Best Eye Glass Clean Cloths 12x12

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1. ColorYourLife 10 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Computer

ColorYourLife 10 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Computer

Divide them between home, work, and car and keep them handy. 10 Pack microfiber cleaning cloths are in 5 different colors. Premium microfiber material is ideal for cleaning. Dust, dirt, oil, smudge and fingerprints can be easily cleaned. Soft cloth for cleaning delicate devices. Each cloth is packed in a polybag.

Brand: Coloryourlife

👤I keep one in each vehicle, one in my purse, and one in my bathroom at all times, because I love them and they wash up nicely, but don't forget that you cannot use fabric softener and still expect the same clear results.

👤Nice and big, cleans eyeglasses very well. I like them a lot.

👤I love these, they're big, and I get my screen on my Mac clean, and I have to wash them by hand. Well received, I gave some as gifts.

👤I like these. The cloths you get at the eye doctors are not as good. I would buy them many times. It was worth every cent. They work well on my glasses.

👤My daughter will only use them to clean her glasses. Love the size and shape.

👤This are large enough to clean my eye glasses. I don't like those little pieces that one gets for free.

👤Don't leave streaks on my lens. You should give them a try.

2. PERFECTSIGHT Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglass Computer

PERFECTSIGHT Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglass Computer

Their quality speaks for itself. The product is built to last and is made with top quality components. The Spudz Classic Premium Microfiber Lens Cloth is machine washed. Any time, anywhere, the Spudz Classic can clean the optics. You can choose from a variety of eye catching patterns. Premium microfiber material is composed of 80% Polyester and 20% nylon for enhanced softness, tightly woven and brushed. It's safe to use anywhere, it can be used on any delicate surface, like TV screens, smart phones, camera lens and filters. Stores are flat in your case. Awesome for a camera bag. Their Microfiber Lens Cloths are machine-washable and heat-treated to prevent fraying. These cloths are easy to carry in your bag or pocket when you're on the go, so you can easily clean dirt, smudges, and debris off your devices. It's large size is great for larger screens. Premium Grey Microfiber Lens Cloths are easy to carry in your purse, pocket, and backpack. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You care about your health, and they care about you. Care Touch is committed to providing the best quality products. When your product arrives at your door, their care doesn't stop. They are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Brand: Perfectsight

👤These are the best lens wipes I have ever used. They absorb all dirt, smudges, grease, and other debris collected on your cameras, touch screens, and other electronics with the ease of only a few seconds of wiping with this microfiber cloth. I have only used 2 of them so far of the entire package because of the larger size. I bought another brand of microfiber wipes based on positive reviews and I have gone through 8 of the 12 because they collect debris but also don't absorb it nearly as well as this product. I wear glasses and sunglasses every single day and I have a problem where I cannot have a single smudge on my glasses or it drives me crazy. I have always been looking for a product that would suit my needs for my glasses to be streak and smudge free all the time. The microfiber towel set from this brand is what I have been looking for in a solution. I would recommend these to anyone. I have been showing these off to friends by offering to wipe down their glasses to show them that it is possible to remove stains and light scratch marks easily with this product. I was blind. I see now! My friends didn't care about the smudges and scratches on their lens because they hardly wiped them or cleaned them, but after showing them what it's like to look through a clean lens again, they've turned into users. Thanks for the product 100X.

👤This is not the same as the dollar tree quality micro fiber cloths you can see through. When you can wipe your phone screen with a single pass, it will sparkle. I was used to the small squares with the zig zag edges that you had to keep folding over and wiping over and over, and even with a spray cleaner wouldn't get the surface completely clean. The larger cloth makes it easier to hold when you want to clean both sides of a pair of glasses. 5 out of 5 for quality product. I would only have a complaint about the color, it is very drab gray. I would have preferred a dark color, but that's just nit picking. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I have been searching for good lens cloths to replace the amazing ones I got with a filter from Breakthrough Photography, and I think I have finally succeeded! I have had with many other cloths a problem with streaking and smudges on screens and lens. I ran a couple through the wash and found that it really softened them up and eliminated any streaking when using on screens.

👤I tried the cleaning cloth today. It does its job and is better than the one I received. It works well, and the lens looks great. I will get them again.

👤Not too big or too small. They work well for my electronics. A good purchase.

👤I was looking for a microfiber cloth for my electronics and glasses. I love them. I'm happy it came in a multi-pack. I have them stashed all over the place. I bought an Apple cloth for my computer screens, but I like these more. They do a great job on my glasses.

3. Eyeglass Microfiber Accessories Spectacles Eyeglasses

Eyeglass Microfiber Accessories Spectacles Eyeglasses

If you pay attention to eye health, you can use glass cleaner tools to clean your eyeglasses, it will make your vision clearer. The glasses accessories are made of quality PP plastic handle and microfiber head, they are soft to clean, safe and non bad smell, can be applied with confidence. Each microfiber cleaner measures approximately 2.76 x 0.79 inches/ 7 x 2 cm and has holes in the ends to hang, compact and portable, which will not take up too much space in your bags. These cleaning brushes are suitable for a wide range of glasses and can be used as thought gifts for your students, classmates, close friends and family. You will receive 30 pieces of cleaners in 6 different colors, each of which has 6 pieces, so you can share them with your friends and family.

Brand: Toodoo

👤These little items are very clean. I keep a pocket full just in case.

👤The large size to store in a case.

👤These things are not good and you have to clean them with something else.

👤I love this invention. They were given out as Christmas presents and party favors.

👤My grandson loves using these in school.

4. Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning

Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning

In New York, care is taken with small batches. There is a pack of spray bottles and Koala lens cloths. Not all microfiber is created equal. Premium Japanese microfiber cloths are ultra-fine and densely woven. The cleaning was lint free. Premium wraparound lens are designed for anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light, prescription, and reading. There are designer sunglasses. There are electronic smart glasses. A camera. LENS AND FAMILY SAFE: Absolutely zero alcohol, ammonia, streaks, scratches, VOC's, toxic chemicals, or fragrances. The water is laboratory grade. Join the Koala family. They are growing and are strong. It's on them to enjoy the best lens cleaning experience.

Brand: Koala Lifestyle

👤I am in awe. I bought the combo because I didn't think it was possible for a cloth to clean my glasses on its own. They are always smudged after cleaning. I wet them down to remove dust. I wiped them off and they were clear. If you were glasses, these are a Godsend. I still can't believe it.

👤Ignore the negative reviews on this product. The people who leave negative reviews are either incapable of following instructions or just complain about everything. This is the best glasses cleaner I have ever used. If you follow the directions, you will be able to properly clean your glasses. I don't know what people are saying when they say it has a chemical smell, but this stuff cleans your eyes crystal clear with no smudges or streaking, and it doesn't have a chemical smell. They either have very sensitive sniffing abilities or are using too much product to clean their glasses. I have not experienced any issues with a chemical smell while using this product and it makes my prescription glasses look brand new every time I use it. If your glasses have a lot of gunk on them, you should rinse them under running water and then use a mild dish soap to remove the gunk and debris from them. Rub the Koala Kleaner on the lens with the supplied micro-fiber cloth. Fine sand, dust and other particles can be abrasive and only a fool would believe they can just rub them around on their lens without consequences. If you're too lazy to spend the extra few minutes properly rinsing heavier gunk and debris from your lenses or to hand wash the micro-fiber cloths or see nothing wrong with using a paper towel or your shirt for wiping, then you deserve the scratches and flecking of your coating and It's not rocket science, so don't blame the product for your own stupidity. You have been educated.

👤I have been using it to refill my travel bottle. I noticed some floaty stuff in the bottle when I picked it up. The bottle was only taken out when I needed to refill it, but it was growing in the dark, making it useless.

👤My glasses have an anti-glare coating. My glasses haven't been this clean since I bought them. The cheap microfiber cloths for general cleaning have made scratches and caused the coating on my glasses to wear off, so I've learned the hard way to only use microfiber cloth made for optical glass.

👤It cleans my glasses. I have to wash my hands and fingers after using the product because it has a strong chemical smell. After using the product, my glasses start to smell. It makes me sneeze and sting my eyes.

👤It cleaned my glasses well, without streaks or smudges. I give it 5 stars because I don't think there are many solutions that can clean like this. It's not bad for the smell, at least according to some reviewers. Some people have overly sensitive nostrils. When you give your glasses to a clerk, they return them to you, and you put them on, and they typically smell like Windex. Koala is the same. I don't know what makes it smell like that, but I don't care because it cleans marvelously and if it was ruining people's AR coating, we'd have heard about it by now. It doesn't do anything for me, it just makes things clear with a good cleaning. My computer monitor as well. Don't expect miracles. It takes some effort to clean both sides of the lens. I smoke because it makes me have to rub my glasses harder. It will be easier for you if you don't smoke or work in a dirty environment.

5. AAwipes Eyeglasses Cleaning Microfiber Silverware

AAwipes Eyeglasses Cleaning Microfiber Silverware

Premium microfiber material. Ultra-fine fibers are composed of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. The high density weaving structure forms a high specific surface area for professional cleaning, which leaves no marks, scratches or lint on the delicate surface even at optical grade. The capillary effect allows fast drying after washing. The synthetic fiber is strong. It's designed to remove dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt on any delicate surface like glasses, phones, screens, silverware, and watches. 10 Pack white and 20 Pack Dark Grey are included in the package. It's easy to carry one in your purse. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. AAWipes is specialized in the development and manufacturing of microfiber cleaning cloths and wipers.

Brand: Aawipes

👤I've been trying to clean lens and screens for years. I have tried many lens solutions and the film always appeared after a few minutes. A roommate came to be me saying that you don't need to use a lens cleaner for the lens cloths to work. I was experimenting with my lens cloth collection. Liquid should not be used in most cases. All of the oils and dirt are picked up by themselves by the cloths. I have a monkey that splatters stuff on my expensive monitor when I am trying to see it, but I sit in front of it while I am trying to see it. Sometimes it's necessary to use something to break down the particles and I use distilled water on a lens cloth to do it. Normally I don't use any fluid. I have bought many pairs of reading glasses that came with lens cloths from both Dollar Tree and the ................... I bought a lens cleaner that came with the same quality cloths. They were so smooth you couldn't feel anything. They have a sort of sheen to them. These things are much bigger than I thought. You can cut them into squares and have a lot more lens wipe for the future. I knew something was different when I looked at the package with the white cloths. I opened the package and felt the cloth and it felt just as rough as a washcloth. I could feel the fabric. I threw one in the wash to see if it softened or was smoothed out, and yes, you can machine lens cloths, but don't put them in the dryer because it can melt and shrink the split fibers. The texture didn't change so it's how they are. The grey ones are very soft. The whites seem to be missing, but they also have that sheen. The grey ones are not as delicate as the wipes I get at the dollar stores, but you won't risk scratching your screen like with the white ones. Do not use the white ones if you are dealing with any sensitive surface.

👤The microfibers in this fabric are clean, unlike the other microfibers, which havepores in them, which are needed to hold the oils and grit in your lens. I would caution to hand wash them frequently and hang to dry. If you put them in a washing machine, they could be exposed to other chemicals and fabric softeners. If you want to preserve the look of your eyewear lens when they are new and the function of the various coating, you need to remove the cleaning cloths from them.

👤The original glasses cloth was lost by the son. I bought these for him. I won't be bothered by missing cloth again because they are so many. The cloth works just as well as the original one. I can't complain anymore because of the price and quality. Highly recommended!

👤I gave this a 4 because I don't expect a hard edge when I buy a glass cleaning cloth, but it looks like they are zig-zag cut with a heated blade and they are stuck together. I have to make sure the edges don't touch the glass or plastic of the lens so it doesn't scratch them, but over all I am happy with the product. It cleans the glass.

6. Microfiber Polishing Household Nanoscale Eyeglasses

Microfiber Polishing Household Nanoscale Eyeglasses

The nanoscale clothes are easy to wash. Simpl can be used alone or with your favorite detergent. Hang dry and reuse as you please. You can choose to machine wash your cloths. Add your favorite detergent to the wash and you'll be good to go. Microfiber polishing cloth is one of the lightest microfiber cloths out there. Microfiber cloth has a soft, plush touch, absorbent, and thick towel set to keep you dry. They make sure to ensure quick drying. There's always a spare on hand to wipe off smudges, light grease, dirt, mirrors, window, and more. Each one has a satisfying finish. You can clean and shine from sink to stove with ease with microfiber. The sewn-in scrubbing pocket is all you need to clean up spills. You can focus on cleaning, not spraying, because water alone is enough. There is a multi-PURPOSE. All cleaning needs can be met with microfiber window cleaning cloths. It's perfect to use as a cleaning cloth for glass cleaning, kitchen, bath cleaning, eyeglass, screen, lens, mirror, camera ecloth cleaner, polishing cloth and as the perfect car cleaning cloth. The machine is washable. The shop towels are machine-washable and do not use bleach. Microfiber glass claning cloths can be washed and reused hundreds of times without losing their effectiveness.

Brand: Eayaya

👤The cleaning rags are small and thin. You can't keep them from doing things like bathroom showers. I use a lot of rags to clean large houses and I would like them to be bigger.

👤It's much easier to dry a window with one of these cloths than it is to use a spray cleaner or paper towel. I will not buy a window cleaner again.

👤I was frustrated that I couldn't get the windows clean with Windex and paper towels. I bought these to use with a solution. The dirt and streaks on our windows were easier to clean with these. I don't feel guilty using them because they are re-usable.

👤I like to clean my eye glasses with the polishing cloths. I've had a hard time finding a large cloth. This cloth doesn't streak. I'm enjoying them.

👤It's great for shinning and cleaning.

👤Me gusta el material para vidrio.

👤It was used to clean glass without streaks.

7. Cleanix Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Sunglasses

Cleanix Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Sunglasses

Keep your device and lens clean. Premium-quality fabric is used in their microfiber cleaning cloth. Dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt from screens are easily removed by the glasses cloth. Their microfiber cleaning cloth is made of soft microfiber and is suitable for use on sensitive surfaces. The lens cleaning cloth does not leave marks on your valuables. The microfiber glasses cleaning cloth is a Multipurpose. Their versatile glasses cloth is used to Polish various surfaces. Do away with disposable napkins and paper towels. The microfiber lens cloth is long lasting. Use, wash, and reuse them. They are your alternative to single-use wipes. It's easy to carry a handy cloth. Their microfiber cloth for glasses is small and lightweight. It is portable and ready to use whenever you need it.

Brand: Cleanix

👤I don't know how much money I've wasted on little packs of "glasses wipes", cleaning solutions with cheap wipes, etc. I found these and nothing else was needed except for the cloth. It's good!

👤These are great for cleaning eyeglasses. The most important thing is that they are non-scratch.

👤I use many different cleaning cloths to keep my glasses clean. This is the best one yet. It really does remove. All fingerprints were cleared from a tablet with one pass. Since I have a 10 pack, I'm leaving it around everywhere.

👤These cleaning cloths are very absorbent. My glasses are clean. I have had issues with other brands of eye glass cleaning cloths.

👤They work well. I would like it to be a tad bigger. I would buy again.

👤It works great on my laptop and glasses.

👤All of the confezione non ho trovato.

8. Eyeglasses Cleaner Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Eyeglasses Cleaner Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Glasses cleaning cloth made of premium microfiber cloth is soft and lint free. The cleaning cloth is 30% thicker than other cloth. Dust, fingerprints, oil smudges and dirt can be absorbed and wiped. Perfect cleaner wipes are great for all types of surfaces.

Brand: Triumph Vision

👤These are small wipes. Graham Crackers have shorted each of three internal packages by two crackers and think they are fooling us. These are difficult to use without your fingers on the lens. Don't spend your money.

👤I had to get glasses for the first time and was looking for some cleaning cloths that I could leave in different places to make it easy to clean them. These are a good value. The feel of them is pretty good. I have used them to clean my glasses, my phone, iPad, and my MacBook screen, and it works great, but I wish they were a little bit thicker. A great deal.

👤Over the years, I've gotten a few cleaning cloths and new glasses. I thought these would be the same size as I had used to. It makes a difference that they are smaller. This was my fault, because the product description lists the size correctly. The material works well. I have microfiber cloths that are thinner and almost silk-like, but it has a nice thickness to it. If you're looking for 12 microfiber cleaning cloths in this size, this is a good bet.

👤I bought these to replace the ones the eye doctor gives you. These cloths are very soft and easy to clean. I love them!

👤I have sewn some of these on shirttails so I don't have to look for it. I have done some for a couple of friends.

👤They were cheap and stiff at first. They were covered in debris that felt like it could scratch glasses, but after a run through the washer, they are soft. I love them!

👤It's the perfect size and thicker than most. Doesn't spray glass cleaner. I will only buy these now. It is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone.

👤12 pack! I can keep one in each corner because I have too many of them. They are decent and do a good job, but always felt that they could be a bit larger. I would go for a bigger one.

9. Alpine Innovations Classic Microfiber Cleaner

Alpine Innovations Classic Microfiber Cleaner

The original open bottom microfiber cloth stays attached to the pouch so you can find it when you need it. The Spudz is built with premium microfiber. There is a variety of patterns to choose from. Spudz Classic is a premium microfiber lens cloth that is attached to an open- bottom pouch. It's designed to clean without scratching. The neoprene pouch has a plastic clip that can be attached anywhere. It's easy to get it from your bag to your jacket. A simple tug will get your microfiber cloth out to wipe smudges off your equipment. The carrying pouch is attached to the microfiber cloth. Push it back into its pouch for easy storage when you are done using it. It will always be there when you need it. Their quality speaks for itself. The product is built to last and is made with top quality components. The Spudz Classic Premium Microfiber Lens Cloth is machine washed. Any time, anywhere, the Spudz Classic can clean the optics. You can choose from a variety of eye catching patterns.

Brand: Spudz

👤I gave my husband one of these and he ordered two more. It's convenient and effective and doesn't scratch his glasses. He was always using a paper towel.

👤My husband likes this. I picked one up at an office supply store last year to put in his stocking. It was funny when he pulled it out, trying to figure out what it was. He realized that it was a great tool for his glasses. He loves that it's small and he can carry it with him wherever he goes. He lost it because he was so small, and he couldn't find a replacement. He went from store to store trying to find a replacement. I tried Target, pharmacy, etc. To no avail. I was thrilled to find them at a good price, and was able to put one in his stocking again. He uses it as a monitor cleaner and who knows what else. The product is great. They shipped it out right away.

👤We have one for each of our cameras. The glass was quickly cleaned. The camera strap gives you easy access. Small and effective.

👤I like having clean glasses. This key chain is perfect because I don't carry a purse. Everyone that wears glasses should have this.

👤These little guys are great. I had something similar before, and got these as an add on. I clipped one to my camera strap and used the other to clean my sunglasses. The cloth is a good size, but it's difficult to put it back in the bag. The other ones have a cord that you pull to bring the cloth back into the bag. This model is still a great thing to have, even though it doesn't have that feature.

👤It is difficult to shove the cloth back into the bag because it is tough. It is round when you jam it in. It can be difficult to have a key chain because it bulges when you have it in your pocket. It is a tight fit, but that is not a good thing, a bit of the cloth inevitably hangs out of the bag and then when you grab your keys out of your pocket you drag it with your hand. The rest of it hangs out after it starts to come out. You have to jam it back in. The cloth cleans well and the clip is okay. I have owned microfiber cloth in pouch setup from different manufacturers and these are not generic gripes. The one from Sony that came with my camera was the best, just enough stretchiness to let you get the cloth in easily and then hold it in place. The small tough clip is more flat than round. This is just so-so compared. It does get the job done, from cleaning my glasses to cleaning a camera lens, it always helps to have one of these close at hand.

👤It's a good example of a product that can be put in the camera bag or on the camera strap for easier access. It's small and easy to clip to your camera strap, so it's handy if you need to clean your camera's screen. These can be found under a number of brand names, but either will do the job. The microfiber cloth has a small pouch for storing it, which keeps it clean. It's perfect for cleaning the screen of any digital camera that has a screen. It works in the field with binoculars. I have used one of the LensPen products on the lens itself and the cloth on the screen. Throw it into the washing machine, hang it up to dry, and it will be ready to use again. I have a spare one that stays in my pocket and is perfect for the task at hand, as the case is now a bit faded from repeated washing, it's still a highly-effective cleaning cloth. Used in conjunction with something else.

10. Extra Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Extra Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These cloths are re-usable and last a long time. You will save money and cut down on waste. They can be washed by hand or machine. High quality microfiber clothes. Extra large microfiber cloths are included in the pack. The fine fibers of the cloth make it easy to pick up grease and dirt. It's perfect for dying surfaces. The soft material is very safe. Ordinary cloths push the dirt towards the edges. These cloths are made of microfiber that can lift dirt off a surface for a clean and smooth finish. These cloths are large enough to clean large screen TVs, computer monitors and LCD screens. The microfiber cleaning cloth can be used to quickly remove fingerprints, dust, and smudges from the screen of your phone, tablet, TV, notebook or desktop computer. SCRATCH-FREE CLEANING. You can use each cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt without worry. The microfiber leaves no marks or streaks. These cloths are re-usable and last a long time. You will save money and cut down on waste. They can be washed by hand or machine.

Brand: Eco-fused

👤I use microfiber cloths on a lot of things, from the inside of my car's glass to my reading glasses. All microfiber cleaning cloths are created equal. Some, bought from different box stores fresh out of the package, only smeared the oils on the device and didn't clean very well. I called the manufacturer to find out what was going on and they told me that some cloths are treated to make them better at cleaning. Okay. No more purchases of that brand. Eco-Fused was where I found the cloths I needed. I had been buying them at the box store, but the package at the price posted was less than what I had paid. I learned about Eco-Fused and ordered them. I'm happy I did. Each cloth of each color has its own package. The new cloths will remain clean until I need them. I was not sure what to expect when I used the first one, but I was happy to see it cleaned the fingerprints off my device without using a lens cleaning solution. I couldn't ask for better! I looked at my TV screen. The screen was in dire need of cleaning because it had a mild electrical charge and because my Mastiff loves shaking his head in front of the TV. I sprayed the lens cleaning solution on the cloth and went to work, between the cloth and cleaning solution, to have the screen look brand new in a few minutes. When the car begins to get hazy, I carry several in the car to clean sunglasses and the interior of the car. The Eco-Fused cloths are not as bad as the challenge. I've used them to remove fingerprints from a grandfather clock and some picture frames. There was no need for a solution to clean them. I will be ordering more from Eco-Fused. They are a great cloth at a good price.

👤I love these cloths, they're large enough for my Macbook and glasses. The price is great. They can be cut down, but I suggest using pinking shears. If you cut one in quarters, you'll get the size you want for $3+. The smaller size is only $.25 at $19.99, in my opinion this is a huge savings.

👤I tried microfiber cloths for kitchen, appliances and so on. They are fine. I did not recommend them because after six months of use, I noticed hair line scratches on my cell phone. The screen is made of glass. These cloths are soft, cleans well and look like the ones enclosed with the glass screens. If you buy a 20 pack, the price is very reasonable. AMAZON is unbeatable in shipping and handling.

👤I bought these for 3 reasons, and I can't believe how well they work for my purpose, compared to regular lint style Microfibers. 1. I got them for my very expensive camera lens that is worth over a thousand dollars and I have 2 of them. I got them for my glasses to prevent scratching. I use them for dusting around the house because regular plush Microfiber cloth's leave a trail of dust when you wipe the glass table tops and TV screen. They work well on computers. I found that they work well on my car and house. This was a bonus. I don't want my dust clothes to get lint off the other clothes so I drape them over the laundry tub and they will dry in about 1 to 2 hours. I will use the 8X8 and 12X12 sizes. The microfibers are taking over my cleaning jobs. They clean up chrome when using a glass cleaner. You will like it if you try it.

11. Microfiber Cleaning Individual Eyeglasses Electronics

Microfiber Cleaning Individual Eyeglasses Electronics

Premium Quality Soft Microfiber Cloths in Individual Pouch are made with an amazing microfiber blend and come individually wrapped in a clear vinyl pouch to keep it protected and clean. The cloth is soft and delicate to pick up dust and dirt without scratching or leaving streaks on the surface. The microfiber cleaning cloths are safe to use on TVs, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, camera lens, eyeglasses, sunglasses or any other delicate surfaces. Their pocket-size clothes are so small that you can carry them around in your purse, camera case, or glasses case, so you'll have them handy when you need them. Making your life easier is what they do. It can be used and reused. Their lens cleaner clothes are lint proof and can be washed frequently so you can enjoy them for a long time. You will receive twelve premium quality cloths measuring a perfect 6 x 7. Keep them handy to use when you need them, divide them between home, work, and car.

Brand: Optix 55

👤I'm one of those people who have to clean their glasses every now and then because they get smudged from their makeup. I find that with these microfiber cloths, I don't have to clean them as often. The purple color caught my eye when I was looking at similar products on Amazon. I love them for their color as well as their effectiveness and that's not the most important thing. The plastic individual pouches they come in are what convinced me. They are so handy to stick in my purse because they take up little room, but their unique size and shape, and purple color, make them easy to find, and so handy to throw into my purse. I don't have to hand wash them all the time because of the reasonable price, and I can order more as I need them.

👤The cloths were very luxurious and beyond my expectations. They do a great job cleaning my glasses and devices. I only bought one package. My husband and son are taking mine and using it. You will not regret it if you try them. Good company... I love buying ice packs from the same company.

👤It was better than expected. They clean my glasses with no scratches, and I use them mostly for my glasses. The cloth comes in a small vinyl case, which is very handy. I put one in each of my camera cases because I think they work well for camera lens. The product was good at a good price.

👤Product arrived quickly. It works well on glasses.

👤Excellent value and quality. I would purchase from them again.

👤The wipes are great for the price, other wipes left huge streaks or glare spots on my glasses. I absolutely recommend them.

👤I've been wearing glasses for a long time and this is the best cloth I've ever purchased. There's nothing left after you wipe. You can put one in your purse, leave one next to your bed or anywhere in your home, because you don't have to use the same cloth over and over again. It's even better that there's 12 in a pack with its own package so that it can't collect dust. Thank you for the microfiber cloths. I would definitely buy this product.

👤I would like to have a bigger size to clean car glasses.

👤The item was exactly what it was described to be. It is great that the cloths come in their own plastic pouch, it makes it easy to put them in many places, and it keeps them from getting dirty. There is a These have been great after trying to find good cleaning cloths.

👤The cloths are bigger than most and have a plastic case to keep them clean. Go for it!

👤Excellent price, nice individual packaging, and a decent size.

👤Soft cloths are easy to use to clean clear glasses, phone or iPad. They have a carry case that is perfect for taking with you everywhere.

👤The cloths leave no streaks on the lens.


What is the best product for eye glass clean cloths 12x12?

Eye glass clean cloths 12x12 products from Coloryourlife. In this article about eye glass clean cloths 12x12 you can see why people choose the product. Perfectsight and Toodoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass clean cloths 12x12.

What are the best brands for eye glass clean cloths 12x12?

Coloryourlife, Perfectsight and Toodoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass clean cloths 12x12. Find the detail in this article. Koala Lifestyle, Aawipes and Eayaya are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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