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1. Hasbro Gaming Ladders Princess Exclusive

Hasbro Gaming Ladders Princess Exclusive

The Disney Villains edition of the Sorry board game is a great choice for players ages 6 and up. The Disney Princess Shandy board game features Disney Princess favorite characters. It is a fun game for preschoolers. There are 4 custom-designed princess hearts. There are stickers for every Disney Princess character. Kids can play with their pawns and move around the board. The film and film critic gameboard. It's a climbing and sliding adventure with Disney Princess characters and scenes. No reading is required. This game is a good choice for kids who are still learning how to read. The numbers on the gameboard give preschoolers a chance to practice. The gift for preschool children is a gift. The Disney Princess Edition game is a great birthday or holiday gift for girls and boys. It is a fun activity for kids of all ages.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤The board is fun to look at. The spaces are the problem. They blend in with the background making it hard to count when moving game pieces. The game piece is too large to cover the entire square. It's hard to decide where it should be placed if it gets moved on accident. I am.

👤The game was poorly made. The pawns are too big for the squares, the numbers blend in, and the squares are too small. The arrow on the spinner board is bigger than it should be. That is not a big deal. It accentuates how bad the game is. I don't think buying this game is a good idea.

👤It is a small board with a lot of artwork on it. It is very difficult for young eyes to see the numbers of the squares because each square has a lot going on in it. It is the same game we all played as kids and my granddaughter loved it.

👤My friend's daughter is 4 years old. She loves it! The princess theme is popular.

👤The board artwork is great, but too busy for its size. I regret not buying the original board. The numbers are hard to read and the squares are not obvious, making it hard to count them. The background colors are more vivid than the product photo would show. I think there's no way to swap it because my 5 yo granddaughter is in love with all the princesses.

👤I bought this for my niece. She loves playing board games. It was not in a box. The board game was on the porch.

👤The graphics are very attractive, but too busy. It's easy for younger players to lose focus. Would have preferred faces of princesses on player pieces. A great gift.

👤I went to the dark side of the force when I realized that your niece loves this game and Disney princesses. We chose it as a gift.

2. Briarpatch BRP06120 Eagle Find Game

Briarpatch BRP06120 Eagle Find Game

The first player to pick all the fruit is the winner. You can use your eagle eye to see if an object on your game board matches an object on your card. There are only one matching pair on the board and card. Fast, furious, and fun! There are 30 double-sided cards, 4 double-sided game boards, and a bell. For 2 to 4 players. For 2 to 4 players.

Brand: Briarpatch

👤I bought this for my grandson. The family likes to play and the 2 boys are in competition with each other. There are 6 and 5. It's a rainy day and the family can play together and have fun. They're using their minds and eyes. I haven't seen the game in action, but I'm told it's a good game and they enjoy it.

👤This game has been great for us to play as a family. The instructions are easy to follow. We are all competitive and it gets pretty heated. This is a great addition for a family game night.

👤I got this for my niece and her brother. We drew a card and tried to find a picture on it, but it took less than a minute. It was very easy for the 10 year old and very easy for the 5 year old. I think the age recommendations for this game are wrong, and it would be better for younger kids. We're going to try to come up with a variation that makes the books harder and last longer. It's not a very fun time to pick cards and then have the turn over in 30 seconds. The game is well made and the pictures are nice, so we'll find some variation to play.

👤Kids will benefit from the gift of improved visual acuity.

👤My boys and I love I Spy products. The game is enjoyable but could be better. The boards are not equal in complexity, which is a minus. There aren't enough cards. There could have been double the cards so that kids wouldn't run into the same pictures over and over again. It's frustrating that the makers cheapened out when they could have made the game better. The bell is nice since it's not electronic and there's no annoying batteries. Kids would probably rate it higher than I did.

👤In this game, you pick a card and have to find one of the pictures on the game board that is on the card. The family played a game together. I thought it would be easy to find a picture, but it wasn't. The race was going on as we scanned our boards. The younger ones had sharper eyes than the older ones. I was one of the older ones. The game was enjoyable. Children learn to focus and narrow in on one object when they play. There is great entertainment for both young and old. The entire family can enjoy this game.

👤My kids are still playing. They wanted me to play the first few times, but now they play on their own. My 6 year old likes that he can read the cards on his own.

👤Kids love coming over to play and we love playing with them. Ages 4 to 55.

👤This is a Christmas present that is not opened yet but it looks good.

👤Will be opened on Christmas Day as the boys are three plus and good at recognizing items and numbers.

3. SPY Go Fish Card Game

SPY Go Fish Card Game

Kids 6 years and older can have a blast with this frantic frenzy to find the picture and be the first one to shout "Pictureka" A new twist on a classic card game is added by I Spy imagery. The I Spy book series was a hit. Beautiful photos and familiar objects are combined to build vocabulary. For 2 or more players.

Brand: Briarpatch

👤My son loved all of the books and card sets when he was younger, and I really love the I SPY books. I use the various card sets with my special education students and students in speech-language therapy. Every student that I have used I spy books/cards has responded well, because there are so many different ways the cards can be used. Great for the following: vocabulary development, comprehension, developing descriptive language skills, classification, definitions, comparing, working on attention and observation skills, attention to details, practicing speech sounds, phoneme awareness in words. I have had other decks of I spy cards that are better, with a variety of pictures and the quality of the cards. I absolutely recommend this set.

👤My kids love these! I bought this set for my 3yr old to play with her siblings. It was a hit and we have played a lot since.

👤I bought this for my mom so she could play cards with her grands. It was perfect.

👤My child and I played this game together. We made up weird names for what we were asking each other, which made this game even more creative.

👤The basket inclusion was perfect.

👤This is one of the best ways to connect with my grand kids, to have this deck and spread it out, even just to talk about the images I saw with them recently. The real objects of Go Fish are the quality cards in this cleverly designed deck.

👤The game is great for small children. It is fun to give the images fun and imaginative names.

👤I ordered for my nephew and niece. They will love this!

4. Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game

Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game

For ages 8 and up. The answer is from the hitcast. You can prove you know your stuff by answering questions inspired by Stuff. You should know. There are 600 tarot questions. Prepare for weird, fascinating, and unbelievable facts. The topics from different episodes of the Stuff inspired the questions. You should listen to the show. There are six contextual categories: History; Pop Culture; Myths, legends, and Conspiracies; Science and Tech; Humans; and SYSK Selects. The game is for 3-6 players. If you're a fan of Stuff You Should Know or just curious about the world, this game is for you. There are fun facts about food to flies, hiccups and more. There is a board game for people of all ages. This quest is about stuff. You Should Know Edition is a great game for teens and adults.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤We played with 4 people and barely touched the cards. I think we are getting a lot of game play from it. It gives you more information about the answer than just the answer. You don't have to listen to it to be good at it.

👤It's fun to see if I remember anything after listening to every SYSK show. The cards are hard to read. We played a game at a party last night and almost everyone had a hard time reading it. I finally got a magnification device. I recommend adding one to the game if you have young eyes.

👤I don't know how to play the game since there are no instructions in the box. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. Anyone have the instructions?

👤I think the game is good and a little expensive. Some people said they didn't receive instructions, but I received 2. There was a hole in the box. It is a good game. The text has humor written in it, just like the show, and there is a little explanation next to the answer. You will have a 1-up if you play with someone who doesn't listen to the show.

👤The whole family can play this game. I would give it as well.

👤I loved the original game from the 80s. I thought it would be a good idea to use the questions from the old game in this one. It is meant to be a game in itself. Each card only has one question, so it doesn't contain a lot of questions. Each card had six questions in the original game. I was drawn in by the title because I am always worried about things I don't know. I think the questions are good. We like to read each other cards and keep score, but we don't play the official game. It would be easy to travel with.

👤Is it true that quiz is right? Wrong. People were getting bored during the game because of the long and wordy cards. The question and answer are on the same side of the card, so difficult to show the card to a player who wants to see the question. You have to punch out everything yourself when you first open the cardboard discs to keep track of progress. The diversity of questions and topics is good, but the introduction, the long question, and the long multiple choice responses on the majority of the cards is a snore. I have bought many other games in the past, so I apologize, but not my favorite.

👤The legion of SYSK fans need one more must have.

5. Wonder Forge Journey Through Found

Wonder Forge Journey Through Found

There are a number of players and average play time. Spot it! The average playtime is 10 minutes. Encourages cooperation. It builds observation skills and attention to detail. Reinforces object identification and matching skills.

Brand: Wonder Forge

👤My children and adults love this game. We play all of the Disney and Dreamworks versions. Check out my reviews on those other two. This game is a family favorite because it is fun for all ages and is still enjoyable for older children, unlike other games such as Candy Land or High Ho Cherry O. The board is large. If my husband lays next to it, it's as tall as he is. We usually break it in thirds and put it side by side to form a large rectangular shape in the middle of our table, instead of keeping it in the long thin line on the floor. The game is easy to play for any age group, as long as the child can count to 12. My toddler daughter played it before she could count on her own, and we helped her with the counting of spaces when moving her pawn. She was able to learn what she didn't know about certain objects when she participated in the finding of objects. It is fun to search for hidden objects and see who can find the most. The game is played as a team with all players, unlike the other two versions of the game. The character cards are another difference. Each player can pick a character card that has a power that can be used to their advantage during the game. Sometimes we don't bother with these at all. It is nearly impossible to memorize the location of certain objects because the board is so large. I would recommend this game to anyone with children of any age. My toddler likes the Disney Eye Found It game.

👤We love the Disney Eye Found It game. I play it with my kids all the time, so I thought I would get a new version to change things up a bit. Journey Through Time is just as enjoyable, but a bit different from the norm. The rest of the game is pretty much the same as the one everyone shares. My 5 year old son enjoyed being on a time machine and traveling through different periods of time. I prefer the Disney Eye Found It over this one, but it is still a lot of fun and we play it a lot, no regrets in buying this game.

👤The games for young children don't usually have long directions with a bunch of small pieces. My daughter didn't like the game because it was very confusing and complicated. I think this is appropriate for young children. She didn't like it, and it's too bad because it was a birthday gift that she just threw on the shelf and will never play again.

👤This is a great game for all ages. If we win we all win, if we lose we all lose. Great for teaching kids how to lose.

👤We bought this for our grandson. His siblings are young. I was happy that they were able to play without a lot of support for the younger ones. They all liked it.

6. Big Potato Disney Colorbrain Family

Big Potato Disney Colorbrain Family

3 years and above Do you remember the color of Princess Elsa's eyes in Frozen? How about the color of Woody's vest? There is a rainbow in your hands. All the questions can be answered with one or more of the 11 color cards in your hand. If you want to live happily ever after, put down the right color and wait for the other teams to slip up. The first team to score ten points is the winner. There are 250 questions from over 20 Disney films. Whether you are a Mulan master or a Hercules hotshot, there is something for everyone. Bring a Spin Master game with you when you get together with family and friends. The perfect activity for memorable game nights, birthdays, dinner parties, vacations, holiday and Christmas gifts, and any time you just want to have fun! There are 44 color cards, 250 question cards, and 4 color capture cards. The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details.

Brand: Big Potato

👤The production quality was disappointing. The card thickness is a joke. These cards are not going to last very long. A lot of the cards were scratched up very nicely. Take out the box and throw the cards away. The movie logo is asked on all the cards. Hello! The movie logo is on every card. What color is Scars mane? Hello! There is a card on the table.

👤The last few days our family has had a lot of fun playing this game. The box has a number on it. My 5 year old is able to play it on his own. The quality of the cards is an issue for me. We can't read some of the "question" cards because the printer wasn't right. Very disappointing.

👤This has become a family favorite. My child can play it and love it. You think it will be more challenging. My kids are 5, 13, and 15 years old. My husband and I enjoy it. I will not say that certain colors are thought of differently by different people. One person can say green and another can say yellow, for example. The rest of the game makes up for it when this happens.

👤I know it says 8+ on the box. My kids love to play with us. They help on either mom or dads team. My 6yr old is better at this game than I am. I'm thinking about getting the not Disney version of the game. The incredibles logo color is on the card already because it says each movie in which the thing being described is from. That is not good. It has been a couple that have been obvious. There is a good mix of movies and questions. It has been enjoyable playing in groups. Woodys vest is from a toy story. I thought of brown and yellow. The other team was red and brown. But it wasn't! His shirt is brown and yellow and his scarf is red. We all pictured the right colors, but not the vest. Which is the hide of the cow? Black and white. The game can get you. There are a lot of places where we think we know them but are off on one color and more times than not it is just a shade away. It was like red and orange. I am very happy that we added this game to our game pile. Will be looking at the normal version as well.

👤You need to be a big fan of Disney to play this. My kids enjoy this game but get sick of losing to me quickly, and my husband who doesn't like Disney movies hates this game and won't play it with me. I find it helpful that each card tells you what movie the character or object is from and how many colors it is looking for on the back, this helps my kids.

👤I bought this for our kids after care program and it's taken out every week. I bought it for the school age kids because the teens love to play with them, and the preschoolers join in too, because you just have to know your colors. This game will provide hours of fun for Disney fans. The card advises if it is looking for one color or 2 colors, if it is Randal in Monsters Inc. Each player puts down their color cards. Whoever gets the right color gets the point. The first round wins the game. You can play as Disney characters as a team or individually.

7. World Disney Found Board Game

World Disney Found Board Game

It is a great gift for boys and girls ages 4 and up, as it is a three time Toy of the Year Nominee and has won many awards. The Disney Eye Found It Game comes with a six-foot game board, a Spinner, Mouse-Ear token, 30 search cards, and a game rules manual. A clear instruction manual makes it easy to learn. You can play in less than five minutes. The game helps children practice their focus, memory, object identification, and matching skills. Disney characters you love include Mickey Mouse, Tigger, Tinkerbell, Buzz Lightyear, Alice, Woodie, and many more. Eye Found is a great game for kids and adults to play together. It takes 15 minutes to play and 5 minutes to teach.

Brand: Wonder Forge

👤I thought this would be a game that would be hard to miss. It seems to have been missed in our household. There are a few major flaws with this game that I didn't see discussed in any of the reviews I read. Everyone is playing a game in which they spin a spinner. If you remove the food from the picnic blanket, the game is over, or if you turn over a goldbug card, it tells you how many spaces to move. Each Goldbug card has a picture and a corresponding word on it. You have a short time to find that item on the game board. Everyone moves forward based on how many items were found. Everyone moves the same number, which is supposed to create cooperation. Negatives are 1. The board is easy to memorize. My kids have learned where the items are on the board after playing this game a few times. It is not much of a look-and- find after the first few times you play it. 2. My kids always make this a competition about who can find more items, even though the game is supposed to be about co-operation. I can't imagine my kids are the only ones who are competitive about something like this. They argue more during this game than almost any other board game. Positives: 1. The game can be played by all ages. This game is loved by many, but it isn't perfect and won't work in every household. It worked for so many people that it may still be worth a try.

👤It was a terrible disappointment. I bought this version because I thought it would be even better with the Disney theme. I was wrong. The game board has too many spaces and it takes a long time to complete before the clock strikes midnight. We have never won this game. The pictures on the board are very small. Minuscule. We lose the fun when we look away from the board to try to figure out what is in the pictures. Save money. Don't buy Busytown. Busytown is fun for all ages. The drawings are good.

👤Who wouldn't like Disney figures? The appearance of the game at the first sight made my kids fall in love with it. 5 stars for the design of the game rules. The game is similar to BusyTown, but it requires a longer path to the castle. It ties the story to the game very well. The clock strikes 12 and players need to arrive at the castle. The amount of objects to be found is limited and the design of the game elements received 3 stars. The players spin on the Mickey. 2 stars for the design. The objects to be found are very small. The printed images are not sharp. A good game for children challenges their skills as well as promote success. The longer path to the castle and the difficulty to spot the items on the board make the game less successful. When the kids were presented with the choice of Disney Eye Found It or BusyTown, they initially chose the Disney version, but after a couple of times playing the Disney one, they have switched to BusyTown.

8. HedBanz Disney Guessing Featuring Characters

HedBanz Disney Guessing Featuring Characters

The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details. A fun guessing game. HedBanz has a Disney twist. Pick a card from the pile, place it in your headband and use clue cards to figure out the answer to the big question: "What am I?" The headbands have a Disney theme. The headband has a pair of ears that look like Disney's most famous mouse. You are ready to play with your headband on. There are developments. Your child. Reasoning skills will be put to use when kids ask questions to find out which Disney character they are. The HedBanz Disney game is for kids 7 and up. For a small group of players. Bring a Spin Master game with you when you get together with family and friends. The perfect activity for memorable game nights, birthdays, dinner parties, vacations, holiday and Christmas gifts, and any time you just want to have fun! There are 6 Headbands with Mickey Mouse Ears, 27 Character Cards, 55 Clue Cards, 6 Character Playmats, and an instruction sheet. The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details.

Brand: Spin Master

👤You don't get the product described in the description. When there is no other version, the seller shouldn't be able to say thatversion may vary. There is no headband for Mickey Ear. There are no mats that help younger children guess. We love Headbanz products, but we are not happy with what is said to be offered versus what is actually sold to customers. The product should be taken down by Amazon until the seller can provide the correct product.

👤I got this for my 4 year old for Christmas and we play it daily. She loves Disney and thinks it's the bees knees. I whisper the clue cards in her ear and she repeats them. The cards are a normal thickness, which is not ideal for kids because they like to bend things. After the first two times a game is played, the mouse ears will pop off in the middle of the game. We don't use the ears anymore. The pictures on the large playmate are smaller than the ones on the character cards, making it hard to tell who is wearing gloves or who has a tail. The fun of the game is unaffected. Extension packs with more characters would be great.

👤I replaced this game for my therapy practice after my house was destroyed in the CAMP-fire. The ears and plastic bands of my original Disney Headbandz were better. I like the cards more for this model of the game, but I wish there were more. It's still a big hit, it's great for engaging and making eye contact, having self control over blurting out and taking turns. I would buy again.

👤My kids want to play this all the time, and I'm sick of playing it. They love it. The cards are hard to erase with white board markers, but would recommend laminating them.

👤The game was purchased for our children and they love it. It is easy for them to understand. They loved that they could wear mickey mouse ears to play the game. It was a hit.

👤It was a Christmas gift. I paid for it through Amazon, but it was marked at less than it was worth. It's missing the timer and instruction because cards were not banded together. It's too late to order another by Christmas. It's a pity.

👤My niece loved the game. It was easy to learn and it was funny to see her nerdery.

👤I gave it to my sister with special needs because she doesn't like playing games with the family. This is the first game that the whole family was able to play together and she was engaged the whole time.

👤Good game for kids. Most of the characters are familiar to them by that age. The headbands are not fitting. When pinned in a circle, they come flat and fit around the head as they want to form a circle.

👤I bought this as a joke to keep us busy at work. We couldn't wear the bands with our headsets so we didn't play it. If you don't play with other people who enjoy Disney just as much as you, the game will be harder than it needs to be. There was no damage to the box and the game was brand new. Will buy from this seller again and recommend the game to everyone.

9. Second Rule Disney Favorite Characters

Second Rule Disney Favorite Characters

3-6 players, ages 10 to 11, play for 60 minutes. It's easy to get tongue-tied when you name 3 Disney dog mascots. Think fast, and sometimes funny answers may slip out. Family fun is a magical addition to any game night. It is a great gift for Disney fans. There's sure to be something for everyone.

Brand: Disney

👤My granddaughter requested puzzles as a gift for her birthday and I bought this for her. I was looking for a 3 D puzzle to add a challenge and take a bit of time to complete. I knew my granddaughter would love this puzzle because we all love visiting Disbey. If you can find a gift that will engage a child, exercise creativity, and solve problems, it is a win. The research and expense was worth it when my granddaughter opened the gift the other day. My son was excited as well, so I think this will give them an activity they can do together, so I recommend this puzzle to my granddaughters.

👤The 5 Second Rule game was fun to play. Being a huge Disney fan, we thought this would be a fun game to add to our collection. We gave up after 3 rounds. The questions that were asked were more difficult for Disney fans to answer. It was very hard and not enjoyable. We only got the answer to one of the cards once, and there were 5 of us playing. I was very disappointed.

👤There are many spelling errors. The answers to the cards could be any of the princesses. It was not enjoyable. The other 5 second rule is a great rule to play.

👤I like this game a lot. I like fast games. I'm good at Disney. There's a lot of repeat cards in this game and that's kind of boring. My husband doesn't like this game because he doesn't like fast games. He plays Disney with the kids, even though he isn't that good at it. He gets clammed up with it even though it is a fast game. If you don't do well under fast pressure, that's not good for you. It's a really fun game if you're like me. I wish there were less repeat cards.

👤They sent me a used game instead of a new one, even though I was hoping for good stuff inside. We love the five second rule Junior and the regular, so hopefully this one is in good shape that we can play it too. The game board is almost torn in half, but everything else is ok. It is already in rough shape.

👤The game was easy to learn. It is fun. My child is 8 years old. I played an entire round in under an hour. I think you could pack only the cards to use as a game on the go. We were encouraged to watch more Disney movies after we read the challenging cards.

👤I bought this for my daughter at Christmas because she has worked at Disney for 22 years. No one wants to play with her. She knows all of the answers. All had a great time laughing and shouting out answers at the game night. It was great! This is a game that will make anyone happy.

👤The game is very enjoyable. We played from 6 to 64 years old. The names didn't sound right at times, so we laughed at trying to get them out in 5 seconds. It is highly recommended for a Disney fan.

10. Hasbro Gaming Disney Villains Exclusive

Hasbro Gaming Disney Villains Exclusive

For 2 to 4 players. This family game combines classic Sorry with a Disney Villains inspired gameboard, Spell cards, and pawns. There are 16 Disney Villains costumes. The Disney Villains pawns are given to each player in the Sorry board game. They can move around the board as Ursula, Jafar, or Scar. Kids are playing a game. It's fun for players to say "sorry" to their opponents when they hit them back. It is a thrilling and exciting game. The Sorry Game Disney Villains Edition is a game of strategy, chance, and luck. The moves are determined by the Spell cards. The Disney Villains edition of the Sorry board game is a great choice for players ages 6 and up.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming

👤The box was large enough for the full board, but it was smaller than usual. The slides work in opposite directions. If you land on your color, you can slide, but any other color you can not, so it only gives you one slide to use. If you land by exact count, it will cause you to slide forward and make you have to start playing pawn over or wait until you get negative movement cards to be able to move backwards, other issues if you play under a lot or light. The old rules of moving your pawns out of the way are back, but the 2 doesn't have you draw again like it's supposed to, and the sorry card has new rules of letting you move 4 as a backup.

👤I bought this for a Christmas gift for my niece, so I haven't opened it yet, but I assume the inside is still typical quality. The packing facility was where the stickers were placed. There is no film to protect the game box, so this sticker is on top of it. The packaging gets damaged if I try to remove it. Instead of placing the stickers on the sides or off in a corner, they were placed in the middle of the preview on the back and another bright red one on the front. I don't have time to get a new one, so I'm embarrassed to give this as a gift.

👤I couldn't get the tape off the box because it was so tightly taped, so I had to tear it. I don't understand why they would tape up a game box. The other games I've gotten from Amazon and actual stores weren't like this. The box was messed up. Sorry games aren't like that, the board is stiff. It's a small board. The rules of this one are normal, but only coming out on 1 and 2 cards was boring, so we came out on any number. We completely abandoned their rules. The spots under the slides were hard to see. The game is overpriced at $22 and should be no more than $10. Kids had a lot of fun playing villains.

👤You can tell that this is a game about villains. It's difficult to get your pawn to come out of Start unless you draw a 1 or 2. We went through the entire deck before one of us was able to move. If you land on that arrow, you have to go all the way around the board again, unless you get to Home, because you only have one chance to slide on your color. The game can be played for longer. The dark colors of the game make it difficult to see the spaces, especially on the Slides. We miscounted a lot, but we got used to it.

👤We love the game. Since this is a villain version, we were expecting more vicious rules. It is your typical sorry game. We have added our own rules to make it worse.

11. World Disney Found Card Game

World Disney Found Card Game

Eye Found is a great game for kids and adults to play together. It takes 15 minutes to play and 5 minutes to teach. The game is ideal for on-the-go moments. There are board and card games in this category. The group is targeted for people of all ages. 3 years and above

Brand: Wonder Forge

👤The game was wonderful. We were not sure how to play. This is a game that requires you to read the instructions to understand how the game works and not just figure out the rules on your own. It is so much fun when we read the instructions. My 2 year old loves this game and understands the rules. The Disney theme is a perk and these cards are printed with so much detail. Many of the negative reviews I read are because people don't know how to play or read the rules. The point of the game is not to find each item on each card. My 2 year old is so good at this game that he finds the most intricate details, and we have played it with many of our adult friends. It is easy to travel with and keep the kids entertained for hours, just read the rules and enjoy the game, don't try to figure it out or make up your own rules.

👤This is a great game for education. You can work on vocabulary by covering up the name on the object card and having the child say it. You can cover up the image on the object card and have the child read it. If you cover up some of the words themselves, you can force kids to work on their spelling. "kets", then uncover more "askets", then the whole word "baskets". You can teach robust describing skills by making the kids play without using their hands, meaning they have to describe to you the location instead of pointing to it. There is lots of learning for an inexpensive game. It's a big hit with my kids. I don't like one tiny thing about it. You might not remember, but the native Americans in Peter Pan were represented in a racist way. There is a song called "What makes the red man red?" The brothers are trying to hunt the natives. The words they're chanting aren't part of any language at all. They are portrayed as savages, unintelligent and have red skin. There's a card in this with the deeply inaccurate chieftain in all his glory, complete with the red skin in this deck of cards. Disney doesn't see the problem with race that the film had. That's disappointing. I'm not sure what to do with the card. I want to throw it away. I want to use it to educate kids about racism. We will see what I do. The rest of the game is great and I would recommend it. I wanted others to know that the card is in there so that they can address it as they see fit.

👤My 3 year old knows how to play the little puzzles that are in the real game.

👤I bought this for my niece and nephew as we were leaving for a family trip that would last 30 hours and they didn't need a battery. This was delivered and then some. There are high-level notes. Kids like Disney 2. Key 3 is the simplicity of the game. There are no small pieces to lose. Kids still enjoy staring at the cards even when they don't play the game. The directions help clarify a bit of the confusion surrounding some of the items that the cards name are not the easiest to find. Feel free to ignore the preset rules and just go back to the basics of "I-Spy" at the end of the day. Rather than spending a long flight trying to point out random things on a plane that don't change, you can shuffle through a deck of cards with all of your favorite Disney characters and spend a lot of time guessing at playful/beloved scenes! It made for a nice break from staring into screens for the nieces, who had a great time pulling this out.


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