later in the day. I think that the game oversteps what is silly and what is truly unacceptable in an effort to make the food options funnier. I wasted my money on it.

5. Fast Paced Family Friendly Stuffers Players

Fast Paced Family Friendly Stuffers Players

60 symbol cards and instructions are included. Get ready for a lot of fun. Smack it! The classic kid's card games Slap Jack and War have been reinvented. Two fun card games for kids that everyone loves to play. Smack it! It is easy to learn and fun to play. The game can be played by 2 to 7 people. Smack it! The average play time is between 7 and 14 minutes. It was great fun. Smack it will make your kids happy. It will become one of their favorite card games. If you blink your eyes, you might miss some of the action. It makes a great addition to family game night because it is easy for younger children to play and have fun with adults. Smack it! It is easier to learn than the classics: go fish, old maid, crazy eights or checkers. You can teach the game to your kids in a single minute. Smack it! It can be used to reinforce beginner math skills. It's a fun number recognition and comparison learning game, for example, 49 is greater than 36. Don't tell the kids.

Brand: Arizona Gameco

👤I ordered this item after having it in my cart for a couple weeks. It is a new game that our family can play. It is the perfect mix of war and slap jack. My 5 year old is learning higher numbers and that is helping her. My 3 year old loves the idea of it all. The packaging arrived on time and was very good. I always look for that when I have toddlers. My 3 year old loves the concept of the game and can play it with me, even though I think it's good for everyone over the age of 4. We have to tell her who the higher card is. If you are looking for a fun new game to play with your family, this is the game for you. Even though you might be lost, you can still try and steal the cards and end the game faster. The one who lost doesn't have to sit there for a while. The product is great. I don't review anything unless I absolutely love it or hate it.

👤My husband has Alzheimer's and I need to work with him. He used this aid well. He took the cards and they have vanished. I'm not sure if there is a hidden way to dispose of them. I will try to get another set since he did well with these cards.

👤I wanted to give my children a new game to play. It needed to be easy to learn, compact, and fun since this was after school. Smack it! is all of those things. The older people recognized the similarity to War and Slapjack. The youngest asked to play the game when I saw them again. It really helps the kids learn about numbers from 1 to 50. The cards were organized in 10's. The fact that each set of 10's is different is a plus. It was a bargain.

👤The card quality is poor for the price. I don't think this is a game to play for hours on end, but I would appreciate brand playing card quality. Is the game good? I have dealt with worse. There are other card games. This is a fast slap game and it is cheaper with better card quality. The cards look cheap and shuffle the same. They shuffle in a manegable way, but to me it's almost disposable card stock quality. The numbers are written on the card and the colors are not important. Your kids could just throw them on the table and shuffle them. That will work. Slamwich is a fast easy slap game and has excellent card quality. I would stick with Slamwich if I had a re-do. Kids and adults enjoy a few rounds of the game because of the higher quality card stock. I can't recommend this at 8 dollars or higher. The war is simple and light. The number cards don't matter at all, it's all about the "slap cards" and "challenege cards". I think young kids would enjoy it. I don't think this is a "drinking game" or fun for adults without some house rules. Quality is not good for the price. The business is in the USA and the actual game is in China if that matters to you. The rating is average. These are close to average card size and have a slick coat. The background is plain white and picks up color quickly. It is a great product and a good one, but it is only a good one if you have 7 year old children and 2 to 7 people. Don't smack.

6. Disney Family Feud Signature Game

Disney Family Feud Signature Game

For 3 or more players. A great gift for any Disney fan is 400 Disney survey questions on everything from Mickey Mouse to the Muppets. There are fun questions with exciting game play. How many slices of pizza do you think Goofy could eat? Which Disney villain is most likely to cheat? This classic game is easy to play and perfect for a family game night. The game is recommended for 3 or more players for adults and kids. Bring a Spin Master game with you when you get together with family and friends. The perfect activity for memorable game nights, birthdays, dinner parties, vacations, holiday and Christmas gifts, and any time you just want to have fun! There are 150 Face Off question cards, 50 Fast Money cards, 6 X cards, 2 Face Off pads, and an instruction sheet. The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details.

Brand: Disney

👤What a terrible game! My kids can't play this. I apologize for buying it. There are many questions and answers that have nothing to do Disney. The name of a movie is added to a question. I don't know who answered the surveys, but it seems like they weren't Disney fans. There are only 25 responses to some of the questions. What kind of survey was this? The packaging is cool.

👤I was excited to watch this game. My family loves Disney and Family Feud so it seemed like a win-win situation. The kids were excited. It was time to play on Christmas morning. We played it once and put it back in the box, so we don't think it will ever be played again. Questions have nothing to do with Disney. Save money on this one.

👤The purchase from Amazon was the only good thing about this experience. The game is very little to Disney and the questions seem to be out of left field. We realized very quickly that Mickey Mouse and Cinderella were the only answers to almost every question. My family is very fond of board games, but this was not fun. Not worth the money.

👤We love the game show. I thought the game would be more of DisneyTrivia. Most of the questions are just your interpretation of an answer, for example, "If you were to be a character, which one would you be?" The answers were random. All of the questions were vague and not very serious. We didn't like the concept.

👤My family and I love Disney. We weren't fans of the game we bought to play with my family. The questions were not about Disney at all. If Aladdin took you on a magic carpet ride, where would you go? Australia was the top answer, even though we all said England or Italy. It doesn't make sense. The original family feud game is better than the Disney one.

👤The game is stupid. The answers to the questions are completely random. One question was, "what Disney princess do you think of when you hear the word clever?" Cinderella was the top answer. First of all, no. She had to communicate with no voice, so she was much more clever. She had the ability to see Blackmail Flynn Ryder. There is no way to accurately win this game because it is all random guesses.

👤Half the cards were thrown out because they were too redundant for the Disney fan.

👤This game is terrible. 5 characters have nothing to do with the question. Why is Mickey Mouse the best character? The cat is in view. A terrible thing! Toy Story is the most recent movie that the people that made this have seen. The game is not flawless. I can't allow my children to play this because of public school education.

👤I'm really happy with the communication, I have plenty of time before Christmas.

👤It was not what I expected.

👤My family loves this game. If they know the basics, they can easily play. My kids love playing and taking turns leading.

7. Skillmatics Card Game Indoor Scavenger

Skillmatics Card Game Indoor Scavenger

A game that is completely unpredictable. For ages 3 and up. Found it! The game helps children learn as they go on the most exciting search and find game. Something smaller than your palm? etc.! The players must shout "FOUND IT!" As soon as they get their hands on the object. The first person to win 7 cards is the winner. Get your family off their devices and ready for a fun time at home with this card game. Found It Indoor Edition can be played at home, school and even on a play date. The set includes 50 game cards, an instruction manual, and a mess-free case that makes it perfect to play at home. Excellent Easter Basket Stuffer! Found it games are easy to use and make the perfect gift for any occasion. The educational game keeps children engaged for hours and increases their logical reasoning skills. The game can be played in 2 different ways. Key learning outcomes are phonological awareness, Measurements and Opposites, Numbers and Counting, Color Recognition and Mixing, Their Body and Health, Shapes and Spatial Relationships, Self-Awareness and Emotions.

Brand: Skillmatics

👤During the Pandemic, I had to do teletherapy with young children. It is difficult to keep focused. When I feel that they are losing interest, I pull out one of those cards and bring them back into the conversation. Do you have phone conversations with children? Are you a non-custodial parent or an out of state grandparent? This is the game for you.

👤The concept is educational and entertaining for kids and adults to play together.

👤My niece had fun playing this game. It was easy for her to learn and she liked going to different rooms to find things. When my sister played the first time, she only took out a small portion of the cards, so she scattered some items around the room to see how it went. My niece thought of things from the prompt that meant something to her and went and found them somewhere else. My sister said that she will be able to vary the number of cards depending on the time available and how old she is. They like the questions at the bottom of the card. She was so excited about her new game when she got out the box of cards to show her friends. Everyone can play a game.

👤I bought this for my great-granddaughter. She will enjoy camping with them. I like to play games outside with my kids.

👤Purchase for my niece and she loves it.

👤This is not for people who can't read. Not very enjoyable!

👤I have two kids, a 6 and 12 year old. My 12 year old heard it and joined in, even though it was meant for my 6 year old. I sat on the couch and read cards while they played for an hour. We learned a lot from the questions on the cards. It was great! I ordered the travel version and outdoor version too.

👤My 7 year old loves playing. We bought it. It was designed on the lines of a scavenger hunt. Found it would be a good recommendation. To anyone who wants to make learning exciting for kids.

👤It's very easy to do and it keeps them busy.

👤My nephew was hooked. It was a great way for him to learn. Simple, sophisticated and great learning. The other Skillmatics products will be tried.

👤I have no idea how to play with the cards because there were no instructions. I'm sure it is a great game.

👤I ordered this product for my nephew and he loves it. The product I received was in good condition. The box is very sturdy and the packaging is great. The game is fun to play and keeps your child occupied. This game has been a fun way to ensure my nephew's movement and learning indoors, in a fun way, when we all have to stay home.

8. Players Average Playtime Minutes Zygomatic

Players Average Playtime Minutes Zygomatic

Fine motor skills, visual recognition skills, and focus are encouraged. For ages 8 and up. There is a visual game. The whole family enjoys five different games modes that test who is the fastest to spot matching symbols and call them out, as Spot It! hones players' observational skills and lightning-fast reflexes. The game is fun. The Spot It! deck has fun symbols and pictures. The cards in the deck have the same symbol or picture. It's perfect for young players. Spot It! helps develop skills in focus, visual perception, speech-language, and fine motor skills. The game will be enjoyable for all ages. It is easy to learn. Spot it! It's a fast to learn and teach game that's portable and perfect to take anywhere. There are a number of players and average play time. Spot it! The average playtime is 15 minutes.

Brand: Zygomatic

👤We have so many different spot it versions in our house that I have to say this one is a bit disappointing. Some of the characters are printed in a way that is hard to tell what they are. My 7 year old who is addicted to the comic books and owns action figures of all the characters struggled to identify some of them. We had fun playing it.

👤This is a gift for my 10 and 7 year old nephews. They thought this edition was cool because they had the original version. Good quality cards. We have had great times playing this with our family.

👤Spot It is a great game, but it is even better with the characters and items.

👤I like Spot and playing the version from the comic book company is more enjoyable. The cards are easy to handle and the characters are easy to recognize. I love playing with my nephew.

👤The game is fun to play. Fast paced and exciting!

👤The original Spot it was fun. No problem with it.

👤The game is fun for all ages.

👤Mi sobrino de 6 aos. Est divertido. Hermanos de 10 and 12 are available.

👤A mis hijos, lo tienen una relacin a la calidad.

9. Hasbro Gaming Yahtzee Jr Preschoolers

Hasbro Gaming Yahtzee Jr Preschoolers

There are 31 cards in a tin canister. Introduce your kids to the game with the Yahtzee Jr. Disney Princess edition board game for children. There is a Disney Princess caricature. The Disney Princess characters that kids love are: Snow White, Mulan, and Rapunzel. The score was ROLL, MATCH. The players try to match as many Disney Princess characters as they can. The higher their score, the more princesses they can match. No reading is required. The Disney Princess characters can be matched up on the board with the help of the dice. A gift for kids. The Yahtzee Jr. game is fun for kids of all ages. It's a great gift for Disney Princess fans.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤I'm not happy. My daughter is excited to open this and play. We had naked dice when we opened it. A sheet of stickers was supposed to be added to the dice. We didn't get the sticker sheet. My 5 year old is trying to find some Disney princess stickers so we can play a game that she has been dying to play, and she is currently going through her sticker stash to find some.

👤There are better games out there. It was expected to be more like Yahtzee. The dice rolling concept was what made it different from Yahtzee. It seemed rather convoluted.

👤I don't know how they can call this game a game like Yahtzee. There was a chance to teach younger kids how fun Yahtzee can be.

👤I should have looked at the reviews. It was very cheap to put stickers on the dice and punch out cheap cardboard pieces. It is very cheap and simple.

👤The game was purchased for a 6 year old princess on our grandparents holiday list. I didn't open the box but it looks like my children played the game 30 years ago. The recipient will be very happy by the princess theme design. Shipping was fast. Thank you Amazon.

👤My 4 year old granddaughter loves it. It's perfect for occupying a little girl during Covid and her 2 year old sister gets the idea so she can play with help from mom and dad.

👤I bought this for my granddaughters. It took some time to punch out all the cards after putting all the stickers on the dice. They didn't want to play any more after I figured out the instructions. The small cheap game board was accidentally moved, throwing all our token out of place. There was no point in continuing. The game was poorly designed. The game board was a disaster. Very disappointed. I wanted my grand children to be occupied for at least a half hour. They can play candy Land for hours on end.

👤The whole point of the game is very thin. Four-year-olds don't understand terms like "wild" It's not fun.

10. Big Potato Disney Colorbrain Family

Big Potato Disney Colorbrain Family

3 years and above Do you remember the color of Princess Elsa's eyes in Frozen? How about the color of Woody's vest? There is a rainbow in your hands. All the questions can be answered with one or more of the 11 color cards in your hand. If you want to live happily ever after, put down the right color and wait for the other teams to slip up. The first team to score ten points is the winner. There are 250 questions from over 20 Disney films. Whether you are a Mulan master or a Hercules hotshot, there is something for everyone. Bring a Spin Master game with you when you get together with family and friends. The perfect activity for memorable game nights, birthdays, dinner parties, vacations, holiday and Christmas gifts, and any time you just want to have fun! There are 44 color cards, 250 question cards, and 4 color capture cards. The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details.

Brand: Big Potato

👤The production quality was disappointing. The card thickness is a joke. These cards are not going to last very long. A lot of the cards were scratched up very nicely. Take out the box and throw the cards away. The movie logo is asked on all the cards. Hello! The movie logo is on every card. What color is Scars mane? Hello! There is a card on the table.

👤The last few days our family has had a lot of fun playing this game. The box has a number on it. My 5 year old is able to play it on his own. The quality of the cards is an issue for me. We can't read some of the "question" cards because the printer wasn't right. Very disappointing.

👤This has become a family favorite. My child can play it and love it. You think it will be more challenging. My kids are 5, 13, and 15 years old. My husband and I enjoy it. I will not say that certain colors are thought of differently by different people. One person can say green and another can say yellow, for example. The rest of the game makes up for it when this happens.

👤I know it says 8+ on the box. My kids love to play with us. They help on either mom or dads team. My 6yr old is better at this game than I am. I'm thinking about getting the not Disney version of the game. The incredibles logo color is on the card already because it says each movie in which the thing being described is from. That is not good. It has been a couple that have been obvious. There is a good mix of movies and questions. It has been enjoyable playing in groups. Woodys vest is from a toy story. I thought of brown and yellow. The other team was red and brown. But it wasn't! His shirt is brown and yellow and his scarf is red. We all pictured the right colors, but not the vest. Which is the hide of the cow? Black and white. The game can get you. There are a lot of places where we think we know them but are off on one color and more times than not it is just a shade away. It was like red and orange. I am very happy that we added this game to our game pile. Will be looking at the normal version as well.

👤You need to be a big fan of Disney to play this. My kids enjoy this game but get sick of losing to me quickly, and my husband who doesn't like Disney movies hates this game and won't play it with me. I find it helpful that each card tells you what movie the character or object is from and how many colors it is looking for on the back, this helps my kids.

👤I bought this for our kids after care program and it's taken out every week. I bought it for the school age kids because the teens love to play with them, and the preschoolers join in too, because you just have to know your colors. This game will provide hours of fun for Disney fans. The card advises if it is looking for one color or 2 colors, if it is Randal in Monsters Inc. Each player puts down their color cards. Whoever gets the right color gets the point. The first round wins the game. You can play as Disney characters as a team or individually.

11. Asmodee SP100 Spot It Finding

Asmodee SP100 Spot It Finding

It's fun for 1 or more player. A game about finding things. There are up to eight players playing at a time. There are fifty different symbols to look for. Multiple mini- games allow for endless play. It is easy to learn and easy to teach.

Brand: Asmodee

👤This is a great game. We have played the original spot with family for a couple years now and decided we needed our own set to play at home. The Finding Dory version is cute and adds some fun, but I am disappointed that there are so few cards in the regular deck. It makes the rounds a lot shorter when we are a family of 5. This game has short rounds, so it is not good for some games. Good quality. The cards are flimsy and will get ruined if wet, so keep them away from little ones.

👤The container is large with not enough cards. The game goes too fast because it only has 30 cards. There are too many pictures on the card. You get dory in a game. I think there was more variety in finding Nemo than putting dory on every card. My kids love it. They don't like this deck. Disappointed.

👤This is an embarrassment of disappointment. The tin can is the only thing special about this. The excess can space at the bottom was used to create a card holder. Otherwise... The pictures in the card are amateur. It is like a bootleg version of the movie. They spent more money to make the canister look authentic. It is beautiful.

👤All the Spot-It games are fun to play. Children and elderly people have fun playing this game. It's small and comes in a metal case. It's easy to keep in a locker, backpack, glove compartment, etc. If it's in your carry on, the x-ray is going to call you out, so just be prepared or put it in the bucket with laptop and phone. I'm very excited to play the Dora version of the Spot-it games.

👤My kids are 3, 4 and 7 and we love Spot it games for all ages. You can play the game in a number of ways, which can accommodate a 2 player game or more. They have different versions of Frozen, regular spot it, waterproof set, and Dory. I love having different sets for the car, diaper bag, game room and camper, it's the same game and idea, but different.

👤We thought it would be fun to change it up a bit with this deck. The tin only has half the amount of cards as the original one. My fault was not comparing them enough before buying.

👤Our family is very hard working. Spot It fans. We play for blood. The original Spot is the problem with this edition. The game has 55. The game goes too fast and it makes it feel like a joke. It makes no sense that there are so few to begin with when we are buying a second set. When the tin arrived 1/3 full, we thought there was a quality control issue.

👤I was really disappointed when I saw the same size as the original Spot It, but the bottom of the tin had fewer cards, making it look full. This deck only has 30 cards, compared to 57 or 58 cards in the original set. I was expecting a lot of Dory characters on the cards, but instead there were random "coral, wave, otter" icons. I think this will be fun for littles, but I was disappointed.


What is the best product for eye found it card games disney?

Eye found it card games disney products from Hasbro Gaming. In this article about eye found it card games disney you can see why people choose the product. Kids Against Maturity and Taco Vs Burrito are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye found it card games disney.

What are the best brands for eye found it card games disney?

Hasbro Gaming, Kids Against Maturity and Taco Vs Burrito are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye found it card games disney. Find the detail in this article. Arizona Gameco, Disney and Skillmatics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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