Best Eye Frames for Women Designer

Women 30 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Versace 1257 Metal Hexagonal Eyeglasses

Versace 1257 Metal Hexagonal Eyeglasses

The lens width is 55 millimeters. The bridge is 15 millimeters.

Brand: Versace

👤I compared them to the ones in the Versace store and they were the same. I'm very happy.

👤These are the slickest nonprescription frames. The glasses are authentic and genuine. Quality and design are not the same. Steezy! It is recommended that you love your partner 1000%.

👤Excellent quality. And. The official versace website has a test for legitimacy.

👤It is very quick. The product was in good condition.

2. Michael Kors ADRIANNA Eyeglass 1113 51

Michael Kors ADRIANNA Eyeglass 1113 51

The lens width is 51 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters.

Brand: Michael Kors

👤I am happy with these glasses. Great deal and great look! They are authentic! My case was a white Michael Kors one. You can make these into prescription seeing glasses because the lenses they come with can come off and be replaced with better high quality prescription lens of your choice. If you want designer eyeglasses, this is the cheapest way to go. The temples are not too tight or loose, the nose pads are comfortable, and you don't need to adjust them like most eyeglasses.

👤Love! Such a great deal! The place where I got the glasses had the same price as the one I got at the other place.

👤The glasses are cute. The glasses case in a box with glasses inside was the most important thing, it was just two things that were off. If you buy these just for fashion, you will be stuck with the words, because the logo is imprinted in the glass. I brought them to put my prescription in. The glasses look like a picture. If you plan on changing your prescription, I suggest you to get these.

👤Light weight frames that are comfortable. The price was reasonable. They were fitted with prescription glasses. Highly recommended.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She fell in love with these frames after we went to an eye care center to look for eyewear. They were less than half the price of the eye center store, so I bought them off Amazon. My daughter is very happy with the selection and they look great on her, if we could only get Amazon to make them for half the price.

👤The glasses are small. I tried them on a shop. Is this one made for kids? My head templates hurt and they leave marks on my nose. I want a full refund. I am from East Carolina. I ordered them while in the US. They arrived before I came back. Please help me because I can't return theM.

👤I am encantado los lentes. Justo lo!

👤solo tienes una gafa that is 200 euros por Amazon page 83, pero no tienes una compresion para cristal.

👤Montatura molto bella e robusta, provata in negozio ed acquistata qui in Marketplace ad un prezzo molto buono con un risparmio di quasi 50 euro.

👤Son idénticos a los lentes. Son originales.

👤I qualit impeccabile. Intempo con anche la Custodia e il certificato di autenticit, il pacco arrivato. It's a good thing!

3. SOJOS Oversized Lightweight Eyeglasses Anti Blue

SOJOS Oversized Lightweight Eyeglasses Anti Blue

The lens width is 55 millimeters. The lens height is 45 millimeters. The high-definition anti-blue light lens is the best choice for long-term computer use. They can help with the symptoms of eye fatigue. The progressive lens can be replaced with the original non-prescription lens.

Brand: Sojos

👤I really like these. I need more of these because they help me with blue light blocking glasses.

👤There is a huge caveat to the fact that I really love these glasses. The weight of them is perfect. They are comfortable to wear all day. The glass is large enough to not distract me from the frames. The color is lovely. The glass is not clear. It looks like a cloudy film on them. No matter how much I clean them, the blue light blocking part never clears up. I notice that there is a film that I am looking at. Unless you like looking through cloudy glass, don't buy these.

👤I have a difficult time with migraines. I work on a computer 5 days a week as a nurse. I have bought glasses from different companies, but most were more expensive. They were too large for my face and had a weird lens. I was very excited when I saw them. The glasses looked normal and were affordable. It had a blue light and a card to prove that the glasses blocked the light. It also had a key chain with glasses screwdrivers. It was a huge deal. I would 100% recommend.

👤The style of these eyeglasses is very attractive. The blue light filters my computer screen. I'm on my computer most of the time. These frames have a retro look. If I thought they were strong enough, I would buy another pair and have my prescription lens put in them. I will have to check with my eye doctor. The frame and lens on these glasses are plastic, but they are trendy and on point.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I have been trying to find slightly oversized cat-eye frames for a while. I don't like the yellow shade of most blue light blocking lens, but these frames are clear, no color and it works! It doesn't feel cheap. I've owned only designer eyeglasses. I can't believe I can find good looking glasses at this price. Wow.

👤These glasses are not broken. They are hard to keep clean, but they help with the blue light issues I was having. I wanted to see if it was worthwhile to invest in something nicer in the future. They are not as heavy as I thought, but they are larger on my face. These glasses will help you see if the blue light blocking stuff works for you. I don't think they are a fashion statement.

👤When I received my glasses, I was very disappointed. They collect a lot of lint and have too much reflection on both ends when I wear it. I cleaned them many times. They are hazy and blurry with the reflection. Not happy with the glasses.

👤I love the style of these, but they do not help my eyes relax the way other blue light filters do. They are not tinted with the yellow, which is more stylish, but I think that tint really makes a difference in the effectiveness.

4. Prada TRIANGLE PR11RV Eyeglass ROJ1O1 52

Prada TRIANGLE PR11RV Eyeglass ROJ1O1 52

The PR11RV is a model with a color of ROJ1O1 Eyeglass Frame. 100% UV Protection. EyeSize 52mm/ Bridge 17mm/ Temple 140mm. Made in Italy. Buy with confidence. All items come with a retail package.

Brand: Prada

👤There is no certificate of authenticity for the frames.

👤These are not authentic PRADA frames. There was no Prada Authentication certificate in the package. I looked up what an authentic Prada logo looked like in their eye frames.

👤It's the best purchase in a long time. You should get a width measurement before ordering. I think they do it here as well. It worked out well and I get a lot of praise.

👤These frames are adorable. I was excited to get them because I have never seen anything like them before. They met my expectations.

👤These frames are pretty. They fit well, it was packaged well, and it was delivered sooner than expected. The price is great. I first looked at the frames at Lens Crafters, which cost 280. The price was a steal.

👤My cat bent the frame of my old glasses, which prevented me from getting a new prescription. I was very happy to find these on Amazon. The rose color of these is nicer than the tortoiseshell style I had before.

👤A pair of glasses. They fit my face well, and I get a lot of praise for the frames.

5. Versace 1163M Metal Rectangle Eyeglasses

Versace 1163M Metal Rectangle Eyeglasses

1252 Eyeglass Frame PALE GOLD w/clear demo lens is the model. EyeSize 52mm/ Bridge 16mm/ Temple 130mm.

Brand: Versace

👤I had my last pair of regular glasses and they came in 3 business days, but the women's frame is great, and there is a great fit, and they look great in the first week.

👤A little loose on me but I love them.

👤The product looks cool and comes with a letter of authenticity, but it's tight fitting and the materials are cheap. You are paying a Versace price for a pair of glasses that are the same materials as any other pair of glasses on Amazon. The gold frames are not metal and the plastic on the sides is forgivable. I did not expect them to be made of gold.

👤These glasses are cool. Simple and classy at the same time. Good for casual wear. It's very versatile with different outfits. I would get a glasses screwdriver kit to tighten the screws. I'm happy with these authentic Versace glasses.

👤I don't purchase frames online with out trying them on first, so I'm not sure if I would like them that way. They look great and are a perfect fit. I will be honest, they say. Women are wearing frames. I believe they are all female. My husband liked them so much that he tried them on as well. I would buy from this vendor again. The frames are of good quality. Brand new. There were no scratches. There was a hard case with the clothes.

👤These glasses are very good. I have a bigger head than normal. They don't fit well. I will have to return them. They are absolutely gorgeous. You will love them if you have a normal head.

👤I bought this for my son. He loves them! They look good. The best Christmas gift!

👤I returned the frames because they didn't fit my face type, but I am in the process of buying a frame with different dimensions.

👤Me llega el puro sin los lentes, hice la devolucin, ni se han comunicado conmigo.

👤Me gusta la calidad, tienen un buen regalo.


6. Gucci 011 Plastic Rectangle Eyeglasses

Gucci 011 Plastic Rectangle Eyeglasses

The lens width is 55 millimeters. The lens height is 39 millimeters. The bridge is 15 millimeters.

Brand: Gucci

👤These are genuine Gucci frames. You will like having these glasses. I took them to my eye doctor and got rid of my glasses.

👤I love my glasses and have them.

👤Definitivamente, me encantan.

👤I made these into my glasses. The frames are gorgeous and came with a beautiful case. I am very pleased with the quality and price.

👤I added my prescription and this frame is absolutely gorgeous.

👤I like the style of them.

👤I got them as a Christmas gift for my wife. She wears her glasses every day. The fit is perfect, I was able to get her prescription glasses in them, they are really comfortable to wear even after 12 hours of work! The price was reasonable. They went on sale after I bought them.

7. Eyeglasses Versace 3218 GB1 BLACK

Eyeglasses Versace 3218 GB1 BLACK

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters. Black Square Frames.

Brand: Versace

👤I was worried about ordering glasses frames online without trying them on, but these are what I was looking for. I wanted lage square frames but couldn't find them in the stores. I took them to get perscription lenses put in and they verified that they are real. They were in a versace box and in the vesace case. The price on Amazon is almost half of other websites so I was worried they would be fake. My only complaint is that they aren't as comfortable as my old versace frames that are similar but don't have the gold on the sides, but I'm getting used to them. I didn't see a measurement for how big they are, but they are over 1 and 1/2 inch tall. I wanted a little bigger, but these look good on my face, any bigger would have been too much.

👤The title says I am upset with the fact I ordered eyeglasses. They sent me a pair of big dark black shades with a logo as big as quarter on the side. Come on when I order it. I expect a picture of that. Should I order again or will you ruin my order?

👤Exactly what I was looking for. My original lens was 55mm, but I got them to fit. I don't recommend doing it on your own. A doctor can do the fitting. It was in a nice box with a case and cleaning cloth.

👤They are not heavy on my nose. And ears.

👤The frames that were not level were bent.

👤I paid the money and waited to receive my item. When I opened the box, I was horrified to see the shades instead of the glasses. My eye appointment is tomorrow and I don't have glasses. Blind as a Bat.

👤They fit a little snug, but that's my mistake because I didn't measure my previous glasses accurately. I decided to keep them because they don't feel tight when put on. These glasses are not the typical long lens frames you can find at the eye doctor. For half the price of the eye doctor, you can get this well packaged and looks very authentic to me.

👤They fit perfectly and are light weight.

👤Non conforme du reu.

8. Michael Kors MK3026 Eyeglass 3332 50

Michael Kors MK3026 Eyeglass 3332 50

The lens width is 50 millimeters. The bridge is 19 millimeters. Buy with confidence. An authorized retailer. It's authenticity is guaranteed. All accessories are included in the full retail package.

Brand: Michael Kors

👤I can't wait until my prescription is added this month. Really pleased!

👤Very nice glasses. But. We want to remove the lettering from the lens. Is it possible?

👤Excellent looking for the low. There are many things that datememe looks to me!

👤I really like these Michael Kors glasses, they are trendy and stylish, and for the money you can't beat it, it has light weight on your face.

👤The frames looked funny with the shape of my face so I returned them. Still looking.

👤A beautiful look, lots of praise, and just enough cat eye.

👤I am very happy with the price on Michael Kors glasses.

👤No son originales, el armazn tiene ser metlicas las patas.

👤No compren, piratera, armanzn, acabados horribles, general mala calidad.

👤I bellissimi sono originali. Ho fatto mettere le lenti graduate. Liiglio cons a tutti coloro.

9. Michael Kors SANTA CLARA 4067U

Michael Kors SANTA CLARA 4067U

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The lens is 888-405-7720 The bridge is 16 millimeters.

Brand: Michael Kors

👤I love them! I put my prescription in the glasses.

👤Exactly as described. The fit is perfect and the look is clean. Superbly packaged. The price was less expensive than the store I visited. Very happy with the order. Also delivered quickly. Thank you.

👤I love how delicate they look and give me a fresh look. The gold touches on the sides look sofisticated.

👤They put the prescription in these frames after I had my eye exam. Love them.

👤Went to our eye doctor for prescription glasses. They look great. My teen can be tough on glasses, so I'm a little nervous.

👤The frames look exactly as pictured. They were neatly packaged inside of the original case. The frames are light and sleek. The frame has gold accents. The bridge is comfortable for me. I took the measurements of my old frames to see if I could find a better fit.

👤The glasses are in good shape and came quickly. The glasses are cute.

👤He lentes. Fueron de regalo para mam. La funda is a Spanish word.

👤rostros de forma Cuadrada.

👤Muy calidad de materiales. Amigos.

10. Michael Kors VIVIANNA Eyeglass 3106 54

Michael Kors VIVIANNA Eyeglass 3106 54

The lens width is 54 millimeters. The model is called MK4030 Vivianna II.

Brand: Michael Kors

👤Llegaron, son hermosas, a Colombia. Se un poco mas oscuras.

👤Justo a tiempo! The producto was excelente.

👤The frame is a genuine brand name frame. A five star rating is given to seller, product, and customer service.

👤Before I ordered my glasses, I submitted a question about whether the Michael Kors logo would come off. I was told it was a sticker and could be removed. It is not a sticker but a lens.

👤I didn't keep it because the current ones I have look the same, but it's cute.

👤Amigos de una calidad.

👤I don't like the name sketched in the lens, but I love them.

👤Love the style and fit... The price on Amazon is much better than what you can find in eye places.

👤I wasn't sure if I should buy glasses on Amazon. I broke my arm when I had this exact pair before. I wanted to avoid buying new frames. The frames were identical to my old ones, with the genuine case and glasses wipe, and my old glasses popped right into this frame! I took them to the eye doctor to do it. Delivery was on time.

👤Lpido, con estuche original, tienes una imagen.

👤It is amazing! The item arrived on the first date that was stated for the arrive estimate. Absolutely love these frames!

👤No venia en el estuche pacho para limpiar.

👤Tal, tienes una bueno.

11. Michael Kors Ravenna Rectangle Eyeglasses

Michael Kors Ravenna Rectangle Eyeglasses

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The bridge is 18 millimeters.

Brand: Michael Kors

👤I love them. My eye doctor put my prescription in them after I got them. The case is nice.

👤I got this lentes for myself. It was really comfortable. Looks great. The material looks strong. I'm in love with my first pair of glasses. I can't wear glasses in my nose. They bother my nose. I always use my sunglasses as a tiara. It's funny. This one fit well.

👤Frame was a little smaller than expected. I was expecting a little bigger than that. The frame arms sit on my back- ear bone and make it not comfortable, limit hearts after all day wear. Even though frames are tightly screwed, it doesws on my nose when I slide on it.

👤I liked everything. All my friends should use this vendor because frames are almost 1/2 off of big frame shops. Excellent.

👤Well made, very cute. I had to send them back because they didn't look good on me.

👤They're cute and the perfect subtle fashion to them. This is my second pair.

👤Cute frames! I like how they look.

👤I thought they would fit.

👤The frames are classy and stylish.

👤Ich ist unzufrieden, schn, kvalitt 0, gemacht, leicht.


What is the best product for eye frames for women designer?

Eye frames for women designer products from Versace. In this article about eye frames for women designer you can see why people choose the product. Michael Kors and Sojos are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye frames for women designer.

What are the best brands for eye frames for women designer?

Versace, Michael Kors and Sojos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye frames for women designer. Find the detail in this article.

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