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1. Eyeglasses Versace 3218 GB1 BLACK

Eyeglasses Versace 3218 GB1 BLACK

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters. Black Square Frames.

Brand: Versace

👤I was worried about ordering glasses frames online without trying them on, but these are what I was looking for. I wanted lage square frames but couldn't find them in the stores. I took them to get perscription lenses put in and they verified that they are real. They were in a versace box and in the vesace case. The price on Amazon is almost half of other websites so I was worried they would be fake. My only complaint is that they aren't as comfortable as my old versace frames that are similar but don't have the gold on the sides, but I'm getting used to them. I didn't see a measurement for how big they are, but they are over 1 and 1/2 inch tall. I wanted a little bigger, but these look good on my face, any bigger would have been too much.

👤The title says I am upset with the fact I ordered eyeglasses. They sent me a pair of big dark black shades with a logo as big as quarter on the side. Come on when I order it. I expect a picture of that. Should I order again or will you ruin my order?

👤Exactly what I was looking for. My original lens was 55mm, but I got them to fit. I don't recommend doing it on your own. A doctor can do the fitting. It was in a nice box with a case and cleaning cloth.

👤They are not heavy on my nose. And ears.

👤The frames that were not level were bent.

👤I paid the money and waited to receive my item. When I opened the box, I was horrified to see the shades instead of the glasses. My eye appointment is tomorrow and I don't have glasses. Blind as a Bat.

👤They fit a little snug, but that's my mistake because I didn't measure my previous glasses accurately. I decided to keep them because they don't feel tight when put on. These glasses are not the typical long lens frames you can find at the eye doctor. For half the price of the eye doctor, you can get this well packaged and looks very authentic to me.

👤They fit perfectly and are light weight.

👤Non conforme du reu.

2. FEISEDY Oversized Square Fashion Sunglasses

FEISEDY Oversized Square Fashion Sunglasses

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 52 millimeters. The bridge is 20 millimeters. The frame of the sunglasses is made of non-allergic materials so that anyone can enjoy the beauty and protection of sunglasses.


👤These frames are big and bulky and I love them! I have a big head and these fit me well. I plan on ordering more glasses because I love them a lot.

👤Loving this! Let me tell you that I was asked to review. Would do it anyways because it is a high end look for so little. I love the large size fit frames. It is not heavy on the face. There is a leather case and dust cloth. If you like this style and are looking for a cute look, it is worth the purchase. Just a few months ago, also purchased. It is very durable so far. The screws are not coming loose.

👤It's wonderful. I have been looking for a pair like this one that is similar to Gucci. The pearl is on the side of these. I want to buy in more colors. I recommend!

👤These sunglasses are large. They fit perfectly and look great. I will be buying a pair in a different color.

👤Get. These. Immediate! Very cute and large. There is more for that shade from the sun.

👤I love them! Very nice and trendy... All of me! They don't look cheap. I need to get prescription glasses. MsFancy.

👤I have never been disappointed with Feisedy glasses. They are a great fit for any occasion and they are stylish. I love the oversized square in blue. It's so awesome. Thank you Feisedy!

👤Great sunglasses. The attention to detail is great. There was a case and a cleaning cloth with these sunglasses. Most sunglasses on Amazon don't come with extras.

👤La lente proteggere bene dai raggi solari peccato.

3. Michael Kors VIVIANNA Eyeglass 3162 54

Michael Kors VIVIANNA Eyeglass 3162 54

The lens width is 54 millimeters. The model is called MK4030 Vivianna II. The color is Pink Tortoise.

Brand: Michael Kors

👤If you were like me, you would think old if they looked right, how much is the price? They can get my prescription in them today and tomorrow. There is really amazing. Spending money is worth it. They answered all of the questions I had. I have to remember the case.

👤I used them for glasses. The frame is not snug and one arm is pushing against my ear.

👤A nice pair of glasses is what I prefer, but for a small price. The frames are in good shape. They seem to be a little old-fashioned when it comes to size and shape. My opinion is what it is. There is nothing wrong with the quality.

👤Everything about my glasses is wonderful. Their style is nice and I like how they look on me.

👤Un excelente compra son perfectos.

👤There was a case and cloth cleaner with it. A good frame.

👤The cute deal fit perfectly.

👤Son hermosos, pense a 2 cm mas altos, pero estn a un tamao adecuado.

4. Eyeglasses Michael Kors CRYSTAL CLEAR

Eyeglasses Michael Kors CRYSTAL CLEAR

The lens width is 52 millimeters. The lens height is 38 millimeters. The bridge is 20 millimeters.

Brand: Michael Kors

👤They look better than the photo when you try them on. There is enough space for progressive lenses. I decided to make a progressive transition lens with blue filters. I love them. Good quality.

👤The glasses are light weight and the nose pads are not scratchy, they're the perfect fit for me. You'll love them too if you get a pair. There are demo glasses in the frames, so it says Michael Kors on the LENS. I was going to get prescription glasses so it still works out for me.

👤Me encanta mis lentes.

👤I was looking for a pair of glasses but couldn't seem to find one. I took the chance after reading all the good reviews. Let me tell you something! I'm glad I get that kind of feedback all the time. I love them.

👤I get a lot of praise. There is a If you have dark eyebrows, these frames might be a good fit for you. My mom has light red hair and very blonde eyebrows, and the clear frames washed her out. Our opinion is that my friends with light eyebrows couldn't pull it off. I have dirty blonde eyebrows and it works well for me. These are cute, well made, and I got my prescription glasses for cheap at The bridge hurts my nose, but it's very manageable. I have a small nose and a red mark on them.

👤I like the fact that when someone looks at you, they don't notice you wearing glasses. Love the rose gold trim. They seem to be made well. They don't feel vulnerable.

👤I like the way they fit. The nose pads are comfortable.

5. Cyxus Professional Protection Transparent Lightweight

Cyxus Professional Protection Transparent Lightweight

The TR90 frame is lightweight and flexible for long-term wear. The ZERO crystal lens has a good visual experience. It is shock resistant and waterproof. The square frame design makes you look professional while working. The blue light filter glasses lens are made from HEV-Absorbed Technology. The blue light glasses for women are made to absorb blue light between 400 and 450nm. Light reflection and eye pain can be prevented with blue light glasses. The blue light men's glasses are 99% UV blocking. Not only does high light transmittance maintain, but it also filters out glare for better work and study. Computer glasses can relieve eye fatigue, headaches, protect some cells and reduce the risk of macular degeneration. Women and men can use anti-glare computer glasses. Blue light blocking glasses are useful for computers, laptops or smart phones, they can protect the eyes from computer visual syndrome, which can be caused by fatigue. All Cyxus customers get a 30 day free trial and a lifetime warranty if they don't like the product. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Cyxus

👤I liked how my eyes felt with the Cyxus glasses that I ordered, they fit my face the best and I liked how my eyes felt with them on most of the time. I would get a weird blur on my left eye and I couldn't figure out what was wrong because I kept my glasses clean. You can only see the Cyxus logo at certain angles because it is embedded onto the lens. I want to return these and exchange them for a pair that doesn't have this issue, but I was able to get an angle to take a picture. I'm not sure if it was a sticker or etched into the lens, but it's annoying. I hope you read this and can help with the exchange as it's past the normal return deadline.

👤I get a lot of screen time because I do internet marketing. I need these to help preserve my eye sight. I wore them for one day and already noticed that my eyes aren't tired after a full day of screen time. It was a no brainer for $30.

👤I wanted to try it out after hearing about the potential benefits. I got this pair because it was cheaper than average and I didn't want to spend a lot of money since I was a sceptic of this actually helping with screen protection from light. They are quite flimsy and cheaper than the price. I have not been getting my migraines while wearing these and I think there is so science to it. I keep them at the office so I don't travel with them. The lens are plastic and get so dirty that they are not glass. They are difficult to clean because they are not glass. You will use the case and cleaning cloth that comes with the purchase. I'd consider paying more money for a better pair of blue-light blocking technology if I could. I don't use them for that purpose, so I can't speak on behalf of whether they block out the blue light of TV/kindle/phone screens within the hour or two before bed.

👤The product is very nice. I stare at the computer screens for a long time. Since getting these, eye strain has been reduced and I am developing a better sleep pattern. They are cheap and look decent, unlike other blue light blocking glasses that try to stand out and be cool. Most look terrible. These are simplistic and easy to understand. The plastic lens is hard to keep clean, and that is my only complaint with these. You need the cleaning cloth handy throughout the day, because oil clings to these like crazy. Don't use your shirt or other material for a clean. It is a great aspect that there is no tint to these.

👤I like the idea, but not sure if they solve my problem. I stare at screens all day. I sometimes have headaches, eye strain, and trouble sleeping. I haven't noticed a massive difference, but I haven't had any terrible headaches since using these. I'm not sure if I'm right, but just about any glasses would pass that "blue light" test. The photosensitive paper and light are deceptive. Photosensitive paper can change color with any light source. I did the same test with a high power flashlight. They look good. They are flimsy and will break eventually. Don't be careless and they will be fine.

6. Michael Kors SANTA CLARA 4067U

Michael Kors SANTA CLARA 4067U

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The lens is 888-405-7720 The bridge is 16 millimeters.

Brand: Michael Kors

👤I love them! I put my prescription in the glasses.

👤Exactly as described. The fit is perfect and the look is clean. Superbly packaged. The price was less expensive than the store I visited. Very happy with the order. Also delivered quickly. Thank you.

👤I love how delicate they look and give me a fresh look. The gold touches on the sides look sofisticated.

👤They put the prescription in these frames after I had my eye exam. Love them.

👤Went to our eye doctor for prescription glasses. They look great. My teen can be tough on glasses, so I'm a little nervous.

👤The frames look exactly as pictured. They were neatly packaged inside of the original case. The frames are light and sleek. The frame has gold accents. The bridge is comfortable for me. I took the measurements of my old frames to see if I could find a better fit.

👤The glasses are in good shape and came quickly. The glasses are cute.

👤He lentes. Fueron de regalo para mam. La funda is a Spanish word.

👤rostros de forma Cuadrada.

👤Muy calidad de materiales. Amigos.

7. Allt Oversized Optical Non Prescription Eyeglasses

Allt Oversized Optical Non Prescription Eyeglasses

The lens width is 2.09 inches. The bridge of the nose gives you a comfortable feeling and is Skin-friendly.

Brand: Allt

👤I like big square frames on my face.

👤These frames are what I want. I love that they are big. Completely covering my eyes. They are comfortable and won't fall from my nose. No cheap feeling, great quality and sturdy. The leopard looks attractive in the photos. Love it! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for affordable frames.

👤The glasses were outstanding. I bought a pair for myself and my wife, and she is loving me long time for this. I would recommend a happy spouse to anyone. This was a last minute Christmas gift that was worth waiting for since I had to pick the perfect blue light glasses since we are in front of the computer all day long and only three 15 minute breaks and a 3 minute lunch. She stated that they are not tight and that she loves the large frame.

👤Well made, great fit. These still look sharp on my face, I am a woman. In a hurry? Throw these on with lipstick or gloss and have a look.

👤I ordered the black frame because I loved it so much. These glasses are awesome. I wish the came was dark. I rate fashion glasses 8 out of 5. Absolutely amazing. These are epic. Excellent quality. I wish the sunglasses came with the computer screen. 5 stars all the way!

👤It is amazing. Just like Tom Fords. Excellent quality.

👤I love the glasses! It blocks the blue light from my screen. It's a pleasure to code all day long and work all day long in front of a computer. I love how they look, and also the material. The frame is awesome! I love how they look. I love how I look. I would definitely buy them again because they are pretty stylish and geeky. I'm in love with these glasses.

👤After losing many high-end and expensive glasses, these look and feel the same without the high price.

8. DeBuff Blocking Glasses Computer Eyeglasses

DeBuff Blocking Glasses Computer Eyeglasses

The lens width is 52 millimeters. Anti blue rays are used. The lens filters harmful ultraviolet rays from electronic devices, it helps with eye strain for those on the computer a lot. Enjoy a good night's sleep and minimize the headaches. High end quality includes impact resistant polycarbonate non-prescription blue light blocking Lenses, sleek plastic frame, no pressure on the nose pads, solid hinges, and comfortable temples. Both men and women can wear them, great for all ages. They are very light and you won't feel heavy or uncomfortable.


👤The glasses are not cheap. They are comfortable for all day wear. I don't think they strain my eyes when I'm in front of the computer all day. The blue light is blocked by them. You can tell if the screen is white by taking on and off the glasses, they tint the white to a yellow color. All around a great product. I was expecting nothing else in the box, but it comes with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth, which is great because I can protect them now. It comes with a mini screwdriver for fixing screws if they need to be replaced. I was very impressed with the product and the contents that came with it. These glasses would definitely be recommended.

👤I got my glasses filled because I love them so much.

👤These are the ones. 2 other pairs were blocked great. The first frames were a bit round and the second pair were square, but after taking them off it looked like everything was on tv, so I went with the clear frames. The worst presentation of all was these, but the best wiping cloth is all you keep anyway.

👤These are not for men. I'm pretty open to anything these days, but these glasses go from below my cheekbones to above my eyebrows, and the outer "tips" of the frames are very pointed outward like a cat-eye. I have no issue with wearing anything, but it looks like I'm wearing my girlfriend's glasses and it's making other people look at me. I keep them because they're cheap and I don't want to waste time sending them back. Maybe I'll use them in a video. I'll be with the real brands for the future.

👤My daughter is working in the computer lab and I gave her these to use. She does a lot of graphic design work and looks at the computer a lot, so we thought these might help her. She thinks they are helping. We already know that stress, weather, and such cause her headaches, but she is still having them. The glasses were used to see if we could help some of that be less.

👤These are the best glasses I have ever had. They are nicely packaged and come with a nice sleeve case, microfiber cloth, and a screwdriver for glasses so you can tighten screws over time. When I looked at a screen with my last pair, I wondered if they were legit because of the amount of blue light. They look great. Get em.

👤The measurements listed were not correct, so I would not give them a 5 star rating. I ordered them for the correct size. The nose bridge is 18mm and the pair I received were only 15mm, which is not comfortable to me.

👤I have had these for a year and I love them. I use them to draw on my iPad. I have noticed that my eyes are tired less after using my tablets for long periods of time. I was recommended blue light glasses by a friend who said they were affordable and helped their eyes. The style is cute and professional. They came with a pouch and cleaning cloth. Would buy again.

9. SOJOS Sunglasses Polarized Protection Tortoise

SOJOS Sunglasses Polarized Protection Tortoise

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 57 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters. SojoS's HD TAC polarized lens can block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and filters out sunlight reflected glare. The SojoS retro square polarized sunglasses are made of high quality plastic frames, UV400 lens, and solid metal hinges, all of which are guaranteed to last a long time. They are suitable for women and any weather conditions.

Brand: Sojos

👤I wear a lot of sunglasses in a year. I try not to spend too much money on sunglasses because my housekeys inevitably scratch them right in my line of vision, so I throw them in my purse or get my dog to get them off the table. I was in need of a couple of new pairs, and I found them for less than $20, with a microfiber bag and a cleaning cloth. They seem to be very durable and made well. I will update the review if I find they don't hold up well. I have taken good care of these glasses, but they still broke. Disappointed. The stars were taken away.

👤I misplace or scratch my sunglasses. These are a medium size and have good sun protection. The sun protection I can buy in the store is not as good as the quality of the product. They are packaged nicely with a pouch to hold them in and a glass cloth cleaner. I have one in my purse and one in our RV. I don't forget them. Hopefully they will last longer with less wear and tear.

👤I love the sunglasses! I love that they came with a cleaning towel and pouch to put them in, and I would buy them again. They look great on me, and the clarity is very good. I am very happy with this purchase so far.

👤I rarely leave product reviews, but I had to because I was so impressed with these sunglasses. They were packaged in a nice box and each pair had their own plastic pouch. They also had 2 microfiber cleaning cloths. They fit nicely on my face. I am very pleased with my purchase and can't imagine finding a better deal.

👤Medium weight glasses. Good quality. The bag and cleaning cloth is nice. They are tight on my head. I have a narrow face, but they are still tight. In the picture I attached, I show how I stretched my glasses on the side of the box. I stretched my glasses for a few days and now they are more comfortable. Good glasses for a good price.

👤The glasses were perfect for what I needed. I was looking for a pair of sunglasses that were comfortable and stylish to wear on trips. I wanted a cheap pair that I wouldn't be upset if I lost. I am reaching for these more than my designer sunglasses. The dark lens look more expensive than they were. Very impressed! If you're looking for a cheap replacement for your high end sunglasses, I recommend these.

👤The glasses fit well and look cute. Would buy again.

👤The quality is great for the price. It is convenient for driving with the lens. The black and grey are both nice colors. Needed a casual one for driving and work, so wanted a low cost sunglasses for casual use. The sunglasses are good for what I need.

👤I took a chance and bought sunglasses on line instead of trying them on in store, and am so happy I did. I can't believe that they are so nice. They are stylish, comfortable, do not hurt behind the ears, and block the light without being too dark. I had surgery on my eyes and need to wear sin glasses outside even if it's not sunny. These work well. The lens are just perfect and aren't too big. Highly recommend them.

10. FEISEDY Oversized Glasses Prescription Black Leopard

FEISEDY Oversized Glasses Prescription Black Leopard

The lens width is 53 millimeters. The lens height is 50 millimeters. The bridge is 14 millimeters.


👤I don't know if they are over sized, but I still like them! The cat eye is flattering for my round face, even though I had glasses that were truly oversized. I will make sure to keep these safe in the case when not wearing them because they don't look cheap or flirtatious. I might even have my perscription put into these frames. I'm not mad at all for the price. Just get em if you are debating. They're cute.

👤I ordered the frames because I don't want to pay $300 for glasses. I was worried that they would be too heavy. I love them. Couldn't be happier.

👤Absolutely love. It is durable and fashionable.

👤I absolutely adore these! They give me so many nice words. If you like a twist on your look, grab these.

👤I got a lot of praise in these frames. They are pretty cute and have been wearing them for over a month. The gold handles are pretty flimsy and had to be glue on back because they began to stripe off. For these reasons, it is just 3 stars. Cute, but not really.

👤Cute. I'm not happy with my glasses. They were able to try these out to see how long they would last. I'm looking for a word to get my prescription.

👤I love them! The price was great and I was getting a lot of praise. I have a few frames that I paid a lot of money for, but I don't love them as much as I love this one.

👤The frames are pretty. I got them to be priscription frames. The lightweight plastic material made the technicians afraid it wouldn't allow for the prescription to be inserted. I am happy that it was. I haven't had it long. These frames are noticed. I get praise whenever I wear them. They are stylish. I love em. If the stems have broken off, I have not been wearing them long. They are too fragile to be used for a long time. I am getting a new one, not because I want to, but because I spent a lot of money on my lense and it would be a waste if I had to get new ones. Disappointed.

👤I love them. I was worried they would be too small. They are perfect size. Cheap and cute.

👤A good product. I am happy with my purchase.

11. Versace Greca Plastic Square Eyeglasses

Versace Greca Plastic Square Eyeglasses

The lens width is 55 millimeters. The bridge is 19 millimeters.

Brand: Versace

👤The designers grasses look fancy. The glasses are for large faces.

👤I put prescription glasses in them.

👤The frames were bent. They are not straight on my face. Not happy.

👤They looked the same.


What is the best product for eye frames for women square?

Eye frames for women square products from Versace. In this article about eye frames for women square you can see why people choose the product. and Michael Kors are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye frames for women square.

What are the best brands for eye frames for women square?

Versace, and Michael Kors are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye frames for women square. Find the detail in this article. Cyxus, Allt and Sojos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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