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1. Rhinestones Stickers Adhesive Rhinestone Assorted

Rhinestones Stickers Adhesive Rhinestone Assorted

If you don't like Nicpro stickers, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions were asked. The set includes 2 sheets of 375 strips and 3 sheets of 325 stickers. hinestone stickers are clear silver hinestone stickers are clear silver You can easily remove the self-adhesive rhinestones from the sticker. The strip can be peeled off directly, which is more convenient to use. These bling rhinestones can be used to decorate gift boxes, mobile phones, notebooks, children's birthday hats, cars, parties and more.

Brand: Outuxed

👤If allowed, I would change my review to 1star and make it zero stars. The glasses have crystals on them. I tried to keep them on with super glue, but the crystals have turned cloudy. It looks like cheap pearls. There is no more crystals. It is a nightmare of a project. So angry! The first review. I was going to give this 5 stars but it didn't happen. I put these over cats eye glasses. I was going to use them all week. The stones went on without a hitch. It was easy to use. Looked great. When I pulled the glasses out to show someone, 25% of the stones had slipped off the frames or onto the lenses. I followed all the directions, including cleaning the surface and placing the stones. I don't know how I'm going to fix these. I think it will take a coat of clear nail polish and some glue to make it work. I will never order them again after these problems. I assume they can't be returned since I've used them. Not happy.

👤It didn't work out for the project I needed them for because they don't stick to plastic. You need glue.

👤I wanted to bling out my hair for my 40th. I added a drop of hair glue.

👤These are amazing! The strips of jewels are perfect for my kids to wear on Halloween. They are easy to remove and don't leave a glue mark when I pull them off.

👤It was perfect. I like the size variety. I used the smallest ones on shower invitations. They can be placed where you need a touch of sparkle.

👤I was impressed with the amount of rhinestones and how well they stick to things. They were put on shoes, paper, and ribbon to decorate items for my wedding.

👤This met my expectations. I build sets for television productions and I was looking for something easy to use. Very happy.

👤These are the same as other rhinestones. I use them for makeup. They are on par with other ones. Get the job done!

2. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Festival Decorations

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Festival Decorations

4. Non-toxic materials and Eco-friendly materials pass. You can peel off the crystal stickers from the plastic sheet and paste them in the correct position. You can pop your nails out after you paste. The back of the rhinestone is self-adhesive, no glue is needed, and the sticker is made of high-quality acrylic material. The face jewels can be kept for a long time without falling. There are 14 colors and 4 different sizes of the rhinestones stickers for crafts. A variety of colors and sizes can help you match your favorite patterns. The value for money is great. There are as many as 2310 round jewels in 14 sheets of self-adhesive jewels. There are 165 different colors and sizes of rhinestones on each sheet. There are 54 3mm rhinestones, 33 6mm, 36 5mm, and 42 4mm. The face gems can be stuck on a variety of objects. Not only can be used for photo frames, mobile phone cases, children's drawings, greeting cards, handicrafts, birthday crowns, cosmetics, graduation caps, etc., but also for parties, Halloween, carnivals, etc. The best way to decorate your face and nails for the holidays.

Brand: Chuangzhi

3. Stickers Self Adhesive Sticker Scrapbooking Embellishments

Stickers Self Adhesive Sticker Scrapbooking Embellishments

Blending a small amount into skin is how to use. You can use your finger for shimmer. There is an abundant quantity of pearl gems, which include 750pcs perlas, 900pcs-4mm pearls, , various sizes will fit most crafts. Flatback pearls have a smooth and glossy surface, no scratch or damage, and can be used for any craft or project you need. The half pearls are easy to use, just peel them off the sheet and stick them to the object you want to decorate. Multipurpose: Flatback pearl stickers are ideal for a wide range of crafts. Adding pearls to your decors will add elegance. Warm tips: make sure the place you want to stick pearls is clean, and keep the white pearl beads away from children.

Brand: Aster

👤There are a lot of very pearly looking adornments. They put on a card.

4. Rhinestone Stickers Rhinestones Accessory Decorations

Rhinestone Stickers Rhinestones Accessory Decorations

There are 6 sheets of eyes body gems with different shapes provided for you to create distinctive patterns, a large quantity for you to use in various occasions. You can use the instructions to clean the wanted paste place, then strip eyelash decals and paste to your face or body, and finally press face rhinestones to match your face or body. Their face stickers are safe and non-toxic, they are made of rhinestone and acrylic diamond, which can be washed after use, and you can apply eyelash glue or body stickers to make face jewels be applied again. There are applications The ideal gift set for women is costume accessories for masquerade, cosplay, ball, carnival, prom, Christmas, and many more. You can use the stickers on your eyes, face, body or even your nail to catch eyes.

Brand: Rustamm

5. Bling Self Adhesive Stickers Rhinestone Temporary

Bling Self Adhesive Stickers Rhinestone Temporary

It is possible to use more body parts, such as the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, arms, hands, and abdomen. It's suitable for many parties, such as music carnival, dress ball,dance party, weddding birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and crazy carnival night. Simple to use. All 6 items are ready for you when you open the package. The process is simple: clean your hands and the skin to remove dust, peel off the pattern, and stick it. The design is distinctive. The unique patterns of the Sparkling stones make you stand out from the crowd. It is safe and harmless. The items are made from eco-friendly materials. No harm to your skin. 6 items of face jewels are more sticky than ordinary glue, which makes it hard to fall off, using hotmelt film instead of ordinary glue. Before you apply the sticker, be sure to clean your skin and hands.

Brand: Shineyes

👤These body jewels are very nice. I wore it to the concert. I received a lot of praise. I like that they are strung together with a thin glue. It's like looking at a string of glue from a hot gun. You don't need to apply each jewel at once. I plan to wear more clothing during the summer.

👤Oh my gosh! I can't imagine a better value for the money. These sets are pretty and bright. They were used for a masquerade party. My make-up artist applied them. She added a bit of eyelash glue as we applied them over make-up. From 8 pm until midnight, I danced the night away. The second photo shows that the gems stayed in place. I wore a back bow 80s prom gown. I was completely satisfied with my purchase.

👤These are really cute, but the glue is weird. You would think the gems were sticky, but there is a large pancake of sticky material that they stuck gems on and you have to put the whole thing on your face. It's not cute and it's visible. We found gems all night, so they're not sticky. I tried to make them stay put by using lash glue, but it wasn't worth the effort.

👤My friend is a professional photographer. We were at the beach for a fun shoot and we were dressed up as mermaids. I had no problem getting my tinted cream to stick because my skin was oily and I wore a sunscreen. The main part comes off in one sheet so you don't have to arrange them by themselves. They were pretty and shiny, but I had to peel them off. I will buy more when I go to Midtown Music.

👤When I got these, I didn't get the colors I wanted in the images. I messaged the seller and he responded quickly and sent me another pack. The gems looked great with my peacock costume. They lasted all evening. I highly recommend. They came off without a hitch. No mess, no fuss.

👤This is easy and convenient. I wore it as a costume for Halloween. I didn't use any more glue and it stayed on even though it was 80. The gems come together.

👤The product is good. I was a stat.

👤I have used almost every one of them in this set and I loved this one the most. There is a lot of variety in this pack. They are worth it for the price. They are all attached to each other with clear plastic that does not become discolored and remains invisible. These gems are not dettached from the clear plastic, they stay on for hours and hold up under serious wear. I will purchase these again.

👤These face gems are easy to use, you just peel them off the backing and stick them in a pattern you want on your face, it's a magical look. It's a great way to have fun at a party or music festival. Children love to get their hair done with them and look great, but they fall off when they are wearing them. They are a great addition to a dress up box. Will return for more when they are used up.

6. Pieces Stickers Adhesive Embellishment Decoration

Pieces Stickers Adhesive Embellishment Decoration

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your order, you can send them a message. They will provide a solution that is satisfied. The quantity and size are enough to meet, you will get 4 sheets of pearl stickers, a total of 2800 pieces of flat back pearls, including 750 pieces of 0.3 cm pearls, 900 pieces of 4mm pearls, , ,, The pearl stickers have a smooth and glossy surface, no scratch, dust-proof, and can be pasted wherever you want. The pearls can be pasted onto the object without any glue, and can be peeled off from the paper, making them easy to use for handicrafts. The faux pearl embellishment stickers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including crafts, face, beauty, makeup, manicure, phone and wedding decoration, crafts, as well as home decoration, scrapbook decoration, business card printing decoration, paper decoration, decorative mirror, frame. Warm note: the pearl is very small, please keep away from children to avoid suffocation, and make sure the area to be pasted is clean and without dust and scratches.

Brand: Tenare

👤These are easy to use.

👤I got these for my daughters bows. They're easy to put on bows. The only thing that comes off is certain fabrics. They were all over the house, even on the dog. For the price of them, it's not bad.

👤These were easy to use and stayed in place.

7. Christmas Festival Rhinestone Festival Temporary

Christmas Festival Rhinestone Festival Temporary

Safe material The face gems stickers are made of non-toxic and environmental materials. It's easy to apply. The bindi body has temporary tattoos that are peeled off and pasted like any other sticker. Put face stones on your face or body. 6 styles face sticker temporary tattoos are designed for your face and body, such as your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, around your eyes, stomach, chest, back, arms, hands and even your hair. The face stickers are self-adhesive and easy to apply. There are gemstones that can be re-used. The glue can be reapplied with eyelash glue once it has dried. Fashion Any fancy dress, crazy night, or art performance. The face jewels look great on you and make you stand out.

Brand: Oasmu

👤Excellent! It was so easy to apply and I stayed on all night long. Highly recommended. I received a lot of praise. The fact that they are disposable makes it better. The whole set was very nice. Very nice for a low price.

👤I bought them for a party. They were very pretty and well-fitting for the girls. The girls were put on their faces on their own and had no problem with it. They found them uncomfortable after a while, but they are young. Teens/adults would not mind.

👤I received a lot of positive feedback. If I put each jewel on its own, it would be many winners. I could have said yes and taken the credit. I'm glad the larger bunches are one piece. It would take a lot of time to get everything right. They stick all night. You can use glitter again.

👤When I ordered this face jewels, I was expecting one only, but they are 6 sets. Oh man! This is the second item I have gotten recently that I had the same situation. I am in love with this. I will wear this for Halloween and also for other occasions. When going to a club. To make my make up even more fun. Cheers!

👤I bought these as a substitute for a more expensive brand. They worked well. They will be used for a convention. They were swimming for hours.

👤My daughter used one for a full day at school and it stayed on through recess, parade and PE. She has a sensitive skin and this did not bother her at all. She wore one for hours on Halloween. It is very easy to apply and remove.

👤I had to replace a couple of them because they unglued from my face, but the others were stuck on all night in the sweat, not sure how to stay on all from the same package.

8. OASMU Halloween Rhinestone Rhinestones Decorations

OASMU Halloween Rhinestone Rhinestones Decorations

10 sheets eyes body face gems with different shapes provided for you to create distinctive patterns, a large quantity for you to use in various occasions. You will be the queen of the festival. You can use the stickers on your eyes, face, body or nail to catch eyes. It's great for clothes, phones, bags, cell phones, making greeting cards, and so on. It is safe and reusable. Face rhinestones are safe to use. The diamond is made of two materials. After your first use of the face crystals, you can reuse them with eyelash glue or body glue to make them stick to your face again. It's easy to apply and remove. The self-adhesive rhinestones do not require glue, you can easily remove the face jewelry from the sheet, then stick on your crafts and projects, they will not leave marks when peeling off. Use instructions. You can clean the wanted paste place, then strip decals and paste to your face or body, then press face rhinestones to match your face or body, and you can use eyelash glue to enhance the stickiness for avoiding fall off.

Brand: Oasmu

👤There are lots of rhinestones. They do not stick well. I use clear eyelash glue to keep them on.

👤For the price, I like how many different pieces it comes with, and there are a lot of size variations to make cute patterns. Even with the help of tweezers, they are hard to hold. There is a small sticker on the back of each gem, but it can fall off. I end up having to apply my own lash glue to the back of my face, but I usually add additional lash glue anyway to make sure it holds, so this isn't too big of a problem. I really like using them.

👤My child was getting ready for a performance. The gems stayed on past the show time. I will buy these in the future.

👤They looked great and stayed on all day. I got a lot of praise for them.

👤They fell off within 10 minutes of application. They were loved by the Grandchildren.

👤They are so cute that I used them a few times during Halloween. They stick! I felt like they weren't going to stick when I put them on. They lasted all night. It is worth the price for the amount that it comes in.

👤I like the different options it has. They were easy to put on but fell off at the end of the night. They were good for the price.

👤I was surprised that they lasted all day. I pressed on them to stay. The glue stayed on well.

👤Die Idee ist allein bei den Party-Bodydeko. Allem ist in the set ausreichend grosse Menge. Im ersten Angebotsfoto ist die Deko-Elemente ausnahmslos farbig/bunt. Issfunkelnd aus, ist das Foto sahen. Damit wren the universe. Gut, in "farbig", we have a Hingucker and leicht. Leider is in fact. So stopbar, wie hier beschrieben. Wer ist bekanntlich (meistens). Im Sommer ist hier aber von vorne. Die Steinchen ist die Kosmetikbestandteile, die in der Abend haften. Ihren Spass ist reduziert. Nat haften die Steinchen, bei Wrme, feuchter Luft, beim Tanzen. Stck fr Stck ist das lsen. The Body-Deko-Spass ist trotzdem gegeben. Es ist kein Profiprodukt fr die Show-Bhne.

👤Man hat viel Auswahl. Manche Steinchen fehlerhaft ist, ist die Oberflche. Art Delle ist sehen. Wenige Steinchen ist das. Ich ist Steinchen erwischt, die von Anfang an und hielten. Ihren Steinchen erstmalig von alleine. Tag, Wimpernkleber. Allerdings ist hier geraten unbedingt Hautkleber. Meine Empfehlung, da alle. Steinchen kleben, kauft am besten sofort zum Produkt Wimpernkleber. Them ist riesig, Herzen, Tropfen, Sterne, etc. Insgesamt bin me, Ihren Produkt und empfehle, gerne an dieser Stelle weiter.

👤The Rckseite ist manchmal an der Klebepad. In the fall there is Sinn, in which there is a Zahnstocher, and in which there is a Steine lange. I am allerdings. Die Klebekraft ist Probleme, die Klebepad ist Probleme. Alle anderen Steinchen is sowieso. The Klebepads have a gut and a lassen. Man ist darberwischen sollte, wie die Haut natrlich. Im Verarbeitung ist gut, es ist unregelmigkeiten.

👤Ich durfte, wen meine Bewertung helfen und beantworten. Im Steinchen handelt es, um groe, geruchslose, anderen. Einige davon ist fr. Im Farbenfrohes Festival ist angenehm neutral, andere ist dennoch an eleganten Touch. In der Packung, jeweils. So, so Steinchen, wie das Fenster sichtbar. Besonders ist die Steinchen besonders. Makeup is a Basis, and die man die Steinchen klebt. Man darauf achten. Die Steinchen ist immer, da die andernfalls lsen. Man ist die Berhren Zwang, die man ist. Ich finde angenehm, das besonders kleine Steinchen in dem Sethalten. Es ist gerade die kleinen. Steine ist die Pinzette von der Folie, das ist handhaben. Im Steinchen ist es zum Loslassen angedrckt. Ich htte die Steinchen von jeder Sorte.

9. Chicque Rhinestone Mermaid Stickers Festival

Chicque Rhinestone Mermaid Stickers Festival

The glitter face tattoo is made of high quality material and is not harmful to the human body or the environment. When tearing off, face crystal stickers are self-adhesive and don't harm the skin. The face gem sticker can be removed from the backing paper. When the light shines,crystal stickers for eyes will become more glitter. A jewel sticker face with chic design is a good accessory. It will be the most attractive looks if you team up with glitters,bikini,rave clothing. A gem sticker for face is a great gift. Sharing face gems with them is a happiness.

Brand: Chicque

10. BIC BodyMark Temporary Assorted 8 Count

BIC BodyMark Temporary Assorted 8 Count

BodyMark by BIC Temporary Tattoo Markers is a way to express yourself. Use temporary tattoo markers to create your own designs. Complies with the regulations. Follow all instructions. Not tested on sensitive skin. The felt tip is flexible. A pack of markers with bright colors are perfect for creating a wide variety of designs. It's great for special occasions, sporting events, parties, and more.

Brand: Bic

👤The colors are very vibrant and fun to play with, however, I would suggest using them as face paint, since they are very vibrant. Don't touch it, draw it, and then remove it at the end of the day. I washed them with soap and then went to bed after drawing on my arm. These markers stained my sheets. If you plan on rubbing against the fabric, don't use these, the colors will rub off on the fabric. Anything that will be rubbing on your skin for a long time. I don't know if the ink will come off after I wash my sheet. Will update if the ink can be removed. Photos are attached for reference.

👤The felt brush type tip lasts through a couple of washes. The bleeding is the downfall. It is a problem that they bleed for body markers. It is difficult to stay clean with a marker that bleeds so easily.

👤If you're an active person, they'll last about a day. You don't need to wet or rub the art. On my sheet, there is a picture of me doing henna on my hand. Even though. It was not wet. Depending on how many times you watch it, it can transfer on clothes. The tips are very soft, so you really have to work in order to make fine lines. The price is ok compared to the store price and they're good markers, but I did not picture #2. I only used the black marker and picture #3, but I would recommend the black and brown markers again.

👤The markers could be a dream for facepainters. They apply evenly and smoothly. The brush tips give great control. There are a few issues in my mind. I wish there was a bigger choice of colors. I would love to see metallics and yellow. The other problem is that some colors can't be removed easily. After a wash or two, some of the colors begin to fade. The black, green, and blue held on for a long time. A drawing on the back of my hand was black for 2 weeks. Unless you want angry parents later on, these markers are not the best choice for face painting on kids.

👤These are great! My daughters like them. It's easy to draw because they go on smoothly. They have no smell, so that's always a bonus. The tips are paintbrush style so they can be used to draw thick lines and thin lines. My daughter wanted me to draw a peacock on her, so I did it. They last a long time as well. I think it's a good thing that you need to scrub them off. I wish they came in other colors. I would love to see more shades of white and brighter colors. This set is wonderful. It's a great gift for teens and tweens. These body markers are very good. A+.

👤I bought it for my daughter's birthday. The seller was a pleasure to deal with and the shipping was on time. My child went to designing after reading the instructions. If you're using a stencil, don't worry about the "markers" bleeding. She sat there the longest ever for a full length feature film to make sure it had time to dry. As soon as I touched it, my finger was covered in blue ink. She has tried many different suggestions and all of them have come off. We might have had a bad box. I went to the store and bought a package. It was a big mistake. I gave the company more money, for nothing. It's sad when companies take advantage of children and make promises they can't deliver. You can save money by buying markers. Sadly disappointed...

11. Temporary Tattoos Stickers Glitter Rhinestones

Temporary Tattoos Stickers Glitter Rhinestones

There are 6 sets of body jewelry. All in one face and body jewels with a peel off, stick on - quick and easy to use application, self-adhesive face stickers made of acrylic, skin safe and easy to use options for your face, eyes chest, boobs and body jewels gems. There are options for your face, eyes, chest, boobs and body jewels. You can complete your outfit with their Shine glitter. How to wear? 1. The most important thing is to keep your skin clean and dry. Do your own design and it can get more fun. One time use gems can be re-applied with eyelash glue. There is a warning The Crystal Body Face Gems Stickers are not for children under 3 years old.

Brand: Gold Faith

👤The designs and colors are gorgeous in person. I was worried because the instructions said to put them on before applying makeup, but I put on makeup first. I adjusted the placement and it stayed on all night. It is very easy to apply because each jewel is part of a group. Other rave websites sell these, but they're not as good value. It seems like they would be easy to reuse if you wanted to. The iridescence is beautiful.

👤I used these to dress up as the Wonder Woman at a con this year. It was the perfect accent. I stayed on all night regardless of how much Ispired.

👤They worked well for my outfit and were easy to use. I only needed them for a few hours, but I'm positive they would have stayed all day. It is difficult to get them off under the eyes.

👤These are easy to use. I wore them for about 6 hours. I will recommend these to others.

👤It is easy to peel and stick to your face. Make sure your face is clean and dry.

👤Definitely eye catching. There are many options to choose from. Can't wait to wear them!

👤I stayed all night in the Texas heat and humidity. I love these.

👤Stayed on all night.


What is the best product for eye gems stick on?

Eye gems stick on products from Outuxed. In this article about eye gems stick on you can see why people choose the product. Chuangzhi and Aster are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye gems stick on.

What are the best brands for eye gems stick on?

Outuxed, Chuangzhi and Aster are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye gems stick on. Find the detail in this article. Rustamm, Shineyes and Tenare are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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