Best Eye Glass Clean Cloths and Spray

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1. ZEISS Lens Wipes 220 Ct

ZEISS Lens Wipes 220 Ct

ZEISS lens wipes clean glasses and camera lens on the go. Each wipe is wrapped and disposable. The wipes are designed to clean sunglasses and eyeglasses. The wipes leave no marks or scratches on the glasses. Pre-moistened wipes make it easy to clean the lens.

Brand: Zeiss

👤Don't buy these, they are a fake. I get my wipes at Walmart. I purchased these for double the price I normally pay, because I ran out duringQuarantine. The oily sheen on my glasses was caused by the scratched lens. Skip these!

👤I've bought this brand before from my club. I ordered it online because I was trying to avoid the lines when I ran out. Considering the current climate, I received it quickly. Some of the wipes are well moistened but others are a little dry. Sometimes you can get a nice clean lens, but other times you have to use a second packet.

👤They ruined my new glasses. I got new glasses last fall with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating. I loved them. It's the best ever. I used the wipes again for cleaning. I thought my eyes were malfunctioning over time. I was rechecked. Same thing. The alcohol in these wipes destroyed the coating on my eyes. I was warned not to use alcohol based wipes. Check with your lens provider to find out what works for your glasses. I still use these on my shades. They are good for binoculars.

👤I have used a few of the ZEISS lens wipes and they get the job done. I used wipes to clean my camera lens, two eyeglasses and a sunglasses, and they did a great job of making them oil-free and getting rid of fingerprints. The wipes were dryer than expected and that was the only downside. I was expecting the wipes to be moist, but they are dry. I bought these wipes because my friend buys a pack every year and gives me some when we're travelling. His wipes were wet and made wiping his eyes smooth. He took me these ones because I wanted my own supply. I think they do a good job despite being dry, and they are a good price.

👤These are the best goblets that I have used, I have purchased them from Sam's Club before.

👤It's not what one would expect from a company like ZEISS. L. The wipes left my eyes with streaks and blurs. Even after using 2. I thinklukewarm water, not hot, is the best way to wash off lens coating and mild dish soap. I use Palmolive which says on the label that it kills 99% of germs. I just touch the top of the dispensers and put some on the lense to clean them. This is the best way to clean the lens. If you hold them up to the light after rinsing off the soap, you will see them at their best.

👤These are very useful. I keep them in all of my places. Due to being alcohol based, they must be used quickly as the alcohol quickly evaporates. I rip it open, grab the corner of the most wipe, and quickly snap my wrist to open it, so that I can clean my glasses before the wipe has dried out. You can clean your glasses or camera lens with a good 30 seconds. I will be ordering more. I use them on my long bike rides to clean the sweat off my sunglasses, they leave my glasses streak free, even though I get a lot of sweat on them.

2. Microfiber Cleaning Glasses Eyeglasses Eyeglass

Microfiber Cleaning Glasses Eyeglasses Eyeglass

Each pack of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths comes with a polybag. Dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt can be removed with a premium soft material. No marks, scratches, or lint is left. It's ideal for cleaning delicate objects, such as eyeglasses, cell phone screens, watches, jewelry, and more. Four colorful floral cloths are suitable for women and girls. The cloths can be used many times. You will save money and cut down on waste. You can wash them by hand or machine, but avoid ironing or bleaching.

Brand: Lifhap

👤They do the job and are worth the price. The thicker side is white while the flip side is a little different.

👤Inexpensive, pretty colors, design, and they work well. Good value for money.

👤I would recommend this item because of the fast shipping and the nice size cloth.

👤These are cute and work well.

👤We use them to display eyeglasses, phone screens, appliance displays and computer screens.

👤The cloths were too thin for me. They are a little rough, but they seem to clean well. I wanted it to be thicker and softer.

3. EXTRA Classic Vincent Almond Blossoms

EXTRA Classic Vincent Almond Blossoms

The product is about 20 cm x 20 cm. The Original Classic Art is clearly depicted in each one. Premium Luxury Paper Case is great for Stocking Stuffers, Group Gifts, and Small Gifts. Superior Cleaning Performance Compared to Other Products is Strictly tested for Ultra High Performance and has a positive scuplture charge to attract dusts and re-usable, long lasting, extremely soft and gentle. Test Reports from COLTS Laboratories show machine washable times. Their certificate shows their confidence in textiles. They want their customers to be happy with their products. If you are unhappy, please contact them. They will give you a replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Clean & Clear Microfiber

👤I've been using these glasses cleaners for 3 years. I have a lot of small pouch to hold my essentials, like microfiber cloths, Advil, chapstick, etc. I find that they clean well, are small, and stand up to cleaning, but I usually handwash them. It looks the same as when I first got them. I found an article that showed microfiber to be the best cloth, so I'm using them to make masks. It is difficult to sew the masks because they are thick. I'm making masks for my family and friends. They'll still have good quality masks when this is done and over. I wish they had more designs to choose from.

👤These are the best cloths I have ever seen. A big, medium weight cloth is enough to clean my glasses. They do a great job on electronics. No streaks! There is a They are a little more expensive than others, but in the long-term they are worth it. I bought more to give as stocking stuffers because I was so pleased with them.

👤I didn't expect them to be as soft as they are. It's perfect for keeping expensive eyeglasses scratch free. These cloths are larger and thicker. The only way to make them better is to have more colorful designs. I'm quite pleased with what I got.

👤I hate how small lense cleaners are. These are perfect and leave my glasses clear. Love them.

👤I was expecting the microfiber Terry cloth on the other side. They are too light.

👤Love them. It was perfect size. Will by again.

4. Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

It's perfect for any type of eye wear. Any lens will be incredibly clean with the superior microfiber cleaning cloth. One of the best ways to clean prescription eyeglasses is by using this tool. Long Lasting The microfiber cloths make a softer, safer, better performing and more affordable alternative to napkins and paper towels. Clean without chemicals. Remove all dirt, dust and smudges without leaving behind anything. Their microfiber cloth is able to clean delicate surfaces without the risk of damage. All TVs, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, non-coated and multi-coated camera lens, filters, and other delicate surfaces are safe to use. Each cloth is wrapped individually and measures 15 cm by 18 cm.

Brand: Care Touch

👤The 6 pack had only 5 cloths. They are a good size. The fabric is thick and nice. The texture doesn't match up with my other microfiber cloths. I couldn't get the streaks to go away when I used them to clean my glasses. I had to clean glasses a second time with another microfiber cloth. Would not recommend it.

👤These cloths clean my glasses so well that I can finally see clear and without that "fog" look that other cloths would give after a couple of uses, and I've been using the same one for almost a week now. I was happy to purchase a great buy. They're also individually packed.

👤It was as advertised. It was large enough to cover my entire palm and fingers. You don't need to worry about your fingers slipping off the screen or glasses.

👤No streaking, no lint, no soft. There is one small note. The glue was a mess when it arrived here. I tried to clean the cloth package with warm soapy water, but it got into the package and into each individual cloth package, so I decided not to do it. I had to air dry each cloth. Not a huge deal, but clearly Amazon needs to look at the stability of their glues used in shipping.

👤The microfiber cloth is nice. Since my old cleaning cloths were still working, I didn't use them right away. These are a bit thicker than my old ones. It has a pleasant feel to it. It cleans smudges quickly. I will buy them again in the future.

👤I wanted to get rid of smudges on my glasses. I have not been disappointed so far in my ownership of them. Thank you.

👤I received my Care Touch microfiber cleaning cloth today. One way to avoid unattended parcels being stolen from doorsteps is to pick up at a local 7-Eleven or Amazon hub. The customer needs to pick up the items from lockers with assigned pick-up codes in a designated store within 3 days of notice or the item will be returned to the vendor for a full refund. I learned from the web that rubbing a dirty lens directly with a dry lens cleaning cloth would leave behind smudges and damage delicate lens. To test the cloth, I washed my glasses with a dish washing liquid and then dried them with water from the cloth. After washing the glasses a second time, I rubbed them dry instead of using the dabbing method. No smudges in either case! I usually end up with smudges when I use old dry and/or pre-moistened lens cleaning cloth on the lens, because it's the same cleaning process. I would always wash my microfiber cloth and let it dry after each use. The Care Touch microfiber cloth has a nice blue color and is thick. The cloth size is 6 X 7. It gets the job done. Good buy and no smudges. I am me. A happy customer. I am not sure how long the cloth will last. After the first use, I'm satisfied.

5. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths PACK

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths PACK

It's perfect for a wide range of uses, such as applying/removing/touching-up cosmetics, household cleaning, arts & crafts, pet care, baby care, cleaning collectibles, painting, car detailing, model building, first aid, and more! Premium materials. Dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt can be removed with a microfiber material. No marks, scratches, or lint is left. Protect: Each pack of MagicFiber comes with a polybag so that they are always ready to use. 6Fiber Magic Cleaning Microfiber Cloths are 5 black, 1 grey and 15 cm in length. It's safe to use on any delicate surface, like TV screens, smart phones, camera lens and filters. Stores are flat in your case. Awesome for a camera bag.

Brand: Magicfiber

👤This product scratched my glasses. The scratches are very fine. This product is terrible. Amazon will only give me a partial refund. Is it strange that there are over 10k reviews on glass cleaners?

👤We're on lock down and have been using virtual reality to relax and have fun. I decided to get some new microfiber cloths to keep my glasses clean in order to take care of my headset. It turns out my choice has permanently damaged my headset, and it's pretty much impossible to replace it. I can't afford a new headset because I won't be able to get it fixed, andculus won't cover user damage, so I'm stuck with a cloudy headset. If you don't value your expensive glasses or headset, then you should use these because they will scratch the smudges right out for you.

👤I had no idea how hard it would be to clean the lens. The oil on the lens film was constant, and everything I did to clean them resulted in the oil sticking to the lens. I tried various things, including eye glass cleaner spray, pre-moistened wipes, and a magnasonic cleaner. I tried the ridiculous suggestion that I only needed a small amount of detergent, a rinse, and a clean towel. I had to get a new pair of glasses because I was close to destroying them. I saw these cloths on a website and decided to try them out despite my doubts. The film was removed from my lens on the first try. I will never use anything else again. I can have one in my purse, one in my desk, one in my bedroom, and one in the car with 6 in a pack.

👤Excellent product. I had the 6-pack for only 2 weeks, and so far it works great. I use it every day. It removes smudges, skin oil, and everything else with ease, without using any water or lens cleaning solutions. Very happy with it. I recommend the 6-pack since you can keep one in the car, one in your briefcase, one in the office, or both. If you want to keep them in different places, like your car or briefcase, you need a small plastic container, which I think the product should come with, even if it adds a couple of dollars to the price. The cloth will be less effective if it is exposed to dust. The thin plastic sleeve it comes in is good for shipping, but you really need a thin, plastic, hinged box to protect this product, and it would probably last a few weeks in your car or office. It looks very easy to wash them. I haven't reached that point yet. If each cloth lasts a year or two, having clean, smudge-free lens is worth the price of the 6-pack. You will not regret buying it. They work well. I have had them for about 2 months now. I used one of the cloths as a test. After a while, it stopped working. I hand-washed it with warm water and air dried it. It did not work, it was just smeared on my lens. I tried washing it many times. I decided to take a risk. I washed it with soap and water. Result? .... Success! It works the same as it did the first time I used it. There is no way to remove oil from the cloth without using soap. Try it at your own risk. I found that using liquid soap and rinsing well works.

6. Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglasses Eyeglass Delicate

Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglasses Eyeglass Delicate

12 microfiber eyeglasses cleaning cloths, including 3 black, 3 grey, 3 light blue, and 3 yellow, are included. If you have any questions, you can contact them anytime, they will provide a 100% satisfactory solution for you within 24 hours. Each pack is wrapped individually and put in an opp bag to keep it clean. Microfiber cleaning cloth is a premium product that is Lint free, soft, easy to wash and quick drying, and it is able to thoroughly clean delicate surfaces without risk of damage. It's ideal for cleaning your electronics, watches, jewelry, and other delicate objects. You can color code what you want to clean with 5 bright colors. The screen or surface has a color that needs to be cleaned. These cloths can be used many times. You will save money and cut down on waste. You can wash them by hand or machine, but avoid ironing or bleaching.

Brand: Lifhap

👤These are soft and lint free. I gave them 4 stars because they clean my glasses well and haven't scratched them, but they were softer than the other brand I bought and I thought they were more likely to scratch a surface. They come in individual bags that are the size of the cloth folded in quarters, so you can take them with you in a purse, pocket, backpack, etc. If you use them to clean your glasses, they could be contaminated with dirt or grease.

👤I lost my cleaning cloth and ended up scratching the lense with something else. I have one of these and it is always at hand. They clean well.

👤Excellent buy! They have a grippiness to them that makes it very easy to clean glasses. A good size for someone like me who has large hands, was so tired of accidentally wiping fingerprints on the glass because the cloth was so small. Will be buying more at this price.

👤Oil is made of olio acids. They don't mix with water at all. It likes water. Vitamins C and sugar dissolved in water. It likes oils. Oil can cause metal and glass to be wet. Water does not wet glass, oil or plastic. Oils do. Glass tablets, camera lens, and eyeglasses are all oliophilic. They like oils such as skin oil. You need a oliophile to remove oil from these surfaces. These wipes are not harmful. They are not good at removing smudges. Purchase something else.

👤This is a great set of cloths. They are a great price. I was expecting small cloths since there are 10 of them. They are so cheap. Nope! Each is wrapped individually and is a good size. You can never have too many microfiber cloths in your purse.

👤I have a hard time keeping my glasses and tablets clean. This works for both of them. There is no need for a cleaning solution so far. It cleans my glasses and removes smudges from my Tablet. I keep several in my purse and recliner, as well as in my glass case. I am happy with this purchase.

👤Keep glasses clear and clean!

👤They clean my glasses, but what is anti-glare?

7. C Clear 25 Cleaning Cleaner Solution

C Clear 25 Cleaning Cleaner Solution

The work of washing up is worth it if you follow up with this simple final step. You should get the perfect finish on the board. There is a cleaning solution. Leader's solution cuts through grease and oil. ALCOHOL-FREESOLUTION: The anti fog and anti static solution leaves the lens streak free. Good for use on plastic, glass, and polycarbonate lens as well as face shields, goggles, full face respirators, microscopes and CRT screens. This lens cleaner is safe and effective. 16 ounces bottle.

Brand: Leader

👤The lens cleaner has a phetane Glycol Monobutyl ether in it. The alcohol and ether groups of chemicals are where that belongs. I stopped using it when I found out. Don't want alcohols to affect my lens coating.

👤I had just found myself a new pair of glasses and was busy recovering from the cost when this purchase came into play. The wonderfully patient saleswoman would have been helping me with my purchase. I told her that I had water and a soft shirt of my husband's. She paled behind her clean rims and suggested I buy some individually packaged lens wipes. They only had it for 30 dollars. To keep my glasses clean with this particular method, I would need to spend a lot of money. There are glasses in this picture. And when I said yes. She gave me a huge pile of them for free because I couldn't afford that. I got addicted. I loved the wipes. I was too cheap to buy more. The solution is called C-Clear 25 lens cleaning solution. I found a cheap spray bottle at the dollar store and dug up an old microfiber cloth after I got this bottle. The benefit of this product is the same as those individually wrapped wipes, but at a fraction of the cost.

👤This product does not damage the lens. It has a scent in it. I find the smell very annoying until it goes away. Had I known that it was scented, I wouldn't have bought it. I am sensitive to smells.

👤My eye doctor always gave me a spray bottle when I went to see him, so I bought Leader 25 C- Clean Lens Cleaning Solution to clean my glasses. I would be disappointed if I ran out. I looked at the side of the bottle and found the name on Amazon. This is my favorite lens cleaner. I wash lens cloths on warm and lay them to dry. I use them over and over again with this cleaner, and my glasses are crystal clear every day. This cleaner will work well if used with the proper cloth. Some reviewers talked about streaks. I think it is user error. My eye doctor showed me how to properly clean my glasses. It has little scent to it. I fill my small spray bottles when I need them, because this is a great 16 ounce bottle for the price. I will continue to use it on my glasses. I highly recommend!

👤I bought this product to use with a mask to keep my glasses from fogging up. It was a miserable failure. My glasses fogged up more than usual, and then stayed fogged up longer. Butter and a failure! My glasses fogged up more than usual, and then stayed fogged up longer. I mean seriously. It's a great time to sell a useless product. They should be ashamed of themselves.

👤A great cleaner but not a pump. It would be 5-star with pump. I didn't read carefully enough. I thought I was re-ordering the same product I bought previously. This item is less expensive and is what I needed.

8. Eyeglass Cleaner Alcohol Eyeglasses Sunglasses

Eyeglass Cleaner Alcohol Eyeglasses Sunglasses

Ground-breaking technology is happening. The carbon microfiber tech that cleans all glasses is called the Peeps eyeglass cleaner. It's extremely effective. NASA uses a dry-clean technology that is substance free to clean glass in space. It won't damage the special coating of the lens. Safe technology is used for designer glasses. A better view. Your glasses and sunglasses are free of fingerprints, smudges, and more with the help of peeps eyewear cleaner. Bring it everywhere. The size of the eyeglass cleaner is approximately 4x1x1 inches. There are 7 unique colors.

Brand: Peeps

👤I watched the video and followed directions, but the product cleaning pad fell apart. I reached out to the seller for help and got no response. I reached out to them again via social media, but they didn't reply. I was expecting some version of customer service, but it wasn't there. I know someone who loves it and has one. If this is a bad item, why can't I get some basic courtesy from these people?

👤There is a piece of junk on my glasses. I didn't know that you couldn't return something you bought on Amazon unless you had food. I am going to complain to Amazon. It is a crime to sell a piece of eyeglasses that is damaging.

👤After you have cleaned your glasses with peep, you should get a spray cleaner to clean up the mess. What a joke. I wouldn't spend money on them again. Terry.

👤It was very cool looking and spirit, but first use left a permanent scratch on my glasses, which have been through five years of hell. I had to buy new glasses.

👤I don't like wearing glasses and can't wear contacts. I've used microfiber cloths, individually wrapped lens wipes, sprays, and other things to keep my lens clean. The CarbonKlean cleaner is very easy to use and does a great job. I haven't had any issues with scratches on my glasses and they have a blue light coating on them. I think the 1-star reviews where people scratched their lens were because they didn't brush off the particles with the built-in brush as per instructions, and then ended up putting them on their lens. I got the hot pink one because it was 25% cheaper than the other ones.

👤For the first few times I used this product, I liked it. There are scratches on my glasses after I cleaned them. On February 1st, I received this. February 5th is today. I am getting a new pair of glasses soon because I have huge scratches on my current pair. There was nothing on the lens that would cause scratches. There were scratches on the left and right. I did not change the position of the cleaner. Do not recommend.

👤I love these! I bought these from the kickstart where you could get 2 for $20 and give them away as stocking stuffers. The claims seemed too good to be true so I didn't try them for a while. They work well. I keep a pair on my bedside table. After you put them in your cart, watch the price. It was listed at a lower price. It was $20 when I went to buy it. I removed it. It went back up. Put it in the cart. It was programmed to change hoping people wouldn't notice. I was able to purchase immediately at the lower price. It seems like a practice.

👤This little item is what it says it is. It's a little awkward to use in the beginning, but one will get used to it quickly. Fine scratches are removed like magic by it. A piece of equipment that can be used to start a conversation. When others see it, they will want to use it more than you do. They are willing to try it out.

9. Zeiss Jumbo Reusable Microfiber 12x16in

Zeiss Jumbo Reusable Microfiber 12x16in

Can be used more than once. Dust, oil smudges and dirt are removed. It's suitable for binoculars, cameras and larger gear. Can be used with or without cleaning sprays.

Brand: Zeiss

👤This is the third lens cloth I have received. It is very soft with no lint. Does a good job on my glasses. It was worth the money. There is a large cloth. I don't like the small 56 that other vendors sell.

👤These clothes are large enough to clean glasses. Since they are so large, I don't smudge them with my fingers. They cover both of them at the same time. I highly recommend! I use the second cloth to clean my computer screen, even though I bought these to clean my glasses. It's a great value.

👤I need to have my camera bag. The white color is my favorite feature because I can see how dirty it is and avoid using spots that already have dirt on them.

👤I have used these for a long time to clean your glasses.

👤I have never had a cleaner glass lens.

👤Excellent use on my canon 11-24mmL and canon 100-400mml.

10. EK USA Multi Use Coatings Eyeglass

EK USA Multi Use Coatings Eyeglass

There is an 8 ounces bottle and a 1 ounce bottle. Their handy care kit is easy to use and has everything you need to maintain and clean your optical wear. Simply spray on the anti-fog spray and wipe it off to stay in the clear. The bottle holds enough Cat Crap for multiple uses. It's safe to use on a variety of eyewear, and can be easily fit in your pocket or bag for easy access. Keep your lens free from fogging up with a simple spray and wipe. It has the same formula that is safe on all types of objects. There are protections from disease and splinters. This spray is designed to keep your eyes clear and free of fog, as well as repel lint and dust, and provide protection from scratches. There are protections from disease and splinters. This spray is designed to keep your eyes clear and free of fog, as well as repel lint and dust, and provide protection from scratches.

Brand: Ek Usa

👤I thought it would work, but it didn't. I am a dental assistant who wears a mask with a shield and it kept fogging even after spraying my glasses. I wish it would have worked better during this time.

👤I wear a surgical mask to fight the fogging. It doesn't work. For the price, I can buy more cleaners that work just as well. If you are fighting mask fog, save your money.

👤Absolutely does not work. I tried following the instructions but they didn't work. It did not work. Applied generously did not work. It didn't work because it was applied lightly and allowed to dry completely. It didn't work when applied generously and allowed to dry. I washed and dried the lenses thinking I had cleaned them before the first round, but they didn't work. The complete waste was $13. The spray bottle's nozzle did not work, it squirted out a huge stream of product, which most of the product landed on the table.

👤I use Cat Crap to keep my glasses from fogging. Cat Crap is popular with skiers.

👤I did not work on my fogging issue. Could you possibly give me a free sample? Would love to try it.

👤Cleans well but does not do anything to make it worse.

👤The kit comes with a cleaningcloth.

👤The product dries streak free. I will buy it again.

11. Hope 692 4PGE24 Perfect Eyewear Cleaner

Hope 692 4PGE24 Perfect Eyewear Cleaner

The Triple-Action Formula is easy to use and clean. It's all you need to get a brilliant shine. Enhance clarity is a product that enhances the clarity of your eyewear and sunglasses and protects from future smudges. This spray helps reduce the amount of scratch on the surface of your eyewear. It's safe to use on a lot of thelenses, including plastic, anti-reflective, sunglasses, coated, and polarized. Before use, always check for compatibility. Water repellency is gained by every cleaning in order to help mitigate fogging and keep them clean. Cleans, polishes and protects. 100% streak-free.

Brand: Hope's

👤The spray works well. It lasts a long time. I will be giving it as a gift this year. I will keep buying it.

👤I use the regular glass cleaner and bought this because of it. The eye glass cleaner works as well as its larger relative. I used to use the wet clothes, but they left streaks and spots. This stuff is great. No streaks, no spots, just clean glasses. I would recommend it to anyone with glasses.

👤I wouldn't go back to Windex if I tried the Perfect Glass version. This stuff is wonderful.

👤It works great on my glasses. I have had the best glass cleaner so far. Does not refer to the rim as damaged.

👤This product is not what it claims to be. It says it is streak free. It takes just as long to remove the smudges and streaks with the spray + cloth as it does with a cloth. Save your money and find something better.

👤Hope's products work well as well.

👤It cleans eyewear glasses well and could be used on larger mirrors if you wanted to.

👤Even though the manufacturer claims that this product will leave streaks, it will leave streaks even when wiped with a microfiber cloth. I've tried a lot of eyeglass cleaning solutions.


What is the best product for eye glass clean cloths and spray?

Eye glass clean cloths and spray products from Zeiss. In this article about eye glass clean cloths and spray you can see why people choose the product. Lifhap and Clean & Clear Microfiber are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass clean cloths and spray.

What are the best brands for eye glass clean cloths and spray?

Zeiss, Lifhap and Clean & Clear Microfiber are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass clean cloths and spray. Find the detail in this article. Care Touch, Magicfiber and Lifhap are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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