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1. Hasbro Gaming Counting Matching Preschoolers

Hasbro Gaming Counting Matching Preschoolers

The game has a Golden Harp, 4 character figures, 4 character mats, a Giant Mover with Base, Lock Box Mat, and 2 Beanstalk Boards. Do you enjoy playing the classic game of Yahtzee? Introduce your kids to the game with the Yahtzee Jr.: Spiderman and His Friends edition board game. Skeet and friends. Kids love Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, and more in this preschool game. The score was ROLL, MATCH. The players try to match as many characters as possible. The higher their score, the more amazing Friends they can match. No reading is required. Kids can roll the dice and match up the characters on the board. A great gift for kids. The Yahtzee Jr. game is fun for kids of all ages. It's a great gift for a birthday or holiday.

Brand: Spidey And His Amazing Friends

👤This is a question of whether your kids like Spiderman and are at an age where the current Spidey and his friends gang connect with them. I have two kids, one who likes Spiderman and the other who likes Ghost Spider. The game itself is subpar. It was worth the cost to get a Spiderman game for 4/6 year olds. A four year old can play this, but needs some hands to hold it. Make sure to modify the rules with them and lean into the theme. "You rolled a Green Goblin!" You also have 2 Back panthers. If you roll that other die again and get 3 Black Panther Green Goblin, you won't stand a chance. I used a permanent marker to add numbers to the score board next to the character icons, making it easier for the kids to place their token in the right place. It is fun to have on the shelf and in the rotation, but not my number one kids game recommendation.

👤This is not for young people. It is too complicated. I apologize for buying it.

👤It's a great opportunity to teach strategy to young kids. Too much packaging is one area to improve. The game could be 1/2 the size and use better materials so it will last longer, help the environment and create a better product.

👤The scoring card is hard for a child to understand, and only came with 4 out of 5 dice. This is the second time this company has failed me with their products and I will be hesitant to purchase their products in the future. There is a person named HasbroNO.

👤I bought this for my son as a Christmas gift and didn't open it until today. It was missing one die and one token. Disappointed that it wasn't complete.

👤I went out of town after giving it to my nephew so I didn't get a chance to return it. It's missing some of the main pieces for the game to be played correctly, because it was recently opened. My nephew was really excited about this. He can create his own game with special dice, but he can't play it the way it was intended. It was a bit boring.

👤I love this game so much. My kids are included in the family that plays it. If you are a Spider-Man fan, it is easy to understand and worth it.

👤Our 6 year old loves this. He loves the characters and it's easy to learn. Unless you don't care about that kind of stuff, I would recommend an adult to put the stickers on. That's right.

2. Asmodee 414 Spot JR Animals

Asmodee 414 Spot JR Animals

The butterfly is to be caught. The Elefun elephant is chasing butterflies. The kids will use their nets to chase butterflies around the room while the butterflies are blown out of his trunk. There is a visual game. The whole family enjoys five different games modes that test who is the fastest to spot matching symbols and call them out, as Spot It! hones players' observational skills and lightning-fast reflexes. The game is fun. The Spot It! deck has fun symbols and pictures. The cards in the deck have the same symbol or picture. It's perfect for young players. Spot It! helps develop skills in focus, visual perception, speech-language, and fine motor skills. The game will be enjoyable for all ages. It is easy to learn. Spot it! It's a fast to learn and teach game that's portable and perfect to take anywhere. There are a number of players and average play time. Spot it! The average playtime is 10 minutes. Fine motor skills are developed. There are 31 cards in a tin canister.

Brand: Zygomatic

👤We bought this game for our family to play. He likes this game so much that he plays it whenever we have a game night. He understood the concept of finding the animals that match on the two cards. He was able to learn new animal names because he did not know many of the animals. The game is kept fresh by the instructions that include five variations of playing. When he gets older, we will have some new ways to play because some versions are a little over his head. The best version of version 3 is where each player has a pile of cards to get rid of. The cards are sturdy and thick, but can get wet if they get mysteriously wet. The lid stays on well and the tin is nice. It is difficult to find the right balance between giving our son more time to find the match so he doesn't get frustrated and not letting him win since it is a game where the person who is the fastest wins. It's not too painful when he finds the match first. I would recommend this game to anyone with a child.

👤The original game concept is used to create colorful animal pictures. I like everything about the product, except for one point. The Spot It game has 55 cards. There are 31 cards in this set. If this had been clearly marked in the details, I wouldn't have bought it. The box is the same size, why would there be fewer cards? I feel cheated and ripped off. I bought this to keep at one of the schools I travel to because I thought I could change it up and trade out decks every so often, and if they had more categories of items, I would keep buying decks because my students need vocabulary. If I play with a group of 4 kids and me, we each get 6 cards, so we have to collect and play again, which takes time. Why 31 cards? There will never be an even number of cards dealt for any group of kids because it is a prime number. I want a deck of 55 cards. Woah. What a rip off! Too much packaging was wrapped around it.

👤The game is simple, you and your opponent each have a card with animals on it. There is one and only one common animal between any two cards, so you have to find the animal on the third card that matches the one on your own card. Even the youngest children in your household can learn. It's difficult to play with children who aren't close in age or with children and parents together, and we devised a rule where our first child gets a 1 second headstart of our second child who then gets a 1 second headstart of us. It's not a game that the adults will find engaging. After one round, we're pretty much done.

👤I don't know if the developers did this on purpose, but the game is a fun version of the cognitive regulation tasks done in research studies. Every card has a match in this game, so you have to find the matching animals on any two cards. Each card has animals that are different in size. It is easy to get two cards where the matching animal is large, but most of the time it is between two different sized animals. The brain focuses on the large animals and the smaller animals. Children have to suppress the first impulse of the brain. It isn't always the big animals that match for example, they learn that there are multiple "rules" in this game. They have to practice changing rules from card to card. This is a cognitive regulation skill that develops slowly. I think my son was just three when we got it. I stacked the deck so he would get the hang of it. I don't do that anymore because he is 3.5 years old, but I notice that he takes a long time on the first match and then his brain gets into it. Younger kids make more mistakes and have slower reaction time than older kids are shown in the studies. This is a great game to keep in your bag to bring out while waiting at a restaurant and it is an awesome game to help them practice a skill they are developing during this time.

3. Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game

Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game

For ages 8 and up. The answer is from the hitcast. You can prove you know your stuff by answering questions inspired by Stuff. You should know. There are 600 tarot questions. Prepare for weird, fascinating, and unbelievable facts. The topics from different episodes of the Stuff inspired the questions. You should listen to the show. There are six contextual categories: History; Pop Culture; Myths, legends, and Conspiracies; Science and Tech; Humans; and SYSK Selects. The game is for 3-6 players. If you're a fan of Stuff You Should Know or just curious about the world, this game is for you. There are fun facts about food to flies, hiccups and more. There is a board game for people of all ages. This quest is about stuff. You Should Know Edition is a great game for teens and adults.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤We played with 4 people and barely touched the cards. I think we are getting a lot of game play from it. It gives you more information about the answer than just the answer. You don't have to listen to it to be good at it.

👤It's fun to see if I remember anything after listening to every SYSK show. The cards are hard to read. We played a game at a party last night and almost everyone had a hard time reading it. I finally got a magnification device. I recommend adding one to the game if you have young eyes.

👤I don't know how to play the game since there are no instructions in the box. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. Anyone have the instructions?

👤I think the game is good and a little expensive. Some people said they didn't receive instructions, but I received 2. There was a hole in the box. It is a good game. The text has humor written in it, just like the show, and there is a little explanation next to the answer. You will have a 1-up if you play with someone who doesn't listen to the show.

👤The whole family can play this game. I would give it as well.

👤I loved the original game from the 80s. I thought it would be a good idea to use the questions from the old game in this one. It is meant to be a game in itself. Each card only has one question, so it doesn't contain a lot of questions. Each card had six questions in the original game. I was drawn in by the title because I am always worried about things I don't know. I think the questions are good. We like to read each other cards and keep score, but we don't play the official game. It would be easy to travel with.

👤Is it true that quiz is right? Wrong. People were getting bored during the game because of the long and wordy cards. The question and answer are on the same side of the card, so difficult to show the card to a player who wants to see the question. You have to punch out everything yourself when you first open the cardboard discs to keep track of progress. The diversity of questions and topics is good, but the introduction, the long question, and the long multiple choice responses on the majority of the cards is a snore. I have bought many other games in the past, so I apologize, but not my favorite.

👤The legion of SYSK fans need one more must have.

4. Briarpatch BRP06120 Eagle Find Game

Briarpatch BRP06120 Eagle Find Game

The first player to pick all the fruit is the winner. You can use your eagle eye to see if an object on your game board matches an object on your card. There are only one matching pair on the board and card. Fast, furious, and fun! There are 30 double-sided cards, 4 double-sided game boards, and a bell. For 2 to 4 players. For 2 to 4 players.

Brand: Briarpatch

👤I bought this for my grandson. The family likes to play and the 2 boys are in competition with each other. There are 6 and 5. It's a rainy day and the family can play together and have fun. They're using their minds and eyes. I haven't seen the game in action, but I'm told it's a good game and they enjoy it.

👤This game has been great for us to play as a family. The instructions are easy to follow. We are all competitive and it gets pretty heated. This is a great addition for a family game night.

👤I got this for my niece and her brother. We drew a card and tried to find a picture on it, but it took less than a minute. It was very easy for the 10 year old and very easy for the 5 year old. I think the age recommendations for this game are wrong, and it would be better for younger kids. We're going to try to come up with a variation that makes the books harder and last longer. It's not a very fun time to pick cards and then have the turn over in 30 seconds. The game is well made and the pictures are nice, so we'll find some variation to play.

👤Kids will benefit from the gift of improved visual acuity.

👤My boys and I love I Spy products. The game is enjoyable but could be better. The boards are not equal in complexity, which is a minus. There aren't enough cards. There could have been double the cards so that kids wouldn't run into the same pictures over and over again. It's frustrating that the makers cheapened out when they could have made the game better. The bell is nice since it's not electronic and there's no annoying batteries. Kids would probably rate it higher than I did.

👤In this game, you pick a card and have to find one of the pictures on the game board that is on the card. The family played a game together. I thought it would be easy to find a picture, but it wasn't. The race was going on as we scanned our boards. The younger ones had sharper eyes than the older ones. I was one of the older ones. The game was enjoyable. Children learn to focus and narrow in on one object when they play. There is great entertainment for both young and old. The entire family can enjoy this game.

👤My kids are still playing. They wanted me to play the first few times, but now they play on their own. My 6 year old likes that he can read the cards on his own.

👤Kids love coming over to play and we love playing with them. Ages 4 to 55.

👤This is a Christmas present that is not opened yet but it looks good.

👤Will be opened on Christmas Day as the boys are three plus and good at recognizing items and numbers.

5. Kids Create Absurdity Night Christmas Award Winning

Kids Create Absurdity Night Christmas Award Winning

For 4 and up players. The Moms Choice Award is for excellence. The perfect gift for your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild. Combining the popular card games of Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples into one hilarious party game. Family Game Night contains age appropriate content for a true family card game experience. The card game includes 465 top quality cards, question cards, answer cards, random task cards, blank cards and lots of fun. It is priced right for all families. If you don't like the game, just send it back for a full refund. Fun Kids Travel Game For Families is the best family board game for 2021. The kids are bored. Bring their Family game with you on your trip.

Brand: Thegag

👤I don't review a lot of things I buy, but I wanted to give this game two giant thumbs up because of how expensive games are and how hit or miss they can be. I got this for my youngest daughter for Christmas, but we never played it before my older daughters went back to college. You should have at least 4 to play because it's set up like apples to apples. We took advantage of having 4 people at home when one of our girls came home for spring break. I'm very happy we did. We played 6 games in a row, which is a miracle for us. I can see how this would be a big hit with boys because we have all girls. Lots of bodily functions are mentioned on the answer cards, so take full advantage. If your family doesn't appreciate bathroom humor, you won't enjoy this game. Unless you know the other people well, a game you bring out and play with them is not a game.

👤I bought this for my sister and her family for Christmas. I wanted to play with a large family. My children are 10, 14, and 16 years old. The older ones got bored with its attempts of gross humor quickly, while the youngest seemed to like it. It seems like it's just too good. The cards try too hard. I would have picked something else. This potty humor is funny for kids ages 6 to 10.

👤I like playing cards against humanity with adults so I got this to play with the family over Thanksgiving. Two adults and two kids were in the group. It was clear that the adults and kids were funnier, but that did not stop us from laughing. I am not sure if we played for a few hours or if we just kept laughing and playing. There were many small laughs, loud laughs, and tear inducing laughs. This is a must have for our family gatherings. Can't wait to play it again.

👤I bought this for my family and friends' son's birthday because I thought they would enjoy it. If Apples to Apples is too tame for your family, then this is a great middle ground. You may want to review the cards prior to play to determine if they are appropriate for your family and friends. If you've played either of the others, this is a simple game to pick up. If you want to make a night of it and not get bored, it can be played quickly. If you wanted to mix in cards from other games or even make your own expansion packs, I'm sure you could. Lots of fun!

👤The game is free of wrongdoing. There is no raunchy, questionable content. Down side is boring. It is not very witty or fun for families of different ages. The first graders had no problem reading the cards. The older children didn't think it was funny. The potential for humor was killed by the inability to match cards without changing tenses or verbs. Not engaging or witty. The cards were mixed with the CAH set. And it got better.

6. SEQUENCE Reading Required Strategy Jax

SEQUENCE Reading Required Strategy Jax

The plant based beauty is. Since day one, they have been making plant-based beauty products. Their hair and body care products are free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, and other harmful substances. The classic game of Sequence was made for kids. The first four chips in a row that match the character on the board win. The strategy game helps develop logical thinking skills. Reading isn't required to play. Targets kids ages 3-6.

Brand: Jax

👤Parents had it on a wish list and bought it for their children. The bBoard has a grid of animal pictures, and you use playing cards with pictures of animals. It's more complex than Connect 4 because you can only play on the squares for which you have a matching animal card. We adults enjoyed playing the game with the kids. The kids loved playing. It invokes learning to take turns, patterns, and strategy, as well as creating your own sequence while defeating the other players. The game takes about 10 minutes. The age is 3 up. I thought it was too advanced for a 4 year old and a 6 year old. The child should be confident on Connect 4 before moving to this more complex game.

👤I played this with my kids, helping the 3 year old as we went. They understood the directions but not well enough to win. The board was full before anyone got 4 in a row. The game was over with no winner. It went better when I played it with my 5 year old. If you have a large group of young kids, don't play with all of them at the same time.

👤We had a game for over five years. It was loved and played a lot. This gift was given to our daughter. The first time we played it, the cards were very thin. I have never seen thinnest cards. My daughter tore the board while folding it after playing the game for the second time. I was not sure if I could believe it. Cheap cards and cheap board. I don't like companies that use inferior materials and cut corners when they have a good product. This is a game for kids. The company thinks thin cards and game boards are going to hold up. I am sorry that this game will not be included in the family game collection.

👤The game is enjoyable. The main board and coins are nice, but the cards are so thin that they can be folded and torn. The cards are not as good as normal playing cards. They are very thin. The cards have to be strong for kids.

👤I bought this for my 5 year old. We play a lot of games every night. My husband and son play a game together. Depending on your luck, the games can take up to 10 minutes. A great game to learn how to take turns, be a good sport, and draw cards.

👤The kids were 3, 5 and 3 years old. I was the dealer in order to sell things. It only takes 4 in a row to play like an adult. They were using the wild cards correctly. One of the kids left and was sent to the house. There is a I bought two.

👤My child is almost 4 years old. It took us a while to get her to understand, but it is not that difficult to explain, she has been playing some kid boardgame before. It's perfect for a family get together when you have small kids because she has a lot of fun with it. The only complaint is that the card is very thin, so it's hard to draw a card. After a few uses, the board broke into two pieces.

7. Gamewright Little Hands Playing Holder

Gamewright Little Hands Playing Holder

The winner of the Best Game Awards. Children hold cards. There is a playing card holder. The model number is CSG-CHP.

Brand: Gamewright

👤I like this, but it can be a bit difficult. I hold cards for my little one while we play go fish. This is an awesome attribute. I love that we don't have to have a million stands, and she's panicking that we can all see her cards. She can see what is in her hand if she spread the cards out. Some are small. The hand piece is a good size for both a child and an adult. The big con for me is that it is a bit snug. When you remove one card, others fall out. She gets upset that we saw her cards. It is annoying, but we can fix it with a little parent pretending. People who have enough dexterity will not be bothered.

👤These things are great for games like Sushi Go! You have to pass your hand from one player to another. Younger kids don't have to struggle with fanning cards, or even adults who have occupational difficulties from stroke or arthritis, if you have these. If you have a kid who likes to pick at things, you should keep an eye out for the blue rubber bottom handle. These are great for a family game night, buy enough for everyone in the family and any friends who might come over, we own 6 or 7 just for that reason!

👤My 7 year old is having trouble with his cards. Until this! He loves it!

👤We used to have to team up with one adult and one child because the little hands couldn't hold the cards. The kids can see what they have when the cards fit in the holder. Kids that don't know how to play the game can start learning. I can ask them if they have yellow or 3 cards on them without looking at their cards. They can choose their own card. You would be surprised how many cards it has. This thing was still holding strong despite the fact that there were quite a few "draw two" and "draw four".

👤We purchased this because our 4yr old just started playing card games that require him to hold a lot of cards, and he would get frustrated because he couldn't see everything he had. This is a genius device. You can stick the cards between the two pieces of plastic with the handle. Done. It's easy for him to add or remove cards by himself. It's a snug fit that no cards fall out even if there's only one or two in there. It is very durable as well. I would highly recommend anyone with a large amount of knowledge to play card games.

👤We are card players. Since a child in the family was old enough to understand the games we play, they were taught. We have always used a cardboard barrier to keep the "too small hands" from putting all their cards out on the table. I will never go back to cardboard box barriers again. Genius invention. It's a great way for kids to get excited about brain stimulating games. Buy this! Holding cards is a challenge. My mother in law still uses one.

8. Mattel Games Disney Apples Refresh

Mattel Games Disney Apples Refresh

Ages 1-8 players play for about 15 minutes. It is fun to play Apples to Apples with Disney. It's as easy as "comparing apples to apples" - just deal the cards and you're ready to play! Disney theme parks, movies, and shows can be seen on Red Apple cards. There is a Poison Apple card. The game comes with cards.

Brand: Mattel Games

👤I gave it to someone. The pictures make it easier for younger children to play with. I like the game. It's a little more exciting than the normal version because it's Disney. I only give it 4 stars because there are a few differences between this version and a standard apples-to-apples game that I don't really like. The "Poison Apple" cards in the deck are special and can be used to counteract the "green" card. If you draw a Poison Apple, you immediately draw a green card, which you treat as if it says the opposite. So, Poison Apple + happy. Sad. There is a sad card in the deck. The Poison Apple cards are not necessary. This game is not limited to Disney movies and characters. There are a lot of Disneyland/Disney World themed cards. Some cards are named after rides. This makes the game very confusing for anyone who doesn't know what a park is or what a mountain is, especially a young child. These are small fixes since we just take the cards out of the deck. It's still a great game for the whole family.

👤The original version of this game is popular with our family, but I bought a Disney version for my nieces. I've had the chance to play the Disney version of the game with them, and it's perfect for kids, and even adults who love Disney will get a kick out of it. The rules are pretty much the same as the original Apples to Apples, but they add a few twists. All of the Red Apple Cards have pictures of things that are related to Disney so kids can easily identify them. Kids who haven't been to the parks or aren't familiar with the attractions might be confused by the Disney cards, which cover rides and attractions at the parks. Our family tends to play house rules that allow us to discard cards that we don't know much about, so we can avoid cards like this. The game includes Poison Apple Cards, which are used in conjunction with a Green Apple Card to reverse the meaning of whatever word you're trying to match. Happy would become sad, dirty would become clean, etc. A lot of the opposites are already in the deck, and that's the issue with this. If you don't want to play with this twist, these cards can be bypassed or even removed from the deck. This version of Apples to Apples is a great game for kids and a good way to introduce them to a party favorite. If you wanted, you could mix the two games together.

👤Apples to Apples is a great family game. It is a lot of fun. It encourages critical thinking for players. A bunch of Disney movies are present in this variation of the formula of five red subject cards and a green card. We have kids who are more familiar with movies like Inside Out than The Aristocats, so these cards help their knowledge base. It's the same fun as any other Apples to Apples version. There are many new cards in this new edition and the price was good.

9. Cards Against Humanity LLC CAHUS

Cards Against Humanity LLC CAHUS

It's perfect for everyone. The eyelash pads are designed to fit any eye shape. These single-use under eye pads are made with premium quality and are certified safe by lash artists. A game for bad people. There are 500 white and 100 black cards. There is a booklet of sensible game rules. The main game is this one. First, buy this. America has the #1 gerbil coffin.

Brand: Cards Against Humanity Llc.

👤Is this what the world has come to? Absolutely filthy and banal. My son ordered this game. I let my feelings be known. I cry for our children.

👤It is recommended for ages 17+. I brought it to the family dinner because the two kids would leave after dinner to play on their computers in the basement. The 14-year-old made it clear that he wanted to play the game if his parents would allow him, even though he had never played or seen the game. They did, and what ensued was hilarious, but even better, it opened channels for discussion about sex, politics, justice, racism, homophobia and all the other things that exist in society. South Park and The Simpsons broached topics that should be discussed by parents and children when they first aired. This may be an opportunity for families who value open discussion, education and critical thinking to open the door to those discussions in an age when information is available 24/7. There's so much for parents to learn about their kids, and so much for them to teach. It's not for everyone, but this family found it hilarious. I wish I had a way to have these discussions with my parents when I was a teenager, so I could have access to the information I needed.

👤If you are 18 and drunk, this game is for you. The cards were distasteful, embarrassing, and classless. I'm disgusted that so many people gave it high marks. I bought it for 22 years. She felt violated when she read some of the cards. I bought it as a gift, but I messed it up.

👤I wasn't sure if I wanted my daughter to have to play with her friends at her birthday. I got it. I was hanging around while they were playing the game, girls and guys all about 16 years old, very interesting, mature conversations came from some of the cards. My husband and I enjoy playing this game together. You can have fun and learn a few things about your kids, but you can also have a discussion with your kids. Some of the cards are not good, so you may want to take them out of the set.

👤Too much for a family game. Didn't know how far across the line it would be.

👤I thought we had a hit with over 30,000 reviews. It was a failure. It's definitely not what I thought it would be. I didn't bother to read the reviews. I am aware of the mistake. The game would have had to be edited due to the inappropriateness of the response cards. The box says it is a game for horrible people. That was a joke, right? Thanks to Amazon for having a generous return policy. Jack Box, Exploding Kittens, and What Do You Meme? will be the ones we stick with.

👤I put 1 star because I don't have friends to play with.

👤This game is very offensive. This is not the game for you if you are easily offended. There are a lot of sexual cards, a bit of Holocaust 'humor' cards, and even a couple of cards about pedophilia. We had to take out some cards because my husband has an obscene sense of humor and he doesn't like the pedophilia cards. The game is amazing, so it's not really a big deal to toss 5 or 6 cards that go to far for us. If you go into the expansion packs, there are still more ridiculous things to choose from. When we mention that we are going to have a game at a party or get together, lots of people jump up and say "I want to play!" It's fun to play with older ladies who are more reserved, and you find them just as disgusting as you are.

10. PlayMonster 7424 Second Rule Junior

PlayMonster 7424 Second Rule Junior

The model number is CSG-CHP. A family version of a game. Give an answer if you read a card. You have to do it in 5 seconds. The whole family will have fun with this easy to play game. There are 400 questions on 200 cards, 6 pawns, and 5-Second Twisted Timer.

Brand: Playmonster

👤My family and I will play both series together. I knew the regular game would be too hard for the kids who love game night. We play the regular game with the same rules as the card sets, but we take both sets and play them together. It doesn't get old. It is great to see what our kids come up with on the spot. We were laughing so much with the crazy answer that the pressure put on us trying to beat those few fleeting seconds, I hope they continue to bring out new card series for this because it is a 5 star game for our family!

👤A game for the whole family. Even though it is a 5 second rule. It is still enjoyable for adults and kids. There is a game where all ages can play together. We had a lot of fun.

👤Our kids are still young, but they had a hard time giving a full answer within the allotted time. We tried to give them double the time or just allow them to give the answer as quickly as they could, but it didn't work out. It has a good deal of potential, and I think it will be more fun as they get older.

👤This game is enjoyable. "official" rules are confusing, and this turn goes to player on right, then pass to the left. It's quite fun and you don't have to worry about that. The little timer required tape on both ends because of the "little" sound. The tape dulls it.

👤I bought this for my 6 year old to play with. I'm happy that he's old enough to play board games. It's difficult to come up with 3 answers in 5 sections. He needs to come up with 2 answers instead of one. We enjoy playing this game.

👤My 10 year old grandson loves playing with this and I bought it for him.

👤A great game for a family. My husband and I play with the 5 second timer and our kids don't use the timer so we are fair and competitive. I could see it stretching to many years.

👤I bought the original version at a brick and mortar store and then read reviews about how difficult it would be for younger players. We have an 8 year old who is pretty sharp but I wanted it to be fun for him. I ordered it. This is still a tough game. It's difficult to spit out even 2 things in five seconds when you are the third person to leave. His 16 and 13 year old sisters both said that they would not want to play the non-Jr version. Don't let the Jr part fool you because it is still a fun game and a lot of laughs.

👤Es super divertidsimo para nios. risas. Son preguntas, pero con el tiempo corriendo, se vuelve todo un reto. Para nios el nivel de ingl├ęs is bsico. He visto una pregunta "cultural" de all, and he also visto "Wendy's". Dijeron es McDonals o BurgerKing. El relojito tiene un sonido chilln. Mis 4 estrellas son porque el reloj. A son at 3.5 o 4. It is a fact that supongo is entra en el tiempo. ENOR ME para lo contiene. Fue una compra. Mis nios estaba molesto con su mami, pero tena otra cara.

11. Emojinks Emoji Card Games Families

Emojinks Emoji Card Games Families

A great gift for kids. The Yahtzee Jr. game is fun for kids of all ages. It's a great gift for a birthday or holiday. The value pack has a game for beginners and advanced levels. Promotes turn taking and helps develop feelings and emotions. Enhances attention span. The card game is fast paced.

Brand: Toyrifik

👤The instruction guide doesn't have an emoji guide, which is plain laziness from the part of the company, and there are too may emojis that look too similar to each other. I can see the potential for fun with this game, but only if all the players you are going to play with are familiar with the emojis. The game is collecting dust because few people around me are literate in the keyboard.

👤They don't like it. The cards are not enough variety in the pictures. They picked the ones that looked as close to each other as possible. I regret buying it. Do yourself a favor and stick with Spot It.

👤I work with children and teens. I wanted a version of Spot It that was more focused on emotions, and this product seemed to be it. This product has an emoji for a bottle of champaign and a mixed drink in it. The rest of the non-emotion based emojis are appropriate, and include someone dancing, someone surfing, etc. This is not a product I can use at work with children and adolescents, and will not be a product I use with the children and adolescents in my personal life. If I hadn't gotten this out of the package, I would request a refund because the product is not able to do what I purchased it to do.

👤The quality of the tin container was very good. My kids were not safe to touch anything because of the overwhelming chemical smell. To exhale it. Couldn't use. It is hard to not know what is in these products. Exposure caused headaches and eye irritation.

👤The game is easy to play. You can choose between an easier or harder version. As an SLP, I like that they have to come up with quick descriptions such as crying hysterical or one tear, but I don't like the idea of using a lot of emojis. They like to give them names. Others said they couldn't use it for emotional reasons. I've had meaningful conversations with my students about the different feelings based on the emojis and how they differ for different scenarios. I wish they had left out the alcoholic beverage, but it doesn't come up often. It can be easy to clean.

👤I use several versions of the game in my classes. I regret buying this version. If I didn't have it shipped to me overseas, I would return it. There are 1. The weird pictures 2 are not nearly as useful or interesting. Even though they include a foam insert to protect them, the edges were damaged. 3. It is a little incovenient to pack up. Purchase a different version. Buyer's remorse!

👤I bought this thinking it would be the same as Spot-It, but with some changes. Wrong. The emojis are hard to distinguish and hard to say a description of. We were playing on the easy side and it was not fun. This would be impossible for a 5 year old, which is what the packaging says.


What is the best product for eye found it cards?

Eye found it cards products from Spidey And His Amazing Friends. In this article about eye found it cards you can see why people choose the product. Zygomatic and Hasbro Gaming are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye found it cards.

What are the best brands for eye found it cards?

Spidey And His Amazing Friends, Zygomatic and Hasbro Gaming are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye found it cards. Find the detail in this article. Briarpatch, Thegag and Jax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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