Best Eye Frames for Women Designer Gucci

Women 20 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Gucci GG 0013O Square Eyeglasses

Gucci GG 0013O Square Eyeglasses

The lens width is 55 millimeters. The lens is 888-405-7720 The bridge is 16 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤I bought these for my husband for Christmas and hope he likes them. The packaging was terrible. The bag was torn open. I can't present the glasses as a gift because of the ugly green velvet color and the stain on it. I am very satisfied with the contents of the case, but since I have to clean the stain off, I can only give 3 stars.

👤The frame was scratched up and there was no lens. I couldn't give those as a Christmas gift. The delivery was fast. I have to find another gift for my husband. What a waste of time. Return was quick and easy.

👤It looks like what is displayed would either want a refund or the correct pair.

👤The frame is nice. It was packaged nicely too. I have to pay to return after buying off prime. It is not going to look good on me, it is too big for my face.

👤I like the fact that it slides on and off my face, and does not hurt the back of my ears, but the only fault I can see is the powder coating on the frame.

👤Very nice glasse's. They were made into perception glasse's. Get compliment's all the time.

2. Eyeglasses Gucci 0026 001 BLACK

Eyeglasses Gucci 0026 001 BLACK

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The lens height is 44 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤I love it! I change my prescription glasses to ones with a blue tint.

👤I was looking for a pair of glasses that were light in weight, so I could replace the lens with my reading glasses lens, which is better for those of us who will be wearing these on a regular basis. If you're looking for a good fit for someone with a narrow or wide facial structure, I recommend the width of them.

👤These glasses are adorable. It took me a while to get used to the new style but I am now obsessed with them.

👤The frame is beautiful. The model is authentic and great.

👤This was a gift that they loved. The Gucci glasses case has a Gucci lens cloth. The frames are original. Will purchase from this buyer in the future.

👤I paid a little bit more for these because the seller used Amazon for fulfillment, but I was sure they were genuine. You can see that they are nice. They have a narrow bridge that has a slightly tighter angle to the nose, so it's not suitable for me. I was surprised that no one mentioned this in the reviews. You would need a narrow nose for these. I own 17mm Prada and 16mm Draper James. I have had Gucci sunglasses before and they have no bridge issues. You need a narrow nose.

👤I took the glasses to my eye doctor because I thought they were cute and cheaper than retail, so I would save money. I filled the prescription because I really needed them, even if they were fake or used in a way that was too flimsy. When I received them back, they would slide off my nose bridge, and at times fall off my face if I looked down. The company had already fulfilled the prescription when I called. The company would not allow exceptions to take them back, fix them or assist you. They have a 2 year warranty according to their site. I have vision insurance and could have bought glasses from an in network provider, but since I bought them on Amazon, they were not covered by my insurance and I also missed out on in network discounts on the frames, so by the end I had The drain has I$ 700 down it. Don't buy from them. If you have filled the prescription and are passed the 30 days, they will not assist you. If you don't check your insurance benefits, the quality and authenticity of the product, and reach out to them right away, you'll be in my situation.

👤I had high expectations from the reviews, but I didn't like them. I expected them to be bigger but they are actually small. They were a bit thin and flimsy. The packaging was great and they look authentic. It has a pouch in addition to the case. They are cute, but nothing special. I am looking a bit bolder.

👤Ahora, tengo a poco tiempo con el lente me, a media nariz. I vista tengo, pero estos casos.

3. Gucci GG0344OA Eyeglasses Black Multicolor

Gucci GG0344OA Eyeglasses Black Multicolor

The lens width is 56 millimeters. The bridge is 14 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤I love these glasses. I took a risk buying online as I recently bought a new pair but don't like them. Once I get a prescription, I can get rid of my old pair. I'm happy these turned out to be better than I thought, and on time for the holiday season. Gucci is known for its red and green colors and designer frames with them. Highly recommend buying!

👤The fronts and sides are a little loose but can be adjusted. The GG00040 sides are what I want but they have a larger lens so it has been difficult. The backs of the pillow hurt my head. My only complaint is that all the others do not.

👤I had my prescription in these and I love them. The price was well worth it. I get a lot of praise for these glasses.

👤Nice glasses. I love it, perfect!

👤I like these glasses. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They are chic and made to order.

4. Gucci 0399O 002 Rimless Eyeglasses

Gucci 0399O 002 Rimless Eyeglasses

The lens width is 56 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤Nice tires. Getting the glasses is a lot of work.

👤The basic. I like them but the only problem is getting the logo off the frames.

👤I was hesitant to order because of the mixed reviews. The frames are nice. Good everyday wear. They fit me perfectly and were lite on my face.

👤The glass was for my son. He likes the glasses and they look great.

👤There was a scratch on the lens.

👤The glasses look good. Light weight. They don't fall off my face.

👤Who would think that real Gucci was on Amazon?

👤The cane with the Gucci bag and case is very authentic.

5. Gucci 011 Plastic Rectangle Eyeglasses

Gucci 011 Plastic Rectangle Eyeglasses

The lens width is 55 millimeters. The lens height is 39 millimeters. The bridge is 15 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤These are genuine Gucci frames. You will like having these glasses. I took them to my eye doctor and got rid of my glasses.

👤I love my glasses and have them.

👤Definitivamente, me encantan.

👤I made these into my glasses. The frames are gorgeous and came with a beautiful case. I am very pleased with the quality and price.

👤I added my prescription and this frame is absolutely gorgeous.

👤I like the style of them.

👤I got them as a Christmas gift for my wife. She wears her glasses every day. The fit is perfect, I was able to get her prescription glasses in them, they are really comfortable to wear even after 12 hours of work! The price was reasonable. They went on sale after I bought them.

6. Gucci GG 0004O Transparent Eyeglasses

Gucci GG 0004O Transparent Eyeglasses

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The lens is 888-405-7720 The bridge is 19 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤It was a perfect fit. Looks great, feels great. Not as clear as I wanted. It was kind of a gray clear. Love the style.

👤It is authentic and stylish. I'm not sure if the glasses sit on my face or not. They are unique and cheaper than the designer site. They were either a deal or not.

👤These are not real. What is Gucci across the bottom lens? Light grey frames end up being dark. Cheap looking.

👤I like the frames! They are genuine, exactly as the photo and description say, but the shipping time was too long. They were in stock after 2 weeks and I said 3 days from that date to ship. It took another 2 weeks. The company did email me but nothing else. The company didn't offer an alternative option. I got the frames and was happy with them, but I wish the company would've been better about the shipping time.

👤I was able to bend the hinges back to normal on both occasions. The Asian high fit is interesting as I am not very Asian.

👤I had the lens replaced because they fit well.

👤El lente parece falso y las patas estn abiertas del lente.

👤I am originales con su certificado de garanta. Sper rpidos me llegaron.

7. Gucci GG 0027O Plastic Eyeglasses

Gucci GG 0027O Plastic Eyeglasses

The lens width is 50 millimeters. The lens height is 44 millimeters. The bridge is 20 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤De verdad, se enten fuertes, son hermosos, soy de cara pequea y con otros lentes. trabajo xq se m caen y esto solo. Cmprenlo no se van arrepentir!

👤They were cute. Don't get me wrong. I ordered the wrong ones. These were round and I wanted the square ones. If they fit my face, I would keep them.

👤Doesn't look good with a round face.

👤I like this style. I was confused by the 0027OA, which are slightly bigger.

👤These frames are really nice. It's stylish and flattering!

👤The Gucci eyeglasses frame is very nice. It is recommended.

👤I like the glasses very much.

8. Gucci GG0011O Eyeglasses Grey Black

Gucci GG0011O Eyeglasses Grey Black

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤I was a little skeptical of the order at first. This was a birthday gift for my gentleman friend and anything less than authenticity is unacceptable. The glasses were the same as the picture. It was in excellent condition when it arrived. There was a Gucci Lens cloth, carry bag, registration card, and case inside. The case looks a little suspect, but the serial numbers and engraved "made in Italy" made up for it. It is all about the glasses. I am a satisfied customer and gave this purchase 5 stars. I would purchase again and spread the word. It was nice working. Oh! He loves them too.

👤The case was damaged with no cleaning cloth and the glasses came dirty. My husband loves that they are light weight and that they fit nicely after I cleaned them. I gave it 3 stars because of its presentation.

👤The VELVET case that says gucci on the lid doesn't look right.

👤I am in love with the glassware. I order them for myself. I love them. It's a great buy, the size is like a soft rub, it won't make you cringe. It works perfectly. I would buy it again.

👤Well made glasses that look great on my husband. He says they are very comfortable.

👤The Gucci case cloth and card fit perfectly and were fast shipped.

👤The frames are nice. I got them for my husband.

9. Gucci GG0038O Optical Frame ACETATE

Gucci GG0038O Optical Frame ACETATE

The lens width is 54 millimeters. Light Havana green. International warranty for 2 years.

Brand: Gucci

👤There are currently put in. These frames are beautiful and well made.

👤Excellent product. I'm happy. There is a prescription in the glasses.

👤The frame is a little big but it looks great.

👤Love them. Not cheap like the last ones I had to return.

10. Eyeglasses Gucci 0165 001 BLACK

Eyeglasses Gucci 0165 001 BLACK

The lens width is 51 millimeters. 35 millimeters lens height. The bridge is 17 millimeters.


👤I am very pleased with my purchase of Gucci frames. It was what I wanted. The quality is excellent. I like the way they frame my face. They are just perfect.

👤Absolutely love! I usually don't write reviews but I am very pleased with this purchase. The glasses seem sturdy. To get my prescription in, I need to take them to my eye doctor. I got them in the emerald green case with a gorgeous velvet finish. I am very happy with this purchase. A certificate of authenticity is included. I found that they are about two inches smaller than my current glasses.

👤They look good, but not sure if they are real or not. It's a good knock off if they are not. I took them to my eye doctor and they put my script in them.

👤I like the look and fit. I was disappointed but still thought about keeping them. My husband wanted me to return them to the GG on the left arm. I can see that another customer had the same problem. These are knock offs? I hope not, I was thinking it was a great deal. I will have to wait to see the other pair. This company has a chance to make it right. I hope the second pair will make me forget about this experience.

👤They were in perfect condition.

👤The worst experience from a third party seller. After having my lens put in the frames, it was a disaster. The frames fit a little snug so the arms had to be adjusted. Contacted the seller and got some feedback. There was no resolution and no replacement. I was told to contact the manufacturer. I was stuck with broken frames.

👤These frames are gorgeous. I bought them through Amazon and they saved me $200. Love them!

👤Another good pair of glasses. Most of my online eyewear doesn't fit as expected but this Gucci pair fit perfectly. A very good purchase.

👤Ligeramente pesados, hambres, tienen graduarse.

11. Gucci GG 0006O Rectangle Eyeglasses

Gucci GG 0006O Rectangle Eyeglasses

The lens width is 55 millimeters. The lens height is 38 millimeters. The bridge is 18 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤I like my glasses. My eye doctor was able to get my prescription in them and have them back to me the next day. I have glasses to match my purse.

👤I like them a lot. Fit well.

👤I can't wait to match the frames with my outfits. I love them.

👤I like my Gucci glasses. They are everything I thought they would be. The seller sent them to me. I will do business with them again. They look better in person.

👤I was happy with my purchase. The case is nice. My son's prescription was placed in the frame by an outside company after I purchased these. The frames are the same as in the photo. The price was reasonable and the delivery was quick.

👤I ordered these glasses for my nephew. I had to return because they didn't fit my nephew's face.

👤I can't say I dislike it. I wanted amazing frames. Will purchase more. You, Tha k you.

👤Belli e come pensavo li consiglio e sono contento dell'acquisto cercavo qualcosa di simile.

👤Las varillas de los lentes.


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