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1. I SPY Snap Card Game

I SPY Snap Card Game

Top Trumps Match comes in a handy self-contained plastic case, which is easy to set up and pack away. A new twist on a classic game. Call out the matching objects if you find them first. I SPY artwork makes the game fun and intriguing. For 3 or more players.

Brand: Briarpatch

👤Not "I spy snap". This is a card game where you match the pairs. The pairs are not perfect, so it's better for older children who are still interested in playing a memory game. There is a new version of I spy snap that comes in a red box, and the older version came in a yellow box.

👤My 2 year old loves this game.

👤I won't be able to give the cards as a gift because they were torn when they arrived.

👤It's a great game for the entire family.

👤I purchased the cards because they didn't match the cards shown in the photograph. If you are selling a newer version of the product, you should make it clear that. I was disappointed that I had bought these for a project.

👤When we have a games day at school, this game is great for the students because I teach it to kids.

2. Regal Games Classic Card Game

Regal Games Classic Card Game

Six timeless kids card games will provide hours of entertainment. Quality. The extra-large cards are easy to hold and read for children and adults of all ages. These classic card games have been updated with fun, timeless graphics that are accessible for your family and friends, young and old to enjoy. Help your child learn about numbers, colors, and matching while having fun. You love all the games. Old Maid, Go Fish, Slap Jack, Crazy 8's, War, and Silly Monster Memory Match are included in this set.

Brand: Regal Games

👤The card game fun in this value pack was enjoyed by my grandson and I. The cards in these game packs are very colorful, durable, and finished with top quality coating. We have been playing these card games for many hours and have had a lot of fun.

👤The price was about $2.50 a piece. They were undamaged and as promised. This was given to a family dealing with COVID and it helped entertain the kids while the parents were resting. The family was very appreciative. The kids thought the games were fun and the parents were able to relax. It was a victory. I will be sending them to our friends. It was well worth the money. There aren't more sets like these to buy. A lot of family games are not appealing. The oldies and goodies are favorites. I will order this item again. I hope this helps someone make a purchase decision.

👤We bought this pack of cards for our grandson because we both remember the deck of "Go Fish." The deck seemed to be like that. It wasn't. It is a regular card deck that doesn't have Jacks, Queens or Kings, but ugly fish that are not like any fish in the world, and some poor quality drawings of Fish.

👤I got these because I enjoy playing with my friends and I used to play them all the time.

👤My daughter and I have been playing old maid and fishing together. She is 4 years old. She likes her cards. We played with a ball around Christmas. It was better with more players because my daughter's attention span isn't quite there to play a whole game with just us two. This will be like getting a new toy every year as I slowly phase them in.

👤I am happy with the games. The cards are easy to recognize. Our grandson loves Old Maid. The occupations depicted in child-like pictures are perfect to introduce him to jobs in America. I just opened the Go Fish game and I am disappointed in the fish pictures, so minus one star. It's more about numbers than fish. The cartoons are okay. Our other Go Fish decks have recognizable fish and labels. The other decks have not been explored by me.

👤My grand son and I play classic card games. He is going to teach me video games, and I am willing to learn. I am going to introduce him to my favorite games which allowed for a lot of laughter and good natured teasing. The pack of card games is perfect for the upcoming games.

👤The cards are hard to see while holding them. The players hold about 15 to 20 cards before you match them up. If there were marked corners like on typical playing cards, that would be much more manageable. We were looking through the cards to see what we had. We were all adults playing a game. It would be hard for a young child to handle and flip through.

3. Llama Drama Card Game

Llama Drama Card Game

The skill level is intermediate. You'll want to play this llama-loaded card game again and again. Simple and easy to play. There are video instructions on the website. Horse-play is not included. The llama-play was included. Except for the spitting part. 3-4 players, 7+. You can buy a second deck to play with up to 8 players. There is a new card game for families and friends. It is easy to learn and play. It's best for kids ages 7 and up.

Brand: Llama Drama

👤My bank and email told me that the game price had been changed. There was no clear reason given for me not to request a refund. It's cheap. It's fast and plays the same with 2 players as it does with max players. The theme is weak and you will find it lacking background and questions, when you describe the rules to new people. The "llama hierarchy" is poorly executed. The blind cards at the end of the game mean you don't need strategy to win. -- Picking up the whole discard pile is just a lazy mechanic. I like to own games, so I add anything that looks interesting to my collection. I found it interesting when I played it alone. When I play it with other people, they are not very enthusiastic about it. You have to be a special kind of strategist to play this game. It's not fun. You should only play to win. There is no laughing or smiling while playing this game. It's not a good game and no one wants to play it again. How to play: 1. The cards are shuffled. 2. 3 cards each face down and spread out. There are 3 face-up cards on top of the face down ones. You have 5 cards in your hand. 3. The player who lays down the first card is the winner. 4. The second player is playing a game. Depending on what your opponent just laid down, you can only lay certain cards. 5. After a turn, you draw up to 5 and the draw pile runs out 6. When you can't play a card, you pick up the discard pile and add it to your hand. There is a rating of 6.5. Get annoyed 7. Your only play options are your face up cards, when the draw pile is empty. When your face up cards are gone, you have to play blind from the face down cards and hope it works out. You never play again if one person wins.

👤Absolutely love this game. This is our new favorite game. The rules make it easy to get started. Games usually last 5-15 minutes and include strategy and chance to be fun. I took it with me when we went out with a group of kids. If you have more than five players, I recommend buying a second pack, but we've played it with five players and a single pack and had fun. You can't go wrong buying this game.

👤It's a fair cracka. I whipped out this little beaut after having my friends around for a few days. The sheilas were lappin it up. Get around it. This is a great game. It's easy to learn and play and you can bring drinks into the game. It's cheap as chips. Will be buying for friends.

👤This game is great for everyone. The game rules are very easy to understand, it's easy to transport in pockets or a purse, and the play through is hilarious and different every single time you play. It's the best thing that you can play with as little as 2 people and still have fun. Just combine the decks. A game of 3-4 people is usually over in 15 minutes. It's quick, but everyone wants to play more. I own 2 of the older paper models and 2 of the newer plastic ones. The older paper cards are more convenient to play and shuffle with than the newer plastic ones. The plastic ones are easy to slide on. The plastic ones are the way to go if you play by a pool or messy kids.

4. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

All iPad except Generation 1-4 are comparable. The iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch are required. There is a minimum version needed. A game of deception and betrayal. The wooden components are beautiful. The game boards have foil inlay. Five to ten players have hidden roles and secret envelopes.

Brand: Secret Hitler

👤The game alludes to the fact that American conservatives are fascist. It is offensive to the Jewish community and to every person who has served in this country.

👤I'll give you a bit of back ground. I'm a senior in high school. I didn't know a lot of girls in my time here. I don't really focus on it. Seniors go on a retreat for three days and it's all about camaraderie. I was having a good time until we had some free time and some kids brought a game I'd heard about on the internet; Secret Hitler. I had trouble getting into it but the group I was with showed me the ropes and I made a pretty good game. We go back to our normal BS after free time ends, everyone is excited about the game and can't wait to play it tomorrow. After a day of free time, we hurry to our table to play. We all get serious about it, shouting expletives at each other so loud that the entire complex can hear it. We decide to do one more game after about 20 minutes. I'm Hitler for the first time. I was trusted by all the liberals and had even root out fascists on purpose, so I proceeded to have the most fantastic match as Hitler ever witnessed. It was the final round, liberals and fascists were tied, and an undercover fascist was the president. After about five minutes of people begging the president to give me the chancellorship, we finally voted on me and I yelled "DeUTSCHLAND" and I had pulled off the most perfect match ever. We're all sitting in the main room and I hear some guys say "we have to do this again sometime" I was asked if I could come along. I was invited too and they were talking about back at their houses. We all go home after the retreat ends. Two weeks later, a guy holds the Secret Hitler game at his house, and I hit it off very well with the group and become more or less of an official member. A member of the group tells me that he could hook me up with a prom date because I didn't know anyone. She is very nice and genuine, and I agree with you. We go to the prom. I'm amazed that I'm here because of a board game, it's one of the best nights of my life. I couldn't have done it without you.

👤This title is not funny. The Holocaust was the work of an evil person who killed millions of people.

👤5 starts for quality of the board and pieces and 0 for the game. The first few times you play this with your friends, you'll have a lot of fun and laugh and think it's a great game. The element of chance ruins a deduction game. You're supposed to figure out who hitler is by analyzing people's behavior. About 30% of the time a player is forced to play one token or another with the rest of the table having no idea if it was by choice or not. There is no real strategy to the game. The game is on the shelf.

5. Marvel Can Do That Game

Marvel Can Do That Game

The perfect Christmas gift for everyone. It doesn't matter how old you are. The Handheld Water Game is perfect for people over the age of 5. It's easy to play and challenging at the same time. It does not need batteries or charging. The rings and balls are propelled by the two buttons. It is easy and fun. I can do that! There are 45 activity cards, 1 foam portal, 1 Cosmic cube, 1 green Goblin, 1 Spider-Man's web, 1 Captain America's shield, and instructions. It's a great gift for families who love to play games together, because it's fun to play a game in 15 minutes. It's possible to start playing right away with easy to understand instructions. I can do that. Each game is unique so this toy can be played over and over again. Wonder Forge has consistently offered top-quality experiences since it was launched in 2007, raising the bar for preschool and family games everywhere. The titles celebrate the can do attitude of all kids. The family games help bridge generation gaps.

Brand: Wonder Forge

👤My five year old received this for Christmas. He likes it. Some of the activities are difficult for adults, but the kids can do them all. They like it silly and fun. They don't understand how to count the stars to see who won. They have fun. The kids are getting active during the game. Some of the pieces are not very strong. They have held up so far. The cube doesn't fit in the box inflated so you have to deflate it. A great game, except for that.

👤I got this for my son's birthday. He and his brother broke the green foam on the first day. It was their fault, but I wish it had been able to stand up the kids who were trying to be superheros, which is the point of the game.

👤"I Can Do That!" is a game to play with your family. Some of the tasks are difficult for an adult to accomplish, but kids love to watch their parents struggle through them! We've had a lot of fun with this game and I've seen my children gain confidence in their abilities.

👤Is fun and helps my son use his motor functions. I got this because his therapist uses a similar game. My daughter and I play it with my son and it's fun to watch and do some of the tasks.

👤My kids love this game. We got it for our children's birthday. He plays it with our children. They are too big for it, but still enjoy playing it all together, even though it is hard to fit under the green portal. My son's birthday is definitely a Best Buy. The green portal only comes about 16 inches off the ground, so we set the feet up on something to make it bigger for the older kids. It is simple to learn and they can play their own game without a parent having to come and referee or read directions. I will buy this for my family.

👤My kids love this game. It's easy to modify to fit your child. The concept of the game is easy to understand. The winner and loser of the game are determined by the amount of stars that you get, so we don't do that and just have them try their best to do it.

👤A great gift for a person who loves marvels. Kids love it. My active kids don't have to sit and play a game because it is easy to play. They love the superhero weapons and this game helps focus their energy. Spiderman's web requires you to be a little more careful so they don't break. It is a great buy for kids and marvel lovers of all ages.

👤The I can Do That games are perfect for young children who are just learning to play a game. The directs are simple and the little ones are interested.

6. Players Average Playtime Minutes Zygomatic

Players Average Playtime Minutes Zygomatic

There is a board game for people of all ages. This quest is about stuff. You Should Know Edition is a great game for teens and adults. There is a visual game. The whole family enjoys five different games modes that test who is the fastest to spot matching symbols and call them out, as Spot It! hones players' observational skills and lightning-fast reflexes. The game is fun. The Spot It! deck has fun symbols and pictures. The cards in the deck have the same symbol or picture. It's perfect for young players. Spot It! helps develop skills in focus, visual perception, speech-language, and fine motor skills. The game will be enjoyable for all ages. It is easy to learn. Spot it! It's a fast to learn and teach game that's portable and perfect to take anywhere. There are a number of players and average play time. Spot it! The average playtime is 10 minutes.

Brand: Zygomatic

👤Spot It is a great game. This one is too small to play with. The games will last a little longer if I buy a second set.

👤Spot it is a game we love and we use the original, a chick-Fil-a kid meal version, and the camping version in our school. These cards are used in our brain training program for my daughter. I thought the Pixar version was cool. She will like this new one. She got it for Christmas. We played for the first time today. I'm thinking where the rest of the cards are when I open it up. There are 30 cards. The other versions have 55. There is no reason to think this version would have fewer. You would have to look at the small print in the second picture to see that there are only 30 cards. Some of the characters on the cards are obscure. It is hard for my older eyes to recognize what they are when they are small. I'm quite disappointed that we will still use this. Understand what you are getting.

👤The deck of cards in this set only has 30 cards, not 55 as in the original game. If you're playing with younger children, that's fine.

👤I bought this game for my son and his family, the children are ages 6 and 3 currently. He said the kids had a great time playing the game. The little guy did a great job with it and they plan on making it a weekly activity. Awesome!

👤This game is easy to learn. I would have liked more cards. There could have been more cards in Pixar movies. There are many more cards in other sets and themes.

👤Spot It is one of the most family friendly games we own. This version has some of our favorite Pixar characters in it.

👤It's hard to find a game for a good price. Thank you! They can't beat all their favorite characters in one game.

👤When we saw this game, we knew we needed to add it to our family game night. The other games have 55 cards, but this one has 30. The Pixar characters are disappointing. They don't leave out many favorites. This was a big miss for us. It's a pity.

👤Ahora, ser ms fcil para me, porque tienes personas de Pixar.

👤Nos hemos divertido mucho, pero aunque no conocemos.

👤Muy pocas tarjetas y dibujos de poca calidad.

7. Find Games Version Original Adventure

Find Games Version Original Adventure

If you play the game and it's not good, just let them know via Amazon's messaging platform and they'll give you a full refund. No questions asked! Fine motor skills, visual recognition skills, and focus are encouraged. For ages 8 and up.

Brand: Find It Games

👤My grandmother has dementia. I think she will be 90 this year. Not sure. She looked at many pieces. It was fun for her to identify the other pieces. She wasn't completely aware of the game, but that wasn't the point. She was able to find items and recognize others.

👤I work at a daycare. My kids are having fun with it. When they find objects in the mix, they get excited. Helping kids develop their powers of observation is definitely something that contributes to that. The toy has a lot of different things to look for, but there are more than what is listed to find so it keeps things interesting. I would buy it again.

👤I bought this for my friend's son. They leave it on their porch and use it a lot. She likes to cook to keep him busy. She wants him to look for the letter C. This is a really clever idea. Each time is different. You shake it up and try to find the objects listed on top.

👤It's great for travel. A good tool to calm down time. My son's school has it for the kids to play with, and I found out after I bought it. It is a great way to get a child to calm down. Also, Momma loves this! I haven't been able to find the penny.

👤My kids were going on a 6 hour car trip and I bought this for them. They are young. It's great for traveling because it's all one piece and never the same game. My daughter is 32 and she likes to play it. I win points.

👤It seems like the correct "Find It" game is not available. I have ordered the wrong version of TWICE. The first time was a dinosaur and the second time was a night out. What do you need to do to get the right one?

👤This was bought for our big trip out west to yellowstone NP. Our daughter was kept entertained. Best part? It's not a toy that makes any noise. It was priceless.

👤I bought this for a 3 1/2 year old for Christmas, even though it says 8 years on the toy. I bought it because I had read previous reviews. On Christmas, with so many presents, the 3 1/2 year old came to sit by me with this toy to find all the secret items. When I saw the toy that you can see letters right away, I was happy that it didn't discourage the young children from playing with it.

8. Spot It Spot It Game

Spot It Spot It Game

A gift for kids. The Yahtzee Jr. game is fun for kids of all ages. It's a great gift for Disney Princess fans. There are differences between packaging color and packaging labeling. The same contents are within.

Brand: Blue Orange Games

👤I recommend that all parents buy this game and play it with their kids. I help kids pay attention to what they are looking at. Success in math comes down to two things. 1 Knowing similarities and differences is different than following rules even if they feel the same. The game will help with these skills. I have evidence of consistent growth of 1.5 to 2.5 years of academic progress in a single school year for most of my students. Help your kids buy this game, play it regularly, and apply the skills to any task.

👤I was disappointed. I ordered 'Dobble' along with the game'spot-it'. I didn't know these games were the same thing. The games are the same as the packaging and names. I looked it up online after I realized the problem. The American version of "Dobble" is called Spot-It. The only other difference is that some of the symbols were changed on the'spot-it' version. The game Dobble had a few symbols that were confusing for American players so they made two different versions of the game. I wish I had known this before I bought them.

👤We all played this game together while on vacation. Sometimes you will think there is nothing on your card that matches the card on the draw pile, but there is always one match. I bought it for my family after we got back from vacation, and now I play with my kids.

👤We play this game with kids as young as 4 years old. You can get through a game quickly. Younger kids can use their same card throughout the game to make it easier for them. The only time I had a problem with the packaging was when it was packed with a large box of drinks. The game box was crushed by the milk box.

👤This is a 4 star total because the packaging was ripped open. I am not sure why the tin was ripped, it was just fine, and the contents were untouched. It was just fine. I didn't have to return it since the packaging is usually thrown away. I only gave 4 stars because of that. The game is a huge hit with the whole family.

👤The games go quickly. The games are not very different from one another despite the rules provided. Adults enjoyed their first games and wanted to go back. This will be a fun game for all ages. It is difficult to shuffle the cards.

👤This was a gift to someone. We were expecting a nice box with the game inside, but instead we got a small metal tin. We were embarrassed to give it as a gift. The price is too high for a small item. It was very disappointing.

👤The game was fun and my neighbor introduced me to it. I bought one for myself. I bought this one for my boyfriend. They love it too. It seems like it would be boring and easy, but it is very fun and challenging. When we spot it, we end up laughing. It is a great game for family and friends to play, and you can even play it alone. It's highly recommended for anyone.

9. Classic Players Playtime Packaging Zygomatic

Classic Players Playtime Packaging Zygomatic

There are 62 laminated, double-sided play cards, graphic rules, word score cards, and BONUS 10 dino stickers in a collector travel tin. There is a visual game. The whole family enjoys five different games modes that test who is the fastest to spot matching symbols and call them out, as Spot It! hones players' observational skills and lightning-fast reflexes. A fun gift for kids. The perfect gift for boys and girls is the easy to learn card game. An easy stocking stuffer idea for children to enjoy. Each card has a picture in common with the other cards in the deck for fun matching games. It's perfect for young players. Spot It! helps develop skills in focus, visual perception, speech-language, and fine motor skills. The players of all ages will enjoy the game play. It is easy to learn. Spot it! It's fast to learn and teach, and its portable tin makes it the perfect game to take anywhere. There are a number of players and average play time. Spot it! The average playtime is 15 minutes.

Brand: Zygomatic

👤I wanted to challenge my granddaughter with Spot It because she loves playing the match game Zingo. It took her a couple of games to understand it, but she can play it with her parents and I. She loves it when she finds the match first. It is a great family game and can be played with just two players.

👤My 8 year old and I play this game together a lot. It is a short and fun game that helps him get over a bad moment and it is a great way to bond with his younger siblings. My son taught it to his great grandma and she bought one for her and her other children.

👤Excellent quality. It is easy to learn. Encourages association of pictures. I bought an 8 year old granddaughter with attention deficit disorder. It is the right thing for her, because she is struggling with her younger sister. Hopefully this will help her focus.

👤This is a great game for people of all ages. My daughter liked playing this game. They had been out of school for a while. They were going back to school for 50 days. One class had this game and she asked me to buy it because she loved it so much. It's like 6 games in one. Different versions of the same game. The party game is great.

👤The game is easy to learn and play for all ages. You can mix it up with a few different ways to play. It's easy to travel with. Great gift! Highly recommend for young kids to my 65 year old parents and in laws enjoyed playing.

👤I bought the pocket version of the game. I was expecting the bigger one to have more card or different varieties. That isn't true. I was very disappointed that 1/3 of the container was empty. The game is still entertaining. The pocket size is small and uses up all the space and doesn't trick you.

👤My daughter is 10 years old and she really enjoys this game. She went to bed with my husband. I was playing it. It's fun.

👤Games can be adjusted for all ages. My grandson and his sister love this. It's good for hand coordination for Seniors.

👤Aundo, tienes transportar a donde sea.

👤Me gusto, con el empaque, en buen estado. Para nios y adultos, excelente.

👤Para pasar una tarde con amigos o familia, lo sper recomiendo. Es un juego diferente.

👤Juego fcil, bueno, para la destreza mental.

10. Throw Burrito Dodgeball Exploding Kittens

Throw Burrito Dodgeball Exploding Kittens

Don't forget to say "UNO" when you're down to one card. The World's First Dodgeball Card Game is a game in which you dodge and throw airborne burritos while collecting matching sets of cards. Exploding Kittens is the creators of award-winning, hilarious and entertaining games for adults, teens and kids. A simple and easy game for kids and adults to play is called A Simple and Easy Game for Kids and Adults. When you get hit by squishy burritos, you lose points. There are cards to collect. Play with your hand. Throw things at your friends, and you'll get to play travel games, camping games, and picnic games. 120 cards, 7 token, and 2 foam burritos are included in the 15 Minutes to Play game.

Brand: Exploding Kittens Llc

👤I wanted something new and different to play at the family game night next week. Our family likes rummy. I thought I'd give 'Throw Throw Burrito' a try, even though we've never played or purchased any of their games. Even though someone in my family tends to hurt themselves when we all get together. When this arrived, my husband and I sat down to learn how to play so that we can teach everyone else. It's easy to learn for all ages. Even with just two people, it was a lot more fun to play with a bigger group. I matched the 'Burrito War' cards, which means everyone grabs for a burrito and throws it at another player. I whipped a burrito at my husband's chest, but it hit him in the face because I have terrible aim and we were sitting very close to each other. He told me that we are not allowed to play this game anymore. I knew he meant me when he said 'we'. I cannot be trusted to not hit him in the face with a squishy burrito, so I am not allowed to play. He hid the box. I will be breaking this out on family game night.

👤I got the game today and took the pics in the bathroom, but only in the house with good lighting. I was very excited when I received this game. I opened the box and blew up the Burrito, which was the largest one I had ever seen. I know they said it was huge. I was expecting a foot. I was wrong. This thing is 3 feet tall and it is a challenge just to blow it up. You cannot wait to throw it at someone when you get blown up. I was so excited for my next game night because of the thought of chucking this burrito at someone. I was worried about being able to throw it because it's large and full of air, but it has enough weight to travel, so I'm happy about that. This version of the game comes with 2 Burritos, 2 decks of oversized cards, and rubber game pieces that feel like rubber game pieces. The burrito has two air holes, one at the top and one at the bottom. The box that the game comes in has a handle that makes travel easier. I love this game. I haven't played it yet. Next game night, I will try it out with my friends.

👤We played the game for the first time at a work party with eight people in their 40s. After playing six rounds of the game, we came up with crazy ideas as to how we could turn it into an all day game or even take it outside and play across larger distances. Our group found the game to be hilarious and appropriate for all ages, despite the fact that other reviewers called it "immature as heck". The game was only made for 2-6 and we played with eight people. The rules will get modified to accommodate fewer players and it will be less fun. We made it work for eight by reducing each player's personal draw deck from 15 to 10 at the beginning of the game. One or two slow players can lead to all of the cards ending up at one end of the table and the other end waiting for cards to be passed. I wish they had an expansion pack to 888-269-5556.

11. Hasbro Gaming Classic Card Guess

Hasbro Gaming Classic Card Guess

It's a great gift for kids, families, and friends. The guess who? The game is a card game. Kids can enjoy a twist on Guess Who? This card game is fun to play. There is a fun travel game. This is a guess. It's fun to take Who? with you when you travel to keep your kids entertained. Make a guess. Each player lays out their Character cards in front of them and picks a Mystery card from the deck. There is a game for kids. The Guess Who? card game can be used for birthday gifts or stocking stuffers.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤I was excited to try the game out after we got it. We have a 5 year old son who likes to play games with me, but it's not always easy to find ones he can understand. The game is easy to play. One player gets the red cards, the other player gets the blue cards. You can place them in a grid in front of you. The "Mystery" cards are the yellow cards. Each player keeps a secret. The rest are put away until the next game. Guess Who asks yes or no questions. If he asked if my person had any money. He would remove all of his cards with suspects who did not have earnings, leaving a smaller number of his blue cards face up. I am sure my son will catch on as we play more and that he needed a bit of help explaining which cards he needed to remove. I think this game is very good.

👤I got these cards for my kids because I loved the game as a kid. These were the only things I could find. The cards are larger and show more detail. The character are contemporary looking. They are not the same looking characters I grew up with. Do you mean orange or red head? You can put all the cards in your backpack if you have a wide playing area. What does travel friendly mean? I think so. You can almost guarantee that you will lose cards if you have kids. If you ask the right questions, my kids will ask deeper questions than "Is your person black/white?"

👤Modern characters are fun. We play without the question "boy-girl" because there are an equal number of male and female characters. Half the characters are eliminated in one shot and this shortens the game. Maybe in the next edition they will add names from other cultures. Come on, let's have an Ali or a Liping.

👤I thought I was buying something that was not good from car trips.

👤Two people are playing a game together. The three year old had trouble with it, but the six year old caught on. The game is labeled appropriately. I'm the only one who's guessed correctly so far, it requires a little thought as to which way to answer the questions. I think he's getting used to how to eliminate people and narrow down the choices. The cards seem to stand up well to use. The box was difficult to open and torn.

👤The cards are great, it's like a game of guess who. There are three decks of cards. One person gets a red deck, one person gets a blue deck, and the other person gets a yellow deck in a two person game. I think 6 and up is a good age range for this game, my six year old loves it, and I think it's a good game for young and old. It's great for traveling because it's a lot smaller than the original game.


What is the best product for eye found it card games marvel?

Eye found it card games marvel products from Briarpatch. In this article about eye found it card games marvel you can see why people choose the product. Regal Games and Llama Drama are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye found it card games marvel.

What are the best brands for eye found it card games marvel?

Briarpatch, Regal Games and Llama Drama are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye found it card games marvel. Find the detail in this article. Secret Hitler, Wonder Forge and Zygomatic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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